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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we had the group occupy nova, northern virginia, which marched to this area from boston into this area. it had a heavy police presence. most of that has broken up. let's show you the map of the march they took from mcpherson square. it was down k street. they went on the western lanes, police presence police blocked every intersection so there was some short, minor disruption of traffic along the way. they chanted and carried signs. let's show you as they made the two mile march to key bridge. it was a peaceful march through the streets of the city. we have video tape of that as they marched, as they chanted and brought their message to the streets of washington, as they came to the intersections they were allowed through.
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now, there has been some disruption of traffic but not major number one. number two, no arrests. it's been peaceful throughout the evening. we spoke to some of the occupy d.c. people as they marched on their way here to key bridge. here is what they had to say. >> we are looking for jobs and infrastructure. i drive over these bridges. >> it's okay. i was expecting it. i thought i could get out five minutes earlier. >> reporter: is it a bother? >> no, it doesn't bother me at all. >> i was surprised to see the turn out. it's a good thing. i kind of want to get out there with them. >> it's always our policy not to make arrests unless it's absolutely necessary. >> reporter: as far as we know, there have been no arrested this evening and only minor
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disruptions in the traffic. helicopter overhead. d.c. police right over our head here in georgetown. they have u.s. park police, metropolitan police, virginia police, arlington police, so far, very peaceful. that's the latest from georgetown. >> commuters are going to be happy to hear that. thanks, chris. it was a different picture up in new york city. clashes between occupy demonstrators and police escalated. protesters toppled barricades. some demonstrators were taken away with bloody heads. more than 100 people arrested mostly in the morning when protesters sat in the streets outside the new york stock exchange. police cleared out the occupy tent city in lower manhattan to clean it up. protesters say it will not deter them. >> speak for themselves. people are in dire straits.
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they have no choice but to organize around these issues. >> there were similar scenes arnds the area. we have some breaking news out of montgomery county. a bus crash in a multivehicle crash. these are live photos from chopper 4 over the scene live video. 50 students are being checked out for minor injuries. again, a bus crash there involved with other vehicles in montgomery county. we'll keep an eye on it for you. big change in the weather as you know, if you have been outside. yikes. >> it is getting cold. the coldest night of the season so far. doug kammerer is in storm center 4 with how low we are going to go. >> fall is the clash of the season between the warmer summer
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months and the winter months. a kidncouple days ago, 73 degre. today, 38 degrees. it's very cold outside. the winds at 17 miles an hour. the current temperature is 45. it feels like 38. that's at the airport. many areas, it's cooler and down with the actual temperature down to 39 in frederick and gaithersburg. 42 to the west near the charlottesville area. stanton coming in at 37. doppler radar is showing the rain is out of here. more showers during the day today. that is gone. snow flakes well to the west. this is not going to cause problems the rest of the evening. the rain is out of here. that means cooler conditions and clearing skies. 36 by 11:00. waking up to a temperature tomorrow at the airport of around 32. that puts most of you into the 20st. if we hit the freezing mark at
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the airport it's the first time for the season. >> bundle up. thanks, doug. the suspect in the shooting of the white house is being charged with trying to assassinate president obama. he was arrested yesterday about 200 miles from here in indiana, pennsylvania. he's accused of using a semiautomatic weapon and firing shots at the white house. jackie bensen is live up in pittsburgh with where the suspect was in court this afternoon. >> reporter: good evening from the federal courthouse. there were new documents. very disturbing documents released in this case today. the documents show the suspect was agitated with the federal government, referring to president obama as the antichrist and saying that he needed to kill him. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez wearing a white fbi issued jump suit sat quietly as
