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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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in new york it turned violent. banks got bailed out, we got sold out. tonight, we have team coverage. chris gordon is following the demonstrations in the district. we begin with michelle franzen live in new york. michelle? >> reporter: it has been a long day. protests that started off early this morning at this hour. about 3,000 meeting in a square not far from the park here. they will work their way across the brooklyn bridge and end up at city hall. this movement began two months ago sparked by outrage over the economy and fueled by social media. this was supposed to be a day of peaceful protest. it turned to confrontations with police. clashes between demonstrators and police in new york city escalated in the park where the occupy movement beban two months ago. protesters toppled barricades.
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riot police moved in. one protester let out of the park with what appeared to be a bleeding head injury. >> police came through the park and started shoving people around. >> reporter: police made nearly 200 arrests. >> most protesters have acted responsibly. those who break the law and try to assault other people, particularly the first responders are going to be arrested. >> reporter: the bulk of arrests came early in the morning when they marched to wall street and blocked traffic by sitting in the middle of the road. tensions by police and protesters have been building after an overnight sweep of the park. cities around the country are taking or considering similar action to remove occupy protesters from public places. they are determined to keep the movement alive. >> the issues speak for
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themselves. people are in such dire straits they have no choice but organize the issues. >> reporter: their message of social inequality has been resinated in polls with the public. at the same time, the public and police are showing there is little tolerance when the peaceful protests turn violent. and those protesters are expected to end up back here at the park. of course, a few days ago, the tents removed. sleeping bags, they will not be able to stay here overnight. it could be a confrontation with police. in the meantime, officers have been injured throughout the day. that includes one officer treated for an eye injury after someone threw a liquid substance in his face. >> thanks, michelle. in d.c., protesters are on the streets. they marched from mcpherson square through georgetown and
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joined occupy nova protesters and another group called our d.c. chris gordon has our coverage from the key bridge with a large police presence there. >> reporter: the demonstrators have dispursed. key bridge has no demonstrators left and traffic is moving freely. if you are waiting for a commuter, they may be delayed. the headline today is there were no arrests. let's show you the map of the march. occupy d.c. march west on k street around washington circle. then west on pennsylvania to the key bridge. let's show you the march itself as you hear the chanting and see the signs. occupy d.c. march to join with occupy nova. a local group called our d.c. their message was get on the bridge and demonstrate. show the people that the bridges
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and the roads and schools are crumbling in this country. they need to be repaired and rebuilt and the demonstrators need jobs. this whole march was about jobs and the fact that they represent what they say is the 99% of the people who are suffering in this weak economy. we talked to some of the demonstrators along the march route. here is what one had to say. >> going to the key bridge to demonstrate. everybody running through the rat race to get across the key bridge. it's part of the 99%. >> reporter: a d.c. police helicopter hovered overhead. this georgetown student got into a debate after telling demonstrators he's part of the 1% they oppose. >> you have to work hard to get ahead. my father came here with $250 and a bag of clothes. he worked hard his whole life and made it in this country.
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that is the american dream, not protesting, hoping to get government bailouts. >> reporter: the demonstrators from occupy d.c. marched back to mcpherson square. they plan other demonstrations. this one ended peacefully. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the man accused of firing a semiautomatic weapon at the white house is charged with trying to assassinate president barack obama. he was in federal court this afternoon after being arrested at a hotel in nearby indiana, pennsylvania. he waived extradition and should be on his way back here to washington. jackie bensen is live in pittsburgh with the latest. >> reporter: good evening from pittsburgh. newly released documents revealed here in court indicate the suspect had the will and the fire power to cause terrible mayhem in washington.
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white house shooting suspect oscar ortega hernandez sat quietly. attempted assassination of the president. newly released court documents indicate that interviews with the 21-year-old idaho man created a picture of a very disturbed man. one person, witness four told investigators he said he wanted to hurt president obama. referred to the president and the antichrist and said he needed to kill him. that is believed to be the motive for friday night's incident at constitution avenue where witnesses describe seeing shots fired from a car in the direction of the white house. the suspect abandoned the vehicle a short distance away. according to court documents, inside, police found a semiautomatic rifle, an ak-47 and a range of well over a mile. officers recovered ammunition
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including three loaded magazines and nine spent shell casings. four days later, court documents say several confirmed bullet impact points were found on the south side of the white house on or above the second story. the second and third stories are where the first family resides. ortega eluded law enforcement for four days. he was captured at a hotel near pittsburgh. >> things like this don't happen. of all places, that's crazy. >> reporter: the suspect waived extradition and will be taken back to the nation's capital by members of a federal task force. reporting live in pittsburgh, jackie bensen, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. at least 15 montgomery county students were checked out for minor injuries after their school bus was involved in a multivehicle crash. it happened a little over an hour ago in aspen hill.
