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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning and if we were to do that without 200 it would probably take us about 40 minutes, even during nonrush. now we're going back in the opposite direction, 95, back to georgia avenue to see how long it's going to take us. i'm on the phone in case you lose my signal because we are having some cell phone signal issues here on the new portion of the icc. let me show you a couple things. first of all it's free until december, but taking a look here, we got on the icc here at 95 and 95. by the time we get to brigs cheney, by the time we get to columbia pike, [ inaudible ] and new hampshire avenue $2.35, and the price keeps going up. we ride the icc to 370, $6. this is during peak times. this is during rush hour. so, it's pretty expensive to drive the distance of the icc
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here. and what they're saying is they don't think that [ inaudible ]. 95 to i-370. they think they'll take one of these exits. we are not alone this morning. look at all of the vehicles out here driving on the icc. i can tell you, sgrus standing there and waiting there at 95 and starting to drive on, these people are driving this road like it's been here forever. they're hit the icc and my guess is they're going maybe faster than the 50-mile-per-hour speed limit they have out here. cars are easily making their way to 95 or making their way on to the icc from 95. we're here and going to drive this and continue to check it out and we are timing once again how long it's taking us to get to 95 over here to georgia avenue. tracee wilkins, reporting on the icc, back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. we'll be checking back to see
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how things are going. you have to pay attention to the speed limit out there because it's strictly enforced at 55 miles per hour. >> with the tolls you don't want a ticket on top of that. a costly trip. good morning to you and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. on this tuesday, the 22nd day of november. take a look outside. it is messy outside there this morning. drizzly and drippy and dreary and -- but kind of warm. 51 degrees. >> where we saw where tracee was, there is light fog and the roadways are damp even though it may not be raining or drizzling now, still damp from overnight rain we had. over the last 12 hours, the moving green, that is rain that came right through the metro area. now it's around the bay and the eastern shore, but behind that, we have just some scattered sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle and patchy dense fog. that is going to be with us here through much of the morning. right now, temperatures are chilly in our western, northern suburbs in the mid and upper 40s, montgomery, fairfax and
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districts west. much of southern maryland, the northern neck of the eastern shore low to mid 50s. weather watchers reporting this morning. patchy dense fog there as well. here's the day planner, sunrise at 6:58. and we will have this fog and drizzle with us through the morning as we gradually climb into the mid 50s by noon time and then getting to the upper 50s by late afternoon. actually getting a little warmer overnight tonight. we'll look at your evening planner that will be coming up at 6:11. danella, how is the commute now? >> good morning. we saw tracee on the icc. it beats the beltway right now. the beltway getting busy. your delays start around new hampshire avenue and they continue as you make your way towards georgia avenue. taking the inner loop you're still pretty good at this time, although your volume is increasing, not seeing accidents standing in the roadways. taking i-66, not looking very nice. as you travel i-66 eastbound passing 50 as you make your way towards the beltway, that's where you're going to see delays. inside the beltway, congestion is increasing on i-66 but no
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accidents in either direction. eun, back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:04. right now stock markets across the world are feeling the brunt of the collapse in the so-called super committee. the failure to come up with a debt deal here in the united states and lingering worries about europe's debt problems over -- problems sent asian stock markets down today. the news sent the dow down about 250 points. there is good news, though. right now u.s. futures are slightly up. now that the super committee failed to slash more than a trillion dollars from the deficit, president obama is vowing to veto any efforts to block the automatic cuts. the special congressional panel was charged with coming up with a bipartisan plan to address the country's $15 trillion debt. but the committee could not reach a compromise. both parties blame the other for the failure. >> there's a lot of money to be saved there without cutting benefits for people who are on medicare, for example. i know our democratic friends like to always portray that as the choice. >> if they would take the bush tax cuts off and let the
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american people decide, we could have an agreement today. >> now the military and social programs including medicare and education could face automatic cuts totalling a trillion dollars by 2013. the republican presidential candidates will all be here in washington tonight. they'll be taking part in a debate at dar constitution hall. the topics will focus on foreign policy and national security. tonight's cnn debate is the 11th since may. at least two more are scheduled before the iowa caucuses on january 3rd. and there will be a new frontrunner at tonight's debate. newt gingrich is leading in the polls, received 24% in the latest cnn poll. mitt romney came in second with 20%. just last week though romney had a 2% lead over gingrich. i'm going to do something to government. i call its smaller, simpler, smarter approach to government. getting rid of programs, turning programs back to states, and finally making government itself
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more efficient. romney's releasing his first campaign commercial in new hampshire today. in it romney outlines his plans for the country while going after president obama. the ad starts airing as the president will arrive in new hampshire today to deliver a speech on the economy. federal prosecutors say former prince george's county executive jack johnson should receive a substantialal prison sentence and his wife should serve as much as 18 months for her role in the corruption scandal. that's according to a 76-page federal sentencing memorandum obtained by "the washington post." prosecutors say johnson accepted as much as $1 million in bribes. johnson pled guilty to extortion, witness and evidence tampering charges in may. his sentencing hearing is set for december 6th. he faces as much as 14 years in prison. his wife leslie johnson also pled guilty. she also is scheduled to be sentenced next month. breaking news out of egypt. three more people have died in violent clashes between police and protesters overnight.
