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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 22, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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"news4 midday," i am barbara harrison. we begin with the opening of a brand new route this morning that many drivers will help to cut down their commutes. a section of the inner county connector opened earlier this morning. you can travel from i-270 in gaitersburg to laurel witho getting on the beltway. >> so we have been hanging out on the icc all morning long, and seeing what the roadway is like. now we're deeper into rush hour so we will test it out and see if it takes as long as they predict it should. we will begin by resetting the clock here, and we can go ahead, bob. bob, our courier is driving us around.
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let's see how long it takes. we are now approaching exit 13 to new hampshire avenue in silver spring. we got here in five minutes. now, if we were actually paying for the tolls, it would cost us $2.30 to take that exit. remember, we started back and made it here in eight minutes. if we were paying tolls it would cost us $2.95 at this point. now, this is our exit point from the icc and it took us exactly ten minutes, and let's say 50 seconds to get here. but if we were actually paying tolls it would have cost us $3.90. so we asked drivers using the icc what did they think. >> very nice. took 25 minutes and without it 45 minutes.
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>> you came from where to where? >> 95. >> reporter: to here? how long did it take you? >> ten minutes. >> reporter: to test it without the icc, we tried going back to georgia avenue by only using 198, and we are back here, georgia avenue, and as you can see, it took us almost 20 minutes to get here without using the icc, so without question it's a lot faster. folks who were wondering if you could find route 200 on the gps system, it depends on the gps system. this one does show it, but some may not. without question, the icc is faster and it will be free until december 5th. i am tracee wilkins, reporting from the icc. meanwhile, metro is gearing up for the busy thanksgiving weekend.
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there will be increased bus service running from the greenbelt metro to the marshal metro. and friday, they will operate on a normal schedule with a 5:00 a.m. opening. right now, families in need are getting help with their d.c. meals. marion barry is giving the turkey giveaway. >> reporter: they started to hand out turkeys at 9:00 this morning, and they have 2,000 turkeys to district today. some are on fixed incomes and others are struggling with the economy, and one thing they will not have to worry about this year is buying the turkey. some waited in the morning hours in the drizzle. >> i got up at 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: a small sacrifice, they say, for a holiday feast.
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>> you can't afford -- the economy right now, it's really wild because i can't hardly afford to feed the family and stuff. >> reporter: they are pulling together a thanksgiving dinner and it can be difficult if not impossible. but this morning thousands of ward 8 residents got a helping hand. free turkeys. >> i got grandkids and i am here for my grandkids. >> reporter: councilman marion barry started this a couple years ago, but this morning all went well. 2,000 turkeys are being given away and sharing a very happy thanksgiving for many in ward 8. >> it's an amazing deal to me. this is fantastic for the community. you know, just thank god for a turkey this year. >> i am going to my niece's
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house, and we will have a wonderful get together for the occasion. >> we are expecting marion barry to come out and hand them out personally. they will district the birds until they run out, and they suspect that will be about 5:00 this evening. a rainy morning we have had out there so far, and i guess we only have a little bit left of the morning, but it will be this way all day long, tom? >> yes, and we have had fog that continues to linger here. we have a lot of fog around the region, and over the last 12 hours we had passing showers moving west to east. now they are beginning to shift a bit and move southwest to northeast, and that is light rain, and right now getting light rain in the district of columbia and across montgomery and into southern maryland as well is getting light rain as is areas north and east of
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washington. heavier rain is falling out in west virginia. temperatures are still chilly and have not warmed up much at all this this evening. and 52 at reagan national. and for the rest of the afternoon, yes, we will have more showers, drizzle and patchy fog, but gradually warming, we should be in the mid-50s by late afternoon with a southeasterly breeze. and getting warmer tonight, we'll talk about that, and when will the rain end. we will have the latest on the national holiday traveling forecast in a couple minutes. we will check on the midday traffic now, and danella sealock keeping an eye on things out there. how is it looking? >> it's been a rough morning. in the inner loop of the beltway, an accident right here.