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the judge read the charge against him. attempted assassination of the president of the united states. it stems from friday's incident on constitution avenue. witnesses saw shots fired from a car in the direction of the white house. the suspect abandoned the vehicle a short distance away. inside, police found a semiautomatic rifle. an ak-47 with a range of well over a mile. officers recovered ammunition including three loaded magazines and nine spent shell casings. the car contained several additional boxes of bullets. no details about how the suspect, with no car and no wallet made his way 200 miles from d.c. to the small college town of indiana, pennsylvania where he was arrested wednesday. >> i was standing out front of the hotel and five troopers rolled up. they got out their guns and rifles and big ammo and stormed
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in the front door. the next thing i saw, they yelled at me to get out of the front door. they brought the guy out, put him in the car. >> reporter: the suspect waived his right to a preliminary hearing here in pittsburgh. he will be returned to the district of columbia to face profession. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. police in fairfax county are investigating a report of an abduction. a 19-year-old woman was walking in the springfield area when she was grabbed from behind by a man. it happened about 8:00 a.m. here lee high school. the woman is a student. she tells police the man ran away when she screamed. a search in the area failed to locate the man. our area as a distinction. we lead the country in deadly hits and runs. derrick ward looks at what's
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behind this dangerous statistic. >> reporter: hit and run accidents can be a loss of property like that on euclid street northwest. it can also be more careless where there's a loss of life. she died after being struck on route 3 in bowie. >> we have the highest percentage of rate of hit and run deaths in the country. we have the highest rate of drivers who hit and kill or maim or injure a driver flee the scene. >> reporter: more drivers who injure or kill cyclists or pedestrians. police say they have identified the driver. >> based on news accounts, the parents of the driver realized that the -- all indications were his son was involved in the crash and had him turn himself into the bowie police department. >> reporter: the circumstances are yet to be determined, a
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great number of the incidents, there are recuring reasons why drivers run. suspended or expired licenses. lack of insurance and intoxication. >> the consequences are greater when you hit and kill someone and then flee the scene. >> reporter: between 2000 and 2009. 279 in maryland and 217 in virginia. what can be done? tougher laws. they say adopt a public information campaign like other that is have been adopted like mothers against drunk-driving. >> a campaign for distracted drivers. a cam tan for aggressive driving and road rage. there's no campaign associated with hit and run fatalities. when we come back on news 4 at 5:00, cleaning up. strong storms ripped through the south leaving a lot of damage behind. airline passengers ordered to pay up for fuel or get off
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the plane. >> i'm liz crenshaw. thanksgiving tricks of the trade.
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sources tell nbc news more victims have come forward in the penn state sex abuse scandal. mike mcquery is the loan witness that claims to have seen jerry sandusky with a child in a shower. he said he talked to police but there's no record of it. he attended two events with sandusky. >> the story is told he can't be there at this time. some day, i'm not going to go into detail about anything, but you know, i think it's obvious i tried to do the right thing. >> both jerry sandusky and the two school officials charged with perjury will be in court this month. smuckers is recalling 16
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ounce cars of chunky peanut butter. they have best if used by dates of august 3 and august 4 of 2012. the peanut butter would have been purchased between november 8 and the 17th of this year. a routine sampling revealed it contained the bacteria. it was sold in 20 states including maryland, virginia and the district. no illnesses reported. thanksgiving is usually about turkey. what happens when a vegetarian shows up to your table? >> listen up, liz crenshaw is here with the answer. savory side dishes for all guests to enjoy. >> 90% of americans eat turkey on thanksgiving day. but, many dinner guests stick just with the side dishes. we have prepared vegetarian sides that your pickiest eaters
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will enjoy. we are here with chef james. hello. >> hi, liz. >> we have tricks of the trade. >> we are focusing on the sides. >> not the turkey? >> nope, i'm going to leave that up to you. soup. >> a curried apple butternut squash soup. how to make it creamy without cream. >> use a blender. >> saute celery, onions, carrots and a bay leaf and a kick with curry powder. apples, butternut squash and broth. >> if you are using a blender, let it cool down. if you have an emersion blender, go right in. look how beautiful that is. >> oh. it's spicy hot and has a little curry. it's really, really good. it's wonderful. there's the thanksgiving staple,
