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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 15, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first at 4:00, for the first time since this scandal became public, the man at the center of the penn state sexual abuse allegations is speaking out. >> jerry sandusky, who is charged with sexual abusing eight boys, spoke exclusively to nbc news and denied the charges against him. >> sources close to the investigation tell "the new york times" today about ten more alleged victims have now come forward. we warn you this story may not be appropriate for young children. mark barger has more. >> reporter: during an exclusive nbc news interview monday night, jerry sandusky defended himself against the shocking charges that have rocked the penn state community. >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> reporter: sandusky is accused of using the charity he founded, the second mile, to meet his alleged victims. the grand jury indictment includes testimony from several witnesses over a 15-year period, including assistant penn state football coach mike mcqueary, who witnessed one of the alleged assaults. are you denying you had any
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inappropriate sexual contact with any of these underaged boys? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: during the nine-minute long interview, sandusky repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but did at times seemed to struggle to answer details about his contact with young boys. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted, no. i enjoy young people. i love to be around a them. i -- i -- but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> reporter: sandusky's attorney appeared on "today." >> we have a bunch of people who have ready allegations, realize that there is a large university involved and there may be a lot of money involved in lawsuits that are certainly going to come. >> reporter: legal expert says the blame does not wend sandusky. >> to not ask questions, what
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did you see, what exactly took place, it's just astounding. and if they didn't want to ask the hard questions, certainly they should have turned it over to the police. >> reporter: but they didn't. and now a football program, university, and community are facing the high costs of silence. mark barger, nbc news. >> sandusky remains free on bail. neighbors have asked a judge to place him in protective custody out of fear that their community is not safe with him living in it. so far there has been no indication about whether the court will consider their requests. a loudoun county middle school teacher has resigned after he was charged with being drunk at the school. police arrested 46-year-old radhakrishnan sivaramapillai. at lunsford middle school yesterday. investigators say a school staff member noticed he was under the influence. sivaramapillai was a physics teacher at the school. he is charged with being drunk
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in public. according to his bio on the school's website, he has been teaching in fairfax and loudoun counties for more than seven years. loudoun county deputies have charged a teenager with driving under the influence after a serious crash this morning. it happened about 7:00 a.m. on route 7 near the loudoun county parkway. that's in ashburn. deputies arrested 18-year-old jacob mazaras of leesburg. they tell us he was coming off route 7 eastbound, but instead of following the ramp, he allegedly kept going straight. his hyundai went airborne and landed on loudoun county parkway. a 47-year-old woman driving a toyota was hit. both drivers were taken by helicopter to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. tonight montgomery county residents will be weighing in at a public hearing on a bill that would make it illegal to loiter or prowl on county property. the loitering bill targets anyone regardless of age who behaves suspiciously outdoors. it was created as an alternative to a proposed teen curfew. that curfew would require
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teenagers 17 and under to be off the streets by midnight on weekend, and 11:00 on week nights. a council panel is scheduled to vote on the teen curfew bill december 1st. after a cloudy day, we are seeing some pockets of rain in spots. >> and guess what? there is more on the way. meteorologist veronica johnson is in the weather center with details. hey, veronica. >> hey there, guys there is more rain on the way. just look at that die skye. it's gray. the clouds will start lowering before long. you may have noticed the showers today. they have been scattered showers, they have been light showers. not too bad for today. 62 degrees the temperature. take a look at the bottom of your screen. you're going to need your umbrella for the evening rush. and you're especially going toe need it by tomorrow morning. humidity is at 67%. so that's the other thing. you know, for mid-november here, it's been quite mild, with temperatures in the 60s throughout the area and it's 62 degrees right now. take a look at college park at
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64. huntingdon to the south and east at 64 degrees. laytonville and damascus, you are at 62 degrees this afternoon. cloud cover throughout the area there are those scattered showers as indicated by the blobs of green. so we do not have much over us right now. a little wet in the areas around leesburg and west of hagerstown and right there between rappahannock and culpeper county. so more showers on the way for our evening. it is going to be wet. temperatures, though, only dropping to 58 degrees by 11:00 p.m. we're talking about more rain for tomorrow. i'll tell you how much we're going to get, and which areas throughout this area will see the highest totals. pat? >> all right, thanks, veronica. a new survey shows there is now a four-way tie in iowa, where the nation's first republican primary will take place. this tie is bad news for herman cain. steve handelsman explains in our report. >> reporter: herman cain was in iowa today. he knows how important the
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january 3rd caucuses could be. >> the state of iowa is going to set the tone. >> reporter: cain has lost most of his lead in iowa polls. the new bloomberg survey puts him in a virtual four-way tie. polls show many republicans worried about the sexual harassment charges. and even though cain acknowledged today -- >> national security. that is the president's number one responsibility. >> reporter: cain struggled for a full minute to remember the obama libya policy. >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> reporter: earlier were gaffes about china, muslims, the mexican border. >> reinforce the idea that you don't have a thorough understanding of foreign policy? >> 9-9-9. >> reporter: mitt romney has
