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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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their hands because everyone hadn't made it out of the home. >> that's correct. while driving to the scene, firefighters were made aware of the fact there was going to be people trapped in the house. so crews have a lot of work to do. they advanced a hose line for fire. they found the occupants very quickly. unfortunately they were all pulseless, not breathing. paramedics got them to the hospital pretty quick. >> reporter: we understand two of the females have been moved to some special form of treatment at this point. >> correct. through the teamwork of the firefighters they were able to get a pulse back on the two adult females. they have been trpbs ported to hyper baric chamber. they are still listed in critical condition. >> we understand one of the
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victims did make it out of the house. did you give any occasion whether there was smoke detectors. >> investigators have interviewed the person who exited. she thought she heard a smoke large sounding. >> they're going to make sure ey have working smoke detectors and give information regarding escape plans. the origin remains under investigation, as it will for some time now. we are live in prince george's county. now back to you. >> all right. thanks, derrick. in other breaking news, an attack in dupont circle left one
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dead and five others injured. three people were shot, another three stabbed on connecticut avenue. police are saying very little about the incident. we can tell you that connecticut avenue remains closed in both directions in that area. we're working to gather more information and will bring you the latest as it becomes available. >> all three american students arrested last week in egypt are now back home in the united states. georgetown student derrick sweeney arrived in st. louis just a few hours ago. the students were arrested for allegedly throwing fire bombs at security forces during the riots in cairo. sweeney talked about how scared he was during his first night in prison. >> yeah. that first evening was one of the most frightening thing in my life. and they said they were going to shoot us. and we spent about six hours that first tight in a fetal position with our hands behind our back in the dark. they were behind us.
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and it was very scary. >> last night another one of the students, gregory porter, was reunited with his family in philadelphia. he spoke to reporters and said he is grateful to be back in the states. >> i'd like to thank the embassy in cairo for all the things they did for us, as well as the administration of the american university in cairo for all their help and support. i'm just so thankful to be back and love to be in philadelphia right now. >> the third student, luke gates, landed last night in indiana. the three deny any wrongdoing. chuck bell joins now. a lot of people going to be on the roads. at least our roads are dry. >> yes. many, many, many people, millions of people headed out for today. even more headed into the skies. and it looks like relatively good traveling weather right here in the mid atlantic. but the rain is not very far back out to our west. so you'll have to really be very
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smart and patient, especially if you're flying today. you want to call ahead just to make sure your flight is still planning on going when you're planning on being on it. plenty of sun thine through mid-level clouds. mild to start your sunday as well. 54 in gaithersburg. 48 in fredericksburg. no rain showing up on radar right here in town. but there are sprinkles as close by as morgantown, west virginia. i'll widen the view. there you can see the huge swath of rain. if you have plane changes in pittsburgh, cleveland, cincinnati. a lot of folks change planes there. the biggest airport, busiest airport in the world, o'hare and hartsfield, could both be impacted by weather delays today. so call ahead to make sure your flights are flying on time. our stretch of interstate 81, interstate 95 will be dry. it's going to be breezy and mild today. winds south 10 to 20 miles per hour with temperatures for the
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eighth day in a row, 60 degrees or higher. eight days in a row. in november. no complaints with that. >> at least we will be pretty on the long drive home. >> you can sit with the windows hope. >> thank you, chuck. montgomery county police are trying to find the person responsible for two carjackings in wheaton. both happened within a week in the same giant grocery store on university boulevard in the westfield wheaton grocery store. police say he was the second man in three days to be forced into his car by a robber wielding a box cutter in this giant food parking lot in wheaton and forced to withdraw money from several atms before being released. police believe the same man is responsible for both crimes. the act discussions have
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shoppers worried. >> yeah. i think i'll be coming with my husband more. a lot of times i do come down here during the daytime and stuff. yeah, i will be very cautious. millions of americans are wrapping up their holiday weekend and headed back home. the sunday after thanksgiving some considered one of the busiest travel days of the year. a live look at reagan national airport. no major delays all morning. the same story at dulles and bwi marshall. as for the roads, expect heavy conditions up and down the interstate 95 corridor. vdot has opened the northbound hov lanes and suspended most major construction work this weekend. a beloved holiday character was a little less than jolly on the eastern shore. police arrested a man wearing a frosty the snowman costume. that in chestertown. he's accused of scuffling with police and kicking at a police dog. the man says he was wrongfully
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arrested and that the officer harassed him after he made a joke about the police dog. it is 9:07 right now. you wouldn't know it from this weekend's weather, but colder temperatures are just around the corner. up next, activities for you and your kids to do when it's just too cold to go outside. >> it is not the kind of history terps fans were hoping to m
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parents despite today's mild temperatures, winter is right around the corner. when the weather turns sour you better have plans to keep your kids occupied inside. joining us now with some suggestionsis julian from washington family magazine. we're talking about kids what age? >> kids approximately 4 to 5 is probably the right age.
