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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and game on. nba owners and players reach a deal that will end the league's lockout. thank you for starting your weekend with us. good morning, i'm chris gordon. >> welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, november 26th. right now, a georgetown student arrested in egypt is on his way back home. derek sweeney was one of three american college students accused of throwing fire bombs at security force. sweeney is expected to arrive in washington, d.c. this evening before catching a flight to st. louis. an egyptian judge ordered them released from jail yesterday saying there was not enough evidence to charge them. sweeney's mother says her son seemed jubilant and that the family is ready to celebrate thanksgiving when he returns. we have a developing story this morning and it's a good one. it appears the nba lockout may be drawing to a close. overnight negotiators for the owners and players reached a
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tentative agreement. it was their first day back at the bargaining table since players refused to accept the owners 50/50 revenue split and vowed to take their fight to court. 15 of the league's 29 owners and the majority of the unions' 430 plus players must vote to approve it. if approved the 66-game season would tip off on christmas day. that would give a lot of people a warm feeling. >> something to do. time to get everybody back to work in the nba. it's the people who sell popcorn in the stands and do everything else need their jobs. that will be good news for them and great news for us. it is the weekend of thanksgiving the sun is going to be out. as soon as we can get it up. it will be a bright, sunny day. good looking weather temperatures will climb into the low 60s. temperatures this morning are on the chilly side.
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32 in leesburg. 42 in downtown washington. nothing on radar and no chance for rain today and no real serious threat for rain really until we get into the day monday. the weekend looking great. a lot of people doing a lot of traveling around, sunny, mild, delightful today. the sun goes down at 4:48. a lot of folks headed out to the commonwealth cups, virginia tech at virginia. it's a 3:30 kickoff in charlottesville. 68 degrees for that kickoff. a beautiful day today and tomorrow partly cloudy clouds on the increase tomorrow, but it is going to stay mild. low 0 mid 60s. the next chance for rain doesn't look like it's until monday. that is welcome news. >> it was so gorgeous yesterday. everybody was out. >> you can come out of the turkey coma and enjoy a little sunshine. >> we had a fiesta friday.
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mexican food and tequila. >> a perfect blendsing of celebrations. >> thanks, chuck. a developing story out of prince georges county. police are looking for three suspects accused of killing a man during a carjacking. it happened in the 9400 block adelefy road. we're told the victim was found lying in the road after he'd been shot. he died on the way to the hospital. police say the three suspects ran off after crashing the victim's car. we are waiting to learn more about a man killed in a standsoff with prince georges county police. it happened outside the suspect's home in the 21,000 block of aquasco road. police say they responded to the home after the suspect called 911 and threatened to kill himself. when they arrived the man came outside with a gun and fired off a round. he went inside and started
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shooting again. the police officer shot and killed the man. pakistan is accusing nato helicopters of firing on an army check point killing seven soldiers. it happened late last night in the mohmand tribal area. nato officials say they're aware of incident, but have not released a statement. the check point was recently set up by the pakistan army to try to catch taliban mill tans crossing the border from afghanistan. it's happening today and it's your chance to finish your holiday shopping and help out the local economy as well. today is small business saturday and neighborhood stores are offering up incentives for shoppers to come out. things kick off at 10:00 a.m. at 18th street and colombia road. there will be free coffee from
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terroris trist, american express will be there raffling off gift cards. the credit card company has been a big supporter of small business saturday offering shoppers deals if they buy locally. many are waking up this morning recovery from spending all their money yesterday. the stagnant economy didn't stop shoppers from lining up the night before or even cutting their thanksgiving short. stores opened earlier than ever with some opening at 10:00 p.m. thursday night. it looked like it worked. one in three americans shopped on black friday. financial analysts expect sales to be somewhere around $27 billion. >> we spent more than we meant to. >> i was taking some things to my car. came back. going to do the same thing and come back. >> many retailers hope to boost their sales by sending mobile only deals to smart phones and they're expecting another big boost on cyber monday.
