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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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robyn gardner is about to go free. a judge ruled gary giordano must be released from jail on tuesday and can leave the island. his attorney says it gaithersburg man's first reaction was disbelief. >> his second was an emotional reaction when i asked him what he really feels about his release. he started to cry. >> reporter: from the beginning, he's stuck to his story saying he and robyn were snorkling. she was swept under water by the current. surveillance video shows him looking for help minutes after she vanished. prosecutors staged a re-enactment of the crime but still no sign of robyn. prosecutors say until they have a stronger case, they can't file charges. >> we don't have evidence. it's difficult to make a charge.
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the only thing you can say, she went missing on the second of august. we presume she's dead. we don't have evidence to that effect. >> reporter: giordano has been jailed for four months. photos show the couple two hours before she went missing. his attorney argues there was no good reason to keep giordano in jail and the judge agreed. >> the judge decided she would not get another extension. that means giordano has to be released tuesday at 8:00 in the evening. >> reporter: prosecutors filed an appeal. it may not come in time to keep him behind bars. >> after it expires, there's no legal bound to keep him to the islands anymore. so he can leave to go back to the united states. >> reporter: prosecutors are saying the hearing to appeal the ruling could come on monday.
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nothing definite yet has been set. meanwhile, strong reaction to the latest development on a facebook page set up by friends of robyn gardner. jim? >> see you then. jane, thank you. scary moments for a group of cyclists out for a bike ride this morning. a federal express truck collided with the group. it happened around 10:45 this morning. the truck hit three people and another cyclist went down as a result of the crash. the driver of the fedex truck wasn't hurt and stayed at the scene. one cyclist who not only missed being struck said four people went to the hospital with nasty injuries. >> one has a broken collarbone and concussion. i think my one friend, andy, may have a dislocated shoulder, i'm not sure. i wasn't standing with him while they were assessing him. might be a tooth knocked out here and there, too. they were banged up good.
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>> the road was shut down for 45 minutes while they investigated the cause of the accident. so far, no one has been charged. >> and they are off. black friday still in full swing. many folks across the area are taking full advantage of the deals. the premium outlets were a popular stop. many outlet stores were open by midnight. some say getting up early was worth it. >> i got great stuff. i got $10 jeans. that was my best find. i was exced about that. >> we got probably $250 worth of stuff and it cost us $109. >> wow. many stores opened earlier than previous years like best buy. they opened at midnight nationwide. some shoppers say the extra hours helped them ease the big crowds. the black friday rush took a dangerous turn at a walmart in los angeles. authorities evacuated the store
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after a woman used pepper spray on a crowd of shoppers as people rushed for a deal on video games. they suffered from burning eyes to difficulty breathing. >> once they released the games a bunch of people were pushing around. i was shoved into a box of games. a lady came out with pepper spray. my brother was shot in the face. he couldn't see. he was on the floor. >> i won't be coming back. i don't want to do this anymore. >> they eventually let everyone back into the store to continue shopping. the woman who set off the pepper spray got away. investigators are trying to identify her. there was more pepper spray at a walmart in north carolina. an off duty officer helping with security used pepper spray trying to make an arrest. a man fell into a display while people were lining up for discounted cell phones.
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security thought it was a fight. witnesses say 20 people including children were affected by the pepper spray. every year, chaotic mobs around the country on black friday as the shopping frenzy brings out the worst in people. darcy spencer joins us live from the mall at prince george's in hyattsville with reaction to the bad behavior. >> reporter: we visited several malls here today. overall, the mood was positive. no reports of fights and certainly no pepper spray used at the malls here in our area. the parking lot is still jam packed with people. those black friday shoppers are still out there. for the most part, people were trying to avoid the bad behavior. black friday has become synonymous with the mayhem. >> i was afraid of it. >> reporter: you were kind of
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concerned with coming out? >> yes, i had my kids with me. other than that, it went great. >> reporter: in l.a., several people were pepper sprayed. black friday can bring out the worst in people. desperation to get the last few marked down items and to get the parking lot closer to the mall. >> it's terrible. there's no need for that. 15 people get hurt and you know, there's no need to go into the store and hurt someone. >> i think they need to take their time. they ain't going nowhere. everybody going to the same place. to push people out of the way or honk their horn, there's plenty of other places to park at. >> back up. >> reporter: last night, security guards and police officers had to take control of late comers tried to cut in front of shoppers waiting in line for hours. >> back in the year people knew how to go out shopping and get what they need. people think this is the last day they are going to do their
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shopping. that's the attitude. >> reporter: in landover hills, more than one shopper walked out empty handed. you walked out of walmart with nothing, no bags. >> the lines are extremely long. it's not worth it. >> reporter: some didn't want to miss out on the experience so they ventured out hoping to miss the overnight and early morning madness. >> i didn't want to be involved in the traffic, people standing in line and all jammed. i was like no. >> reporter: she certainly had the right idea. here at the mall at prince george's, they tried something different this year. different stored opened up at a different time. there wasn't a stampede of everyone coming in. we'll have more on that. darcy spencer reporting live, back to you. >> thank you. after seeing that, i'm glad i had to work today. i don't want to be out in that mess.
