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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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to a nearby hospital. the driver brought the bus benning and east capitol. authorities showed up and started going through whatever evidence there is. we don't have any information on the identity of the victim, only that it was an adult male. also no information at this point on the condition. they are working up suspect descriptions as we speak. these buses are equipped with video cameras inside and out. and the bus, as we said, was taken away. obviously that evidence is going to be pored through and hopefully police can come up with a description of the shooter in this incident. that's where we have it right now. this happened 6:30 this morning on eli place in the area of ridge road and ended at the intersection of benning and east capitol. we're live. now back to you. >> derrick ward reporting live from the scene. thank you very much for that report. >> maryland state police are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened early this morning. police were called out near the
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intersection of maryland route 3 and route 450 around 12:30. they found a woman believed to be in her late 20s. she was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses reported skiing a light colored vehicle with a broken windshield and damaged hood at a nearby business. if you have any information on this accident, please call maryland state police. and in the district police are investigating a stabbing near the national cathedral. it happened just before midnight 2900 block of wisconsin avenue, just before the intersection with massachusetts. police aren't releasing too much information, but the victim was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. there's no word on a suspect or motive. so a lot of news across the area right now. and i'm ready for some good news. that's what you're here for, right? >> exactly right. i'm here for good news. and the best news i can give you is your sunday forecast is looking mild, sunny, dry. no complaints whatsoever. >> wonderful. >> temperatures later this
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afternoon 5 to 7 degrees warmer than average. that's all bonus material for sure. outside right now live over washington, a very pleasant looking day out there. not that the sparkling blue sky we had yesterday. but still an awful lot of sunshine getting through. those clouds are not going to dim out the sunshine to keep us out of the 60s for highs today. we're already at 51 at national airport. 41 in leesburg. 49 in waldorf. out towards the chesapeake bay, 54. chesapeake beach, shadyside all the way down the western shore. beautiful morning in place. temperatures a little bit cooler. cumberland, 37 degrees. not much going on in the radar. just false returns there. nothing is in the forecast in the way of rainfall for today. just a mix of clouds and sunshine. a mild day. nice breeze south at 10 to 20 miles per hour. highs today mid-60s for sure.
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and tomorrow upper 60s to near 70 degrees. tomorrow much of northern virginia, charlottesville, culpepper, touching the 70-degree mark for tomorrow. monday will be much cloudier than today. rain chances not too far behind tuesday and a chance of thunderstorms. we'll talk about all that in the seven-day coming up. >> thank you, chuck. >> all right. and right now u.s. park police are looking for this man. he's 21-year-old oscar ramiro ortega. he is wanted in connection with reports of shots fired near the white house friday night. shortly after police found a car matching the description of the one involved abandoned near the roosevelt bridge, evidence found inside included a rifle that traced back to ortega. u.s. park police say he has distinctive features that could help identify him. >> on his right hand he has several dots tattooed on his right hand. and on the left side of his neck
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he has israel tattooed on him. he also has tattoos on his chest and back. we have tattoos that say ortega. we have tattoos on him of rosary beads and hands clasped in prayer. these are pretty distinctive and i think somebody may recognize him. >> at this point detectives cannot confirmed if shots were actually fired. u.s. park police say it does not appear the white house was a target. the suspect in a deadly should thing at a maryland mall is dead. witness information led police to the 8100 block in district heights maryland. this possible suspect james coleman was shot and killed by prince george's county police in a shoot-out. he is believed to be responsible for the deaths of a man and a woman at a mall friday night. police found jeanine dunn and chancy green found dead in the parking lot. no word of a possible motive.
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instead of running out onto the field, the entire team walked out arm in arm before the game players from penn state and nebraska as well as fans had a moment of silence to show their support for the alleged victims. it was a close game for penn state. they ultimately lost to the cornhuskers, but the score was irrelevant. as news 4's chris gordon tell us, fans just wanted a chance to move forward. >> we are penn state! >> the penn state band marched into the stadium wearing blue ribbons, dedicated to abuse awareness. these demonstrators came from ohio. >> we are here to call any victims of abuse to please step forward. i know it's very painful.
