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tv   Today  NBC  November 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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were found in ohio and police believe they're on a phony list. could there be more victims? and is kensington palace cursed? the tragedy that has some believing it may be. it is saturday, november 26th, believing it may be. it is saturday, november 26th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. and as if william and kate don't have enough pressure in their lives, we're hearing that their home could be cursed or some people think it's cursed. >> it has a history. kensington palace has housed many members of the royal family including the queen's sister and
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princess diana. but its had its share of tragedy and scandal. we're going to discuss that coming up. plus we're going to talk about what was a violent start to the holiday shopping season as crowds hit the doors looking for deals. there were several ugly incidents. at least two robberies, two massive pepper spray incidents and reports of gunfire. tis the season. we'll have the details coming up. >> good will towards men after i get my bargain. new developments in the disappearance of a american woman in aruba. robyn gardner went missing in aruba while traveling with jerry gee or dano. giordano. we'll get more on a new ruling. and i got to talk to debbie reynolds out in california. she's a master over the years from her favorite movies and favorite stars. now she is putting much of that
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collection up for auction. and she showed me some of it, including a number of marilyn monroe dresses right there. can you believe? she had a 17 inch waist. i have to tell you, when we were there, looking at what marilyn fit into, it was remarkable. you can see why she is a remarkable legendary body when you see the costumes that she fit into. we want to start with what was a violent start to the holiday shopping season. kristin dahlgren has the latest. >> on youtube, pictures of the quest for door busters again turning dangerous. in porter ranch, california, police say a woman pepper sprayed fellow walmart shoppers so she could get an an xbox. >> people were screaming and kids were on the floor. >> 20 people were injured and police spent the day looking for a suspect. at a walmart in northern california, one man is in critical condition after a shooting. an apparent attempted robbery of
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his black friday bargains. is a south carolina walmart, one woman was hospitalized after another attempted robbery and shooting. >> we heard gunshots, about five of them. in oneida county, new york, one woman was taken away. >> they cut the thing and there's 200 people on top of my mom. >> in a statement, walmart said overall it's been a very safe event at the walmart stores, but added they are always looking to do things better. pepper spray was used in one walmart by store security. . in buckeye, arizona, questions about excessive force on an elderly man authorities suspected of shoplifting. leaving many to wonder whether the battle for bargains was worth the cost.
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and now here is amy. >> all right, lester. good morning. with more on black friday is steve liesman. . >> we're trying to get over what some people do to each other to get a bargain. but speaking of bargains, 152 million shoppers were expected to hit the stores again. >> it's about 3% above where it was last year. >> they're talking about midnight at thanksgiving. did these tactics work with some of the data that they use? >> we'll have more data tomorrow morning on how black friday did. the earlicatiy catioindications
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the malls and parking lots were full. there are companies out there that use satellite photographs to see how full the parking lots are to get a gauge for how shopping was. but look, there's a nuclear arms race going on in the retail business. they started at 5:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., now midnight the night before. people are into it thp. >> how well equipped are consumers to spend this holiday season? >> this is an interesting time for the consumer. the good news is this. there's a million fewer unemployed this year than at this time last year. at the same time, the consumer is carrying a good amount of debt, a good amount of mortgage debt and the consumer is trying to get his and her wallet, their balance sheet into some sort of decent shaip. there's bargains out there, a desire to buy gifts for your family and friends. on the other hand, you'd like to get into better financial help. so there's tension that goes on this year. we'll find out how much they're
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willing to go into debt to buy goods and how far they're willing to stretch themselves. >> you mentioned the unemployment rate currently standing at 9%. what's the potential that perhaps these could turn into long-term positions or longer term positions? >> a lot of it has to do with the retail. when we're in a recovery, you see these retail jobs become permanent. some of them. we're running about 1% ahead of retail hiring last year. so there's some possibility that more of these jobs become permanent. but for the outset that begin as a huge mass of temporary jobs and some of them stay on. >> and we should mention, we're not just through with black friday because we have cyber monday coming up. which one typically does better? >> well, i think black friday is a bigger retail day online than it is monday. but it's cyber monday they call it, that is continuing to grow. 10%, 20%. people are not only doing more and more shopping online. but if you go into the stores,
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people are using their mobile devices to check online prices and to check prices at competitors. so you're no longer safe when you've got your shopper in the store. you're looking all over the place. it's a hyper competitive world. >> steve liesman, thanks so much. >> so you have to burst through the door now to get to your computer on monday to give you the same friday experience, right? >> yeah. stamp he'd t stampede the children to get into the computer. now we get to the other headlines. >> good morning, lester, amy, nice to see both of you. good morning, everyone. we begin in pack stab where official say many of their soldiers have been killed in a nato helicopter attack. good morning, atia. >> reporter: good morning, darlene. according to pakistani officials, at least 26 of their troops have been killed and 11 injured in what they are referring to as a cross border attack. about 1 1/2 miles from the
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afghan border. isaf officials here in afghanistan say they are investigating the exact location of where they responded to enemy fire because they say sometimes the border is hard to define in this region. but they insist any response was done floor coordination with the pakistani military and the border authorities. but one thing is for sure. this will not help the growing tensions between the pakistani military and nato forces. the pakistanis have already shut down a vital nato supply route that leads into afghanistan in response to this attack. darlene. >> atia, thank you. and the three american students arrested in demonstrations in cairo are on their way back home. ayman is live in cairo with an update on the students and the unrest in tahrir square. good morning, ayman. >> good morning. that's correct. three american students according to egyptian officials at the cairo airport have left cairo on their way back to the united states. some conflicting reports
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originally about which destinations they are going to, but officials have confirmed all of them left egypt early saturday morning. this all coming at the back drop of a lot of unrest. parliamentary elections are supposed to get under way monday morning. the protesters behind me are waiting for that announcement as to whether or not this military counsel is going to hand over any more power to a civilian government. back to you. >> ayman, thank you. it is game on to the nba. the deal, reached early today, called for a 66-game season beginning on christmas. if both sides can ratify the hand shaim shake agreement by the end of this weekend. that lockout jan july 1st. it is begin to go look a lot like christmas at the white house. the official white house christmas tree arrived friday and was pulled up the driveway by a horse drawn carriage. the balsam fir will stand
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proudly in the blue room. >> not a bad looking tree. >> not bad at all. has to compete one one behind it, though. >> thank you. bill karins has our first check of the weather. >> you guys are happy with the warmth lately? >> it's been beautiful here. >> it's ridiculous. it's going to come to a crashing end sooner or later, but not this weekend. many areas of the country still enjoying the warmth. there's one exception. it's where it's raining. it's a warm rain, at least, from the great lakes southward. that's where we're watching the heaviest of the rain. wisconsin, missouri, maybe even some embedded thunderstorms down through eastern oklahoma, eastern texas. the worst of it is heading east of the dallas towards the shreveport area. there's enough warmth and enough humidity from houston along i-10 to new orleans. today's forecast, unbelievable warmth on the east coast. near record highs. west coast is looking pretty good,
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and a good saturday morning. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a pleasant start on your saturday. a mostly clear sky overhead. a few middle level clouds. no chance for rain today. current temperatures are in the upper 30s to near 40 around town. mid 40s closer to the chesapeake bay. down below freezing for north central virginia. today's forecast sunny and mild. temperatures in the low and mid 60s today. 60s again tomorrow, but clouds on the increase. you in the intn west. that's your weekend forecast. lester. >> bill, thanks. we're now just six weeks from the iowa caucuses and the start of the official election season. but even before voters make their voices heard at the polls, their frustration with washington is being heard loud and clear. this especially after this week's super committee failure. that frustration is something our own tom brokaw examines. he's written a new book, "the time of our lives" a conversation about america. >> good morning. good to see you, lester.