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jammed at new hampshire, and slowing making your way towards connecticut avenue. and then i will give you a travel speed right now. it's slow. 40 miles per hour from the prince william parkway to the beltway. it will take you 19 minutes to make that trip. some good news. if you continue on to 395, this is the view and no problems all the way to the 14th street bridge. right now, about two dozen auk pay wall street protesters are arriving in d.c. after marching in the past two weeks from new york. they will arrive and camp in mcpherson square at sometime today. tomorrow, occupiers will hold a rally because of the failure by the super committee to reach a deal to ease the tax burden on frustrated americans. they appear to be digging in for
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the winter. news4 crews started some building shelter at freedom plaza using concrete and wood. it will serve as a spot to saw scape the cold and have meetings and speeches, and their permit is set to expire in december. an assault happened just after 7:00 yesterday. we are told a man was arrested. his name is not being released at this time. now, a warning for joggers. somebody attacked a woman while she was jogging. it happened yesterday morning in the 200 brock of east dell ray avenue. somebody grabbed a woman from behind and when she screamed she was pushed down and the attacker ran away. run in groups when possible. a group of teens and young
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adults are caught on camera shoplifting from a 7-eleven. it happened on saturday night at the 7-eleven on the 12200 block of tech road in silver spring. surveillance cameras caught 50 people walking in and stealing and then walking out without paying. officers did not ticket them, instead the officers took their information and say they will follow-up as they investigate. if you recognize anybody on this tape, please call montgomery county police. nine minutes after 11:00 is our time right now. coming up, students arrested in egypt with clashes going on, and the local connection and what they are accusesed of doing.
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we have breaking news out of egypt this morning. three american college students are in police custody accused of taking part in massive anti-government protests. the three young men were paraded on state television. police accuse them of throwing mall atah cocktails and clashing with police. they were demanding a new government. a spokeswoman for the american
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university in cairo says one of the students is from georgetown, university. now that the super committee failed to slash more than $1 trillion from the deficit, president obama is planning to veto any other cuts. the committee couldn't reach a compromise. both parties blame the other for the failure. >> there's a lot of money to be saved there without cutting benefits to people who are on medicare, for example, and i know our democrat friends like to portray that as the choice. >> if they want to take the tax cuts off and let the american people decide, we could have an agreement today. >> now the military and social programs could face automatic cuts, totaling $1 trillion by the year 2013. now to decision 2012. the republican presidential candidates will all be here in washington tonight.
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they will take part in a debate at constitution hall. the topics will focus on foreign policy and national security. there are two more scheduled before the iowa caucus on january 3rd. the mumpets are heading to the white house today. the screening is the latest in a series of special invitations the white house has given to military families. "the muppets" is opening on this friday. >> yeah, and the maker got his start here in this building. what a wonderful imagination he had. it's foggy, and drippy, and we have drizzle around and some
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passing showers, too. that's a live picture from the city camera. you can see quite a bit of fog from the potomac river. right now, north-northeasterly wind is keeping things chilly. the dew point is at 50. and over the last 12 hours we had one wave of rain come through early this morning and all this area in here is light rain, and it's in the district and into montgomery county and prince georges county, and it's drizzle through much of southern maryland and in the eastern shore, but way out in west virginia, we're getting some heavier rain. a lot will be passing northeast and into the northern suburbs in an another hour, so we will have light rain from time to time. right now it's chilly. and it's in the mid-40s right now in areas here, and then low
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to mid-50s. as the wind shifts to the south, we will have the winds bringing in milder air. right now, if you plan on traveling and you are heading to the midwest, look at the rain between washington and chicago, and then from chicago all the way down to the mississippi river valley into texas. there will be likely flight delays throughout the day today, and if you are flying out west, the only other travel problems weather-wise may be getting into seattle or portland, and they are getting rain in there, and between there and throughout much of the plains and the rockies, it's fairly nice. up in the high rockies, they are getting snow right now. here is the travel weather for tomorrow. that storm, it's in the midwest, and it will be shifting east. it will likely cause problems in new england all the way down to florida, and between the mid-atlantic states and parts of the midwest, but it will be chilly and dry throughout much
