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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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been rescued and being safely returned to his family. we greatly appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. we're eager to see wilson and let many know all over the world we've been waiting for this news. we'll have more on this story as information becomes available. our other big story this morning, perhaps the most anticipated football game of the dwreer. it has very lit toll do with the action on the field. today penn state takes on nebraska in the first game since the sex abuse scandal turned into the most talked about story in the country. this game comes after a week of anger, agony, and questions thousands of penn state students gathered on campus for a candlelight vigil for the alleged victims of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. as for what the mood will be like at today's game, no one knows at this point.
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jay gray is live at university park in pennsylvania this morning with the latest. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning to you, angie. we should find out the mood in a couple of hours. joe paterno is gone. the controversy here, the scandal is not far from gone, in fact, on the penn state campus at the nittany lions prepare to take the field for the first time in more than 60 years would their legendary coach. students camp out. they understand today will be different. >> i don't think anyone who lived here or got here has any idea how it's going to go. >> playing for the first time in more than 60 years, fired in the wake of a sex abuse scandalle and questions about whether he covered up details to protect the man accused, longtime assistant coach jerry sandusky. >> whether he was right or wrong, no matter which way you look at, he was a father figure here, not just in the football
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field but the community. >> there was a written statement written on behalf of his father sa says in part he's absolutely distraught over what happened to the children and their families. he also wants very much to speak publicly and answer questions. at this stage, however, he has no choice but to be patient and defer to the legal process. the family has hired a lawyer as the university moves forward with its investigation, appointing ken frazier, a penn state alum and president and ceo of merck to lead that effort. but for more than 100,000 fans, the attention for at least a few hours today will shift to this field. >> it's going to bring us all together. like i think game on saturday is going to be one dpz that goes down in history. >> reporter: the history that is now being questioned at penn state. and fans are starting to gather here at the stadium. kick-off is set for noon in a game that most agree will be unlike any other. that's the latest from penn
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state live. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> thank you, jay. reporting live from university pa park, pennsylvania. you don't want to defend this by any means but we're going to talk about that coming up. first we want to let you know coverage from penn state university, we're going to have more of it. our own chris gordon is going to have a report on "news 4 at 11:00" meade employ following the maryland/notre dame game on nbc 4. you don't want to defend it by any means but you can't feel for the community as they watch the whole empire come crashing town on them. >> a worst-case scenario for all parties concerned, especially the poor kids victimized. a stories that has blown up so much in the last couple of days. for us, what we need to be focusing on around here is sunshine on a weekend. this is two good ones in a row. >> i like it. >> after that october snow event we had here two weeks ago. second weekend in november, second weekend in a row in
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november where we will have sneen and pretty doggone nice weather. the fall foliage is really starting to come down across the area. almost completely gone in the high spots north and west of town. still plenty of color in and around the city but this is the beginning of the end for the fall foliage. temperatures have climbed into the 40s in many spots. 42 degrees. capital heights, 41 degrees. brandywine and buoy, maryland. 41 degrees in rockville and silver spring. in virginia, temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. 36 in manassas, 39 in falls church and vienna. 37 in leesburg. nothing showing up on the radar, completely dry all weekend long. sunshine tonight. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s and low 60s for a brief time before the sun goes down. the sun goes down at 4:57 this afternoon. tomorrow, great weather there as well. a little bit milder thanks to a nice south breeze. if you're headed out to the notre dame/maryland game that
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will be seen on nncbc 4. you're going to need a little bit of a bundle up. temperatures back down into the 40s. if you're making drive on out to beautiful charlottesville, they're kicking it off at 3:00 this afternoon. perfect weather in charlottesville as well. 3:00 kick-off. 62 degrees. not bad by november standards at all. >> can't complain about that. you're saying if you want to see the fall leaves you'd better do it now. >> you'd better hurry. >> they're going to be done before you know it. >> thank you. new from overnight two people are dead from a shooting in anne arundel county. it happened before midnight at the parking lot of arundel park mall. they are looking for a dark silver or gray soviet union suv area.
