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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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demonstrators, marshal hussein tantaw ay gave a rare televised address. he has accepted the resignation of egypt's government and also said that presidential elections will be moved forward and take place in june 2012. the reaction was almost immediate from the crowds here in tahrir square and there are now hundreds of thousands of people in tahrir. they cried out almost in unison, unjust, unjust. they want the military to step down immediately. they want a civilian government to take charge. they don't trust the military. they don't trust field marshal tantawi to implement as the government and military has promised to do. what we're seeing right now is something of a showdown. the protesters say they will stay here, but marshal tantawi said these protests are ilegitimate and trying to upset the stability of egypt and destroy the country's economy. the question is now, will the
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military now try to move in and break up these demonstrations, which is what mubarak did and which is what ultimately did brought down his government. richard engel, nbc news, in cairo. three american students were arrested during those protests. one of them attends georgetown university. our coverage continues now and derrick ward visited that campus today. >> a country in turmoil. that's the fate of those three american students in egypt. one is from georgetown and now we're also hearing from his family, as well as other members of the student body. three young americans detained in cairo. the charge, throwing molotov cocktails at police during uprisings there. derek sweeney seen from television is among them. >> i called the state department in d.c. and got the number for the state department in cairo and spoke with them. the duty officer at the time
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said that they were aware of it and that they were, at the time, trying to contact the egyptian authorities and, of course, we have been calling them multiple times and the last time we spoke to them, the duty officer said that the state department was at the courthouse where they were being held. >> reporter: as word of the predicament turned to the campus. >> we're all really worried everyone i talked to and we hope that he gets home safe and that everything works out. >> reporter: sweeney is an economics major at georgetown. earlier he interned in the capitol hill office and a spokesman describes derrik as outstanding and outgoing. his face partially covered by a
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bandan bandanna. no confirmation of what that video shows. in this picture, what could be molotov cocktails displayed in front of the trio of students. students did not have their passports on them when they were arrested. now, the situation is being monitored by the state department and georgetown university and sweeney's parents are still hopeful that their son will be at home in missouri by christmas as planned. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. now, to the race for the white house. the gop contenders will meet tonight at constitution hall for another debate. meantime, president obama visited new hampshire today to push his payroll tax cut plan. this all comes as both sides blame the other for the supercommittee's failure to reach a deal. steve handelsman joins us now from capitol hill with the latest developments. >> latest development, i think, doreen. change, the latest change in the republican polls. newt gingrich on top. but, remember 2008 right before the democrats primary in new hampshire, barack obama was
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polling a strong number one and he lost to hillary clinton. reminding us the polls can be wrong. the big issue, taxes that hung up the supercommittee here on capitol hill yesterday with the number one issue in the state today with the first in the nation primary. talking taxes over coffee in new hampshire. barack obama won the swing state in november '08. today, running for re-election, the president demanded republicans and congress expand his payroll tax cut to 3%. $1,500 a year for most households. >> you want to help working families get back on solid ground and grow this economy for all of us, or do you really want to vote to raise taxes on nearly 160 million americans during the holidays. >> reporter: to pay for that, the president would hike income taxes on the rich. that that democratic demand deadlocked the supercommittee,
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whose failure won praise today from conservatives. >> it's a clear victory for our country. >> we say do not raise taxes, cut the spending and cut it now. >> reporter: making that argument are republicans who want the president's job. as they work new hampshire for votes. there's another shakeup in their poll standings, a surge by the former house speaker. in today's national cnn and quinnpiac polls. newt gingrich is the gop frontrunner. mitt romney second and herman cain fading to third. he kicked off his ad campaign reminding new hampshirites of obama's confidence. at tonight's gop debate the focus will be romney versus gingri gingrich. the two best debaters both now with a shot at the nomination and a chance to take on