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you will have support. >> student groups displayed signs and collected money. >> it's a national organization for the prevention of child abuse. >> fans crowded around the statue of former coach joe paterno, whose firing led to wednesday night's violent student protest. paterno was blamed for not reporting to police assistant coach jerry sandusky for allegedly preying on young boys sexually. they are from chantilly, virginia. >> we hope we can move beyond the devastation we just had this week. >> and we care about the victims as well. we're praying for them and we're praying for everybody involved. >> security was tight at the stadium. all bags were searched. at one point there was a bomb threat. police on a roof. a special operations unit called in. but it all proved to be a false alarm. the football game was close.
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penn state losing to nebraska, 17-14. >> it was a tough loss without joe paterno. there are a lot of lessons learned. i think penn state will have a long road back after this. >> there's a famous slogan here, we are penn state. it is on that foundation that they hope to build the future. that's the latest from state college, pennsylvania. i'm chris gordon, news 4. it was an especially difficult week for the paterno family. former head coach paterno's sanjay is a quarterback coach for the team. he broke down about his father. >> just how proud i am of him. dad, wish you were here. we love you. go. >> penn state's game without joe paterno on the sidelines was the first since 1950 when he started out as an assistant coach. it's 9:07 early on this sunday morning. you may know him best as number
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28 for the redskins. now darrell green is taking on a new mission, getting you in shape. we're going to talk to him live when we come back about just how simple it can be for you to get fit.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible.
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he won the hearts of redskins fans winning two super bowl titles for the burgundy and goal. now darrell green is tackling a new opponent, obesity and other health issues. he's using a new social network to get americans in shape. he said it's very simple in tackling this new opponent. i have to ask you, as an athlete, someone who exercised every day you had pretty tough conditions as far as getting into shape. all of that comes into a
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screeching halt, right? >> i'm over 50 years old now. so i can't run as fast as i used to run or as hard as i used to run but i can walk. >> tell me about this new mission. >> it's called you can wear a small pedometer and it captures your steps, your calories, distance traveled and the time you've been active all day. >> i just took that one off my foot. >> and it is wireless. you don't have to plug in or write down anything, and you can come by our access point at your computer. all that information, that data is right there for you. >> we have a little demo for you. >> we notice we have friends. and i'm so happy that you accepted my friend request, mr. green. >> and we both haven't done much
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this morning. i have 36 steps. you have some steps. you do have to go within 30 feet of your access point so it jumps up there. you're right. i'm able to communicate with you and encourage you. my sister is in texas. she's on there now in the southwest. she's retired, 31 years. she has high blood pressure. >> so the whole idea behind the social network is to hold you accountable. >> yes. >> 476 for me. i burned 20 calories. what's great is you can take the player out of the game. but that competitive nature you can never take out. i'm hearing from people on this network and it gets pretty darned competitive. >> hundreds and wives, friends. that's what i love about it. you can do it by yourself if you would like. but reality is people love to
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interact with one another, create challenges. talk a little trash to each other and soberly encourage, hey, you have to do this every day. the cdc, all the big dogs in terms of the medical industry says you need to walk. and 10,000 is sort of a base. and one of the things that the cdc says is two and a half hours a week. so 30 minutes a day times five days a week. and you'll be on your way. and obesity, diabetes, people dealing with -- you can strengthen your heart. it does everything we need it to do. it's a nice easy base. it won't kill you. >> and if we look quickly, what i love is the whole idea of the support system. i need to get to stepping. see you on nbc 4 studio this morning which is just great because you have that extra boost and motivation. you have the people behind you watching you everytep of the
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way so to speak. >> 24 cents a day, $84 a year. >> which is less than what a lot of people spend on their gym memberships on a monthly basis. >> i'm on it every day. >> you'll get a lot of friends after this. i can't let you go without asking you about the redskins. what's plaguing these guys? >> i had a conversation this week down in miami, an interview from miami. he said, hey, we only one won game. we lost to carolina who hasn't won any games. very disappointing to say the least. >> john beck the answer? >> i don't think so. >> all right. we'll leave it at that and hope for a win today. darrell green with walkfithealth, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we'll send it over to our key player of the morning show, chuck bell. >> all right. thanks, angie. good to see mr. green keeping everybody in shape and honest walking their steps, yes, indeed. good day for walking in the november sunshine today. a complete check of your sunday
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good morning, everybody. there's a live picture of washington national cathedral high up on the hill. a beautiful day outside today. a milky white color to our skies as opposed to the beautiful blue we had yesterday. another plane right down the river for you. an on-time arrival we hope. scary to see coming right through the camera shot like that. good-looking day outside. temperatures responding quite nicely to all that sunshine. 51 degrees at national airport.
