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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 11, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the fall out of the coach. the board of trustees names a new president. one of the football coaches who was not fired will not be at the game because of threats of his life. jay gray has the latest now from university park. >> reporter: speaking today since the first time he was moved to the roll of university president, he said penn state must focus on change. >> healing cannot occur until we understand how this occurred. >> reporter: the school's board of trustee removed the president and legendary coach joe paterno. they say it's likely just the beginning here. >> i think it's going to be a clean sweep of the football staff. it's hard to fathom coaches who have been here 33 years, 34 years, 24 years had no inkling
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of what jerry sandusky was doing for over a decade. i don't think it stops with joe paterno. >> reporter: so far, it hasn't affected mcqueary. he still has his job, but won't be at the game on saturday. add min stray tors say it would be in the best interest of all for him not to be in attendance at saturday's nebraska game. as insignificant as it may seem, there's still a game here saturday. it's a way of life in central pennsylvania. that life changed dramatically. >> my heart goes out to the victim's families. this is an awful tragedy. >> reporter: the pep rally has been canceled replaced by a candle light vigil. what happens on the field is not the most important part of the weekend.
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>> overall, it's going bring us together. >> reporter: something this college and university needs. more fallout, pulled out as the television sponsor for tomorrow's game and next week's contest between penn state and ohio state. >> right now, the new president, rodney erickson of penn state is holding a press conference. >> i have outlined to them the five promises of the penn state university in the wake of this tragedy. i will be sharing these promises with everyone who is part of our penn state community. first, i will reinforce to the entire penn state community the moral imperative of doing the right thing. the first time, every time. we will revisit all standards, policies and programs to insure they meet not only the law but
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penn state's standard. to oversee this effort, i will appoint an ethics officer that reports directly to me. i ask for the support of the entire penn state community to work together to reorient our culture. never again should anyone at penn state, regardless of their position feel scared to do the right thing. my door will always be open. two, as i lead by example, i will expect no less of others. i will insure proper governance over the university including athleti athletics. three, penn state is committed to transparency to the fullest extent possible for the ongoing investigations. i commit to providing meaningful and timely updates as frequently
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as needed. i encourage dialogue with students, faculty, alumni and other members of the penn state university to express their feelings and share with one another what we have learned through this experience. fourth, we will be respectful and sensitive to the victims of the family. we will look at ways to foster healing and raise awareness of the issues of sexual abuse. my administration will provide whatever resources, access and information is needed to support the special committee's investigation. i pledge to take immediate action based upon their findings. these guiding principals are my commitment to help penn state address the issues we are facing while also accomplishing the daily business of the university including educating more than
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96,000 students, breakthrough research and our commitments to service. as i just committed to providing timely updates, i want to cover a few additional topics before i take questions. first, assistant coach mike mcqueary has been placed on administrative leave. he will not be coaching nor attending tomorrow night's game. we have received questions about security at tomorrow's game. let me assure you, we have taken every precaution, including extra security personnel to assure a safe game day experience. but we need the public's assistance. there will be significant attention to the conduct of the crowd attending tomorrow's game. it is my sincere hope that all members of the penn state community and our guests will conduct themselves in a way that reflects our collective values before, during and after the
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game. i am especially heartened that unprompted a group of penn state students launched a blue out movement to help raise awareness of child abuse. it is this kind of compassion and team work that really represents the best of penn state university. i also want to thank the thousands of people who have reached out to me and to the staff and faculty and students of the university during this very difficult time. i have tried to read as many of your notes that i can. there are literally thousands of them. i would like to read one from a professor. >> there you have it, rodney erickson, the new president of penn state emphasizing oversight, transparency and, in fact, extra security for tomorrow's game against