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it's great to be back. >> we're just six weeks away from the iowa caucuses. where is the passion? president obama, who ignited such passion and excitement when he ran as this fresh face is mired in 2 tough economy, high unemployment. republicans haven't found a candidate they're in love with yet. we go from one front-runner to the next. what's your take? >> my take is this will begin to sort itself out shortly after the first of the year. that's when the rest of the voters start to pay attention. the junkies are involved now. if you look at the polls about what is popular and who is not, it doesn't have as much application as it will in some place like new hampshire and south carolina. rights how you can organize on the ground there. it's hard to know at this moment just who is in the best position to do it. republicans haven't found a candidate that they're absolutely in love with. >> let's talk about the environment in general. this super committee failure to come up with a series of budget
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cuts, a failure as seen by most critics. is the failure emblem aattic of greater failure in this political process. >> it is. i've never known the political process to be as dysfunctional as it is now. in the last three weeks, i've been in the southeast, the northeast, the midwest, the far west and the southwest. and where ever rig, people have given up on the idea that they're going to get any help from washington. they're trying to do it on -- however you describe it, their own main street. and they don't quite know what the future holds in getting this economy back to where it needs to get to. in the southeast, for example, the job forecast for alabama and georgia and those states, a couple of years ago, it was that they would get back to prerecession levels by 2013. there's a new report out saying they won't get back to those levels until 2015 anterior 2016. >> i think we all understand
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this overall sense of despair or anxiety. you covered it in the 70s. extricating ourselves from vietnam, watergate and we found our way out. what's different with today versus then? >> i think there are a couple of differences. at the end of the day during watergate or vietnam, the senators on opposite sides of those issues would find a way to get together and talk about how they're going to work there way out of it or the members of congress would, as well. now they don't even talk to each other. it's driven in part by big money, which defines very narrow special interests and a lot by the blogosphere. you can organize a jihad with the website quickly and land on a candidate unless they see your point of view exactly when it comes to taxes or when it comes to entitlements and what you're going to do about reform. so everybody is paralyzed and they retreat to their far corners, lester. >> in this book, you ask the essential question, will our children be able to surpass what we have accomplished? and what's the answer?
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>> the answer is i think we have to retool that. will my kids lisp better than i do? will they have a bigger house, more money, bigger cars? we ought to concentrate instead on fixing the education system so everybody has an opportunity in the global economy because we're going to need everybody. how do we reintroduce the idea of values? we have a negative savings rate in this country. we have to get back to the idea that we can save money out of every paycheck so that we don't become hostage to foreign powers owning our debt. >> and one of the strong themes is a sense that we all have to give back, public service. >> i believe that very strongly. we've asked less than 1% of our population to take 100% of the bullets and the wars in afghanistan and iraq. a lot of young people are now looking for something to do. so i suggest six public service academies, public/private partnership webs you can have the johnson & johnson fellow in medicine, the john deere fellow
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in agriculture, the donald trump fellow in air design. you've got a lot of different things. they go off and they work around the world and in this country, as well, for three years in the public sector. it's about well trained workers for skills. >> great to see you here. >> thank you. once again, here is amy. lester, thank you. it's been eight days now since a young mother with it went missing on the same day they appeared on an episode of "the people's court." after a thanksgiving day without her, her family is ramping up the reward hoping for a break in the case. >> over the long holiday weekend, the search continues around orlando as police and volunteers look for any sign of 33-year-old michelle parker who vanished late last week. >> looking for a friend of ours.
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>> volunteers targeted black friday shoppers, handing out flyers, urging anyone with information to contact the authorities. >> anybody who has been helping, it's so important because there's no way we could have covered the ground that we covered in this amount of time. >> family, friends and supporters have raised their reward offer to $50,000 for parker's safe return, hoping that will lead to a break in the case. >> there's no number you can put on my daughter's life. but that just might spark somebody to say, you know what? i'm going to help this family. >> parker, the mother of three, disappeared november 17th, the same day her pretaped appearance on the people's court tv show aired. parker was on the show with her ex fiancee, dale smith, arguing over the cost of a lost engagement ring. smith is the father of two of her children. police say smith is not a suspect. a day after parker's disappearance, her hummer was found abandon across town with decals from her business removed
7:18 am
from the windows. >> police right now are on a three-track investigation. track number one is that the victim disappeared of her own volition. track number two, she's a victim of someone she knew. and track number three, she was a rab come victim of violence. >> parker's mother says her daughter was deeply embarrassed by her appearance on "the people's court." but relatives say it is highly unlikely she would run away and leave her children. >> hey, dad, this is michelle. call me when you have lunch or it's the end of your day, okay? i love you. i'll talk to you soon. >> so the search and the investigation continue, with no sign yet at least publicly of any progress. for today, mark potter, nbc news, miami. and once again, here is left perpendicular. >> celebrity photographer linda solomon has made a career out of taking pictures. now she's teaching her passion to a special group of kids in
7:19 am
the bronx in new york city. >> my dream is for a horse. >> i want to sebe a model. >> ask kids what their dreams are and you expect to hear about horses and super heroes. you might not expect to hear this. >> my hope is to go to college. my hope is for getting a job. >> 10-year-old cayline is thinking about a job because like all the children in this room, she's homeless. >> all photo journalists are on assignment. >> but today, they're not homeless. they're professional photographers. >> i'm going to let you use my camera. >> celebrity photographer linyn solomon built a career on foe to go fear. but her passion is what she calls passion of hope. thanks to a grant from
7:20 am
chevrolet, solomon is visiting 10 homeless shelters in ten different cities this year. >> my hope is to keep my street lean. >> first she asked each child to list their dreams. >> get a's. >> that's a good dream to have. >> next comes a foe to go fear lesson. and their assignment, to photograph those visions and turn them into reality. >> i'm going to let her compose everything. >> she wants to help people. but how do you take a picture of that? >> let my take your hands like this. >> they decide to have his brother and sister hold hands. on the streets of the neighborhood, the kids find inspiration. >> i took a picture of a pharmacy sign. my hopes and dreams is to become a doctor. >> 11-year-old rosa and 8-year-old alberto live with their mom and grandma in one year. >> i took a picture of electricity from a pizzeria. i hope to be an electrician.
