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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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engineers will use traffic monitors to monitor congestion in areas. and if you want to get to the store early, you might want to do your black friday shopping early. best buy will be entertaining shoppers with a free outdoor screening of "harry potter and the deathly hollows" part 2 at 9:00 tonight. refreshments, we're told, will be served. the movies will be shown at their four locations, wheaton, laurel, fair lakes and washington, d.c. for those traveling today for thanksgiving, consider yourself lucky. traffic was backed up for miles late into the night. airports across the country had delays that stretched into the morning. san francisco is still having delays, close to two hours. more than 40 million people will be driving somewhere this thanksgiving day weekend. and local police spent the first hours of their thanksgiving out in force.
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it's one of the most notorious nights for impaired driving. the night before thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year for underaged drinking. >> i didn't know about the whole idea that that was a big drinking night. >> yeah. a lot of kids come home from college, they all get together, they haven't seen each other since graduation and high school. and today we're going to get carried away eating a lot of turkey, tom. there it is. >> it looks like good chewing weather today and digesting later. right now, off to a clear start. you should not have any travel problems weatherwise. if you're heading off early, we have dry pavement. we were blown dry overnight with the gusty winds. winds have settled down now. 42 under a clear sky at reagan
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national. the wind is gently coming in. many locations are just a few degrees above freezing now in the shennendoah valley and out in the mountains. closer to washington, montgomery county is in the mid 30s. fairfax, arlington, much of southern maryland near the bay, the northern neck near 40 degrees. and we do have a clear sky in the wake of the storm that came through yesterday with all that rain. now things have cleared out from new england all the way down to florida. we've got a clear sky now. just a few low clouds are hanging in to our west. throughout the day today, we will have sunshine throughout the morning. we will have temperatures reaching the mid 40s by mid morning. and during the afternoon, bright and sunny, we will reach the upper 50s, maybe 60 by midafternoon. a clear skies and getting chilly again overnight. if you are taking the beltway, it looks really good.
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you will notice a few out of state tags, but nothing you can't handle. no problems in maryland. if you're taking the beltway in virginia, as well, not seeing any issues for you. here is the issue at georgetown pike. traveling in d.c., inbound at florida avenue, there is police activity. look out for that. i'm going to watch it and i'll be back in ten minutes with an update. if you're like me and my family and you still to run out and grab some food, i'm going give you your route to roads and stores. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. >> i don't think your 235e78 is a loan, danella. a lot of people are picking up last-minute groceries the. this morning, traffic is moving once again on i-270 after a serious accident killed a person. the crash happened in urbana. the car involved was stolen in virginia sometime yesterday. for several hours last night, only one lane was getting by the accident because of downed power lines. and that was the cleanup there,
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it was slowing up cleanup efforts from the accident. montgomery police are on the hunt for a man who abducted a shopper in broad daylight. this happened yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: montgomery county police say the 75-year-old victim was leaving the giant grocery store on university boulevard. a man in his 30s walked up with a weapon, possibly a knife and forced the victim into his own car. >> the suspect took control of the vehicle and proceeded to drive the vehicle with the victim along to various atms. >> police say this all happened around broad day late. the victim was forced to withdraw large amounts of cash in and possibly outside of montgomery county. >> at one point, the victim had talked to the suspect and the suspect then agreed to let the victim go.
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he relinquished the vehicle back to the victim and the victim was released unharmed. >> the victim got home just before 7:00 p.m. and called police after hours of being driven around. the whole story had other shoppers shocked and disgusted. >> i shop at this grocery store probably two to three times a week. >> takisha has shopped here for years and says it's a good neighborhood, but she knows she can't let ger guard down. >> being a single female, you have to be cognizant of what's going on around you. >> the victim was not hurt in this incident, though the suspect may cut his finger. they're going to be looking at the giant and banks to see if there's surveillance video that might lead them to the suspect. this morning, traffic is moving once again on i-270 after a serious accident happened overnight that killed a person. the crash happened in frederick
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county when the crash veered off near park mill road and urbana. the car involved was stolen from virginia yesterday. a scary scene in -- i'm sorry. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is denying two new allegations of child abuse this morning, one by one of his own family members. if found credible, they would be the first known allegations to involve children still under the age of 18. sandusky's attorney has denied both claims and says sandusky has never inappropriately touched a family member. he is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years. the death toll continues to climb in egypt for a fifth day.
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that nation is condemning egyptian authorities for what it calls excessive use of force. protesters are demanding the military give up power. meanwhile, american students arrested in egypt will reportedly be detained for at least ee three days. 19-year-old derek sweeney told his father back in missouri that he is being treated well under the circumstances and has not been harmed. he's one of three american students taken into custody on monday and they were accused of throwing fire bombs at police in tahrir square. 4:37 now. this morning, we are seeing new video of a deadly plane crash in arizona. it's a story you saw breaking news last night at 11:00. this web cam shows the twin engine plane slamming into the mountains near phoenix last night. the plane was carrying six people, including three chern. the plane broke apart on impact and started several small fires.
