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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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court. the tv appearances by sandusky and his lawyer do little to help penn state heal. penn state football coach joe paterno was fired. students rioted in the streets of state college, and now the former assistant coach, jerry sandusky, who was indicted for sexual abusing eight young boys, denies it. in an interview on nbc's "rock center," bob costas spoke by phone with jerry sandusky, asking him specifically about the 2002 allegations involving a young boy in the penn state showers. >> okay. we were showering, and horsing around, and he actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor. and we were as i recall possibly snapping a towel in horseplay. >> reporter: in an e-mail, penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary now says he not only
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saw and reported sandusky in 2002, but tried to stop it at the time. sandusky disputes that. well-known washington criminal defense attorney ted williams says he can't believe that sandusky's lawyer, who was also on the tv show, allowed sandusky to speak. >> i would have never permitted my client to go on national television, or any television station whatsoever and provide information to the public when he is facing criminal jeopardy. >> i explained to jerry that this was an opportunity for him to tell people how he felt and what has happened in his life. and the fact that he is not guilty of these offenses. >> reporter: dr. jane baxter is a washington, d.c. psychologist with 17 years experience counseling abuse victims and interviewing pedophiles. i asked her reaction to hearing sandusky's denials. >> if he is lying, i mean, innocent until proven guilty. but if he is lying, then it just
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shows a type of psychopathology that certainly out there in the world. >> and we see it in these types of crises, and it's very tragic. >> reporter: sandusky's lawyer appeared both on nbc's "rock center" and the "today" show. he said sandusky showed a lack of common sense, but says that showering with kids doesn't make him guilty. wendy, jim? >> all right, chris gordon. chris, thank you. tonight a virginia teacher has resigned after he was charged with being drunk at school. authorities tell us his blood alcohol level was way above the legal limit. news4's elaine reyes joins us live at lunsford middle school in south riding with details. elaine? >> reporter: well, jim, the long-time teacher was actually charged with being drunk in public. the school system suspended him with pay, but he turned in his resignation this afternoon. >> how long this has been going on, i don't know. obviously there is concerns if
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someone is at this alcohol level and still able to function. >> reporter: 46-year-old radhakrishnan sivaramapillai was a physics teacher at lunsford middle school. less than an hour before classes ended yesterday, a fellow staff member noticed something about him, and notified the principal. >> smelled alcohol. it wasn't so much the behavior. that's what i said a minute ago about the ability to continue to function. not exhibiting signs of intoxication, it was just the smell, which could very well indicate this person is -- has been there before maybe. >> reporter: loudon county sheriff steve simpson says a resource officer used a portable breathalyzer test. the result came in over the legal limit of 0.08 had he been driving. >> as far as i know, no students were impacted by this. the administration acted properly and quickly. we had no calls from students or parents. the thing was handled very discreetly. >> >> reporter: mr. sivaramapillai started teaching in loudoun county last year.
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he also spent six years in schools in fairfax county. lunsford middle school students were notified of the arrest this morning. >> it's not something you come across every day in your e-mail box. but again, i have every faith in our community and this administration. >> really shocked to see something like this happen, and we've been residents in this neighborhood for more than 11 years. i've been in several schools all the way from elementary to middle. never have seen anything like this that has dawned on our horizons. >> well, it would have to be the assumption that he was under the influence obviously while teaching the class. at what point this intoxication began, whether it was from the beginning of the morning and added to at lunch time or it happened at lunch time, we're not real sure. >> reporter: sheriff simpson tells us that the drunken public offense is punishable with a fine. we're live in loudoun county, elaine reyes, news4. back to you. >> elaine, thank you. one person is dead tonight after a collision with a dump truck in manassas, virginia.
