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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and welcome it news 4 today. >> good morning to you. this is saturday, the 19th of november, 2011. >> new from overnight the lights are back on on the national mall this morning after some of the landmarks were in the dark overnight. power was cut around midnight to allow emergency repairs to a power line near the lincoln memorial. the underground line was struck tuesday night as crews installed a water line near the pool. many street lights and traffic signals were also dark in the area. power was restored around 3:30 this morning. and as luck would have it the lights are on in the studio as well. >> thank goodness for that. >> great to see you here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> welcome on a saturday. >> a what? a what? don't tell me that. >> but for you an extra hour and a half to sleep in this morning.
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>> like a vacation. >> welcome and good morning to you. good morning, everybody. your weekend finally here. it looks like the weekend is going to be a -- more good than bad one from a weather perspective. plenty of sunshine coming up for your saturday afternoon. clouds will be here before the end of the day tomorrow. there's a live picture of the lincoln memorial bathed in light down there on the national mall this morning. 38 degrees the downtown washington temperature but once again most of the western suburbs well down below the freezing mark. leesburg, virginia at 30 degrees this morning. winchester 32. 32 also manassas and culpepper and fredericksburg. 35 in waldorf and la playa. 40 degrees in beautiful annapolis, maryland. zippo on the radar. no concerns for rain today. mostly sunny, cool, a light breeze. temperatures will climb warmer than yesterday. today we're looking for upper 40s to low and mid 50s courtesy of a south breeze. morning sunshine sunday but clouds sunday afternoon. it will be noticeably milder
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tomorrow with temperatures up into the low and mid 60s for most. great weather for a lot of college football. we'll have all of your forecasts coming up early today at the 7:00 a.m. hour instead of 9:00 a.m. >> we're on from 6:00 to 8:00 straight through. >> correct. two hours. >> thanks very much. >> okay. well four days and counting for the congressional super committee to try to reach an agreement regarding the debt ceiling. the 12-member bipartisan group said it will work through the weekend on coming up with more than $1 trillion in deficit cuts. if they don't, defense and social services will suffer massive cuts beginning in january of 2013, more than a year from now. the super committee was created after congress reached an agreement to avoid defaulting of the nation's loans back in august. >> two virginia state police officers are under investigation for allegedly hurling racial slurs at a woman who got in an accident. part of the confrontation was caught on a police car's dash cam. news 4 has the story.
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>> reporter: this police dash cam video shows two virginia state troopers allegedly using racial slurs to describe a hispanic woman. the officers are sitting in their police car on i-395. the woman, marie ferrare is sitting on the wall outside separating the hov lanes and southbound lanes. she crashed her car and told the trooper she is a doctor. they appear to think she is lying. >> i think you work at taco bell so -- >> burrito doctor. >> burrito doctor, yeah. >> give her her directions on a police report. >> this all started july 3rd when the trooper and his partner drove to i-395 near the pentagon. marie ferrar was driving to new york, slammed into an hov gate and allegedly hit her head on the windshield. the florida civil rights association said she had a concussion in the crash and doesn't remember where she lives. >> she won't tell me where she went to med school. >> that's nice. >> thought she was in new
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jersey. >> the trooper sent her a reckless driving ticket and asked her to sign it. she seems to want to know what she is signing. >> i'll give you one choice right here. >> i am talking to you right now so you shut your mouth and listen to me. you sign this or i'm taking you to jail. >> police arrest her. you can hear the trooper say she is resisting. they start scuffling. the florida civil rights association filed a complaint. in an e-mailed statement police say, quote, prior to receiving this complaint, the department had already self-initiated a review of the arrest. immediately following the incident, the trooper, in accord weather disturbance with department policy, notified his supervisor of the difficulty he had in placing dr. ferrer under arrest. >> well, right now ferrer is back home in south florida and has hired an attorney who will not allow her to comment on the case and has not received a court date yet. 6:05 is the time. we're getting our first look at the two men suspected in an
