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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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may the truth be known, may justice be known. to protect the victims. >> yes. >> faith and football at penn state. it caps off an emotional week of sex abuse scandal and upheaval. for the first time in 46 years, the team takes the field without joe paterno. and he says his abductors didn't hurt him physically, but psychologically they left him damaged. hearing firsthand from a catcher rescued from kidnappers in venezuela. i'm aaron gilchrist. we begin with a developing story, a double murder in arundel county leads to a shootout in the district heights. two incidents are separated by 20 miles and 10 hours, but
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police say the man who shot it out with police is the common factor. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: it all started friday night outside the dave and busters restaurant at arundel mills mall. police were called about two bodies in the mall parking lot. >> there was a male and female. the officer got on the scene, and they both appeared to be deceased by a gunshot wound. >> reporter: witness accounts and other leads brought detectives to the 8100 block of rydel road. detectives notified police from prince george's county for assistance. they converged on the cul-de-sac. >> the suspect came out of his home armed with an ak-47 and a shotgun. >> witnesses say there was a standoff with officers taking cover behind their vehicles. the suspect pacing back and forth in the street. officers ordered him to drop his weapons. after ten minutes, shots rang out. >> there was an exchange of
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gunfire and one of our officers, a nine-year veteran was hit in the face, in the hand and in the leg. >> police say he was hit by a shotgun blast, and is expected to survive. residents reported hearing the barrage of gunfire, 10 to 20 shots. after that 22-year-old james coleman lay dead. police believe he shot the victims at arundel mall. authorities say though this case took a dramatic turn here in prince george's county, the investigation remains open. they're asking anyone with additional information to contact them. derrick ward, news4. u.s. park police still searching for the person who fired shots near the white house. reports of gunshots came in about 9:30 last night near the elips of constitution and 16th. a man got out of a car and fired what may have been an ak-47 with a scope. park police say two cars were seen leaving the area. they found an abandoned car near the roosevelt bridge.
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they recovered a gun inside. they never found the suspects, though. nationals catcher has been freed from his abductors. they found him in a mountainous jungle area two days after he was kidnapped from his home by gun point. tonight he's talking about the moments he was taken. news4's darcy spencer with more on that. >> he told reporters that his captors had colombian accents. they told him they were going to ask for a ton of cash to free him. but it didn't get that far. he was rescued and his abductors, well, they were arrested. in venezuela, it was a hero's welcome for nationals baseball player wilson ramos, who was rescued after being kidnapped at gun point from his front porch on wednesday. >> translator: i wasn't expected at all, because the place where they kept me was well hidden. it was in the mountains.
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practically in the jungle. and look, the only thing i asked god was to return alive to see my family. >> reporter: four kidnappers in this stolen suv grabbed ramos at his home in valencia. rescuers swooped in, they exchanged gunfire with his captors but were able to grab a 24-year-old and take several suspects into custody. >> translator: the moment they found me was very nerve-racking for me. i could hear gunshots being fired. but thank god, the boys did their job very well. >> a long shot to left field! that one is going back and back! and it's gone. >> reporter: ramos is a catcher for the nationals. he was in venezuela, his home country, for the winter baseball season when he was abducted. he was kept in a dingy shack wa hood over his head. >> first and foremost i thought of how my family was doing, my mother. all i was asking god is thanks to god he sent me these
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wonderful people, because thanks to them, i am alive. >> ramos said he will start to play baseball once he feels better. he says that his kidnappers did not hurt him physically, but psychologically, they hurt him greatly. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. game day felt different at penn state today. the matchup with nebraska missing a familiar face on the sidelines. joe paterno, one of several people fired after revelations of a child sex abuse scandal. but students and alumni did their best to find something positive today. chris gordon joins us live from university park, pennsylvania, with more. chris? >> reporter: well, good evening. after a very disappointing week, the students here at penn state university were hoping that a victory in this football game would help them heal. the penn state band marched into
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the stadium wearing blue ribbons. the day dedicated to abuse awareness. >> we're just trying to raise awareness on child abuse. >> reporter: book marks with a message. >> they printed 20,000 book marks to distribute at the game. >> reporter: student groups displayed signs, and collected money. >> child, a national organization for the prevention of child abuse. >> reporter: fans crowded around the statue of former coach joe paterno, whose firing by the board of trustees. jerry sandusky allegedly preying on young boys sexually. all bags were searched. at one point, there was a bomb threat. police on a roof, a special operations unit called in. but it all proved to be a false alarm. when a group preaching the gospel arrived, one student was
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arrested. after grabbing one of their signs. the game was close. but penn state lost to nebraska 17-14. a disappointing end to a difficult week. >> we should have won, i know we could have. >> yeah. we definitely had it in us. i want everybody to stay strong and we still are, penn state. >> reporter: there is a sense of penn state pride. now, here in state college, there are plenty of students on the street. there's a police presence, but at this hour, no sign of any trouble. aaron, back to you in washington. >> all right, chris gordon in university park, pennsylvania. thank you, chris. and stay with news4 and nbc for continuing coverage of the penn state scandal. and the play-by-play from today's game. and chris gordon will have more from the penn state campus at 11:00. major cuts to sports at the university of maryland. who's on the chopping block, and how they're trying to save their programs.
