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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 20, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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welcome to the wendy's postgame report. here now is bob costas. >> so the eagles come into metlife stadium and win 17-10. they're 4-6, two games back of the giants and the cowboys tied now aup top the division at 6 identify 4. down on the field michele tafoya is with vince young and one of his defensive teammates, jason babin. >> michele: bob, thank you. vince that game-winning drive, 18 plays, nearly nine minutes
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off the clock. what was the communication like? what was going on on that drive that made you know you had an opportunity to win in game? >> just basically told us that the offense just to stay focused. don't try to do nothing too big, and take it one play at a time. that's what we did. >> michele: you found riley cooper into the end zone. this was a guy you worked with a lot on the scout team. where was he? >> we was going at it all game. the interception he was all upset about. don't get down on yourself. we called a great play and saw two safeties and he sflit them and gave them the ball. >> michele: you told us before the game you wanted people to see tonight how hard you worked and how much you learned. what do you think you demonstrated here? >> just don't ever give up on me. i love my teammates and they did a great job today. i want to say i will never stop. i will never stop. anytime you say something bad, i keep working. i dedicate that to my mom and family back home.
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>> michele: congratulations. let's talk to jason babin. what happened on that play at the end of the game? >> it was a play that got extended and i keep hustling. >> you were phenomenal again the run tonight. what was working so well for in run defense? >> we're going to go back and watch that tape and whatever it is, we're going to bottle it. weert not going to sell it but keep it. the chemistry and what we had going on defense was something special today. also, i give a big props to vince. he had grate week of practice and did his thing. >> michele: you guys with a win. you needed this no question. how do you build on this now? >> go back this week and practice hard like this last week and keep it rolling. >> there you have it. michele with jason babin. they had the potentially tieing score and sack and fumble and ended their chances and they held the giants to 29 rushes yards tonight. tony dungy, your impression of
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this one, coach? >> if jason babin didn't know what it was, it was urgency. they played with it tonight and passion. that defense got after the giants all night. i have to say chris mentioned vince young, and i thought when we played against him when he was at tennessee, didn't matter how inconsistent he was in the first three quarters. he wasn't a guy you wanted to have the ball on that last drive, and he showed it gone. the fakt he's a winner, he made the plays on the last drive to win the ball game. >> with the eagles win now and the giants and cowboys tied at 6-4 and reports meanwhile out of chicago saying jay cutler maz a broken thumb and could miss significant times, what's this mean for the nfc playoff picture? >> cutler's injury really helps all the time that are fighting for those wildcard spots in the nfc. you can look at detroit, atlanta, all the teams in the
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nfc east. it really helps them you because chicago is playing great football winning five in a row. now they're in a state of flux. >> tony, thanks. we turn to mike florio of we'll have the news on nbc sports talk on versus. take us through some of the day's big injuries starting with the latest on cutler. >> this was a strange situation because jay cutler played the whole game with no indication of any injury. he went through postgame interviews, no indication of injury. after he left the stadium reporting surfaced of the broken thumb. "the chicago tribune" reports he's expected to miss six to eight weeks with that broken thup. he wasn't the only one injured on sunday. the tight tanz quarterback has a sfraned elbow that he suffered gets the falcons. adrian peterson sprained an ankle on sunday against the raiders. in that same game, receiver
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darrius heyward-bey of the oakland raiders took a knee to the helmet. he flthrough home with the team. he'll get more tests on monday. >> for an nfl films all access look at the critical plays from week 11 including the touchdown by grish sham that was overturned on replay. you can watch it with dan patrick wednesday night on versus. back here at metlife stadium the eagles prevail 17-10 over the joins. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" question answered! introducing wendy's thickest, hottest, juiciest cheeseburgers ever, dave's hot 'n juicy! with new toppings and a butter-toasted bun.