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>> we have show-and-tell here. >> right. we have a card-making marathon. it's great for all ages. i'm 23 and i had a blast doing this. not just construction paper and glue and scissors but we can use cookie cutters. we have an adorable gingerbread man. >> and this number one dad. >> earlier we did the snowman. so cute, so easy to use. and we use it on this one. this little guy here. we traced him. it was easy. fun googly eyes. my favorite craft material. so that was great. >> the greatest thing about home made cards is you keep them when you're a parent because they mean so much more than store bought. >> exactly. that's really great. >> i love using photos. a little girl and her dad. this is great because she's about four years old. if parents want to they can write it out and the kids can
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color it on. >> what else have we got? >> here we can send a card to a soldier, a family member overseas. this is published by brenda and son. to our soldier. and we decorated it and put photos on the inside. she wrote this letter and will be sending it to him in a couple weeks. >> next you have a christmas tree and holidays coming up. christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa. >> we made pipe cleaners for this. a cute little christmas tree. a lot great holiday card would be for grandma. so we have this one here. it says love you, grammy. a cute one. and also you can't forget about the pets. we have one for the dog for a birthday. woof. that's dog speak for happy birthday. >> you need to be prepared. you need to get all the materials ahead of time gathered. >> you want to prepare everything.
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we keep ours in this great little basket. you can have a basket to have on hand so when the weather does get bad, pull it out and all the craft materials are right there. >> you have crayons, glue, paper, scissors. >> make sure they are kid friendly, not too sharp. and prefer tape to glue because it can be a little bit less mess y. so that's definitely a good choice to have on hand. >> in terms of crayons, that's a staple of course. >> exactly. >> you are a student at james madison. >> yes. i finish up in december. >> hence the purple. >> i'm wearing purple to represent my school. really excited. can't wait. >> of course when snowmageddon hits, there are a couple other things to do in the meantime. and we'll have a link.
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back to elaine. >> all right. thanks a lot, chris. of course maybe not today but those are some great tips maybe for tuesday and wednesday. >> here's what you can do. on a day like today, make your cards sitting outside on the patio. >> there you go. >> enjoy mild weather. i assure you the roads and the airways will be plenty busy enough if you want to stay at home and make a card for grandma. how long will it last? the forecast is next [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do.
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well, this is a big sunday travel day, so the weather is very important. >> very important for a lot of people getting outside and enjoying a bit of good weather if you're staying close by. more form, quiet weather for potentially long waits in traffic. >> that's chris gordon. about two hours. >> that's right. >> back to arizona state. >> back to college.