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of the nation, and there could be rain and snow moving in there. now, as we look -- what could be happening with the rain happening now, with the potential rainfall with the storm totals, this area of light green, generally quarter to an inch, but the blue area could get an inch to an inch and a half of rain by the time it ends on wednesday midday, and this should all be pretty much over with by the time we get into wednesday, midday, tomorrow, right around this time tomorrow, we should have a lot of rain ending. for the rest of the afternoon, more rain and drizzle and patchy fog. gradually warming into the mid-50s by late afternoon. tomorrow night, we will have a dark sky, and the sun sets at 4:50, and more drizzle and fog around tonight as temperatures warm up, by midnight in the 50s to 60s with a breeze. tomorrow, warm to the mid-60s on wednesday, and then we clear out a bit by late wednesday
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afternoon. and then we will plummet out of the 60s down to the 30s by dawn on thanksgiving morning. so quite a dramatic drop. thanksgiving day should be bright and sunny. highs, mid-50s. and we have not caught that turkey yet, barbara. get that turkey! >> is there a turkey in here, tom? >> yes, we have been trying to capture it all morning. >> monday, bright and sunny and near 60 degrees, and we will have sunshine, so a mild weekend coming up, but travel problems -- trouble here, today and into tomorrow around our part of the country. >> oh, folks will start to make their cornbread for the cornbread stuffing and will warm them ovens up. >> i have been blamed for the kerr tea all morning long. i am a vegetarian. how can i get blamed for the wild turkey. i think the turkey is causing
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problems on the beltway. i will blame the turkey for that. this accident at connecticut avenue, it's causing delays. i will give you a live look as you make your way at university boulevard. it's jammed here a minute ago, so we are seeing relief. that's a good thing. traveling on the inner loop -- my camera is being real crazy. nice and clear on the inner loop. back to you. >> okay. thank you, danella. it's 11:19. still ahead, skin damage you cannot see in the mirror. how doctors can see it and treat it now. plus, two words that don't usually go to word. elegant and leftovers. we will show you how to flow a party with all the extra turkey and stuffing. first, here is a look
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snichltd even though thanksgiving is still a couple days away, it's never too late to start planning what you will do with the leftovers. now, elegant and leftover party, they don't go together, do they? >> yes, in our case they do. >> let me ask you.
11:23 am
people that just have eaten a thanksgiving dinner, you ask them over the next night for the same dinner again? >> i think leftovers are the best part of thanksgiving. everybody is stressed and working hard on thursday. what we are trying to show you here, you take the food that is leftover from thanksgiving, and you put it into the actual containers that can then go into the oven or the microwave or the refrigerator, and those exact containers can come right on to the table. >> those look great. >> it's everything. everything you see is biodegradable, plastic or paper, including the silverware and all of the stemware and plates and everything. >> and this is very elegant to look at. could you invite a whole new
11:24 am
group of people and not family and feel okay about having a guest come over -- actually, i do think the leftovers are better the second time -- >> so do i. >> how do you ask them? >> it's a get-together, and tell them it's going to be leftovers, and if they know you and they know us, they can't wait to come. people ask what can i bring, and you say don't bring anything, and they invariably show up with dessert. i say save the dessert for the next night, and that's fresh and out there, and there's a reason to have it out. >> i don't know if our camera can see this, but it's beautiful. we want to thank design cuisine, they provided those for us. tell us what you did. >> at your local party stores, you are able to find these fabulous new plates that are plastic that look like china.
11:25 am
they are gold rimmed, and their goal is to look like formal china, but then you can throw it away and not have to worry about the nuisance of thanksgiving dinner and cleaning it up. >> and this is what you can find in the grocery store. >> this is what happens to be pampered chef. >> yes. >> now, the cranberry sauce, it's mashed potatoes -- you can put it in the refrigerator and then the next day pull them out. >> put them directly into the containers, and that's all you have to do. plus a great giveaway, the kitchen towels that we have, it's a recipe for what we have to do with the turkey car cuss. >> there's something fabulous and wonderful about the fact
11:26 am
that you are using the food and not letting it go to waste. >> should it be a buffet or sit down? >> either. we stacked up the plates and showed you this way, and base plates and china. i just want them to see what we did for base plates here. this is a paper plate, a show plate, and dish washing or noth.