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410-222-8610. this morning the search is on for the person who reportedly fired shots near the white house. authorities got reports of shots fired around 9:30 last night near the constitution avenue and 16th street. witnesses say a man gout out of a car and fired a gun, possibly an ak-47 with a scope. u.s. park police cannot say for sure that anything was struck but the area where it happened is richardson for concern. >> i think this thing that makes this of interest is the area. at this point we don't see any link to the white house as far as this incident is concerned. u.s. park police say two cars were seen leaving the yafrmt authorities found an abandoned car near the roosevelt bridge and recovered a gun inside. today, one of our most treasured landmarks will reopen. the national cathedral has been closed since it was damaged in that powerful earthquake that
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hit the east coast in august. but a very special event will have us back there today. we have more. gary, how's it looking. >> reporter: good morning, a bright crisp morning and a beautiful backdrop. it's called the cathedral church of st. peter and st. paul. it's one of those things that identifies the washington skyline. it's because of the area that used to be known as mt. alban. lately, some adversity. you talked about the earthquake that closed it back on august 23rd. there was substantial damage done to the spires and intricate stonework and the cranes being used. well, that toppled, crushing a couple of carps and slightly
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injuring somebody. they've been repelling down the towers. they deemed it that it's now indeed ready to open. now, it's going to have first sunday holy eucharist since the earthquake. today a ceremony of parallel importance. that is the installation of the new episcopal bishop for washington. reverend dr. mariann budde. she becomes the first woman to head the diocese of washington. it's often said a church is really the people and not the structure but this incoming bishop acknowledges its commitment to this building and not only ee miss co-pail yans. earlier this week she spoke to "news 4" doreen gentzler. >> a house of prayer for the nation, a place where people can gather to explore provocative ideas for people to gather and debate the issues of our time, to be inspired by beautiful music and gorgeous architecture and to be a place of prayer. >> reporter: now, the ceremony actually begins at 11:00 a.m.
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here at the cathedral. and when you enter, you'll be entering under some 70 tons of scaffolding that is placed way atop there. those are repairs that are going to be ongoing. it's going to cost millions of dollar. there's been no time frame placed on when that will happen. service started tomorrow. hundreds of people able to go inside and marvel at this structure from the inside as well as from approaching it on the outside. we're live in northwest. back to you. >> back to you. thank you very much. a gnaw clear power plant has been given the go-ahead to restart operations this morning. they have been offline since the 5.8 magnitude quake. dominion power, who owns the plant, said it spent more than 100,000 hours and $21 million inspecting the plant's two reactors. federal regulators also ransom
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tests. both say the plant did not suffer any fencingal damage. it will taken ten days for the plant to be fully operational. right now it's 9:10 early on this saturday morning. it affects more than a million americans, and there's still no cure. we're going to tell you about the warning signs for hydrocephalus. and how do you reward a couple of guys who saved a woman from an attacker? well, a couple of local heroes were thanked with some
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it's a disease that affects more than a million americans. we're talking about hydrocephalus, an illness in which too much fluid collects on the brain. there's no cure for it. next sunday you can help. joining us now is barrett o'connor director of hydrocephalus association. i want to begin with your personal tie to this disease.
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it has affected your family. >> yes, it has. i first heard about it when my daughter emily was diagnosed in the neonatal intensive care unit at johns hopkins. she was diagnosed a few days after birth? and there's some hardships that you faced. this is something we don't hear about we hear about breast cancer and many other causes in the public eye that wareness was the first battle. >> that's right. i never heard of it before she was diagnosed and i was really surprised to find out that over a million americans have this condition than it -- it -- there's no cure. there's no funding available for it. when i first started there was very little funding, less than $2 million a year by sih. now there's $9 million. my daughter was born 10 years ago. there's $9 million a year where there's federal funding for it where comparable diseases have
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over $100 million. the only treatment is a shunt and the shunt surgeries cost like over $2 billion a year. >> so it is important to note this could happen at any time. some of the warnings -- >> it could happen to anybody. you ku be born with it as a con general birth defect or you can be a child playing on the playground and have traumatic brain injury develop it. the elderly can develop it. some of the warning sips are similar to difficulty walking and there's a specific gait that's unique to hydrocephalus. cogny tish problems, urinary incontinence. these are things miss diagnosed in alzheimer's and they can be treated with a shunt. >> there is treatment but there is no cure.