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this truck happened around 2:30 this afternoon on lee highway here at sudally road. there were several vehicles involved. the one with the most damage was the victim's suv. the identity has not been released. investigators are looking into what caused the crash. breaking news tonight. a judge has ruled against the occupy wall street protesters, ruled against them. they were evicted from a park in new york that they had been camping in. earlier today the demonstrators asked the court to decide whether the city acted illegally in evicting hundreds of the demonstrators from that park. new york city police in riot gear cleared out the park overnight. many went peacefully, but about 200 protesters resisted. they were arrested. once cleared, city crews moved in to clean the park that has been occupied since mid-september by those protesters. mayor michael bloomberg said the site had become a public safety hazard. >> unfortunately, the park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, but rather
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to break laws, and in some cases, to harm others. >> mayor bloomberg says the park will remain closed for now. >> so back up on the sidewalk! back up, thank you. >> please back up. >> he says it's not safe over here. >> why is it behind the barricade? how is that not safe? >> the press line is back there. >> please step back. >> it looks like the press line is right here. >> it's here because your standing here in violation of what i'm telling you. step back. >> protesters weren't the only ones clashing with new york city police overnight. at least two members of the media trying to cover the clearing of that park were arrested. montgomery county residents will voice their opinions tonight at a public hearing on a bill that would make it illegal to loiter or prowl on county property. the bill targets anyone regardless of age who behaves suspiciously outside.
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it acts as an alternative to a proposed team curfew that would require teens 17 and under to be off the streets by midnight on weekends, 11:00 on weekday nights. a council panel will vote on the curfew bill december 1. a milestone decision is expected this evening in the push to get metrorail to dulles airport. the loudoun board of supervisors is set to vote this evening on the phase 2 plan at 6:00 tonight. just last week a financing deal was announced by transportation secretary ray lahood. in it the federal government agreed to offer loan assistance to loudoun county. prior to that agreement, supervisors in loudoun county were threatening to pull out of the project. opponents of the plan are preparing to testify at tonight's meeting. wearing your flip-flops today? because you could. it is still fabulous out there. but it could be getting a little bit -- starting to get a little wetter. >> we' going to get some wet weather. and it may get darn chilly too, doug. >> yeah, it's going to do both
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of those things over the next 48 hours or so. first it's going to come the rain, and see temperatures really take a nosedive over the next 48 hours. outside right now still pretty mild. and for the most part, not too bad. 61 degrees out there with winds out of the south at about 8 miles an hour. we have seen temperatures above average once again today. nothing like what we saw yesterday as we've seen plenty of cloud cover. but at least we're int the upper 50s to lower 60s. 61 right now in manassas as well as gaithersburg and down to the south towards la plata and waldorf too. doppler radar not showing much in the way of rain right now. a few showers towards fredericksburg and stafford county too. we're going to continue to see showers developing overnight tonight. look at all a the rain to the west. and that's not even all of it. i'll show you what is coming our way. first off a, though, take a look at your good night wake-up forecast. waking up to a fairly soggy morning. tomorrow is going to be transition day. i'll show you what i mean coming up in my full forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> all right.
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we'll see you then. washington national's catcher wilson ramos is rejoining his venezuelan winter league team just four days after he was rescued from his kidnappers. ramos was taken from his home last 50 night. he was rescued about 50 hours later in a remote location of the country. police say the abductors were planning to demand a large ransom. so far eight people are behind bars in connection with the scheme, and police are searching for several more. ramos is expected to resume practice today with his team, and he is expected to play next week. nearly 500 school football players and coaches from across our region were at a fed ex field today finding out what it takes to make it in the pros. they got a chance to hear from redskin players about what it's like in the nfl and what it took to get there. former skins player doc walker says the most important thing the students should take away is the idea of balance. >> can't try to blow your body up in the weight room and not blow your brain up in the library. you have to be taught that it's
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equal. it's about balance. and also about being competitive. not only competitive to try to win a championship, but to also excel in academics. >> doc knows it. aside from education, the redskins players also talked to the students about issues like coping with peer pressure, and how to stay healthy. still ahead, a food recall from local supermarkets because of a deadly botulism contamination that liz crenshaw will be telling you about. also tonight, fear at the same shopping center where a 19-year-old woman was last seen alive after another suspicious incident there. some maryland farmers say they are running low on a thanksgiving staple. and living a nightmare. doreen gentzler reports on 5:00.