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president obama. today, rainy, mystery, foggy, cloudy. all kinds of a mess. we're not done with it yet, are we, doug? >> not yet. it will continue right on through the night tonight and right on through early tomorrow and then we're going to see even bigger changes as we head through the day tomorrow and on to our thanksgiving holiday. i'll show you exactly what's happening and, first, take a look out there right now. you can see what's happening down at the airport where we're dealing with fog and rain and we've seen temperatures that have gotten up towards the 70s, rather the 50s in most of the area during the day today, but our temperatures are going to be going down tonight for a little bit but then right back up as we make our way into the day tomorrow. so, we're going to see actual numbers tomorrow morning. on the warmer side, still dealing with the rain right now around leesburg and around washington, still seeing rain around the district and the rest of us starting to dry off just a little bit in some areas, but that drier air is not going to last for long. matter of fact, we have a lot of big changes coming up over the next couple of hours. i'll show them coming up in my
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full forecast. >> thanks, doug. a couple weeks ago some of the "occupy wall street" protesters decided to walk to the "occupy d.c." encampment here in mcpherson square. they arrived this afternoon. about two dozens of the protesters started the march. 240 miles it was. it grew to about 40 people as it came along. demonstrators endured blisters, bad weather, bad roads, bridges. all kinds of stuff to make it here. one man did it without shoes. a group participated in an "occupy" rally in alexandria, virginia. that's when they arrived about noon. one of the protesters said it was for thoem who were some spired outside the encampment and the rallies. >> i know that marching, for example, is something that in the past has inspired a lot of people and another form of nonviolent protest and action and we thought that this would be, you know, a new way, a new
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medium for the occupation. >> tomorrow, "occupy" protesters will hold a rally over the congressional supercommittee's failure to reach a deal. tonight there are new developments in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state universi university. reports that two more victims have come forward to make allegations against former football assistant coach jerry sandusky. these new cases reportedly involve victims that were still under the age of 18. sandusky has already been charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. today a judge pushed sandusky's initial court hearing back a week. according to a government website, the move was for logistical needs. coming up tonight, hackers attacking the police officer who pepper sprayed peaceful protesters out in california. actor hugh grant blast the british tabloids. why he's calling on the government to take a stand against the media. the second stretch of the intercounty connector open now. we'll tell you if it really does shave some time off the commute.
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two little boys get caught in a sticky situation. their mother captured the whole thing on video. >> you ever do that when you were a kid, dan? >> all the time. according to my mom, too much, vance. the capitals, by the way, the have a good comeback to give the coach his 200th win. could the georgetown basketball team be better than we thought? and he, won't get any style points for this landing, but the patriots rob may prove he is the best tight end
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the actor hugh grant and a number of other celebrities are taking the stand. they have been called to testify at public hearings about the alleged hacking by the british tabloid press. stephanie gosk has our report from london. >> reporter: in front of a british judge, hugh grant hurled a string of accusations at nearly all the british tabloids. lies, invasions of privacy, phone hacking. the paparazzi, grant says, have terrorized him and his girlfriends for years. including a woman grant admits he had a brief affair with and who gave birth to his child this fall. >> they followed her around. she was a single, pregnant woman. she was being tailed by paparazzi, one in particular, who frightened her a lot. >> reporter: grant says he tried
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to keep the birth a secret, but claims "daily mail" illegally acquired leaked information from the hospital. in a statement the paper says it unequivocally denies it received information from a source add the hospital. they also heard from the murder victim of milly. they allegedly hacked the young girl's phone after she went missing, deleting messages on her voicemail. >> i rang her phone -- >> yes. >> and it clicked on through to her voicemail. so, i heard her voice and i was, it was just like i jumped. she's picked up her voicemails, bob, she's alive. >> reporter: sadly, she was not. but her parents struggling forced the "news of the world" to go under. the testimony will continue all week, including appearances from other celebrities, the author of the harry potter books, j.k. rowling and the actress sienna