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thousands of egyptians are packing into cairo's tahrir square demanding an end to the country's current military rule. protesters have been throwing rocks at security forces who have showered the crowds with tear gas. at least 29 people have died in the four-day uprising. >> 6:07. 51 degrees. how metro is trying to relive some of the headaches that come with thanksgiving travel or relief i should stay. >> we will be re-living them. the tsa agent arrested, what he's accused of doing in a neighborhood in northern virginia. >> before yes head out and buy that ipad, reports indicating what new features the ipad will have. >> waking up to misty weather out there this morning. news 4 -- storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know how long this rainy, derry
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welcome back. thousands of families will have a better thanksgiving thanks to contributions from news 4 viewers. we partnered with wkys number a fm. thanks to you enough food and money was raised to feed 4,000 families this thanksgiving. if you would like to participate you can donate on our website thanks so much for your support. >> great effort. thanks. let's go to tom kierein and take a look at the dreary
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weather on this tuesday. >> good morning. yeah, we've got some fog around. it's patchy, dense fog and many of the rural areas this morning, time for your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. on the radar we have some lingering showers in the eastern shore. where you see these patches of green as well getting a few sprinkles in fairfax, prince william, faulk, highlands of west virginia and western maryland. and we'll have this fog, drizzle and scattered light rain around with us through the morning hours. right now, in the 40s western northern suburbs into the mountains, near 50 in washington, points south and east in the low to mid 50s. here's the day planner, sunrise at 6:58 and we'll have occasional sprinkles and drizzle and fog this morning and into the afternoon, more passing showers are likely as temperatures gradually warm. in fact, we ought to be in the upper 50s by late evening, around midnight near 60 degrees, with occasional showers and patchy fog and drizzle. could get heavier rain tomorrow morning. we'll look at that and look also at your travel forecast just a couple minutes. all that coming up. danella, how is traffic?
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>> good morning. in maryland still have traffic lights out at the intersection of new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue. use caution if you're driving through this intersection. crews working to repair those lights as we speak. i-270, an accident, this one southbound at montgomery village avenue. this accident should be cleared any moment now. now if you're taking the beltway, inner loop making your way past route 1, looking in the clear as you head towards green belt. outer loop, you're not going to really start hitting delays as you're taking the beltway out of prince george's county until about university boulevard. that's when you're going to hit the brakes and those delays continue as you make your way towards georgia avenue. fairfax county parkway you are starting to hit the brakes towards 395. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks. the guest like no other, the obamas will welcome to the white house today. >> a tsa agent arrested, what he's accused of doing while in uniform.
