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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the motive is still a mystery. oscar ortega was arrested in indiana, pennsylvania just outside of pittsburgh. we begin with darcy spencer live outside the white house with developments. darcy? >> reporter: pennsylvania authorities had a press conference late this afternoon outlining the circumstances surrounding the arrest. the suspect had previously been staying at this hotel, but checked out. he was staying there with friends. he came back to the hotel today and someone there recognized him from the pictures that have been circulating in the media. they called the tip into police, police arrived and made the arrest. he was wanted for firing shots near the white house friday night. he's been captured. he was arrested this afternoon at a hotel in indiana, pennsylvania. it's more than 200 miles from
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washington. u.s. park police have a warrant for his arrest charging him with carrying a deadly weapon. >> the subject did not resist. a black bag, believed to have been in his possession was located near the hotel when he was taken into custody. as a precaution, a bomb detection canine unit was dispatched to the scene. there was no explosives detected. >> reporter: police believe he fired shots from a car in the 1600 block of constitution avenue friday night. 700 to 800 yards from the white house. federal investigators learned some of the shots may have hit the white house. they say a bullet struck a historic window of the historic mansion where president obama lives with his family. the round was stopped by glass. at least one more round hit the exterior of the white house.
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investigators were seen photographing the south facade where the shots hit. investigators will perform testing to see if the routes re fired from the suspects gun. >> the firearm was dispatched from a vehicle operated by mr. ortega. it was leaving the scene, found crashed at 23rd street and constitution avenue. >> reporter: this isn't the first time shots have hit the white house. in 1994, police say a man fired at least 29 rounds from a semiautomatic weapon toward the president's home. many are stunned it's happened again. >> it's unfortunate when it hits it white house it's a bigger event. obama is not in the white house, he's in hawaii. i don't know if it was meant for him or a political statement. >> reporter: authorities were talking act a black bag in his possession. it contained his personal
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belongings. he's being questioned by authorities. he could have a court appearance as soon as this evening. i was able to speak to his mother in idaho for a brief time. she said basically, he's 21 years old. he's a grown man and he's going to have to deal with the trouble he's in now. back to you. >> darcy spencer, outside the white house. thank you. we continue with pete williams. let's start with a couple things first. a couple questions. he's not been charged as i understand it. two, do authorities think it was a direct threat against the president? >> he faces a charge of carrying a dangerous weapon in the district of columbia. they are preparing other charges against him. i think with attempted assassination. you saw the picture of the man during the clinton administration. the same thing. whether he was specifically threatening president obama or not, it's something they are looking into. i'm heard he was overheard
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making threatening remarks. in terms of finding comments he made on social networking sites, we don't have record of that. he's got a long history of minor violations. he's been a busy guy in and out of courts. >> is there speculation about what his motive might have been? >> i haven't heard any, no. in terms of shots fired. look at the picture of darcy doing the live shot. she's on the other side of constitution avenue. that's how far he was. remember, he's driving in a car down constitution avenue. he's westbound. he is on the driver's side. the white house is on this side. he's firing across the seat through the passenger window at the white house. it's surprising any of his shots hit the white house at all. in terms of how many? there were nine shell casings found.
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they know two rounds hit. they are looking at other marks to see. we don't know how many rounds hit the white house if they match his gun. >> is there assumption he was not acting alone? >> i think the assumption is he was acting alone. we learn from the police in philadelphia where he was arrested in indiana, pennsylvania -- pennsylvania police i should say. nobody else has been charged. >> we know they searched for him in the occupy d.c. encampment. is there a connection there? >> because he's homeless, basically. his family lives in idaho falls. they run a restaurant there. he's been drifting around now for several months, since october when his mother reported him missing. they thought he hung out there. they asked occupy protesters if
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he was there. to the latest on the child abuse sex scandal that rocked penn state university. we are hearing from the assistant coach. he's a key witness in the case against jerry sandusky. he's charged with sexually abusing at least eight boys. we have the report. >> reporter: more fall out from the scandal at penn state. mike mcqueary who witnessed child sexual abuse told friends he not only reported the incident to the head coach, but they also went to authorities. in an e-mail, he writes i did stop it. not physically, but made sure it was stopped when i left the locker room. i had contact with police and officials in charge. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> beyond creepy. this attorney was a central
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figure in the catholic church scandal. >> to me, it's similar to what i see in the catholic church where someone started the cover up. once they are in, they keep it going. unfortunately, it leads to decades of children being abused. >> reporter: from his perspective, joe paterno seems to be an enabler in this and could face civil. >> i don't care what a great football coach he was. we are talking kids lives. he was the football program at penn state. he knew sandusky, according to the grand jury report was using his football program to groom little boys to rape. >> reporter: a football program that despite the controversy and allegations will play this weekend against ohio state. >> be respectful to our guests from penn state. >> reporter: the battle put aside for now.