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well are just getting started. you're watching news4 at 5:00. >> for some people, fatigue is just a part >> and most pass it off as a lack of sleep or just trying to do too much. but for one young woman, there was something much more serious going on. doreen gentzler is here to tell us her story. >> reporter: julie was a young woman with a lot going on. she was in law school.
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she was an avid runner and fitness buff. she had a busy social life. when she started experiencing extreme exhaustion and bouts of muscle weakness, no one could tell her what was going on. in fact, she says her reality and dreams got so intertwined it was literally like living a nightmare. just looking at julie, you would have no idea that the 28-year-old arlington woman is struggling just to stay awake. >> the hardest part is the way i can appear on the outside versus what is happening internally is so different. >> reporter: but it wasn't too long ago that she was battling exhaustion so severe that she could barely make the 15-minute drive to law school. >> i got to school okay, but then looking back, i couldn't see all the pictures in my memory of getting there. >> reporter: she was having other strange symptoms too. >> when i was laughing about random joke and standing, my
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knees just slightly buckled, as if someone poked behind your knees. >> reporter: she says her doctor just brushed her off, but things got worse. >> then it started to happen withholding things, the glass when i was laughing. just almost for a second the glass slips a little bit. >> reporter: sometimes she would look down at her notes from classes and there would be random words written all over the page, as if she had been dreaming, but she couldn't remember falling asleep. she saw different doctors, but she couldn't get a diagnosis. it wasn't until she mentioned her muscle weakness to a sports therapist that she finally began to get a clue. the therapist said it 70ed like cataplexy, defined as a sudden episode of muscle loss, typically triggered by emotion. as she did more research, she found out that cataplexie often goes hand in hand. >> this is what i have. >> reporter: when she finally got tested by a specialist, her
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diagnosis was confirmed, narcolepsy with cataplexy. it happens when the cells that produce orexin stop working. that hormone controls when the body wakes and sleeps. when there is no orexin, the body can't figure out if it's in a dream state or awake. >> when we dream at night, our muscles are paralyzed normally. that is so we don't act out our dreams. so what happened in cataplexy is that paralysis which is supposed to only be at night when we're dreaming occurs when we're awake. >> reporter: washington hospital center sleep specialist dr. david gross says narcolepsy is relatively uncommon, but it's not unusual for it to go undiagnosed for years. that's because most doctors just don't know a whole lot about it. in fact, it's often the butt of jokes. julie says she just wants people to know that narcolepsy isn't that funny. >> if you just say the word narcolepsy to someone, you usually think people say oh, i'm
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sorry, that's funny or something. and it's actually a disorder that affects quality of life similar to parkinson's or epilepsy. >> reporter: once patients actually get a narcolepsy diagnosis, it's easily treated and controlled with medication. patients will take a stimulant, something like ritalin during the day to stay awake, and another medication at night that helps with the quality of the sleep. julie says she has also found that yoga and running can help to control her symptoms too. but wendy, jim, it really illustrates the importance of being your own advocate and doing some research on your own. the medical professionals can't always figure everything out. >> right. she could have easily been misdiagnosed. it could have been a number of over things. wow. >> we're glad she is doing better. >> thanks, doreen. and in other health news, one of the nation's biggest selling cholesterol drugs is about to get a lot cheaper. the cholesterol drug lipitor is
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set to go generic the 1st of december. doctors expect to overwhelmingly make the switch. a new study by doctors at the cleveland clinic show there is no difference between lipitor and the similar brand name crestor. both drugs were found to be safe and lowered the levels of bad cholesterol equally. well, we got some cold weather coming into the week. how soon is this rain rolling in. is it already out there? >> it is in some locations. most is going to stay on the light side this evening. if you have your umbrella, you can have the little purse umbrella we talk about sometimes. >> the one you guys carry. >> yeah, that jim and i tend to carry, the purse umbrellas. tomorrow you'll need the bigger umbrella out there that wendy always carries. out there right now a few showers. not too bad. apparently a nice evening when you consider we're talking about the middle of november. and temperatures are in the 60s in most locations. currently 61 degrees out there at the airport right now. a dew point of 51. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. temperature-wise we are on the warmer side. the average high temperature is
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59 degrees. most areas got to the low 60s today. look at annapolis, 65. a little cooler to the west. winchester right now at 57 degrees. and culpeper coming in at 61 degrees. doppler radar showing where the showers are. down to the south for the most part. most of this is just very light around waldorf right now, around la plata, over towards quantico and around fredericksburg, still seeing very light rain towards culpeper county. you'll continue to see the showers make their way through. don't be surprised to see a few sprinkles a as you're making your way out and about. watch what happens when we widen out even more there is just a train of moisture all the way back towards texas, and we have to get through this guy right here, this is the area of low pressure that's going to make its way up here over the next 24 hours and produce quite a lot of rainfall. we saw mild conditions across our region as the frontal boundary is right now draped around the region. look at the rain coming in overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. i think a very wet day tomorrow. today we told you not a washout. tomorrow may just be a washout