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but it wasn't all good news. there were multiple incidents where police had to get involved during a shooting outside one store. >> reporter: on youtube pictures of the quest for door busters again turning dangerous. in california, police say a woman pepper sprayed fellow walmart shoppers. police spent the day looking for the suspect. at a walmart in northern california, one man is in critical condition after a shooting. an apparent robbery attempt.
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in a statement walmart said it's been a very safe event. they are always looking at how to do things better. perp spray was used in a north carolina walmart, this time by store security trying to subdue frenzied shoppers. in alabama police shoot a stun gun on a shopper. in arizona questions about excessive force on an elderly man authorities suspected of shoplifting. leaving many to wonder whether the battle for bargains is worth the cost. >> luckily there were no reports of any violent incidents at malls or stores in our area. a set back for prince georges county after news disney is scrapping its plans for a new hotel in the national harbor. disney had planned to build a
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500-room resort in the development. but according to "the washington post" those plans have been scrapped as disney focuses on other projects around the world. it's bad news for prince georges county which has been trying to build the 300-acre harbor into more of a tourist destination. >> we're coming up on 6:09 right now. still ahead on this hour -- gm has called it the car of the future, but see why the chevy volt is now the focus of a major safety investigation. and heading back to mars. what nasa hopes to learn about the red planet in its latest mission.
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general motors' highly touted chevy volt is under the microscope because of concerns about battery fires.
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now the national highway transportation safety administration announced friday it had announced an investigation into the car after a serious crash. gm is aware of the situation. tnchts clock is ticking for occupy protesters to move out of their camp at los angeles city hall. the leaders announced on friday that protesters have until monday at 12:01 a.m. to leave their camp. the mayor says he is proud that the protest has been peaceful and nonviolent, but that the demonstration is no longer sustainable. most protesters say they knew this day was coming. >> i don't want to be arrested and nobody here does. we've become such a -- we're so here and unified now as a family i don't think we feel right leaving each other. >> both the city and protesters have been negotiating to find a new location for the occupy
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movement to go. however, those talks broke down. said one, i think we're seeing these movements all across the country being cracked down on and i think it's just our time. democrats and republicans are still pointing fingers over the failure of the congressional supercommittee. nbc's brian moore has the latest including how millions of americans will feel the effects if the two sides don't come to a deal. >> reporter: the failure of the congressional supercommittee sets the stage for a year end spending showdown on capitol hill. >> when congress returns next week from its thanksgiving hangover, on the to-do-list right away is legislation possibly extending the payroll tax credits and unemployment benefits. >> reporter: millions of americans could pay the price if congress can't find a way to extend payroll tax cuts, unemployment benefits and some business breaks that expire at the end of the year. president obama wants voters to put the pressure on lawmakers. >> tell them don't be a grinch.
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don't vote to raise taxes on working americans during the holidays, put the country before party. >> reporter: a supercommittee flops guarantees even tougher fights down the road to avoid more than a trillion dollars in automatic cuts, the social programs and the pentagon budget. republicans blame the president. >> when we came to the end stages when the negotiation really should have been underway to try and solve this budget and debt problem that we have in this country, the president wasn't there. >> reporter: now republicans have to figure out how to keep tax breaks without spending a cent. >> meaning they're going to look for things to cut, again, we are back right where we are for basically this entire year. >> reporter: congress has until the middle of december to finalize the 2012 budget or risk the possibility of a government shutdown. brian moore, nbc news, washington. and be sure to tune in to "meet the press", this week. democratic senator from new
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chuck schumer pays a visit. plus the man many believe are to blame for the ure, grover norqu. you can catch "moo meet the press" at 10:30. a great day to go outdoors. >> no kidding. such a nice day after yesterday with spectacular sunshine. the weekend is finally here. these will be two of the nicest days from a weather
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you're watching news 4 today. the capitol christmas tree is the stopping in northern virginia on its way to the district. the tree will stop at the mount vernon community school in alexandria for an official visit. people who turn out to see it will get a chance to sign a banner that acts as a national christmas card. the tree will be at the school from 10:00 until 1:00 this afternoon. it will then head up to pennsylvania for a stop before heading back down to capitol hill. at the white house it is already beginning to look a lot like christmas. first lady michelle obama welcomed the official white