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this public service announcement. a couple notes on mike mcquery. there are no police reports connecting him. confirmed through sources here, he was part of a fund-raiser with jerry sandusky, weeks after the event. that is the latest from penn state, news 4. >> the next court appearance is scheduled for early december. it will occur before a new judge to oversee the case. earlier, documents revealed the original judge set him free in $100,000 unsecured fund had ties to the charity. a student from our area was killed in an accident on the campus of james madison university. she was crossing the street just before 10:00 last night when she
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was hit by a city buss. she died on the scene. she was a freshman ant jmu in harrisonburg, virginia. this facebook page was created in her memory. bus driver had a green light and will probably not be charged. president obama announced the u.s. military will begin to maintain a presence in australia. that announcement came during a state visit to that country. the president says as many as 250 marines will be part of the initial deployment. the force will build to about 2,500 military personnel in the next few years. some analysts say it sends a signal to china. the chinese are emerging as a power in the region. they have already expressed concerns about this plan. >> what it allows us to do is not only build capacity and cooperation between our two
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countries, but it also allows us to meet the demands of a lot of partners in the region. >> president obama will also deliver a major address to the australian parliament within the hour. later tonight, he'll fly to darwin. the supercommittee has a week left to agree to cut the nation's deficit by $1 trillion. republicans and democrats are separated by deep divisions over tax hikes and entitlement cuts. if they can't reach a deal, $600,000 is automatically cut. doug, did i hear you say we might see snow flakes? >> that's the operative word, flakes. we could see some flakes as the rain transitions to snow.
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we have a couple systems. one is making its way through right now bringing a lot of strong thunderstorms. let's take a look and show you what's going on in our area, sitting at 59 degrees. the wind shifted out of the north-northwest at 14 miles per hour. the winds are starting to gust and bring colder air. warm to the south of the front. 67 down to the south of the river. you can see the difference there in temperatures. leesburg seeing the rain. fairfax county seeing the rain. the heaviest rain around spotsylvania and fredericksburg. we'll continue to see the rain throughout the rest of the evening hours. more chances for snow but also snow for the whole season. the winter weather outlook. go to, click on the web chat link. we'll answer the questions for a half hour. we're all in storm center 4. >> thanks, doug.
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coming up, the city leaders running out of patience for occupy protesters. the demonstrators say they are not done yet. what maryland leaders want to do so people don't turn a blind eye to sex crimes involving children. >> reporter: i'm pat collins. hey, why are these cops chasing these roosters? well, to get to that gold. i'm pat collins. the story, coming up. news 4. bring not one but six walmart stores to the district. what's ahead in sports? the late game collapse by the capitals. believe it or not, it is dallas week. skins players hope thag the rivalry hype will kick their slump to
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breaking news out of florida where a southwest jet has been evacuated. somebody reported a suspicious substance on board the plane. it was headed to bwi marshall airport here. hazmat and fire crews are on the scene to determine if it's anything dangerous. we'll bring you the latest as details become available.
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prince george's county police appeared to have struck gold. they broke up a stolen jewelry ring. it has ties to new york city. >> reporter: police raiding this river dale home looking for illegal gold. first, they had to deal with the roosters. that's right. the roosters in the backyard running this way and that way. the chase was on. once they had the roosters in custody, it was into the house. surprise number two. it's like a little 7-eleven there. there are real grocery store shelves with real grocery store items. once the cops got past the store, you might say they struck gold. eureka. just in time for christmas. look what they seized. it's like a small jewelry store.