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arizona state in the clubhouse yesterday. nothing bad happened to them. georgia bulldog red and black. big win yesterday. oklahoma won. everybody on the desk is happy. >> very happy. >> and we're going to be pretty happy about the weather today. plenty of sunshine out there. this will be our eighth day in a row with a high temperature of 60 degrees or better right here at the end of november. an unusually mild stretch. our average high temperature this time of year is back down into the low 50s. so 60 plus for eight days in a row is quite a stretch indeed. an abundance of blue sky on a sunday morning. great day to get the end of your holiday weekend under way. temperatures are really starting to respond to the sunshine and the south wind as well. 54, reagan national. winds south at 9 miles per hour. that southerly wind will continue to increase in speed as we go through later this evening and into the afternoon hours. low to mid-50s at this point in
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time. everyone around d.c. proper will be 60 plus for sure. day pwabayside might be cooler. it's going to be a beauty of a day today. mid-50s this morning. mid-60s this afternoon. even staying mild overnight with thickening clouds. temperatures will hold in the upper 40s, low 50s. dry around the area for now. rain drops not terribly far away. most northbound into pennsylvania. the whole line will gradually inch its way over the mountains. could bring rain drops as early as tomorrow afternoon. but the heavy steady rains arrive on tuesday. so be ready for that. we're watching the clouds move in. most of the rain will stay away from us today. we'll be drive on interstate 95. no major problems. nice mild finish to the holiday weekend. but as high pressure moves away and a cold front inches its way through the mountains, clouds
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lower and thicken. tomorrow, plenty of cloud cover around. an opportunity for a few sprinkles during the late afternoon hours. but the heavy, steady rains off and on through much of the day on tuesday. you need to enjoy the sunshine and the mild weather. increasing mid and high-level cloudiness. breezy. temperatures well up into the 60s for sure. all-important seven day forecast, 60 or better for tomorrow. we might be able to squeak 60 out of tuesday as well. today is the pick of the litter. because we had the sunshine. rain chances back tomorrow. heaviest rain tuesday. rain chances pulling out on wednesday. it will feel just like in time for december 1st on thursday. >> get the rain out of the way during the week. >> no kidding. >> thanks a lot, chuck. a huge day of college football for our local teams and. amber theo-harris has the highlights in this morning's
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sports. good morning, everybody. i'm amber theo-harris. capitals recent benchings have the reported. after the caps lost six out of their last eight games, including their last four on the road, it's clear a talented group of hockey players just aren't responding. you have to wonder if gm george mcphee is going to hold boudreaux accountable for what's happening on the ice or should i say what's not happening on the ice. scoreless in the first period. a battle for the puck. trickles to wideman. pass to backstrom deflected to adam. 1-0, buffalo. he's taken down by christian airhoff. that gets him a penalty shot. the first of his career. caps win within one.
9:22 am
buffalo on the attack. three on two. buffalo up 3-1. just like that, buffalo back up two. sabres win, 5-1. after the game coach bruce boudreaux spoke about the lack of effort. >> we have to get more consistent better efforts from a number of people. it's just something that consistency is duffle lacking. and we've got to finds out the reason why. >> next up, caps take on the blues at the verizon center. to college football where virginia and virginia tech faced off in charlottesville for the commonwealth cup and a chance to play clemson in the acc
9:23 am
championship game. it had the makings of a good matchup. number 24 cavaliers won their last four. but to say uva didn't show up is an understatement. at least this guy showed up. 93rd meeting. tech won the last seven matchups. in the first quarter, first hokies possession. thomas keeps it on the option. takes it in 14 yards for the score. tech on top, 7-0 early. later, hokies up 21-0.wilson up the gut. on open field all the way to the end zone. 38 yards for the touchdown. his second of the game. 153 yards on the ground. for the cavaliers, they could get nothing going. picked off by j.r. collins. returns it 22 yards to the virginia four yard line. and three plays later the hokies cash in. thomas to marcus davis for the
9:24 am
seven yard touchdown. davis with five catches for 119 yards. virginia tech shuts out virginia, 38-0. c.j. brown and the terps looking face nc state. terps already up 28-14. brown's pass complete to dorsey for a 24-yard touchdown. freshman the backup kicker missed an extra point. maryland up 34-14. breaks open. takes it 46 yards for a touchdown. you're thinking things going great for maryland, right? wrong. fourth quarter.
9:25 am
wolfpack glen and the local kid. pass complete for 11 yards for the justdown. nc state down 13 now. later in the quarter, six-point game. washington rushes it in one yard for the score. nc state takes a one-point lead, their first lead of the game. later down eight still with a chance but not anymore. the pick by wilson. he returns it 59 yards for the score. nc state scores 42 unanswered points and 56-41, the second biggest comeback by any team in acc history. wizards's fans should be getting a nice christmas present this holiday season. no, john wall will not be under anybody's tree, but he will be back out on the court with the rest of the nba by christmas. players and owners have reached a tentative bargaining agreement that would end the lockout. 149 days was long enough. both parties still need to ratify that deal. if that happens, look at the schedule.
