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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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today. the nittany lions lost their first game without coach joe paterno. the emotions on game day took on a different meaning. chris gordon has more now from penn state. >> reporter: for penn state and its students, this has been a difficult week. ♪ >> reporter: the penn state band marched into the stadium wearing blue ribbons, the day dedicated to abuse awareness. these demonstrators came from ohio. we are here to call any victims of abuse to please step forward. i know it's very painful. you will have support. student groups displayed signs and collected money. >> >> reporter: fans crowded around the statue of former coach joe
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paterno whose firing by the board of trustees led to wednesday night's violent student protests. paterno is blamed for not reporting to police, assistant coach jerry sandusky for allegedly preying on young boys sexually. this couple is from virginia. >> we're hoping that we can move beyond the devastation we just had this week. >> and we care about the victims as well. we're praying for them and we're praying for everybody involved. >> reporter: security was tight at the stadium. all the bags were searched. at one point there was a bomb threat. police on a roof. a special operations unit called in. but it all proved to be a false alarm. the football game was close, penn state losing to nebraska 17-14. >> it was a tough loss without joe paterno. i think there are a lot of lessons learned. penn state's going to have a long road back after this. >> there's a famous slogan here, we are penn state. it's on that foundation they hope to build the future.
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that's the latest from state college, pennsylvania. chris gordon, news 4. joe paterno's son had a tough time with the football team's loss. quarterback coach jay paterno told reporters the world was turned upside down this week. he was then asked about his father. >> i know you visited with your dad earlier today. your dad and sue, and you wrote him a letter to try to deliver your message to them, essentially. what were you trying to share with them. >> just how proud of him i am, and dad i wish you were here. we love you. >> stay with news 4 and for continuing coverage of the penn state scandal. ahead in sports, hakeem will have play by play from tonight's game. wilson ramos broke down in tears today after being reunited with his family. that happened just hours after the national's catcher was rescued from his abductors.
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he was kidnapped from his home in convenient venezuela. his captors had colombian accents and were going to ask for a ton of cash to free him. he was kept in a shed. >> i wasn't expecting it at all, because the place where they kept me was well hidden in the mountains, practically in the jungle. the moment they found me was very nerve-racking for me. i could hear guns being fired but thank god the boys did their job very well. >> ramos says the kidnappers didn't hurt him physically, but psychologically, they did a lot of damage. police in venezuela have several suspects in custody. >> we're following breaking news right now, an update in the shooting near the white house last night. darcy spencer joins us live now from 16th and constitution. police just wrapped up a news
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conference, right? >> yeah, that's right. the shooting happened on constitution avenue right around 9:30 last night. there were reports that there were two vehicles seen going up constitution avenue. shots being fired, there was one vehicle recovered last night, and police have been continuing this investigation. i want to show you a photograph. this is a photograph of a man police are looking for in connection with this investigation. he's being considered a person of interest. they say they have gotten information that links him to the vehicle that was located last night. here to talk to us about the latest on this investigation is david schlosser. who is this gentleman and why are you looking for him? >> last night after the incident with the shots fired in the area of the white house. the u.s. park police recovered a vehicle on u.s. constitution and 23rd street. crime scene folks were able to uncover evidence from the vehicle.