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it was broadsided by a vehicle. the driver did not appear to be driving fast. most of the youngsters will be picked up by their parents. a report of an attempted abduction. officials say a 19-year-old woman was walking near cimaron and apache streets. it happened about 8:00 knee lee high school. the man ran away when she screamed. a group of gun advocates packing heat on the campus of virginia tech this afternoon. they argued the tech shouldn't be able to ban concealed firearms on am pus. survivors from the 2007 mass shooting held a counter rally. in july, he said schools must
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pass regulation to ban guns on campus. it could only apply to students and faculty. doug kammerer says we are in for the coldest air of the season. we are talking maybe the 20s. is that what you are saying? >> i think everybody is going to see the 20s. i think tonight is the first night the airport hits the freezing mark. 44 degrees out there now. we don't have a whole long way to go to get down to 32. the windchill is sitting at 40 degrees. most areas seeing windchills in the low to mid-30s. 37 in gaithersburg. 41 in manassas. fredericksburg, a temperature of 43 degrees. a cold air mass. no rain out there now. we are looking at a few snow showers back in the mountains of west virginia. it's where they will stay for the rest of the evening hours. we'll clear out tonight.
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tomorrow morning, inside the beltway, a temperature of 32 at 5:00 a.m. maybe 33 at 7:00 as the sun is making its way up. going for what could be the coldest afternoon with sunshine we have seen in months. what does that mean for the weekend? i'll show it to you in a minute. >> thanks, doug. next, trouble at 30,000 feet. clothing company is stepping back now from a controversial ad campaign. deal or no deal. a supercommittee has six more days to come up with a plan to slash the deficit. both sides very far apart. why train operators say they are being overworked. the terps with the first test of the year on the hardwood. unfortunate first for tiger woods in the president's cup and the redskins working on their
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more deadly violence erupted in syria as they continue to crack down on antigovernment protesters. 3500 people died since the clashes began eight months ago. pressure on the government is going. the arab league, which
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represents 22 countries in the region is threatening further economic sanctions if the violence doesn't end soon. the supercommittee has less than a week to slash the national deficit by $1 trillion. both sides are still far apart. democrats, at least, say it may be possible to reach a bipartisan deal before the deadline on november 23rd. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: six days left for members of the supercommittee. >> time is running out. we are working hard. >> reporter: the battle rages over hiking taxes on the wealthy and taking things away from the poor. >> wake up. wake up! >> reporter: they want a line drawn. >> we are not going to accept social security, medicare and medicaid cuts. >> reporter: moderate democrats
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like patty murray say if there are to be cuts, there has to be new revenue, too. tax hikes. she says republicans have to decide. >> whether or not to put real revenue on the table. once they resolve that and are willing to compromise as we have, then we can reach a deal. >> reporter: supercommittee republicans, senator pat toomey and jeb are backing $300 billion in new taxes, a compromise. speaker john boehner know that is will be hard to get through to the house. 72 said no to tax hikes. boehner charged democrats backed out of earlier deals. >> you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. the problem we have had all year is getting to yes. >> reporter: murray said democrats have said yes. >> we have met their offer on revenue. >> reporter: a deal she said is possible. there's another hopeful sign.
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it looks like the house will pass one of the continuing resolutions to keep government from shutting down at midnight friday. do it without the big fight they had over that the last time in april. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. members of the supercommittee say they plan to work through the weekend to reach a deal. >> only a few hours after unveiling it, united colors of benton pulled a controversial ad. it features pope benedict kissing a muslim. it was unacceptable and offensive. it was part of the unhate ad campaign. it features doctored pictures of president obama and other world leaders embracing. those images have not been pulled yet. energy secretary took responsibility today for the decisions related to sew lynn dra and the bankruptcy but did
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not apologize. it was a solar company in california that collapsed after receiving $535 million in federal loans. republicans say the incident is evidence president obama's plan wasted money and failed to spur job growth. they were pressured to wait until after the elections to announce layoffs. >> the final decisions were mine. i made them with the best interest of the taxpayer in mind. i want to be clear, over the course of the loan guarantee, i did not make any decision based on political considerations. >> he said no one from the white house asked him to make a political decision. he said the company failed largely because the price of solar panels declined 70% over the course of two and a half years. >> doug is here with more about
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the weather. wow, it got cold out there in a hurry. windy. we went from late summer to middle of winter, it feels like. >> we have had huge changes. not just in our area, but across the country. we saw 73 degrees. right now, we are sitting at 43 degrees. the windchill at the 33 degree temperature drop around our area. to the south, a different story. more springtime type weather toward north carolina, georgia, south carolina, all receiving tornadoes yesterday. 19 tornado reports across that area. we saw major damage. we did see six people die toward the southeast during the day yesterday. incredible damage there. once again, tornadoes and we have had a heck of a tornado season around the united states this year. it's not quite done yet. we saw a high temperature of 53 degrees. that would not be too bad, right? that was at 3:00 in the morning. the temperatures continue to fall. the low temperature was sitting at 44 degrees.