9:26 am
december 9th the training camps begin. on christmas games will tip off. and the wizards open their season at verizon center. that's your morning sports. i'm amber theo-harris. and it's 9:26 right now. still ahead. >> i wish you guys had layaway. >> well, it sounds like a responsible way to buy holiday gifts, but layaway comes with risks. the hidden dangers that come with the payment plan ahead >> one of the most ambitious missions to mars nasa has under undertaken.
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welcome to news 4 today. i'm chris gordon. >> and i'm elaine reyes. we want to get right down to the latest on those two breaking
9:30 am
news stories we've been following all morning long. a 6-year-old boy is dead and two other people are in extremely critical condition after a fire tore through a house overnight. it broke out on griffen street. investigators are still trying to determine what caused it. firefighters will be going door to door to make sure other smoke detectors in the neighborhood are safe and working. >> and also in the top story news category, connecticut avenue, traffic has been disrupted all morning in the dupont circle area after three people were shot and three others stabbed. one of the victims died in the overnight incident. police are saying very little about what happened. we'll continue to follow both of these stories throughout the day. and we're continue to go follow a nice weather forecast. >> november has been warm and dry for the month as a whole. and the last five or six days, pleasant across the area. hardly november-like at all. but don't you worry. there's a little hint of winter
9:31 am
coming not so terribly far away. enjoy the mild weather while you can. we're bathed in morning sunshine for now. temperatures are starting to zip up very nicely. gaithersburg, 55. annapolis, 56. down into st. mary's county all the way to the naval air station, close to 60 degrees already. no rain around here for today. all three local airports will be rain free for at least the next 24 hours. the rain out to our west could impact flights through pittsburgh, which is a big hub. cincinnati is a big hub. atlanta is a big hub. gnashville. st. louis. could be slow goes. if you are plane bound or expecting someone inbound on a plane, you may want to call ahead just to make sure. mild and breezy. mid-60s today. 60s again tomorrow. but all clouds all the time on your monday with rain showers on the way. >> you know, we have seen the
9:32 am
decorations up since, gosh, halloween, the holiday decorations. but it's hard to believe we will see december 1st later on this week. >> that's okay for me. i'm ready for a little december. >> appropriate weather coming your a. >> this year's holiday shopping is off to a profitable start. black friday numbers up more than 6% from last year. buyers spent $11.4 billion the day after thanksgiving. that's the largest gain year to year since 2006 and 2007. good weather over much of the country help motivate the crowds to get out. and nbc's john yang has some of the other contributing factors. across the country, the weekend shopping spree continues full force. at a washington bookstore, the first family got into the act. early numbers for shopping has been particularly strong on line. according to ibm corometrics, black friday internet buying jumped nearly 25% over last year.
9:33 am
and a whopping 39% on thanksgiving day. >> it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger every year. about $60 billion is actually going to be transacted online this year. >> it is driven by the search for the best possible deals. >> i'm going to be spending less because we don't know what the future holds. >> once i reach my limit -- everything is at a budget. >> not everyone is feeling the pinch. analysts say the affluent are looking for the highest quality possible for the latest most innovative products. >> higher tickets being sold. they may not buy as much but they're buying the items that are the most expensive. at the low end, it's all about the price. the deals are extensive and coming at different times. >> wish you guys had layaway. >> layaway is one one they are trying to appeal to budget shoppers. merced is trying it for the first time. >> it was a good deal. we couldn't pass it up.
