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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shomari stone joins us from washington where the crash and arrest happened. >> reporter: the civil rights organization says that this woman's civil rights were violated. this dash cam video shows two virginia state troopers using racial slurs to describe a hispanic woman. the woman is sitting on the wall outside separating the h.o.v. lane and the southbound lanes. she crashed her car and said she is a doctor. >> for ill awl i know she works at taco bell. so. >> they call them -- >> burrito doctors. >> yeah. >> give her directions on a [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: this started on july 3rd near the pentagon. marie was driving from new york and slammed into an h.o.v. gate
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and hit her head on the wind shield. she has a concussion in the grash and doesn't remember where she lives. >> she won't tell me where she went toed me school. >> reporter: the troopers hand her a reckless driving ticket and she wants to know what she is signing. >> [ indiscernible ]. >> i'm talking to you right now. shut your mouth and listen to me. sign this or i'm taking you to jail. >> reporter: the troopers say she is resisting and they start scuffling. the florida civil rights association filed complaint. in an e-mail statement they said the department had self initiated a review of the arrest. immediately following the incident the trooper in accordance with public policy notified the difficulty in placing the woman under arrest. now she is back home in south florida and hired an attorney.
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the attorney will not allow her to comment on this case. she does not have a court date yet. back to you. >> thank you. a local man jailed in aruba since august could be charged with murdering his travel companion in the coming weeks. nbc news learned that prosecutors will ask a judge to hold gary giordano for one more 30-day detention period. he has been held since robyn gardner has disappeared in august. giordano could be charged with murder or intentional manslaughter by the third week in december. giordano says that gardner disappeared while snorkeling. in hollywood tonight they decided to reopen a 30-year old death investigation. a yacht captain is pointing a finger at a well-known actor in the death of natalie wood.
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police are not ready to go that far. patrick healy reports. >> we have received information which we felt was substantial. >> reporter: the homicide detective confirming that 30 years since the death of natalie wood which was ruled an accidental drawing the sheriff is reopening the investigation. >> just having the media attention we have on this we generated calls. >> reporter: from the beginning the death of the actress was rife with intrigue. her fear of water was well known but she was weekending at catalina island with her husband and christopher walken. there were reports of a lover's triangle and arguments between them. also on board was a hired captain who changed his account of what happened. >> we all had our story. >> reporter: interviewed on the too show this morning he blamed wagner for wood's death.
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>> was he responsible for her death? >> i would say so, yes. >> how so? >> i don't want to get involved. >> reporter: he said that when he became away that wood was missing, wagner discouraged a search of the water. >> i think it was a matter of we're not going to look too hard or notify anybody at the moment. >> reporter: robert wagner is now 81 years old and his family supports the efforts of the sheriff's department and trust they will look at any of the new information and it comes from a credible source and those other than those trying to profit from the 30-year anniversary of her death. more trouble for penn state football coach joe paterno. it was announced today that he has lung cancer. his son scott said that the cancer is considered treatable. the doctors are optimistic about a full recovery.
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that comes amid the deepening sex abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky. the ncaa will launch a formal investigation into penn state's athletics prom and find out if the school had oversight of the programs. federal agents are considering an investigation of their loan. they are looking into claims that sun dusky crossed state lines with young boys and used the internet to recruit them. in the meantime there are reports tonight that sandusky's charity, the second mile is considering closing. that among other options. syracuse university assistant basketball coach barney fine issued a public denial that he molested two ball boys. the head coach continues to defend fine who was placed on administrative leave.