7:21 am
>> 11-year-old christopher took this shot of the american flag. he wants to be president some day. >> i want more homes, people to have more money in their checks. >> cayline snaps a school sign. >> i don't want to -- i want to live in a home with my mom. i want us to be stable, to get a permanent soloman says this di myths about homelessness. >> they never capture a ipad or an iphone. they focus on things that really matter. >> taking pictures of my hopes and dreams makes me feel important and if i'm accomplishing. >> you can see the pictures and they can be beautiful. >> beautiful, the perfect word
7:22 am
for our last shot of the day. >> the photos the kids took become christmas cards with 100% of the proceeds going back to the shelters. find more information about the program on our website, >> it's great and we're happy to share their pictures. still to come, a look at some of the most infamous items in american crime. first, it's "today" on nbc. hey... there's mom! hey, let mom try. ready, go! ♪ yeah, rock on, mom! [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. wait a minute...i... [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers
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on the 2012 rx 350 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment.
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still to come here on "today" craigslist mystery. at least two bodies found in ohio. why they fear there could be more victims, just ahead. plus, william and kate will soon call kensington palace home. we'll tell you why some people
7:25 am
think that house might be cursed. this is a news 4 news break. good day. sunshine. sun rose less than a half an hour ago. it looks like a winner. good morning, everyone. 7:26 on this saturday, november 26th, 20 11. i'm chris gordon.
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topping your news today a georgetown student arrested in egypt will be back in the states tonight. derek sweeney is expected to arrive in d.c. later this evening before catching a flight out to st. louis. he's one of three american college students accused of throwing molotov cocktails at egyptian security forces during the latest riots there. an egyptian judge ordered them released from jail yesterday saying that there wasn't enough evidence to charge them. sweeney's mother says his family is ready to celebrate thanksgiving as soon as he gets back home. chuck bell has a look at our weekend forecast right after this break stay with us.
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chuck bell say it's a great day to go outside and catch a football or a goobl game. >> absolutely right, chris. no doubt about it. plenty of sunshine today. if you're headed down for the
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virginia and ve tech game, drive safe and enjoy the game. great weather for it. current temperatures on an early saturday morning in the mid and upper 30s. near 40 downtown. low 40s in bay side locations. then our forecast for today we'll call it a mostly sunny day. mild this afternoon. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. clouds on the increase tomorrow. looks like rain chances should hold off until some time on monday morning. >> that's great news. another local news update in 25 minutes. now back to ne we are back on this saturday morning, november 26th, 2011. the rockefeller christmas tree is getting its final touches. we have some dedicated folks out on the plaza on this first
7:30 am
official weekend of the holiday season. you see the santa hats all right out there. i want to thank everyone for spendsin iing part of their dayh us. what a lovely morning it is here. it doesn't feel like november 26th. >> when they light that tree, it's like a starting gun. you know those pictures we started with black friday, that's what it's like around here. no one is hurting each other, but the crowds are huge. >> lots of people snapping pictures. meanwhile, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up in this half hour, crimes that are baffling ohio police. >> the discovery of a new body could bring the death toll to three. authorities are discovering whether victims answered a craigslist ad that ohio police say lured them into a lethal robbery scheme. are they looking for a serial killer? we're going to get more on that, coming up. and tis the season for scammers as the holiday shopping season heats up, so does the chance that you could get
7:31 am
scammed online or in stores without realizing it. what you should be looking for, we'll going to tell you all the details, coming up. and soon william and kate will call the kensington palace home. but the palace has seen its share of splits, scandals and tragedies leading some to wonder kite be cursed? do you believe? we're going to discuss the evidence come up. but first, there are museums dedicated to pop culture and creativity. now there is a must-see for all you "law and order" fans out there. it's everything from a crime lab to hundreds of the artifacts left behind from some of the most notorious criminals in history. it's a place where infamous and mystery come alive. a gun used by the jesse james game and a costume worn by killer clown john wayne casey.
7:32 am
we're not talking about the martha stewart collection here. welcome to the national museum of crime and punishment in washington. where felons, firearms and findish artifacts line the walls and send chills down the spine. the exhibits fascinate. >> how can you do something so horrific and so random and could it be a victim? >> as the museum's chief operating officer, jenean oversees a true crime catalog that covers three floors and decades of infamy. there's a poem from bonnie and clyde, the cell where al capone lived and the chair where did not. >> this is ted kosinskkosinski' highout. this is a scale. he made his own bonds. you can look right here and see his actual handwriting.
7:33 am
>> there's a working lab for a budding forensic scientist. there's a virtual police chase simulator. and shooting gallery where i tried my hand at an armed standoff. whether celebrity mug shots, infrared cameras or a cash of weapons, the museum has it all. but for me, one item stood out as perhaps the creepiest. >> i have something to show you. this is no ordinary car. this is the vw bug owned by infamous serial killer ted bundy. this is where he lured his victims into his car. he took out the front seat and this is where they ended up. the ted bundy car, an important piece of evidence against him now on display at a museum where a touch of evil is everywhere. >> is it wrong that i have chills right now just looking at that car? >> no, no. one word, creepy. >> it was creepy, but it was fascinating. and a lot of kids come through,
7:34 am
kids' tours because it's interesting. >> but i think you would have to prepare kids for that or even still yourself for what you're about to see. >> and they learn about the psychological issues that a lot of these killer ves dealt with. so there is an educational aspect to it, too. >> you looked a little too comfortable with that gun. >> i was actually surprised at how good i was with it. keep those firearms away from me. okay. let's get another check of the weather. kill karins is out on the plaza. bill, good morning. >> good morning to you. i think i found myself a country girl that's loving new york city. where are you from? >> virginia. >> what do you think of the big city? good. >> it's good? do you like home better? >> no. >> really? you can stay with me. it's already, mom and dad. don't worry about it. let's talk about this forecast. it's amazingly warm here. 60 degree hie heat all the way up to boston this time of the
7:35 am
morning. enjoy it, it's not going to last. this storm system bringing all the heavy rain to the middle of the country, it's not a good saturday morning. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a bit of a nice start on your saturday morning. we have a few mid level clouds that dimmed out the sunshine just a little bit. your weekend will be defined more by sunshine than cloud cover. 30 downtown. 35 degrees in falls church, virginia. a mostly sunny day. it's going to be a mild one today with temperatures up into the mid 60s. sun goes down at 4:48 today. if you want your weekend forecast, you can get the hour by hour forecast at ohio in ohio, another body
7:36 am
which could bring the death toll to three from a clag s craigsli. we get details from cnbc's john yang. >> reporter: authorities discovered the body in akron, ohio, may be that of a man that answered the same craigslist ad as another man 90 miles away. 47-year-old kim thee kern of massillon, ohio, hasn't been seen in more than a week when he told relatives he was answering a help wanted ad for a farm hand, the same posting that david polley answered. polley's body was found last week. and later friday, authorities said they had found yet another body near where paulie's body was found. when polley's body was found, police say there could be more victims. >> we're talking about 600, 700, maybe even 1,000 acres down
7:37 am
there where there is no houses. so, you know, i can't sit here and definitively say there is no other bodies down there. but at this point, we don't know of any others. >> it appears there is a strong possibility these three murders are linked and, therefore, it could be a serial killer or a serial killers working together. >> reporter: and the story gets even more twisted. a juvenile has been charged with trying to kill still another man who answered the ad, but escaped after being shot in the arm. courts say the youth assisted jay beisley, 52, of akron being held on completely unrelated charges. authorities are trying to check on others who may have responded to the same ad. >> the question is not necessarily are they responsible for the three victims we know 06, but how many other victims out there need to be identified? >> reporter: in 2009, phillip markoff was charged with killing
7:38 am
a woman he met through craigslist. he later killed himself before trial. coming up on "today," scams of the season. find out how to protect yourself from thecams that creep in during the holiday seasons. plus, is there a curse on william and kate's palace? the history of misfortune that has some saying yes. - you went to kay. she'll love it. [chuckles] trust me. i know. ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. - the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers each charm is hand-crafted in italy, and with hundreds of charms to choose from, the possibilities are endless. and this friday through monday receive this charmed memories bracelet free with any charmed memories purchase of $100 or more, one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. - i love it.