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miller. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. the uc davis police officer who pepper sprayed some students is dealing with an attack from computer hackers. an internet group called anonymous posted a video that lists john pikes personal information. the clip lists the officer's home address, e-mail address. the group also threatened the officer. this all comes after video went viral showing campus police pepper spraying some students who were peacefully protesting last friday. two university police officers and the campus police chief have been placed on administrative leave while this is investigated. kind of nasty out there today. i guess this is kind of funky. >> two funky days in a row and maybe tomorrow -- >> we going for three? >> at least the start. out there right now, it's not very pretty outside. if you are thinking about heading outside and maybe playing a little soccer, then,
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again, maybe not. traffic also not seeing the light of day, so to speak. as we are seeing a lot of traffic out there because of the roadways are wet and we're seeing some fog and some areas seeing visibility less than a mile out there right now. that visibility could come down over the next couple of hours. high temperature, 57 degrees today. that was, that's actually what was the temperature about an hour ago. low this morning was around 50. so far today, just under half an inch at the airport, but some areas have received over an inch over the last 24 to 36 hours including martinsburg, baltimore, mostly to the north of washington. that's where the heaviest rain has been. that's where it will be for the rest of the evening, too. 56 degrees with light drizzle and some mist. winds out of the south at three miles per hour and humidity at 100%. that's why we're seeing some of that fog out there. cooler temperatures to the north. 46 in frederick but 56 in baltimore and 56 in washington and 59 in fredericksburg. temperature overnight tonight are actually going to go up.
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i think you'll get into the 50s to the north and into the 60s overnight to the south as warmer air really begins to make its way in. heaviest rain is right now around baltimore, between baltimore and philadelphia along i-95. if you're driving up to the north this evening, really be on the look out there. that's where the heaviest rain will be. also shower activity and just some light, steady rain that that persistent rain that just makes it not so fun to walk around around gathersburg, rockville, all seeing that rain right now. down to the south, the rain for the most part is just to your north, but still seeing light drizzle and light mist in parts of that area. we're waiting on what is heading out to the west right now. this is a big storm and you could see the frontal boundary drifting all the way down towards the gulf coast states. atlanta right now under the gun with severe weather and that's what has to come through our region overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning and that's when it's going to do so. if you're flying out tomorrow, look at the turkeys.
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they have their baggage ready to go. rain, isolated thunderstorms in towards the new york city area tomorrow. even if you're not flying towards new york city, not surprised to see your flight coming through new york earlier in the day. watch out around new york around laguardia, jfk could see delays there. philadelphia could see some delays tomorrow morning. chicago looking good. don't expect any delays there. a big hub at united for chicago. atlanta, also looking good. a big hub for delta and raleigh around 65 and if you're heading down towards orlando tomorrow. first off, good for you. 83 degrees as we make our way down tomorrow and national travel weather showing rain along the east coast. the only area of snow is around toronto and portions of new england, including most of maine. that's rlly it. travel problems tomorrow are not all that widespread. i do think we'll see even less of a travel problem during the day on thanksgiving. thanksgiving looking very good, really, across the nation. for the most part, areas of rain this evening, some of them,
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especially to the north and east. temperatures 47 to about 57 degrees. tomorrow morning, rain likely early, mild to start, a bit breezy. 56 to 64 degrees. that's when you step out the door and don't expect that to last. temperatures will be falling tomorrow afternoon with rather windy conditions falling from the 60s and by this time tomorrow night. and then comes the great news. thanksgiving looking fantastic. a high of 57 with sunshine. 64 on friday. 65 on saturday and 61 on sunday and all looking very good before another chance of the funkies moves in on monday and into tuesday. a lot of people this time of year, hey, you're getting your holiday lights together and we want to come see those lights. a lot of people go all out and i already got one guy on the docket who has some 50 globes at his house. maybe i could do the weather live in your front yard, as long as it's all lit up. >> okay.