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it took seconds for a purse to disappear and it is on video and jackie bensen has more on this now. >> reporter: a law enforcement officer described it as a professional-type theft. a busy thursday night at a popular u street restaurant. a group of well-dressed people file into the restaurant looking like they are checking out the place for dinner but turn around and leave. but look again on the way out. what's happening here? >> i notice my bag was missing. i had put it on the front of my seat and moved it to hang on the chair. >> reporter: the victim who asked not to be identified said she is safety conscious but let her guard down a little in a small restaurant. >> i'm astounded it happened at a restaurant during dinner. i would expect it at a bar. >> reporter: she called to
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cancel her credit card and $500 had already been charged to it at a cvs in silver spring. >> i can replace the purse but if these people are doing it again, we need to get the community together and keep an eye out for these people. >> reporter: there are reports of similar crimes in other bars in the area. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. three people from in the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak in aspen hill. it happened at a garden style apartment complex on wolf creek road. 20 residents were evacuated from the complex. the red cross is helping them find a place to stay. it appears the leak was caused by an old furnace. a man in rockville is accused of cheating investors
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out of $127 million. his name is garfield taylor. he is charged with conducting a ponzi scheme between 2005 and 2007. he was not at home tonight when we tried to ask him about this. according to the securities and exchange commission taylor took money from new investors to pay old investors but convincing them to refinance their home and turn over their life savings and retirement accounts. several of his family and friends were charged with having a role in the scheme. those investors that were defrauded include a d.c. children's charity. new pictures show the two men suspected in an armed robbery on maryland's sacramento pus outside a darm last night. a student was approached by two men wearing masks. the student was not hurt. it's first armed robbery on campus this year. a bizarre murder case is getting stranger.
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today a judge allowed a man accused of murdering a 91-year-old georgetown socialite to represent himself. he also asked to wear his military uniform in court. he claims to been an iraqi general. he denies killing viola drath, his wife of 22 years. he claims it was a hit by iranian agents who were targeting him. seeing a different side of the man accused of firing at the white house no. he shot a video just before coming to washington and he appeals to oprah winfrey to help him spread his message. >> i am the modern day jesus christ you all have been waiting for. so i ask you oprah, better yet, i'm begging you oprah, please cast me on to your show, own
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are. it is so crucial that the world hears god's word. >> he is accused of trying to assassinate to. investigators say he fired several shots at the white house one week ago. he is now in jail just outside pittsburgh. washington nationals center wilson ramos is back to venezuela after a trip to nationals park today. he came back so a team doctor could check him out and that the players and managers could see he is okay. ramos wanted to show his appreciation. >> thank you for your praise and support and happy to be here. happy to be with my family. and see you in spring training. >> physically he is in great shape. he will spend the winter playing
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baseball in venezuela. the temperatures are below freezing in some spots already tonight. doug is in storm center 4 with details. >> some areas down into the mid-20s. frederick was 25 degrees. now they have at 27 degrees. manassas down to 27. culpepper at 28 degrees. in the district we are at 39 degrees. it will be a very cold tonight and a cold start to your day on your saturday. but then we get another change at the end of the weekend. i'll show you coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you, doug. still ahead on news4 a controversial new trend that has parents paying for used lollipops. some of the music world's biggest names celebrate a pioneer. and the reasons that the federal government reversed a decision on a drug for breast
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cancer. why are s
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the drug avas tin is no
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longer approved for breast cancer. several studies suggest that the drug does not shrink tumors. doctors can prescribe it but insurance will not likely pay for it and it is very expensive. it is approved for colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer patients. in new york family and friends gathered to say farewell for heavy d. the funeral for the rapper was held at an historic church in mount vernon. p. diddy, usher, john legend all in attendance there. heavy d died last week from complications of pneumonia. people are giving their children lollipops laced with the virus of chickenpox.
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a child with chickenpox licks the lollipop and it is given to a healthy child. the pops are being mailed to parents with a arrangements set up on facebook. >> doctors say it wouldn't work. the virus cannot outlive the shipping process and it could make your child very sick. >> it is not only inefficient in terms of delivering chickenpox to anybody but you can deliver a number of other pathogenic bacteria this way that can harm children. >> doctors say there are several strains of the chickenpox and some are more dangerous an other and forcing the virus on a child could put them at higher risk for shingles later in life. >> doug is here with more about the cold weekend weather. >> it's going to warm up a lot. today was nice when the sun was
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out. in the shade it was cooler. but tomorrow afternoon will the be nice. but we are going to have to get through another cold morning. but that's okay. just a couple hours to go. in temperatures in the 20s and 30s in most areas. around 39 degrees in the district. right now at the kennedy center not too bad. another view of an icon here in the d.c. area. union station and over the last couple days we have seen big time temperature drops. 37 on montana, right on down to 53 yesterday and 48 was the high temperature today. and that was with plenty of sunshine. the good news is we start to go back up as we make our way into the day tomorrow. 39 is the current temperature. winds out of the south, southwest at 6 miles per hour. we are starting to see more high clouds streaming in here. 28 in manassas up a degree from the last hour. 32 in winchester. and right now the freezing mark
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at la play da and waldorf tonight. we are going to see the cloud cover move in here. this could help to stabilize the numbers. college park at 30. 29 in baltimore. and right now reston at 35 degrees. nothing on the radar. we're not going to see rain during the day tomorrow. that's great news. we stay dry saturday and sunday and then we see things change. the high clouds continue to move on through the region. as they do we will see the sunshine through the clouds i think. and another cold start. today we saw the cold air. tomorrow we start off with the cold air. but the wind shifting out of the southwest. that will bring in the mild air for sunday. out there tomorrow morning you walk outside and will the be cold. 25 to 34 degrees.