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stuffing vegetarian style. >> use soy sausage. >> instead of stuffing it into the turkey -- >> stuff it into the squash. >> they are huge and take up a lot of space. >> they are in the fridge and in the way of the turkey. >> use a prewashed, chopped, frozen col lard green. cook it until it's almost dry. >> the corn bread topping goes on top. after it bakes. >> nice and golden brown. >> perfect. the southerners are going to be happy this thanksgiving. >> one of the problems is enough time and space in the oven. >> the trick is do make ahead dishes. >> this is a curried roasted cauliflower dish. >> it can be made a day ahead and serve it at room temperature. want to offer protein to your
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vegetarian? use lentils. they cook in 20 minutes. you have a dessert that's not pumpkin pie? >> yeah. apple -- >> it's puff eed pastry, not dog that. >> use a premade frozen pastry. cast ire pan is the key. >> brown the sugar. >> make the sauce. put the apples in here. cook them down. top it with the puffed pastry. remember, the bottom becomes the top. >> beautiful. delicious vegetarian sides for your table. thank you so much. >> thank you. let's try it. >> okay. ask me twice, right? you're going to want this for thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. >> everybody's mouth is watering. even the turkey is happy. you can find all these recipes
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on our website, search thanksgiving tricks. also, we have last year's recipes from james as well. >> good. >> there was an unbelievable cranberry chutney thing i made. it's on there, too. >> who needs meat after that? wow. >> i'm a turkey eater -- >> i'll be eating meat, don't get me wrong. >> i'll be at the side table. >> doug, it's getting cool out there. >> it's really feeling like the holidays now. >> i woke up this morning and my heat was gone. >> no. >> yeah. the coldest night of the year and i wake up to no heat. we are changing everything. temperatures are going rise tomorrow. not really. we are going to see the coldest night so far this season. i think we'll get down to freezing, just about everywhere overnight tonight. not just that, we are talking windchills, too. out there now, a very cold
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afternoon. once again, remember how beautiful the weather hanover the past four or five days. we saw the rain. temperatures were on the mild side. right now, 45 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. current temperatures now sitting at 39 already in gaithersburg and frederick. 39 in winchester. petersburg to west virginia, 36 degrees already. look at the windchills. down to 34 in gaithersburg. 36 in leesburg. winchester at 32 degrees. right now, 41 in fredericksburg. we are talking very, very chilly conditions. the windchill is going to be a real factor as we make our way through the next couple evenings. outside now, no rain to talk about. a snow flake or two down the blue ridge. that's it. don't expect precipitation from the storm. it is all moving out of here. we saw showers during the day. the snow back toward the mountains. really, not much to worry about,
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everyone if you are traveling out toward the west. now, we are talking about a huge temperature swing. once again, 73 degrees just a couple days ago. friday and saturday cold as we see the northwesterly flow move in. by late saturdays, we are going to start off cold. by late saturday and sunday, we see the return flow. mild southwesterly wind. that is really going to help to warm things up during the day sunday. with cloud cover, i think we get back to the 60 degree mark which is above average for this time of year. this evening, mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. actually, we are clearing out as far as the clouds are concerned. windchills in the 30s. actual temperatures 39 to 44 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up to a cold morning. clear skies. very cold. dress on the warm side. 25 in cooler suburbs to 32. even with a five to ten-mile-an-hour wind, the windchills drop to 20 to 25
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degrees for everybody. a cold morning. friday afternoon with sunshine. i think we are talking the coldest sunny day in months. 34 to 47. windchills all day could stay in the 30s in most locations. that's the kind of day we are talking about on your friday. as i mentioned, we warm up a little bit. 51 on saturday. saturday afternoon not bad. mild sunday with a high of 60. mostly cloudy skies on sunday. a slight chance of a shower coming up on monday. all in all, not too bad. we have to get through this bit of a down trend as far as temperatures are concerned. as long as we are ready for it, time to buy coats. >> we have had enough time. this season is coming late. >> thank you, doug. when we come back, cell phone trouble. why some signs on a new roadway seem to be causing reception problems. >> we'll tell you why a passenger is suing southwest airlines because of in-flight drinks. an emotional reunion at a
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all right, maryland has a new tool for winter. it's called the tow plow. it will be used to clear the snow. it can clear two lanes instead of one. they are forming a snow patrol.