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and yet another wednesday with a lot of rain. we've seen a lot of rainy wednesdays over the last couple of months. that area of low pressure will move off. we'll see more rain during the afternoon into the overnight hours into wednesday night to thursday. thursday we clear out and we get chilly. temperatures on thursday may struggle to reach the 50-degree mark. so we go from 10 to 15 degrees above average to about 10 degrees below average. mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles this evening, mild. 58 to 62 degrees. a few showers in there too. tomorrow morning, though, for your rush hour, expect wet roadways across much of the area. 47 to about 54 degrees. some of those showers could be on the moderate side. and definitely will be on the moderate to heavy side potentially. late tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures 59 to 64. so one more mild day. and then here comes the cooldown. 50 on your thursday. 48 for a high on friday. and that's is with plenty of sunshine. saturday coming in with a temperature of about 57 degrees. so we definitely have some cooler air that is going to be making its way in here. speaking of cooler air, our
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winter forecast coming up tonight at 11:00. you don't want to miss it. how much snow are we going to see? i know, i know. >> all right. we're all ears, 11:00 tonight. >> all right. coming up, a case of bullying that cost a teacher her job. >> it's no wonder you don't have friends. >> how parents fought back against two teachers who went too far. also tonight, what facebook is doing to deal with a rash of spam and porn that is downloading or loading up user
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[ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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is the featured $5 footlong of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. replacement. find out how, coming up. there is a recall tonight of a potentially deadly food that ended up in one local grocer. also, do you own a really old ipod? you may qualify future a new one. and starbucks has dropped an extra fee it was charging customers. liz crenshaw is here to explain it all. hi, liz. >> reporter: wendy and jim we begin with the recall of a potentially deadly food sold at a local grocer. the food and drug administration announced it is expanding the recall of divina stuffed olives due to a lack of temperature
5:25 pm
control during the distribution process which poses the risk of botulism poisoning, a potentially deadly form of poisoning. the olives were distributed to safeway stores around d.c., maryland, and virginia. the olives are packaged in four-ounce plastic cup containers. the recall includes best used dates of january 11, 2012 and february 1st, 2012. the fda released a list of specific safeway stores in our area that received the recalled olives. they include the 14th street safeway store in the district, old georgetown road in bethesda, norbeck road in rockville, shady drove, in virginia west washington street? middleburg, richmond highway in alexandria, old keene mill road in burke and broadlands plaza in ashburn. consumers are urged not to eat the recalled divina stuffed olives even if they smell okay. instead you're asked to return the olives to safeway for a full
5:26 pm
refund. now on to a defect that has apple offering consumers a replacement for one oits older model ipods. apple says the battery in the ipod nanofirst generation may overheat. the ipods were sold between september 2005 and september 2006. apple traced the issue to a single battery supplier that produced the batteries with the manufacturing defect. apple recommends owners of the first generation nanoto stop using that ipod and order a replacement for free. that's nice. first generation nanos can be identified as having a white or black front and a silver metal back. you can order a replacement on apple's website. and finally, a surcharge at starbucks has been dropped and a chance you didn't even know about it. starbucks was charging customers who bought less than a pound of coffee an extra dollar. they eliminated after a massachusetts consumer protection agency fined the company for charging that fee
5:27 pm
because employees did not tell customers and there were no signs disclosing the extra charge. starbucks allows customers to buy less than a pound bags of beans, but says that means a presealed bag has to be opened in order to sell to it consumers. so starbucks says the $1.50 was to cover that extra labor and packaging. and the folks in massachusetts said yeah, that's okay. be you got to tell people about it. so they stopped doing it. >> oh, good. >> you got that old nano, turn it in. and if you have the olives, ixnay. >> botulism is not something we hear often. so please pay attention though one. >> thank you, liz. when we come right bab after a horrett break, a suspicious incident at the shopping center where a 19-year-old was last seen before being found stabbed inside her car. and students at one local and students at one local school district, they could find
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staple. news4 at 5:00 coming right back. police in fairfax county are trying to track down a man who may have tried to abduct a woman outside a pocketer shopping center. this happened at the fairfax plaza shopping center on gallows road. pat collins is live with more on this strange incident, and how it may lend a clue to a murder mystery. >> reporter: wendy, very bizarre. a woman's scary encounter in this parking lot.