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house christmas tree to the executive mansion yesterday. the 19-foot balsam fir hails from wisconsin. the tree will be displayed in the white house blue room. >> it does not feel like christmas. it's so crazy to talk about christmas trees. i swear we just had halloween two weeks ago. >> and it was much colder then. we had snow right before halloween. november temperatures are warmer than average. it's been a relatively warm and dry november. and that stretch is going to continue on into this weekend. yes, indeed welcome to our saturday morning. a clear sky awaits you early on saturday. it's going to be a beauty of a day to get outside. whether you're doing anything at all maybe you're picking your christmas tree today. i have a feeling that i will be. tie that thing to the roof. the annual pilgrimage to the home improvement store to the home with the tree tied on the
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roof of the car. out there it's a beautiful way to get your weekend started and a relatively mild start. it's typically cool, but certainly not all that cold by november standards. 42 in downtown washington with a very light breeze out of the southwest and only 3 miles per hour. there are a few spots that are noticeably colder than downtown. 34 in springfield, all the way down to fredericksburg. bellow freezing in a few pockets as well. frederick, maryland at 30. all just below the freezing mark this morning. you folks along bay side neighborhoods have temperatures many the middle to low 40s this morning. it is going to be a nice day. here's your day planner. temperatures climbing to 50 by 10:00 a.m. low to mid 60s for your afternoon highs and staying mild to saturday evening. temperatures in the upper 50s by 6:00 p.m. nothing on radar right now. no rain anywhere near us. the closest rain drops that we need to be watching on moving in
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on the western sides of st. louis, missouri. that's part of a weather front which will work its way in our direction. we'll have thin cloudy rns. on the whole it will a mostly sunny and mild day. temperatures running is 15 degrees or so warmer than average for late november. so that's nice. typically chilly to get your sunday morning started. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the weather front coming in is probably going to bring rain drops on monday. that means out ahead of it on sunday another southwesterly breeze. with the clouds on the increase, it's going to stay mild. today sunny, mild and delightful. a light breeze out of the south. for tomorrow we'll call it a partly cloudy day. clouds on the increase during the afternoon. no real serious threat for rain until we get into monday. that is welcome news. here we go with your extended forecast. 66 degrees today. average high today only 53. that's a dozen plus one better than average. rain chances ramp up on monday.
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could be as early as monday morning commute back to work and school. tuesday looks like the rainiest day. things clearing out after that. good day for the terrapins on the road in raleigh, north carolina, this afternoon. if you want your college football on tv chuck get is the address. we'll get those on at 9:00. >> it's @chuckbell for twitter. ahead, nasa's next step in the search for life on mars is set to start this morning. >> in just a few hours the latest mars row ver will begin its long journey to the red planet. we have more on the mission. >> reporter: this is what nasa's $2.5 billion mars science laboratory will look like once it reaches mars. this rover is called curiosity,
6:23 am
but calling it complicated may have worked, too. >> this is the most complicated mission we've attempted on mars. the science demands that. >> reporter: in this case the science is trying to determine if mars is or ever could have been a place that harbored life. that's what curiosity will be looking for. driving for miles across the red planet's landscape because it's the size of a car with six wheels. >> and this rover curiosity rover is really a are rover on steroids. it will go longer. it will discover more than we can possibly imagine. >> reporter: after its launch somewhere between 10:00 and noon saturday, the capsule carrying curiosity will separate from the atlas rocket and spend eight and a half months traveling 60 million miles to mars. well the capitols probably want to forget their game
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yesterday against the rangers. >> hakim has the highlights plus more on the busy day of college football and basketball in this morning's sports minute. good morning everyone. your sports minute starts with hockey. capitals hosting the rangers. second period rangers up 2-0. marcus johansson turns it over. fed ten coe rips it bass noi vert. the caps turn the puck over 17 times. new york up 3-0. third period caps trail 5-2. alex ovechkin on the attack. flies in, rips it past lundquist. ovi's eighth goal of the season. that's as close as the caps get. the rangers win 6-3678 tonight the caps on the road at buffalo. college hoops. maryland playing florida gulf store. a game high 24 points, but freshman nick faust had the highlight of the night with this monster dunk in the second half. maryland goes on to win it 73-67. also the maryland women defeat
6:25 am
florida international 84-52. college football backyard brawl, pittsburgh, west virginia meeting for the 104th time. fourth quarter mountaineers down six. they have it on second and goal. sean olston punches it in. west virginia wins it 21-20. mountaineers are now 8-3678 high school football kwins orchard. mark green was unstoppable rushing for 279 yards and two touchdowns. orchard wins it 23-12. the cougars are 13-0. next friday it's orchard against old mill for the state championship. that's your sports minute. have a great day. >> thank you, hakim. it is 6:26 right now still ahead this hour, cabbies on alert. what you can do to help police nab the violent criminals targeting them. and the search for a possible serial killer. how police say a simple job search may have led to the murders.