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nebraska. >> he indicated that mike mcqueary has been placed on administrative leave, relieved of his duties as interim coach. a lot of students in our area are preparing for tonight's vigil. chris gordon has a live report with more on that, coming up at the top of the hour. in less than two hours, fans will hold a vigil for a washington national's catcher kidnapped in venezuela. wilson ramos was abducted from his home. police insist he is still alive. there's still no word on ransom demands. his abductors suv was found last night. tonight, nats fans will do the same outside nationals park. hear from a family friend that is still in venezuela. on this veterans day,
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president obama has pushed to be sure troops returning from overseas get help in the tough battle for jobs. there's a reshuffling in the fight against republicans to be the next commander in chief. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: he laid the traditional wreath at arlington cemetery. because of his policies in iraq and afghanistan, this veterans day is different than the last night. >> my fellow americans, troops are coming home. >> reporter: returning to a tough job market. >> i challenged business leaders to hire 100,000 veterans and their spouses. >> reporter: the president pushed tax credits for companies that hire vets and the senate okayed that yesterday in a rare bipartisan vote. at a barbecue joint in south carolina, mitt romney praised the plan. >> given the high level of unemployment of veterans, i
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think it's an idea that has merit. >> reporter: herman cain aimed a video at families. >> thank you for your sacrifice and your service. >> reporter: in a new cbs poll since the harassment charges, cain's support dropped but he remained the lead gop at 18%. romney tied with gingrich. why not gingrich. he'll take a run in iowa and we'll see what happens. >> the former house speaker noted how few republicans favored cain, romney or him. >> it is a wide open race. >> reporter: encouraging for the incumbent who has 45% job approval. for a republican candidate who once polled number one, tomorrow night will be critical. another republican debate, all eyes on rick perry.
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i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. after months of construction to fix earthquake damage, the national cathedral is preparing for the grand reopening this weekend. they are set to open tomorrow for a weekend full of events. it opens for tours on monday. along with the reopening comes a new exhibit. it shows how much damage the quake caused. the cathedral has been closed for ten weeks now. repairs expected to cost at least $20 million and will take years to complete. bundle up and get ready for the coldest night of the season. >> that's right. throw an extra blanket on the bet. it's going to drop below freezing. doug kammerer joins us. doug? >> it's below freezing for just about everybody when you combine the wind. we are talking windchills that are going to be chilly. we are talking a temperature of 48 degrees with sunshine.
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the wind still gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour across the region. it's the way we are going to see things through the rest of the evening. 45 is the temperature in gaithersburg and frederick. culpeper 48 degrees. what are we going to be seeing? we have a few clouds streaming in from time-to-time. the clouds give way to clear skies. that allows temperatures to cool down. the good night wake up forecast, 41 by 11:00. waking up tomorrow morning to a temperature on saturday of 36 at 5:00 a.m. 37 around 7:00. with a 10 to 15-mile-an-hour win, the windchill is about 30 degrees. there's good news in the forecast. i'll show you what i mean for the rest of the weekend coming up. >> thanks, doug. starbucks is looking to move past just coffee and now to juice. they are buying small upscale
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juice maker evolution fresh for $30 million. they plan to open new store that is will carry evolution products and simple foods. they plan to reinvent the $1.6 billion superpremium juice industry with the new purchase and planning to put more emphasis on health and wellness. >> they have their hands on everything now. >> that's right. coffee, tea and juice now. there's a big game coming up here at fedex field. notre dame comes up tomorrow to play against maryland. a full dress rehearsal in forestville. here are the sights and sounds from today. >> today, 400 members, almost 400 members of the university marching band are coming here to lead a rehearsal here on the field before they go and play
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the university of maryland tear pins at fedex field. we thought we would offer our field for them to practice today. ♪ >> we have 160 members we are hoping will come out today. they have the day off. a lot of them are excited. i'm a maryland terp. i was the drum major in 2000 and 2001. i was able to travel all over the country with the university of maryland. we love the notre dame as well. tomorrow, i'm rooting for both. >> big thrill for the students there. >> awesome.