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we'll look for it. thanks, doug. still ahead, a new report reveals hidden hazards in some popular toys and some of them could do serious damage to your child's health and hearing. thousands of people li ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers.
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thousands of people lined up in the rain for one of the biggest turkey give aways in our region. the redskins annual harvest
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feast. as tom sherwood reports, giving reason for a lot of people to be thankful today. >> reporter: in the early afternoon hundreds of volunteers rushed to thanksgiving feast for families and even bags of toys for the needy children. and then, thousands of individuals and families, some who had waited hours in the cold rain were let inside fedex field. how long did you wait in line? >> i've been here since 9:00. >> reporter: 9:00 this morning? >> yes. it was not a bad wait. >> reporter: do you know how to cook that turkey? >> my husband is going to cook it, but don't tell him. >> reporter: he's not going to put it in one of the big fat fryers, is he? >> north carolina style. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> bake it and put everything in it. >> reporter: you think you have enough bags there? >> for me, my mom, and grandmother, i think so. >> reporter: how are you going to carethy turkey? >> i'm a strong man. i think i can do it.
6:23 pm
>> because it's more than just the team on the field playing a game. this is what it is really about. this and helping the kids in the military. can't get any better than that. >> reporter: the nfl redskins, fedex and several other firms and organizations along with prince george's county officials took part in the ninth annual harvest feast, serving as many 3,500 prince george's county families including military veterans like ray gordon. >> i really believe that it's been a hard battle the united states of america to support their veterans a lot better than, you know, a lot better than in the past. but it's definitely a growing and it's definitely making progress. >> reporter: not everyone who stood in line was there for themselves. james plumber came for a neighbor. >> the lady next door. she's a senior citizen. >> reporter: this is not even for you. >> no. >> reporter: a lot of warm hearts on display this very cold and rainy day. tom sherwood, new 4z, prince
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george's county. the washington suburban sanitation commission is getting ready for winter, as well. they're using some 21st century technology to help. the crews are busy replacing water mains before the temperatures start to drop. more than 20% of the pipes in the system are at least 50 years old. officials say breaks are unavoidable. but this year, a new smartphone app can help crews stay ahead of the game. >> you could just take a picture, a simple picture of the break or the leaking hidrun or whatever the situation is. you don't have to say anything and it will pop up on our dashboard at our command center and we will know the precise location. >> that app is available for the iphone, the android and the blackberry. >> pretty cool. coming up next, flash mob fallout. officials say scenes like this could support their push for a
6:25 pm
mandatory curfew in montgomery county. >> a woman wanted for a carjacking at tysons corner now linked to a bank robbery. authorities say she may have hit again today. on the road to better health. the district is making it easier than ever before for people to get tested for hiv. coming up in sports, the redskins reconsider a choice on the roster. the capitals still celebrating a win over the coyotes and, in hawaii, georgetown armors up against the silver swords when news
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the republican presidential candidates will meet at constitutional hall tonight for yet another debate. this one comes six weeks to the day before the first nominating contest in iowa. new national polls today put newt gingrich as the frontrunner with mitt romney and herman cain following. a student with ties to our area is one of three american students arrested last night during government protests in cairo. 19-year-old derrik sweeney is a georgetown university student. they're accused of throwing molotov cocktails at security forces. dozens of "occupy wall street" protesters arrived at mcpherson square today after they had marched 240 miles from
6:29 pm
new york city. they took the route two weeks to make the trip. tomorrow, protesters will hold a rally over the failure of the congressional supercommittee to reach a deal. montgomery county is dealing with another flash mob robbery and it was all caught on video. dozens of young people raided a 7-eleven store in silver spring over the weekend. >> police are searching for all the teenagers involved and, now, there's even talk about making the law tougher for teenagers who participate in those crimes. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: police now say at least 70 teens were inside this 7-eleven store in silver springs saturday night during a mass theft, but not everyone stole candy, chips and sodas. some paid and some just watched. police have identified about 20 of the teens so far and some parents have told police their child was there, but didn't participate. >> it really is this mob mentality where you get a group of kids, they go in the 7-eleven