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welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. here now is al michaels. >> back here to wrap things up with cris. when you think you have the nfc east figured out, no, you don't. pretty good day, by the way, for the dallas cowboys two levels. >> it was indeed. it took a redskins missed field goal to give them that chance. anytime the nfc east teams get together, it's a good game. i was so impressed with vince young tonight. come in there with a new system and new team, to make clutch
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plays on the final drive it was just really impressive. >> the giants still have two games left with dallas, the first of which is december 11th. you you'll see that on "sunday night football." reports out of pittsburgh, broken thumb, fractured thumb, whatever it is. if ben roethlisberger was in the crypt i wouldn't rule him out of the game. he's indestructible. right now tied with baltimore 7-3. >> pittsburgh defense is going to get healthier. they've been playing with their linebackers for the better part of the season. it's interesting to see what happens with ben roethlisberger. >> kansas city here we come, and happy thanksgiving to you. and all of you. pittsburgh against kansas city. we'll talk to you next sunday from k.c. football night. it gets started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 pacific time. until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our whole gang saying good night
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reskins scored touchdowns. took the cowboys into overtime and lost a heartbreaker. tonight how the skins are trying to regroup from an historic losing streak. and the terror bust in new york city, they have stopped a lone
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wolf and put on a sobering demonstration of his plan. plus a murder suspect on the loose after a clerical mistake set him free. >> a concern to the department we had an individual locked up for committing murder and he's back on the street. >> how a prisoner walked out of jail a free man. thank you for staying up with us. we begin with a developing story out of new york city. a man accused of plotting to bomb police cruisers to post offices arrested by police. 27-year-old jose pimentell, a loneresented operations in afghanistan. he had bomb making materials and they wasted no time making arrests. >> reporter: if the suspect was able to build and place the pipe bombs, investigators say this tape of an nypd test shows the kind of damage that would have
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been done. the 27-year-old suspect, jose pimentell in court tonight. he spoke of wanting to bomb u.s. soldiers returning home and nypd police cars. >> the suspect was a so-called lone wolf. motivated by his resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: police say that he learned how to build bombs by reading al qaeda's inspire magazine. officials showed off some of the materials, pipes, timers, materials allegedly acquired at stores like home depot. and they showed a photo of the suspect allegedly trying to mix powder. police say they have been watching him with the help of an informant. first when the naturalized american expressed radical views in upstate when he returned home to harlem. >> nypd has been keeping track of jose pimentell when he talked about violence and more intensely in recent weeks as he acted on it.
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>> reporter: officials say he was a follower of the radical cleric al-awlaki. his client may have radical views but was no threat. the fbi and federal prosecutors chose not to take this case. an informant played key roles, providing money and materials each step of the way with a suspect who may have emotional problems. the manhattan da says tough state terror laws aploy here. at his hearing the suspect broke and living with his mom was ordered held without bail. police say this alleged plot is the 14th targeting new york city since the september 11th terrorist attacks. the search continues for a murder suspect who was mistakenly released from jail in prince george's county. 24-year-old frederick scott got out 12 days ago.
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authorities say a clerical error at the court wrongly listed his bond at $75,000. that allowed him to post bail and walk free. >> hoping he sees this and has a kons shu conscience, there was an error, bring himself back in. police and the state's attorneys office are working with the k s courts to see how the error happened. turn to the redskins. they put up a fight. looks like they might win, hakeem, and all fell apart. >> they did. >> the meeting between the redskins and cowboys. an easy win on paper for dallas. they were eight-point favorites. cowboys off back to back wins. and the redskins reeling after five losses. nothing is predictable in a rivalry. redskins would trail, lead,
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trail again. and ultimately fall in overtime. but it was certainly fun to watch. and six out of the last seven games decided by six points or less. this was a good one. a barn burner. fourth quarter. tied. tony romo rolls out. finds his tight end, jason witten. heaves it up. wide own. all the way to the end zone. 59-yard touchdown for whitten. cowboys up 24-17. same score, 22 to go. skins, third and goal. grossman. stallworth. end zone. beautiful grab. touchdown. washington. too iffed at 24. this one to overtime. redskins win the toss. comes on for a 52-yard field goal. one for two on the day. oh, no. wide right and the cowboys take over. couldn't believe it. so then dallas with their turn for a game winner. 39-yard field goal. dan bailey. one for one in the game. make it two for two.