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it was a gorgeous day. >> how long is it going to last? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to tell us. >> we are going to see the temperatures last, at least through part, if not all of the weekend. there are big changes on the way after that. first off, out there now, still 61 degrees. it was just beautiful today with plenty of sunshine. still clear skies with winds out of the south at five miles per hour. 59 in manassas. back to the west and leesburg, current temperature 63. the temperatures are falling off very quickly. they will do so tonight. it's going to cool down quick tonight. doppler radar, nothing to show you as far as rain is concerned. most of the weekend we are on the dry side. 51 at 9:00. by tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low 40s inside the beltway. most of you will be in the low 30s during the day tomorrow. another cold start.
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then how much warmer do we get tomorrow? i'll show you coming up in the forecast. >> thank you, doug. students from the united arab emirates are looking for an apology after they were taken off a plane and questioned for several hours. the flight finally made it to washington. some of the students were offended by the experience. >> offended and hurt. the seven young men pulled off a us airways flight are students who were identified as future leaders by the embassy. tonight, questions remain about why they were considered a security concern. >> we feel insulted. we feel insulted. >> reporter: that's reaction from two of the eight students from the united arab emirates. once they arrived at reagan international five hours late, they were headed to a conference by the united arab embassy. they and other passengers aboard
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flight 1768 say they boarded in charlotte in the afternoon only to sit on the ground for at least an hour. officers suddenly came aboard. the police and the bomb squad rushed in. they told us we were not arrested. we didn't do anything, but they are going to call our names. >> reporter: they will only confirm there was a security issue that led from them being taken from the plane and questioned. this woman says it developed after another passenger took her concerns to the flight crew. >> they went to the pilot and said they are placed in such a way that it indicates they are going to try to take control of the plane. >> reporter: the students say security officials questioned them about whether they had military training. eventually, all were allowed to reboard. >> we are not blaming the police. those men were good men. >> they are doing their jobs. >> they are doing their jobs, but the people, the way they
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think when they see a middle eastern guy walk on to the airplane. >> reporter: some passengers missed their thanksgiving dinners. >> it seemed strange, but also one of the things was when they were done interrogating them and there wasn't a problem, they were spilled out on the lobby. they were no apology, explanation, nothing. >> reporter: other passengers say the wait was worth ensuring their security. >> they do the best they can. you can't forget there are security concerns in america. we have to be careful. >> the d.c. based council is looking into the incident. more on what they have to say coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> thank you, julie. still ahead, police said it was a medical emergency. the victims tell a very different story. what they claim a driver did before plowing into a group of day laborers. plus, thinking small this holiday season. how a major credit card company is trying to change the way you
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shop. a warning about the new "twilight" flick. the scene that might have triggered seizures in some
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there's another twist in the emotional roller coaster ride for families of three american students arrested during protests in cairo this week.