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because of the rugged terrain, investigators are being air lifted to the crash site to search for survivors. a ring of suspected thieves, busted. how police say they posed as good guys to steal cars. plus, a war of words over speed cams. and the holiday forecast, weather and traffic on the 1s, next.
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time for weather and traffic early on this thanksgiving morning. good morning. it is cold this morning. many locations are near freezing in montgomery and fairfax counties and points west. in washington, it's near 40 degrees. prince georges counties, it's in the mid and upper 30s near southern maryland. over the last 12 hours, we've cleared out. the winds have settled down. we have a beautiful start to this thanksgiving morning. up and down the atlantic seaboard, we've cleared out. sunrise will be at 7:00. by 9:00, we should be back to the mid to low 40s with sunshine. soaring into the mid 50s near 60 with bright sun and a blue sky. overnight tonight, here is your evening planner for this thanksgiving day evening. should be clear and getting chilly again. a look at friday of the weekend
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and into the next ten minutes, danella, how is traffic? good morning. we had reports of police activity. not seeing any. i-66 in virginia, very clear. if you're traveling eastbound all the way to the beltway and inside the beltway, not seeing any issues for you. westbound from the beltway, making your way down here, you're clear, as well. if you're traveling 66 at about route 50 in the west shoulder lane, there is an accident but there's nothing in the roadway for you and that's good if you're making your way out of town. on i-270, you're clear all the way to the spur in both directions even if you're heading up towards clarksburg. no issues for you yet. it looks like a great morning if you're going to commute to see family and friends. joe, back to you. >> thanks, danella. 44 degrees out there. mayor gray applying pressure. what he's saying about wooing the red skins. new video of the criminal
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[ male announcer ] so does that guy. the citibank debit card with no monthly fee. easier banking. standard at citibank. michelle parker vanished last thursday. her family says she was wearing a necklace that was -- and ring the last time she was seen. police hope someone recognizes the jewelry and can lead them to parker. she disappeared hours after an episode of the people's court tv show aired in which she appeared with her ex fiancee over an engagement ring. parker accused parker of being violent during the episode. lawyers for the doctors c convicted in michael jackson's death are hoping their client avoids jail time altogether. conrad murray's attorneys are asking a judge to be lenient.
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he faces up to four years in prison on his involuntary man slaughter conviction. his attorneys say murray has been punished enough by dealing with his medical license. they also say he's dealing with death threats and the stigma of being responsible for michael jackson's death. this morning, news 4 has learned that stephanie schwabb testified in 2005 in a high profile murder case involving her roommate pause. pause was found murdered along the shennendoah river. she was a key witness for the prosecution and apparently testified about the inner workings of the gang. schwabb is also a suspect in two bank robberies in northern virginia. they are usually the police that help when you your car is broken down, but police have uncovered an auto theft ring involving tow truck operators.
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five people were arrested yesterday and charged with 23 counts of auto theft. police turned the vehicles into scrap yards for cash and they say in nearly all of those incidents, they were driving tow trucks picking up disabled vehicles. >> if i break down on the beltway, their car could be gone and at the scrap yard and crushed by the time they report the car stolen. this is a huge impact on everyday workers. police are still looking for this man, 44-year-old darrel green. they say in the past three months alone, he has skrabd 11 vehicles reported stole opinion. cathy lanier is going after aaa over its criticism of the expansion over the speed camera program. the organization says the district is placing cameras at places that do little to save live but do plenty to generate income from tickets.
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lanier issued a statement saying i find it astounding that aaa would criticize a program that has been proven successful in lowering the number of deaths. there is a chance nba players could now be on the court by christmas. they disbanded their union earlier this month. commissioner david stern says the league needs about a month to get back up and running. that means the marquis game scheduled for christmas day could be saved if a deal is reached by the end of this week. the cavs can enjoy a thanksgiving meal today after beating the jets. the jets did force overtime, but jason chamara sent the crowd home happy scoring in the extra period to win the game for the caps, 4-3. next up for washington is a game
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against the new york rangers at home tomorrow. the washington redskins could be on the move back to d.c. if the mayor gets his way. he's working on bringing the team's training facilities back to the district. did mraven would help revive the area around the stadium, including d.c. general hospital. >> we hope it's very realistic. frankly, i think this could be a catalyst for economic development, as well. but at the end of the day, it's going to have to be a partnership between the teams. . >> announcer: added that there won't be, rather, a blank check to help the team move back to d.c., that the skins would have to chip in financially, as well. today is a big night for football and it's the 42nd annual turkey bowl here in washington.
