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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 16, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he was arrested this afternoon at a hotel in indiana, pennsylvania. that's more than 200 miles from washington. u.s. park police have a warrant for his arrest charging him with carrying a deadly weapon. >> the question was about any motivation or antigovernment sentiment. we need to hear from him to fill in the blanks as to what he was doing on friday evening. >> reporter: police believe he fired shots from a car in the 1600 block of constitution avenue friday night. 700 to 800 yards from the white house. federal investigators have since learned the shots may have hit the white house. they say a bullet struck a historic window of the executive mansion where president obama lives with his family. the round was stopped by the glass. at least one more round hit the exterior of the white house. investigators have been seen photographing the side where the shots hit.
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they will perform ballistics testing to see if the rounds were fired from the suspects gun. >> a firearm was found. a vehicle was leaving the scene, found crashed at 23rd street and constitution avenue. >> reporter: he's been able to elude capture since friday. now, he's in custody in pennsylvania. authorities plan to bring him back to d.c. to figure out why he fired the gun and if he was aiming at the white house. i was able to speak to the suspects mother by phone. she said she had ant talked to him for a couple months. she said in one conversation she tried to talk to him. he said look, mom, i'm a grown man. that's what she's saying now, he's a grown man, he's 21 years old and thooz deal with the consequences of his actions. this is not the first time shots
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hit the white house. we'll take you back to a 1994 incident. >> darcy spencer, see you then. thank you. well, it is soggy out there. we could see some snow flakes tomorrow. >> unbelievable. meteorologist doug kammerer is live in storm center 4 with what we are going to see. what's in store? >> there are so many things going on there across the region and the east coast now. we have fog, we have rain. we are tornadoes down to the south. yes, the possibility of that changing over toward snow in some locations around our region tomorrow. right now, 59 degrees the current temperature outside. one more day with temperatures at or above average then we go well below average. light rain reported at the airport. winds at 6 miles per hour. current temperatures warm down to the south. 67 at the river. 68 in cambridge. cooler to the north. the current temperature is 55 degrees. a few showers around the area
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now. some drizzle, too. the heavier rain in fredericksburg and southern portions of maryland. a wider view as more rain moves in. some of it heavy at times. some areas could see thunder out of these storms as we continue to see them move to the north and east. a good night forecast at 11:00 and a cool start to tomorrow morning with temperatures into the 40s. we'll talk much more about the weather over the next few day, coming up. we are holding a wet check. go to to get on the web chat. we are all here in storm center 4 to answer your questions on how much snow you may see this winter. >> all right. thanks, doug. a student from our area was killed in an accident on the campus of james madison. the 18-year-old was crossing the street before 10:00 when she was hit by a city bus and died at the scene.
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she just graduated in fairfax and wauz freshman at jmu. the accident is still under investigation. the bus driver had the green light and will probably not be charged. we are hearing more tonight about the actions of a penn state assistant coach whose a key witness in the child sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky is accused of abusing at least eight children. a grand jury report says assistant coach mike mcqueary witnessed one of the attacks but did not report it to police. in an e-mail, he says he stopped the sexual assault and he did tell police. an attorney involved in the catholic church sex abuse scandal says he sees similarities in the cases. >> similar to what i have seen in the catholic church where someone started the cover up.
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once they are in, they keep it going. unfortunately, it leads to decades of children being abu abused. >> there are no police reports that link the case with mcquery's name on it. the way campus police handle sex assaults and murders was the focus today. far too often, campus felonies are not investigated property. julie carey reports it may lead to new legislation. when i was raped, i died. it was a heinous crime that stole my soul. >> reporter: she's used to telling the story of her rape case when she was a student at uva in 2004. a rape that was never prosecutored because campus administrators and police weren't willing or able to investigate properly. >> my investigation was so poorly done it defies logic.
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five witnesses were not interviewed. >> reporter: her story and those of other victims prompted a change of virginia law. they heard testimony on a proposal from paula miller that would require them to report rapes and murders to local attorneys. the proposed legislation would urge campus police to work with local departments to share expertise and information. the statistics are jarring. across virginia campuses last year, 13 rapes were handled as crimes and none produced arrests. >> we cannot ignore arrests. it should sound an alarm to colleges and universities about reported abuse on college campuses. >> reporter: the original plan would have required them to allow local police to take the lead in rapes and murders.