6:30 pm
and, you know, a group will say, hey, let's steal stuff or whatever and a lot of kids, i think, get caught up in that. >> reporter: there was a very similar crime involving two dozen teens at a germantown 7-eleven in august. montgomery county councilman craig rice is working to strengthen the law to make committing these types of crimes not just a misdemeanor shoplifting offense, but theft my bob. >> our kids understand this is a serious crime. this is stealing. and it just won't be tolerated. >> reporter: many we spoke to today support a tougher law that could send those involved in these crimes to jail. >> maybe, maybe throwing them in jail or putting them in some kind of juvenile detention maybe it will draw the other young children, teens, you know, attention. >> reporter: the latest incident is, once again, stirring the debate over a teen curfew that is being considered in the county. >> it also gives the police
6:31 pm
officers a tool when they see the large group of kids heading towards the 7-eleven or out in public anywhere, if you're under 18, you have to go home. >> only the teens actually stole items saturday night will be charged with theft. meantime, this controversial curfew law is expected to be voted on by the county council next month. in rockville, darcy spencer, new 4z. >> that curfew vote has been scheduled for december 6th. prosecutors in connecticut say they will try to extradite the man known as the east coast rapest to virginia. 40-year-old aaron thomas is currently facing charges in a rape up in new haven from 2007, but authorities say thomas is linked by dna evidence to rapes and other attacks against 17 other women from virginia to new england. the attorney representing thomas says he's fight the extradition. he claims connecticut authorities have violated his clients' constitutional rights by holding him for more than
6:32 pm
eight months. the u.s. attorney's office released some new video today of former prince george's county executive jack johnson. johnson has been charged in a federal corruption probe. prosecutors say he took bribes from developers in exchange for favorable treatment. in the video, johnson is seen telling a developer what he needs to do to get a deal. >> and if you don't have any experience, i mean, so even guys who have been working in building things are having problems. and new people on the block. >> johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on december 6th. police in northern virginia are looking for a woman who they believe is involved in a weekend carjacking and two bank robberies. the bank robberies happened friday in monanassas and today springfield. the carjacking took place on saturday in watson's corner. >> reporter: could this fresh face female be the one who just pulled off a springfield bank
6:33 pm
robbery? fairfax county police are looking into it. they say it was a petite blonde who robbed the bb&t tuesday afternoon. >> we were putting things in jerry's car and we saw the police car there's and when we saw the cars, you know, you get a little worried. >> reporter: travel agent ann thompson works next to the bank. she says no one heard a thing as the heist went down. prince william county police have already identified 26-year-old stephanie lynn schwab as a suspect in a friday morning robbery of a virginia commerce bank. on saturday, fairfax county police believe it was schwab who was involved in a carjacking, posing as a college student in the parking lot of neiman marcus in tysons two. she allegedly told a customer she ran out of gas and needed a lift. when the customer drove schwab to a gas station, she pulled out a knife and stole her 2003 acura. back at the scene of the latest incident, preferred travel agents have mixed reaxzs to the idea that a woman, as young
6:34 pm
looking as schwab, could be linked to the bb&t robbery. >> you can't tell by the way someone looks. >> she looks very young. way too young and very wholesome looking. she looks like a nice girl, to be honest. you wouldn't think. you would never suspect. >> reporter: fairfax police say in this latest robbery the suspeck is wearing a black and white checked jacket, black pants and black shoes. fairfax police say the suspect implied to the teller she had a gun. in springfield, jane watrel, news 4. >> police are looking for the suspect's vehicle. they say it's a 2003 silver acura with virginia tags. xek8095. more people are going to the department of motor vehicles to get free hiv testing in the district. the department of motor vehicles started the program at the penn branch location in southeast last october.