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make that a large jewelry store. bracele bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendan pendants, how much? just in this box alone, $30,000 worth of gold necklaces. >> we are able to go in and do a sting operation and determine they were taken in stolen jewelry. >> reporter: this is how police say it worked. the ring ran an unlicensed illegal jewelry stand in this grocery store in riverdale. they buy hot jewelry, take it to the house, recon figure it and sell it in new york tr a big profit. >> they are making big money on it. the price of gold is high. in our county alone, we have a lot of break-ins and theft that involve gold jewelry. >> reporter: taking tasks of taking the seized jewelry to items from recent burglaries. tonight, the roosters are in
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protective custody. so far, no arrests in the gold scheme. they say that is forthcoming. watch this space. i'm pat collins, news 4, prince george's county. doug is back with a look at when this rain is going to let up on us a little bit. >> not just the rain, fog, warm temperatures, now cold temperatures and yes, this could end with wet snow during the day tomorrow. how about that? this storm to the south that's beginning to make its way up, extremely strong. so strong we have seen numerous tornadoes out of the storm. yesterday, in portions of louisiana. you can see the damage to that house. a strong storm moved through there. toward mississippi, another tornado reported in toward mississippi. last night, we saw tornadoes reported in toward texas, louisiana and mississippi. today, a few tornadoes in portions of atlanta, georgia and portions of south carolina.
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for the record today, let's take a look at our numbers. we reached a high of 59 degrees. not much of a change there as far as the temperatures were concerned. so far, .4 of rain. 59 degrees is the current temperature with winds shifting to the north-northwest. that tells me that front, pulling down to the south will allow for the cooler air to begin to make its way in. it's down to 50 in cumberland. 55 in gaithersburg. you know we are cooling off a bit. here is where the heaviest rain is. moderate in winchester, frederick, fairfax county. now the district is seeing the rain. finally, prince george's county. the heaviest rain is going to remain down to the south, around fredericksburg. you could pick up a half inch of
6:20 pm
rain tonight. quantico, woodbridge and portions of the chesapeake bay area. calvert beach, all going to see a good area of heavy rain. as we widen out, see where the rain is coming from. one piece of energy coming through. this is the one producing strong storms just down to our south. as we widen out further, look at this. this is yet another piece of energy that's going to move across the area and back up toward the east coast. that's the one that's going to bring in another area of rain, but enough cold air that we may see snow flakes on the backside. not expecting accumulation during the day. i'm expecting to see snow flakes. 9:30 tonight, here is the rain. you'll need the umbrella. if you are thinking of stepping out for dinner. by tomorrow morning, i think just showers around around 8:00. we are not going to see much in the way of rain tomorrow morning. it's in the way of two systems.
6:21 pm
1:30, 2:00, 3:00, washington seeing the rain around the i-95 corridor. look to the west. gaithersburg, leesburg, winchester, frederick, all potentially changing over to snow. you may see an hour or two of snow. it will be too warm for accumulation. clearing skies tomorrow night. tomorrow night will be the coldest night we have seen so far this season. most areas get below the freezing mark. washington could get below the freezing mark this season. thund thunder down to the south. a few showers out there. 42 to 46 degrees. you need the coat tomorrow. we are not warming up much. high temperature between 44 and 48. clouds with rain early. breezy and chilly. it may end with snow before moving out of here after 6:00. there's the next four days
6:22 pm
showing a high of 49 on friday. we get warmer, saturday, 54 degrees. we are looking at 63 degrees coming up during the day on sunday. >> what was that? >> i could show it to you. >> snowfall. >> i wanted to show you the next three days but they are blanked out. this is the official winter snow forecast. i wasn't going to show it to you but you got it. seven to 13 inches is the official forecast. that's the high chance of seeing that kind of snowfall. we are predicting below average snowfall this year. >> the flakes don't sound like they are going to count toward the total. >> no, they will not. coming up next, a baby cuddled up with a meat cleaver. details behind an ad campaign some say crosses the line. >> reporter: i'm julie carey >[ male announcer ] want toy achieve more with your money?