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7:41 am
$465 billion, that's quite a bit of money in a short window. scammers are looking to take advantage because they know we're out there spending those dollars. >> i've had to double read e-mails a couple times because i'm thinking it's american express contacting me or my bank contacting me. these are phony ads and offers called phishing. what do people need to look out for? >> phishing is anything that asks you to turn over your information, usually in a short period of time. one example is something we're seeing on social networking sites, for instance. facebook, there's a scam called click jacking. so you click to like something and that link is posted on all of your friends' wall. there's another one we've seen, scam posts on facebook. there's one that said post this link to your page for a chance to win two free airline tickets. when you click that link or if your friends click that link, you're taking to a fake site
7:42 am
where you hand over all of that information. we are all accustom to getting your e-mail reservations saying it's been confirmed. there's one fake e-mail that comes to your inbox, says there's a problem with your reservation, fill out this and send it in. >> how do you handle that? >> on facebook, go into your privacy settings, check your apps and you can see who has access to your page and who is posting on your behalf. if you get that e-mail, don't download it because it could download a virus from your computer. >> let's talk about what could happen on your mobile device, as well. smartphones, ipads, a lot of people look up product information with those bar codes. what's the problem with that potentially? >> those are qr codes. we're seeing them around stores quite a bit. when you're in the score and you skam scan them, it takes you to coupons or a video or web page. >> comparison shopping.
7:43 am
>> absolutely. if you scan a fake one, it could download an app to your phone that sends expensive texts to your app. you won't know that until you get your bill. and what is smishing? >> that is if you get a text message saying your bank account has been deactivated. call this number to discuss your account. when you call that, it's a voice mail message that says, again, your account has been compromised. >> i know you don't give your information out to nnls. is there any way to report it? >> absolutely. if you send an e-mail to spam at
7:44 am
they actually track those. if something sounds too good to be true, it actually is. if you're shopping online, you want to check to be sure you're at a secure site. you can see that. in the url line, it will say https. >> thank you so much, latoya. >> thank you, amy. coming up next, is kensington palace cursed? we'll tell you why some people think it is after these messages. our machines help identify early stages of cancer, and it's something that we're extremely proud of. you see someone who is saved because of this technology, you know that the things that you do in your life matter. if i did have an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor, i'm sure i could take something positive away from that. [ jocelyn ] my name is jocelyn. and i'm a cancer survivor. [ woman ] i had cancer. i have no evidence of disease now. [ woman #2 ] i would love to meet the people that made the machines. i had such an amazing group of doctors and nurses,
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7:46 am
to ronald mcdonald house charities to help lots of kids and families. hope's good! happy meals. the simple joy of helping. ♪
7:47 am
as you may have heard, william and kate may soon be calling kensington their home. but this palace has witnessed plenty of scandals, break-ups and tragedies over the years causing some to wonder if prince william and kate can survive what is the palace's curse. michelle kaczynski has the story. >> behind gilded gates, testaments to britain's royal heritage. >> this is the house of the social life of the capital. everybody wanted to be in this room. >> spec tack lar stories. >> it was king williams's story,
7:48 am
and he died right there just about on the window sill. >> it is where principle williams and catherine will live. curator lucy worsley knows it all. >> a real rich sense of history. you wouldn't believe all the things that happened to the people, have very odd people, indeed. kate will have to follow in some sad footsteps of the princesses that preceded her, starting in the 1600s with queen mary want who had just moved inspect. >> famously beautiful. she died tragically? >> she did. 1832, she died of small pox just around the corner. >> herster, queen ann, was pregnant 17 dimes, but no child lived through adulthood. charlotte died in childbirth, age 2. the young victoria endured a difficult, isolated childhood here. >> then i must smash. we're too late to mend my ways
7:49 am
now. >> and got out asap to buckingham palace. >> and the modern princesses, margaret, the styling partying girl of the 70s had a number of affairs, leaving her reclusive in her days at kensington. it is a place where hwilliam grw up and where he saw his mother's end early. some tabloids have called it cursed. >> so somebody has to make this place riotusly happy. >> that's right. >> many hope if anyone can, it will be william and catherine. >> life will go on and kensington palace will last longer than any of us. >> and soon these hollowed homes
7:50 am
will be much more. >> i would be ready to move in tomorrow. >> and show me a 400-year-old house that doesn't have stories. we've got a lot more to talk about on this saturday morning. from natalie wood's death to
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come on "today," headed home? why the only suspect in the disappearance of an american in aruba could be back in the u.s. within days. and how would you like to own one of marilyn monroe's dresses. find out how when some of hollywood's famous dresses hit the auction blocks. but first, these messages. ♪ friendly folks with just one purpose ♪ ♪ to help you fall in love with nook ♪
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this is a news 4 news break. it is 7:56 on saturday, november 26th in. the news today police are looking for three suspects accused of killing a man during a carjacking in prince georges county. it happened on the 9400 block of
7:56 am
adelefy road. we are told that the victim was found lying in the road after had been shot. he died on the way to the hospital. police say three suspects ran off after crashing the victim's car. we're waiting to learn more about a man killed in a standoff with prince georges county police. it happened at the man's home. police say they responded after the suspect called 911 and threatened to kill himself. when they arrived the man came outside with the gun and fired once before grabbing two more guns and opening fire again. a police officer returned the fire killing him. we will check on your forecast up next. stay
7:57 am
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7:59 am
i think these are going to be taking leave by later on this afternoon. temperatures in the mid 40s right in the city. 35 in fairfax and falls church. 37 waldorf. forecast for today a partly to mostly sunny day. mild for sure with temperatures in the mid 60s today and tomorrow. clouds back tomorrow. rain chances come back on monday. chris? >> we'll have another local news update in 25 minutes. now we'll return you to new york city and the "today" show. welcome back on this saturday november 26th, 2011. outside studio 1a, a great crowd. we're glad to have everybody here. i'm lester holt.