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they argued it would make them second class. virginia tech argued campus is able to deal with the campus crime. >> it's not as good as local police, but better than local police. >> reporter: they retooled the plan to require collaboration, something kathryn russell says would be a big step forward. >> outside eyes and ears in an investigation would lead to more justice for victims. >> reporter: they will rewrite the bill and vote next month about weather to pass it along to the next general assembly. tension is building between police and the occupy wall street protesters days after those camping in new york city were forced out. there were concerns over sanitation and safety. across the country, cities with occupy encampments are considering similar action. that is sparking concern over
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another wave of violence. >> lately, it seems, because of crime and sanitation and ideological disputes, this seems to be degenerating in a way that reminds people of the worst of the 1960s. a major rally is planned tomorrow to mark the two-month anniversary to mark the movement in manhattan. police say they have struck gold after breaking up an illegal jewelry operation. it began with a raid in prince george's county. pat collins joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: when come cops go on a raid, there's no telling what they might encounter. today, in river dale, it was roosters. police raiding this home, looking for illegal gold. first, they had to deal with the roosters. that's right. the roosters in the backyard running this way and that way. the chase was on.
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once they had the roosters in custody, it was into the house. surprise number two. it's like a little 7-11 in there. there are real grocery store shelves with real grocery store items. now, once the cops got past the story you might say they struck gold. eureka. just in time for christmas. look what the prince george's county police seized. it's like a small jewelry store. make that a large jewelry store. braceless, rings, necklaces, pendants. how much? just in this box alone, $30,000 worth of gold necklaces. >> we are able to go in and do a sting operation and determine they were taken and stolen jewelry. >> reporter: this is how police say it worked.
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this ring ran an unlicensed jewelry stand at this grocery store. they bought hot jewelry, took it to the house, recon figured it and sold it in new york for a big profit. >> they are making a lot of money on it. the price of gold is extremely high. in our county alone, we have a lot of break ins and theft that involves gold jewelry. >> they are taking task of comparing the seized jewelry to items stolen in recent burglaries to see if they can close some of those cases as well. >> reporter: the roosters are in protective custody. no arrests in the gold selling scheme. they say the arrests are forthcoming. watch this space. jim, back to you. >> all right. pat collins, thank you. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, a major explosion. what caused these flames to shoot 200 or hundreds of feet
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into the air? in wake of the penn state scandal, the steps local officials are taking to toughen up child abuse laws. >>
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one person was hospitalized after a natural gas line exploded. this is a rural area of southern ohio. this is cell phone video. those are flames shooting hundreds of feet in the air. two homes damaged. people 12 miles away felt the blast. for years, we have known about the benefits of yoga. it helps keep our minds and body in shape. now, a group of teenagers at t hospitality high school says it helps them stay focused and calm. what is your work out. >> taking deep breaths. >> yoga helps me calm my nerves. that was one of my biggest challenges in high school, to calm my nerves. >> it helps my spirit relax. >> i have a lot of classes. all my classes get jumbled up
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together. it puts me on edge. this class makes me calm down a lot. >> our students are incredible, but they have lives that most of us couldn't imagine. many of them come from walks of life that are tough. i thought it would be something that could open their eyes to a new way of seeing the world. inhale at your own pace. taking deep breaths. also to teach them to breathe, a lot of times in class, i saw students reacting versus thinking before they react. they are rowdy when they come in. it's a change. they are moving slowly, working together. they help roll up their mats and cooperating. these are skills that lot of them lack. yoga is teaching them. a typical practice is an hour to hour and a half depending on the afternoon.
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for me, yoga is more about breathing. i tell them to check their ego at the door. the final relaxation, i lead them through a total body relaxation. my mind is completely relaxed. >> senior year and i'm trying to graduate and get my work together. it's so confusing. so, this has helped me calm down and be relaxed and forget about everything. >> from one soul to another, namaste. >> those are calm students. sam king started that club last year. he was doing one class a week. >> they asked for more because they liked it. they meet two to three times a week. it's had an impact on them. >> they are hooked. >> yeah. who wouldn't be getting stretched like that. >> he's in his zen phase now.
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>> i'm good. >> i found this for you. this is your purse umbrella you told us we needed. you have been looking for this. >> thank you. >> in your make up drawer. >> yes. i told you you would need this umbrella early and you would need a larger umbrella in the afternoon. that's what's happening. more rain is headed into the area and wind, too. this guy probably is not going to cut it. very nice. i have been looking for this. thank you, jim. are you sure you didn't take it home with you? >> we are looking at light showers across the region. other areas seeing heavier rain. temperatures of 59 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. more rain throughout the evening. the temperatures are going to start to fall. it's going to take some time. warm ahead of the front. the frontal boundary is located across the area. we have seen the fog here. notice the difference.
