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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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aaron gilchrist. it was a night on the town that took a deadly turn. the violence began with a fight inside heritage india. that's a restaurant and lounge on connecticut avenue. news 4's darcy spencer joins us life from the first district police headquarters now where a news conference is just wrapped up. darcy. >> reporter: well, jim, what we learned at this news conference is that some of the victims, in fact, knew one another. they may have actually gone to this event together at some point last night. now, police are also looking into the possibility that some of these stabbing victims may have been involved in the stabbing incident itself. now, this violence erupted right around 2:30 this morning in the heart of dupont circle. we're told there were lots of people out on the street this morning when the stabbings and shootings happened. police say there was a promotable event going on inside the heritage restaurant last night. this was after the regular business hours for the restaurant. now, there were a couple of fights that happened inside the establishment, so security decided to shut it down, but one of the stabbing victims was found inside that restaurant.
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#. >> there was an altercation that began inside the club. le kurt inside the club attempted to close the club down and push everyone outside into the street, and the altercation spilled out into the street and at that point there were two stabbings and three victims shot out on connecticut avenue. >> we heard three shots. pop, pop, pop. people started running. >> reporter: the victim who died from the gunshot wounds is dumont e. coliman. he lived in maryland. all of the victims in this incident are from maryland. now, the chief did shut down the establishment on an emergency basis as police continue with this investigation, and police are saying at this point they do
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believe there was one gunman involved, but no one has been placed under arrest as of now. they say at this point they're reviewing surveillance video from cameras in the area hoping to identify who is responsible for these stabbings and shootings. reporting live from southwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4, back to you. >> all right, darcy. thank you. a blaze tore through a house in prince george's county, and by the time it was out, a 6-year-old boy was dead. tonight two adult family members are in critical condition. as news 4's derek ward reports now, it's a tragedy that has left firefighters shaken. >> reporter: the scene on griffin street shortly after firefighters arrived. neighbors who called 911 said they were awakened by an explosion, and the nobodying e smoke and flames coming from the house at 2411 griffin. one neighbor said a resident at the house was running frantically from window to window trying to get other occupants out of the burning building. >> when firefighters arrived, they did find heavy fire coming from the front of the house.
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they initiated a quick, aggressive interior attack as well as a search and did pull out three victims all being pulseless and not breathing. >> reporter: they immediately began trying to revive the victims, two women, and a 6-year-old boy. the child did not survive. the women were stabilized and remain hospitalized with injuries, burns, and smoke inhalation. firefighters were shaken by the loss. >> it's always a tragedy when someone dies in a fire. it's only compounded when a child is involved. especially around this time of year. that compounds it even more. >> reporter: something else they do in the aftermath of tragedy is to try and see that it's not repeated. the usual message about safety gains new gravity in the wake of a fire like this one. >> residents are going to open up their doors and listen to firefighters on the heels of a tragedy such as this. >> reporter: and those doors did open hours after the fire. teams of firefighters were back on griffin street. they fanned out into the neighborhood. [ buzzing ] >> caller: they checked homes for working smoke detectors and gave residents information about setting up escape plans and just
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how to be prepared. they were still mindful of the young neighbor who died. >> i'm speechless right now. a 6-year-old. it's hard. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. investigators believe that blaze may have begun in the front room of the house. authorities tell us all of the victims are from the same family. their identities haven't been released yet. he was detained in egypt. now he is back home tonight at georgetown university student who is talking about what happened when he was arrested in cairo. derek sweeney appeared on "the "today" show" this morning. he arrived at his home in st. louis last night after connecting through dulles. sweeney says he and two other students were on the street during the protests in cairo, but he denied the accusations that they threw firebombs into the crowd. sweeney says his days being detained were some of the scariest experiences of his life. >> well, they threatened to force us to eat gasoline.