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armed robbery on the university of maryland campus. police say a male student was approached by these two men wearing masks. one had a knife. the robbery occurred on thursday night outside of the cecil hall dormitory. the student was not injured. police say it's the first armed robbery on campus this year. >> a carbon monoxide leak in montgomery county has three people in the hospital this morning, two of them in critical condition. the leak happened in a garden style apartment on wolf creek road in aspen hill last night. 20 residents were evacuated from the complex. the red cross is helping them find a place to stay. investigators say it appears the leak was caused by an old furnace. >> well, just days after he was fired it has now been announced that long-time penn state football coach joe paterno has lung cancer. paterno's son scott issued a statement saying that the cancer is considered to be treatable and added his father is already undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. paterno was fired last week in the wake of the child sexual
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abuse allegations against his former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. meanwhile the ncaa announced that it will launch an investigation into the penn state scandal. it will look to see whether the school had what it calls institutional control of its athletic program. federal agents may launch their own investigation. there are claims that sandusky crossed state lines with some of his alleged victims and used the internet to recruit them. and the charity that sandusky created may be doomed. there are reports it is considering closing down amid all of these revelations. meanwhile, an investigation continues into allegations of sexual abuse at syracuse university. assistant basketball coach bernie fine issued a public denial, calling the claims against him patently false. two former ball boys say fine sexually abused them back in the '80s and '90s. head coach jim boeheim came to the defense of fine saying this is simply a money grab by the two ball boys. fine has been placed on administrative leave during the police investigation.
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a bizarre murder case in the district is taking an odd new twist now. a judge is allowing albrecht buth accused of murdering his 91-year-old georgetown socialite wife to represent himself. he claims to be an iraqi general and asked to wear his military uniform in court. he denies killing his wife and claims it was a hit by iranian agents who were in fact targeting him. the trial was set to begin next october. well, getting to the airport this weekend could be a bit of a headache if you plan to use the metro. the crystal city national airport and braddock road stations on the blue line are all closed until monday morning for track work. free shuttle buses will run between the king street and pentagon city stations. metro is also providing express shuttle from metro center to reagan national airport to help travelers catch their flights. in addition, trains will be single tracking on the red line between dupont circle and judiciary square. on the blue line between stadium
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armory and addison road and on the orange road between boston and east falls church. a lot of traffic alerts early this morning. >> tough getting around out there. staying home or take a bike. >> good advice. >> get some exercise. well, still ahead on news 4 today, president obama is putting together a dream team to help in his re-election bid. we'll take a look at the all star lineup. >> plus, herman cain took his presidential run to late night tv. >> one of two things will happen with the sexual harassment and i'm no stranger to sexual scandal. >> really. >> hear his response to these sexual harassment allegations against him on "letterman" last night. and last ditch efforts. homeowners take firefighting into their own hands to save their property. ♪
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♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ welcome back. investigators say it could take up to a year to figure out what caused a plane crash that killed two oklahoma state basketball coaches. women's head coach kirk buttke
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and the assistant coach were among four killed thursday night. they were on a recruiting trip when plane crashed in arkansas. the tragedy comes just ten years after two men's players were killed in a plane crash after a game in colorado. to add to these difficult times westborough baptist church announced it will picket outside the memorial service on monday and cite the state's willingness to accept homosexuality among their reasons for picketing that service. protesters in london are now occupying an office building owned by one of the world's largest banks. demonstrators took over an abandoned office block owned by investment bank ubs in east london yesterday and say the move is symbolic because ubs received the largest bailout of any european bank. protesters say they will not set up camp in the building but use it for gatherings and events. demonstrators are already facing legal action to get them kicked off the property of st. paul's cathedral where they have set up camp and ubs says they will also take legal action to get them
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out of the building. new today at mcdonald's, apparently is not chicken to do the right thing. the fast food giant dropped an egg supplier over claims of animal cruelty. an animal rights group released graphic, undercover video showing workers abusing animals. mcdonald's says it demands humane treatment of animals by its suppliers and called the behavior, quote, disturbing and completely unacceptable. the food and drug administration has revoked approval for one of the leading treatments of breast cancer. the drug avastin is no longer considered an approved treatment for the disease. several studies show the drug did not shrink tumors as previously thought. the studies also reveal the drug showed life threatening side effects. doctors can still prescribe it for breast cancer patients but insurance likely won't cover it. avastin is still approved for colon, lung, kidney, and brain cancer patients. new from overnight president obama is now on his way back to washington after a nine-day asia pacific trip the president