5:31 pm
leads to this composite sketch that could be a big clue in a high profile case of murder. police believe a suspicious event here at this shopping center could lead to an important clue in the unsolved murder of vanessa pham, a 19-year-old college student stabbed to death more than 16 months ago. the scene the fairfax plaza on gallows road. october 27th, 8:30 p.m. watch carefully this security camera video. you can see the woman here. she is carrying a white bag. you can see her as she walks towards her suv. as she does, look at this bright light up here. that's a car pulling in to the parking lot. police say the driver of that car with the bright lights then gets out. he stands near her car and then
5:32 pm
he gets in to the passenger side. when he is inside the woman screams. at that point, they say the man gets out. you can see him here in the light colored jacket. police say nothing was taken, that the woman wasn't hurt. there is no evidence of a crime. but police say they want to talk to that man. >> we'd like to identify the subject in the composite sketch who is also the subject in the video. and we'd like to identify him, speak with him, and have him fill in the gaps, have him answer some questions. >> reporter: it was june 27th, 2010 that vanessa pham was at this same shopping center. security cameras show her car making a prolonged stop before making the parking lot. a short time later, vanessa pham found dead in the front seat of that car a short distance away. you can imagine how some shoppers here feel about that suspicious event.
5:33 pm
>> i think it's who rend louis. i think it's horrific. i think it's -- how does anybody try to wrap their fingers around that. >> we're in fairfax, virginia, one of the safest places on earth. it doesn't matter that you're in washington, d.c. or in accostia. it happens all around this area. it happens in kansas. >> reporter: so if you recognize this man, if you know anything about this case, fairfax police want to hear from you. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. the prince georges county council wants the public to decide whether to bring slot machines to town. lawmakers tabled the band today with a 5-4 vote, saying it's best for residents to weigh in with a statewide referendum. maryland law as it stands right now only allows slot machines in five locations outside of the county. some lawmakers in indianapolis want to expand the law and bring slots to rosecroft raceway in fort washington. critics say gambling with drive
5:34 pm
up crime and traffic. in the district, the d.c. council is taking a strong stand on immigration enforcement. all members signed on to a bill today that declares that d.c. law enforcement will not help federal officials routinely round up illegal immigrants. this law would toughen the city's reputation as a sanctuary city. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: federal immigration officials round up and deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants each year. under a federal secure communities program that. >> try to get local law enforcement to help by detaining illegal immigrants on even minor charges. now all 13 d.c. councilmembers are supporting a new city law, not just a resolution, that would bar local police or corrections officers from assisting the federal effort, except in extreme cases of violent criminals or other serious crimes. city leaders say the federal program is costly and undermines community cooperation with
5:35 pm
police and public safety. >> and we're also creating a real sense of distrust among our immigrants who are less likely to cooperate with police in solving crime and preventing crime. so it's not a secure communities program. it's an insecure communities program. >> reporter: the district could face pushback from federal officials or congress, which oversees the city budget. but local civil rights activists say the tough stance should be applauded. >> i'm delighted that every member of the d.c. council has stood up, had the courage to stand up to homeland security and i.c.e. in this country, individuals have a right to due process, a right to the presumption of innocence. >> reporter: aclu director johnny barnes says the council action a bolsters a recent order by mayor vincent gray to reassert the city's hands off. >> homeland security and i.c.e. want the local cities to do their job without the pay. it costs money to hold people jail for any reason or no reason.