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they put our shirts up over our heads so we couldn't see where we were at all, and they hit us in the face and the back of the neck a lot. then we spent about seven hours in the fetal position with our hands behind auerbach handcuffed in the dark, and they were behind us with guns. rirchlgt the other detained students are also back home tonight. sweeneyy and his family are planning to have a belated thanksgiving dinner this evening to celebrate his safe return. millions of americans are making their way home tonight after the long holiday weekend, but so far everything appears to be smooth sailing across our region. all of the airports are reporting on time departures and arrivals. on the roadways there are some volume delays on i-95, but v dot is hoping to ease some of that pain. they opened up the northbound hov lanes and suspended most major construction projects. well, in just a matter of hours, most major retailers will offer some deep discounts again for on-line purchases. it's called cyber monday, and if
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you are planning to take part, there are a few tips you should remember. privacy experts say the key is commonsense. they suggest shopping on familiar sites and sites that encrypt your information. you'll see that when the web address has https. if you have to create a user name and password, choose one that is different from one you have used for your e-mail or on-line baning before, and try using a credit card in lieu of a debit card. >> you can dispute any unauthorized charges on your credit card. with your debit card, you are actually out the money, and then you have to get the money back. >> reporter: analysts say cyber monday could generate a record $1.2 billion in sales. a major change in the catholic church. what's happening to the prayers that parishioners have said for decades? plus, miley cyrus steps into controversy again. the video that's now led to allegations of drug use. then a royal hero.
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details on prince william's rescue mission in the irish sea. chuck. >> jim, a very mild day. so mild, in fact, that dulles airport set a record high temperature today with many spots getting into the 70s. how long can it all last? i'll give you complete check of your forecast coming u
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prayers catholics have been saying in mass for decades changed today. a nigh english translation of the roamal missile, the back
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used to celebrate mass every week was implemented today. the goal of the changes was to make the english translation of the missile closer to the original latin text. the vatican has been wrestling with the change for years now. some catholics say the new words are awkward. others are happy that the changes were made. the mass changes come on the first sunday of advent. people gathered at the church of the nativity in bethlehem to celebrate mass today. christians believe that bethlehem was the birthplace of jesus. advent means coming or rival and marks the catholic revelation period before the birth of jesus on christmas. miley cyrus is facing another controversy. this time for calling herself a pot head. in a video obtained by "the daily," the 19-year-old singer is talking about her birthday cake. she says, "you know you're a stoner when your friends make you a bob marley cake." you know you smoke way too much weed. cyrus famously refuted rumors of her smoking marijuana last year
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after a picture emerged of her smoking from a bong. her friend kelly ozborne has taken to twitter now saying the cake was simply a joke. still ahead tonight, we're keeping a close eye on decision 2012. who picked up a major endorsement today in new hampshire? and a gorgeous day, but things are about to take a nasty turn, folks. chuck
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in decision 2012 the roller coaster ride continues in the gop presidential race. newt gingrich is the latest candidate to surge in the polls. today he picked up an endorsement from a major new hampshire newspaper. as brian moore reports, the race is still tight, and the margin for candidate error is getting thin. >> that's important. as you know, you know this thing. >> reporter: newt gingrich has just gotten a big boost in new hampshire. the union leader newspaper endorsed the new gop frontrunner and snubbed mitt romney saying we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear. >> imagine what that would be like as president. somebody who plays it very safe. >> reporter: the other candidates are shrugging off the endorsement. >> main endorsement that i'm looking forward to is the one here in iowa on january 3rd in the caucuses. >> reporter: the caucuses are just over five weeks away. time is running out for the underdogs, but it has been a volatile race, and each is hoping for a surge like the one
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newt gingrich is seeing now. >> not long ago it was a two-man race. it was perry and it was romney. >> reporter: herman cain had his moment, and is he trying to get it back. >> obviously, false accusations and confusion about some of my positions has contributed to it. >> reporter: with the gop presidential candidates, hope isn't running short. time is. while romney may be running sec in the polls, he has money the other candidates can't match. brian moore, news 4. while gingrich got support from the union leader newspaper, a poll of republican voters in new hampshire has gingrich trailing mitt romney by close to 30%. the state's primary is set for january 10th. prince william took part in a rescue mission today after a cargo ship broke apart in the irish sea. the british ministry of defense says william co-captained a helicopter that pulled two people to safety early this morning.