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pat collins would be thrilled, wouldn't he? >> yes. the notre dame game can be seen here tomorrow night on nbc 4. when we continue, two celebrities will make good on their promise this weekend. it's going to be an anniversary guys shouldn't have a problem remembering. hang 10, a surfer breaks a giant record. >> that is too cool. apple power, a new update
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a local marine gets to take justin timber lake as her date to the marine ball. it started four months ago when friends with benefits stars were asked to go to a ball.
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he will go to the gala in richland. kunis will go with sergeant scott moore. good for them. howard stern is engaged in serious talks to become the next judge on america's got talent. stern is negotiating a deal with nbc and the producer. he would replace piers morgan. he would earn $15 million to join the cast, stern, that is. radio personality hosts a talk show on sere yus xm radio. it's november 11, 2011. or 11/11/11. people are doing memorable things on this once in a lifetime day. the county marriage bureau is
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giving four times the amount of certificates. z burger offered 11 cent burgers but you had to be in line before 11:11. the mom did not pay any attention to the date when she booked her c-section. >> someone said oh, it's 11/11/11. i didn't realize before. >> i was watching the news and people were saying about the lottery and stuff. i think we were the lucky ones. we won the lottery and got baby emma today. >> if you are the betting kind, try to lottery today. forget playing 1111. that is sold out.
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we are talking love again this week with ellen mccarthy from "the washington post." speaking of 11/11/11. >> i realized there are no courthouses open. i wonder if there are couples who went down there and did the same thing. >> i bet there were. great to see you. the couple highlighting met in a classroom so to speak. >> these are two teacher who is taught jim and she taught english. every day the fifth grade girls would come say things like mr. berry, do you like coffee yogurt. he could never figure out what they were talking about. they were scheming to get them to believe the. eventually, they ended updating. they kept it on the down low, they wanted to set a good example. each new class of girls would come in and do the same thing.
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>> i love it. >> they thought nobody suspects anything but the little girls. finally they told them and they were engulfed in a giant hug. two singles in hopes of a love connection. >> the guy is chris. he's 33, a management consultant. he gets it in life. he loves to travel, loves to do new things, find adventure. he's looking for a woman who is exotic, a city girl, super smart and adventurous who could keep up with him. allison is 31, international education consultant. he loves art and adventure. she wanted a guy with a big heart, open mind, a great smile and bonus points for dimples. this guy was so nervous, he didn't sleep the entire night before the date. he had to collect himself before he walked in. he did and thought she was so gorgeous.
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they had a warm hug. they both lived abroad and loved volunteering. he couldn't sleep the night after the date either if that tells you anything. >> find out if there's chemistry. thanks. to read more, log on to pat? >> thank you both. coming up on news 4, why one store was handing out gallons of free milk in the district today. it looks like a scene out of a movie, a surfers
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check out this amazing video. the surfer claims he broke a world record when he caught this 0i foot monster. he's 44 and says the ride was simply magical. he also says the surge popped up out of nowhere. the 90 foot crest hasn't officially been recognized. if it is, it will top the current record of 77 feet.
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a 77-foot wave. >> that topped it by quite a bit. this is what you grew up with in ocean city. >> i'm impressed, but i don't think he broke my hoard. it was 77.5 feet just so you know. >> get it right here. >> ocean city, if you can get a six foot wave, you are in luck. 90 feet, that's amazing. >> that should be in somebody's book. >> i would say so for sure. out there now, the thing causing a lot of question is the wind. is it going to stay this windy and right on through the weekend? the answer is yes, it is. we are going to see winds. they are going to be different and that wind direction is going to be the key to our weather over the next couple days. it wasn't raining today unless it was raining leaves. 48 degrees is the current temperature now. dew point of 22. a very dry air mass. humidity 36%. the winds dying down a little
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bit. gusting upwards of 22 miles per hour. around the region, 44 in hagerstown, 45 in frederick. we are already dealing with windchills in the 30s in some locations. the windchills are going to be a big factor overnight tonight. the wind gusts have been up there. earlier, they were 30 to 40 miles per hour. now 20 to 30. we are looking at 28 miles per hour. that wind really making things feel very, very chilly. no rain to talk about. we are not going to see rain this weekend. looking like a nice weekend. that wind overnight and into tomorrow morning is really going to make things very chilly. by tomorrow afternoon, the wind shifts out of the southwest. it's a warmer wind. by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, you will feel a big difference as the temperatures approach the upper 50s.