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visited india and indonesia as part of a major asian pacific summit. he also held a surprise meeting with chinese premier wen jao. the two discussed economic issues includinging allegations the chinese government was manipulating its currency. a white house spokesman says the two leaders have found, quote, vast areas of agreement despite tensions between the two countries. president obama is taking advantage of the nba lockout by bringing together some of the league's biggest stars for a major league fundraiser. next month players will come to d.c. for the obama classic basketball game. it's a fundraiser for the president's campaign. check out the lineup. we've got carmelo anthony, ray allen, chris bosh, kevin durant, chris paul, and dwight howard all in attendance. the game will go on december 12th and tickets range from $100 to $5,000. if you want those court side seats. republican presidential hopeful herman cain is hoping that showing off his lighter side will help him a bit in the
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polls. he appeared on the late show with david letterman last night where the host poked fun at cain's and his own problems with sexual harassment allegations. >> one of two things will happen with the sexual harassment. and i'm no stranger to sexual scandal. >> really. >> very candid with cain, asking him point blank whether he will resign if it turns out that the sexual harassment charges turn out to be true. >> let's be very clear about the accusations that have already been made. the reason that i went front and center in front of the media is because i knew that there wasn't anything to it. there is no documentation. there is nothing else that's come up. >> so these statements are all false. >> cain fired back at letterman saying it seemed the host was trying to talk him out of running with all of his tough questions. right now firefighters are finally starting to contain a massive wildfire in nevada that spread to more than 2,000 acres in just about 24 hours.
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some light snowfall in the area is helping put out that fire. it has destroyed at least 25 homes and forced more than 10,000 people to evacuate to safer ground. those that stayed behind have been trying to protect their homes on their own. so far the only report of injury is one firefighter who suffered first and second-degree burns. investigators still aren't sure how the fire started. i guess they're saying it's the strong northern winds that are contributing to that. >> very windy out west. and the winds won't die down any time today unfortunately though a little bit of moisture coming from the sky will help some. at least it's not fighting the fire in the summer time which they also have to do a lot out there. yikes. for us it's the weekend. it's finally here. >> not for joe. >> don't be fooled. it is saturday morning everybody. >> we'll have a complete check of the chilly start to your weekend coming up.
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a d.c. man may have you giving in to sweets with this new creation. wait until you see the concoction he came up with. okay. the main ingredients, belgian chocolate and plant hemp. >> hum. >> it's a dessert you may just want to whip up for thanksgiving. we'll run down the recipe tonight and give you the rundown on that on news 4 at 11:00. >> better talk to your lawyer first. >> thanksgiving comes early in silver spring. it's the 14th annual montgomery county thanksgiving day parade. more than 100 parade units will participate. kicks off at 10:00 this morning at ellsworth drive and fenton street. the washington nationals player and redskins marching band and of course santa's sleigh will all make an appearance. there will be free parking in nearby public garages but parade goers are encouraged to take the red line to the silver spring station. nice day for a parade. nice, clear -- >> yes. beautiful weather for a parade
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today. or whatever you need to do. >> maybe need a blanket. definitely some layers if you're standing on the parade route. >> there will be a little bundle up factor first thing this morning but it is november so it's not -- it's not crazy cold. >> refreshing. >> exactly. put a little hitch in your giddy-up to get out the door this morning. beautiful weather out there already. mostly clear skies. it greets you to start off your saturday morning. we'll have plenty of sunshine around the area today. clouds coming back tomorrow though so be ready to enjoy your sunshine on your saturday. this will be the sunnier of the two days of your weekend. look at that gorgeous early morning picture out there over washington this morning. sunrise is still a little bit more than 30 minutes or so away. sun is coming up just before the 7:00 a.m. hour now. temperatures starting in the 30s in many spots. 37 degrees at national airport now. there is a noticeable breeze this morning out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour. so we'll have a little bit of a wind chill to concern ourselves with first thing this morning. winds won't be as big a factor later this afternoon. a cool start.