8:00 am
>> and i'm amy robach. we want to thank everyone for coming out. it's not that cold, lester. i convinced him not to wear hit jacket and now he's complaining. >> she's wear a scarf. coming up, it's the holiday season even though we don't have coats on. black friday turned out to be black and blue in some places. >> this is crazy. somebody pepper sprayed a crowd. 20 people sprayed by a fellow shopper. there was a fight that broke out elsewhere over a $30 cell phone. at least two people robbed of the items they bought. we're going to have more on these incidents plus how the rest of black friday went for shoppers and retailers. >> i hope they get black coal in their stocks. plus, new developments in aruba where a judge has set free the only suspect in a disappearing woman. gary gee or dan know could be headed back to the u.s. as early as tuesday. then we're going to walk
8:01 am
down hollywood's memory lane with debbie reynolds, a hollywood legend. >> i love how we coordinated our outfits. we're looking forward to showing you her amazing collection. but first, let's get more of the morning's headlines from darlene rodriguez at the news desk for us. >> good morning, amy. good morning, lester. millions of americans will be out shopping again today after a black friday that turned ugly at many stores across the country. john yang is outside macy's in new york's herald square. >> good morning. nothing like the scene yesterday, but still 152 million american res expected to hit the stores and shopping malls this weekend. that's a record, that would be a record up about 10% from last
8:02 am
year. the early numbers, very early splim numbers suggest yesterday's stores did about $27 billion in sales. that's up about 8% from last year. mostly orderly across the country, although there were some sporadic scenes of violence in san leandro, california. a shopper was left in critical condition after he was shot in an attempted robbery. he was approached by a robber and wouldn't give up his purchases and he's in critical but stable condition. and in los angeles, at a walmart, a woman tried to get the upper hand in a scramble for some electronic goods by using pepper spray. most other shoppers, though, used more conventional ways to get their goods. darlene. >> john, thank you very much. all three american students arrested during a protest in cairo are heading home. they caught flights out of egypt early today, three days after an egyptian court ordered their
8:03 am
release. the young men had been studying at university in cairo. they deny being involved in the protests. the nba has reached a deal in the lockout. there will be a 66-game beginning on christmas if both sides can ratify the agreement with a handshake by the end of the weekend. and the sexual abuse allegation of syracuse university widened friday to his home. he's alleged to have sexually abused two ball boys beginning in the 1980s. he denies the allegations, but he is on administrative leave. federal officials are investigating the safety of the lithium icon battery in the chevy volt. and finally, when santa claus comes to chicago, he rides the train. each year, the chicago transit authority turns one car into a holiday train.
8:04 am
there are festive lights, holiday music, and best of all, santa is there to greet people. not a bad way to get home. that is the news. now out to amy on the plaza. >> thanks so much. let's get another check of the weather with bill karins. >> today is a very difficult day for south carolina. the university of south carolina is playing the university of clemson. the college family is divided, friends are divided. what nice would you say to a clemson fan? anything nice today? >> go gamecocks. >> go tigers. >> is there anything nice that you would say to a gamecock today? >> we're going to destroy them! >> let's talk about your weekend forecast. as we look out there today, incredible weather. we don't have coats on this time of year up here. record high temperatures are possible all the way up i-95. we're about 10 to 15 degrees above normal. much of the eastern half of the
8:05 am
country, very warm. this afternoon, we're kooel cooler in areas like denver and the intermountain west. you'll be up to 43 in denver to 63 tomorrow. so much of the country, the it is a very pleasant saturday morning. we do have a little bit of middle level outside this morning. it's dimming out the sunshine just a little bit to get your saturday started. on the whole a pleasant outdoor weather today today and tomorrow. a lot of folks doing traveling. very quiet travel up and down the eastern seaboard. today we'll just call it mostly sunny by later on this afternoon once the clouds move on out. today's highs up that's a look at your national forecast. lester, back to you. >> bill, thanks. now to a surprising development in the disappearance of american robyn gardner in aru aruba.
8:06 am
gary gee iordano, the only susp in this case is free to go. a move that could have him back in the states within days. nbc's lily luciano has the story. >> he cried. it's the try of an innocent man finally being released. >> reporter: the ruling came as a shock, both to prosecution and defense. gary giordano held for nearly four months in the disappearance of american robyn gardner in aruba walks as early as tuesday. aruban law allows for the suspect of a crime to be held for 30 days without a charge. that's been extended several times in the investigation. but without enough evidence to charge giordano, prosecutors ran out of time. >> i said we are determined to come to a conclusion, to find out the truth in this case and that will continue. we have still a lot of things to investigate. >> giordano, seen in the
8:07 am
surveillance tape with gardener on his day of her disappearance claims they went snorkeling together. when currents got strong, he signaled for her to swim back to the beach. but by the time he got back to shore, he lost sight of her for good. he attempted to flee the island just three days after she went missing. with his potential release, prosecutors fear he may be a flight risk but they say this new ruling doesn't mean the case is over. prosecutors have now filed an appeal to gee giordano behind bars while they continue their search for clues. it must be approved by a three-judge panel by tuesday, or else gary giordano walks free, free to return home while the disappearance of robyn gardner remains a mystery. >> here is more insight is attorney karen stow. good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> the prosecution is continuing
8:08 am
to investigate, but is there any evidence that a crime was committed? >> there's a gut feeling. deja vu with the natalie holloway case here. prosecutors have a gut feeling and that's based on witness testimony, the fact that there was a $1.5 million insurance policy that he took out for this vacation insurance in case something happened to miss gardner during this vacation period. so there's a lot of information that makes us question whether or not it was him and whether or not this was just an accident. he's maintaining that she was swept out to sea. obviously, there's a lot of information here that says that that's not what happened, that possibly she was, in fact, murdered. >> but this decision to allow his release is based upon the fact that there hasn't been any new evidence in the case. so is this appeal going to -- when the judge looks at this appeal, are they going to say, well, where is your new evidence? >> i think that's what he's saying now. he's been held for over 100 days now. if there was any new witness
8:09 am
testimony or anything new in the investigation, they could extend that. the fbi back in maryland did do a sweep of his home, so if there is any new evidence, they can rearrest him and have him extradited. >> you mentioned the natalee holloway case. is that what's driving this here? is there a sense that there was embarrassment for authorities? are they making sure the suspect doesn't get out of their reach? >> not so much an embarrassment, but yes, van der sloot was arrested on another murder. but their main source of income over there is tourism. how are you going to have tourism, lester, when no one is going to want to go over there thinking i'm going to go over there and get murdered. every mother in the world if their daughter says i'm going to aruba has a nervous breakdown. tremendous amount of pressure to try and resolve this so their
8:10 am
industry is not affected. >> and you mentioned extradition. is that an easy process or would they have to have solid evidence before the u.s. would hand him over? >> it's not an easy process. obviously you try as a prosecutor and a former prosecutor you hope that they waive it. but even with van der sloot, he was in the netherlands when he was re-arrested. the process takes a while and, yes, there's a lot of paperwork. you have to do an affidavit there, you have to do an affidavit here. it's a process. >> karen, thanks. always appreciate your insight. still to come, vanity fair s has its top celebrity scandals. but first, the lighter side of hollywood from debbie reynolds to a personal look at your home. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel.