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the coldest night of the year, for sure, i think we'll see the coldest night. there's the current temperature of 44. winds at 8 miles per hour. that puts the windchill at the 40 degree mark. 37 in frederick and gaithersburg. 39 in leesburg and fredericksburg. the winds are starting to die down. that's good news. we have windchills in the 20s. look at gaithersburg. a windchill of 29 degrees at 6:15 at night. 33 in martinsburg. 31 in winchester and leesburg. fredericksburg, 35. it's a cold night outside. if you are going outside, you need to bundle up. we have not seen temperatures this cold so far this season. doppler radar, nothing to show you across the area. we are not going to show rain. snow flakes to the west. we saw rain earlier this morning. i's moving off the coast. behind it, clearing conditions and the clearing skies will lead to the cold air overnight
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tonight. talk about the temperature swings. we were warm the other day. now comes the cold air out of the northwest for friday and saturday. both days are going to be very, very cold. by sunday, we'll see the cold air begin to retreat away from the washington d.c. area and on sunday, much more mild air make its way in on the southwesterly wind. it should help to bring the temperatures close to average, if not above average by the end of the weekend. more cloud cover. this evening, cloudy, breezy and cold. windchills in the 30s just about everywhere. 39 to 44 degrees. winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. there will be sighting over the next few hours. tomorrow morning, the wins down to five to ten miles per hour. still very cold. a five to ten-mile-an-hour wind could put the windchills in the upper teens tomorrow morning. we'll warm up by ten to 15
6:21 pm
degrees to 44 to 47. the windchills will stay in the upper 30s to lower 40s. once again, looking for a cold day tomorrow. we start to moderate. 51 saturday. 60 on sunday. 57 degrees on monday before the next storm system moves in before thanksgiving. that will bring rain for thursday. >> okay. sounds great. thank you. coming up tonight, some people are having cell phone problems. reception we are talking about in the area. could be because of a major construction project. the holiday trav
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a pilot got locked in an airplane bathroom that led to a terror square. the airlines flight was coming in from ashville, north carolina. the pilot went to the bathroom, but the lock got stuck. he was banging on the door and told the passenger to alert the crew. when he approached the cockpit, the co-pilot became suspicious. he called air traffic control. >> captain disappeared in the back went to use the restroom.
6:25 pm
he's stuck in the lav, i'm being told and someone with a foreign accent is giving me a password for the cockpit. i'm not about to let him in. >> is there any disturbance on the airplane? >> negative. the captain was in the lavatory and couldn't get the door open. >> the pilot freed himself. fighter jets had been alerted but not scrambled. authorities figured out it was a misunderstanding. people at aaa are expecting 4% up tick they say, in travel this holiday season. that is despite prices going up all over the place. 42.5 million people are expected to jam the airports, train stations and highways this
6:26 pm
holiday season. it will come at a higher cost. it will cost 20% more to buy an airline ticket this year than last year. hotel prices are 6% higher. gasoline is about 50 cents a gallon higher than it was last year. despite all the soaring prices, they say spending time with family and friends is more important than worrying about costs after years in a tough economy. a key witness in the penn state scandal speaks out. why he says there's more to the story that hasn't been revealed. a troubling statistic in highway deaths in our area. >> i'm julie carey in fairfax county. a brand-new play with a broadway pedigree. why it is opening at the high school? i'll explain. the redskins trying to slow down a cowboys team that has been rolling lately. lebron, not taking on his usual
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it's been two months since the occupy wall street movement began. protests in new york turned violent today. demonstrators clashed with police. more than 150 people arrested
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there. things were calmer in the district. they marched through georgetown and on to near key bridge. a heavy police presence was there. nobody arrested. the man accused of firing shots at the white house is charged with attempting to assassinate president obama. court documents show he wanted to kill the president who he called the antichrist. among the evidence seizes, a semiautomatic rifle. he waived his extradition and will be brought back to washington soon. a supercommittee has less than a week to agree to cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion. they are still far apart. democrats say it might be possible to reach a deal before the deadline next wednesday. >> as more details emerge in the penn state child sex abuse