5:36 pm
that's what they want them to do. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. students in prince georges county could soon be going to school all yearlong with no more summer breaks. the county will propose the idea of year-round school in the next maryland legislative session next spring. if it passes, the county would join six other jurisdictions that are already permitted to do it. according to the gazette, the school board unanimously supports the idea, but even if it's approved, officials say the higher cost would likely prevent it from going into effect immediately. [ applause ] all that cheering is for a manassas school principal who was surprised earlier today with an honor described as a oscars of education. neil beech won a milikin family foundation edge indication award. he was chosen for being a
5:37 pm
pioneer in virtual instruction and teacher training. he was also awarded a $25,000 prize. beech is the 36th virginia educator and the fifth from prince william county schools to win this award since 1999. they're doing it right there. congratulations. still to come tonight, the local marine who took justin timberlake to the marine corps let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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and porn overtakes user pages. desantis. you're watching news4 at 5:00. facebook into looking into that graphic images are coming up on users news feeds. this involves violent and pornographic pictures. there have been widespread reports of graphic images the past two days. facebook released a statement saying protecting the people who use facebook is a top priority. no group has claimed responsibility. two rival tablets will hit the market. on monday amazon began shipping the kindle fire a day earlier than expected. an friday, barnes & noble will release the nook tablet. both tablets are expanded ereaders. both play back tv shows, music, games. they both have wifi. the kindle costs about 250 bucks, but the nook does have expandable storage on board for content while the amazon's unit relies largely on you accessing the internet for your stored content.
5:41 pm
>> very cool. a marine had a very big night over the weekend when she brought justin timberlake as her date to the annual marine corps ball in richmond. corporal kelsey de santis initially invited timberlake through the youtube. she said he was a complete gentlemen and after the event timberlake posted on his blog talking about the event calling some of the people he met heroes. >> some of the things i could never imagine. because i did read that, and it was wonderful. so thank you. a lot of the people in that room are my heroes. and so that means a lot to me. >> corporal de santis says she wasn't nervous when they had the big dance, and as far as keeping in touch, she said she is just happy he followed through and came to the ball. he is a stand-up guy. and i think he had more fun than she did. >> oh, i bet she had fun. justin timberlake anywhere near you, you're having fun.
5:42 pm
still to come, there is a health alert for women. one company is recalling a popular female product. i'm in frederick where farm fresh turkey sales are heating up a week before thanksgiving. vial the story coming up. caught in the act. the steps a mother took after her daughter complained she was being bullied by her own teachers. in ♪ ♪
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the u.s. census bureau says the average american consumes about 13 pounds of turkey a year. while stores have plenty of turkeys in stock, if you want an organic one, you may be out of luck. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: the thanksgiving clock is ticking for these farm-raised turkeys near frederick, maryland. organic farmer carol is fattening up her stock, which is much in demand. >> i out, always sell out, and usually have a weight list for next year, actually. i've been raising the heritage turkey news for seven years, and just started with five or six the first year. and now i do like 25 to 30 every year. and they're always sold out. >> reporter: why? experts at this bethesda safeway say many consumers are becoming more health conscious about how their food is raised. while the store offers commercial turkeys, over the past five years demand has increased for organic and
5:46 pm
free-range thanksgiving turkeys. poultries raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, striking a chord with many shoppers. >> when my daughter starts eating real food, we'll be feeding her organic meat and milk, absolutely. >> reporter: while there are roughly 40 small family pharmacy that raise turkeys like this one in frederick, the turkey industry in maryland is over $7 million. each year some 740,000 turkeys are raised in the state. >> this is the star of the show around here. this is tom, what an original name, right? >> reporter: she sold her last turkey a week ago with most orders placed in june or july. customers will come by the day before thanksgiving to pick up the freshly slaughtered birds. hand-raised since early spring. >> try not to get attached, but i do pick my breeding stock out, and i'll give them names, and i'll get attached to them. but the ones that i know are being raised for food, i just try to think about that healthy meal that is going to be on somebody's table. >> reporter: besides, she says there is a new crop of gobblers
5:47 pm
already in demand for next year. in frederick, jane watrel, news4. the dominion power company is donating $100,000 to nonprofit groups in virginia that support veterans and their families. today a joint base mire henderson hall, the dominion foundation gave a $25,000 reward grant to the national family association. the money will support scholarships for military spouses who often face challenges in completing their educations because of frequent moves. family responsibility is also some financial constraints. >> this scholarship has helped our family afford my education. >> i just want to tell you that thank you, guys, because what you do for us means a lot. and i wish everybody can say i got educated and i can be a better help for my husband today. >> malena ortiz redoubled her efforts to finish her education after her husband was wounded.