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55 in hagerstown. here is where the heaviest rain now is. shower activity and lighter rain near winchester and portions of west virginia and the martinsburg area. to the south, you can see southern stafford county and southern maryland good showers starting to develop. they are going to increase. we see an increase in the rain. watch this area here. right in there, heavier rain from washington to the south over the next couple hours. maybe a couple rumbles of thunder. a new tornado watch issued in raleigh, north carolina. most of our area will be okay. then we turn our attention back here to wichita, kansas. a cold air mass is going to make its way toward the region. it could change the rain to snow during the day tomorrow. how about that?
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don't expect accumulation. 9:30, there's the rain across the area. we get a break, then the system from the west. shower activity tomorrow morning around 8:30. the cool air moves in. we see right around 2:30, notice to the west, back toward frederick and loudoun county, maybe along 81, we could see snow. it could end as snow even in the district during the day tomorrow. once again, a few flakes. that's going to be it. the forecast for the next couple days, looks like this. 48 degrees with rain likely tomorrow. then temperatures on your friday, after a very cold start, probably the coldest start we have seen so far this season down to 30 in the d.c. area. upper teens and lower 20s. 54 degrees on saturday and 63. we warm back up toward the end of the week. of course we had the winter forecast last night. we'll show the results at 5:45.
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stick around for that. now, veronica johnson and chuck bell are on the web chat. go to and click on web chat. we'll answer your questions about what we think we'll see this winter. >> thank you. tonight, find out what hope looks like. it's a special exit for hope house. it's a local nonprofit. tonight's event is at the long view gallery at 1234 ninth street. the muirals were made by the fathers and their kids. i'll be there. jim handly is going to be there. it costs 50 bucks at the door. all the money goes to this incredible program. prison should not be dividing a family. hope house keeps them connected. hopefully we'll see you there tonight. we are all reading these books and stuff. still to come, the warning at some car dealership after being hurt by thieves.
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how to make sure you don't fall victim to a phony lock smith scam. black friday just around the corner. black thursday may be when
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hey, you may want to go easy
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on the turkey and wine on thanksgiving. instead of sleeping after dinner, retailers want you to go shopping. retailers open up late thursday night to give deal hunters an early start. >> black friday used to start early friday morning, around 5:00 a.m. then it was midnight. now stores are opening up earlier than ever to catch customers hook line and sinker and reel them in. forget camping out in the cold or waiting in line. this black friday, it's about opening on thursday? at the leesburg premiumoutlets, they are opening two hours earlier than last year. this year, 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> there's a lot of hype going into it. we make it into a party here. a continuation of thanksgiving. >> reporter: like many other
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stores, the outlets were opening at midnight. this year, 70 of the 110 stores are opening at 9:00 or 10:00 on thursday night. >> i'll be working from 9:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. in the morning. >> reporter: here, it all comes back to consumer demand. >> it's our super bowl event of the year. >> reporter: big box stores like walmart and toys "r" us are opening on thursday. macy's and khols are opening thursday. you can always shop ahead of time online. >> i think it's awesome. you know, they'll be able to get out and get good sales. >> reporter: last year, she fled her mother's house after eating turkey in search of deep discounts. >> we waited in line.
