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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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announce it will hear a florida case, which is the largest and broadest challenge to the law. an arrest warrant has been issued for a man wanted in connection with shots fired near the white house. u.s. park police say the 24-year-old oscar romero ortega was seen firing a gun at 16th and constitution street friday night. witnesses say the driver ran across the bridge toward arlington. evidence inside that car, including a rifle, were traced back to ortega. investigators believe he lives in the washington area. let's get a first look at the forecast. we're hoping a mild start means a mild way. we're starting off again very mild morning. we're around the 50s through much of the area. we do have high clouds coming in over that moon. as we take a look at the situation right in washington, that's a live picture of the city camera showing the washington monument under high
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cloud cover. 56 balmy degrees comparatively for this time of the day, this time of the year actually. that's only a couple of degrees lower than the average high temperature for this time of year. we do have quite a bit of high cloudiness coming in. those areas of green in western pennsylvania is going to be advancing to the east. but it will head north as the day progresses. temperatures from the mountains to the atlantic beaches are in the 50s. mid-50s montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and the district as well as arlington. we'll have it climb later this morning to around 60 by 9:00. sunrise 6:49. by noontime, we'll be in the mid-60s and actually may be near 70 degrees by midafternoon. sunset at 4:55. we'll cool down a bit tonight. we'll look at your evening planner. that will be at 4:41. danella, how's traffic? >> i'm feeling great. i think i heard you say 70 degrees. just the hope of that is making me feel excellent this morning.
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good morning to you. if you're traveling along 270, let's take a live look. not seeing any issues for you, a lot of green in both directions. that means your lanes are open. no major delays. here's the view at father hur y hurley. traffic is light as you head south towards the spur. taking the trip up i-95, making your turn at the rest area, and heading towards 395, the interchange, not seeing any issues for you there. your northbound lanes, not seeing any problems. same thing if you're traveling 95 south in virginia, here's a look at the interchange. as you travel on 395 and make your way towards the 14th street bridge, not seeing any delays at this time. 4:32 now. new from overnight, a strong earthquake hit off the coast of eastern indonesia, sending many along the coast to higher ground. the quake did not trigger a tsunami warning, but that did
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not stop villagers from leaving the beaches. many still fear the devastating tsunami years ago following a quake. officials say there is no fear of a tsunami now. the judge who granted the bail for jerry sandusky is a volunteer at the charity at the center of the case, the second mile. that's according to the website dead spin. at the former coach's arraignment, district coach leslie judgcott ordered sandusky free on $700,000 bail. he is accused of assaulting boys for years, and he allegedly met the boys through that same charity group. both are accused of perjury to cover up the abuse allegations. they're speaking out about the coach who apparently observed sandusky abusing a boy in the
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shower. mike mcqueary followed the law when he reported the incident to head coach joe paterno, but he said mcqueary should have done more to intervene himself. >> if there are more victims, we encourage them. the state police, the attorney general's office, and i encourage them to come forward, let us know, and we're going to work to do everything we possibly can. >> corbett says lawmakers in the state are looking to toughen the laws when it comes to reporting child sex abuse cases. and maryland lawmakers are looking to do the same. republican state senator nancy jacobs says she might support a bill that would bring harsher charges against adults who don't report sexual abuse. right now teachers and police officers have to report sexual abuse or face a fine, but state senators want violators to face criminal charges as well. the wife of republican presidential candidate herman cain is defending her husband from sexual harassment
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allegations. gloria cain tells fox news her husband would need to have a split personality to do the things that he's accused of. mrs. cain says her husband totally respects women. four women have accused him of sexually harassing women when he led the national restaurant association in the 1990s. new poll numbers show herman cain losing steam, and he's not the only one. governor rick perry has seen his support cut by half since his brain freeze last week. after perry's mistake, pollsters went back to the same voters surveyed in the week and asked the same question. according to the new nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll, mitt romney is at the top. newt gingrich saw a 5% jump and it in third place. rick perry saw the biggest drop. his support is cut by half, with only 4% of those polled supporting him. >> you're seeing pretty consistently that romney is