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next sunday you have an opportunity to help out with the fight. >> yes. my co-chair and i, martha flory have put together a fund-raiser walk. we're expecting over 500 people. we'd like more. we've raised over $92,000 and we hope to raise more. . going to be a fun event. a live band. this is our cool t-shirt. everybody for $25 you can register to purchase to participate and you'll get a cool longt. >> it's only $25 as you mentioned. aunt barrett we appreciate you joining us to spread awareness about hydrocephalus. and we're going to post this interview and how you can get involved next week at after the show. but for now let's send it over to chuck and check in on our saturday forecast. >> all right. angie. beautiful sunshine out there for now. nice blue sky. how long is all this great
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were you crying? yeah. police recognize three good samaritans from arlington by giving them an unusual award. a pizza. back in august two men were waiting on their porch for a pizza delivery when they heard a woman being attacked. they tackled the suspect while waiting for police while the third man helped the woman. during their heroics, they missed their pizza. last night they got a thank ewe from the police and a long awaited pie. >> it felt good to do it. we have something to remind us of it. for your this em to do this, it mean as lot. >> another example of how
9:21 am
successful we are because of the support of these two gentleman and their friend. after some handshakes the good say martins got to enjoy their new pizza. as for the suspect, he's still in jail awaiting trial. >> no pizza for him, at least not that kind. it would have been funny if they framed the pizza, dried it out, framed it. >> pizza needs to be eaten. >> we might get more crime tips if they awarded pizza rather than cash. >> good stuff. as for the weather we're in for a nice breezy day at least the sun is going to be shiny. >> not windy like yesterday. it was a ferocious day. kids under 40 pounds fahad to have rocks in their pockets. today, not quite so bad as yesterday was and a little extra sunshine. that was welcome news. yesterday, did we ever fight a tough west-northwesterly wind. gusting at 40 miles an hour at times. today that's not the case.
9:22 am
today the winds are coming back around to the south and that means that temperatures are going to respond very, very nicely. live picture over washington looking up the hill toward the national cathedral up there. beautiful day to get outside and walk around the city of washington. still a good bit of fall color left in and around the city, looking up the hill near wisconsin avenue. still a lot of fall color on the trees in the city. you folks out north and westing you've already noticed that most of your leaves are come plight got. sunshine in washington. 42 degrees our current temperature. a light breeze now out of the south at only 7 miles per hour. the winds will pick up a little bit later on this afternoon as the sun starts to mix up the atmosphere. the winds are blowing pretty strong. three to 5,000 feet. breezy at times today and tomorrow. still 38 degrees in rockvilleig.
9:23 am
40 degrees down in charlottesville. getting ready for the big game. 39 degrees in hagerstown. as you make your plans to hecht outside no real weather concerns at all. temperatures will reach up into the low 60s for a brief time this afternoon. winds will be out of the west and southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. once the sun goes down, it will get chilly pretty quickly. if you're going to the maryland/notre dame game, that kicks off after sunset. as a result, that will be a chilly one. a breezy start to the day. plenty of sunshine. relatively mild by november standards. we'll be one to two degrees warmer than average. a little bit more by way of cloud cover. that will be the high, thin, cirrus clouds. those will not do much to block out the sunshine and they'll not generate anything. rain showers is as close to us as ohio as tomorrow but i think it will be tuesday before the raindrops reach us here in the mid-atlantic. today, sunny, breezy, mild, temperatures, upper 50s and low
9:24 am
60s. tomorrow, more of the same. just a tick or two warmer tomorrow. here's your extended forecast. the next couple of days, mild weather all the way through the beginning of the week. tuesday is a lit on the showery side. after that things quiet down perfectly. auburn is in athens georgia taking on the georgia bulldogs. 65 degrees down in athens. the big one in the pac-12, dwron goes down to take on the feared tree of stan far. 62 degrees for that one. ohio state on the road to purdue. west lafayette in i. it will be windy like crazy. 54 degrees. more college kick-off forecasts coming up in a few minutes. all right. speaking of sports from the hardwood to the ice. where the capitals look to tame the devils in new jersey. hakem dermish has highlights in this morning's "sports in a minute." >> good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with hockey. last night the caps and new
9:25 am
jersey playing back-to-back games against the devils. nick backstrom wins the face-off out to dennis wideman. alex ovechkin. that tees easy for the great eight. puts it past brodeur. game tied at one. third period still noted at one. jason chimera gets the puck past his own blue life. nifty moves and beats brodeur. the caps' first shorthanded goal of the season. caps and devils play at verizon center later today. college hoops, mike making his debut as head coach. opening up the season at home against maryland season shore. passes to tony taylor. he hits the floater. taylor went for a game-high 20 points. within their season opener, 64-48. first round of the high school play adjusters against bethesda chevy chase. second quarter, up 14-0.