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georgetown university student is one of those students. he's on the right in the video. a judge ordered the release of all three students. it seemed they would be held over the weekend because of delays. the process was expedited and students will take the next plane out of cairo. sweeney will be home tomorrow. there's something for everyone when it comes to shopping. today is black friday. next week, cyber monday. then there's something happening on saturday. a push for shoppers to spend money close to home. chris shows us what's in store for small business saturday. >> reporter: it's been said main stree is where you find the backbone of american business, the small business. >> they were able to walk you through purchases you may not get at a major retailer. >> more often than not, they know their customers. they can be relevant to
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customers. that matters to consumers in this day and age. >> reporter: small stores are at a disadvantage to retailers. >> small businesses are the life blood of our communities. >> reporter: for the second straight year, american express launched a small business ad campaign. >> one purchase is all it takes. >> pick your favorite local business. >> reporter: to steer holiday shoppers to local, independently owned businesses instead of bigger stores on black friday or online cyber monday. this, as new research shows small businesses raise the value of property that surrounds them. >> due to the popularity of the small businesses. >> reporter: for obvious reasons, american express is hoping small business saturday becomes as successful as black
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friday. just a day after thanksgiving, the white house is preparing for christmas. first lady, michelle obama welcomes the first official christmas tree. the 19-football sam hails from a farm in wisconsin. it was selected after an exhaustive search. it will be displayed in the white house blue room. it's been the official selector of the white house tree since 1966. bo looks happy with this weather, too. good day to haul a tree. >> yeah. >> as gorgeous as you can get in november. today, a lot of you took the day not only to do shopping, but get outside. look at the mall. a lot of people out and about looking at the museums out there. plenty of people out in all the sunshine we had today. you needed the sunglasses, maybe a light jacket. as long as you were in the sun, it was spectacular out there.
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61 degrees is the current temperature. the sun went down. winds out of the west-southwest. take a look at the high temperatures today. 70 in baltimore. 72 in fredericksburg. 72 in culpeper. 62 in gaithersburg. the wind coming off the potomac in toward the reagan national airport observation sight. reagan is down to 63. we did not get higher than that. look at annapolis on the water only 56. away from the water, very, very warm today. the temperatures have fallen very quickly. down to 52 in manassas and 50 in winchester. 52 in cambridge. expect the numbers to drop quick overnight and through the next couple hours. have a jacket if you don't already. a few high clouds, mostly clear skies. cool, once again tonight into early tomorrow morning. here comes tomorrow afternoon. abundant sunshine once again.
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southwesterly winds. nice and mild. temperatures five to ten degrees above average once again. then we start to turn our attention off to the west. we are talking about this storm for a week now telling you how tough of a forecast this is. the rain is making its way in with the front. this front moves to the north of washington. an area of low pressure cuts well to the south and west. we have taken the rain out of sunday. the entire weekend will be dry. cloud cover on sunday and into the daymond. monday may be dry, too, depending on what the low pressure does. the rainiest day could be on tuesday. this evening, clear skies. a nice evening cooling quickly, 46 to 52 degrees. tomorrow morning cool in the suburbs, low 30s there. low 40 z inside the city. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, 61 to 64 degrees, mostly sunny. a few more high clouds today. nice and mild. really, this is the kind of
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numbers we expect in the middle of october, not the middle of november. we stay around 60 on sunday and monday. right now, i think we have our best chance of seeing rain on tuesday. if the storm comes together the way it looks, tuesday could be a wet day. some areas could see rain from the storm. at least we'll have a dry weekend out there. >> that's good. we like that. thanks, doug. >> thank you, doug. black friday with occupy d.c. why protesters are asking you to shop at freedom plaza. the disturbing crimes targeting people on craigslist. too much, too soon. how you could hurt your
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occupy d.c. protesters are
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asking you to skip the malls on black friday and head down to freedom plaza to do your shopping. they set up a white elephant free store. people drop off their unwanted items since november 19th. they got books to clothes to baseball gloves. occupiers put that out today hoping people would come down and find an unexpected treasure. late developments in the craigslist murder. two bodies were found in a shallow grave. a deadly craigslist robbery scene. investigators believe it may be that of a man named tim kern. he's been missing more than a week. a second body was located in the same rural area where a murder and attempted murder took place. they answered an ad seeking a farmhand in rural southeast ohio.
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job applicants were lured to the area, robbed, then shot. two suspects are under arrest in the case. one is a high school student. a father was killed while looking for work to support his three children. what a driver did before slamming his car into a group of day laborers. a movement to give military families something to hold on to while loved ones are overseas. >> why you c
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i'll fast 4ward through the headlines now. prosecutors request to hold a maryland man in jail for 30 days. gary giordano was in custody tonight for the disappearance of robyn gardner. he could walk tuesday and return to the u.s. prosecutors are appealing the judge's decision. police are looking for a
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woman who used pepper spray on shoppers inside a los angeles area walmart this morning. it happened as people rushed for a deal on video games. people were treated for burning eyes and difficulty breathing. investigators are looking at security video trying to identify her. students are looking for an apology after taken off a flight headed to washington and questioned for hours. the flight was on the tarmac in charlotte, north carolina when the students were detained. after five hours, the plane was allowed to take off. the embassy says it is investigating. now let's fast 4ward to the weather. >> the weather is looking fantastic in our area and really the entire east coast. most areas from the mississippi river all the way to the east are looking good. if you are going to be traveling over 24 to 48 hours in this area, you are good to go from maine to miami.