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having a lot of trouble getting much beyond a quarter of the republican vote. you still feel there's an opening for another republican candidate. >> and that candidate could be michele bachmann. she is polling at 4%, and republican voters still have time to decide their final candidate to take on president barack obama. a warning about a rash of robberies throughout the district. the police reported seven cases within a 12-hour span on sunday. investigators believe two robberies in northwest washington could be related. one occurred in the 1400 block of monroe straight. another at 14th and meridian. police say they're increasing patrols in the evening and with the holidays approaching. this morning three families are replaced after a fire in montgomery county. it could have been prevented. the flames broke out at 7:00 along shady spring terrace in derwood. it took nearly 100 firefighters to get the two alarm fire under control. investigators believe the fire could have started near the fireplace or chimney. >> we're getting to the time of
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year when fireplaces and chimneys need to be checked, flues need to be cleaned, fireplaces need to be emptied out. for those cleaning their fireplaces after using them, make sure the ashes are placed in an approved container, a metal container placed far enough away from the house. >> police say the townhomes did have smoke detectors, but they didn't go off. no one was hurt. three weeks after being benched rex grossman was back under center for the burgundy and gold. it didn't seem to do much to improve the skins anemic offense against the miami dolphins. trailing in the fourth quarter, the skins were knocking on the door when grossman threw an interception. he threw for 215 yards and had two interceptions in the game. the dolphins capitalized on this latest one with reggie bush finding the end zone. miami wins 20-9. for the second straight game, the skins did not score a single touchdown. >> i felt good coming into the
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game, and we had our opportunities to do something to win this game, sxwh it didn't happen. all i know is that it's frustrating being 3-6. we're a better team than that. hopefully, we can go out and prove it. >> this is the skins' fifth consecutive loss. they're now 3-6. they have not held a lead since october 2nd when they defeated st. louis. next up for the skins, the kwou boys at fedex field. pretty distressing. >> i don't know. we're distressed, and it's painful, and it's getting hard. it's getting really hard. >> it's almost getting beyond pain. numbness is setting in. it is now 4:38. 55 degrees. new problems for the occupy wall street movement. why the death of a man in northern california could leave
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take a moment out of your morning and take a look at this. it's a view of the earth that you've probably never seen before. crews from the international space station recorded this time lapse video from august to october. you can actually see the aurora bore always. look at that over the
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hemispheres and the lights from the cities below. what a remarkable picture. that is really amazing. that green light, i guess, is the aurora borealis. >> beautiful. >> it was gorgeous. >> all right. let's check the forecast with tom kierein in the storm center. looking good, tom. we've got a high cloud cover that has been moving in. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in stormcenter 4. right now this high cloud cover drifting over the region. no rain locally. there is rain in ohio and pennsylvania. that should stay west of us throughout the day. right now it's mild under the clouds. we're in the mid-50s throughout much of the region. right now 56 at reagan national. later today, sunrise at 6:49. by 9:00, we ought to be near 60. sun through high clouds throughout the rest of the day. with a persistent southwesterly wind, we should warm into the 60s near 70 by late afternoon. by midafternoon, back down into the 60s. this evening here's your evening
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planner. we'll have sunset at 4:55. we'll be near 60 by midnight with quite a bit of high cloudiness through the evening. change is on the way tomorrow. could get some rain. we'll look at that and the rest of the weekend at 4:51. danella, how's traffic? still nice if you're getting ready to head out of the house. on the beltway, your speed is 58 miles per hour on the inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. if you're traveling in montgomery avenue on the outer loop, georgia avenue is 60 miles per hour. on the inner loop at georgia avenue, we have construction. looks like we're in the process of picking it up. i'll give you a look right now. you can see it's on the right side of the outer loop. if you continue, you should see the combs just being picked up. beltway in montgomery county looking very good. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. still to come, he made it home safely after kidnappers took him hostage. why nationals player wilson playing with your friends?