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32 now in gaithers burg. 33 in rockville and bethesda. 35 degrees in reston, virginia this morning. 34 in manassas. even out toward the blue ridge this morning temperatures hovering at or just below the freezing mark. martinsburg, west virginia down into the mid 20s this morning whereas all the way down into southern maryland temperatures are closer to the 40-degree mark. so your day planner for today, sun is up at 6:55 this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. by 9:00 into the low and mid 50s by early this afternoon where our high temperatures are going to top out this afternoon right around 52 degrees or 53 degrees and back into the 40s early this evening. no rain on the radar. no chance today. no rain drops anywhere near us. that is welcome news. we have the deck of mid level clouds first thing this morning sort of in and oust the sunshine for the front half of the day but look at the big hole in the clouds across western west virginia. that is our mid and late afternoon sunshine coming our way. it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon. off to a sunny start for your
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weekend. on the cool side first thing this morning. temperatures still three to five degrees cooler than average but with the sunshine a pleasant enough day for outdoor activities. high pressure gives way late this afternoon and this evening setting us for a chilly night overnight tonight. then the clouds start to sneak back into the picture during the day tomorrow. here's our future cast model stopped at 6:00 tomorrow evening. rain still well back to our west. i think those rain drops will be here not long after the sun comes up on monday morning. so for today, mostly sunny and cool out there with a light breeze this afternoon. highs into the upper 40s to low and mid 50s. then tomorrow sunshine to get your day started but clouds come back tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow will be noticeably warmer. about a ten-degree improvement on temperatures tomorrow afternoon compared to today up into the low and mid 60s. and here we go. a big travel week for everybody with thanksgiving coming up on thursday. here's the seven-day forecast. sunshine and 53 today. cloud cover and 64 tomorrow. then rain chances back in the picture for monday, tuesday, and the big travel day on wednesday.
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good news is for turkey eaters, looks like turkey day will be a fine one filled with sunshine, the cool sunshine with highs only in the low 40s. of course coming up on our second hour which begins at 7:00 a.m. this morning we have our college football forecast. >> dwood. look forward to it. >> thanks, john. nationals catcher wilson ramos is back in venezuela after a quick visit to nationals park. the 24-year-old came back so team doctors could check up on him and so that his teammates and coaches could also see that he was doing okay. the visit came a week and a half after ramos was kidnapped and held for two days. ramos once again thanked the fans for their support during the very difficult time. >> i thank my fans for your prayers and your support and i'm happy to be here, happy to be with my family and see you in spring training. >> team doctors say ramos is physically in great shape. ramos will spend the winter
6:25 am
playing baseball in venezuela. gosh. very brave guy to go back and play after all that. >> oh, yes, but it is his home. >> you're right. >> you have to go, you know, there is a compulsion to go home all the time. but look forward to spring training almost 10, 12 weeks from now. >> be here before we know it. along the lines of sports it's early tournament time for maryland hoops this weekend. >> plus a high honor for one d.c. united star hakem dermish has that and more in your sports in a minute. good morning everyone. your sports minute begins with college basketball. maryland taking on colorado. in puerto rico for the five-hour energy tip off tournament the terps' three guards sean mosley and they combined for 32 points. maryland beats colorado, 78-71. the terps will play iona in the fifth place game on sunday. d.c. united mid fielder dwayne
6:26 am
rezario was voted the most valuable player in major league soccer. the 33-year-old is the first player to be named league mvp when his team did not reach the playoffs. he was traded twice this season and finished with a league leading 16 goals, 13 of them with the black and red. second round of the high school football playoffs, undefeated york town hosting lee. patriots running back. m.j. stewart had three touchdowns including this 29-yarder on yorktown's opening possession. the patriots win big, 51-15. yorktown will play south county next week in the region finals. south county upset stonebridge, 25-3 last night. also, big shoutout to the bethesda chevy chase girls soccer team. they win their fourth consecutive state championship. last night bcc beat sa verna park, 3-2 on penalty kicks. impressive and congrats to them. that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. coming up today on news 4 today, where it might cost you more to catch a taxi soon. >> but first, a local restaurant
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i'm just astounded that it happened at a restaurant during dinner. >> well, you could be next. the warning from this woman after she fell victim to fast moving thieves working together at one local restaurant. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> welcome to news 4 today. it's saturday, november 19th, 2011. we'll get to that story in a moment but first we've got business to take care of with chuck bell. >> don't adjust your sets. mr. krebs has joined us on a saturday morning. >> don't adjust your calendar. we were joking about people at home going oh, no.