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the occupy wall street movement continues to grow as protesters demands change for what they call corporate greed. in many cities across the country, patience is wearing thin as police try to shut them down. the movement started up in new york city nearly two months ago now. it's spread across the nation. michelle franzen has more on the
6:26 pm
demonstrations expected to kick off tomorrow. >> reporter: it is the birthplace of the occupy movement. where protesters have camped out nearly two months changed in the past two days. >> individuals carrying these items may be refused entree. >> reporter: gone are the tents. it gave park owners and the city the right to enforce the ban. protesters are allowed to assemble in the park. >> i don't care what the ruling is. they are not going to shut down the movement. >> reporter: more than 100 people arrested monday after the overnight sweep by nypd to clear the park. cities are taking or considering similar action and sighting sanitation and safety as the main concerns. >> people were sympathetic to some of it. lately, it seems because of
6:27 pm
crime and sanitation and ideological disputes, this seems to be degenerating in a way that reminds people of the worst of the 1960s. >> reporter: in cities like oakland and seattle, tensions between police and protesters escalated. yesterday, riot police used pepper spray on some protesters. in boston, a legal battle is taking shape. a judge issued a temporary order that prevents the city from removing protesters and tents. back at occupy wall street, a major rally is planned for thursday to mark the two month anniversary of the movement. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. the controversy over a new ad campaign. the campaign from the milwaukee department of health shows images of babies sleeping next to a butcher knife. it features the headline your
6:28 pm
baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous. a parent could roll over and suffocate an infant. milwaukee's mayor says the shock may save a child's life. children sleeping on their stomachs of fluffy bedding are hazards. co-sleeping has benefits. the penn state scandal is having a ripple effect across the country. details behind the push to make reporting sex crimes against children mandatory. why they are shutting down rail service as we head into the busy holiday travel season. some stores open on thanksgiving day promising deep discounts. not everybody is happy about that. coming up in sports, ready or not, it's cowboys week. redskins ready to take on the boys. tired of talking about mistakes and ready to turn things around. plus, the caps fall short in
6:29 pm
the music city.
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the police are questioning a man suspected of shooting at the white house. oscar ortega was found at a hotel outside pittsburgh,
6:32 pm
pennsylvania today. he did not resist arrest. a bomb squad was called to look at a black bag that might have belonged to him. a key witness in the sexual abuse. he might have seen jerry assaulting a boy. he says he stopped the assault and did tell police. police have not commented on the e-mail. a student from fairfax, virginia was hit and killed by a bus as she was crossing the street last night. the 18-year-old just graduated from woodson high school. she was a freshman at jmu. charges have not been filed against the bus driver. more fallout from the penn state scandal. tougher penalties for those who
6:33 pm
don't report sex abuse cases. >> several people knew of the crime and didn't report it. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: in the wake of the penn state child abuse scandal, joe paterno was fired for not reporting to police information about jerry sandusky being caught in the shower sexually abusing a young boy. umptly, abuse goes unreported too often. statistics show one in four girls and one in six boys are victims of sexual abuse by the age of 18. only one in ten cases are reported to police. the national center for victims of crime would like it to be made mandatory in every state that you have to report child sexual abuse when you see it. maryland requires reporting abuse or neglect by teachers,
6:34 pm
police and health practitioners. now, maryland is looking to make the law tougher. come january, maryland lawmakers will reconsider a bill to make it a crime to ignore evidence of abuse. >> it's a misdemeanor if you see child abuse and fail to report it. you are subject to a significant fine but not jail time. >> reporter: do people feel mandatory reporting is fair? >> i agree with the law. if paterno reported what he saw, he would have his job and prevented stuff from happening. it's a good law. you are held responsible for what you see. >> i think they should make it a stricter policy because so many people get away with it. if you know, it's your duty to do so, help the community out and make it safer for kids. >> reporter: if there's positive lessons, it is that people must be aware that they have not only
6:35 pm
a moral obligation but a legal one to report child abuse. chris gordon, news 4. serious questions have been raised about the safety of asbestos abbatement in the region. major companies regularly violate training and saferty regulations. it was compiled by the help of a college student. >> i'm talking improper disposal of led. companies making workers do stuff on walls with live circuits. no breaks during the kind of work that osha refers to as heavy work. >> there are only three inspectors in virginia and three in maryland to police the asbestos industry. they lack resources as simple as cell phones to do their jobs. campus police handling of
6:36 pm
sexual assaults on school grounds was the focus today of a virginia hearing. it happened in richmond. some victims and their parents say far too often the crimes are not investigated properly. jewulie carey reports it may le to new legislation. >> when i was raped, i died. it was a heinous and mutilating crime that stole my soul. >> reporter: she's used to telling the story of her rape case. a rape that was never prosecuted. they accused them of steering to administrative hearings rather than to the courts. >> i had to go to my dean three times to report it. i worked with the school repe repeatedly to get them to go forward. >> reporter: that story and others have prompted them to consider a change of virginia law to require them to report rapes and murders to attorneys
6:37 pm
and seek assistance from local police departments. the parents of morgan hairington. the student disappeared and was found dead. early on, campus police were hesitant to launch a missing person's case. >> there were a number of things that should have been done. >> you want there to be a standard. one way to respond to a felony crime on campuses. >> reporter: the numbers underscore the victim's concerned. this report shows there was 16 forcible rapes reported last year on all of virginia's campuses. investigations into the cases yeeded no arrests. police chiefs defended their departments as highly trained and skilled. they would support cooperation with the police as long as they
6:38 pm
maintain in the lead. >> we have a lot of common ground. strengthening those notifications in the community and working together, i fully support those. the crime commissioner will make a decision in december on whether to send the bill to the general assembly. the thanksgiving travel season begins this weekend. riders will not be able to take metro to the airport. they will be closed for repaired. they last from 10:00 friday night through 5:00 a.m. monday. metro will run shuttle buses to help customers get around. many people are heading out for thanksgiving, this is not usually a busy weekend for the reagan national station. coming up, a retail giant ups the ante, walmart with the plans to bring six stores to the dis incompetent. it could be good news for locals in need of a job. >> rainy out there today.