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it was fun. i felt like i was camping out there with a bunch of people. >> reporter: not everyone is ready to shop till you drop on thursday. some want to wait until their turkey dinner is digested. >> start the morning early. get out there. the day before thanksgiving is too much. >> reporter: all employees are excited about it. a target employee is asking them to save thanksgiving. it has 111,000 signatures. for the best of black friday go to and search black friday. >> thanks so much. stay there. we have a lot more to come in the next half hour of news 4 at 5:00. toughening the law to encourage people to report child abuse. >> the couple getting divorced and splitting everything down the middle including their social media
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[ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt is the featured $5 footlong of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. hello, i'm storm 4 meteorologist doug kammerer. i'm here with veronica johnson holding a web chat now. go to and click on the page there to join our web chat. ask us anything you want about the winter weather outlook. we'll have it coming up in ten to 15 minutes. looking at the rain moving into
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the area. the rain is becoming heavy around fredericksburg and southern maryland. more rain on the way. yes, it may end as some snow. we are not looking at any accumulation. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. in the wake of the allegations of child sex abuse at penn state, several states, including maryland are considering weather to toughen child sex abuse laws. chris gordon joins us with the story. chris? >> maryland, virginia and the district all have laws requiring professionals to report child abuse. they can impose a $300 fine and jail sentence if it's ignored. in virginia, a $500 civil penalty. now maryland is considering changing its law to make it a crime. more change could come in the wake of the penn state child abuse scandal. football coach joe paterno fired
5:31 pm
for not reporting to police information about jery sandusky, caught in a shower abusing a young boy in the penn state facilities caught by mike mcqueary. reporting suspected abuse by teachers, police, social workers and health practitioners. they could lose their job for not doing so. they could reconsider a bill to make it a crime for anyone who fails to report abuse. the chairman of the committee -- >> it's a misdemeanor if you see child abuse and fail to report it. you are subject to a significant fine, but not jail time. i think that's a good balance and i think it's chances of enactment this year are pretty good. >> reporter: the national center
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for victims of national crime say one in four girls and one in six boys are victims of sex abuse by age of 18. only one in ten cases are reported to police. >> i think it's important to have good reporting laws and a broad scope about reporting child sexual abuse. the motto on everyone's mind should be, if i see something, i should say something. >> the national center for victims of crime says that mandatory reporting laws will be affected if the public is made aware they have a legal obligation to notify the police or social services agencies. wendy, jim, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. two deadly shootings in prince george's county are not related. they happened last night within an hour of each other. the first was 9:40 in the 2100 block of county road in district heights. a man killed near a playground.
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no word on his identity. just after 11:00, it happened in oxen hill. the victim was lying in the street. he's a 51-year-old andre morton from northwest d.c. police are trying to find a suspect and a motive. an eye-opening report was released today that questions the safety of the asbestos abbatement. the mid-atlantic regional coalition released the findings today. major abbatement companies violate safety regulations risking the health of workers. they lack resources. >> virginia and maryland have three inspectors per state for the entire industry. when we asked the inspectors what they needed most to do their job more effectively, they said cell phones. >> the report was compiled with the help of a college student
5:34 pm
who went undercover as an asbestos worker for a year. virginia residents affected by the earthquake could be eligible for financial assistance. the quake was centered in mineral. grants worth $2.5 million were to help homeowners. people are not able to work because of the earthquake. the grants do not have to be paid. governor bob mcdonal and the commonwealth's entire delegation appealed the ruling. next, a crook with a conscience. a woman got her stolen car back all with a text
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♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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the consumer product safety commission has holiday advice before you start toy shopping. children can choke on balloons. keep them away from kids younger than 8 years old. toys with small parts pose a choking hazard. building sets should be kept away from children under the age of six. falls from scooters, skates and riding toys can be deadly for children of all ages. be sure they are wearing helmets and safety gear sized to fit. the animal adoption expo brought out hundreds of people
5:38 pm
interested in learning of ways to adopt a child. barbara harrison was there. why so many who have children are interested in adopting. she caught up with one father arriving at the event with a baby in tow. >> hi. what brings you here today? >> talk to her. >> a new perspective parent. they are already parents but new perspective adoptive parents. >> reporter: parents and perspective parents came out to share. they have a biological child but considering adoption as well. >> how to get started. >> very often i'm in the community and talk about wednesday's child. people think i have seen it and i want to adopt but not sure what to do. why don't we create an expo where people can come and talk one-on-one with parents who
5:39 pm
adopted, attend workshops, learn about adoption and see if it's right for them. it might bring them a step closer to the decision. quite honestly, it's worked. >> reporter: families who already adopted came out to share their experiences like father and son donte. >> reporter: what would you like to say to kids waiting out there? >> keep their hopes up. you'll get there some day. >> this is penny wo is 10 and awe dree who is 12. >> they have been with us two and a half years. they came to us in april 2008. >> reporter: many to help with all kinds of questions. >> it can be a lot of work. we want it to be as easy as possible. >> it's important to children. >> it's a one stop shop opportunity to reach out to a number of people and talk about children in need in the community. >> nbc 4 was there to talk about
5:40 pm
the special wednesday's children and there were families red dou listen. >> my wife and i have been looking to adopt. there's a lot of kids out there who need special parents like us. >> reporter: barbara harrison news 4 for wednesday's child. >> there's opportunity to learn more about adoption all yearlong. call 888-to-adopt-me or it's a special kind of candy used for treating pain. how the military is using drug laced lollipops in the war zone and in our area. how to protect yourself from a scam when hiring lock smith. how much snow are we going to get?