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reported reluctant to contest iowa, where the tea party dominates. but at a factory in south carolina today, he took on president obama, who said saturday americans have grown lazy. >> i just don't think that president obama understands america, because the people of america are just as imaginative and ambitious and just as hardworking as ever. >> reporter: but romney, paul, gingrich, cain, even rick perry and the rest can still have hope in iowa. 60% of republicans there say they still might switch and back somebody else at the caucuses that are seven weeks from today. i'm steve handelsman, news4. we're following a developing story right now out of new york city. city officials and occupy wall street protesters are waiting for a ruling from a judge right now. today protesters asked the court to declare the city acted illegally in evicting hundreds of demonstrators from the park. new york city police in riot gear cleared out the park overnight. mayor michael bloomberg said the
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site had become a public safety hazard. many went peacefully, but about 200 protesters resisted and were arrested. once cleared, city crews moved in to clean the park that has been occupied since mid-september by protesters. bloomberg says protesters could return, but not with tents or sleeping bags. a detroit man today accused of having his 9-year-old daughter drive him around after he had been drinking is going to stand trial. today a judge made that ruling. sean weimar will stand trial for second-degree child abuse charges. weimar's daughter testified today. she said her dad drank half a bottle of whiskey, and she agreed to drive but she was scared. police arrested weimar after pulling over the van and finding the little girl behind the wheel. conjoined twins, sisters who were separated two weeks ago are about to return home to the philippines. angelica and angelina are
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currently recovering at lucille packer children's hospital. they were born joined at the chest. yesterday hospital officials said the 2-year-old girls were doing just fine and could be released within a couple of days. the twins' mother became very emotional when her daughters walked up to her for the first time since being separated. >> they're learning how to walk. we're so excited now to go home. see them -- see them sleeping in their own car seats. >> the girls' high-stakes surgery lasted nearly ten hours. a team of 20 doctors and nurses made their separation possible. we're just getting started here on news4 for this afternoon. coming up, snakes in a classroom. how a rattlesnake got loose in an elementary school, causing a lot of panic among kids and teachers too. >> there will be ups and there
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will be downs. and there will be all arounds, you know what i'm saying? >> after a 15-year hiatus, whitney houston makes her return to the big screen. and she is talking about her return to another popular role. and hot 99.5's cain is in the house with all the hot talk today. we're talking about the one thing you don't want to forget
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see retirement in his future. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> enjoy him while you can. actor brad pitt says he sees his acting days are numbered. pitt is 47 now. he told an interviewer earlier this month that he wants to retire at the age of 50. pitt is in south korea promoting his new movie "moneyball." he says he is not putting an exact date on retirement, but he says he sees it coming because
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he has other interests. what can an unknown comedian do to attract attention to his christmas special? how about getting pamela anderson to play the virgen in a tongue-in-cheek recreation of the nativity. that's what russell ters. the russell peters christmas special is set to air on the comedy network, and ctv in canada. he has also recruited singer michael buble and actor ted lange from "the love boat." whitney houston is back at work, acting in the movie "sparkle." it's been 15 years now since whitney has appeared on the big screen. and she doesn't plan to stop there is a possibility of her returning to another beloved whitney role. she says author terry mcmillan keeps calling her about "waiting to exhale part 2." whitney houston starred as savannah in the movie. and houston told access hollywood's shawn robinson that the movie is close to having a
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sequel. >> i guess it's inevitable if my three other friends, my three ladies, loretta and angela bassett and leila, i think they're all in. i just have to -- i am just settling down, getting this under my belt. and once i finish with this, i'm not going to say no. >> houston says it will be some time before we'll know if the movie comeback will happen or not. well, one lucky "the wizard of oz" fan will soon be able to slip her feet into movie history. a pair of ruby red slippers from the 1939 classic film are heading to the auction block next month in new york. they were unveiled today in l.a., and are expected to be sold for upwards of $3 million. that's 1.5 per shoe pad. four pairs of ruby slippers survived production. one is at the smithsonian here. one was stolen from the judy garland museum in '06, and another pair is in private
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hands, or feet. so how long can you keep a secret? the one thing you don't want to forget about after running in a marathon, and prove that you're never know what you're in for when you buy a used vehicle. >> those are just some of the topics for discussion today with cain of hot 99.5. so we start today with a used minivan that doesn't work. >> yep. >> so why would you buy something like that? >> well, the minivan worked. and what this gentleman in san jose, california did is he went and he bought it. he needed one. he needed practical transportation. so he goes out and buys it and tries to roll the window down. it doesn't quite roll down. that's okay. i've got air conditioning. for two years he drove around the minivan, relying on the air conditioning to keep himself cool. and finally the ac broke. so he had to take it in. when they took it in, they found $500,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the door panels on each side. for two years he drove around with the cocaine inside. >> wow. >> and he had no idea.