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look towards denver. that's a developing storm that is going to make its way across the country in a day or so and cause potential for problems in dallas, st. louis and chicago. on sunday, that same storm will eventually, eventually bring us a lot of rain. i'll show you when we may see that rain coming up in a few more minutes. >> thank you, doug. new questions in the investigation of a deadly pedestrian accident in prince george's county. one person killed and five others hurt outside the home depot store yesterday. a car slammed into them. initially, there were reports the driver had a medical emergency. one witness told news 4 it was no accident. >> reporter: it was yesterday afternoon, about a quarter past 1:00 when tragedy struck in a parking lot at this home depot and ended under this 18-wheeler.
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this eyewitness spoke exclusively to news 4. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he tells me he and five other day laborers were standing on this grass when the driver of this white lincoln town car drove by, lowered the window and yelled at him and the others. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he then says the car made its way down the parking lot, circled around, accelerated and came at them with full force. he was able to dodge the vehicle and left with minor cuts. the others were not so lucky. four were hospitalized and one died. he says the force of the impact stripped the men of clothes and flung them several feet leaving a trail of blood now covered by dirt. one man landed here, the second here. this is where a third individual
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laid and the fourth, freddy was wedged between the tires of this parked 18-wheeler. the witness tells me, when the driver of the lincoln collided with the wall, he got out of the vehicle and stood there until police arrived. neither his condition or the passenger's is known. after breaking the news to his wife and kids, his family arrived on scene to place flowers on the spot where their loved ones life was taken. coming up tonight at 6:00, the family talks to our cameras and tells us what they believe the investigation will reveal. we'll have more on that story, coming up. in hyattsville, nbc 4. a man was badly injured during a hit and run crash in fairfax county. it happened overnight at the intersection of richmond highway. an suv was traveling northbound on richmond highway when the car hit a pedestrian crossing the
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street. the driver then fled the scene. we are told the victim is a 45-year-old man from alexandria. they are looking for a red, jeep grand cherokee with damage to the right front. the guardian angel passed out safety tips in columbia heights. they are citizen volunteers that help patrol the district. don't pull out expensive electronics or your wallet in public. don't carry several shopping bags at one time and park in well lit areas near the store entrance. they will be escorting people from stores to their cars and plan to focus on metro subway stations with heavy traffic. nearly 1,000 photographers are giving back to men and women in uniform. they are donating their skills to troops and their families to have lasting memories. it's called love reunited. kristen has the story.
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>> reporter: tens of thousands of troops are scheduled to be home for the holidays. denny won't be one of them. he won't only miss christmas with his wife and son but the birth of his second son, due in march. >> it's difficult knowing that i have a little guy coming and i don't get to see him until he's a couple months old. >> reporter: on a beautiful fall day in an oklahoma city park, they made time standstill, if only for a few hours. >> this makes it a little easier and gives you something to look forward to. >> reporter: it's court see of operation love united. a group of professional photographers who volunteer to give troops something to help carry them through. >> it's being able to hold a piece of home in their hands. it goes by quicker. >> reporter: the photographers take pictures before or during deployments and capture the joy when a loved one comes home.