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an added set of eyes on the road for the highway administration. the president and ceo of a connecticut utility company resigned amid the fall out of last month's rare, pre-halloween snowstorm. jeffrey butler stepped down as the head of the company as they continue to come under fire for extended out onlgs. at peak, more than 800,000 people without power. some left in the dark for up to ten days. the company started searching for a replacement. the skies could be dark in the baltimore harbor. organizers say they are running short on cash. the director of the nonprofit that runs it tells the daily record they need 75,000 to $1000,000 to put on a big show. they tell us the event brings in about 100,000 people and millions of dollars in revenue. coming up in the next half
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hour, protests near the key bridge. this is chris gordon live in georgetown. there have been no arrests here as occupy d.c. and our d.c. demonstrate by the key bridge. however, some of these people want to get arrested. i'll have a live report, ahead. damage assessment. the clean up is under way after severe storms swept across the south. and the myth of the five second rule. if you drop food on the floor, even briefly, is it okay to pick it up and put it
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to make a commitment is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t
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a fast 4ward through the headlines. a man charged with attempted to assassinate the president. the 21-year-old was in court in pittsburgh this afternoon. he waived his extradition rights. there's evidence linking him to the white house shooting. sources tell nbc news more victims have come forward in the penn state child sex abuse case. he's the lone witness of an alleged witness involving jerry sandusky and a young boy. he claims he stopped it and told police. authorities have no record of that. it's been a day of demonstrations for occupy protesters. in new york riot police had to
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be called in as they sat in the street outside the new york stock change. the decision to clear out a tent city of protesters to clean it up for public health reasons. more on the top story tonight. occupy protesters in our region. hundreds of occupy protesters are lined up along the key bridge amid a heavy police presen presence. >> they are spreading their anticorporate greed message. there are some traffic delays that are typical this time of the day. chris gordon is there now. chris? >> reporter: the message was get on the bridge. what they are trying to tell people is america's infrastructure is crumbling. the roads, bridges and schools need rebuilt and they need jobs. let's show you pictures from the
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virginia side taken a short time ago as some of the occupy nova demonstrators decided to leave and there was a heavy police presence from the arlington county police department there. also some occupy d.c. protesters leaving. they originally marched from boston down the boulevard to get to here to key bridge. again, it's been peaceful with no arrests. let's take you to a live camera in georgetown overlooking the key bridge to see there is a group of protesters left on the corner here at m street and the key bridge. they have signs. they have brought a message and that is that they are part of the 99% not included in the wealth of the united states, which is distributed narrowly among 1%, they say. we talked to some of the protesters on key bridge today. here is what they say.
5:32 pm
>> families take you. people have to pay light bills, electric and all this. we done have jobs. >> reporter: you want to disrupt the traffic of those who do have jobs? >> i'm not disrupting the traffic. i'm holding up signs. we're not about disrupting nobody. we are glad they have jobs. we want to know, what about us. >> reporter: can you tell us why you are here? >> no cuts. jobs. >> reporter: you brought your kids because -- >> these are my future. >> reporter: it has been a peaceful protest. an informational picket so to speak. as it breaks up, there have been no arrests but a group of a dozen or so decided to walk down the middle of the street. they have been warned to stay out of the street when they were on the bridge. no provision for them to walk down m street toward mcpherson square. it looked like a group of
5:33 pm
motorcycle police officers just surrounded them rather than arrest them and basically are escorting them to mcpherson square where they have their encampment. >> are they all going to start to head back to their camp? is it clearing out a bit? >> reporter: yes, it is. it's beginning to break up, clear out. if it continues like this, it will have been a peaceful day. >> all right. chris gordon at the key bridge with the occupiers. thank you. in prince george's downty, police are investigating a crash that killed a 55-year-old man on a moped. it happened in temple hills. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and is expected to be okay. police have not released what may have caused the crash. the calls are breaking up. residents near the inner county
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connector say the new road is ruining their cell phone service. residents say they noticed decreased reception. they say it could be the interference from the toll transponders or electronic message boards. they insist neither one is on a conflicting frequency. ample testing was done before the road opened. fcc says it will investigate. there is new concern metro workers may be overworked. a report finds train operators are working 15 and 16 hour as day. metro spokesman says while rare, train operator who is work the long shifts are not behind the controls the whole time. that same report surveyed metro employees on their feelings about the safety culture. 60% say they have seen cause for concern. most reported unsafe working conditions.