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5:42 pm
all right. this is a story about a stolen car and a police sent through a text message that sparked the conscience of the crook. she left her car running earlier this month and it was stolen. the theft caused her a great deal of stress because there was moe mentos of her mother that just died. her sister sent a text message and pled with the robber to return the vehicle. the thief texted back, told them
5:43 pm
he would and where to find it. >> in the middle of the chaos and confusion, something happened in this man. whether it was what i said, my sister said, the text. something happened. he didn't have to return it. he returned it. it's in one piece. i hope he's okay wherever he's at. i really do. >> the last word is the thief is still on the lamb. a warning to those who work at car dealerships. thieves are posing as customers and driving off in stolen cars. one incident caught in chicago shows a salesman shoved from a moving car during a text drive. it left the victim with five broken ribs. this is the third incident like this in the past month. in other cases, suspects flashed a weapon and ordered the salesman out of the car. at nbc news hidden camera
5:44 pm
investigation, caught these phony emergency lock smiths in the act. they prey on customers and charge inflated fees. some of them grab customers with the catchy web ads promising professional service at a great price. not all of them deliver. these scams are not new to our area. elizabeth crenshaw has more on how to protect yourself. >> it happened when you quickly call a lock smith because you are locked out of your house or car. it feels like an emergency. beware. phony lock smith knows how to pick more than your lock. they get into your wallet as well. the story begins at eastern safe and lock in springfield, virginia. ford says the huge majority of lock smith ads in print and online yellow pages are placed by con artists. >> there's probably 800 names on
5:45 pm
here. you have 12 or 13 that are le t legitima legitimate. might as well say new york, chicago, new jersey. >> reporter: lock smithing is a craft with a long history. a trained professional can open the locked door to your house in a few moments. can open the locked door to your car just like that. all for a reasonable charge. some mobile lock smiths have a different idea. >> bait and switch. that would mean they would quote a low price. when they got to the job, the prices would triple, quadruple. >> reporter: be careful if they show up in an unnamed vehicle. ask if they are licensed or belong to a.l.o.a., determine if they have a real address and be wary if they demand cash only. if he says you owe money or made
5:46 pm
a contract of some sort, 911 works very well. >> reporter: the one mistake people make is wait until they are locked out. look up the closest lock smith, find one ahead of time. make sure they have a local address. save the phone number in your phone or next to the phone. don't do it in an emergency situation. you may end up calling one who is not licensed. >> while you are doing that homework, put a key in your yard. >> i didn't say that, wendy did. >> in the yard. in a tree. doctors have a new tool for treating military personnel. it's a lollipop laced with painkiller. it's used in the battlefield and medical centers. they like it because it is quick. the strong pain medication is
5:47 pm
absorbed into the bloodstream within five minutes. faster than when injected into a muscle. it can be stopped by removing the lollipop. cancer patient who is have trouble swallowing pills are receiving the drug this way. what a day we have had in the weather. it is not done with us yet. >> here is chief meteorologist, doug kammerer with the changing forecast. >> changing big time. the rain is moving in now. it's going to be on the moderate to heavy side. let's go to the live doppler radar. everybody is seeing at least some rain. moving in near prince george's county. the heaviest rain down to the south around fredericksburg, charlottesville, culpeper. moderate to heavy rain. we move into portions of southern maryland. temperatures tomorrow will be cooler. 48 in washington. 46 in winchester.
5:48 pm
we see rain and it may end as snow during the day tomorrow. we'll see flakes, we will not see accumulation across the area. how much snow could we see this winter? se did the official forecast last night. here are the numbers we came up with. we think we have a very low chance of seeing zero to six inches. a low chance of seeing more than 20 inches. we think a median chance of 13 to 19 which is average or a little above. we think the best chance is going to be between 7 and 13 inches. that is the high chance. very high probability of that. we could be closer to the seven inches. if you were hoping for a lot of snow, this year may not be the one to look for it. areas that get the most snow are back to the west, winchester. frederick, maybe 12 to 18 inches, plus around the i-95 corridor, we are talking seven to 13 inches that i mentioned. to the south and east, we could
5:49 pm
see four to ten inches of snow there. we think we'll see at least one big storm this year. how much cold air is involved depends on how much snow we get in the area. go to our website, we have the blog there and also we are currently holding a web chat. veronica johnson and chuck bell -- chuck bell came in on his off day to join in on the chat. thanks, chuck. >> you have been busy. thank you, doug. >> storm center web chat, i love that. >> awesome. >> now they can web chat and watch the plays of the week. >> we are not doing plays of the week. this is better than plays of the week. >> then i'm going to the weather center. >> look out storm center 4, here comes wendy. we are talking hoops. it's probably going to get off to a rocky start.