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[ boy ] to dad, love sam. [ mom ] say "merry christmas." [ boy ] merry christmas. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. [ boy ] charlie brown spotted a small, scraggly pine tree. ♪ debbie republican roldz is famous. she's auctioning off thousands of costumes and set pieces collected over the years. recently, she showed me some of her favorites on a trip down memory lane. ♪ >> it's the stuff classic hollywood movies are made of. the dancing, the singing. ♪ let's make love and don't forget, the colorful costumes.
8:15 am
i never dreamt that i would be, you know, saving all these wonderful pieces. >> icons from a golden age of hollywood. ♪ good morning good morning ♪ debbie reynolds, one of its brightest stars v has tried has to preserve. >> what makes you so passionate about it? >> it was a golden era time. not only for movie making, but friendships. >> thousands of peoples collected over the decades have now been placed on the auction block. >> how did you decide what to skeep and auction off? >> i wanted to keep everything. i wish i could meet everyone that buys every piece. then i could go back to visit. >> there's so much memorabilia that debbie's collection has to be auctioned off in parts. this dress worn by marilyn monroe sold for over $7 million, becoming the most valuable film
8:16 am
costume in the world. >> did that even exceed your expectati expectations? >> i was stunned. i thought, oh, my goodness. >> next month, part two of her collection goes on the auction block. this time, over 400 items, including four more marilyn monroe outfits are expected to go for big money. >> 17 inch waist. >> i know. i couldn't believe how small she looked in all of these. >> but her boobs were very acceptable. very curvacious. >> it's debbie's love affair with old hollywood when studios would take a chance on young stars. >> they took me, a little girl that didn't know how to do anything, i didn't know how to sing, i didn't know how to dance and put me in "singing in the rain." with gene kelly and donald o'connor. that's a impossibility, but i had to do it. ♪ hey, don, the show goes on and i don't want to say good night ♪
8:17 am
♪ good morning. good morning ♪ >> we would dance the whole night through. ♪ gary half a swan or you're out of luck ♪ >> musical notes are everywhere in her collection. other pieces go back to the silent era. >> all over chaplain movies. >> there's also this camera used to film "star wars." >> so this camera actually captured your daughter. >> this actually captured carrie. >> and even more modern movie moments aren't missed. >> get off my plane. >> i love that this still has some of the faux blood stains from the scene. >> they are pieces of history and memory. >> how hard is it for you to part with these items? >> oh, it's very saddening to me. but i couldn't do what i wanted
8:18 am
to do. >> you wanted a museum. >> sometimes you don't achieve in life what your dream is exactly. when you can still work at what you love to do, if you can still be entertaining and people still enjoy you, that's your dream come true. >> she was trying to create this great museum. but you know what? she's made quite a bit of money off these things that she collected. south side 18 million the first auction gave her. the second auction is next saturday, december 3rd. >> the 17 inch waste and apparently the enormous size of the collection is something that i think is stunning. >> when she said boobs, she left me speechless. >> i didn't go there. >> but i did. all right. still ahead, speaking of that, scandal, sex and object session, vanity fair has listed the most infamous celebrity scandals of all time. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:25 am
good morning. it's saturday, november 26th. here's a look at your headlines this hour. a georgetown student arrested in egypt will be back in the states later tonight. derek sweeney is expected to arrive in d.c. later this evening before catching a flight
8:26 am
to st. louis. he's one of three american college students accused of throwing molotov cocktails at egyptian security forces during the latest riots. an egyptian judge ordered them released from jail yesterday saying there wasn't enough evidence to charge them. sweeney's mother said his family is ready to celebrate thanksgiving when he gets back home. today it's your chance to finish your holiday shopping and help out the local economy. today is small business saturday and neighborhood stores are offering up incentives for shoppers to come become. things kick off at 10:00 this morning at 18th street and colombia road. there's free coffee from trist, a winter fashion show, live music, raffles and give aways. american express has been a big supporter of small business saturday offering shoppers deals if they buy local. we'll get a check on your forecast n
8:27 am
8:28 am
we'll get a check of our forecast next. stay with us. good morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell back here in the storm center. it is a beautiful day. no chance for rain on your saturday. we do have some mid level clouds out there first thing this morning. temperatures are relatively pleasant in the upper 30s and
8:29 am
low 40s. our forecast for today bright and sunny temperatures which are in the upper 30s and low 40s now will rice quickly this afternoon into the mid 60s for high temperatures today. sun goes down at 4:48 this afternoon. a mild saturday evening another great day tomorrow. clouds will be on the increase on your sunday but it will stay mild. highs again tomorrow in the mid 60s. that's great news for your saturday and your sunday. rain chances back monday and tuesday. back to you. >> thanks a lot chuck. we'll have more news in 25 minutes. but now back to the "today" show. and we're back on this saturday morning, november 26th, 2011. we have a great crowd with us on this long holiday weekend. we want to thank them for coming out on such a beautiful morning here in new york city. outside on studio 1a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt.
8:30 am
still to come this holiday hour, we're talking celebrity scandal. >> seems like there's a new one making headlines this week. scandal can make or break a celebrity's status instantly. so which ones have captivated us for the year? "vanity fair "i is out with their picks of the most salacious of all times. and also we're going to be talking about the truth about second marriages. it's well known that the divorce rate for first marriages is right around 50%. so do people find more success the second time around? the answer might prior to surprise you. we're going to talk about whether the second time is really the term coming up. lester, we're going to let you do that one. >> fair enough. also, twi-hards. are you a twi-hard? do you watch twilight films? >> yes, i guess. i went and saw the last movie. it's all about love and marriage. >> breaking dawn.