9:20 am
breeze southwest at 11 miles per hour. and temperatures warming up quickly all across the region. 45 in bethesda. college park, 43. corn prince george's, upper marlboro, camp springs, upper 40s. 52 now in ma mass as. 54 in warrenton. shenandoah and the blue ridge, temperatures into the upper 40s to mid-50s. expect a very mild sunday afternoon coming your way. we'll be in and out of the sunshine much of the day. it's going to be very pleasant indeed. temperatures into the mid-60s by midafternoon today. there's that cloud deck we're watching. just enough sunshine getting here to give a little bit of a bump to our temperatures. a little break and more and mid level cloudiness across west virginia. that's coming our way. no rain out there right now. and we'll stay dry for today.
9:21 am
we'll stay dry for tomorrow as well. tuesday that's when the rain chances start to come back again. high pressure brought us mild weather for today and yesterday. a spectacular day to get out and enjoy mild november weather. breezes 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will allow the temperatures into the mid-60s. cool overnight tonight. nowhere near as cold as it has been. overnight lows holding into the low to mid-40s. a nice moderate start to your monday. as a result of the mild start, temperatures closing back in on 70 degrees in many spots all ahead of the next weather change which will be arriving on tuesday. rain showers are moving east. they're coming on at a slow pace. it will be dry through today and tomorrow. as the front gets here tuesday with all the warm air in place, a little hint of november humidity might spark a thunderstorm tuesday afternoon. so for today, filtered sunshine. a mild sunday afternoon. pleasant breezes out of the south. highs today, mid to upper 60s.
9:22 am
back to work and school tomorrow. plenty of clouds around tomorrow for sure. not much in the way of sunshine. southerly breezes push the warm air in to the south. tomorrow's highs upper 60s to near 70 degrees. the extended forecast on through the end of the week, mild weather, 66 today. 69 tomorrow. 68 tuesday before the rain showers start in. that's the reason we have a chance of a couple thunderstorms on tuesday afternoon. a cool rain comes in for wednesday morning. should be able to turn the rain showers before the end of the day on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday going to be chilly but it is after all november. no complaints there. you can stay ahead of the forecast on our website or @chuckbell4. >> you keep us in the know. eun yang up next with kids post. >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, a man who lives on sesame street,
9:23 am
cool web sites that can't be beat and a butterfly's adventure you'll want to repeat. joining sus traus is tracy gran kids post. a brilliant man, the man behind the beloved elmo. >> oh, my gosh, eun. sometimes i think i have the best job in the world. i got to interview elmo this week. >> that is cool. >> it's just the coolest thing in the world. kevin clash, who is elmo, has this new documentary out beagle mow. he's from baltimore. he decided when he was 10 years old that he wanted to be a puppeteer. his dad helped him to make the stages. his mom taught him how to use a sewing machine. he is just delightfulment we will have an interview in wednesday's kids post, including photos of him as just a young boy. >> and some other cool things. web sites you want to check out. >> right.
9:24 am
in monday's kids post we highlight three new web sites we think are really helpful to kids and fun for kids. america's cryptokids. the next codebreakers. it has real good brain twisters in here. fans of cyberchase, the pbs math show relaunched their website. there's an awful lot of good, fun, educational material. and epa dot gov. climate change for kids. you can track your carbon footprint and it gives suggestions for how to reincrease it. really, really good ones for kids to check out. safe and educational. >> and fun. finally, a book about butterflies, an adventure right here in the washington area. got to love that. >> i am so in the tank for this book. it's called belle, amazing
9:25 am
astonishing journey of this butterfly who gets blown out of her painting and has to try to find her way back to her painting. and as she does it, she discovers all the beautiful works at the national gallery. >> which is a magical place in itself. >> it is a magical place. >> wonderful, tracy. thanks as always. >> all right. just a little bit of a minor freezeup there. 9:25. right now we are going to return with a story on wilson ramos being found. what he has to say about that rescue. stay with us. to make a commitment
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wilson ramos breaks his silence. the washington nationals describes being kidnapped at gunpoint. i'm angie goff. it's sunday, november 13th. catcher wilson ramos is sharing his terrifying story of getting kidnapped. he was taken at kidnapped in his home country of venezuela and his rescue played out like a scene from a movie. darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: it was a hero's welcome for nationals baseball player wilson ramos, who was rescued after being kidnapped from his front porch wednesday. he spoke to the media in venezuela. >> translator: the place they kept me was well hidden in the mountains, practically in the jungle. look, i just asked god to return alive to be able to see my
9:30 am
family. >> four kidnappers in this stolen suv grabbed ramos at his home in valencia. on friday, rescuers swooped in. they exchanged gunfire but were able to grab the 24-year-old and take several suspects into custody. >> translator: the moment they found me was very nerve-racking for me. i could hear guns being fired. but thank god the boys did their jobs very well. >> trying to climb out of the hole. swing. long shot to left field. that one is going back and back and it's gone! >> reporter: ramos is a catcher for the nationals. he was in venezuela, his home country, when he was abducted for the winter season. he was lying on his back with a hood over his head wondering if he would get out alive. >> translator: first and foremost i thought about how my family was doing. my mother. thanks to god he gave me this miracle sending me these wonderful people. thanks to them i am alive. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today.