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a county is making parks smoke free today. the county is asking people stop smoking if they are within 50 feet of a shared area. the goal is to reduce the amount of secondhand smoke at parks, especially around children. the smoke-free parks program was launched today off lexington street. today is also the american cancer society 36th annual great american smoke out. severe storms moved across the southeast last night leaving damage from georgia to north carolina. doug kammerer joins us with a look at that destruction and the wake. doug? >> this is the same storm that came through our area yesterday. for us, we just saw rain. some of it heavy at times. to the south, it was different. temperatures climbed to 80 degrees. more of a spring-time scenario. this is a high school in northern portions of georgia that was damaged heavily by a
5:36 pm
tornado. fortunately, none of the students in the area were hurt. now, north carolina, where a house was destroyed. this is an area where 1,000 people were without power to the south of high point in north carolina. then down to the south, take a look at this video. these are actually workers and firemen looking for survivors after a tornado made its way through york county, south carolina. outside of charlotte. in this area, they were looking for survivors from six houses. six houses were destroyed. yesterday, 19 tornado reports in all. over the last 48 hours, 25 to 30 tornado reports. that storm system moves well out. we are not going to be dealing with this anytime soon. >> scary couple days, thank you, doug. a thanksgiving travel forecast is available. how many people will be hitting the roads next week. why a passenger is suing
5:37 pm
southwest airlines over dozens
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aaa is expecting a few more people on the road this is holiday season despite the rising gas prices. 40% of travelers are scaling back their plans because of the economy. 42.5 million people will jam america's airports and highways.
5:40 pm
gas is 50 cent as gallon more than last year. plane tickets are also more expensive. >> 2011, it's 20% more to buy an air ticket. it's 60% more to get a hotel room. car rentals are down in terms of rate. tsa and body scanners are getting an upgrade. bloomingdales windows are taking a new twist on shopping in new york city this season. they unveiled their 2011 holiday windows last night. take a look. the five display cases celebrate the iconic shopping bags over the years. some of the windows have cameras that snap photos of visitors. macy's will unveil their christmas windows later tonight. holiday shoppers have a new store to explore.
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the microsoft store opened at tyson corners store. the company is planning a special promotion during the grand opening celebration. this is the first microsoft store to open in the d.c. area. does the five second rule really make sense? coming up at 5:45. when and if it's safe to eat something that hit the ground. >> i think it depends on what hit the ground. >> airline passengers were ordered to pay up for fuel or get off the plane. the ♪ like any parent, i have questions about the food my daughter eats. things like high fructose corn syrup. so, i started looking for answers from medical and nutrition experts. and what i discovered is that whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. sugar is sugar.