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just barely through the uprights. the rookie, helping the cowboys defeat the redskins, 27-24 in ot. first time washington has lost six in a row since 1998. >> i was pleased with the effort. i thought we played hard. thought we kept our poise. and just disappointed we didn't get the job done. and, you got to go back, say, hey, everybody has got to look at themselves, day by day. working on the little things. if you do that you have a chance. to within a football game. that's what happened there. we had opportunities. just one ply here or there. and you know, dictates the outcome. >> coming up after the news, "redskins final" dan hellie. and why aaron rodgers is frustrated. team is 10-0. he is not that happy. redskins final after the news. >> interesting. see you in a bit. >> thanks. >> new developments in the penn state sex abuse scandal. there are reports that the university police department has
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alerted the attorney general's office to another incident of indecent assault. the center daily times its reporting that -- in the summer of 2000. according to the paper it is unclear if that known individual is jerry sandusky. former penn state coach was indicted on child sex abuse charges. sandusky insisted he is unknow sent. father/son recovering tonight after a small plane crash in calvert county. 6:30 this evening at chesapeake ranch airport in maryland. authorities say the father was behind the controls, he overshot the run way, and crashed into some trees, while trying to land. both of them were hurt. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. the faa is investigating this crash. time is running out. in just a matter of hours an effort to solve the nation's debt crisis could end in
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failure. a bipartisan super committee has been tasked with cutting the debt by $1.2 trillion. but as nbc's brian mohr reports, it doesn't look like a deal is going to happen. >> reporter: with the deadline looming, deficit cutting committee agree there is no agreement. >> nothing new came out. democratic side, raise taxes. pass the jobs bill. >> they think they will win the senate, presidency and want to wait until next year and write their own deal. >> reporter: the bipartisan committee has to agree on $1.2 trillion in cuts by monday evening to meet as when day deadline for a vote. the 12 members are deadlocked. republicans are standing firm on tax increases. >> not about assigning blame. we are unaware of any democratic offer that didn't include at least $1 trillion tax increase on the american economy. >> democrats drawing the line on
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medicare and medicaid. >> what we will not put on the table is the end to the guarantee to entitlements. >> reporter: deep automatic cuts kick in, slashing domestic and defense spending not until 2013. a crisis for the next congress. still ahead, a religious debate turns into allegations of sexism. the change that has some parishioners leaving their church. plus, it's video that made national headlines. what is happening to police officers caught on tape pepper spraying protestors on a college campus? ♪ music sweet music music everywhere ♪ >> howard university's afro-blue returns to d.c. gray skies coming our way over the coming 24/4 hours. what about your thanksgiving
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forecast? a
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ten people were killed and hundreds of others injured during clashes between protestors and security forces in ki rocairo. accusing the military of trying to cling to power since hosni mubarak stepped down. more violence expected between now and next week. a weekend full of crimes at colleges across our area. three different campuses have seen robberies and incidents. tonight word that some of the crimes might be linked. news 4s darcy spencer live in georgetown with more on that. darcy? >> i spock ke to students at th universities. one thing, they feel informed about what has been happening.
11:57 pm
they've been receiving texts and e-mails when the crimes are going on. with that heightened level of concern about campus crimes. the man shown in this surveillance video, isaiah graham has been arrested and charged in connects with an armed robbery of a stuf dent of outside cecil hall. >> a couple of friends lived in cecil. >> reporter: police say graham, 21, was in custody in d.c. and may be connected to a robbery near george washington university campus. gw students stay there has been an uptick in robberies on a near campus. including one outside tompkins hall. >> i hope gw police does kind of step up -- what they're already doing to help, from these incidents in the future. >> a series of robberies,
11:58 pm
attempted robberies and incidents on campuses in the last several days. saturday night an armed robbery in 1800 block of 3th street near georgetown university campus. >> i think generally since we know about this sort of thing we tend to try to stay in groups. and that people walking alone is generally not -- not done. >> in college park there were two hold-ups near campus this weekend. a man robbed of his wallet and cell phone at gun point behind vito's pizza shop, route one. and shots were fired during an attempted robbery at this day's in. also on route one, north of campus early sunday morning. >> robbery that went on behind me. i live five minutes away. pretty scary. don't want to think that. >> that suspect who was arrested in connection with the university of maryland, armed robbery remains held in a d.c. jail without bond. a second suspect remains at large. reporting live from georgetown, darcy spencer, news 4.