11:27 am
>> you say you have a take home party favor. >> yes. >> these wonderful kitchen hand towels, they actually tell you about a great turkey soup recipe -- >> where do you find these? >> online as well as in some of your local gift stores. they have bun dwonderful things that. and these fragrance candles, go online, and you are able to write a personalized message saying thank you for enjoying the second day of our thanksgiving. and one of the greatest take homes that we see, it's a new company and it's called karma, and these are actually caramels wrapped with wonderful middle messages. >> thank you so much.
11:28 am
fabulous idea. and something to do with all of the leftovers. happy thanksgiving. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from a young man mentored by jerry sandusky. what he thinks of the former state coach now. plus, a warning this morning how not to cook your turkey this thanksgivi
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right now on "news4 midday," commuters are getting their first taste of the connector. the second section opened earlier this morning allowing commuters to not use the beltway. so far drivers say the icc cut down on their commute times. thousands of needy families are receiving a turkey for thanksgiving. the councilman is giving away turkeys for the eighth ward. a former head of the fbi is stepping in to help penn state as the university investigates the handling the sex abuse
11:32 am
allegations brought against assistant coach, jerry sandusky. louie frey stepped down from the fbi said his inquiry will go back as far as 1975. two decades earlier than the grand jury report. >> we will immediately report this to law enforcement authorities. >> while penn state tries to move forward, a lawyer representing one of the victims says his client has been dealt a setback. victim one, now 17 years old, had to leave his high school in the middle of his senior year because classmates bullied him, blaming him for paterno's firing. a man that became close to jerry sandusky as a child is talking about his friendship with the former assistant coach.
11:33 am
and frankie probst is now 24 years old. a large part of his childhood was spent in the company of jerry sandusky. this scrapbook tells the story of when he was coached, mentored and befriended by a man 43 years his senior. sandusky put the book together, documenting an intense relationship that appears to border on obsession. there are penal messages and inspirational passages, and scores of photographs. their unusual bond began around 1997, with sandusky's charity for at-risk kids, second mile. >> did he zero in on you or was he equally paying attention to all of the boys at the time? >> i guess he took a liking to
11:34 am
me, and the relationship grew to a fatherly figure. >> reporter: from penn state athletic events to overnight out of town trips to see nfl games, and on many other weekends during the football season, frankie says he would stay at sandusky's home, almost always as a family member. did you shower together? >> we would shower after athletic events, but i just looked at it at getting in the shower. >> reporter: was there anytime he tried to touch you, that was an inappropriate touch or at the gentles? >> no, not that i recall. he did put his hand on your leg when he drove. >> reporter: where on your leg? >> right by the knee. >> reporter: so when he was driving, he should have two hands on the steering wheel, and
11:35 am
he put his hand on his leg. did that make you feel uncomfortable? >> yeah, as i i was getting older, i would kind of pull away. >> reporter: as he grew older, he began to avoid sandusky, but sandusky started to pursue him, even asking teachers to call frankie out of class. you would say, no, i want to hangout with my friends. what would his reaction be like? >> he would get upset. not mad, but upset and stuff. >> reporter: frankie says their relationship came to an end when he graduated from high school six years ago. he never told his parents about the discomfort around sandusky. >> reporter: if he did these things to other young boys, is he a monster?
11:36 am
>> i would say, yeah. >> reporter: you are not one of those boys? >> no. >> probst said sandusky helped him through tough times in his life, but other than that he would not defend the assistant coach. his job is to keep terrorists off planes and travelers safe at dulles airport, but this morning a local tsa agent is sitting behind bars accused of attacking a neighbor while in uniform. a woman was getting out of a friend's car, when the 52-year-old man approached her. he was in uniformed and flashed his badge, and neighbors say they have a hard time believing those charges. >> he's a mel of the community and is opposed to anything but that. there's no motive whatsoever. it doesn't follow his character at all.