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eastern's ninth grade students are holding a food drive before the game. tune in tonight at 7:00 p.m. on comcast sports net. the coach of coolidge is natalie randolph, the first female football coach in the district for a high school team. congratulations to her. >> indeed. lots of thanksgiving traditions will be getting under way in just a few minutes. there is no shortage of plans to trot your turkey off this morning. the arlington 5k fun run and walk turkey trot starts at 8:00 this morning on north pershing drive. thousands of runners are expected to turn out for the 25th annual turkey chase in bethesda supporting the ymca. starts at 8:30. if you're looking for a later start time because you can't get up, the alex and rye ya turkey
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trot starts at 10:00 this morning and they will be accepting food donations. >> everybody is trying to work up a calorie deficit. >> forget it. it's thanksgiving. you know you're going to be tacking on the calories today. the annual thanksgiving living room groaning during the afternoon hours. and i have good weather for all of the activities today. we're starting off this thanksgiving morning under a clear sky. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. under this clear sky, we have a gentle wind now after that howling wind yesterday was swirling the leaves around. now things have settled down. it's near freezing in much of northern virginia and maryland in our western northern suburbs. parts of montgomery county, fairfax county near the freezing mark. most locations as well as the mountains and southern maryland
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near the bay, it's in the mid and upper 30s there as well as the northern neck. and we have the november constellations inspect clear skies here. northern maine had almost nine inches of snow yesterday. and south of there, it was all rain. now that rain has exited so you don't have any travel problems up and down the atlantic seaboard today. there are travel problems getting to the west coast. san francisco up to portland and into seattle, they're getting a storm there that could be causing some flight delays. we'll have a bright and sunny thanksgiving day by 9:00 into the mid 40s and by noon time the mid 50s. by midafternoon, should be up near 60 degrees. then the groaning will begin. after that into the evening hours as we digest, we'll be down into the 40s. it's going to be a chilly evening under a clear sky. and by dawn on friday, another
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cold start. tomorrow morning, down into the 30s again. during the day on friday, bright and sunny and a bit milder. afternoon highs may reach the low 60s tomorrow. on saturday morning, near 40 degrees, a few clouds saturday afternoon. partly cloudy. up near 60. right now, it looks like we could get some rain on sunday as a front comes through. now it looks like that front may be exiting by early monday morning, late sunday night, so we'll have some dry weather after that starting off next week. how is traffic? good morning. not bad at all. if you're traveling on the inner loop at route 50, you're at 62 miles per hour continuing on the inner loop of the beltway. towards branch avenue, you're ner cloot clear at 59 miles per hour. crossing the wilson bridge, b not seeing issues in either direction.
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you can see we are nice and clear. luckily, you've just got to get on the roadways now. it is a great time to be on the roadways because we're not seeing anything slowing you down yet. >> thanks, danella. you know the craving you get sometimes in the middle of the night for a hamburger? one student knows that feeling all too well. surveillance video shows whitely teslow breaking into a mcdonald's restaurant. the restaurant was closed, but that didn't stop him from making himself a burger and fries. he helped himself to some ketchup before he left. he does admit that he was drunk at the time. >> no. >> that's not obvious. he is now charged with third degree burglary. here is the kicker. there is a 24 hour mcdonald's two hours from that location. mr. teslow, please. >> but i guess his initiative to cook his own food -- >> ought to be frowned upon in a
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kitchen not his own. >> exactly, that was closed. how embarrassing for him. >> we can only hope it's embarrassing for him. >> 44 degrees. coming up, the excuse behind a news anchor's obscene gesture. i don't mean us. some say it was directed to the president. also from the garden to the table, a look at what the first family will be dining on this thanksgiving.
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welcome back. this wild turkey wandered into a georgia gas station yesterday. the owner says it walletsed in like a customer so he fed it some chips. that's what you do, of course. luckily, when the police arrived, the bird didn't give up a fight but allowed the owner to pick him up and place him into the back of a police car. owners say they will keep the berd for seven days to see if anybody claims it. after that, they will release him into a bird sanctuary. >> the jail is probably safe. three hots and a cot, they used to say. a different bird is creating major noise on the internet this
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morning. this video shows tatiana lemanyava shows an anchor giving the camera a middle finger just as she mentioned president obama. sources close to the station say she thought she was off camera. they say she was giving the gesture to someone in her studio crew who was trying to distract her. >> now, we've never done anything like that toward anyone we work with. >> that's right. thou does protest too much, me thinks. >> while we're on the set. well, the president is first family will be spending this thanksgiving much like you and your family will, sitting down for a thanksgiving dinner. >> "meet the press" david gregory recently sat down with the white house chef. he says the first family's meal will feature produ


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