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you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now live in h.d. this is news 4 today. welcome to news 4 today. it is saturday, november 26th. we'll have a look at the day's top stories in just a minute. first, let's check on your weekend forecast. >> how are you two doing today? >> i saw people in short sleeves yesterday. >> when people play golf yesterday there was across the lake, there's no frost? >> not as late as 8:45 on yesterday morning that would have surprised me. golfers -- i know a lot of golfers. they have an excuse for anything and anything as to why the ball didn't end up on the hole. and frost on the grass sounds like a good one.
6:30 am
it slipped. it was on the way. outside on a beautiful saturday morning good looking way to get your weekend started out there. not a whole lot of frost out there this morning. i couldn't rule out a few frozen blades of grass here and there. good looking day over washington this morning. sun's up at 7 clp 02 this morning. 42 is the downtown temperature. 36 in falls church. 30 degrees in leesburg. no rain anywhere near us. those drops on the eastern shore not actually reaching the ground. we weren't going to concern ourselves with those. plenty of sunshine today. mild and delightful. mid 60's for today. a lot of people making the drive down to charlottesville, tech cavaliers, they're going to see if they can trip up the hokeys. it's been a while since virginia's beaten them. they're having a great season. 68 degrees for the commonwealth
6:31 am
cup game today. wonderful weather for that. for everybody going back home from grandma's house or back to where you're going on a big travel day, very quiet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. clouds on the increase, rain likely by monday. looks like your saturday and sunday are going to be filled with happy thanksgiving stories from a weather perspective at at least. your top stories this morning. a georgetown student arrested in egypt is on his way back to the u.s. right now. derek sweeney is flying to washington, d.c. and then he will be flying home to st. louis. sweeney and two other american college students were accused of throwing fire bombs, but the charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. it was a wild day and a half for shoppers as millions hit the stores for black friday. there were isolated incidents in california and new york, but it was mostly problem free. financial experts say retailers made somewhere close to $30
6:32 am
billion in just the past 36 hours. police are looking for three suspects accused of killing a man during a carjacking in prince georges county. the victim was found lying in the road in the 9400 block of adelefy road. he later died. the suspects later abandoned the man's car after crashing it. some taxi drivers say they're scared for their safety after a series of crimes in the district. there have been close to a dozen robberies and carjackings. now police are warning drivers and the public to stay alert. >> reporter: this man worries about his safety as he drives around the district in his cab. police say crooks have robbed 11 cab drivers over the past two months. nine robberies this month alone. >> i'm very concerned about it. >> reporter: he keeps a photos of his 6 and 2-year-old an added reminder of why he needs to be extra careful on the streets.