6:35 pm
now, officials are expanding the program to an office where washington residents register for food stamps, medicaid and other government assistance. it's located off the 2100 block of martin luther king avenue. a nonprofit organization then provides the free hiv tests privately at an office right across the street. then they receive the results confidentally the same day. more than 5,000 people have been tested since the start of the program. coming up tonight, a new report informing parents about which gifts they might want to avoid this holiday season. also ahead, details behind a new reality series
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and welcome back, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4. take a look earlier, cameras caught people out there in friendship heights. you needed the umbrellas today for sure and i think you will still need them right on through tomorrow morning. if you forgot them, well, you're out of luck, i guess. as far as the roadways are concerned, they are a mess this evening. there is some significant traffic all along the beltway, along the inner loop, the western portions of the inner loop between bethesda and
6:39 pm
towards tysons corner the outer loop out from the airport all the way up towards 95 and then 95 and 295 are both at a standstill. so, watch out this evening. it may be a better idea to just chill out and relax and wait for some of the people to get home before you head out tonight. the rain still falling out there. obviously, having a factor on those roads. we'll continue to see the rain falling in much of the area throughout the evening. but right now the steadiest rain in through maryland, montgomery county over towards howard county and northern prince george's and there's more heavy rain to go. right now the heaviest rain now entering west virginia. it will make its way through our area this morning. ahead of it, look at the numbers. these are the numbers you'll wake up to. 64 in washington, 62 in gathersburg and 66 in fredericksburg, virginia. very warm morning, but it will not last. we will see the cold side of that storm come through by late tomorrow afternoon and a lot going on weatherwise and we'll keep you updated right here in
6:40 pm
the storm center. >> thanks, doug. the newintercounty connection is now open. new 4z took a test drive during rush hour this morning. it took us ten minutes to get from georgia avenue in albany to i-95. but on the trip back, using roads other than the icc, it took nearly twice as long. drivers we talked to confirmed the time saving benefits. >> where did you come from, how long did it take? >> columbia and took me about 25 minutes. >> without it? >> without it about 45 minutes. >> it was great. >> you came from where to where? >> came from 95. >> to here. how long did it take you? >> less than ten minutes. >> without it, how long would it take you? >> i'd still be on 495. >> that road is free until december 5th. after that, the tolls kick in. if your thanksgiving travel plans involve a flight out of bwi thur good marshal airport.
6:41 pm
you may notice camera crews around the terminal. tlc is filming a new reality show around concourses a and b. it will give viewers a look at what goes on behind the scenes at southwest airlines. bwi is one of the airline's largest hubs. the airport insists the filming won't cause any delays. the show is scheduled to debut some time next year. >> so, there. >> put on your makeup before you go to the airport, i guess. what you got, man? >> we'll talk about a lot of stuff. redskins giving away some turkeys and also talking about the capitals who finally got a win, despite benching one of their best players. and the redskins truly giving thanks, including some fans as news 4 at 6:00
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
somebody was giving the royals a whole lot of love for this season coming up. things might be changing. >> i was ready to plan a vacation for the first round of the ncaa tournament. i don't think there is a chance we have any team going. but these guys can be better than anticipated. >> rets hope you're wrong. >> i love being wrong in this team. georgetown university basketball team is the younger it has been in years. the la jollas picked to finish tenth in the big east but put up a good fight against kansas before losing 67, 63 and tonight
6:45 pm
the la jollas having a tough time with the maui invitational. coach thompson watched his team jump out to the early lead because of sharp shooting from deep. first half, henry simms in the paint kicks it out to jason clark. clark in the corner taking care of business. first of three straight three-pointers for the la jollas to start the game. clark had a hot hand in this one. later in the half, georgetown up 33-20. lubick off the glass, he had five points. quiet game. 58-41. starks to jason clark and he throws it down. 23 points for clark so far. georgetown up 80-54. with about six minutes to go. capitals head coach bruce boudreau got his 200th win faster than any coach in nhl higz but the talk continues to be about his russian stars.