9:31 am
>> ramos says the kidnappers didn't hurt him physically but psychologically they hurt him greatly. i can understand. a firefight. imagine a firefight around you. he said he took cover not knowing anything. and the worst part was sitting there in this room and thinking about his family and mom and what they must be going through. >> that must mess with your head. a full and speedy recover on all levels. swinging the bat for the nationals next year. >> he said he will be when he's ready. understandable. >> beautiful weather. go outside and play whiffle ball. >> or walk as darrell green would say. >> a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy a little bit of november sunshine for you today. mild temperatures. once again, we'll be well above average. average high temperature 58 degrees. we'll be ahead of that by about lunchtime today in many spots. already 51 in downtown. 54, annapolis.
9:32 am
charles county, maryland, low 50s. hagerstown, 45 degrees. nothing showing up on doppler. 100% rain free today. filtered sunshine with mid and high level clouds. south breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, closing in on 70 degrees. the only knock on tomorrow, other than being monday of course is it will be cloudy. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it today. cloudy and mild tomorrow. rain chances for tuesday and wednesday. so a little something for everybody. enjoy the mild weather because it won't last long. by the end of the week, highs in the 40s and 50s. a little something for everybody. >> absolutely. thank you, chuck. >> okay. >> more on the breaking news we've been following in northeast washington. a man was shot twice on a metrobus. officers say the bus was at 37th and eli at 6:30 this morning when someone fired at it. authorities moved it to benning road and east capitol street to
9:33 am
investigate. rescuers took the man who was shot to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police are looking at cameras inside and outside that bus for information. no clear winners in decision 2012 this weekend. republicans vying for the nomination had a debate in south carolina last night. instead of sharp jabs at each other, the candidates seemed more civil when trading views on issues such as waterboarding terror suspects. >> i don't see it as torture. i see it as enhanced interrogation technique. >> under barack obama he is allowing the aclu to run the cia. >> torture is illegal. by our laws, it's illegal by international law. >> we should not torture. waterboarding is torture. >> this debate also did not include questions about sexual assault allegations against herman cain. and rick perry made fun of his brain freeze at last week's debate.
9:34 am
>> eliminate the department of energy -- >> glad you remembered it. >> i've had some time to think about it, sir. >> me too. >> the next gop presidential debate is two days before thanksgiving and will once again focus on foreign affairs. now to a yikes moment. well, this morning cbs news, which hosted the debate, is learning a hard lesson in e-mail etiquette. the network cc'd michele bachmann's campaign about an interview for a web show after the debate. the replay read, okay, let's keep it looks though since she's not going to get many questions and she's nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else. a cbs spokesperson later called the e-mail a candid change of the reality of her low poll numbers. bachmann said the e-mail is an example of media bias and limited her opportunity to talk
9:35 am
to the american people. meanwhile, after struggling in the polls the past few months or so, newt gingrich has surprisingly made a comeback. he is tied for second place in the republican presidential field. at the opening of his south carolina campaign headquarters newt spoke outside the opening of a south carolina campaign headquarters and offered up his explanation as to why his numbers are rising. >> what happened was the first debate people said oh, he didn't back. the second debate, gee, he actually made sense. on the third debate, he actually knows what he's talking about. each week there's another layer. >> gingrich also credits his rise in the polls to his grandchildren saying they're his debate coaches. it's 9:35 right now. another twist in the search for baby lisa. the new evidence that some say the new evidenbig!hat some say big.