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back to you. >> thank you. >> two university police officers on administrative leave after pepper spraying a group of occupy protestors in california. this happened friday at uc-davis. officers sprayed the demonstrators sitting after they refused to leave. a video of the incident has gone viral on line and prompted calls from the university's chancellor to step down. she says she takes full responsibility, but has no plans to resign. a debate on whether to let girls be altar servers in the catholic church came to a head in arlington. people stood in protest outside diocese offices. they're angry at the decision by corpus christi church in chantilly to only allow boys to serve. the arlington diocese allowed girls in 2006 but left the final decision up to individual churches. the pastor at corpus christie said he made the boys only decision in hopes of grooming more for the priesthood. >> if the bishop would show
12:00 am
leadership that would help in urging, if each parish to have altar girls. >> half churches in arlington allow girls to serve at the altar. some have decided to leave their churches and go to another one if their girls are not allowed to serve. thanksgiving came early for the troops in baghdad this year. soldiers at camp victory stat down for a holiday lunch today. many will be home to celebrate thanksgiving with their families. 33,000 american troops are still in iraq. the government says all of them should be home by end of the year. many troops are expected to head home this week. storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell joining us to look at the day that was and the week ahead. >> great week to be coming home. no doubt. thanksgiving week is finally here. it is exactly 12:01 a.m. now on your monday morning. what does that mean? most of all? already monday. happy monday to you. it also means the days on the seven day are one day off. wait and see. ha-ha. you have to pick your show
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early. temperatures outside remain on the mild side indeed. upper 50s. even a few spots hovering near 60 degrees. look live at lincoln memorial downtown. 58, national airport. not a breeze blowing out there now. a humid feel to it. dew points into the 50s as well. mid and upper 50s around the d.c. metro area. not all that much cooler. not in the high spots. north and west of town either. it will stay pretty much mild through the overnight hours. mid 50s when you get your day started in the morning. mid to upper 50s. lunchtime. back down into the low 50s. by the time the sun is down tomorrow. plenty of rain on the radar. this rain is going to continue through the overnight hours tonight. rain coming through the washington area. heading eastbound a long sky? line. showers on interstate 81. more rain further back across southern west virginia. so all that is yet to come in our direction. so, be ready for more in the way of rain ahead. soggy and mild through the overnight hours tonight. no doubt about it.
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temperatures won't drop too much more than we are. back into the upper 40s. low and mid 50s. aed my, rainy night. sun is up at 6:57 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow during the day, cloudy, wet. most of the rain in the front half of the day. off and on showers can't be ruled out through the early to mid afternoon hours. temperatures staying pretty much steady in the 50s. here you go. monday, is the first day of the week. so just pretend that those are all wonder other day. monday, 57. tuesday, 57. wednesday, day before thanksgiving. 64, mild, rainy. and thanksgiving day with the big turkey on it there. sunshine. and 53 degrees. little breezy and cool feel for thursday. and then a couple days going out of thursday into the big shopping and travel weekend after thanksgiving. generally quiet weather. nationwide weather. no big snowstorms, not going to be a blizzard in denver, chicago this year. that is welcome news for everyone that has to travel this weekend. >> getting on an airplane. >> love normal. good thing. >> thank you, chuck. ahead tonight. human body becomes -- a canvas.
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unusual art exhibit on display. coming up in sports. redskins rally against dallas. but the game has the a pretty
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