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from the evidence, we believe we'd like to speak to mr. ortega and find out what his role was in this situation. >> give us an idea of what his name is, and descriptive information and where you believe he may be at this time. >> we believe he may be in the d.c. area. he's oscar row mere row ortega, a white hispanic male, 5'11", 160 pounds. brown eyes and black hair. he has several distinctive tattoos which i think will help us in finding him. >> one of them is a is a too of israel on his neck? >> that's probably the most distinctive. he has orta toos to include a couch el dots tattoos on his right hand. and there's several orta toos under his clothing. >> what involvement do you think he may have had with the shooting last night. and it had nothing to do with the white house being a target, correct zm. >> last night we thought there may have been two vehicles involved. we're comfortable it's just this one vehicle that mr. ortega is
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someone we would like to speak to to see if he had any involvement with this situation. >> what do you think this was about? do you think the white house was not a target in this situation? >> that would be information that will be fleshed out once we speak with mr. ortega? >> any reason to believe he's someone connected to groups or activities that might have a political nature to them? >> at this point our investigation doesn't seem to be revealing anything of that sort. i don't think there's a political overtone. >> you did recover a semiautomatic weapon in this vehicle? >> there was some erroneous information that it was an ak hich 47. it was not. >> thank you for bringing us up to date. this is a person of interest they're looking for in connection with the shooting just south of the white house around 9:30 last night. >> thank you. police have identified two people shot and killed outside
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of arundel mills mall, they are 25-year-old janine des'ree dunn and shauncey green. they were shot and killed by james edward coleman. he later died during a shootout with prince georges county police in district heights. an officer was injured and is expected to be okay. the eight republican candidates for president squartd off tonight. the cbs news national journal took place in spartanburg and it focused on national policy issues. those topics have taken a back seat to the economy throughout the gop race. when asked about the u.s. role in the world there were various answers on torture and waterboarding. >> i would return to that policy. i don't see it as torture. i see it as an enhanced interrogation technique. >> torture is illegal. and by our laws it's illegal by
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international laws. >> we should not tore tire. water boarding is torture. >> i would be willing to use waterboarding. it was very effective in gaining information for our country. >> the candidates will square off several more times before the iowa caucus january 3rd. a milestone at the national cathedral. what happened for the first time in ten weeks. and what happened for the first time in history. wait until you hear this. kids getting drunk off gummy beers. the new trend that has some authorities concerned. how one lucky marine from our area got justin timberlake to take her out tonight. the second half of your weekend is looking very nice. how long will all the warm weather stick around? i'll give you all the a
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tomorrow morning the national cathedral will hold its first public worship service since the august earthquake. the reverend dr. mary ann bud will preside over tomorrow's service. final repairs expected to take several more months. tonight justin timberlake is in virginia, attending a marine corps ball with a local marine. four months ago mila kunis and justin timberlake were invited to two separate marine corps balls.
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why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t the university of maryland's swim and dive teams were at today's maryland/notre dame football game, trying to rally support from getting their sports getting cut. it may help a $4.7 million budget deficit. the teams were in the water today for a meet. fans say the school isn't looking at the big picture 37. >> these kids really pour their
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hearts into this program and their hearts are broken. there's more these kids learn, lifelong lessons about being part of a team about supporting each other. about setting goals and working toward meeting those goals. we hope that's being taking into account besides just the money aspect of it. >> the baseball and golf programs could be cut, a special panel studying the department's finances. the information will be key in deciding if any of the teams actually get cut. a popular candy is turned into a new trend for getting drunk. boozy gummy beers. college students and teens are soaking gummy beers into alcohol and then bringing them to class. >> vodka is the most popular, because it's nonsmelling. you cannot detect vodka.
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>> in high school, everyone's just trying to look cool. >> figuring out how to make the drunken gummies is easy. there are more than 80 videos online showing you how. and using vodka expands the gummies to three times their normal size, which you would think would tip you off, something's not right with those gummy bears. can we get more tomorrow of what we had today? >> yes, we can. >> absolutely right. >> there you have it. that's all i have to say. beautiful weather outside today, no doubt about it. tomorrow, every bit as nice, but maybe not -- there's always something, isn't there? a little more cloud cover. a little bit of extra cloud cover, for now, mostly clear skies out there on your saturday night. look quietly alongside the