11:37 am
>> the tsa released a statement that reads in part the tsa is working closely with local law enforcement in this matter while he is being held without bond. new today, an american astronaut left onboard the international space station is back on solid grounds now. he landed earlier this morning. the capital they were riding in actually landed on its side after being blown by strong winds on re-entry. another american just arrived at the space station last week. let's check in with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast with the rain coming down still around here. >> yeah, and it's fender bender weather. we have had multiple accidents all morning long with all of the
11:38 am
roads and streets wet this morning as the showers have been moving through west to east and now the winds are shifting from the south-southwest and that should bring in milder air along with the rain. right now it's raining lightly in that area in green. and now in west virginia, getting some heavier downpours. those are passing north and east and out there it's in the mid-40s. and it's chilly right around washington, and the nearby suburbs. it's only gri degrees. and southern maryland, around the bay, it's in the 50s now. we will have the milder air creeping in on the southerly wind later tonight, and by dawn it should be near 60 degrees and by noontime on wednesday, the mid-60s and occasional showers between now and then. and then we dry out wednesday afternoon, and then will plummet around 50. and sunny, friday, saturday and part of sunday, and milder weather moving in for the weekend. that's the way it looks right
11:39 am
now, barbara. >> tom, thank you. let's see how things are moving on the roads around here. here is danella sealock. >> it has been tricky all morning long. here is the view at georgia avenue. outer loop still slow and it's raining so that means slick roadways so give yourself extra time. we had an accident on connecticut outer loop, and still seeing delays there. and i-95 heading south, here is the view at lorton, and here is the speed. it's 40 miles per hour. from the beltway to prince william parkway, that commute will take you 20 minutes. >> that first picture you showed it looked like something out of the magic kingdom. did you see the beautiful clouds? that was beautiful. traffic was not so beautiful, though. >> not so beautiful. federal prosecutors say federal prince georges official
11:40 am
should spend time in prison as well as his wife who was in the scandal. he accepted $1 million in bribes. witness tampering charges were presented back in may. he faces as much as 14 years in prison. his wife, leslie johnson, also pleaded guilty. she is also scheduled to be sentenced next month. turkey is the main attraction for millions on thanksgiving day, but getting it cooked to be a dangerous undertaking. more cooking fires are on thanksgiving than any other day of the year and many involve deep fryers. they stem from boiling oil overflowing, and many result in not only burning homes but hundreds of injuries.
11:41 am
and there are simple things can you do to avoid a situation. >> the biggest risk is people put the turkey fryers too close to the structure, and they get too close themselves. we have had too many fires nationwide and too many people hurt. >> they recommend to fry that turkey before putting in the oil. and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. 11:41 is our time right now. still ahead, black friday giveaways. plus, looking deeper. how doctors can get a better look at skin
11:42 am
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11:44 am
as we gear up for the holiday shopping season this friday, there may be toys you want to make sure are not on your list. consumer product safety commission released the annual trouble in toy land report today. over the past 25 years, the list has led to over 100 recalls, and millions of children's products pulled from the store shelves that were considered dangerous. this year the organization warns parents to be aware of lead in toys and toys that cause a choking hazard.
11:45 am
and then door buster deals, free stuff. several retailers will hand out goodies to shoppers. a limited number of people that spend $40 at old navy will get a free digital camera, and djp penny will hand out free disney snow globes. stocks are lower this morning after yesterday's big losses. let's check in with the rest of the day's business headlines. >> it could be five down days in a row for the dow. we were positive in the premarket trade, and we got the gdp data, and the market has the dow down more than 100 points. we are seeing weakening as we head towards the lunchtime hour. there were concerns about europe
11:46 am
and the super committee, not so super without getting a deal done. and then third quarter gdp, from 2.5% to 2%. they were expecting a downward revision, but not by as much. the takeaway, we're not going into the recession and not seeing the bounce back. we are just not getting it. i want to point out, hewlett-packard, a lot of people own this stock and it's selling off. the reported earnings did meet expectations, and they are no longer giving guidance of revenue, just giving it on profits. they want to focus on making money and not be so concerned with growing revenue. hewlett-packard down again. and we lose perspective on this. we have a holiday, and the rest
11:47 am