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tomorrow afternoon, 50 to to 45th 4. but with plenty of sunshine. that's a nice afternoon. 62 sound with more cloud cover. looking pretty good for the redskins game. monday 60 degrees, 57 on tuesday. we see an increase in rain, montana, tuesday and wednesday morning. a lot of rape potentially on wednesday morning. that will usher in dryer air just in time for thanksgiving. >> we're ready for it. a reminder to air travellers and metro riders this as well the crystal city, national airport and bra dock road stations are closed through the weekend. metro is providing an express shuttle from metro center to the airport to help people catch their flights. this is because of repairs being done on the system. done on the sybig!. big.
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we got all kinds of good stuff tonight. you were out there in the cold with the kids. >> i loved. and maryland basketball looks good tonight. we said they would win games. this is a good night tonight. in thursday's game the three guards combined for 12 points. tonight against colorado the terps three guards broke out of their shells scoring a combined 36 in puerto rico for the five-hour energy tip-off tournament. water is good too.
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terps get an energy boost in the second half. shawn mosley for three. a back to back three pointers. four points on thursday, 16 tonight. and nick faust with the basketball pulls up and knocks down the three ball. he had 15 points tonight. terps down one. same score. 0-9 from the field against alabama, scores from distance giving maryland its first lead since the first half. more maryland. drives gets the layup to go, capping an 11-0 maryland run. he scored 25 of his career high 32 points in the second half. maryland beats colorado 78-71. they play iona on sunday. maybe he had an energy chew. vcu and south carolina. the rams taking on jazz tech.
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rams in transition. pass tipped for the hoop and the harm. ahead to redick. tips it. makes it look easy. the rambling wreck rally. georgia tech wins. next up western kentucky in sunday's seventh place game. virginia loses to tcu. duane derosario is voted the most valuable player in major league soccer tonight. and he was presented with the mv 367 p trophy. he was traded twice this season and finished with 13 goals.
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here is his reaction to earning the mvp. >> with the organizations taking me and making me fell welcome there, the fans and the organization and the players really made me feel like home. and at the end of the day as a professional athlete once you step on the field you have to carry out your business and work hard for the fans that come out to watch you. >> good for him. high school football tonight second round of the playoffs yorktown hosting lee. patriots with the opening possession and the pitch to stewart. he goes 29 yards for the touchdown. he finished with three t.d.s. next drive, jordan smith goes up top to nick yore. the patriots win 51-15. yorktown plays south county in
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the region finals. also one big shoutout to the bethesda chevy chase girl's soccer t
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now from time to time the flow of news it is such to cause to wonder what in the world is going on. that is what i'm feeling with the accounts of girls and women resorting to violence, sometimes deadly. i asked a question of my cousins had any of them been in a physical fight. not a single one, not one of the women. there is nothing scientific about that survey. but there is nothing surprising about the answers either.
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girls don't throw down like boys do or they didn't used to. that awful gutter language from the mouths of 13-year-old girls on the subway is painful enough. but now we have young women stabbing and slashing one another to death. how do you stick a knife through somebody's head? where do you learn to hate your sister or yourself so much you are willing to willing to kill her over the music on her ipod. i will not blame nene an snooki but i will say that tv shows encouraging women celebrating them for acting like female dogs cannot serve as the best model for girls to conduct themselves. they call them reality shows. i ask who's reality? the solution may begin at least with what i'll call courts
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correcting parenting, the kind of parents that relentlessly impresses on our girls that the liberation their parents fought for opens the door for them to realize their
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