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good morning. welcome back. the entire intercounty connecter now open for business. this is a picture of the news 4 commuter -- from the news 4 commuter cam. many commuters are already taking advantage of the icc. you can now drive the entire length for free for the next two weeks. and news 4's tracee wilkins is driving the new highway and will have a live report coming up in the next half hour. metro is gearing up for heavy travel over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. additional busses will be running from the plaza and rosslin metro stations to dulles airport and also increased busses running from the green belt metro to the vwi marshall airport. for riders trains start at 7:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day and will run at their regular 5:00 a.m. start on friday. if you're heading out of town, storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us live with potential travel tunnel spots. everyone wants to know what it's going to look like. >> many are hitting the roads today. >> yeah. >> and this is what you'll be
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moving into. all rain stretching from the central plains all the way to our region. that rain also stretches south from central indiana all the way down to texas. there's some heavier downpours there and those yellows and oranges, those are even some thundershowers. there could be flight delays from houston to memphis to st. louis, cincinnati, indianapolis, as well as, perhaps, later today around chicago. now, if you're flying out west, there may be some flight delays, seattle and portland into northern california and then inland from there, the rain from a pacific storm changes to snow in the cascades and farther east into idaho. and else where, we should not have any travel problems today. tomorrow that big storm in the midwest will be moving east, though, and it could be quite a complicated travel problem tomorrow up and down the atlantic seaboard. joe? >> thanks very much. his job is to keep terrorists off of planes and travelers safe at dulles airport, but this morning a local tsa agent is sitting
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behind bars accused of attacking a neighbor while in uniform. police say a woman was getting out of a friend's car early on sunday morning on winfield loop in manassas when 52-year-old had harold rodman approached her. he was in uniform and flashed his badge. the woman says he groped and sexually assaulted her. neighbors say they have a hard time believing those charges. >> i mean he's more like a model of the community, as opposed to anything but that. there's no motive whatsoever. i mean, it simply doesn't follow his character at all. >> the tsa released a statement to news 4 that reads in part, tsa is working closely with local law enforcement on this matter. right now rodman is being held without bond. the former head of the fbi will help penn state as the university investigates its handling of sex abuse allegations brought against former coach jerry sandusky. louie freeh was picked by the
6:18 am
school board's trustees to investigate the conduct of university personnel. freeh who stepped down from the fbi in 2001 said his inquiry will go as far back as 1975, nearly two decades earlier than the grand jury report. >> if our investigation identifies any additional victims of sexual crimes against or exploitation of children, we will immediately report this to law enforcement authorities. >> while penn state tries to move forward, a lawyer representing one of the victims says his client has been dealt a setback. the lawyer says victim one now 17 years old, had to leave his high school in the middle of his senior year because classmates bullied him blaming him for paterno's firing. pop star justin bieber reportedly took a dna test in new jersey to disprove claims he is a father. bieber reportedly took the test on friday. according to tmz it is now mariah yeater's turn to provide
6:19 am
a sample from her 3-year-old son. the announcement a surprise since he is not obligated to take the test. yeater who is 20 years old claimed she had sex with the singer back stage at an l.a. concert in october last year, but dropped the paternity lawsuit earlier this month. 6:19. new overnight the georgetown men's basketball team got off to a rough start while in paradise. the hoyas taking on kansas in the first round of the maui invitational. they kept pace with the jayhawks most of the night, but in the end they lost 67-63. they face tournament host shammad later today. the washington capitals have taken a step in the right direction as they try to get their season back on track. nicolas backstrom scored early in the third period helping the caps rally from a two-goal deficit against the coyotes. the team went on to win the game 4-3 in front of the hometown fans at verizon center snapping their four game losing streak. they play winnipeg tomorrow night at verizon center.
6:20 am
and while the caps were celebrating their win, one of the rivals was taking to the ice for his first game in nearly a year. sidney crosby is back. and he wasted no time getting back to work, scoring this goal on his third shift of the night. he would add one other before the game was over. crosby and penguins went on to beat the new york islanders, 5-0. he's back and he's good. >> he's back and good. although, like i said, caps fans it's hard to love sid the kid. >> not well loved here. >> no. >> let's go to tom who is well loved be. >> he is. by everyone. >> but i'm not on skates. >> no. >> this morning you need an umbrella and you'll need your coat. it's rather chilly. passing showers overnight. this area moving green that's rain. now it's on the eastern shore and around the ba i and right along the western shore of the chesapeake bay and calvert down to southern st. mary's and northern neck getting sprinkles. farther west a few sprinkles in
6:21 am
prince william, faulk and sterling middle school just foggy and drizzle there and there's a little bit of rain farther to the west of there and it's right down into the 40s in much of the region this morning. in loudoun county as well as in fairfax, low to mid 40s, as well as in prince william and faulk here. montgomery and frederick counties and howard and prince george's and calvert and st. mary's around the upper 40s to near 50. sunrise 6:58 and occasional showers, patchy drizzle and fog this morning and into the afternoon. also some more showers as we gradually warming into the upper 50s over the evening hours. we'll have some more showers and patchy fog this evening and tomorrow some rain in the morning, could be heavy at times with thunder and lightning and temperatures even continuing to climb to the mid 60s by noontime. then clearing out wednesday and turning colder wednesday night into thanksgiving morning. the mid 30s. thanksgiving day sunny into the mid 50s. sunny on friday, saturday and most of sunday with highs up around 60 or so. maybe rain on monday.