6:31 am
it's joe krebs. it's monday! >> getting a lot of twitter chatter. people are happy to see you. >> thank you. it's good to be seen anywhere. thank you very much. >> good. beautiful day to start your weekend. a little sunshine for your saturday. that'll be welcomed news. we're off to a bit of a chilly start this morning but hey it is the third week of november after all. so a bit of a chill is to be expected. 40 degrees right now in annapolis at the naval academy but 30 degrees down the road in charlottesville. 26 in inwood, west virginia this morning. 37 right here in downtown washington. 36 degrees in bethesda. 35 in falls church and fairfax. off to a cold start this morning. no rain on the radar. it will be 100% dry today. and in all likelihood 100% dry tomorrow. we will have clouds coming back into our skies on your sunday afternoon. so saturday, mostly sunny and cool. highs today up into the upper 40s and low 50s. that's an improvement over yesterday and with the sunshine it'll feel noticeably milder. then for tomorrow get some sunshine in the early parts of
6:32 am
your sunday but clouds come back tomorrow afternoon with temperatures noticeably warmer up into the low and mid 60s. university of virginia on the road in tallahassee. that's a nice trip to have made. 65 degrees. that's a 7:30 kickoff this evening, cloudy and mild but for all the fans down in tallahassee that is a fine day for football down there. the rest of your college football forecast coming up in the 7:00 hour. >> all right. changing it up on us. >> mixing it all up. >> thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome. today thousands will hit the pavement for the annual help the homeless walk-a-thon. the three-mile walk kicks off at 9:00 down on the national mall. last year nearly 130,000 people raised money or walked in the event. d.c.'s representative eleanor holmes norton will speak at the walk-a-thon. since 1988 this great event has raised more than $85 million. for more information, head over to help the well, it only took a split second for a man to snatch a woman's purse from a popular u street restaurant but,
6:33 am
fortunately for her, the incident was caught on tape. >> reporter: a busy thursday night at a popular u street restaurant. a group of well dressed people file into bistro and look like they're checking out the place for dinner and then turn around and leave. look again on the way out. what's happening here? >> i noticed my bag was missing and i had taken it stupidly and put it up on the front of my seat and then moved it to hang on the chair. >> the victim who asked not to be identified said she is very safety conscious but may have let her guard down a little at a small neighborhood restaurant where most of the regulars know each other. >> i'm just astounded it happened at a restaurant during dinner. i would expect something like that, you know, at a bar. >> reporter: once she realized her purse had been stolen she called to cancel her credit card and learned $500 bucks had already been charged to it at a cvs in silver spring. she hopes the videotape will help prevent the purse snatcher
6:34 am
from ruining someone else's night. that's why she posted it to her favorite blog. >> i'm hoping not to dramatize my situation and say woe is me i lost my purse. but the fact that if these people are doing it again, it may get the community together and we can keep an eye out and get these people. >> reporter: there are reports of similar crimes at other restaurants in the area. we're trying to confirm that with d.c. police. news 4 today. investigators have now tracked down the yacht. hollywood starlet natalie wood was on the night she drowned 30 years ago. the splendour is being seized as evidence in the investigation. wood was partying on the yacht with her husband robert wagner and fellow actor christopher walken when she drowned. her death was ruled an accident but authorities say they have new, credible information about what happened that night. ron nelson now owns the yacht which has been in hawaii for 15 years.
6:35 am
>> this is the main salon. this is where they would have had the argument would have started. this was her state room. and so this is where she would have come to that fateful night and this door right here is where she would have gone to to go out to the swim step where the dinghy was tied. >> the captain of the yacht that night said on the "today" show yesterday wagner and wood had a tense argument the night wood died and believes wagner is responsible for her death. a local man held in aruba since august could soon be charged with murdering his travel companion. nbc news has learned that prosecutors will ask a judge next week to hold gary giordano for one more 30-day detention period. the aruba solicitor general tells nbc news giordano could be charged with murder or intentional manslaughter by the third week of december. he's been in an aruban jail since a maryland woman robyn gardner disappeared in august. giordano says gardner disappeared while snorkeling. prosecutors say they believe there was foul play.