6:31 pm
scandal, there's growing concern over the prosecutions key witness. >> there may be more victims than originally thought. >> can you explain what is going on? >> reporter: the star witness for prosecutions, mike mcquery saw jerry sandusky with a boy. he told a grand jury he left immediately, distraught when he witnessed the alleged assault. he contradicted it in an e-mail to a friend. i did stop it, not physically, but made sure it was stopped when i left the locker room. he had discussions with police. there's no police report, no record of any conversation between mcquery and officers. adding to the questions about mcquery, he was with sandusky at a charity flag football game and
6:32 pm
participated in a golf tournament that included sandusky. to this point, he's refused to discuss it. >> the stories can't be told at this time. i'm not going to go into detail about anything but, you know, i think it's obvious i tried to do the right thing. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, a source tells nbc news more victims are reached out to investigators. no new charges have been filed. the first hearing is set for december 6. tim curley and senior vice president face perjury charges. they insist they are innocent. a judge has been replaced after it was learned she received a $1,000 campaign contribution from the chairman of the second mile charity. the new judge is robert scott with no ties to penn state or
6:33 pm
the charity. jay gray, nbc news, state college, pennsylvania. there have been calls for penn state to decline a bowl game if invited. if they win the title, they will be free to play in the game. penn state's new president says it is too early to make calls about bowl games. police are investigating a crash that killed a 55-year-old man driving a moped. he collided with a car on temple hill road in temple hills. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and is expected to be okay. police haven't released what may have caused the crash or the victim's identity. the d.c. metro region is known for the terrible traffic. there's a new, more troubling distinction. according to aaa we lead the
6:34 pm
nation in deadly hit and runs. derrick ward has is report. >> reporter: in some hit and runs it's just property that's lost. sometimes it's more. this weekend, this girl died after being struck by a hit and run driver in bowie. >> this young girl leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter who is suddenly an orphan. >> reporter: we hold dubious distinctions. >> we have the highest percentage of rates or hit and runs in the country. we have the highest rate of drivers who hit, kill or maim or injure a driver and flee the scene. >> reporter: more drivers who injure or kill cyclists or pedestrians. in the bowie case, they have identified the driver. he turned himself in after the accident. the circumstances have yet to be determined, according to aaa and a great number of instances, there are reasons they run.
6:35 pm
suspended or expired license. insurance and intoxication. >> the consequences are greater when you hit and kill someone and flee the scene. >> reporter: between 2000 and 2009 there were 76 hit and runs in d.c., 279 in maryland and 217 in virginia. >> the campaign for distracted driving. there's a campaign for aggressive driving and road rage. there's no such campaign associated with hit and run fatalities. >> reporter: the numbers in the aaa study reflect to the end of 2009 they have already seen an up tick this year. with less than 30 days left in 2011, no more statistics to add. in wheaten, derrick ward, news 4. >> aaa says most deadly hit and runs happen between midnight and 3:00 a.m. metro workers might be
6:36 pm
overworked. some train operators are on the clock for 15 and 16 hour shifts. metro spokesman tells news radio while it's rare, when the operators do work long shifts, they are not behind the controls the entire time. in that same report, most of the employees report unsafe working conditions. 60% witnessed safety violations. officials say they are taking several steps to improve safety. maryland state highway officials are getting ready for winter weather. they unveiled the tow plow which will remove snow. two lanes can be cleared instead of one. they are forming snow patrol. a group of volunteers that act as an added set of eyes on the road for the highway administration. robbers getting low. a crime taking a toll on local students.