9:26 am
gets the hand-off. stomps 28 yards for his third touchdown in the game. they'll play churchill next week. back to college basketball george mason wins its season opener, 92-90 in overtime. american university loses to richmond, and also the maryland women defeat loyola, 48-46. impressive. that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. several university of maryland teams are looking to drum up support outside the maryland/notre dame football game, in hopes of saves their programs. the swimming and diving teams are part of a group of at least ten maryland teams that could be cut because of a $4.7 million athletic department deficit. swimming and diving along with the water polo team have already been recommended for elimination. the athletes will be passing out flyers tonight aunt have started facebook pages that are getting
9:27 am
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they've occupied parks and classes nationwide for weeks. now, though, there's pressure on the occupy wall street movement to start winding down. good morning. i'm angie goff. welcome to "news 4 today" this saturday november 12. we'll have much more on the story but chuck bell is sitting by me. >> yesterday was a little too windy or cold.
9:31 am
so soon after nice weather around here. today we get a little break in the action from those fierce winds of yesterday. they're long gone now. it will be breezy, good kite flying. >> you love that. >> who doesn't love to fly a kiechlt you pull a rope, it's fun. >> somebody in the control room says people still fly kites? >> absolutely. if you criticize kite flying, you criticize benjamin franklin and you don't want to go down that road. beautiful day indeed. blue skies over washington. temperatures are on their way up. it will be considerably nicer day outside today than yesterday was. yesterday we had a lot of cloud cover and a strong wind. today we'll have a bright sunshine and breezy but nowhere near as breezy. temperatures on their way to upper 30s, low 40s right now. nothing showing up on radar. two or three more dry days before the next chance of rain rolling in. sunny, breezy, highs in the upper 50s, low 60s. tomorrow, sunny, a bit warmer. tomorrow's highs, low to
9:32 am
mid-60s. the mountaineers of west virginia are on the road taking on the bearcats of cincinnati. navy on the road in dallas at smu. 74 degrees and windy out there in the plains. and norfolk state play iing morn state in baltimore. she says they're going to win this thing big, 56-3. that was her forecast. sunny and warm. good game up there in baltimore. >> all right. >> all right. >> looks good. talking about the maryland/noter game tame. if you're out there, look for pat collins. he went to notre dame. he's going to be out there. you can't miss him. >> he'll have the gore on the's fisherman hat on. the time right now is 9:32. here are some of the top stories we're following. nationals' catcher wilson ramos is safe this morning. he was found in a remote mountainous area of the country
9:33 am
last light 48 hours after he was kidnapped from his home. three ofs he alleged abductors were also arrested. hundreds of penn state students gathered last night for a candlelight vigil for the alleged vexual abuse victims. the vigil was organized by facebook and twitter in an effort to shift the focus from the coaches who were fired to the alleged victims in this scandal. u.s. park police are investigating reports of shots fired near the white house. witnesses say a man fired a gun, possibly an ak-47 at constitution avenue and 16th street. police found a gun inside the r, found abandoned near the roosevelt bridge. there the pressure to shut down occupy encampments after three deaths across a country. a military veteran shot himself in a tank. in salt lake city a man died of a drug overdose and carbon monoxide poisoning from a
9:34 am
propane heater and a man died in a protest in california. putting a strain on police resources. a top city official says he sees few public safety problems related to occupy d.c. protests. police pledge to get tougher on unruly demonstrations after violence broke out last weekend. "news 4" tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: the confrontation at the convention center last friday night disrupted traffic and brought complaints the police weren't controlling the streets. both police chief katherine lanier and mayor vincent gray addressed it. do you think they're unsafe now? >> no, i don't. what i've about seen, it has not struck me as dangerous or a
9:35 am