6:22 am
how is the commute? >> take the mark train, several delays on the brunswick lane. 872 you are have a 13-minute delay. minor delay on 874 of nine minutes. on the roadways traveling i-270 it's foggy, damp and very slow as you head out of germantown make yg ur way past father hurley, traveling towards the spur. those delays continue until you reach rockville and making your way on to the spur is not so bad just yet. no accidents to report in the area as we speak. traveling 395, starting to see delays as you head north. they start just around etzell towards duke and continues on seminary road. no accidents in the roadways but i will show you the 14th street bridge getting busy as you head into the city. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks very much. now 51 degrees. if big savings just aren't enough, the free stuff you can get while shopping on black friday. >> and the new reports out this morning about when the next ipad will be released.
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>> the unusual robbery in fairfax county with the crime
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dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. good morning and welcome back. new reports about what the next apple ipad will look like and when it will be on sale. the website says it
6:26 am
has the inside scoop. it says the sources tell them the ipad 3 will be .7 millimeters thicker than the ipad 2. the reason is so that apple can add extra light bars inside to support a higher resolution display. as for the release date, ilounge says it will be in march but speculate it could be publicly shown as early as january. the muppets heading it to the white house. the white house hosting a special screening of the money mets movie. the screening is for military families. guests also include kermit the frog and one of the film's stars jason segal. the film is the latest in a series of invitation the white house has extended to military families. the muppets open nationwide on wednesday. >> perfect for watching after the whole thanksgiving meal. >> lots of fun. >> our time is 6:37. >> the d.c. holiday tradition taking place today. >> and where a female jogger was attacked while out on an early morning run.
6:27 am
>> there is a lot of green on the radar. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the storm and we'll let you know when the rain will go away.
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the super failure on capitol hill. the new debt crisis facing the country this morning. >> the icc is now open for business this morning we are driving the new stretch of the highly anticipated shortcut across maryland. >> and flour power. one mom's surprise when she leaves the room for just a minute. only to find her kids making this huge mess. this is the must-see video of the morning. oh, my goodness gracious. the cleanup. >> we're making biscuits, mom. >> that's right. >> chill. thanks for waking up with us on "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. tuesday november 22nd, 2011. we'll take a live look outside right now at 6:31, 51 degrees out there. hard to see anything. you can see some lights but it's still cloudy and drizzly out there. >> light fog in washington and the immediate metro area, but when you get outside the beltway many areas have thick fog this
6:31 am
morning. watch out for that. we've got wet roads an streets and sidewalks from the overnight showers that have been coming through moving west to east. right now on the radar those areas of green, we are getting some light rain on the eastern shore and extreme southern maryland, northern mec. farther to the south and southwest of washington, prince william and faulk, shenandoah valley, highlands of western maryland and west virginia few light rain showers there. drizzle and fog and it's chilly, western, northern suburbs into the mountains, it's in the 40s. near washington near 50. southern maryland around the bay and northern neck in the low to mid 50s there. and as the day progresses, we'll gradually climb to the upper 50s by this evening. but we'll stay generally in the mid 50s throughout much of the day today. your day planner, occasional showers and sprinkles, patchy fog and drizzle, sun set at 4:50. a look at your evening planner, at 6:41. >> if you're taking the rails on
6:32 am
the marc train, several delays due to scheduled track work. expect delays as we stand now. brunswick east line train 870, eight-minute delay. east line, 872 at 19 minutes and train number 874 you're at 12 minutes. and on the roadways, very slow on i-270. this is the live look right now at shady grove, you're jammed towards the spur but your delays actually start further up at father hurley and a slow commute as you travel southbound. traveling in virginia at i-66 at waples mill, very slow towards the beltway. as you continue inside the beltway, your delays continue as well. here's a view of glebe road from the beltway to glebe road, 25 miles per hour and will take you 15 minutes to make that trip. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks so much. right now about two dozen occupy wall street protesters are resting in college park, maryland, after matching for the past two weeks from new york city. the protest known as occupy the highway. the marchers will arrive at the