9:34 am
if we can pay for it slowly, why not. >> it can help consumers with bad credit but urge them to read the fine print because it can end up being more expensive than using a credit card. and there are other potential pitfalls too. >> there are some retailers if you make three or four payments and decide you don't want the product, you're out the money and you're not going to get the products. >> it's a risk some are willing to take to ensure a merry christmas even in a gloomy economy. john yang, nbc news, new york. a woman has turned herself into authorities for pepper spraying a crowd of black friday shoppers in california. but she has not been charged at this moment. los angeles police say they are still interviewing witnesses and need to determine what the most appropriate action should be. shoppers say the woman used pepper spray to beat the crowd to an xbox video game. paramedics and police treated at least 20 people with injuries, from burning eyes to difficulty
9:35 am
breathing. the woman accused could now face battery charges. >> occupy protesters in los angeles are getting lessons in pepper spray protection as an eviction deadline approaches. police are warning demonstrators they have until midnight to vacate a tent city on city hall lawn. philadelphia protesters have a 5:00 p.m. deadline today to do the same. demonstrators in both cities say they have no plans to leave. some took tactical safety lessons at their camp. officials in both cities say they need to restore public safety and health at the protest sites. >> the obama administration promised a full investigation into nato air strikes that killed more than 20 pakistani soldiers. the incident strains an already difficult relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. nato officials say they were responding to enemy fire, but pakistani officials are calling the attacks a, quote, grave infringement. they have closed two border crossing into afghanistan which were the main supply route. >> we look at it from a
9:36 am
strategic standpoint. why can't we identify pakistanies across the border and not bomb them? but for the guy on the ground, the guy trying to kill you, you're trying to kill him back. >> it comes a day after the commander of nato forces in afghanistan let with the pakistan's army in an effort to improve communication. between the u.s., afghan and pakistani forces. a local technology company is playing a major role in nasa's latest mission to mars. the rover launched yesterday and is headed to the red planet to search for signs of life. cu cureiosity is carrying an engineering team from maryland designed several science instruments for the two-year mission. one includes an x-ray that can identify rock and soil minerals. another instrument can analyze
9:37 am
samples on the planet. curiosity is expected to reach mars in august. a new era for the catholic church. the major changes to mass that begin today. we'll have that when we return. [ woman ] day party idea pillsbury crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels
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there's a problem. and that someday might be closer than you think. because at this very moment, marine corps vehicles are using innovative health diagnostic systems that send signals from under the hood back to home base. systems that will soon make their way into your car. systems developed by students and faculty at rochester institute of technology.
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25 years the family division of the d.c. superior court has held a wonderful event they call adoption day in court. >> tphaous 4's barbara harrison has been there 25 years to help out. barbara takes us along for this year's special morning at the court. ♪ >> welcome to the 25th annual in
9:41 am
court. >> and others who deal in the district's adoptions. >> i'm honored to be here on behalf of the freddie mac foundation. >> and there was lots of family friendly entertainment too. it's the kind of event the judge envisioned when he held the first adoption day in court 25 years ago. he heard california was doing it. he called a judge out there to find out how it works. >> she told me that it is a fun, happy, festive, wonderful day. they have balloons. indeed, they even had clowns and jugglers in the court. well, having served in the criminal division of the court for 5 of me 13 years at that time i was well aware we had enough clowns and jugglers here on a full-time basis. >> then it was time to meet the children and their new families. and once again i had the honor of introducing them and presenting them to their judges who would sign their decrees for adoption. >> are you excited about today?
9:42 am
>> yeah. >> why? >> because it's the best day. >> of your life so far? >> nod nod. >> there are going to be a lot of good days to come especially with your family. are you happy? >> yeah. >> what's going to happen today? are you going to get a signature that's going to say that's your family forever and ever and ever, right? congratulations. >> thank you. >> there were 29 children in all on this 25th anniversary. the oldest among the adoptees, 20-year-old stephanie scott. >> i am very excited to be here. >> i adopt my grandchildren. >> what does this adoption mean? >> i don't know. >> well, that's just fine. you don't have to know what it means. you just know you have a wonderful mom and family that's going to be your family for how long? >> 20 years. >> maybe longer than that. >> and at 5, 20 sounds a lot like forever.
9:43 am
barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. well, if you have room in your home and your heart for one of our children still waiting for a permanent, loving family, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. or log to to >> what a great event. >> it really is. barbara harrison, past recipient of the humanitarian award. she's in good company. >> she's a heavy hitter when it comes to giving and giving and giving of herself. >> and just for barbara, we're going to have another beautiful day of sunshine today so she can sit back and relax and enjoy. and so can you. a complete check of the forecast
9:44 am
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well, the redskins played the sea hawk in seattle 4:00 this afternoon. what will they face? >> they should have played it here. >> the weather but not the football. >> they should have brought the game here. unfortunately for them out in seattle, this isn't the time you expect to see much in the way of sunshine. off and on rain showers out there. a little bit of a breeze to deal with. temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. so not a pretty day for football out there in seattle. oh, if only they played it at fedex field today. mid-significance with sunshine here in the last weekend of november. get ready to get outside and enjoy the final day of your hopefully long holiday weekend. bright sunshine out there for your sunday morning now. look at the lincoln memorial on the end of the national mall. brightly lit. they come further into the east. tour up on the top of georgia avenue, silver spring. beautiful weather outside.