public safety threat. >> on the cojo politics hour, you see phil mendelson said he thought the convention center was an exception, with maybe two few officer. >> something happened at the convention center last friday night. unquestionably there were a lot of protesters, there was friction between protesters and traffic. so what happened on friday night clearly was a public safety issue, but in terms of the protests in general, what i've seen was peaceful. >> one protester said on the politics hour that the protesters are trying to be nonviole nonviolent. >> we were respectful. we listened to everything they were saying. we had no problems at all. we're escalating but escalating peacefully. our take tick has always been a
9:36 am
nonviolent movement. >> reporter: protesters were quiet as they hunker down against the cold and biting wind. tom sherwood, "news 4," washington. a former marine hurt in a clash between police and protesters in oakland last month is now out of the hospital. scott olsen was hit in the head by a tear gas canister last month. the injury left the raich war veteran in critical condition. those close to him say the 24-year-old is still struggling with speech after two weeks in the hospital. right now it's 9:36 on this saturday morning. it was the oops heard round the world. >> commerce and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> what can rick perry do to get back on track after that embarrassing blunder the other night? we're going to ask a damage we're going to ask a damage control expert how he can turn
9:37 am
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the third agency of government i would do away with, education, the -- >> commerce. >> -- commerce. and let's see. >> oh, my. >> i can't. the third one i can't, sorry. oops. >> it was one of the great gaffes of this election. rick perry's temporary memory lapse was one of the most watched videos of the week on youtube. so what now? when a politician or celebrity faces an embarrassing moment like this or even a horrific scandal, what can he or she do damage controlwise? joining us now is crisis management expert bo phillips a partner of a firm. this is just painful to watch. major brain freeze here. we're talking 45 seconds. is this going to be fatal to his campaign for president? >> it's hard to say that anything is fatal to the
9:41 am
campaign before a single vote is cast. everybody threw newt gingrich out when his whole staff quit but he's having a bit of a resurgence. who knows what that means. it's a devastating blow. it plays into a stereotype people have about him. jon huntsman could have made this mistake and could have survived it. but nobody cares he's low on the ratings. governor perry thought he sounded like george bush. everybody thought george bush was a little bit of a dummy, which is unfair but that's what people thought. >> the way he decided to combat this, he hit all the major networks. even doing letterman. let's take a listen. >> number 4. >> i had a five-hour energy drink six hours before the debate. >> and the number one rick perry
9:42 am
excuse. >> i just learned justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my god. >> a lot of people coming out and saying this was a smart move. the self-deprecating humor. saying on the "today" show that he stepped in it. >> all of these things that he's doing are the right things to do and also may not matter one bit. the letterman thing was very smart. you know, there's no way to manage your way out of this so you sort of own it, live it, and try to turn it into something funny. >> but do you want to be the candidate that everyone is laughing at it. >> no, of course, you don't, but you made the mistake and you have to figure out how to get through it. it was a terrible campaign. these are helpful but it's not going to change the narrative. these things, while smart, are not going to recover from this blunder. he needs to go into a blunder and go in with smart people and
9:43 am
do nothing but learn how to friggin' debate. if he can come back and have a "blow it out of the park" stellar performance, he'll get a c-plus. >> we'll have to wait and see because there's a dozen more. he says he's going to stay through it till the end. >> he has the money too. that's the problem. he can stay around for a while. we want to get to cain real quick. this is a mess, but there's like a phenomenon here. he's still surging in the polls? >> he's really inexplicable. traditionally, where there's smoke, there's fire. when it's two people -- but when there's four people it's hard to believe there isn't an issue. can he get back through this
9:44 am
pathological ownership of i didn't do it? he needs to explain it in a far better way. if he's the right guy, a good g guy, he hasn't done anything about it. he needs to put the meat on the bone so they can say they're satisfied and he can go on with his 9-9-9 plan. >> bo phillips. thank you very much. we're going to be back right after the ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey 8 to 24 lbs, for just 59 cents a pound. cook your thanksgiving turkey perfectly with our free chef assistant app. it's foolproof. safeway. ingredients for life.