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>> that car was really worth something. >> it was worth something. can you imagine when you're getting the phone call, we'd like you to come down. they all thought it was his cocaine. they didn't realize it wasn't his and was in the car. the owner of the thrifty car rental place that sold it to him has apologized and promised to refund. >> and called him instead of the police. 24 is amazing. >> no, the police were there when he got there. he just didn't get arrested because he was able to explain it away. >> i would hope. can you keep a secret? a new study finds exactly how long the average woman can keep one. >> watch it now. >> no, no, no. which one do you fit in? there are several different groups of people that can't keep secrets. are you in the group that has to tell because you don't want about the the only person that knows? are you one of those that likes to gossip so you help spread office rumors and get other people in trouble, or are you really good at keeping a secret? >> i'm good. >> she is very good at that. >> the average woman, before i get complaint letters, keep a
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secret for just 32 minutes. >> no! >> yes, before she has to tell. 10% can't keep any secret at all. 13% want the gossip to spread. half of the people don't want to be the only ones to know. >> half the women you mean? >> half the women, correct. guys didn't do the study. they refused to answer the question. >> i think we're a little better at it. these women are always saying don't worry, i won't tell a soul. >> 32 minutes. >> 31 minutes. >> let's commission that study for men. an adopted dog in ohio earned his keep after being in the house for only a few hours. >> this dog was going to be euthanized. we're all dog lovers. we've had dogs. you saw parker on last week. >> he's huge now. >> this dog was 135 pounds. this was a gigantic dog. and these owners in southwest ohio didn't want the dog to be euthanized. so they agreed to take the dog for just a couple of days, just until they could return it to the kennel and see if they can get it adopted out again. so within eight hours, the owner's taking the dog out and
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the dog starts growling. and the owner realizes someone has snuck into their basement, clipped both the cable and the phone cord, and was going to hold up the house. dog ended up saving the family. >> wow. >> they have decided to keep the dog. originally named rumpelstiltskin. >> good doggy. >> and parker's ego, is that in check? >> no, it's out of control. he can't be on tv anymore. >> and finely, cain, what is the one thing you don't want to forget after you finish running a marathon. >> this happened in new york city, the new york city marathon. the gentleman decided to run it. shores on, a t-shirt. this guy goes out to run the marathon, and he doesn't bring anything but keys and $40 catch. he gets done with the marathon and forgets where he parked his car. >> oh, no. >> two days later he finally realized i think i saw one of the adds in the parking garage. let me call the company for the ad and see which ones they advertised in, which garages the company advertised in, and i'll
4:19 pm
go from there. the company ended up giving him the address and cross street. he was able to find his car, 48 hours after losing it. >> good for him. >> wow. >> thanks. >> good story. we like your pink scripts there. i know you were begging for blue on the radio. next week we'll do better. >> right. >> tune in tomorrow morning. coming up on news4, apple's service that will let you listen to all your music on the go, even if your tunes are not on yo
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recovery and exactly what happened back in january. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> well, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. it's over. it's over. and it's going to be a little messy. sloppy, very sloppy rush hour, which you'll have to stick around through my forecast to find out which rush hour. >> we're not leaving. >> we're right here. >> outside right now not too bad. at least it's mild, right? and we've had a few showers come through the area. not a whole lot. scattered mainly, light showers. it's certainly a gray day here for mid-november. temperature 62 degrees with wind out of the south at 6 miles per hour. and we're going to see our wind shift around. but for the most part, it's
4:23 pm