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eight people were on board when the ship began to sink. one other body was recovered. the other five are still missing tonight. coast guard officials say heavy winds battering down on the sea likely caused it is accident. a local technology company is playing a big role in nasa's latest mission to mars. the rover named curiosity launched from florida yesterday. it's headed the red planet to search for signs of life. curiosity is carrying several ins instruments designed by an engineering team from atk technology in beltsville. one includes an x-ray that can identify rock and soil materials and minerals. other instruments can analyze samples collected on the planet. curiosity is expected to reach mars in august. those are pretty cool pictures there. we had a pretty cool day out there, chuck. >> what do you mean? it was incredible. >> it was really nice out. >> it really was nice. >> we averaged three 70 degree days in november, and today was
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the second. normally we just get them at the front he end of the month because our average high now down to 53 degrees. when we made it up to 72 at national airport today, hold on. >> oh, yeah. missed the record at national airport by only three, but a new record was set today out at dulles national airport. the last sub-70 degree record high that stood in the month of november. outside we go. what a mild day it was. bonus territory. about five or six degrees warmer than somebody named me may have told you earlier this morning. i thought it would be about 66, 68. we made 72. no problem. went sailing by the 70 degree mark. what a beautiful night out there as the national cathedral high up on the hill in northwest washington, kennedy center for the performing arts along side the potomac. beautiful day. a mild evening coming. 61 degrees right now. the winds remain out of the south at 7. we had a wind gust to near 35 miles an hour down at national airport. that's what brought the surge of the warm air all the way out of
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central virginia and into our area. no complaints were heard at all about the bonus warmth today. 59 now in an appear husband. 65 in la platta. 66 out in culpepper, virginia. even 61 out in winchester. there it is for the record today. 72 and 46 here at national airport. dulles set a new record at 70. d.c. averages three 70 degree days in the month of november, but it's pretty rare to get them stacked up this close to what we know better as december. as you make your plans for your sunday evening, partly cloudy skies and remaining really mild. get outside and enjoy it. an easy night to take the dog for a long walk. 63 at 7:00 p.m. down to only 58 degrees by 11:00. here's the look at the radar. the mention of rain remains in the forecast. there's nothing going on close to us. yeah, there is. look at this conveyor belt of moisture now across all of central and eastern kentucky. all of ohio. right along the periphery here of far western west virginia. that train of moisture goes all the way down to the gulf coast.
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this whole surge of warm air and moisture will eventually be coming in our direction. skies will go mostly cloudy during the day tomorrow. we got a little break of some extra sunshine today, but all that massive cloudiness and moisture is coming in our direction. most of us are going to be dry again through the majority of your monday. i think rain chances really start to ramp up after the sun goes down. high pressure moving away. a mild night tonight, and another really warm day tomorrow. a lot of spots might touch 70 again tomorrow. be ready for that. then the real mess of the rain and the moisture come in here. we could see heavy rain in here on tuesday. high clouds and mild for this evening. evening temperatures in the 50s. then for tomorrow morning clouds will be on the increase, but a mild start. wake-up temperatures near 50 degrees. then tomorrow afternoon well up into the upper 60s to near 70 for a time. especially out across parts of central virginia. tuesday is the wash-out. wednesday is the transition. december starts on thursday, and it will feel like december. highs near 50, and lows near
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freezing. >> all right. more like it. thank you, chuck. coming up, we've got sports before they face the redskins next week, the new york jets play a thriller against buffalo today. we're coming right back as news
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>> we're looking ahead to the redskins. >> we're looking ahead, and the jets look really good. this is just to say that they were struggling for a couple of games. people were thinking, oh, they're not going make the playoffs at all. now they look like they might get things going. if for some reason the redskins fail to snap the losing streak in seattle tonight, they're going to have a really tough