6:36 am
more video has come out on the man accused of firing shots at the white house. oscar ortega hernandez shot a video just before coming to d.c. in it he appeals to oprah winfrey of all people to help him spread his message. >> i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. so i ask you, oprah, better yet, i'm begging you, oprah, please cast me on to your show, oprah. it goes so crucial that the world hears god's word. >> ortega hernandez is accused of trying to assassinate the president. investigators say a week ago he fired several shots at the white house. president obama wasn't home at the time. ortega was arrested earlier this week and is in a pittsburgh jail. 6:37 is the time this morning. another round of talks in the debate over whether to raise taxi fares in arlington. the arlington county board will hold a meeting this morning at 8:30 to allow for the public to
6:37 am
comment on the proposed hike. board members who would also vote on the fares this morning, if passed the basic taxi fare would go up by 25 cents and add another 50 cents for each passenger 12 years old or older. taxies would be required to accept credit cards by 2012 but 9,000 taxi trips taken in arlington every single day. well, coming up on news 4 today, the two major retailers that will not follow the crowd on black friday next week. >> plus, leave it to today's teens to mix jersey shore and shakespeare on stage. >> remember our motto. nails right, scissors up, combs down. >> my goodness. see how these students are transforming the typical high school music
6:38 am
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to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible. i hope everybody has a merry christmas and happy holidays. >> everyone's favorite teen sensation justin bieber flipped
6:41 am
the switch to light up the empire state building. he also helped promote the annual marine toys for tots foundation. the red and green lights help add a colorful addition to the iconic new york skyline. the colors will be changed to red, orange, and yellow next week to celebrate thanksgiving. well it's a blue, blue, blue start to christmas at the home of the king of rock 'n roll. american idol finalist loren alina flipped the switch to light hundreds of blue lights at elvis presley's graceland mansion for their annual holiday celebration. the grounds feature a life sized nativity scene. also santa and his sleigh and many of the decorations originally displayed by the presley family. fans were also treated to a live concert. a presley imitator? not quite sure from whom. >> you would have to think so. >> we know for sure it was not -- >> yeah. >> you might not enjoy the
6:42 am
falling temperatures but it is perfect weather for a lap around the rink. >> that's right. the sculpture garden ice rink is officially open for business. skaters can hit the ice through march of next year. two hours on the rink will cost you $8 and if you skate today or tomorrow you get a free cup of hot chocolate. can't beat that. for rink hours and more information, head on over to info. two big named retailers are rebelling against the crazy black friday hours. j.c. penney says it will not open its doors until 4:00 a.m. the day after thanksgiving. that's still early but much later than the midnight openings of many rival stores. sears is bucking the trend by opening at 4:00 am on friday. several major retailers have gotten heavy criticism from their own employees this year over the extremely early hours for the black friday rush. well, expect some big discounts at clothing stores like the gap, banana republic, and old navy this holiday season. the retailers have experienced
6:43 am
less than stellar sales this year so are looking for a strong finish to 2011. that means stores are planning to, quote, compete aggressively on discounts to try and bring the shoppers in. well, $5 doesn't go very far these days but you can get just about anything on one new website from video editing to music producing. you could even pay someone to break up your relationship for you. ouch. >> geez. >> i come to you on behalf of so and so and i would like to end this relationship. we'll check out this online swap meet tonight on news 4 at 11:00. wouldn't that be terrible to receive an emissary from your partner? >> yes. wouldn't there be some type of liability involved with that? i don't know. if someone gets injured. >> the announcement we're breaking up is five bucks but after that it's 50%. oh, man. >> all right. >> break up in person. i don't know.
6:44 am
should you stick together? if you're thinking about it maybe you should just sneak out the back door. a complete check of your weekend forecast which includes the mention of sunshine is next.