going to be a light wind. take a look at the scattered showers coming through areas of howard county right now. down into montgomery county. south and west scattered light showers. even just south of winchester. we've got some heavier rain to the west. pennsylvania, pittsburgh, and down to just south and east of cincinnati, ohio. and take a look at some of the heavy, heavy rain that is just in eastern texas right now there is an a area of low pressure here. and we're going to see this area of low pressure track right along the front. so some thunderstorms for sure there will be some tomorrow, mainly through the southern midatlantic states and down through the southeast. we might have a couple of rumbles of thunder even around here tomorrow. but i do not think we're going to have any severe weather temperatures. 61 gaithersburg. 59 in frederick. river 63 and fredericksburg all through the area, again, very mild. that's the case for the overnight. we only drop to 58 degrees by 11:00 p.m. but it's around 11:00 p.m. and midnight where the showers will start to increase. they'll become more widespread and start to become a little
4:24 pm
heavier so that by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we're talking about a soggy start with a temperature in the low 50s throughout the area. so there is a look at our cold front. it will be slowly making its way eastward. soggy conditions throughout the day tomorrow. so i'm talking about the morning rush soggy. i'm talking about lunch time soggy. i'm talking about the evening rush soggy tomorrow. but then by thursday, there we are at 7:30 in the morning. 7:30 the rain is going to start to clear out. clearing skies, bright conditions, and breezy. so we've got all through wednesday to get through with this wet weather. how much rain could we pick up? all these areas shaded in purple. that means most of our viewing area will see around an inch and a half. some lighter amounts up to the north and west. and down towards charles county around calvert and st. mary's county. a few sprinkles. we're mild still. 58 to 62. for tomorrow morning, get an early start. showers are likely. some of them will be moderate. mild, 47 to 54. so a light rain jacket for tomorrow.
4:25 pm
and/or an umbrella. 59 to 64. that rain becomes heavy. certainly late as well. by thursday, we're breezy with a high of 50 degrees. breezy conditions and then cold to chilly on friday. well start at freezing. it could be our first freezing temperature there. the first time we're at 32 degrees in d.c., reagan national. the high just 48 degrees. so tomorrow looking pretty wet all through the day, guys. >> take a look at the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. >> back to fall. >> thanks, veronica. still to come on news at 4:00, the new drug that could be the answer to those struggling with cholesterol problems. and justin timberlake's marine corps date tells me her story right in our studio. he kept his pro
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you're watching nbc4, washington's news leader. now live in hd, this is news4 at 4:00. >> welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. the former penn state assistant football coach accused of child sexual abuse is now speaking out about the allegations against him. jerry sandusky spoke live to bob costas during last night's 30 rock to brian williams on nbc and denied the charges against him. meanwhile, sources close to the investigation tell "the new york times" today that ten more alleged victims have come
4:29 pm
forward. republican presidential candidate herman cain is in damage control mode again today. he is trying to recover from another campaign misstep. he stumbled badly on foreign policy questions yesterday in an interview that his campaign set up with a milwaukee newspaper. new york city officials and occupy wall street protesters are waiting for a judge right now to decide if the city acted illegally overnight. police in riot gear cleared out zuccotti park. mayor michael bloomberg said the site had become a public safety hazard. stocks fell from their highest levels today, but still ended on the upside. at the closing bell the dow had gained 17 points to close at 12,096. the nasdaq was up 29 to close at 2686. and the s&p 500 gained six to close at 1258. one of the biggest selling drugs in the country, lipitor, is about to get a lot cheaper. >> and according to a new study, the cholesterol-lowering medication appears to work just
4:30 pm
as well as a similar drug on the market. nbc's erica edwards has our report. >> look over towards me. >> reporter: doctors write millions of prescriptions every year for drugs that lower cholesterol called statins. blockbuster drug lipitor is the nation's best-selling statin, with annual sales of more than $7 billion. but as of december 1st, lipitor won't cost as much. it's going generic. >> this is good for consumers. especially for those who are having problems affording their medication. >> reporter: experts think patients and doctors may overwhelmingly make the switch to generic lipitor, especially now that a new study shows virtually no difference between lipitor and a similar big brand name drug, crestor. >> doctors have to make choices. so i think the ability to do these comparative studies are important. >> reporter: dr. steven nichols of the cleveland clinic helped lead a head to head analysis of both drugs. not only did lipitor and crestor lower levels of bad cholesterol equally, higher doses of the drugs were found to be safe and