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time snapping at home next week against new york. today the jets hit the turbo button against the bills snapping a two-game skid of their own. here's how it went down. mark sanchez and the jets hosting ryan fitspatrick and the bills. second quarter is where we pick it up. buffalo on first and goal fitzpatrick to stevie johnson. mox being shot in the thigh. just no class. it might be funny, but that's really just classless. bills take a 14-7 lead. fourth quarter tied. sanchez steps up to the pocket. throws had his tight end keller. he is for an 18-yard score. his second touchdown in the game. jets up 21-14. later, same score. back come the bills. fit sdstzpatrick goes deep for bradsmith. tipped into the air by smith, and he beats antonio cromardie for the touchdown. take a look. sweet play. impressive play by smith. game tied 21-21. two minutes to go in the game. jets down 24-21 on third and 11
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wlsh plaxico burris makes a play. one-handed grabber. sensational snag by burris. everybody is yelling j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets. sanchez with time rolls out and fires to a wide-open santonio holmes. 16-yard touchdown. it's the game-winner. sanchez finished with four touchdown passes. the jets beat the bills 28-24. new york improves to 6-5. in tennessee titans hosting the buccaneers. first quarter. no score. tampa bay with the ball. they fake the end around here. josh freeman tosses to blunt. check this out right here. wow. blunt hurdles a defender and jumps over jason mcchordy. that's cool. 35-yard gainer. that would lead to a field goal. ensuing kickoff. titans get sneaky. mark hands it off to tommy campbell, and the rookie has
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room to run. to the outside. he is not going to be caught. goes 84 yards for the touchdown. the titans beat the buccaneers 23-17 as the final. in st. louis sam bradford and the rams taking on the cardinals. first quarter. no score. arizona punting to nick miller and the arizona native runs left. gets a huge block. miller was waived by the rams earlier this season. he was resigned it week. good call by st. louis. rams up 7-0. the cardinals have a guy who is also pretty good. the rookie patrick peterson. almost falls, but then stays on his feet. he is off to the races. his fourth punt return for a touchdown of the season. ties an nfl record. wow. also beanie wells sets a franchise mark with 228 yards rushing. the cardinals go on to win 23-20. turning now to hockey. one night after getting blitzed at home the capitals get blitzed in buffalo. washington lost to a bunch of
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minor leaguers. the sabers were without nine regular players last night, but they still found a way to crush the caps. there's no doubt the biggest question is with all their talent, why do the caps struggle? well, the coach doesn't even have the answer right now saying, "i don't know. it's back to the drawing board." it didn't start well for bruce and the caps in western new york last night. first period, no score. the puck is in the capitals zone. dennis weidman behind the net here tries to clear, but with pressure deflekts right to luke adaman. that's too easy. adam wins again. the first of two goals for adam. sabres in front 1-0. second period. 2-0, sabres. jason on the break. he is taken down by christian airhoff, and you can't do that. rips by enroth. they got caught in the net. ninth goal of the season. 27 seconds later, buffalo the attack. alex over kin, bottom of your screen, slow to get back, and zach at the top of your screen
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goes five hold. scoring his first nhl goal. the sabres go on to win 5-1. here's what the coach had to say after the game. >> sometimes we're not mentally strong, and that's -- it's this group that's got to learn how to be mentally strong. i mean, it hasn't -- it hasn't had a lot of adversity in the last four years unless it was in the playoffs. the regular season, it seems like it was like a walk in the park, but now we've reached now for 15 games now some adversity, and it's some guys are having a hard time with it. it's got to come from within, i got to believe. i'm hoping that's got to come from within because if i have to teach them how to be tough, then i don't know quite how to do that. >> strong statement from bruce boudreau, the caps play st. louis on tuesday at home. they're going to have to turn it around quick here. also, one quick note. redskins trail going into the fourth quarter. >> that's it for us. back again tonight after the game on nbc. nightly news is next.
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follow the leader. tonight, newt gingrich hoping a key endorsement boosts his surging campaign to topple mitt romney. border crisis. a deadly air strike, now a diplomatic mess. tonight, the investigation amid funerals and fury in pakistan. education nation. the growing number of public schools


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