6:33 am
occupy d.c. encampment in mcpherson square some time today. tomorrow the occupiers will hold a rally to [ inaudible ] that would ease the tax burden on what they call the 99%. frustrated and upset with the government's response to the economy members of occupy d.c. appear now to be digging in for the winter. news 4 crews spotted demonstrators beginning to build a shltser at freedom plaza using concrete and wood. it will apparently serve as a spot for the group to escape the cold as well as a place for meetings and speeches. occupy d.c.'s permit is set to expire at the end of december. one person was arrested for sexual assault at mcpherson square, that's the center of the occupy movement here in d.c. u.s. park police tell us the assault happened just after 7:00 yesterday. investigators are not releasing any details about the attack. we're told a man was arrested. his name is not being released at this time. and we have a warning for joggers. someone attacked a woman around
6:34 am
this time yesterday morning. it happened in the 200 block of east del ray avenue in alexandria. news 4's megan mcgrath is live there with details. good morning. >> well, good morning. eun, this happened yesterday right around 6:00 a.m. in terms of the lighting conditions, very similar. it was dark outside, police say that a woman was jogging alone, she was in the 200 block of east del ray avenue, as she jogds along, that's when the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her from behind, and touched her inappropriately. now she screamed. at that point the man then threw her down to the ground and ran and we're told that he ran in the direction of mount vernon avenue. no arrests have been made and there really is no good description on the suspect who was involved in this incident. the woman is going to be okay. now police are still investigating. they want any witnesses, anyone who was in the area who perhaps saw someone suspicious to please come forward. also reminding folks if at all possible, when you're jogging,
6:35 am
especially when it's dark outside, try to jog with a friend, a neighbor. don't go alone if you can avoid it. also, not to wear head phones when you're jogging. want people to be as aware of their surroundings as possible. now, anyone with information, you're asked to call alexandria police. eun, back to you. >> an important reminder, megan mcgrath live in alexandria, thank you. the man charged with trying to assassinate president obama will undergo an evaluation to find out whether he is competent to face those charges. oscar ortega hernandez is accused of firing nine rounds from an assault rifle into the white house on november 11th. the first family was not at home at the time of the shooting. hernandez's attorney says that there is not enough evidence to charge him. he was ordered, though, held without bond. and breaking news out of egypt this morning. three more people died in violent clashes between police and protesters overnight. thousands of egyptians are packing into cairo's tahrir square, demanding an end to the
6:36 am
country's current military rule. protesters have been throwing rocks at security forces who have showered the crowds with tear gas. at least 29 people have now died in the four-day uprising. our time is now 6:36. if the bargains aren't enough, you can get free stuff while you go out shopping on black friday. >> the large robbery caught on tape inside a convenience store in maryland. why police are not calling this a flash mob. >> and you are waking up to light rain and thick fog. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know how long this drizzly, dreary weather will stick around. >> parents you want to see this story. one mom's reaction when she walks into this huge mess. who me? being in the driver's seat of a
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6:39 is our time. 51 degrees. look at that haze and fog and dreary weather out there this morning. welcome back to news 4 today. >> the "today" show is next in about 20 minutes at 7:00. let's check with matt lauer to see what they're working on for "today" this morning. good morning to you. >> hey, eun, good morning to you. coming up on a tuesday here on "today," a preview of what could be a holiday travel nightmare for a lot of people. there's some dangerous flooding down south and severe storms are making their way to the east coast. so al's going to tell you how the weather might impact your travel plans. also ahead, a young man who was mentored as a by jerry sandusky speaks out for the first time. what he's saying about their relationship and the sex abuse charges now filed against the former penn state coach.