4:31 pm
actually reduce plaque buildup in arteries. >> conventionally, we thought all we could do is maybe slow the growth of plaque. the idea that you could actually remove plaque was something we never thought we would be able to do. >> the amount of plaque we moved was small, and it's not clear if it will translate sba fewer heart attacks or strokes. but doctors who presented the research at the annual heart association's meeting in orlando are excited about its potential. erica edwards, nbc news. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is making a tremendous recovery from the injuries she sustained in a shooting in january, but she says she won't be returning to congress until she makes more progress. giffords and her husband, former astronaut mark kelly have just released a joint memoir called "gabby, a story of courage and hope." the book is a detailed account of giffords' therapy and her coming to terms with a shooting that left six people dead and 13
4:32 pm
others wounded. she talked to abc news about her feeling about the tragedy. >> sad, sad. a lot of people died. >> it hurts your heart. >> yes, yes, yes. >> during the interview, giffords struggled to form some words, and at sometimes her husband completed her thoughts. the man charged in the shooting rampage is currently held in a prison hospital. he is suffering from schizophrenia. there is an update today on the single status of pippa middleton. british tabloids report she is terribly sad about her recent breakup. as we told you friday, middleton and her boyfriend alex loudon split up after dating for the past year and a half. no one knew why, but it didn't take british tabloids very long to dig up details, at least according to them. the tabloids report that loudon broke it off because the constant media circus that surrounds middleton was just too much for him. and an unnamed member of pippa's inner circle told the daily mail that loudon's very proper british family did not quite
4:33 pm
consider her to be, in their words, quote, wife material. a little texas boy is recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake at his school. 8-year-old edwin garcia says he was reaching for a towel in a classroom cabinet when the snake bit him. he was taken to a hospital and is dill recovering. after this happened, school officials close to the building -- closed the building, rather, to search for the reptile. they finally found it under a classroom closet. edwin's mother says she is upset at how the school handled the situation. >> when i first found out that they were finding snakes. >> i said oh my god, what if somebody gets bit? a child. and here it goes mine. mine was the one that was bit. >> the school's reportedly never had a snake problem before. official there's believe recent drought may have pushed that snake into the building to search for food. >> that's a reason to play hookie. coming up on news4 at 4:00, apple's newest answer to all
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shawn weimar. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> hey, apple is offering a new iservice. it's called i-match. the subscription works by matching every song on a person's computer, stores in a part of icloud. the songs then can be download order streamed into other devices without having a to physically connect them to your
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4:38 pm
get together again. and starting black friday a little earlier. the stores that are opening up earlier than ever before. and coming up at 9:00 on nbc washington nonstop, we're checking out some of the area's top restaurants, including a look behind the scenes with an incredibly talented hibachi chef. i head out there, and he puts me through the hoops on this table here. and calling all wine lovers, stick around for the nonstop fa
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come from, right in virginia. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> british prime minister david cameron is defending an issue close to home today. larry the cat is cameron's brand-new pet. he moved into number 10 downing street in february to help out with a rodent problem in the house. but british media outlets report the sleepy kitty isn't doing the job. a mouse reportedly crept in while cameron was having dinner with some other ministers. larry has also been caught sleeping on the job and hanging out with another feline companion. despite the bad press, though, cameron says larry is there to stay. she a cute kitty. >> he just needs a friend. someone who will inspire him. >> he needs inspiration. i was just going the say that. and we need what? we need an umbrella. we're going to need a coat by the end of the week because the temperatures coming up tonight