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all right. we're taking a look at a twit pick from viewer ryan chartian. this is the scene at 10th and g street northwest. these are people that have been camped out waiting for the opening of the versace for hmms. they want to be the first to get there. unbelievable. ryan says the line wraps around 10th street already. >> wow. my gosh. >> store opens at 8:00. it looks like they're pretty bundled up there. girl wearing a fur coat. >> they're occupying 10th and g. >> for fashion. >> preblack friday. >> yeah. >> my gosh. >> we saw what mussoni did for target and this is just the domino effect. >> this is business. you know? whatever it takes to get people into the doors. it looks like a slam dunk for h & m. >> and they're braving the cold obviously. >> yeah. a bit of a chill this morning. temperatures have dropped mainly into the 30s around downtown
6:48 am
washington this morning. most of the suburbs though down just below the freezing mark. it's a clear sky and the sun is just about ready to cross the eastern horizon. what promises to be a beautiful saturday. so be ready for it. there you can see the blaze of orange just below tree top level there on our eastern sky. sun is officially up about five minutes from now. so still a little bit of a way to go but not too bad. great way to get the day started. 37 degrees at national airport with a breeze out of the southwest at 14 so a little hint of a wind chill out there first thing this morning. those winds will ease up a little bit later on today but any breeze at all with temperatures in the 40s and near 50 this afternoon will feel cool. 32 gaithersburg up toward frederick, maryland this morning. 33 in rockville. 29 degrees in for the beltwar. below freezing across the panhandle of west virginia. down toward solomon's island. beautiful day coming our way today. just a couple clouds this morning. temperatures up into the low and mid 50s for a brief time this
6:49 am
afternoon before the sun goes down. sun goes down just before 5:00. no rain out there. no rain for us to worry about anywhere around the mid-atlantic for today. we do have a little mid level cloud deck sneaking through first thing this morning but look at the big hole in the clouds just back down to our south and west. that is our saturday afternoon sunshine which is coming our way. so a beautiful looking saturday afternoon today. plenty of sun out there. again, temperatures staying a couple degrees cooler than average but not too bad. mostly clear skies overnight tonight will make for another chilly start on your sunday morning. then tomorrow clouds will really start to fill in by late morning tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon it should be a mostly cloudy sky. but rain chances should hold off until monday morning. so today, sunny and cool with a light breeze. low to mid 50s. tomorrow morning sunshine giving way to afternoon cloud cover but it will be noticeably milder tomorrow. courtesy of a southwest wind. so today's high? only about 53. tomorrow's high, though, 64 even with the increasing clouds. rain looking more and more likely now for monday, tuesday,
6:50 am
and the big travel day wednesday the day before fb goes to grandma's house and sits themselves down by a big old turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and all of that good stuff. >> stuffing. >> i hope i'm not sitting next to a big old turkey. >> well -- >> could be a relative that i don't get along with that well. >> oh, gosh. >> all my family gets along very well. >> excellent. not so much now of course. >> i wouldn't go home if i were you. >> maybe i shouldn't. well, coming up this morning we'll have a sneak peek at tonight's all new saturday night live. >> plus, local students show off their own skills on stage. see how they're putting a
6:51 am
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good morning. welcome back. the terps are picking up the pace in college basketball. >> plus, d.c. united star dwayne derezario gets a special honor. here's hakem dermish with your morning sports. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with college basketball. in thursday's game against alabama the terps' three guards combined for just 12 points. friday night against colorado the terps' three guards broke out of their shells scoring a combined 63 points. in puerto rico for the five-hour energy tip off tournament the
6:54 am
terps coach doesn't need an energy drink just water. terps get an energy boost in the second half. down 51-47 sean moseley for three buries t the second of back-to-back three-pointers. moseley had four points on thursday. 16 points last night. then freshman nick faust with the ball pulls up, knocks down the three ball. he had 15 points on friday. terps down one. less than a minute later same score. stoegland 0-9 from the field against alabama. off the screen here scores from distance giving maryland its first lead since being up 12-9 in the first half. later, more maryland. more stogeland. drives. hits the layup. capping an 11-0 maryland run. the sophomore scored 25 of his career high 32 points in the second half. maryland beats colorado, 78-71. the terps will play iona in the fifth place game on sunday bcu in south carolina for the charleston classic rams taking on georgia tech. first half yellow jackets turn