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a confrontation in portland, oregon. occupy protesters clashed with police after defying an order to leave the park they were camped in. police came in riot gear and forcibly removed some of the demonstrators. the protesters were ordered out because of increasing incidents of violence and drug overdoses the past few days, according to police. portland mayor sam adams defends his order to have police move in, saying it's his duty to uphold the law. in oakland, police are repeating their calls to break up the
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encampment after a man was shot to death last week. family says the man was staying at the camp. but protesters insist there was no connection between the shooting and the camp. police believe the shooting resulted from a fight between two groups of men at or near the camp site. president obama told leaders at the apec summit in hawaii that their success is critical to america's growth. leaders from 21 nations throughout the pacific region gathered in hawaii this weekend for the annual meeting to talk about economic issues. the group says that free trade is crucial to a lasting global economic recovery. the big highlight of the weekend, the u.s. supported plan to forge a pacific free trade block got a big boost when leaders from canada and mexico joined japan in expressing support for the deal. the president is also defending his efforts to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. he says that sanctioned on iran have a, quote, enormous bite. the president says he still wants to work with russia and
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china to find more ways to put pressure on tehran to stop the nuclear program. the president did not justify the measures but says he's not taking any options off the table. a professional skier died in an avalanche in northern utah. jamie pierre was killed in an avalanche he triggered while snowboarding at the unopen ski and snowboard result. he was not injured. officials remind people not to ski at resorts that are not open for the season because no avalanche control work has been done. earlier this year, pierre set a world record cliff jump by skiing 255 feet off a cliff into the snow below. today virginia nuclear power plant is expected to go back online. the north anna nuclear plant will begin producing electricity for the first time since that 5.8 earthquake shut it down almost three months ago. dominion power says the quake did not do any damage to the plant, but they want to ensure that there were no structural problems with the plant. officials also said there's no need to change the design or the
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structure of that plant. lawmakers in frederick, maryland, are proposing tougher laws on illegal immigrants after a murder at a local restaurant. they're keeping undocumented workers from getting jobs and renting homes in frederick county. this comes after the assistant manager was killed at a burger king back in march. jacinta ayala was shot to death while preparing to open the restaurant. a former co-worker was charged with murder last month. he was previously deported back to el salvador after being charged with another crime. this morning maryland state police are trying to track down the driver who hit and killed a woman in prince george's county. early sunday morning investigators received calls about a woman walking along route 3, just south of route 450 in bowie. shortly after that, witnesses called police to report a woman had been hit by a car. troopers say the victim, who appears to be in her late 20s,
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they're working to determine her identity. police familiar with that area say it is no place for pedestrians. >> sounds like she was kind of out in the middle of the road a bit too. there's no sidewalk. there's not even a shoulder actually where she got hit. it's actually where this turning lane starts here. not a good place to be walking at all. >> troopers found a car with damage to its front end and windshield that was possibly involved in the accident. this morning police are trying to figure out who broke into several shoe stores at the west field montgomery mall. the owner of xavier dean shoe store says someone broke into the store and took the cash register but no shoes. at least four other shoe stores at that same mall were hit. montgomery county police are now looking at surveillance videos showing the burglar leaving with the register. today legendary boxer joe frazier will be laid to rest in a private funeral service in philadelphia. frazier died a week ago at the age of 77, just a month after being diagnosed with liver cancer. the former heavyweight champion