4:42 pm
will be higher than our high temperatures for thursday and friday. talking about big changes. and first we've got to get through some rain, right? but for today it's been mild. we're in the 60s throughout the area. low 60s generally from up north in gaithersburg. you can see areas there, oh around great falls and vienna. now it's 61 degrees. 64 in college park right now. not too bad around the area. so where do we go from here? temperatures are going to be mild overnight and mild still for the morning. but again, pretty wet, especially 11:00 p.m. and after midnight. showers will be increasing. they'll be picking up and getting a little heavier. 58 degrees at 11:00 p.m. and 55 to 54 degrees early tomorrow morning. a mild start, but a very wet start to the day tomorrow. especially for the later part of the morning rush. let's take a look where the showers are right now. you can see them moving through the area. these are light, right around i-95, baltimore into montgomery county there. areas around sandy spring as well as around herndon and
4:43 pm
vienna. and more showers south of the area. but again, generally scattered light showers here for the evening. for 7:30 for midnight and thereafter and early tomorrow morning, look at the dark green. look at the yellow, look at the orange. this is some moderate rain that will be setting up early tomorrow morning right around d.c. areas north, montgomery county and down to the south prince georges county in and around waldorf. again, a pretty soggy one for the morning rush. it's going to be pretty soggy around noontime and even around the afternoon tomorrow. look at the areas north of us that we're talking about. quite a bit of rain tomorrow. no need to water those late fall, early winter plants like your pansies or your mums. they're going get plenty of water tomorrow. and i hope you have raked because the leaves are going to get packed down and then they'll probably get a chance to dry out and blown around on thursday. because thursday will be breezy as we clear out. the white here, those are the clouds. and watch what happens early on thursday morning there is the rain, well out of here. the clouds continue to make their way eastward. but again, a breezy day for
4:44 pm
thursday with temperatures that are going to be much lower. so rainfall out of this system, oh, it's going to be a lot setting up right through the area around an inch and a half. all piling in by the time we get to late evening wednesday. an inch and a half for the purple. and that means for baltimore, for gaithersburg, for nbc, around an inch and a half. around an inch and a half for culpeper as well as for winchester. by tomorrow then, we'll see highs in the 60s, low 60s throughout the area. after that, a big chill. 64 thursday. a high on friday of 48 degrees. your weekend not too bad with a high of 57 degrees after a cold start. we'll hit 57 on saturday. 62 on sunday. so everybody say yay with a dry weekend if you're looking ahead. i've got to make some plans for the weekend. i can't believe i don't have any. >> all right. get cracking. thanks, veronica. i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the
4:45 pm
marine corps ball with me. if you go, all i have to say is "cry me a river." >> corporal joins us after the marine corps ball down in richmond. kelsey, tell a little bit about this date, saturday night with justin timberlake. >> all together it was a really nice experience. it was a great night. i know that the marines i was with and our family and our friends really enjoyed it. i'm genuinely really thankful that he came. >> and he is so grateful to. i think he had a better time than anybody there, he sounds like. what was it like for him? >> i would say that it was normal. i mean i don't really know how to best explain that. but it was like a normal experience. it was just like having a good friend that you just started to get to know at the table. and we laughed, we joked, and we had a really good time. it was great. >> he said he couldn't stop smiling on his blog. and he felt humbled too. there was one dance.
4:46 pm
so you guys got the dance. we saw the pictures and all. were you nervous? were you more excited? what was the experience like for you? >> i wouldn't say nervous. i just kind of -- i was myself, you know what i mean. i just kind of fell into being myself. and the thing is that as much fun as we had, the marine corps ball revolves around the ceremony and what it's in place for and how much -- how much it means to us as -- as marines, you know. it's a big deal. it's a really big deal. the ceremony and our traditions are what we do. so it's kind of unexplainable. i don't have words to put it in place. >> he has so much he said in his blog renewed respect for the men and women who serve. there was a big takeaway from that night for him too. did you get that sense too?