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good saturday morning, everyone. nbc 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures on their way up. bright and sunny. it looks like it's going to be great weekend to get outside and enjoy outdoor wreck creating. beautiful day for today and tomorrow. that is welcome news after that blustery day we had yesterday. still plenty of great fall color
9:48 am
in and around the city of washington right here along the potomac. here's george washington and the park there at the gravelly point near the ronald reagan national airport. 42 degrees. the current temperature at the airport. winds out of the south at 7 mile ts per hour. we're on our way up. temperatures warming up very quickly. yesterday we only made 50. we'll be at 50 at 1:00 or 2:00 on our way up to near 60 degrees by later on today. 39 in hagerstown. martinsburg, charles town, all in the mid-40s. a great looking day. plen the oif sunshine. sun came up at 6:41. goes down just before 5:00 this afternoon. just a couple of thin was ps of clouds across far northeastern maryland. high pressure is in charge of our weather so we get great semiweather for today and tomorrow. high pressure to our east means winds will come back to the south and southwest. that will allow the warm-up today compared to yesterday. then tomorrow looks like a lot of cloud cover.
9:49 am
those are going to be high thin cirrus clouds. on the whole tomorrow still looks very nice. raindrop raindrops, our next chance doesn't arrive until we get into tuesday. today, sunny, breezy, milder than yesterday by quite a step. highs steady up near 60 degrees. warmer, temperatures in the low to mid-60s here's the all important seven-day forecast. look at this. five days in a row with temperatures at 60 or better. that's nice stuff around here by your november standards for sure. michigan is on the road at illinois in champaign today. kick-off at 3:30. 58 degrees. a howling north wind. morgan state in alabama playing oregon state. nebraska at penn state, 50 degrees, sunny, breezy, chilly up there in penn state and the gamecocks of carolina playing host to florida. steve spurrier's old team coming
9:50 am
into columbia. perfect weather for s.e.c. football. all focus on carolina. thanks for doing that. >> no problem. got milk? one local coffee shop does and its customers got sweet deals because of it. the story of the milk man when we returned. in high school everybody was trying to look good. we're doing what everybody else is doing. candy with a kick.
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the redskins take on the dolphins tomorrow. that brings back memories of the skins' first super bowl victory in 1983. it came back against the dolphins. dan hellie looks back at this morning's "redskins rewind."
9:54 am
>> reporter: january 30th, 1983. the birth of a dynasty. the rose bowl hosted chief z and the skins but the first quarter of super bowl 17 was all about the fins. second play of their second possession, david woodley looks right, finds jimmy sef low, who cuts back in side, and he is gone. 76 yards on the play, and a quick 7-0 miami lead. after a skins score, walker brings in a kick-off in his own two, cuts left, finds a seam, turns on the jets, and 98 yards later it is super bowl history. miami leads, 17-10 at the half. >> if we had moved the ball we would have 12 first down, and then we're the best defense in the league and everything that had happened happened in their favor. so everybody here, we've been down by 11 points a game in philadelphia. this was no big panic situation.
9:55 am
>> reporter: the second half and momentum reversed. midway through the third quarter, theseman hands to him to garrett. he sails 44 yards to the 94 yard line. that sets up a field goal. skins trail 17-13 before the play that defined a franchise. fourth and one at the miami 43. wriggle pulls way and into the history books. 43, 166 yards, his fourth consecutive 100-yard playoff game and a 20-17 skins lead. >> you know, like i said, when they hand out the rings, that's when the satisfaction will get me. >> i thought they were unbelievable. you know, you saw total dominance and a good fullback to run the ball.
9:56 am
what else can you say about the game. real basic, real simple. nothing fancy. >> reporter: the icing on the cake a 6-yard touchdown from theseman to charlie brown. the feeling that later i'm going to cry like a babe. right now i'm at an emotional peak. it's the greatest feeling i've ever had. >> reporter: the parade that followed delighted d.c. second year head coach joe gibbs dedicated the win to the faithful. >> there's no other fans like our fabs and i want you to know that each one of you has a small piece of this trophy today. one local coffee shop is probably thinking that milk was a bad choice this morning.
9:57 am
pound coffee shop on capitol hill made a bit of a mistake when they made their milk delivery. instead of 48 gallons they ordered 48 cases. d.c. food trucks stopped by to stock up and more than 100 gallons were donate to the d.c. food bank. that's a bigger
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