5:48 pm
she is working on a bachelor of science degree and health administration. lori will receive a masters in english from george mason university in may. we have some changes coming our way this summery weather is going to take a break for a while, right, doug? >> it's going to take a break for maybe a long while. maybe not too long, but at least we are going to see another little bit of a cooldown. a pretty big dip in the temperatures over the next couple of days. right now out there a nice mild 61 degrees with plenty of cloud cover. we are seeing a few showers out there right now. most of those just down to the south of washington into portions of stafford county, prince william, down into southern maryland around a portion of charles county. we'll continue to see those showers. but even more rain off to the south and west of the region that will all come through overnight tomorrow night and in through the day tomorrow. a lot in the way of rain. and really a train of moisture all the way back towards texas. so overnight lows tonight down to about 49 in towards manassas, about 54 in washington. 52 in gaithersburg. and around 49 up towards
5:49 pm
frederick as well. so temperatures a little bit above average tonight, if not a lot above average. average low temperatures now around 42. we'll be above average tonight. tomorrow above average once again with the good chance for some scattered showers and some rain. some of that rain could be heavy at times. could even be a couple of rumble of thunder to our south and east. so we'll talk more about that as we make our way through the next couple of days. and of course at 6:00. >> all right, thank you, doug. the caps hitting the road with hopes of ending their recent struggles. >> what do you think? what is the prediction? >> i think they're going to do better. when you play as many games as they do in the nba and the nhl, you have got to win the home ones. and the goal is to split the ones on the road. just because you place some money you can't win them all. hoping to turn things around. the caps 1-2-1 in their last
5:50 pm
four games. the calling the game for comcast sportsnet joining me live from nashville, joe. this is a pleasure. i like to call this corporate synergy. what do you think? >> darrin, it's nice to be in the family, isn't it? for the washington cap capitals, the schedule has been comfortable. rarely have they been far from home. this road trip will challenge them. >> i think it's a big hockey trip for the team. they're coming off against against the devils which i think suits them well playing nashville tonight. they're a tough defensive team and the caps are going to have to get shots on this goaltender, one of the best in the business. >> they're going to be tougher to get shots without mike green. he energies his groin after miss league weeks with a sprained ankle. how much does this set the caps back, not having one of the three or four best players, or are they getting used to playing without green because he has been out for a while? >> i think he has missed 27 of the last 35 regular season games, dan. so obviously they've got used to not having him in the lineup.