4:47 pm
>> i did. i really did. it was nice. the things he said i could have never imagined so i did read that. it was wonderful. thank you. a lot of the people in that room are my heroes so, that means a lot to me. >> everybody wants to know, did he take you out afterwards, and will you stay in touch? >> no, we didn't go out afterwards. it was like a -- it wasn't like he just showed up and left. >> sure. >> right. >> he stayed the entire time in the ball. and we said our goodbyes. he was a gentleman. and we had a wonderful night. as far as staying in touch, i don't know, i mean. he followed through with what he said he was going to do. and i think that's wonderful as it is. >> that is huge. he was a stand-up guy. and he was most impressed by you. and so are we. corporal, thank you so much for taking time out with us. >> thank you. >> you're moving back to california? >> i am. >> and i think he's got place there too. who knows. you may be in touch. corporal, thank you so much. >> have a good one. >> we appreciate it. >> and coming up on news4, how
4:48 pm
you can save big bucks on your thanksgiving dinner if you get started right now. also, call it a sign of the times. how libraries are catching up to the days of ipads and kindles. and i'm wendy rieger. coming up on news4 at 5:00, a teacher is facing charges after police say he showed up to school drunk. a living nightmare for a young woman. doren gentzler reports on her battle with a mysterious condition. coming up at 6:00, the world's biggest yellow diamond
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of change for that. see you in a few minutes. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> according to the american farm bureau federation, the average cost of a classic thanksgiving feast went up about 13% overall this year over last. they say a meal for ten people with leftovers will run you nearly $50. experts say if you haven't started shopping yet, do it now. many supermarkets are offering generous discounts to offset rising turkey prices. check your grocer's website for coupons before you get to the store. supermarket deals change weekly, and consumer experts say you are likely to find more bargains now than you will next week. and have you noticed that black friday is starting to creep into thanksgiving thursday. gone is the 4:00 a.m. opening. toys r us has decided to open at 9:00 on thanksgiving, while walmart will open at 10:00, two
4:52 pm
hours ahead of last year's midnight opening. target will open at midnight, four hours earlier than last year. a target spokeswoman tells usa today that most customers prefer to shop after thanksgiving dinner rather than getting up in the middle of the night. >> i would agree with that. >> yeah, work off the meal. more libraries are keeping up with the times these days and are ramping up their e-book lending. two months ago, amazon turned on its kindle for 11,000 libraries across the country. a recent survey by library journal finds public libraries have increased their e book offers by 185% this year. the journal predicts that e-books will account for 80% of most library budgets in five years. >> wow. >> sign of the times. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, a bride speaks for the very first time seven years after her wedding was interrupted by
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
life. one coupe until our area is celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary this week, but it's an anniversary like no other. that's because during their reception, the wedding party was robbed, and the father of a bridesmaid was killed.
4:56 pm
seven years later, the bride herself is speak issing for the very first time. the exclusive interview. >> it's just unbelievable. because you -- you see that in movies. you see that. it's just -- it's not something you -- you expect to live through. you know? and your wedding day. or any day. >> reporter: because of what happened here, because the killers are still at large, she asked that we not reveal her face or use her name. we call her maria. she was married seven years ago at st. matthews cathedral. >> it was a beautiful day. there was not a cloud in the sky. i walked in with my mom and my dad. and i was received by all our guests. >> reporter: that night, a reception at st. francis hall and brooklyn.
4:57 pm
as the party broke up, two gunmen began robbing and a assaulting people outside. her best friend, a bridesmaid beaten. her best friend's mother pistol-whipped. her best friend's dad, george longshore shot and killed. maria learned about it when her brother came racing back into the hall. >> he said there is a woman, there is a woman with blood all over her face outside. and it's janelle's mom. i wanted to go and see, but i was held back. i could hear the ambulance and the police and the helicopters outside. >> reporter: george longshore, taken to the hospital. he died a short time later. before he was shot, he tossed his wallet to the robbers. they took out the cash and left
4:58 pm
the wallet behind. george longshore, killed for something less than $100. >> he had a great sense of humor. and he was so giving. >> do you feel like you've been robbed as well. >> no. i don't think they robbed me. i think they just robbed the world. of a very, very important human being. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news4, washington. >> and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. >> you're watching nbc4, washington's news leader. now live in hd, this is news4 at 5:00. >> scores arrested today after police move in and evict protesters from the occupy wall street encampment. >> police concerned about a suspicious incident at the same shopping center where a fairfax county woman was presumed abducted before she was found stabbed in her car. and a teacher facing charges
4:59 pm
tonight after police say he showed up to school drunk. good evening, everybody, on a busy day in the news. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. our top story tonight is former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky answering a series of tough questions. listen. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> this all comes as the investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse continues to grow. there could be as many as ten new cases. and there are now questions about whether that interview did more harm than good. chris gordon is here now to tell us more about this. >> i spoke to a number of criminal defense lawyers in our area today who have nothing to do with this case. they say sandusky did himself more harm than good by speaking publicly and protesting his innocence, because anything he


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