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hello, erveds. welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. storm center 4 is watching what
6:40 pm
is going to be the coldest night of the season. windchill sitting at 40 degrees with a wind out of the west-northwest at 8 miles per hour. the windchills are down to 30 in gaithersburg and frederick. 35 in manassas. we are talking chilly windchills overnight. the wind should die down and shouldn't be as much of a factor by this time tomorrow morning. shower activity earlier today moving out to sea. we are seeing some clearing skies. the more cloud cover the warmer we stay. we'll see enough clearing we'll get chilly. flurries to the mountains of west virginia. down to 24 in gaithersburg. 22 in manassas. 23 in frederick. it's the actual temperature. we are going to see a cold start to your friday morning. temperatures with plenty of sunshine will not warm up much. a high of 46 degrees in washington. 44 in manassas. 44 toward leesburg. once again, it's with plenty of
6:41 pm
sunshine. we warm up over the next couple days. 51 saturday. a cold start. saturday morning could be colder than tomorrow morning in many locations. sunday warming up a little bit to a high near 60 degrees. the average high this time of year around 56 to 57. not all that bad by mid december standards. >> thanks, doug. somebody stole about 30 computers from a middle school in northeast washington. authorities say the education campus on t street was broken into. it happened last weekend. in addition to stealing the computers, they ransacked the offices. police are looking over the security video and asking for the public's help in this. they just did a $6 million renovation. they focus on science, engineering and math.
6:42 pm
it left dozens of kids without access to computer classes and work spaces. people say a new road is ruining their cell phone service. some residents who live near the road noticed decrease cell phone reception. they say it could be interference from the toll transponders or electronic boards. they say ample testing was done before the road was opened and neither piece of equipment is on a conflicting frequency. fcc will investigate. lebron is a bowling. >> he's a what? >> a bully. wait until you see what he does to this little kid. a bully. he's this tall. wait until you see what he does. for tiger on the golf course, man he's struggling. a shorthanded maryland
6:43 pm
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i am interested to hear this. i read your teleprompter and i want to know about this normal trash talk or something about it. am i to understand it's abnormal this year in some way? >> of course it's abnormal.
6:46 pm
>> that's what i thought. >> redskins and cowboys fans normally talking junk to each other all week. i's not the same level. part of the reason, they are headed in different directions. the redskins riddles with injuries. they are eight point underdogs. the boys got off to a rocky start. they won three of the last four. they average 33 points in the wins. murray is the nfls leading rusher over the last four weeks. with the running game flourishing, romo looks like a probowler again. a tremendous rookie running back is going to be a challenge for haslet's defense, for sure. >> playing at a high level now. probably the best i have seen them playing in all phases.
6:47 pm
sometimes it's like they are not playing on all sill enders. i have great respect for the quarterback. >> looking positive. they are doing a phenomenal job. they have a connection. a lot of opportunities. if we don't capitalize on it, a lot of plays. >> life is good. we can run the ball with eight men in the box. we have weapons on the outside. i'm thinking, it's the polar opposite for redskins fans. >> wouldn't it be nice to have that feeling again where the guys are feeling good about themselves? >> it's been awhile. >> a long while. i don't know if they felt they have all the weapons on offense. >> it wasn't that long ago they were 3-1 or 1-3. >> it feels like a decade. >> you are right. we had high hopes in the beginning of the season. terps down in puerto rico for three games.
6:48 pm
maryland with seven healthy scholarship players. games against ranked teams are going to be a problem. case and point, this afternoon. a true test for mark's team. alabama taking on the terps. maryland down early. check out trevor lacy. buries the three. alabama up 17-5. final minute of the first half. shot blocked by michael parker. the coach preaching defense all season. it's the little things you have to be happy with. behind the arc. he hits it three. maryland is trailing in the second half, 53-34. down in charleston, south carolina, bcu after a great season taking on the charleston classic. darius thi us with the drive going high off the glass here.
6:49 pm
it's going to work out nicely. 11-10 ball game. the ball goes into the paint. patrick going to work. this is just vintage. looks like back in the 1970s. right now, hall winning 29-22. round two of the president's cup is tonight. the u.s. golfers leading the international team 4-2 after day one. tiger woods was beaten so badly, he tied a record for worst loss ever. australia's flag flying high as the u.s. takes on the international team. tiger gets face time with his former caddy, awkward. shot of the day, web simpson. not a bad start for webb. a chance to go in right here. but, it just slips out. too much juice. simpson and his playing partner
6:50 pm
are rookies but playing strong. rough day for tiger and his teammate steve striker. tiger from ten feet away, misses the put. international captain checking out tigers match. scott, the man who now employs tiger's former caddy. drains the put. likes it. tiger, not so much. here is the handshake between tiger and his former caddy. they are not buddies, but they are pros. 7-6 is the worst loss ever for tiger. the u.s. team up after day one. >> they got off to a quick start. you know, we couldn't keep up. we kept falling on the wrong side of the slopes. the golf course is so difficult, it's hard to make upshots. >> that's the nature of this
6:51 pm
course. like tiger was saying we were always just a little bit off. i put him in the rough by a foot or so. if you are in the rough trying to hit to the greens, it's difficult. we have to do a better job getting it in play. we never did that today. >> i love the fuzzy wind screens on the mics. >> the word i was trying to say earlier is bully. we are talking about a bully. we are talking about lebron james. i said it then? i'm still screwing up. lebron is in london at the school of basketball. everybody is going crazy. he tried to shoot a three. he can't shoot threes. >> she can. she loves the video. good. good form. >> there we go. >> shoots three. he misses it. he says screw this. i'm going to try something different. maybe i'll try one more three. gets it in.