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this morning's wednesday's child is a lovely 15-year-old who has her sights set on reaching some very lofty goals. her name is gabrielle. she says she has a lot to add the a family who embraces her as their own. barbara harrison talks us to meet gabby. >> so, are you pretty excited about this, gabby? >> yeah, i am. >> what do you think? >> i'm nervous. >> but gabrielle is a girl who doesn't laettner vows ever get in the way of succeeding. at everything she tries. she loves learning and she loves sports. >> i swim, volleyball. i'm doing track in the spring. and i might try out for softball. >> and rock climbing was just
9:40 am
another challenge she was ready to take on. sport rock was our venue for this week's wednesday's child. instructor molly told us how to get started. >> needs to get set up with her harness and shoes. >> gabby seemed to have no fear of falling. >> how do you feel up there? >> good. nervous. >> you don't have to go higher if you don't want to. but gabby wants to go higher. that's how she files about life in general. >> she's out going, charismatic, bright young lady. she does well in school. her favorite subjects are math and world history. >> how old are you? >> i'm 15. my birthday was two weeks ago. >> congratulations. did you have a party? >> no. >> have you ever had a birthday party? >> no. >> she said she hopes one day to have a loving, adoptive family that will share not just her birthday celebrations but other
9:41 am
milestones she hopes to reach in life as well. >> i want to go to penn state or hopefully georgetown and major in criminal justice and psychology. and then be a judge. >> she has her mind-set on reaching her highest goals. and she knows a permanent loving family can help. >> do you want to be adopted? >> yes. >> why? >> because i have a lot to offer. and i'm a good child. and i'm looking for a good family that will love me. >> and with all the challenges of living through the uncertainty of foster care, gabrielle is optimistic about her future. >> what scares you? >> spiders. &snakes. >> is that about it? >> yeah. >> barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> i don't like spiders either. if you have room in your home and heart for gabby or another child who is waiting please call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt-me or
9:42 am what a fun, fun segment. >> yeah. beautiful and well spoken young lady. >> i know. doesn't like spiders, arachnids. >> all all fairness i'm not a big spider fan myself necessarily. the time and place for them is outside in the woods where i am not. >> if you are outside today. >> good day to be outside. no doubt about it. mild weather for today and maybe one more day before the showers return. i'll give you the forecast coming up.
9:43 am
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>> welcome back. so i have people here on twitter saying tweed tweed run. they go for a nice bike ride. forecast for them before they head out. >> beautiful day. great. but usually you have to say dress in layers. if you're wearing tweed, tweed to me sounds like a very warm,
9:46 am
intense fabric. >> cotton t-shirt or something. you got out and moving around a little bit and you will be plenty warm for sure. especially in layers of tweed. a little tweed hat. a tweed fedora. hopefully a chance to get out anden swroeu some of this great weather. the sun is going down before 5:00. if you plan on getting out and enjoying the sunshine, hurry along and get your day started out there. beautiful weather for you. temperatures on their way up. a lot of great color as well. as you look live at the kennedy center for the performing arts in the distance. great running and biking trails for you. take advantage of it. beautiful weather. leaves cascading down out of the trees with a southerly breeze. flags flapping there. south winds today, 10 to 20 miles per hour. not a bad day for kite flying. 51 at national airport. winds staying out of the south-southwest at 11 miles per hour. dewpoints are down in the
9:47 am
mid-30s. nice dry crisp air mass in place. dewpoints will be creeping up into the upper 40s and low 50s by the time i get to monday night and tuesday. i'll say this, a little bit of november style humidity out there. 52 now in gaithersburg. 48 in leesburg. manassas, 54. down towards done frees, triangle, dale city, low to mid-50s already. beautiful day coming our way. take pictures of the fall color. that dim sunshine, though, is actually good for taking the pictures. not so many harsh shadows. stay on the mild side even after the sun goes down. overnight lows 5 degrees milder than they were last night. that's not such a bad thing. mid khrefl cloud deck from the west dimming out the sunshine a bit by later this afternoon. a pleasant day enjoying the
9:48 am
weather. we'll call it superb for your sunday. relatively clear skies overnight. more thicker, lower clouds coming our way into the day tomorrow ahead of the next weather front which brings rain chances tuesday. a better chance for thunderstorms tuesday as opposed up into northern maryland. mild and breezy today. temperatures into the mid-60s. get outside and enjoy it. tomorrow back to work and school. not much in the way of sunshine. a break or two in the morning but gradually becoming a mostly cloudy day tomorrow. it will stay mild one more day. highs up close to 70 degrees. much of northern virginia at the eg70-dree mark tomorrow. we average about three days in the 70s in the month of november. haven't had one yet. so maybe tomorrow will be the day you get one of them.