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potomac. temperatures are trending down ward since the sunset. already back down to 51 degrees at the airport with a light breeze out of the assuming at only 7 miles per pour hp temperatures back down into the 40s across most of the western suburbs now. camp springs andrews air force base right at the 50 degree mark. even still 50 degrees in martinsburg and winchester. as you can tell, based on these temperatures it's not going to be as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. at national airport, a 30-degree spread today after a 33-degree start. still, no first freeze yet at national airport. that's the coldest we've been so far in this early fall going into winter season. what about tomorrow? beautiful day coming up, plenty of sunshine, we will see a gradual increase in mid to high level clouds. here you can see on the satellite picture, look at that cloud deck. sneaking its way ever so quickly
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now. high pressure will protect us from rainfall for another 24 to 48 hours. eventually that's going to move far enough offshore and rain will move back into the picture. a super sunday coming up tomorrow. with temperatures running 5 to 7 degrees warmer than average. next weather front late monday into the day tuesday, that's when the rain chances return. for tomorrow. startoff temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. the only problem with tomorrow, is that the sunsets so early at this time of year, 4:56. is when the sun goes down tomorrow afternoon. what about the extended forecast. check out these numbers here. keep in mind 59 is the average high. tuesday 68. even with the rainshowers coming in. most of the rain second half of tuesday, first half of wednesday. and then turning back down to more seasonal levels as we head toward the end of the week and next weekend. can you stay ahead of the forecast on our website or by following me on twitter at
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maryland did show up for the football game. >> they did. but the final score not indicative of their effort. it was an unfortunate night. i'll tell you what, notre dame looked pretty good. >> yes. >> a struggling maryland team. watching college football this season, you may have wondered if you were tuning in to a fashion show. if you're a fan of maryland, you know the terps are trendy. or at least they were trending on twitter. when they wore their pride uniforms to start the season,
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everyone in the country turninged into a fashionista. the terps are 1-0 in the pride uniforms, 1-7 in all other combinations. notre dame with their shamrock helmets making a fashion statement of their own. first drive of the game, they drive down the field. jonas gray making his way to the end zone. second quarter, irish up 10-0. this time, air attack. meets number 21. trenton hughes. notre dame takes a 17-0 lead. danny owe brian fights back. 2nd and 8, o'brien doing work. mcree makes a move, gets to the outside, and he's in for the touchdown. 13 yarder, terps within 10. you got a ball game, but notre dame breaks it wide open, too much. maryland down 31-7 in the third. low wood is taking it to the
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house. returns it 57 yards for the touchdown. randy edsel none too pleased. for brian, things would go from bad to worse. o'brien scrambling. ebrien breaks a bone in his left arm. out for the season. maryland falls 45-21. the terps have lost six in a row. coach brian kelly and the irish improve to 7-3. penn state played his first game in 36 years. defensive coordinator, tom bradley serving as interim head coach. nittany lions hosting nebraska. third quarter, cornhuskers up 10-0. taylor martinez looks like he's going to keep it. pitches it at the last moment to rex burkhead. he finished with 120 yards rushing. nebraska leads 17-0. fourth quarter, back come the lions on first and goal.
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stephan green, powers his way in for the six-yard touchdown. penn state cuts the deficit to three. final seconds of the game. last chance for penn state. still down by three. comes down to this. five seconds, matt mcgloin just gets the playoff. scrambling around, looking for somebody trying to get the first down, throws and it's incomplete and that's it. 12th ranked penn state. coach mike london of virginia hosting duke, london was contacted by penn state about taking over their program, he declined. cavaliers trailed 14-7. slips the defender, check it out, races 38 yards for the touchdown. game tied at 14. this game going back and forth all afternoon. third quarter, same score, duke with the ball. sean renfre and it's
11:25 pm
intercepted. 54-yard score. 13th career int for the senior. later in the third, now tied at 21, virginia has it on first and goal. up and over for the touchdown. cavaliers go on to win 31-21. uva improves its record to 7-3. west virginia edges cincinnati 24-21 and navy defeats smu 24-17. hometown hockey now. bruce boudreau going for career win number 200 tonight. defenseman mike green out with a lower body injury. here in the first period, his teammate turns defense into offense. brower steals the puck and beats johan. see it again, great play by troy brower. his fourth goal of the season. that's a great play. caps take a 1-0 lead. we go to the second period, 2-1
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washington. devils have the puck in the caps zone. watch alex ovechkin here. gets turned around, right side of your screen. ryan carter all alone deflects it past noivert. game tied at two, we go to overtime and a shootout. he needs to make a save to keep the shootout going. david clarkson taking if for the devils. and clarkson goes backhand and beats noivert p.m. the devils come back to beat the capitals. tomorrow morning, hall of famer red skinnings hall of famer darryl green will be joining us live in studio. >> 9:00 a.m. >> yes. >> thanks. she starred in the hit film "the help." tonight you'll see emma stone live from new york as she hosts saturday night live. >> daze the second best week of
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my life. >> the first best week of her life was when she hosted snl last year. that's all coming up next right here on nbc 4. that is our news for tonight. news 4 today starts tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. ♪ ♪
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♪ live from oakland university in rochester, michigan, it's the cnbc republican debate. [ applause ] >> good evening. and welcome to this cnbc republican debate. i'm maria bartiromo. >> i'm john harwood. let's meet our candidates on the stage tonight e -- jon huntsman -- michele bachmann -- newt gingrich --


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