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sunday, upwards of 15 to 25 miles per hour. it will bring in mild air. temperatures in the low 60s on sunday. a few more clouds. this evening, clouds. windy. 42 to 46 degrees. tomorrow morning, pat, listen to this. i know you are not going to like this. mostly clear, breezy and cold. windchills in the upper teens to lower 20s in many areas. temperatures actually around 27 to 36 degrees. as we move through the day tomorrow, sunshine. winds 15 to 25 gusting to 30 late in the day. temperatures warm up to 60 degrees. it's not too bad. we continue the warm up. 61 on sunday, 64 on monday before the next chance of rain on tuesday. just about each one of the days is going to be breezy. >> you have redeemed yourself. >> good. >> she's not going to leave the building now. not on that nose dive. >> i'm wearing my long johns. still to come on news 4 at 4:00,
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly.
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at 4:30, minutes ago, penn state university said mike mcquery is on administrative leave and will not be coaching or attending tomorrow night's football game. chris gordon is there. he spoke with local student who is attend the university. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. president obama placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns today to mark veterans day. he called on the nation's employers to hire veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. the president is on his way to san diego now. he will watch a basketball game aboard the "uss carl vinson." >> the cathedral has been closed for ten weeks because of damage caused by an earthquake. the repairs will cost $20
4:32 pm
million and could take years to complete. wall street traded near highs today. the dow jones industrial average was up 260 points to close at 12,154. nasdaq closed at 2,679. s&p 500 gained 24 points to close at 1,264. prince william and his wife kate will be spending time apart this winter. >> the duke of cambridge is deploying. we have the story. >> reporter: william will go all the way down here in february. not exactly a tropical paradise where he will live in a sparse room on base. lieutenant william whales will face tough training in trying conditions. >> the locals say you can have four seasons in a day.
4:33 pm
it is quite true. i have seen it. you could wake up to sunshine and snowing three or four hours later. >> the timing is kind of quashing the newfound rumors that kate might be expecting. it shows as a military man, his first duty must be to his country. kate will have to wait at home. what's interesting is that next year is the 30th anniversary of britain's war with argentina over the islands. argentina considers the islands their own. some worry it could hurt relations or trade between the two countries. back to you. >> michelle reporting. meanwhile, pippa middleton, the 28-year-old sister of kate middleton is splitting with her long time boyfriend. sources tell the paper that
4:34 pm
middleton and the cricket player have been having a series of fights lately. they split briefly in the summer. this time it's over. they are barely speaking according to the source. middleton turned to her sister and brother-in-law for comfort last night. >> the federal government is close to reaching a deal now designed to protect your privacy on facebook. they are negotiating with the social network site over several features. they are close to an agreement that makes public any information you shared privately. facebook agrees to privacy audits for 20 years. apple releases a software update to fix a problem causing a shorter battery life of iphones, ipads and ipods. it stems from the newest operating system. it comes with the iphone 4s. apple says there were some bugs
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in the operating system but now there's a new fix. you can get the update by connecting to itunes. the latest call of duty video game shattered their own sales record since hitting the shelves on midnight tuesday. call of duty modern warfare 3 rakes in $40 million more than the previous version of the game that went on sale this time last year. the makers of the military shooter series say fans snapped up 6.4 million units of modern warfare 3, so far. well, the saying goes, there's no need crying over spilled milk. maybe that's the case. maybe it's not. pound coffee shop in eastern market typically orders 48 gallons of milk. the manager accidentally ordered 48 cases of milk. now the shop has 192 gallons of
4:36 pm
milk on hand. no worries. he tweeted about the milk crisis. they offered a flee $5 gallon of milk to customers who bought a sandwich. it wasn't wasted. beat the expiration date, fast. the text message students on a school bus led police to an arrest of the
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friday's is the grand prize give away. get ready, you could win an ipad
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2. go to nbc washington facebook page and like us. i's that easy. we pick a winner at 7:00. congratulations to last night's winner of an ipod touch. time for the app of the day. we hear you are going to love this one, pat. >> i like decorating. if you like decorating, wendy has the app for you. we stood in the news room for 15 minutes looking at this. it's called houzz for your ipad or iphone. you are going to want it for your ipad so you can see. ahh, look. beautiful. more than 200,000 photos. it goes from bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, entry ways, exteriors.