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two big milestones for the national cathedral. what happened for the first time in ten weeks and what happened for the first time in history. a big day for a marine in our area. she scored a date with justin timberlake. a date with chuck bell, though, that's the real catch, right? >> she's the big winner in that deal, no doubt about that. bright and sunny outside today. will we get any more mild days in the near future? the complete check of the foreca
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we are following a developing story out of italy tonight where a major transition of power is taking place. prime minister silly oh berlusconi has resigned. this comes after the italian parliament passed a package of economic reforms today following months of economic turmoil. after 17 years in office, berlusconi agreed to step down for a new government to deal with the economic troubles. eight republican presidential candidates will gather again for a debate in south carolina tonight. the debate in spartanburg will focus on foreign policy and national security issues. the two crucial topics have largely taken a back seat to economic concerns throughout the gop race. on race, cnbc hosted a debate in michigan. herman cain and mitt romney are in a close race.
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justin timberlake scheduled to attend the marine corps ball with a local marine. friends with benefits stars were asked to attend two separate marine corps balls. they both said yes. she's stationed at quantico. greenville will go to south carolina with scott moore. budget cuts at the university of maryland left several sports on the chopping block.
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it's national adoption month. they host the event which provides a guide for prospective parents on the adoption journey. and helps find homes for children in need. nbc 4's barbara harrison who hosts our wednesday's child segments also took part in the event today. the national cathedral reopened for the first time since the august earthquake. three of the four pinnacles were severely damaged there. they waited for engineers to make sure the rest of the building was safe before opening it today. reverend dr. marion bud was consecrated as the first female bishop. the national cathedral will open
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for public tours on monday. repairs to the building expected to take a couple more months to complete. university of maryland swim and dive teams will be at the maryland notre dame football game tonight trying to rally support to save their sports from getting cut. the school recently announced it would cut the two teams to help the department fix a $4.7 million budget deficit. the baseball and golf programs could also be cut. they'll deliver their recommendations this week, key in what if any teams get cut. chuck bell is here now. i looked for clouds today. tried to find a cloud. >> did you? >> yeah. >> did you? >> no, i didn't find one. >> i was going to say, i didn't see one today. i thought i saw one cloud out there, but that was just about it. a bright, sunny saturday to get your weekend started. and sunday's looking pretty, pretty, pretty good out there right now on your saturday evening. mostly clear sky out there. gradual increase in high clouds overnight tonight and then
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through the day tomorrow as well. but boy, is it going to be nice and mild around here for another couple of days before our next little chance of rain rolls back in. 53 right now in washington with a light breeze out of the south at 8 miles per hour. areawide temperatures reached into the low 60s for a brief time today. heading back down into the mid and upper 50s. 56 in fort bellvoir. and the blue ridge, what a beautiful saturday it turned out to be. still 55 in winchester. 56 degrees down in beautiful st. mary's county. your evening planner for saturday evening, clear skies. temperatures dropping from the mid-50s, back into the mid and upper 40s by 11:00 tonight. tomorrow we won't have quite a sparkling blue sky, more of a milky white color. but high pressure remains in charge of our weather. it allows more and more of a south-to-southwesterly wind flow. not quite as cold as it was this morning. really nice day coming up for
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tomorrow. for the rest of your evening, clear skies and cool. temperatures back into the mid and upper 40s by 11:00 p.m. not quite as cold overnight lows, generally in the 30s to near 40 in town and alongside of the bay. sun's up tomorrow morning at 6:43. that's not so bad. but boy, these early sunsets are just about depressing. sun's down tomorrow at 4:56 in the afternoon. good news, mostly sunny and warmer. well up into the mid and upper 60s. about # 66 here in town. here's the extended forecast now. beautiful weather continues not just for tomorrow, but look at this stretch of mild days coming our way. 66 tomorrow. 69 on monday. a lot of northern virginia, central virginia, might even touch the low 70s on monday. that will be a mostly cloudy day. rain likely through much of the day on tuesday. should be tapering out by about lunchtime on wednesday.