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and olympic gold medalist was the first boxer to defeat muhammad ali. ali is expected to attend the funeral. nationals catcher wilson ramos plans to be back on the baseball field this week just days after he was rescued from a kidnapping. the baseball player was reunited with his family friday night. last week kidnappers took him at gunpoint in front of his home in venezuela. rescuers found ramos in the mountains after a two-day search and a shootout with his captors. ramos plans to debut with his venezuelan winter team this wednesday. he and his family also plan to move to a more secure home next month. >> good to hear he was rescued and safe and okay apparently. >> his spirit hasn't been broken. he wants to continue to play baseball. we like that. >> exactly. here's tom. >> good morning. great weekend we had. the sky was bright. the moon was yellow, and the leaves came tumbling down. >> should be a song. >> sounds like "stagger lee" to
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me. we were staggering through leaves, many of the gutters clogged with leaves. right now at reagan national at 56. we have a cloudy sky. it's just a thin overcast. you can see that moon through the overcast, and we've got a breeze coming in out of the south/southwest. that's a friendly wind bringing us mild weather. over the last 12 hours, we have had this high cloudiness drifting in from the west. it's going to continue to move over us through much of the day on the radar, we are picking up rain through pennsylvania and indiana. this is traveling to the north and east. should stay north and west of the metro area. right now we're in the 50s. all around the region, it's above freezing. mountains to atlantic beaches, mid-50s in montgomery, fairfax, and the district. on the bay, it's a bit milder, near 60 there. our sunrise this morning at 6:49. we'll have that high cloudiness with us, a little bit of fuzzy
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sunshine. that persistent southwest wind should warm us into the 60s near 70s by midafternoon. sunset at 4:55. by then, down into the 60s. during the day tomorrow, a cloudy day, and we'll have a front beginning to approach from the midwest. it may trigger a shower late in the afternoon or perhaps tuesday night. before then, though, it should climb into the mid-60s tomorrow. some showers perhaps tuesday evening and into wednesday off and on during the day as that front slowly drifts through. highs mid-60s wednesday. much colder thursday. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs only the low 50s. even chillier weather moves in on friday. near 30 in the morning. afternoon highs just near 50 and sunny. sunny saturday. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. we're looking pretty good if you're taking the woodrow wilson bridge in both directions as you make your way akrogs. not seeing any issues. here's a live look now. volume is increasing just a bit, but you're still making a good
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travel speed as you cross in both directions. if you're taking the american legion bridge, i'm not seeing any issues on the inner loop or outer loop. moving onto bridge southeast, if you're crossing onto the sousa bridge, you're nice and clear. if only it could look this good at 6:00 a.m. we'll keep our fingers crossed. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> unlikely in washington, d.c. >> very unlikely. the time is now 4:54. coming up, taking a hit. where gasoline prices stand in the metro area, and whether there's any relief on the horizon. >> trying to
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brand new era for the men's basketball team at maryland. the terps squared off over north carolina wilmington last night. the game was tied at halftime, but maryland blew it open in the second half. the terrapins win turgen's debut as head coach. the nba is expected to meet over the owners latest offer. the owners have already warned the players, if they reject this offer, the next offer will be
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substantially worse. if the two sides do come to an agreement within the next two weeks, they would hope to play a 72-game season beginning on december 15th. i think that means they'd lose only about ten games. gas prices are setting new records and not the good kind. aaa reports gas prices are at their highest level for this time of year. the national average today is $3.42. it's only up a penny this week. this is the time of year when gas prices tend to decrease ahead of the busy travel season. here in d.c., the average is $3.55. $3.30 in virginia. west virginia, $3.37. analysts expect a slight drop in prices before the end of the year. if you're looking for love, you're in luck. culpeper, virginia, made the first cut for a new reality tv show. oprah winfrey productions
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worldwide are considering filming a new town called lovetown usa in culpeper. they will set up couples ages 21-60 on their first date. if you would like to take part, you can see how to submit your application on facebook. putting culpeper on the map. >> who would have thought? culpeper, love town. >> virginia is for lovers. >> that's right. stay with "news 4 today" now. we continue at 5:00 a.m. the search for a gunman right now after a deadly shooting in the district overnight. for the first time herman cain's wife is speaking out about the allegations of sexual harassment as they continue to get the presidential campaign back on track. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today," for this monday, november 14th,


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