5:50 pm
gary williams is gone. there's a program with seven scholarship players available now. terps, 1-0. it's a miracle if they make it to the ncaa. with the strong recruiting class, things are looking up. hope is on the horizon. zachary has more on the changes taking place in college park. >> it was like, you know, it was -- it seemed like a dream to me. who would think coach williams would leave. >> this is my decision. it's not a quick decision. i have thought about it for awhile. >> i have nothing but respect for the guy. you don't get anywhere in life sitting back and being happy. >> i played with the university of kansas. he played at the highest level. i think maryland is one of those jobs. >> may 11, larry brown coaching tree. a proven winner by way of texas
5:51 pm
a&m. his skills will be tested and tested early. >> this team will be known for -- >> defending. >> it may not mean more than holding someone accountable. for the players, adjusting to a new leadership style. >> he's more calm. he's definitely more calm than coach williams. >> reporter: there's expected to be growing pain as he takes over a young team with just two juniors and one senior. >> sean has been there and done that. started, he's not started. he's played at duke and carolina. he's separated himself and been a great leader. >> reporter: he's expecting production of someone who almost became a casualty of the toching team. >> we don't trust them now. i said to make them come here, i
5:52 pm
won't be here two or three years. >> reporter: the alumni are supporting him based on the largest turnout at a midnight madness in years. >> we could turn things around. this year, we have our own expectations. >> in the opener, the young terrapins showed promise. >> i'm a better coach today. i have maryland on my chest. hopefully it's going to, you know, lead to a lot of victories and fun times. >> next up for the terps, 15th ranked alabama. the game is in puerto rico. it's a win-win. >> not bad. >> thank you. let's find out what's in store for news 4. coming up, the man suspected of firing shots near the white house is arrested outside of pittsburgh. we'll have team coverage with
5:53 pm
the latest on the investigation. the thanksgiving travel rush is almost here. why is metro planning to temporarily stop rail service to reagan international airport? we'll check it out. >> a woman tosses a pricey diamond ring in the trash. what it took to find it in ten tons of garbage. >> see you. thanks. fighting over facebook. a
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5:56 pm
d.c. councilman marion berry is popular and online. >> he formed twitter and has a big follow. his account went out on sunday. >> he's the one actually tweeting. when tom sherwood asked if it was really him, he replied i twagged. tweets with swags. >> you know he does. it's the only way he does. a divorce case in connecticut is bringing new meaning to facebook drama. a couple is ordered to exchange passwords for social networking sites.
5:57 pm
>> it's an unusual case sparking unusual league questions. >> i don't have an e-mail address. i don't have facebook. i have never been on a dating service. >> reporter: he doesn't plan on getting online anytime soon. as a divorce lawyer, he's seen just about everything there is that breaks up a marriage. it's what he did for a client that may be charting new territory in divorce law. >> it's not the first time we have used information like this, it's the first time using it in this method. >> stuff i saw on facebook and stuff friends were telling me. it was just -- i was done with it. >> reporter: the attorney believed that information might help him get custody of his two daughters. the only problem, without her password, there was no way of itting it. >> we had to be pagy. we scheduled a deposition. during that, i asked the
5:58 pm
question about retrieving her facebook passwords, et cetera. >> you have the two attorneys sitting around a conference room table. once the password to face book comes out, he looks for information. she called friends asking them to change her password. >> giving the password, you know, we didn't anticipate that question coming. when she gave the password, she gave it and i told her to change it. >> i stopped the deposition. i went upstairs and contacted the head family judge. he wanted to make sure the information they are looking for wouldn't be deleted. also ordered the couple to change passwords on all social networking sites. she denied to go on camera. harnding over passwords is
5:59 pm
opening up doors to places where people expect a certain level of privacy. >> giving someone a password and free reign to facebook. >> it's a new world. that does it tonight. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. bullets hit the white house piercing a window. the secret service move in. an arrest at a hotel room outside pittsburgh. we have team coverage of the take down. assistant coach at the center of the penn state scandal says he told police about the scandal. authorities say it doesn't add up. police raid a home finding thousands of dollars of stolen jewelry. the crime has connections to new york city. >> good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the white house hit by gunfire. police just made


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