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but it is getting to be the middle of november, so it will be cool again. so we can't blame too much about a cooling trend. you can always follow us on the website or on twitter. which i know you do. >> absolutely the place i get my information. >> it's a good source, isn't it? >> thank you, chuck. wait until you hear this story at 11:00. kids getting drunk on gummy bears. that's right. this is a candy with a kick, if you will. we'll tell you about this new fad that has a lot of authorities concerned. that's all coming up tonight on news4 at 11:00 sxlnchts coming up on this broadcast in sports, an emotional day at penn state as the lions play
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i think we all have to admit it was odd to see the penn state game today. >> yeah, it was certainly strange not seeing joe paterno on the sidelines. sometimes he's been up in the coaching booth, because of injuries to his knees and things like that. but yeah, it was strange not seeing him on the sidelines today. two weeks ago joe paterno became the winningest coach in division 1 football. he was ceremony usely carried off the field. today joe pa wasn't even on the field. for the first time in 46 years joe paterno was not the head coach at penn state. his presence, however, was still evident in pennsylvania. this afternoon the team he once coached playing its final home game against nebraska. and penn state players walking
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out onto the field arm in arm. emotional day for the 20 seniors. this is tom bradley serving as interim coach, 33 years on the penn state coaching staff. fans still showing appreciation for joe paterno. taylor martinez on the draw. check out still, fighting off a tackle. brings down the quarterback. the big play by the senior, and the crowd loves it. third quarter now, cornhuskers lead 10-0. martinez with the ball. looks like he's going to keep it. sneaky, pitches it at the last moment to rex burkhead. nebraska up 17-0. looked over. but back come the lions. green powers his way in for the touchdown. penn state cuts the deficit to just 3. last chance for penn state. still down by 3. mcmcloin just gets the play off here. scrambling around.
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getting protection here. under pressure, just throws it away. it's an incomplete pass. 12th ranked penn state loses to nebraska 17-14. ending the lions' seven-game win streak. mike london and virginia hosting duke. london was reportedly contacted by penn state about taking over their program, but he declined. late second quarter, cavaliers 14-7. check it out here. slips a defender. races 38 yards for the touchdown. game tied at 14. third quarter, same score. duke with the ball. shawn renfry under pressure. no one in front of him. read that like a book. 54-yard touchdown. it's 21-14, uva. perry jones up and over for the touchdown. right now in the fourth quarter,
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virginia leads 31-21. in cincinnati, coach of the mountaineers hosting the bearcats. zach can't find anyone open. loose in the end zone of julian miller falling on it. west virginia takes a 17-7 lead. collaros left the game with a leg injury. op second and goal, handoff goes to shawn olston. touchdown west virginia. holgerson's team takes the lead. not sure if he knew it. maybe he was thinking about the famous chili. it's blocked. watch the left side of your screen. number 24, ian smith gets his hand up there and makes the play. holgerson still thinking about that chili. improving their record to 7-3. after snapping a six-game losing streak last week, the
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coach of navy on the road today at smu. midshipman up 3-0. first play for the mustangs. j.j. mcdr mot, throws an interception of his own. chris ferguson on the receiving end. 28-yard return. sets up a g.g. green touchdown. coach ken, he has emotion, he likes it. the pitch goes to john howell. right now navy leads 24-10 in the fourth quarter. at fedex field tonight, maryland plays notre dame. you can see it right here on nbc 4 at 7:30. hometown hockey. last night the caps defeated the devils in new jersey. second period is where we start. alex ovechkin and the capitals down 1-0. nick backstrom, out to dennis. ovechkin there. too easy for the grade "a." game tied at 1.
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nifty goal right there. third period, still knotted 1. jason gets the puck in his own blue line. skates around and passed three devils. he's got some good speed. and beats brodeur. washington wins it 3-1. caps and devils play tonight at 7:00. you can see that game over on comcast sports net. georgetown wins its season opener defeating savannah state. harry simms had a career high 1 points. so we've got maryland tonight, we've got the capitals tonight, navy. there's a lot of notre dame fans in this area. i'm sure there are a lot of fans at fedex field. thanks. she starred in the hit film "the help." emma stone hosts "saturday night live" tonight. >> i don't know how much i'll bring to it, okay, i'll do that. it's the greatest thing ever. it's the second best week of my
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life. >> she said the best week of her life is when she hosted "saturday night live" last year. so catch emma stone tonight at "saturday night live," 11:30, right here on nbc 4 at news4 at 11:00. "nightly news" is coming up next. see you back here at 11:00. have a good night.
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