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ladies, this is dangerous in our hands. you are going to start demolition tonight. believe me. they also have a website if you don't have an ipad. for some reason the images look rich and beautiful on your ipad. check it out, houzz. >> i don't have an iphone to down load that, but i have an ipad. >> get on it. >> thanks. a bus driver arrested after students on board frantically texted their parents. it was specially made for a james bond movie. now it's going on the auction block. are baby carrots soaked in chlorine and are they safe to
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weekend weather. how low we gonna go, doug? >> pretty low. if you are one that does not like the cold, stay in bed until about 10:00. >> 10:00? >> yeah. hibernate until 10:00. watch your favorite show tomorrow morning. already getting on the cold side. we have a few clouds. mostly clear skies around the area. 48 degrees. the wind is gusting to 22 miles an hour. take a look at the numbers now. 45 in frederick. 45 in leesburg. 56 in culpeper. it's kind of chilly. how about if we talk about the
4:45 pm
windchill. 38 in frederick. 38 in winchester. 42 is the current windchill inside the district. the sun is going down as we speak. doppler radar not showing anything out there as far as that's concerned. this evening, a few clouds, windy and chilly. 42 to 46 degrees. we are already talking windchills as they are gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. the winds will die down a little bit. not enough. down to 10 to 15 miles per hour to give us windchills in the upper teens to lower 20s tomorrow. it is cold as we start off our saturday morning. 27 to 36 degrees in the day tomorrow. the good news here, plenty of sunshine. after the 10:00 hour, it's going to be rather windy. with the sun, we warm up temperatures around the average high, 59 to 60 degrees. winds could be gusting up to 30 miles per hour. we warm up with a southwesterly wind sunday, monday and into
4:46 pm
tuesday, temperatures climb above average. it stays breezy. the numbers are in the 60s. >> that's more like it. doug, thanks. are baby carrots soaked in chlorine to preserve them and are they safe to eat? how do you get collection companies to stop calling? liz crenshaw is here. let's ask her these questions. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. >> i'm interested in the first question. sandy in maryland sent an e-mail saying baby carrots are soaked in chlorine to help preserve them. is it true? if it is, are they safe to eat? >> don't believe every e-mail you read. we turned to the largest producer of the baby carrots.
4:47 pm
they say chlorinated water is used to wash the carrots at four parts per million. it's the same standard for drinking water. the chlorine is used to kill bacteria. it is not a preservative. within 24 hours of cleaning the carrot, there's no chlorine on the product. half true, half not true, don't worry about it. >> you don't need to wait 24 hours before eating them? >> no, it will be taken care of by the time you get your hands on them. >> katy says her credit report is spotless but keeps getting phone calls from a collection agency trying to collect a debt. how do you stop them? >> we turned to an attorney to get your answer to this question. she says there could be more than one reason for the call. if you have a common name, they might be confusing her with another person of the same name. in that case, there's no way to permanently stop the calls.