9:48 am
temperatures climbing quickly. mid-50s in washington. we'll be at least 65 degrees today thanks to this mild start. winds out of the south at only 9 miles per hour. but i think that southerly breeze will increase this afternoon and be more like the 10 to 20 miles per hour range. look at that response to the sunshine and south breeze. closing in on 60 degrees in some spots. be ready for a gorgeous day today. clouds will increase as the day wears along. that won't prevent us from having a real pleasant outdoor weather day today. rain free in the washington metro area. there are showers on the other side of the applications here. they should stay off interstate 81 at least our part for much of today. eventually this whole area of rain is coming in our direction. we'll be dry and mild today and most of us will be dry for most of our monday. that being said, rain showers will be moving into the area during the day tomorrow. should be able to hold it off until after lunchtime. but it would not surprise me to
9:49 am
see some dampness around relatively early in the day. there's just so much moisture out there. the heavier, steadier soaking rains arrive late monday night and much of the day on tuesday. soen skwroeut nice, mild finish to our holiday weekend. the weather front will squeeze the clouds in here. off and on chances for sprinkles and showers late in the day tomorrow. but the heavy rain comes in as we get into tuesday. tuesday morning 9:30 heavy rain into the washington area. nice. increasing mid and high level cloudiness. mild, mild, mild today. some places might even make it to 706789 might. not everybody. but a few lucky spots might make 70 today. another mild one tomorrow. tomorrow filled with cloud cover and increasing chances for rain. tuesday looks like a lost cause from a weather perspective. and rain drops early on wednesday and bring us back to average temperatures. eight in a row of 60 or higher.
9:50 am
average high, 53. we've been swimming in bonus numbers for days. >> good luck to both of you buying christmas trees today. >> i know. >> 9:50 a.m. right now. still ahead, who needs a plane? one man's extraordinary journey over the swiss alps. >> being bold over by a charging football player is bad enough. but some say what the cowboys have done to this
9:51 am
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capital christmas tree almost at its final destination. it made a pit stop in alexandria on its way to d.c. it has been traveling from california making stops across the country. at each stop people have been signing a giant banner that will become the national christmas card. the tree is scheduled for arrival at the capitol tomorrow and will be lit december 6th. the service will be slightly
9:54 am
different at all american catholic churches this sunday morning. for the first time in decades, the roman catholic church is changing prayers at mass and use an english translation. it's a ritual text used for celebrating mass. it can be more formal and intricate than worshippers are used to. the vatican and the bishop's conference have been negotiating the change for years. they celebrate the first sunday of advent in the christmas season. it is sunday. nbc is your place for politics. >> that's right. coming up is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good morning elaine and chris. another capital failure for country. derailed because of a clash over spending and taxes. what's next? will congress let the drastic cuts to defense and domestic programs go into effect or try to rewrite the law. democrat chuck schumer. then the man some call the most
9:55 am
powerful in washington. he's being blamed by washington's failer. and the political roundtable. a big endorsement out of new hampshire for newt gingrich. and be sure to stay tuned after the program for my special press pass conversation with assistant white house chef and senior policy adviser for healthy food initiatives only here on nbc 4. all right. thanks a lot. well, the swiss alps are considered one of the most beautiful sights on earth. one man wanted to get a different view of the range. yves rossy, known as jet man, took to the skies over the alps. he had a 120-pound flight suit. alongside two giant jet packs. rossy flew in the swiss air force for 17 years. so this isn't his first time flying in the sky. he has flown over lake geneva and the english channel.
9:56 am
still amazing to see. i saw it earlier. amazing. dallas cowboys cheerleader twitter account has been sacked. >> dallas tight end jason whitten caught a pass and ran out of bounds accidentally knocking over cheerleader melissa kelleman. she took it in stride she was becoming a bit of an overnight sensation tripling her followers in 24 hours. >> you have to be part of the team. >> chuck, thanks for a nice, mild day. thank you for enjoying us on news 4 today. >> see you next time.
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