6:40 am
lighter note, have you ever asked yourself, what is thanksgiving like at martha stewart's house? well, she invited ann, al, natalie and me to find out. what she'll you what that experience was like. we have a concert out on the plaza this morning, despite a little inclement weather, we have carol king in concert this morning as part of a holiday week of music here on "today." so we'll get to that and much more ahead as we get started on a tuesday morning in just a couple of minutes. eun, back to you. >> all fun. i hope you brought back some good in recipes from martha. >> what an experience that was. it was really cool. >> i can only imagine. see you soon. >> thank you, eun. just about 6:41 now. time again for weather and traffic on the 1s. start with tom kierein in storm 4. >> good morning. this hour, we've got some patchy drizzle and some dense fog to deal with. we've had some overnight showers, so everything is wet this morning. allow yourself extra time. getting some light rain on the eastern shore, southern
6:41 am
maryland, northern neck, the patches of screen and scattered sprinkles prince william, northern shenandoah, pan handle of west virginia and maryland where temperatures are in the mid 40s. closer to washington upper 40s to near 50 in the suburbs. eastern shore now in the low to mid 50s. here's the day planner. sunrise 6:58 and occasional showers this morning with some patchy fog and drizzle and some afternoon showers coming through. temperatures gradually warming this evening. we ought to be up around 60 by midnight with more showers coming through, maybe fog and drizzle as well this evening. we could get heavier downpours tomorrow morning. we'll look at that, the holiday forecast and the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. i have a crash involving a bus. this is if you're traveling northbound mid county highway past shady grove road. police are on the scene of that accident. also if you're traveling this morning, taking the beltway, it's very slow. you can see we're at a standstill at new hampshire avenue. those delays continue on the outer loop. all the way towards georgia
6:42 am
avenue. very slow commute for you. i'll give you a travel speed, about 25 miles per hour, taking 234 minutes from i-95 -- 23 minutes to i-95 to 270. delays on 395, slow at edsall, those delays continue to the beltway. it will take you 36 miles per hour, 18 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. right now commuters hoping to avoid traffic by using a brand new route, the second section of the inner county connecter opened this morning. commuters can now travel from i-270 in gaithersburg to i-95 in laurel. plenty of drivers are giving it a dry. tracee wilkins has been cruising the icc and joins us live via the news 4 commuter cam. good morning. >> good morning. we are driving on the icc as you said. we've been going back and forth from georgia avenue to 95. we're traveling the new section and it took 12 minutes for us to do that. take a look out here at the road, you can see we have plenty
6:43 am
of company out here with us riding on the icc this morning. lots of folks who are traveling. the speed limit out here 50 miles per hour. and that's it. took us 12 minutes to make this trek last time. if we were paying and we're not, nobody has to until december 5th, if we were paying it would cost us $3.90 to make that trek. and during off-peak showers, $2.50. so we are traveling the icc, showing you what it's looking like out here. plenty of company. seeing the toll booths that are going to be taking the electronic sampling of your easy pas. you need an eeasy pass to ride on the icc. i've been tweeting about this all morning long. follow me @tracee wilkins on twitter. responses from folks, it's worth it. i would love to pay $3 or $2 to ride on the icc if it's going to save me that amount of time.
6:44 am
we were talking about how much time it would cost for folks to actually come from georgia avenue back down to 95 and there are probably about 40 minutes for us to get through all of the traffic. so you can imagine get on a road like this and it took literally 12 minutes, that is absolutely amazing. so, i was just tweeting it's like being on an intercounty time warp without a whole lot of traffic here to hold you up. tracee wilkins on the icc back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. thanks very much. and we'll be following your tweets as well. thanks. 6:44 now. a group of teens and young adults is caught on camera shoplifting from a 7-eleven. this morning police are trying to identify those involved. this happened saturday night at the 7-eleven on the 12200 block of tech road in silver spring. surveillance cameras caught about 50 people walk in, some of them put snacks and drinks in their pockets and walked out without paying. police tell news 4 they did stop
6:45 am
a group of six with items from 7-eleven with no receipts. but officers did not ticket them. instead, officers took their information and said they would follow up as they investigate. police are not calling this a flash mob since the robbery was not organized through social media. police believe they ca from a party nearby. and do you recognize any of these people in these surveillance pictures? fairfax police believe they're behind a number of robbery the targeting eye ware stores in the county. police say their latest target was the for eyes store in alexandria where they got away with half a dozen pairs of expensive designer frames. police believe these cases may be linked to a similar -- a series of similar thefts in montgomery county. federal prosecutors say the former prince george's executive jack johnson should receive a substantial prison sentence and his wife should serve as much as 18 months for her role in the corruption scandal. that's according to a 76-page
6:46 am
federal sentencing memorandum obtained by "the washington post." prosecutors say johnson accepted as much as $1 million in bribes. johnson pleaded guilty to extortion, witness and evidence tampering charges, back in may. the sentencing hearing set for december 6th and he faces as much as 14 years in prison. his wife leslie johnson also pleaded guilty. she is also scheduled to be sentenced next month. the republican presidential candidates will all be here in washington tonight. they'll be taking part in a debate at dar constitution hall. the topics will focus on foreign policy and national security. tonight's cnn debate is the 11th since may. at least two more are scheduled before the iowa caucuses in january. that's on the 3rd of january. a new frontrunner at tonight's debate. newt gingrich is leading in the polls. he received 24% in the latest cnn poll. mitt romney came in second with 20%. just last week romney had a 2% lead over gingrich.