of the world doesn't. things could happen in asia and europe while we are stuffing our faces, so investors are worried about what will happen as we sit back and watch the lions or whatever team we're watching. >> well, i am looking forward to it. we'll get through the weekend and enjoy it and then be back to work. stock market will be open on friday, right? >> yeah, a half day, although i am taking it off. don't tell anybody. there's no technology that makes it possible to scan your skin and report subsurface skin conditions such as wrinkles and spots and unevenness and photo damage. with the information from this technology, dermatologist can create a skin plan for you. tell us what you brought with you? >> i have a couple things that i use in my office. this is what we call a wood slam. when you have discoloration in your skin, it could be
11:48 am
superficial or deep. this device, turning it on, it's kind of purple. when we are in a dark room, it highlights what we call ep determine annual pigment. when you are in a dark room, we shine it over the skin. white will actually floor yes, like a dark poster and dark will look black. we can tell what pigment is it. this is one device. whereas this device here is what we use and it has a reading and it's quantitative in its determination of your pigment. if i do this on the back of your
11:49 am
hand, it's calibrated to 98.4, and your reading is a 54.7. and if i do my reading, my reading is 32. so the lower the number, the darker the complexion. >> what information does that give you to help you treat problems that somebody might have on their face? >> well, if you have pigment change in your skin, i want to know what your true color is, but i also want to know what the dark color is so i know how to bring those two colors, those numbers together. >> how would you treat it then? >> well, we treat it with bleaching agents and lightening agents and some will lighten faster than others. when patients come into the office, they can't really tell if something is working, and then i put the meter on it and i can determine if their numbers
11:50 am
have changed. >> this is somebody who has been treated after you have looked and seen the difference. tell us about that. >> this is the example i was mentioning. this is ma laz ma on the left side and treatment on the right side. beginning, you want to determine what her normal complexion is compared to the dark areas, and this will give me a value. so what i am trying to do is even her color by looking at it, not just appearance wise, but scientifically. >> any other ways of doing it other than creams to lighten it? >> yes, chemical peeling, and microdetermine abrasion. and so we can measure that difference, and we can recommend more of a sanding of the skin, which is a light abrasion, to allow the home preparations to penetrate deeper, or chemical peeling.
11:51 am
>> these are problems that people of all different back grounds face? >> exactly. >> thank you. that was interesting to see how deep those discolorations go. thank you. coming up, the frederickburg's mom camped out for justin bieber. on "ellen," the two most adorable girls are interviewing all the
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11:53 am
11:54 am
thousands of familiarlaez are going to have a better thanksgiving thanks to contributions from news4 viewers. we partnered with wkys and several other businesses for the food campaign. thanks to you enough food and money was raised to feed 4,000 families this thanksgiving. if you still want to donate, you can go to our website, justin bieber recently took a dna test on friday to disprove the claims of him being a
11:55 am
father. yater, now 20 years old, claims she had sex with a singer backstage at an l.a. concert in october of last year, but dropped the paternity lawsuit last month. >> when did you get here? >> yesterday at noon. >> where are you from? >> fredericksburg, virginia. >> that's right, a local family is first in line to see bieber. she founded a group called "moms for bieber." if you can't make it to rockefeller plaza, don't worry because you can watch justin bieber on the "today" show tomorrow right here on news4. pat lawson joins us for a preview of things to come. >> coming up this afternoon at news4 at 4:00, an albino alligator is turning heads. you have to see this creature.
11:56 am
and then why one local mother is so thankful after she beat the odds and got the one thing she thought she never would have. you want to see that story, and the rest of the news starting today at 4:00. >> you are nice and dry after being out in the rain all day yesterday. lots of work. >> thank you. we're so thankful to everybody that participated. we have time for a final check on the forecast. >> we had quite a bit of rain yesterday off and on. we had not had a lot of rain. about one third to half an inch around the area. and there are some heavier rain out in west virginia now. temperatures are still chilly. only hovering from the lower 40s and 50s, and we will warm up this evening and then climb into the 60s tomorrow with more rain. and then it should end by noontime on wednesday, getting chilly on wednesday night. thanksgiving day, sunny but chilly with the highs in the
11:57 am
mid-50s but sunny and milder as we get into the weekend. we will see you in the morning. >> thank you. one mom is learning when a bag of flour gets into the hands of miss chau vis children. her children covered everything from the sofa to picture flames and the television. the youtube post said mom was not feeling well, and when she came out of the bathroom her two sons had gotten a hold of a bag full of flour and made a big mess. watch out if you are baking and have the flour and powered sugar sitting in the kitchen, watch out for the kids. >> looked like fun.
11:58 am
tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. and we will be back tomorrow, and we hope you [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. it's an amazing holiday deal. but don't wait. it's only available for a limited time.
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