5:35 pm
>> it's very, very strong emotions. >> reporter: her husband served overseas. she started it to help families cope. >> it's a very small thing we can do to help them for what they do for everybody. >> reporter: since it first starts in 2006 they have grown. there are more than 800 photographers around the world giving thousands of military families memories like this. through their lenses they have seen the harsh reality, photos that can sometimes be the last. >> some of these guys and girls they don't come home. angela uses her skills to inspire a few extra smiles during a difficult time. >> a lot of people don't think about having portraits done or pictures before they deploy. it's nice we get to do that for them. >> reporter: a simple gift that for awhile will be a little boy's link to his dad. >> dad loves him and dad is
5:36 pm
coming home soon. >> reporter: nbc news, oklahoma city. there are more than a dozen photographers in our area taking part in operation love reunited. to find them, visit op >> still ahead, bargain hunters listen up. the stores could be saving their best deals for after black friday. real life drama during the new "twilight"
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some theater goers may want to cover their eyes during a scene of a "twilight" movie. it caused some people to have seizures when she goes into labor, red and white lights flash across the scene. two men passed out during the intense scene. some people are sensitive to flashing lights. most people who see the film
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will make it through it just fine. a local animal shelter is hoping the black friday rush will give pets a home. it opened early today. it waived adoption fees. they can normally run up to $150 for a dog, $120 for a cat. these are just some of the animals you will find at the shelter. >> they are so cute. >> yeah. still ahead, parents want their kids to be tech savvy, but could they be doing them more harm than good? why it could be slowing their development. the redskins ready for the sea hawks. we rewind to a battl
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if you slept in during the black friday madness this morning, you may have done yourself a favor. the best holiday deals often come after today according to the site says you'll probably find better prices later on. it's really for the retailers, not the consumers.
5:44 pm
do your homework before you shop so you know a good deal when you see one. doctors are growing concerned about kids and technology. video games are limiting children's social interaction and slowing their development. nbcs rory devine reports. >> reporter: 22 month-old brody and his mom talk. on his own, he knows what to do with the apps. with three children, sometimes she does cave. >> if i need to just finish one chore, i give it to him for a few minutes at a time. >> it's a big issue. we see it here in the office when children come by at 18 months of age that know how to work an ipad and don't know a
5:45 pm
single vocabulary word. >> reporter: they worry it's hindering vocabulary and social interaction. >> you want to maintain spontaneous creativity and interaction with our children. if you continue to bauerry yourself in a virtual world without social interaction, who knows what we are going to create. >> have a child that overreacts and has symptoms of hyperactivity. >> reporter: they worry it may be creating children who are reactionary with a need for quick responses. >> they need to synthesize information and analyze it. it's not going to happen if they are just reacting. >> reporter: instead, children need to be interactive, not receptive. a mom and daughter playing with blocks, stacking tuper ware, cooking alongside a parent. instead of drawing them into the world of entertainment, draw them into the world of
5:46 pm
development. >> parallel play is important. it has to do with the thought process. >> human interaction and the human touch and using their senses, that's the most important thing. >> reporter: brody's mother ties video games into the world around them. >> the sun is leaving. is it nighttime? tada. >> reporter: he loves to explore the world looking at what's in our camera bag. his house is filled with hands on toys and books. his mom sits with him when he plays with the phone except on those occasions. >> let me be honest, i was pregnant with my third and my 18-month-old went through a screaming fit. i was sick and yes, there were times i caved. it's not a pattern or something i do all the time, but i have done it. >> experts say technology can become a slippery slope.
5:47 pm
30 minutes in front of the tv can easily turn into hours. we know that. everybody's been there. >> haven't we all. here is doug with a final check of the weather. doug? >> i'm guilty of that, too. for my son, it's mario cart. he can spend hours on it and you go oh my gosh, where did he go. he's down there playing mario cart. i understand that. 61 degrees. a great day for the kids to get out and play outdoors for a change. we have seen nice weather the last couple days. 61 degrees the current temperature out there now. we are going to continue to see the numbers into the 60s for another, hmm, i don't know, an hour or so. clear skies now. it's going to continue through the night. the clear skies allow us to cool down rapidly to 35 in gaithersburg. 32 in frederick when you wake up tomorrow morning. you wake up to a cold start on saturday. it's going to warm up quickly. look at the numbers up to 60. 64 in washington. 63 in manassas.
5:48 pm
67 in fredericksburg. tomorrow, a beautiful day. it really is going to be a great one out there. people are going to be out putting up holiday decorations. if you have lights you would like everyone to see and want me to do the weather live from your front yard, send pick you ares to we start that next thursday. we are doing it right now all the way through christmas. >> oh, always exciting time. >> yeah. >> thanks a lot, doug. on to seattle but before we head there, a big rewind way back. hakeem joins us now with it. >> hey, hakeem. >> the redskins travel to the great northwest to play the sea hawks where washington will try to end a losing streak. in 1983, the burgundy and gold were really good.