6:47 am
the debt super committee is now a super failure. both parties are blaming each other while president obama is threatening to veto any efforts to block the automatic cuts planned for next year. so what happens next? angie gof is live in our newsroom with more on that part of the story. good morning to you. >> good morning. eun, in the wake of force washington failure the finger-pointing has begun. >> are you closer to a deal, congressman? >> we're not making any comment. >> reporter: those in charge with coming up with a bipartisan plan to attack the country's $15 trillion debt, could not do it. now, spending cuts are set to happen automatically, starting in 2013. the divided congress has to figure out what to do with an expiring payroll tax cut and calls for extending unemployment benefits by next year. >> there's a lot of money to be saved there without cutting benefits for people who are on medicare, for example. >> if they would take the bush tax cuts off and let the
6:48 am
american people decide, we could have an agreement today. >> president barack obama blames congressional republicans for the nurse, saying democrats were willing to compromise and republicans were not. the failure means future loss of funding for programs like education, agriculture, and medicare. perhaps hardest hit the defense department which faces a $550 billion cut. now some economists say there could be a silver lining in all of this. the failure forces the country come to terms with cuts in areas that have been it tough to touch in the past. eun? >> all right. angie, thanks so much. the super committee's failure isn't sitting very well with investors. cnbc's jackie deangelo joins us with how the markets are looking this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, eun. futures are actually pointing to a higher open this morning after the markets fell sharply on monday. on the ongoing debt worries in u.s. and europe. investors reacted to the failure of the u.s. super committee to strike a deal to cut the deficit
6:49 am
and there is concern that the s&p, moody's and fitch could cut the u.s.'s credit rating but the agency says this news doesn't affect their current outlook. keep that in mind. in terms of data a revised look at gdp or how much the economy grew this summer and minutes in this month's fed meelgts. the dow dropped monday closing at 11,547, back in negative territory for the year. the nasdaq losing 49 to 2523. if doorbusters aren't enough to get you in the door on friday retailers are ready to do what seems to work every time, give out free stuff. old navy is giving away kodak digital cameras to a limited number of customers. jc penney handing out disney snow globes and sears offering free collectible christmas ornaments to the first 200 shoppers who buy clothes and accessories. if you don't sit in the parking at best buy and bored while waiting for it to open the chain will be screening the final
6:50 am
harry potter movie in the parking lot of many of their stores. they're trying to keep their customers busy aswell. back to you. >> they are thinking of everything for black friday. thank you. marion berry holds his it turkey giveaway at the union temple baptist church between 9:00 and 5:00 p.m. berry originally required people in ward 8 to preregister and commit to attend community or pta meeting but "the washington post" reports those requirements have been dropped. last year there was something of a turkey distribution mess that left some people turkey-less after a billing dispute. all right. it is now 6:51. we need to get a look at the forecast tore today and the rest of the holiday week. >> a lot of people will be traveling today and your big problem this morning, travel wise, will be fog. the fog has really thickened up and just half an hour ago we could easily see the capitol but now, we can't tell if that's washington or durwood.