8:31 am
we're going to talk with a couple of stars, right? yes, we are. a lot went on in that movie. a lot of fans were waiting at midnight to see that opening. let's get a check of the weather with bill karen karins. >> i thought the christmas was the story. she postpones her due date. when was it? >> yesterday. >> show off the bump. >> does it baby mind that you postponed the due date? >> no. >> it was supposed to come on friday but -- >> i checked with the security team here and one of them delivered a second baby with his wife in the car, so you're in good hands. what's the baby's name going to be? >> kinly. >> congratulations. i can't wait to meet her. let's talk about your forecast as we go through the weekend. we are looking at warm conditions up the eastern seaboard. near record highs. in the middle of the cub, that's where we've cooled off and unfortunately that storm will be a slow moving one. we'll be at sea temperatures for
8:32 am
the most part. maybe strong storms in the deep south. if you're anywhere from the deep south, tennessee valley, ohio and a good saturday morning everybody. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a nice start on saturday morning. a few middle level clouds out there. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40z. 33 in martinsburg, west virginia. a pleasant day today. temperatures in the mid 60s with plenty of sunshine this afternoon after the morning clouds move on away from us. clouds lower and this is a big weekend for football. auburn has a big game, right? iron bowl. sunday night is not a bad show, either, here on nbc. sunday night football. one of the best teams in the a.l.
8:33 am
kansas city chiefs have a new quarterback. arrowhead stadium, temperatures only 34 to 38 degrees. should be a decent game. amy, back to you. >> bill, thank you. nowadays, it seems like celebrity scandals come and go like the weather. but some throughout history have achieved so many notoriety that they've gotten special recognition from "vanity fair" magazine that they've gotten the tests of all time. >> reporter: on hollywood's red carpet, glidz glitz and glamour have always been a way of life. but in tinsel town, it seems so are dramas. and the best ones come off script. >> we have received new information. >> last week, the los angeles county sheriff's department announced they've reopened natalie wood's 30-year-old death investigation. wood's story is the cover story
8:34 am
for "vanity fair's" edition. >> people are fascinated by hollywood. as much as we want to see someone rise, there's a per verse side that wants to see them fall, too 37. >> it covers o.j.'s ride down the 405 to warren betty's romances. there's a spread on hollywood's cleopatra, remembered as much for the overthe top cost as the cheatingco stars who had an affair and were later married twice. >> mainly what you got with cleopatra was this affair between richard burton and elizabeth taylor. plus it had this wildly broken production and a budget of $44 million. but what made a scandal in old hollywood may not be sosa laborious today. >> this, after all, say hollywood insiders is the era of lindsay lohan and a new scandal every week. back in the day, you had to be a
8:35 am
big star to have a scandal. today, you have to have a scandal to become a big star. >> but hollywood has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving, a town where scandal and star go hand in hand. for "today," miguel alverair. joining us with more on their special issue, from vanity fair magazine is david fran. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's sad to say perhaps that there are so many to choose from. how did you get the list down to the top ten? >> when vanity fair was launched in 1983, our editor decided these are the ones that stand the test of time, liz and dick, the stories of o.j. simpson, some of the ones that you've seen, especially the natalie wood case. >> what's interesting as we look over the years, notoriety often elevates people in terms of their status. is the know the notion still true that a scandal makes a star
8:36 am
at times? >> well, that's true now. i think back in the roman days, you go back to old teams and we like to watch our heroes as they have their spectacular falls. today the stars stand in for these epic heroes. i think there's much more opportunity for people to have a comeback. we associate ourselves in the reality age and tv age of being like these stars that we're following and everybody seems to be on the same page electronically. so people seem to have more ability to resurrect. >> right. we build them up, we tear them down and watch them rise like the phoenix. >> that's right. >> let's talk about the woman on the cover of your issue, natalie wood. authorities are taking a look at the investigation into her death. the article was originally written back in march of 2000. what stands out to you in light of this recent news? >> it's interesting that "48
8:37 am
hours" and vanity fair together did some sniffing around. weekend is the 30th anniversary of the death. and there was a petition in the last two years to look into the death again. and so natalie woods -- a couple people came out of the woodwork. we started interviewing them and "48 hours" started interviewing them. this began this process. i don't think the l.a.pd would announce they're opening the case again unless they had something else. we announced the interview with the ship captain, but there have been other people who came out, as well. >> it's hard to believe that it was almost 20 years ago that the o.j. simpson verdict came down. the article you've reprinted was written before the verdict actually came down, but with prophetic and predicting the acquittal of o.j. simpson. what stands out to you most now? >> that first story was written by sam cashin we were talking
8:38 am
about. this was written by the great writerers for the magazine over the years. he wrote not just about the case, not just about the trial at the time down the hall was the heidi fleiss case. but he wrote about every aspect of the dinner parties he went to and people whispering saying, my dentist is o.j. simpson's dentist. it was crazy that people in hollywood were as obsessed as the people in the nation and were giving him their insight that you said n pages of this book. >> it is a fascinating read. unfortunately there's plenty more for the next 20 years for you all to have a second edition. david, thanks so much. >> we really appreciate it. thank you very much. coming up next, the truth about second marriages. what the first trip down the aisle really teaches couples the second time around. but first, these messages. hey babe... oh, hi honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint.
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the divorce rate in america has hovered around 50% for years. but what's more shocking is that two out of three second marriages also fail. how can you ensure the second time around is more successful? here is one couple who have defied the odds for 23 years and counting. >> i would marry. i dated throughout my college years and my senior year we got married. shortly after we had my son. and then within a couple years, we divorced. >> we met, actually, in jamaica. and i went on vacation by myself. i certainly wasn't looking for anything, but he managed to introduce himself. >> i really wanted to make sure the next time around that i was 100% sure of what i wanted in that person. >> he was just incredibly persistent. >> it was very important for me to find something that naturally felt that my son was going to be a part of our family. >> i, you know, said to him, you
8:42 am
have a son. he's a big part of your life and he's going to be a part of mine, to whatever extent he wants to be. >> when she became pregnant, i said to my son, there's not going on to be any difference here. you're just as important to me as my new child. >> the two boys love each other dearly, but there's a lot of jealousy. there's still that tug. >> my son was so young when i was divorced from his mother that christian didn't ever see his mom and myself together. >> i met his ex-wife for the first time at my stepson's wedding. i would have loved to have changes that to drishan didn't feel pulled in both directions. >> that was the key, you have to have love. i was 100% of what i was doing and what you were doing.