6:33 am
every time someone steps into his cab. >> i try to be nice. talk to them. try to use my own judgment. but to be honest with you, again, you're taking the risk. anything could happen. >> reporter: police say some of the suspects are armed. hail cabs from nearby metro stations and have carjacked cabbies in three cases. >> we feel we have an obligation certainly to the taxi cab drivers to get the information out there. since there is obviously something going on with this number of taxi cab robberies. >> reporter: there's something you can do to help. if you see this call 911 light on top of the cab, make sure you call 911 for help. >> i will be happy if they just report it to the police. >> you have to be aware as a driver and make your own personal decisions on your safety. >> reporter: while police search for the robbers, he will rely on faith to protect him. >> i just go out there and say -- thank god i've been in
6:34 am
the business around five years, but nothing happened so far. >> reporter: investigators urge anyone with information about these robberies to call the metropolitan police department. police in ohio have discovered two more bodies that may be linked to a craigs list robbery scheme. one body was found near a shopping center in akron after missing for more than a week. another was found in the same rural area another murder had taken place in. a man from virginia was also found dead earlier this month. investigators say all of the victims appeared to answer a job on craig list. police have arrested two men in connection with the murders. a group of students from the united arab emirates are voicing concerns after they were pulled from a d.c. bound flight. the students were pulled off the u.s. airways flight from charlotte to reagan national thursday night after a passenger
6:35 am
told the pilot she thought they were going to hijack the plane. the students were questioned for hours before they were allowed back on the flight. two students we talked with say they are concerned about america's perception of muslims. >> they're not blaming the police about doing that. those men were really good men. they're doing their jobs. but the people when they think about a middle eastern guy walking in a an airplane. >> the council on islamic relations is investigating the response. the students were headed to a conference. a series of threats against mosques has a muslim civil rights group calling on the fbi to investigate. the council for american islamic relations made the request after finding several threats on an anti-islam website. one post comes from a man who reportedly urges chris mans to
6:36 am
kill muslims and talks about driving by a specific mosque in northern virginia. the website contains exples it calls for violence. it's 6:36 right now. why some people say breaking dawn the new twilight movie is a hazard to their health. and is an ipad on one of your friend or family holiday wish list? we'll show you how it stacks up against other tabletings and help you figure out if
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the latest twilight movie is making plenty of money at the box office, but it's also causing problems with some movie goers. some audience members are suffering seizures.
6:40 am
people say the birthing season has caused them to convulse in the theater. other movies have also been blamed for causing seize sures in the past. it is considered the hot piece of technology this season. the tablet. seems like the perfect choice for some shoppers, but which one should you choose in we test the top tablets on on the market and shoppers have plenty of options. >> the question is how can we keep up? >> reporter: laptops, net books, smart readers, now the tablet. >> do we really need a tablet. >> reporter: consumer reports says the apple ipad tops this year's hot gift list and its competitors are hot on its heels. >> a year ago if you were shopping far tablet, you were probably looking for an ipad. there weren't a lot of choices out there. this year it's different.
6:41 am
>> reporter: for example best buy alone has dozens of different tablets on sale for the holidays. >> acor, the samsung. >> reporter: a tablet is typically less expensive than a laptop and much more portable. its screen lets you watch movies, few pictures, surf the web. among tablets there are big price difference. a good tablet will cost anywhere from $200 to $800 depending on screen size, memory and features. consumer reports rates the apple ipad the best tablet. second best the samsung galaxy. >> which is similar to the ipad. similar price point. unlike the ipad it runs flash videos. flash is a service that apple has resisted for years. just this month two new tablets hit the market. both had successes as ereaders. >> it's closer to the ipad experience, but it's half the price. the kindle fire is essentially a
6:42 am
smaller tablet that offers a more limited set of features. but it's half the price of the biggest competitors. >> reporter: so what should you consider when buying the tablet as a gift? for the college student or professional consider more memory. you can buy a tablet with as little as one gigabyte and as much storage as 64 gigabytes, the apple ipad and blackberry playbook. and then there's battery life. some tablets run as long as 11 hours. and as short as four hours. and buyer beware, make sure you can upgrade the software on the tablet you buy. >> we have heard from some people who paid less on the front end for a tablet and then fond out that they couldn't update all of the software in the applications like they assumed they could. just know not all devices are created equal. another tip when looking for
6:43 am
a tablet, they don't come with keyboards so keep in mind that typing a lot without an external attachment could be a problem. also like any major purchase know the return policy. >> and insurance. we're hearing about that lately. more on that later. "the today" show is next on nbc 4. >> amy robach joins us live from new york city. >> good morning to you, coming up here on "today", the holiday shopping season is officially underway. but black friday turned into a black and blue friday as fights and robberies marred t day including a scuffle where a woman pepper sprayed fellow shoppers injuring 20 people. we'll get the latest on those independents. we'll have the rest of the retail numbers. also a mystery in ohio, three bodies discovered. police believe the killer found the victims using a phony ad on craig list. we'll have more on the investigation including why authorities fear there could be more victims.