6:51 am
there is a -- >> what is that? >> or dumfries. that is a live picture but so foggy, can't see across the potomac. 50 in the fog at reagan national with a light northeasterly breeze. over the last 12 hours the moving green that's rain. it's been raining off and on through the night and now on the eastern shore, they're getting some steady showers, light rain in prince william county, fairfax and loudoun county line off to the east. we may even though we're getting just a few sprinkles in washington, may get a few more showers coming in in the next few minutes. also northern shenandoah valley, western maryland, much of west virginia getting heavier showers this morning and temperatures are chilly there in the mid 40s as well as shenandoah valley. points closer to washington, montgomery and fairfax upper 40s and near 50 in washington and prince george's county. in the bay low to mid 50s. we'll be in the fog this morn with drizzle and some passing showers. and we'll be gradually warming into the afternoon into the mid 50s. sunrise just a few minutes away. sunset at 4:50 and this evening
6:52 am
more rain and fog. in fact, could get heavier downpours as we warm up to near 60 by midnight and then into the mid 60s by mid day wednesday with morning showers, maybe some thunder with some heavy downpours briefly on wednesday morning. and then drying out wednesday afternoon, some sun breaking out. we'll tumble from the 60s to 30s by dawn on thursday. a 30-degree drop. and then during the day, thanksgiving day, sunny with highs mid 60s. and danella, i told you to stop. get that turkey, will you? and then on friday, it will be near 60 degrees and sunny. saturday and sunday looking great as you digest that turkey, in the mid to low 30s saturday and sunday, maybe rain on monday. danella, did you catch it yet? >> that pesky turkey always getting in the way. think he's causing problems on the road. northbound, mid county highway past shady grove still have the accident block the right lane. it is involving a bus. if you're traveling on 270 you're jammed heading out of
6:53 am
germantown. a view at father hurley, slow southbound towards the spur, seeing a lot of fog as well as wet pavement. give yourself extra time, expect delays. also seeing congestion westbound on route 50 around east/west highway. those delays continue as you head on to new york avenue and  also big delays, 66 east and fog as you make your way past route 50 and head all the way towards the beltway. that's where you are going to see your delays and i'll give you a travel speed. it's pretty slow from the fairfax parkway to the beltway, 34 miles per hour, taking 17 minutes to make that trip. joe, back to you. >> that turkey sounds like my creeky chair. thanks very much. we have a warning for joggers in northern virginia this morning. someone attacked a woman around this time yesterday morning. it happened in the 200 block of east del ray avenue in alexandria. police say someone grabbed the woman from behind. when she screamed she was shoved to the ground and the attacker ran away. today, occupy marchers will hold a rally in alexandria. city officials are warning residents to expect an
6:54 am
additional police presence and traffic delays around market square. the rally is set to start at noon after the rally the group will march into d.c. also marching to d.c. about two dozen wall street protesters. right now they are resting in college park after marching for the past two weeks from new york. their protest is known as occupy the highway. the marchers will arrive at the occupy d.c. encampment in mcpherson square some time today. tomorrow demonstrators will hold a rally protesting what they're calling the failure by the super committee to reach a deal that would ease the tax burden on the 99%. republican presidential hopeful michele bachmann had a few laughs at her opponent's expense while appearing on "late night with jimmy fallon." the congresswoman was asked to describe the other candidates using just one word. >> perry? >> that's not one word. i've got to do three. >> you have to -- >> governor, texas, can't
6:55 am
remember the other one. >> oh, my god. >> cain. >> nine. >> it's hard not to joke about how the -- not to joke about the now famous rick perry slipup. among the other, one word answers bachmann gave, finished to describe for president obama, nine for herman cain and gorgeous for sarah palin. >> all right. well, one mom is learning this morning what happens when a bag of flour gets into the wrong hands. some hands of miss chev vus children. >> it was a recipe for disaster. >> my god. it's like a snowman puked all over my living room. >> don't blame it on the snowman. you can hear the mother was shocked to find her living room blanketed in flour. >> oh. >> the one kid is already in prison. it covered everything from the sofa to picture frames and even the tv. pouring it on his head. >> you're dancing in it.
6:56 am
mom was not feeling well. when she came out of the bathroom she found her two sons had got noon her brand new bag of flour and were still happily playing in the mess. the video has more than 500,000 hits so far. you can make about 500,000 biscuits with -- >> look. he's like look, mom, look what i did. he's so proud. >> see. >> that is wonderful. >> here's the thing, it doesn't take long. you turn your eyes for a second and kids can get into all kinds of mess. >> suddenly your whole living room is covered with it. i wonder how long it's going to take to clean that up. flour in places they didn't know they had places. >> the younger one saying, he told me to do it. >> right, right. >> of course. >> who did it? not me. nobody. >> we got fog around this morning. expect that as well as passing showers throughout the day today. tonight through midday wednesday, and then sunny for thanksgiving day. eun and joe. >> that is "news 4 today." thanks for starting your day with sthus the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and breaking news and
6:57 am
we're back tomorrow morning at 4:30. hope you will join us then, and until then have a great day.
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6:59 am
good morning. thanksgiving nightmare? dangerous flooding and thunderstorms in the east, high winds and torrential rain out west. it could be tough going for millions of people heading home


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