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there's a
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yeah. hello, i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. we are in storm center 4 watching the rain and the very cold air behind this system
6:42 pm
tomorrow. 57 degrees currently. winds shifted out of the north. now, at 16 miles per hour, the cold air is going to filter out of here, too. a much colder day tomorrow. look at the rain encompassing the entire area. heaviest rain to the south. prince william county, charles county, the rain is falling in quantico and waldorf and to the south of washington. everybody is going to see light to moderate steady rain over the next couple hours. tomorrow, high temperatures around 48 degrees in washington. 47 in gaithersburg. 48 in frederick. that could be on the warm side. we'll see more rain tomorrow and some of that could change to snow before it's all said and done. some areas toward leesburg could see an hour or two of snow. again, it's not going to be accumulating that much. once again, there's the winter
6:43 pm
forecast. we are thinking seven to 13 inches of snow for the entire season. that is along the i-95 corridor. could be lower than there. we'll show you the extended outlook coming up. >> thank you. retailers are hoping to get a heads upstarting holiday sales on thanksgiving. box stores are open as early as 9:00 thanksgiving night. the leesburg premium outlets have been opening at midnight. this year, 70 of the 110 stores will open at 9:00 or 10:00 on thursday night. not everybody is happy about the pre-friday sale. some say thanksgiving is stressful enough. >> black friday, leave it where it was. start the morning early. the day before thanksgiving is too much. >> some employees of the stores are not happy, either. a target worker started a petition asking them to save
6:44 pm
thanksgiving and open 5:00 friday morning. now, there's more than 111,000 signatures. >> mark my words, your kids are going to see christmas shopping beginning right after halloween. >> it's crazy. the thanksgiving holiday ought to be reserved. >> you would think so. >> i concur. one redskins player still uttering the "p"
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
durable when this used to be a big deal? >> oh, yeah. it's getting further and further away. the redskins and cowboys at fedex field. what's going on here? can you feel the excitement in the air? maybe it doesn't have the normal buzz. skins riding their longest losing streak in a decade. a win against the cowboys would ease the pain, even if it is temporary. to beat the boys, the redskins have to run the ball at least a little. the skins running game has been atrocious over the last five games. the runningbacks have combined for 140 yards. that's 28 yards per game between them. by far, the lowest total in the nfl. if they can get the running game going, the skins will at least have a chance to make it interesting. if not, we are going to see more of the same. the frustration spilling over to
6:48 pm
the defense. the guys feel like they need to start scoring. >> we just have to keep fighting. regardless of the outcome and the adversity we face, we have to find a way to score. even though we took it to the four. we have to find a way to get the end zone. we have to do something to get it turned around. get more opportunities and we can let loose. >> it is frustrating. everybody is frustrated right now. to have the cowboys come in there, there's no better team to go against to get fired up and have the extra juice and motivation to get this turned around and a big victory. >> i think we can get the ball rolling. you know, for us to make the playoffs we have to win. you can only take one game at the time. you know, the cowboys are up next. this is going to make or break our season. >> he said it.
6:49 pm
he said playoffs. even he chuckled before he said it. >> he's got to say something. you keep going around talking to these guys. today is wednesday. after a devastating loss on sunday. sports reporters going around and sticking the mic in their face. at some point, they are going to say something bizarre and stupid. what else is there to say, at this point? >> i'd like to have a microphone there if they do. i admire trent williams for trying to stay positive in front of the camera. >> they have to. >> of course. >> it does remind us of a famous press conference. look what i have for you here. >> i know what this is, go ahead. >> bring it. >> there it is. >> playoffs? are you kidding me? playoffs? i just hope we can win a game. another game. >> playoffs? how many times have they uttered
6:50 pm
that in the last couple weeks? >> he'll never get past that. >> a classic sound byte. >> her talking hockey. in nashville last night, the capitals took the lead, lost the lead and lost the game in less than five minutes. the most disturbing thing about the capitals is their inability to close out games. in five of six losses, they have entered the third period, at least tied for the lead. the caps goaltender, a former predator, not the night he wanted. marcus johanson working up the ice. finally beats him. he is a fine goaltender for nashville. that's the fifth of the year. capitals on top. 28 seconds later, shea weber to martin. he beats them and ties the game at one.