6:46 pm
semin was a healthy start without semin the caps got a much-needed win against phoenix. coach bruce boudreau in the capitals went down early in this one. caps on the power play and off the faceoff and off to the races and you got to feel for the goalie here. can't do anything about it. just a bad pass by carlson. 1-0, coyotes on top' after that, just can't do anything there. and the caps giving up short-handed goals in back-to-back games. earned some redemption and how about this shot and third goal of the year and caps tie it up later in the period. so, in the third period, we're still tied at 2-2. nicholas backstrom having a really solid year doing the dirty work along the boards and he spins and shoots and look who's there. number 1-9.
6:47 pm
it's nick. they snap a four-game losing streak without alex semin. one of their best players. >> i didn't really expect it, but coaches watched the video and they see things differently than us players do. but we got the win, so, you know, it's too bad that he wasn't in the lineup for it. >> there's a coach and there's a staff and we're doing what we can and what we think is necessary to win. and that's what we do. we control what we can control and that's all we control. >> i like that. >> i get the impression that boudreau is making it clear to his team. you can do it my way or you don't play. >> some people would say on the flip side, he's pulling all the trump cards maybe a little too early in the season. >> i don't know. >> he's got a lot on the line, too. >> that he does. >> he does. if you're going to set your
6:48 pm
example, why wait until later in the year to set his example. >> things have changed. things have changed, the redskins choice, we hardly knew. the runningback has been waived. elevated from the practice squad and replace choice on the roster. in denver, the broncos have released quarterback kyle orton. he has proved to be better than any quarterback on the redskins roster. i'm just saying. the bears that lost jay cutler would claim orton. he appears to be headed back to his old team, the chicago bears. monday night football, the patriots doing just what the patriots do. slow start for brady and the pats. third quarter, 10-3 new england on top. brady to rob gronkowski. if you haven't heard of him, you
6:49 pm
haven't been playing fantasy football. they asked him afterwards if he suffered a concussion. he said, i didn't. but if i did, i wouldn't tell you anyway because i want to play. how about this punt return there. julia ettleman finds a crease and he is gone. yep. 72 yards. the punt return for the touchdown and patriots go on to win it, 34-3. that's not too shabby there. for nine years now, the redskins have been teaming up with sponsors to host harvest fest where they hand out 3,500 turkeys with all the trimmings. events started at fedex field and more than a dozen redskins took part. thousands waited in the red to receive their thanksgiving day feast and the rookies and the owner more than happy to give back. >> i'm never, you know, been a part of something like this. just to be here and be able to know that we're giving back in
6:50 pm
this way is a great feeling to have. >> give back and say hi and talk to the kids, it's special. >> you can't tell, but i eat a lot on thanksgiving every year. but one day it will catch up to me. but, you know, i try to go two, three plates deep. >> you know, isn't it amazing how those guys are the same age and one can look 42 and one can look 14. it's amazing. we're on the hellie pad new five-year deal that includes hgh testing and more instant replay. ryan braun, the national league mvp hit .332 with 33 home runs and former michigan and west virginia head football coach rich rodriguez is the new coach at arizona. they announced the hiring via twitter. well, of course they did. where else would they announce it? >> that's where things happen now. >> it's incredible. >> i'm not sure the world is any better for that. >> you may be right. >> that's a whole other thing. thank you, dan. coming up next, it's a recipe for trouble. see what happens when two little boys are left alone for just a
6:51 pm
few minutes. for all your news, be sure to follow news 4 online because there you will find twitter and facebook just search nbc
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6:53 pm
another warning for parents this holiday season. the public research interest group is out with its annual list of dangerous toys that
6:54 pm
could pose choking and toxic hazards. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: the joys of the holiday season also bring potential dangers for children. a consumer watchdog group outlining choking and toxic hazards in their annual trouble in toyland report. >> researchers still found hazards on store shelves. not all of the dangerous products that we found actually violate the law. >> reporter: experts demonstrated some of the hazards. and some toys you may not think could be unsafe. >> our lab reported that there were 720 parts per million of lead in this book. which is used as a teething and touching toy for infants. the current limit for lead is 100 ppm. >> reporter: other hidden hazards, loud toys that can affect a child's hearing. >> this measures 93d b at a distance of ten inches.