6:44 am
plus the twist in the case of a woman who went missing in aruba. on friday her travel companion was released from aruban jail. when could he be headed back to the u.s.? then kensington curse it's been home to a lot of royalty over the years. soon william and kate will move in. but is kensington palace really cursed. some people think so. we'll have that and much more here on "today." now back to you. >> thank you. we'll see you then. take a look outside, glorious, glorious. perfect football saturday. >> no kidding. >> rivalry weekend. georgia/georgia tech, oklahoma/iowa state. our big one's next saturday. we'll talk about that, the college football forecast, the weekend forecast, sunshine chance for rain. it's all in
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in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the n. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. you're watching news 4 today. >> a beautiful sunrise. >> good looking day so far. sunshine is going to be here for
6:48 am
most if not all of your saturday and sunday. that is welcome news. out there on an early saturday morning a mostly clear sky is out there. got some great looking pictures on our city cameras. laid out all over washington for you this morning. take a check, the u.s. capitol dome with the rising sun coming up in about 14 minutes or so. 7:02 sunrise this morning. current time 6:48. we do have a few mid and high level clouds out there. that is a gorgeous picture of the u.s. capitol building. from our city camera view all these clouds being lit from the bottom instead of from the top. a beautiful way to get your saturday morning underway. bright and sunny. you can see the first rays of morning light coming off the bottom of the clouds there across the eastern sky. beautiful day today. mostly sunny for your saturday.
6:49 am
start off temperatures seasonally cool. 41 at reston town center. 31 at dulles international airport. there are a few stops out there this morning just below the freezing mark. northern parts of frederick county, maryland. a few spots across northern virginia down below freezing with the sunshine coming out. s the going to be a very quick warmup today. temperatures near 50 by 10:00 this morning into the low and mid 60s during the afternoon. back into the upper 50s by 6:00 p.m. no rain for us to concern ourselves with for today or tomorrow. the rain drops that i'm keeping an eye on are moving through st. louis, missouri, that's part of a weather front which will impact our weather but not before we get a great weekend out. there's the deck of mid level clouds. those are not rainmaking clouds. it will be sunny and mild outside for today with a very light breeze out of the south and southwest courtesy of high
6:50 am
pressure off the eastern seaboard. another chilly night tonight, more sunshine fading behind cloud coffer during the day tomorrow. we get into our future cast 6:00 monday morning. the rain sneaking back in. we could see rain drops as early as the commute into work monday. if you're not wet then, it will be raining in the afternoon. mid 60s on your saturday afternoon. with an increasing number of clouds around on your sunday still a mild one with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. some spots out towards charlottesville and south central virginia might touch 70 today. and tomorrow as well. not so much right #around town. mid 60s. we can't complain. our average high is only 53. rain chances monday, tuesday and early wednesday before things start to dry out once again. the terrapins are on the road in raleigh at nc state taking on the wolf pack 65 degrees for a game in november. if you want your game on the 9:00 hour send your game request
6:51 am
to me and we'll get on as many as we possibly can. >> that's right, chuck doesn't discriminate. he gets everybody. >> thank you, chuck. what a great weekend it is. right now 6:51 our time planning on doing a little christmas tree shopping this weekend? >> here is one tree that probably won't get you into the holiday spirit. why this christmas tree is green ev
6:52 am
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6:54 am
the weekend may officially be starting today, but we've had a thrilling couple of days of football. >> hakim has highlights from college and high school in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. for the capital it's been a november to forget. yes washington lost for the seventh time this month. apatiently the rangers had the right recipe. new york's ruslan fed ten coe said quote, we had a good turkey dinner. here's the real reason the caps lost. they committed 17 turnovers. ovechkin without a goal at home this year looking to change that yesterday. second period rangers up 2-0. turned over and it's ripped past noi vert. new york up 3-0.