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and knowing that makes me feel better about what she eats. and that's one less thing to worry about. [ female announcer ] learn more at is the featured $5 footlong of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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well, you know, most travelers, air travelers have grown used to the extra charges. imagine you are on a lay over and the crew demands more money for the flight to continue. that happened tuesday. an airline called com tell. the cabin crew told everyone they were not going anywhere until they coughed up $3100 for fuel and airport fees. >> it was a complete sham. i could not believe what i was seeing. it was as if we had been held
5:44 pm
hostage, you know, against our wills. 24,000 pounds, which we all had to pay. >> the flight eventually made it to birmingham england. the same thing happened on a flight from india to britain. they bought their tickets through travel agents who have not paid the airline. they are skeptical of that explanation. meanwhile, an illinois man thinks he's got fuel for a successful lawsuit against southwest airlines. he's suing for free drinks. he is one of a few select passengers given coupons for free alcoholic beverages. they had no expiration dates on them. southwest changed their policy and stopped accepting the coupons prompting the lawsuit. so far, the airline has not commented or offered to buy him a drink.
5:45 pm
>> we have all heard of the five second rule. drop something on the floor and it's safe to eat as long as it hasn't been there five seconds. does it make sense to you or does it? we have the investigation. >> reporter: four kids, busy mom and snack time. >> uh-oh. >> reporter: what did you usually do? >> if they drop a plate of apples, i don't want to cut a new apple. i give it back to them. >> reporter: it's the five second rule. >> most of my friends do it. i have seen them do it. if they just dropped it, you think how much dirt could be on it. >> reporter: we wanted to know, too. we took pacifiers and crackers. two common culprits that go floor to mouth. we decided to test them on the kitchen floor of katie's home. sample after sample, five seconds on the clock for each.
5:46 pm
next, we head outside to the driveway. the same process. fresh pace fiers and crackers hit the ground. we head to a busy diner at lunch hour and try out the five second rule there. this time, we place our pacifiers under the tables, ignore the gum and crackers in a walk way. the results? >> the kitchen was the cleanest. the crackers on the kitchen floor had light to moderate amounts of bacteria. the pacifiers showed bacteria along with yeast and mold. outside, heavy amounts of mold and yeast were present. what about the busy diner? light bacteria and a light amount of yeast and mold on one sample. none of them tested positive for serious stuff like salmonella or strep. in fact, most of what was measured was common bacteria.
5:47 pm
it could still pose a threat to children. >> common bacteria can make you sick, if it catches you in the right condition. >> reporter: the most interesting finding, essentially undermines the premise of the five second rule. five seconds, one second, it's all the same. as far as bacteria is concerned, it's the same. >> that's why i have my dog around. he gives it a second and a half. he's like a vacuum. >> it boosts your immune system to eat things off the floor. let's check in with our chief meteorologist, doug kammerer. >> i'm confused by this. i think we had a story that said you had up to a minute before there was significant bacteria growth. >> maybe in your house. yours is the clean one, perhaps. >> yes, i sterilize it every morning. sterilization comes in the form of colder air.
5:48 pm
it's a true fact. temperatures getting down into the 20s in many locations. sitting at 45 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. it puts the windchill now at 38 degrees. notice the windchills around the rest of the region. gaithersburg at 31 degrees. 35 in leesburg. back to the west in petersburg into west virginia, a windchill of 28. yes, we are dealing with very cold air coming in. we had a storm system that moved through the area this morning. most of us saw light rain in washington. a few flakes well to the west in the blue ridge and mountains to west virginia. that's about it. clearing skies overnight. you can see on the doppler, we're not talking shower activity except one lone shower to the south and east. i would not be surprised to see a flake or two out of that. temperatures down to the freezing mark in washington.
5:49 pm
it could be the first night we get to the freezing point. 22 in manassas. 30 in gaithersburg. 24 in leesburg. we are talking a very chilly night. you know it's going to be a very cold start to your friday. bundle up. >> thank you, doug. we are going to do a bit of rewinding. the cowboys are coming to town. >> this is true. this is one of the quietest weeks ever leading up to a cowboys game. that's not normally the case especially back in the good old days. we all loved to remember the game in 1983. the two teams vying for a spot in the super bowl. january 22, 1983, crushing the cowboys. tom landry and his dallas
5:50 pm
cowboys in town for the nfc championship just after american express released a new commercial featuring the most famous man in texas. >> you never know when you're going to be surrounded by redskins. >> first quarter and the redskins are charging. joe sizeman over the middle of charlie brown. skins lead, 7-3. monte coalman, sky high. deep in his own territory, he can't handle it. coleman is closing too fast. >> very, very briefly. take his eye off the ball. it's all i needed. >> skins ball at the spot of the drop punt. john diesels his way in from one yard out. skins lead, 14-3. the hits keep oncoming.