6:55 am
it over. troy daniels gets the steal. check it out. the pass is tipped and into the hands of bradford burgess who gets the oop and the horn. see it again. daniels to darius theis ahead to redick. tips it to burgess. made that look easy. rams up, 31-23 at the break. but the rambling recommend rally. up to jason morris for the alley-oop. georgia tech outscores vcu 50-29 in the second half. the rams fall, 73-60. next up, western kentucky in sunday's 7th place game. elsewhere, virginia loses to tcu, 57-55. dc united mid fielder dwayne derazario was voted the most valuable player in major league soccer, the first mvp honor of his career. yesterday in southern california, derazario was presented with the trophy. the 33-year-old is the first player to be named league mvp when his team did not reach the playoffs. he was traded twice this season, finished with a league-leading
6:56 am
16 goals, 13 of them with the black and red. here's his reaction on earning mls mvp. >> with the organizations taking me especially d.c. and making me feel welcome there the fans and the organization and the players really made me feel like home. at the end of the day as a professional athlete once you step on the field you have to carry your business and continue to work hard for the fans that come out and watchon for the teammates around you. that's what i tried to do wherever i went this year congrats on the mvp. pretty cool. high school football last night second round of the playoffs, undefeated yorktown hosting lee. patriots with the opening possession. the pitch goes to m.j. stewart and m.j. stewart finds a hole. goes 29 yards for the touchdown. he finished with three t.d.s. yorktown up, 7-0. very next yorktown drive. jordan smith goes up top to nick yor. great catch for a 28-yard touchdown. the patriots win big, 51-15.
6:57 am
yorktown will play south county next week in the region finals. last night south county upset stonebridge, 25-3. also, a big shout out to the bethesda chevy chase girls team. they win their second consecutive state championship. last night bcc beat saverna park, 3-2 on penalty kicks. congrats to them. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. he has a hit tv show, a major movie in theaters next week, and tonight he makes his saturday night live debut. jason segal is on top of his game and nbc's mark varger has a behind-the-scenes look at his first hosting experience. >> five, four, three, two. >> reporter: the gang at "saturday night live" is used to having first-time hosts. >> you get to sort of see the show again through their eyes because everything is so new. >> reporter: this week that new set of eyes belongs to how i met your mother's jason segal.
6:58 am
>> i hate him. don't like him. >> rude, he's mean. >> not like he smiles a lot. >> not funny. >> not warm. >> he's short. >> reporter: in fact, segal is actually friends with several cast members. he's worked with them on films. >> i can't imagine doing this week in and week out. i feel like i'll need a week of vacation just to recover from this. >> reporter: when segal takes the stage live on saturday it'll be a career first. there is no audience when he films the sitcom. >> i'm scared. >> i've never done anything live and never performed in front of an audience before so this will be my first time. i've never done any theater or anything like that. hopefully i don't screw it up too royally. >> don't forget to send me a postcard from the muppet studios. >> reporter: segal is also venturing into new territory next week starring in "the muppets" a film he cowrote that he says shares one similarity with "snl." >> there is a sense of controlled chaos in both. it could bubble over at any moment. >> reporter: these days for segal it's his career that's bubbling over. >> not the worst thing that
6:59 am
could happen to a guy. >> reporter: mark varger, nbc news. well, you can see segal's debut with musical guest florence and the machine tonight right here on nbc 4 at 11:30. well, there are broadway plays, off broadway plays, and then way, way off broadway. >> and then way, way, way off broadway. try robinson high school in fairfax. a new play from d.c. resident playwrite ken ludwig opened last night in virginia using student actors. >> i want you to play romeo. >> ah! i love that part! i love it! >> it's called "mid summer jersey" a mix of shakespeare and, yes, the "jersey shore." ludwig hopes it will be a big hit among high school students. the first show is sold out. "mid summer jersey" has one more run tonight at 7:30 at robinson high school. looks like a lot of fun. >> my goodness. are they even allowed to wear dresses that short? >> not to


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