6:52 pm
he tries something different. this kid is 12 years old, 5'2" he says i'm going to dunk on your head. >> it's okay. >> is it okay? look at the kid. he comes back, ready for more. bring it on. >> that's why it's okay. >> it's funny. >> he's tell thag boy, if you're going to go hard, go hard all the time. i like that kid. is that all you got? >> good thing he wasn't a bully. >> he wasn't a bully or a bully, either. >> thanks, dan. shakespeare meets the jersey shore.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
a new crash test on hybrid cars shows they are safer to drive than their regular gas powered car counter parts. it found occupants of hybrid and electric cars were 25% less likely to get hurt in a crash. the outcome is between gas powered cars and hybrids. the hybrids are heavier. the batteries add 10% more weight. >> the laws of physics tell us when two vehicles of unequal weight collide, the lighter vehicle is going to be pushed back. more of the energy from the crash is transferred to the
6:56 pm
lighter vehicle. >> they found that hybrids can be more dangerous for pedestrians. that's because the cars are so quiet in the full electric mode that people don't hear them coming. coming up tonight at 11:00, certainly not thelma and louise. we take the exclusive look of a brother and sister accused of robbing a bank on the block where they live. also camping out for black friday. what will drive people to sleep outside for eight nights. the first republican presidential candidate getting secret service protection those stories and more at 11:00. i'm not sleeping outside for black friday deals. that's not happening. by the way, the two cars coming together, velocity equals mass times excel ration. >> it's what i was thinking. >> when 10% more of the battery comes in. >> dan, don't bully me.
6:57 pm
don't bully me, dan. out there now, the four day forecast, 45 degrees tomorrow. it is going to be a cold one out there. 51 on your saturday. 60 on sunday. sunday is looking good. we are talking about mostly cloudy skies on your sunday. it looks like tuesday is looking good, too. we are going to see a temperature tuesday of 56 with mostly cloudy skies. i think we're going to watch a storm next week tuesday and wednesday. that storm could bring a lot of rain depending on where it goes. it will be a warm enough storm that we are talking rain rather than just any other kind of rain or snow issues that are out there. it will bring in cooler air for thanksgiving. you can see the turkey there. plenty of sunshine on thanksgiving for now. with a temperature of 50 degrees. once again, we are talking temperatures tomorrow that are going to be in the 40s in every location. mostly sunny. a cold day out there. windchills in the 30s. temperatures 44 to 47 for a high. we are going to see plenty of
6:58 pm
sunshine, it looks like we'll see a very cold afternoon. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, the cold air is going to set in. obviously you know you need to dress warm. you are taking out the extra coats tomorrow morning, too. make sure the kids have the extra jackets on. 25 to 32 in the city. we'll see winds tomorrow morning, northwest winds at five to ten-mile-an-hour. we could see windchills into the upper teens to lower 20s in most locations. as long as you know that, as long as you know that, we are going to be a-okay. >> teens? >> in the teens. a five-mile-an-hour wind a windchill of 18 or 19 degrees. the temperature swing is going to be a quick one. friday and saturday, cold air moving in here. you know that. cold air saturday. it's going to start off cold. saturday afternoon with sunshine. high of 51. but winds shift out of the
6:59 pm
southwest for sunday. we are talking much more in the way of mild weather. that should keep things warmer. >> you know what's fascinating? how much more you know these days than a couple years ago. >> it's amazing. >> technology is incredible in terms of what you can see and what you can see coming that will help you, help us all. >> look ahead to thanksgiving. >> what they don't know is a lot of the formulas. it's actually force equals mass times acceleration. you, my friend are wrong. >> i was thinking something else. >> he caught you. you are busted. >> busted, man. >> it's not working out. >> we better say good night. >> we are enjoying this. that's it for now. on the broadcast tonight, show of force across this country. protesters, police and a big confrontation where the entire


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