8:43 am
>> here to discuss the hurdle second marriages face and how to overcome them is robbie ludwig along with jill brooke. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> robbie, 66% is a staggering figure for failure for second marriages. what usually is the cause? >> there are so many more stressors in a second marriage. there are more personalities, loyalty issues. not everybody in the mix is pulling for the marriage to work. and like first marriages, when you focus on staying together and say we'll do it for the kids, you don't necessarily have that in a second major. >> and jill, i know one of the successes you believe is necessary is to respect the ex. you're a natural ally of your husband. >> but so much of life is a mind-set. you can treat somebody as a rival or realize that they are a part of your family. and what i call the modern
8:44 am
manifesto, i always encourage to spell out what you're comfortable with and what you're not. because, even though in divorce literature now we know it's a no-no to bad mouth the ex. the kids have not gotten that memo. and they are often very, very divisive in second marriages and always complaining and -- >> sometimes the ex hasn't gotten the memo, either. >> that's true. but in your house, all right, because they're now separate entities, in your house, you can set the rules which is what i call the manner family manifesto. and what i mean by that, also, is that it's strategic. if you make an attempt to be inclusive, to surrender the ego for the greater good, to create values that we don't talk badly to each other, when you have to speak to your mother, you have privacy. the you know, there's certain holidays that you're welcome or you're not welcome. you really spell it out because when you live in a divorced family, it's a different zip code than an intact family.
8:45 am
>> sometimes the ex and current spouse just don't get along. how do you work through this? >> you think about the greater good. you think about the impact this discontent has on your children. and also, i agree with you in terms of the mind-set. if you look at the ex as not a competitor, but somebody who has her own strength to add, break through with let's say a compliment, compliment her on what she is with the kids. >> she's going to be there. you have kids in common. >> and why not have an extra person in your child's life who is good at something different than what you're good at. it adds to your child's welfare. you have to work on that as the goal and visualize it. >> and there's another key here. it's strategic, being smart. because if you are kind and inclusive, it gives the kids permission to louf back, which is far easier way to live your life when you are dealing with the dailyness -- >> back to this 66% number, i
8:46 am
have to point out that i think a lot of foepgs folks must go into the second marriage thinking, i'm wiser, i'm smarter. this will be better. >> i think the difference is in your first marriage, you feel entitled because you expect everything to work out. in the second marriage, you feel really grateful because you are more fully formed as a person and you know exactly who you want. you most likely pick a great person for you. but, you see, the biggest misconception that most families have in america and around the world is that the parent thinks, i am so happy, i found true love at last. my kids are going to be happy, too. surprise, surprise, they're not and there are different rules in how you function in a divorced family to help get your kids to be as happy because this family is still formed by loss. it's not like an intact family. >> and also it takes times. >> years. >> there is a fantasy, oh, it's going to happen right away. it does take for a family to find three to seven years for a
8:47 am
family to find their way. >> thanks so much. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 is 250 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment.
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8:49 am
the first three movies in the twilight saga grows more than $1.8 billion at the box office. now the fourth installment of the franchise, breaking down part one is in theaters. we're happy of the jackson wrathbone and nicki reed with us. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i saw you both take a look back when you heard that number. is it shocking to you how popular this series of franchise has been? definitely. this is something that we weren't exactly expecting when we signed up to do the series. we hoped that we would be able to make the entire saga happen, but -- >> for jest even the second one. because of the love of fans all around the world, it's become something a whole lot greater. >> and now this is the second to
8:50 am
last of the twilight series. you guys made et very far in all of this. in this one, there's a wedding, a honeymoon, a pregnancy, a very interesting birth and someone becomes a vam fire. >> i think it's -- you know, when people ask why we split it into two, i don't think that there was any other option. i mean, that book had to be split into two movies. i think in this particular case, fans will go and they'll feel like satiated. >> that it was true to the book, true to what they know? >> absolutely. >> and let's talk about the wedding to start with. it was very over the top. what was it like shooting that scene in the movie? >> it was beautiful. i mean, even without all the wedding decor, just the location alone was absolutely spectacular. and it felt very traditional and very edward coleny. >> and jackson, you're alice's
8:51 am
mate. and i have to say, very impressed with the dancing skills. how long did it take to choreograph that? >> it went well. we had the amazing choreographer paul becker come in and show us the stance. i have some background. >> i was going to say, are you a dancer in background? >> i'm not. i'm an actor. trust me. >> the relationship has been tense before. in this movie, would you say that your character was protecting bella or her child? because we saw some warmth but i was questioning whether or not it was towards bella. >> bill condin and i decided early on that rosealee is in the for the baby. she invests in bella as the story goes on, but that's what her -- >> as a vessel. >> as a vessel, yeah. >> really quickly, i want to get in, too, congratulations, you've just been married to paul mcdonald, former "american idol"
8:52 am
star. how is marriage treating you? he's in the studio here. you can't miss that smile. >> i'm very lucky. jackson was actually involved in our honeymoon because we were on tour. it was the three of us. >> they were going out to romantic dinners. >> you were always invited. it's been very nice and he's wonderful and we're working on something right now, actually. we just wrote a song together and i sang on it just a little bit. it will be on itunes tomorrow. >> how exciting. >> amazing work. i was there when they started writing it. >> you feel like a third wheel, right? >> no. i was there when they were writing it. they're writing a song together and i was like, i'm here, too, guys. >> you heard it first. >> jackson, nicki, thank you very much for stopping by. we appreciate it. >> and breaking dawn part one is na theaters right now. we need more affordable energy in this country.
8:53 am
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>> our thank to bill karins and darlene rodriguez for joining us today. tomorrow on "today," the 40th anniversary of the death of d.b. cooper. >> and we're going to update and see how we're doing. i'll see you tonight on "nightly news." so long, everybody.
8:56 am
good morning, everyone. straight ahead on news 4 today, lockout lifted. details of the deal that will save the nba season. a deadly carjacking in prince george's county. police are looking for three men in connection with a murder. what comes between plaque friday and cyber monday? how about small business saturday. i'll have details on news 4. i'm chuck bell. a little bit of sunshine for now. looks like it's going to be great weather for your weekend. and of course the college football forecast coming up. all that and more when you join us for news 4 today in less than two minutes.
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8:58 am
you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now live in h.d. this is news 4 today. coming home. georgetown university student arrested in egypt prepares to return to the u.s. and game on. nba owners and players reach a deal that will end the league's lockout. good morning. welcome to news 4 today on
8:59 am
this saturday, november 26th. right now a georgetown student arrested in egypt is on his way back home. derek sweeney is one of three american students who was accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces. sweeney is expected to arrive in washington, d.c. this evening before catching a flight to st. louis. an egyptian judge released them from jail yesterday saying that there was not enough evidence to charge them. sweeney's mother says her son seems jubilant and the family is ready to celebrate thanksgiving when he gets home. it's news basketball fans have been waiting months to hear. the nba lockout appears to be over. the owners and players announced a tentative labor deal early this morning after 16 hours of talks. the agreement came 12 days after players rejected a 50/50 revenue split deal dissolved their union and vowed to take tea


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