5:51 pm
32 seconds left in the half. dallas quarterback drops back and dexter manly drops him to the turf. out of the game. >> we been running that certain play. i kept telling coach, it's wide open. let's clean it. they couldn't pick it up. i thought it was going to eventually work. >> gary, who only threw eight passes in the nfl kept the boys in it. a six-yard toss to drew person. just under seven minutes remaining. darrel grant makes the play of his career. dropping back to the screen. watch the right side of the screen. for a screaming dexter manly, he tips the attempt, pulls it in and stomps it with a ten-yard score.
5:52 pm
>> i tried to position myself. if he releases it fast enough. i stopped and held it longer. then i saw dexter rush across. when dexter jumped, he tipped it. went high up in the air. i was able to run under it and score. >> joe gibbs carried off the field and into the history books. the redskins are off to their first super bowl with a 31-17 win. >> it was the ultimate game. king congrekong, godzilla. it will go down in history as a hard fought football game. >> we have a team, it's been said many times, it's just a team. all i can add to that, it is one hell of a team. >> he was a walking soundbyte. redskins, by the way, as you know, went on to win super bowl
5:53 pm
xvii. >> we're not making memories right now. what's going to happen to sports casters 20 years from now? >> let's hope they save this video. >> let's go back 45 years ago. >> all right. >> thank you. still to come, an emotional reunion as an airman comes home to surprise his kids. follow us on facebook
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for countless military families in the area there can be sadness at thanksgiving. for one family, it's going to be a great holiday. >> stephen williams left korea yesterday and with the help of south lakes high school, he staged a big sur prize for his daughters today. >> reporter: from the air base in korea to south lakes high school in reston, it was one long travel day for stephen williams. did it ever pay off. >> i see amanda, hold on. i don't see ashlee. >> he stepped into the school cafeteria around noon and
5:57 pm
surprised his two daughters. >> reporter: it was a reunion that brought applause, huge smiles and lots of tears to those who witnessed the dad and daughter bear hugs. >> i'm here for thanksgiving. >> you are? >> mom, holy williams captured the moment on the camera. she was the chief instigator and found willing accomplices when she called the staff. >> we are one big family. we felt we were all a part of this. things like this need to be celebrated. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: both girls began to dread thanksgiving without their dad. they had been wearing his dog tags. >> last night, actually was pray for our family. with my dad being gone, it's really hard with all of us. >> the only thing i can think about is it was going to be the
5:58 pm
first time we had thanksgiving without him. i actually, in class, i wrote a poem about having thanksgiving without him. >> reporter: there's one more bonus. he gets to see ashlee play in her first high school basketball game tonight. >> i'm so happy he gets to see me play for the first time. >> reporter: the biggest bonus of all is having dad home, the entire family together at the thanksgiving table. >> they go through a lot on their own. spouse and the kids. let them have a little enjoyment out of this is nice. >> reporter: pretty neat for all of us who get the share the moment. in reston, julie carey, news 4. >> so sweet. it's very sweet. hey, that's it for news 4 at
5:59 pm
5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. marking a milestone. protesters from coast-to-coast hit the streets on the two month anniversary of the occupy movement. tonight, a look at the demonstrations and what it means for your commute. firing shots at the white house. we'll tell you if he did it and why he did it. another twist in the penn state scandal. what the star witness in the case is saying about his role in reporting the alleged abuse. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. many of their encampments have been broken up by police. the supportered of occupy wall street movements have been out in force to mark two months since the birth of the movement.


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