6:55 am
third period, caps trail 5-2. here they come, alex ovechkin on the attack. flies in, rips it past lundquist. ovi's eighth of the season. his first goal in seven games. caps cut the deficit to 5-3. later in the third brooks laich battling with ryan callahan. callahan wins and makes the spinning pass. scores his second of the game. what a play by callahan. the rangers beat the caps 6-3. later tonight the capitals play on the road against buffalo. college hoops last night around the acc virginia tech edges oklahoma state 59-57. virginia defeats green bay 68-42. and maryland at home playing florida gulf coast. the terps tries to rebound from sunday's loss. first half maryland up three. michael parker knocks down the three pointer. stoegle went for a game high 24 points. under minute to go many the
6:56 am
half. eagles turn it over. terps in transition. sean mosley to nick faust for the dunk. terms up 24-37 at the break. second half more terps more faust this is awesome. wow, the freshman with a monster dunk. maryland goes on to win it 73-67. next up a home game against illinois on tuesday. college football, number one lsu crushes number three arkansas 41-17 the tigers are now 12-0. last night west virginia and pittsburgh going toe to toe in morgantown. the mountaineers and panthers meeting for the 104th time it could be the last west virginia moving to the big 12. mountaineers down 14-0 until this. smith to bailey. wow. smith on to the d.b. then cruises into the end zone 63-yard touchdown. west virginia trails 14-7. fourth quarter, mountaineers down six, they have it on second
6:57 am
and goal. sean olston punches it in for a game winning touchdown. he had two second half, west virginia wins the backyard brawl 21-20. mountaineers improve to 8-3. round three of the playoffs in maryland. orchard hosting flowers for a spot in the state championship. sacramento back come the jaguars. walker gets the hand off and he is gone. 66 yards for the score. c.h. flowers down one. final seconds of the half, cougars with the ball. check out number six mark green gets tripped up. then stays on his feet. and then gets a huge block 39 yard touchdown. his second of the game. he finished with 279 yards rushing. end of the game cougars up by 11. malcolm brown the sophomore with a game clinching interception. check out the coach. orchard wins it 23-12. the cougars are 13-0678 next
6:58 am
friday orchard against old mill for the state championship. >> i've got a pretty good group of kids. they're not only great players, they're great people. they deserve this. mark green, these guys standing here, they deserve to go to state championship. they worked real hard for this. >> those were the best couple seconds of my life. that was awe smchl i never had the feeling of getting past regionals this is the best feeling i've ever had in high school football. >> it's great. i don't know, it's a real great feeling. it's an unbelievable experience and i'm glad to be sharing it right now with my team and my coaches. >> got to love that. they last won a state championship in 2007. that's your morning sports. have a great day. congratulations to them. now that thanksgiving is over many are turning their attention to putting up their christmas
6:59 am
trees. >> one tree in berlin is getting a lot of attention this is the recycled christmas tree made and decorated with more than seven tons of what some people consider garbage. the artist said the fire breathing tree helps raise awareness of germany's throw away culture and the benefits of recycling. >> it lights up. >> it's a good idea. it's not pretty. you can't put it in the living room if it's got flames shooting off the branchs. >> i don't think so. that's all for news 4 today. we'll be back in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you at 9:00. good morning. black and blue, friday crowds hit the stores for the official start of the holiday shopping season. but fights, pepper spray and gunfire make it a violent day for door buster sgleeps


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