6:55 pm
85 is allowed for the maximum for this type of toy. >> reporter: in 2008 the government tested its testing policies on toys when it comes to toxic metals and plastics, especially those made overseas. it also stepped up enforcing those standards. >> in the past year, the cpsc has recalled more than 3.5 million toys and other children's products from store shelves because of choking hazards. the leading cause of such actions. >> reporter: consumers also now have more resources to research toys before they buy. resources include an interactive website and application that can be downloaded on to a phone or computer. tools and tips that will help parents and relatives give the gift of safety this holiday. michelle fran zn, nbc news, new york. the florist from nebraska is on her way to washington to help decorate the white house for the holidays. her name is laura ford and she's joining a team of 100 volunteer
6:56 pm
decorators. she was chosen two years after she submitted her resume. tomorrow, she'll have her first meeting to go over some ideas and then, after thanksgiving, six straight days of making her creative visions become reality. >> i just hope to share southwest nebraska, do the best i can to represent that and put our flair on the big guys back there. >> each year the white house selects a theme, a tradition that was begun in 1961 by first lady, jacqueline kennedy. the theme last year was simple gifts. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, we're hearing horror stories on the roads. we'll find out how long it is taking to get people out of town. a developing story in space as nasa is warning astronauts in the international space station that they may need to move into
6:57 pm
an escape capsule. details on that. first look of twin girls separated at a hospital in virginia as they begin their lives as individuals. coming up at 11:00. you guys just mentioned the travel problems out there. veronica johnson left at 5:30 and within an hour she had not made it to the beltway, which normally takes us about 20 minutes to get there from here. there are traffic problems all across the area, not just weather-related. obviously, a lot of people out there on the roads. 95, 295 all going northbound and pretty much shut down. and the outer look of the beltway up to 95 not looking good and the in loop all the way to american legion bridge all looking slow. combine the rain out there and big-time problems on the roads. you may just want to stick around your house for a little while longer and keep it on news 4. you have two more minutes in the show. storm 4 doppler radar showing
6:58 pm
through columbia, and that's where most of the rain is now, but still seeing some light drizzle across much of the region. the heaviest rain, still to come. our frontal boundary now making its way through western west virginia in through eastern kentucky and that heavy rain move through overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. most of tomorrow, i think, on the dry side. it will start off at 64, and then drop down to 57 in the afternoon and then we get really nice. thursday, friday and saturday looking absolutely spectacular. a nice couple days to celebrate thanksgiving and a lot of people asking about their family football games on thursday afternoon. no problems and i'm still waiting, nobody's called me for any games. >> you're kidding. >> there's a reason for that. stay tuned. somebody is going to call. every parent knows if you've got a toddler, you cannot take your eyes off that kid, not even for a second. this is why. this lady out in detroit went shopping. she came home from the grocery
6:59 pm
store with the kids, didn't feel well, she had to race into the bathroom, it was just a second. when she came out of the bathroom this is what she found. one of the things she bought is a five-pound bag of flour. guess what those kids found. look at that. they found that five-pound bag of flour and don't you know they had a ball. mom came out and the only thing she could say was -- whatever it is you might say when you see this happen to your house. and he is so happy and pleased with himself. you know. he wants a medal. keep your eye on your kids, on our broadcast tonight, chaos in cairo, an extraordinary scene, and here we go again. as 100,000 people take to the streets and some young americans are caught in the middle. our own richard engel is there


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