5:49 pm
dan hellie takes us back 28 years in redskins rewind. september 25th, 1983. defeating the dirty birds. inseattle's kingdom, joe gibbs on the skins sideline. jim southern quarterbacking the sea hawks. zorn doesn't like this. warner fumbles it away. tony recovers. the skins are in business. john riggins barrels around the end from one yard out. skins up, 7-0. second quarter. the skins open it up. a play faked. catches the hawks all looking and frees up charlie brown. 64 yards later, skins on top, 14-3. next, seattle possession.
5:50 pm
zorn's hall of famer beat as skins hall of famer. zorn hits from 13 yards out. past a diving rooky named darrel green. faked to the outside. cut back in a valuable learning lesson for number 28. before halftime, deep, again. the pump and the chuck to alvin. it's on the money. a 47-yard completion. it led to choice words. >> they talk more garbage than you can shake a stick at. they get their rear ends kicked. >> reporter: second half and zorn is kicking himself plenty of times. pass is intercepted. one of the five picks of the year. another sea hawk opportunity squandered. >> i think they only had two drives. the opportunities were there, yet we didn't complete the pass
5:51 pm
or we dropped the ball. you put those situations in and not keep the ball. it gives the redskins an opportunity to come back and score again. then we are really playing catch up. >> reporter: no catching or containing rick "doc" walker. he uncharacteristically spikes it. skins win it, 27-17. >> we need to put them away. i have no love for these guys. they are a bunch of beeps. they excited us. we came out flat and got some sparks. we deserve to whip their behinds. >> lack of class, mildly put. a lot of talking and extra hits. a lot of dirty stuff. i shouldn't be saying this but we won't play them again, so -- but, i don't think they play like, you know, they are
5:52 pm
supposed to. they are a little cheap shotty. >> we go out and play football, do our job. they are jumping around all over and losing, 27-17. it's one thing, i think the enthusiasm is there, the youthful enthusiasm is there, no doubt about it. there was stuff going on that is embarrassing in professional football. >> there were so many stars on that team. >> yeah. >> charlie brown, i mean, john raise. so many good players on that team. it's neat to see jim zorn there so young. now he is the quarterback coach for the kansas city chiefs. >> oh. >> they have having a rough go with quarterbacks there. their quarterback is out. now, they are getting a new guy in. they have a rough go there in kansas city. it's bad there. it's unfortunately bad here in washington. maybe next year. we'll turn it around. >> nice to see the faces.
5:53 pm
thanks. here is what we are working on for news 4 at 6:00. >> jim vance has the preview. the penn state sex abuse allegations continue to unravel. the role that pennsylvania's governor played in the controversy. the d.c. police want help trying to catch the guys going around sticking up cab drivers. we'll tell you more about that. we'll show you a couple that just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. they will share what they consider secrets to a successful marriage. 80 years married. can you imagine being married to one person for 80 years? >> the same person. >> no. >> you better make that sound like it's a good idea. >> i think it's a wonderful thing. >> we all do. thank you, see you in
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search crews in arizona are working now to find the remains of six people killed when their aircraft struck a mountain on wednesday. >> among the victims, a pilot and three young children. we have the report. >> all the families are heart broken, traumatized over the loss of their loved ones, suddenly and on thanksgiving. we feel terrible. >> reporter: a horrific crash. six people pair risched. >> i want to tell them we are doing everything possible to maintain the dignity of their loved one and to safeguard their memories and respect them as much as possible. >> reporter: this sheriff knows the perry family.
5:58 pm
he broke the tragic news to karen, the ex-wife of the pilot and mother of the three children. >> this young family, i did know and lived here. they have three very beautiful children. >> reporter: the charred wreckage is strewn for 500 yards. >> it gives the sense of the magnitude of the explosion. there were simple parts or items like a wheel or a small door that was left intact. >> that's news 4 at 5:00. stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. the maryland man held in aruba in connection with a missing woman could be released from jail in a matter of days. the holiday spirit was lost in the middle of black friday
5:59 pm
frenzy. pepper spray and gunshots. three american students arrested during a protest are headed home. >> good evening, i'm pat lawson muse in for doreen gentzler tonight. >> i'm jim vance. a maryland man accused of the disappearance of his traveling companion must be released from jail on tuesday. 50-year-old gary giordano will be free to leave the island. prosecutors have appealed. jane watrel is here with more on the story. >> reporter: prosecutors filed an appeal to try to reverse the ruling to prevent gary from walking out of jail. he's been held in custody since august 6th. a judge ruled gary giordano must be released from jail on tuesday and can leave the


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