6:51 pm
over 55 minutes. now, with 24 seconds to go, he hits a diving collin wilson for another nashville goal. the predators have one more. it's an empty nether. 3-1. the capitals have lost four or five. >> yeah. that was -- this is a tough one to take. it's, i thought for 56 minutes we played as good as we could play. the last two periods, we dominated. then we stopped playing. >> two more games on that road trip in canada. new coach, one senior and seven scholarship players. not exactly the recipe for success in a major college basketball program. we'll look at how good or bad they will be when they take on alabama. they won their first game in wilmington. they won by nine points over a
6:52 pm
team that maryland normally would have rolled by 20 or so. the head coach already has a stellar recruiting class lined up next season but it's going to be a long ride getting to next year. >> you just do the best you can. try to get -- try to bond. try to get better. we'll learn a lot about ourselves. we're going to see a lot of new things. they are going to run and jump in the back court. it will be interesting to see if we can handle it. they will throw an aggressive press on us, too. it will be good for us. >> i like how he's so matter of fact. >> if he's looking at it like that. what's he going to look like in january? >> he's so much calmer. >> you have to set the expectations low like we talked about before. he learned from randy in the football program. people expected him to be up here. when you end up up here, they are angrier.
6:53 pm
>> i don't know about that. >> you don't know? >> if you don't expect anything, you don't get anything. >> he's getting set to go to puerto rico, right? >>
6:54 pm
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♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ d.c. is getting six new walmart stores. mayor gray says they plan to build two more stores in addition to the four already in
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the works. they will be at skyland shopping center and ridge road and south dakota avenue in northeast. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: it's midday on a weekday and this area walmart lot is bustling. they hope to replicate this kind of bustle that hasn't seen it for years. >> after 22 years there's an effort to do something. >> the effort is out for most here. >> it's time for a change. you know, give people a chance to work. >> reporter: among other merchants who could lose business. it's got to help. >> i'm happy it's coming. i think it's very much need here in the southeast area. >> reporter: among the six stores planned, 1800 retail jobs and 600 construction jobs created. there's some trepidation on that point.
6:57 pm
>> the question remains, are they going to be true to what they are saying when they say bring jobs to the district of columbia. >> reporter: members of a group that watch that is says walmart promised more than delivered at some locations. >> put the agreement in writing saying they will pay our d.c. residents good wages, offer full time jobs and health care. >> reporter: this is not the only location rounding out the half dozen store commitment to d.c. the walmart planned for this location is different from others. it won be a fre standing store. residents and others won't cross the d.c. line to shop. >> the district has retail leak an is a better way of putting it. $1 billion a year. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. coming up at 11:00, live in
6:58 pm
pennsylvania where a man arrested for a shooting at the white house. new details of what brought him down. the first national words of wilson ramos after his kidnapping in venezuela. the torch runner who startled hillary clinton and turned into a worldwide internet sensation at 11:00. >> final check storm guy. >> looking at showers out there now. rain and some moderate to heavy rain. mostly down to the south of washington now. raining in the district and around the beltway to southern portions of maryland and fredericksburg. it's where we see the heaviest rain. we'll see more rain during the day tomorrow. we could see the change over to snow during the afternoon. don't expect accumulation or problems from it. flakes flying around. 49 for friday, saturday and sunday. things will be warming up. >> thank you.
6:59 pm
if you treasure an hair loom you may know how this woman feels. she lives in massachusetts and wears a wedding ring every day. it was passed down to her. she washed the ring, wrapped it in a paper towel to dry. she threw out the paper towel and the ring. they jumped out of the car and rushed to catch them. they waited three hours for the truck from their neighborhood to show up with ten tons of trash. >> oh, my gosh. >> the driver dumped it and helps them search. they found it. the bag and the ring. sawyer was shaking. she was so relieved. she gave the driver a reward. we hope that it was a big one. on the broadcast tonight, shots fired at the white house, prompting an urgent manhunt for the gunman now under arrest.


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