4:48 pm
the calls could be a sign of identity theft. recommend checking all three credit reports to make sure there's no fraudulent activity reported. if suspicious activity is found contact the creditors right away to close any fraudulent account. place a credit freeze to prevent further damage from being done. folks with common names have a common problem. the last question comes from a maryland viewer. do cosmetics have a shelf life? >> yes. we asked a fragrance foundation and the food and drug administration for this answer. yes, they do expire. perfume, about a year. mascara, that has the shortest life span, about three months. powders, lip gloss, pencils about a year. face cleansers, moisturizers good for six months. not properly stored, it may
4:49 pm
expire long before the projected expiration date. keep them cool and dry, they say. if you have a question to consider for ask liz, send it to or on facebook. i'll be back at 5:00 with more ask liz. >> see you then. great questions. jim? >> when we come back, a man commits a serious crime, then proposes to his girlfriend. the bizarre story, straight ahead. plus a bus driver busted after students on board call their parents. i'm wendy rieger, coming up at 5:00, we are hearing from a family friend of wilson ramos in venezuela kidnapped. later, just in time for the weekend, "the washington post" food critic looks at an established italian restaurant reinventing itself. tonight at 6:00, you don't have
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this rolex watch saved james bonds life, now it's headed for the auction block. it was made for the bond movie, "live and let die" in 1973. the watches bezel spun around.
4:53 pm
the watch also had a magnet in it that could deflect bullets. christies is auctioning the watch off in switzerland and could fetch up to $450,000. a man is behind bars after proposing to his girlfriend. he stole the engagement ring off the hand of a 73-year-old woman, severely beaten to death just days before. on the night of the beating, he showed up at a party. he began asking people which of her rings he should use to propose to his girlfriend. police tracked him down after finding his dna on the car. they got the rings back. he was charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. that is a twisted story. >> unbelievable. studen
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
imagine getting a text message or phone call from your child on a school bus telling you something is wrong with the driver and they feared for their life. ted has the story from new jersey. >> mommy, i think our bus driver is drunk. she's not driving right. >> reporter: this is the text message nicole got from her 12-year-old son dominic.
4:57 pm
>> i don't want to die today. >> reporter: they were among 25 west hampton township middle school kids on board a bus tuesday afternoon. police say carol crockette was driving while extremely drunk. >> the bus was swerving around. she almost hit a jogger and other buses. >> she fell asleep a couple times. >> shouldn't be driving. >> reporter: no one was hurt, some kids were so nervous they got off before their regular stops. >> i was scared. i felt butterflies. >> reporter: after getting texts and calls from kids, parents alerted school officials who contacted police. crockette was trying to pick up more students at this elementary school when the principal removed her. >> she submitted the breath test, a .25. she was driving a commercial vehicle. >> reporter: they say crockette
4:58 pm
has been fired from the bus service which provides transportation for students. she was released after posting $85,000 bail. no one answered her door. crockette has been charged with numerous offenses including dui and endangering more than two dozen children. >> the students were able to get ahead and call and stop something from happening further. >> if you realize you are going to drink, don't go get the bus and put the responsibility of each student on your hands like that. >> the bus driver is 46 years old. that's news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 5:00. tonight at 5:00, the dreadful silence of the kidnappers. for the first time, we are hearing from family and friends of nationals catcher, wilson
4:59 pm
ramos in venezuela. >> here in the community, he was always with kids. he's really a good guy. plus, another member of penn state's coaching staff sidelined. tonight, the attention on campus is focusing on the victims of the child sex abuse scandal. honoring our veterans. celebrations to honor those who served and sacrificed in defense of our nation. good evening on this veterans day. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. we begin with the saga of wilson ramos. in an hour, fans will be holding a vigil outside nationals park here in d.c. for the first time, we are hearing from close family friends of ramos sharing exactly what happened when he was abducted. derrick ward is live at nationals park with the story and interview you are seeing first on 4.


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