5:51 pm
he is a huge loss, considering his skating ability, the speed, the way he can join the attack. i think when you're losing a guy like that, other guys have to step up. we're seeing guys like dennis weidemann i think playing some of the best hockey of his career. >> dan, the issue of not having green tonight magnified against nashville, a team that fore-checks very aggressively. green can be a one-man breakout at times with his skating ability. so without him in the lineup, the capitals will be pressured a bit more by nashville. >> all right, guys, alex salmon one of the most talented players in the league when he wants to be. benched friday night for not playing well. read lack of effort into that one. he is 27 now. does he ever grow up or is this ingrained, a part of his personality? >> i think it's in his personality. i think you're going see ups and downs with all great players throughout their careers. i think he is at a point, though, playing out his contract at $7 million. i think he wants to have a good
5:52 pm
year. he came into camp, started off well. i think he is just trying to find chemistry right now. he needs to get more shots, and he can't rely on that little curl and drag shot all the time. he's got to figure out another way. >> he can't get lazy in the offensive zone. its penalties in the offensive zone that are driving the teammates, the coaches, the fans crazy. he knows it. he is trying to give more effort in that regard. he is trying to create a great play. but making a takeaway and instead is putting his team short-handed. he's got to cut that out. >> did you let locke borrow one of your pocket squares? i love the look. >> dan, actually just before i came on, he is the puff master. he did this for me. great question. pulling back the curtain. i like it. >> i love we get a sneak peek into the wardrobe tonight. we'll be talking to you guys soon. thank you so much. >> our pleasure. >> thank you. >> and don't forget that you can watch the game, capitals and
5:53 pm
predators tonight on comcast sportsnet, 8:00 is when the puck drops. joe benonotti and greg laughlin, fun to have them on the nbc4 airwaves. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> guys. now let's take a look at what is coming up on news4 at 6:00. here is vance. >> yes, i think i lost my mic. >> speak into one of our lapels. >> coming up tonight, a teacher in northern virginia has been given a breathalyzer at school. and now he is out of a job. this afternoon also shots fired. prince georges county police are chasing down the suspects. also, the world's largest pearl-shaped yellow diamond. we're going to tell you what somebody paid for this. none of us up here can afford it. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. thank you. >> it was team effort. we'll see you in a few minutes. thanks, vance. still to come tonight, teachers caught in the act of bullying a student.
5:54 pm
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bottom. school bullying is bad enough, but this case is worse, involving a 14-year-old special needs student who was called lazy and dumb at school. >> and what makes it worse is who was calling her those names. nbc's john yang has the story. >> reporter: like most kids, 14-year-old cheyenne had days when she just didn't feel like going to school. but when her complaints became more frequent, her family realized something wasn't right. cheyenne was a special needs student at miami trace middle school in washington courthouse, ohio. cheyenne's family says it turns out she was being bullied, not by her classmates, but her teacher, christy wilt and a classroom aide kelly chaffin. when the family brought the complaints to the school they were told she was lying. it wasn't until cheyenne went to school with a hidden tape record they're the family learned just
5:58 pm
how bad the situation was. >> are you kidding me? are you that damn dumb? oh my god, you are such a liar. >> i'm not lying. >> you told me you don't know. it's no wonder you don't have friends. no wonder nobody likes you because you lie, cheat. >> i don't lie. >> we're listening to seven hours worth of stuff on this tape. so we were up all night, crying, upset, because we didn't understand why. we didn't understand why would they do this? >> the tapes recorded four days of verbal abuse from wilt and chaffins. >> cheyenne, don't you want to do something to get rid of that belly? evidently you don't, because you don't do anything at home. you sit at home and watch tv. all night. all weekend. >> in another recording, cheyenne was told by her teacher that she flunked a test before the teacher even looked at it. >> you know what? just keep it. you failed it. i know it.
5:59 pm
i don't need to test your grade. you failed it. >> reporter: cheyenne's family says it wasn't until they provided tape recorded proof they took action. >> there was distressing, disturbing things on the tape that caused us to react immediately. >> reporter: chaffins was skds to resign. just monday the school put wilt on unpaid leave until lease the end of the school year. john yang, nbc news. >> and that is it for news4 at 5:00. >> news4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> you're watching nbc4, washington's news leader. now live in hd, this is news4 at 6:00. >> tonight a judge decides whether occupy wall street protesters can return to their campground after 200 people are arrested overnight. i miss you. i miss tucson. the mountains. >> gabrielle giffords has released a new message to her constituents


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