9:49 am
mild again on tuesday. plenty of clouds around tuesday. and rain showers likely by lunchtime or shortly thereafter tuesday afternoon. cool rain showers tapering off on wednesday. chilly sunshine returns next weekend. stay ahead of the forecast with a tweet from me @chuckbell4. it's 9:49 right now. it wasn't luggage. one couple saw coming out of the overhead compartment on a recent airtran flight. the sight that led them to
9:50 am
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jeremy irwin said the girl was gone when he got home 4:00 the next morning. they say three cell phones were stolen from their kansas city, missouri home. the attorney said someone made a call from one to a woman the couple do not know. they continue to search for the child. a north carolina couple is suing airtran for more than $100,000 because of cockroaches. they saw them crawling out of air vents and storage areas. the flight attendants were too busy to investigate the problem and now they don't want to fly anymore. they're claiming mental and emotional distress. airtran said the planes are regularly checked for bugs. the mayor of a suburb near salt lake city, utah admits he used a fake name to write stories about his town. west valley mayor mike winder used the name richard burwash
9:54 am
and contributed dozens of stories under his pen name. he told reporters he just wanted to write good stories about his community. he confessed when he learned it was against one paper's policy. editors say the published articles were all factually correct. nbc 4 is your place for politics. and coming up next is the chris matthews show followed by meet the press with david gregory. here's a look at what they're working on this morning. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, we're just under a year to election day and barack obama is hoping to regain the magic of '08. he has to get back to the mastery of television that he has lost to the white house. will he be be able to get back the emotional appeal or the tell prompter and the long answers behind. or big stumbles in front of the cameras. plus, how badly does he want another term? after all the frustration in the attacks, is barack obama sure he
9:55 am
wants to win? >> join me and joe klein and henderson for a great discussion. now for a look at what's coming up on meet the press, here's david gregory. david? thanks, chris. good morning, angie. coming up, national outrage over the alleged sexual abuse of children at penn state. this morning we'll get some answers from the governor of pennsylvania, a member of the penn state board of trustees tom corbin. then 2012, the candidates met for a debate on foreign policy. and now whether michele bachmann can get back into the top tier. and the president's reelection effort. the very latest from the chair of the democratic party, congresswoman debbie waser man schultz. and more on penn state with david brooks. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press." be sure to stay tuned for my special press pass conversation with former long-time democratic senator from connecticut and now chairman of the motion picture association of america, chris
9:56 am
dodd talking politics or the president's performance a whole lot more. only here on nbc 4. a hockey game produced an unlikely and heart warming family reunion. before the sabres/bruins game, david and lori jacobs were ready to drop the ceremonial first puck in honor of veterans day. but they got a huge surprise as their son lieutenant charles jacobs showed up at center ice. he has been in afghanistan for the past seven months but was recently granted leave. the three embraced at center ice and dropped the ceremonial first puck together. >> and as life long bruins fans you can imagine they were so excited. that was going to be the ceremony of a lifetime. they were upstaged by something even better. >> i know. well, i'm still -- it's kind of jarring looking at that video. did you see how big he was compared to the family. >> i feel safer knowing he's on our side already. >> absolutely.
9:57 am
i hope everyone had a wonderful veterans day weekend. that will wrap it up for this edition of news 4 today. thank you so much for joining us. we'll be back starting dark and early, 4:30 tomorrow morning. until then, remember we've got a lot of stuff, news, weather, everything you need online at make it a great day. >> bye now. we promise not to send you overseas on your first day. day two, however, could be a totally different story. around here, students show up for their first day of co-op work and internships and are assigned to help one of over 1900 corporations, assignments that often lead to full - time career opportunities. it could be around the corner. it could be halfway around the world. no matter where our students go, their journey always begins at rochester institute of technology.
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