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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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smith, the gm of the texans, and it sounds like they're not interested in the circus that goes with having brett favre and peter king texted with brett favre who seemed to be not interested in playing. it looks like it really is over. maybe. probably. it really is over. >> yeah. 99%. we never say 100% when the subject is brett favre. for an nfl films all access look at the critical plays from week 12 including another tim tebow game-winning drive in overtime against the chargers, watch "nfl turning point" with dan patrick wednesday night on versus. in kansas city, the steelers beat the chiefs 13-9. al and chris are back to wrap things up after this. dig in, baby. it's the w, new from wendy's.
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with cris collinsworth, we'll head to next week. we don't know about ndamukong suh, whether he'll be suspended or not, there might be an appeal, we don't know. but we'll see the detroit lions next week for the first time since nbc took over this package in 2006. >> and they are still very much in the mix.
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of course it's not going to help with ndamukong suh after that -- whatever that was on thanksgiving day. that was pretty lame. but we're talking about a football team still very much in the hunt and one of the great players in calvin johnson that you're going to see during the course of the year. i'm excited about it. i think this is a legitimate team. >> going to the saints and the saints can't shake the falcons. about a month ago they looked like they were a little on the ropes but all of a sudden, you know, atlanta hanging right in there and up to the saints to stay in front of them. >> for the new orleans saints they're trying to stay in that hunt. they still have a possibility because they end up with one of the byes, one of the top seeds, you know. and so every game is important. now we're down to that fun time of year. you know, after thanksgiving, it all gets bigger each week as we go. and this is a big one next week. >> we have reached december. >> yes. >> we'll see if the big easy next sunday night when detroit takes on the saints.
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"football night" will get things started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific time. one week from tonight. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our gang saying good night from kansas city. city. -- captions by vitac --
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the streak is over, folks. today skins fans saw something they hadn't seen in weeks. a win. several new developments in the syracuse sex abuse investigation. a third accuser comes forward. a coach is fired. and a recording hints that his wife might have known something was wrong. and get ready for cybermonday. mistakes to avoid when you are looking for deals on line. good evening, everybody. we begin with breaking news. a man in his 70s kidnapped, robbed and beaten. it is the third time it's happened at the westfield shopping center in wheaton this week. news 4s darcy spencer joins us live with the story. darcy? >> reporter: first two incidents happened wednesday and yesterday afternoon. they happened in the parking lot at the giant store behind me.
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the latest incident happened over here in the parking lot of the target store not far away. police stay they do believe the same man is responsible for all three robberies. the 77-year-old victim was forced into his car at the target before 2:00. driven around to various atms and forced to withdraw cash. at 5:30 this afternoon when a source tells me he was found in his car at a gas station, zipit, near east/west highway, in the mall near prince jorng 'george'. the man was beaten and cut with a box cutter. the same instrument in two robberies. a similar incident yesterday afternoon involving a 60-year-old man kidnapped outside the giant food store. released at a gas station in northwest washington yesterday. now the first incident as i said happened wednesday night. that involved a 75-year-old man with very similar circumstances. but this is the first time that
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we know of that the victim has been harmed in one of the incidents. again we are told that he was beaten as well as the cut. taken to an area hospital. we are told he is going to be okay. police are continuing to search for the man responseresponsible. they have not release surd ed surveillance video or pictures. the person responsible remains at large. reporting live. darcy spencer. news 4, back to you. >> disturbing story. darcy, thank you. tonight a restaurant is closed in dupont circle after a fight killed one man and left five others injured. all happened early this morning inside heritage india here on connecticut avenue. police tell us a five spilled into the streets. three men were shot. three others stabbed. investigators say at least some of the victims knew each other and may have been involved with the fight. december defs cou the d.c. councilman is looking to introduce legislation that would require more security at bars and clubs that stay open
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late. >> i am going to look to do legislation, looks like i am going to have to do to mandate that they have, reimbursable detail if you are going to be at a nightclub at night. the restaurant/nightclub establishment has to pay offduty police offs officers to patrol the streets. >> heritage normally closed late at night. a promoter was holding an event. investigators are looking at surveillance video from inside the restaurant to identify any suspects. police have identified the shooting victim as 34-year-old jhonte coleman seen here on his ing now to sports. losing streak is over. long time coming. skins gemet a win. they get it done in the fourth. >> we can smile. 16 fourth quarter points.
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inkred bufl win by t incredible win by the redskins. rushing for 100 yards and touchdown for the first time in his career. but he was humble. the 22-year-old started his press conference thanking all the offensive linemen who helped pave the way for his career day. rally to beat the seahawks, scoring 16, fourth quarter points. check this out. trent williams, 6'5", 31 pound talking trash with leon washington. seattle not happy that washington was huddling up on their logo. not happy about this either. hurdling the defender in the fourth quarter. stays on his feet all the way for the score. see it again. 108 yards rushing. redskins within 3. very next redskins drive. on third and 19. grossman -- going deep for anthony armstrong here. and, watch armstrong. makes a great catch.
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50-yard touchdown. one more look at this. brandon browner, all over him. armstrong's first touchdown since week one. seattle blocked the extra point. it's 20-17, washington. the little dance. last chance for seattle. tavaris jackson. looking for tate. intercepted. hall. redemption for number 23 after last week. redskins win it 23-17. snapping their six-game losing streak. here is a happy head coach. >> it's always nice to do what we did today. when it looks like -- chips are down. guys stepped up. made some plays. and, very hostile environment. >> our locker room had a lot of character. a lot of team chemistry. and a lot of good people. hard-working, tough, great football players. you know, after a losing streak like this. we stepped up. and made the plays we need to make. >> coming up after the news.
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redskins final. dan hellie goes one-on-one. player reaction in the locker room. tebow time in san diego. explain all that. next week, the redskins host the jets. that should be a phenomenal game. jets are looking very good right now. they play the bills. we'll show that to you coming up in sports. as the well fake , take a look indepth final. >> thank you, see you've in a bit. following a devildevil -- devil offing story. syracuse university fired the coach. head coach jim bayhime supported fine. tonight, boeheim said -- the allegations are deeply -- meanwhile, a third accuser came forward today claiming fines
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molested him in 2002 when he was 13. his own father is calling him a liar. >> i don't think that it was anything not normal at the time. i thought that this was something normal adult would do with a child. >> he never met bernie fine. i never talked or met bernie fine. never in an ougautograph sessio never went to the game in pittsburgh. it's all totally fabricated for whatever reasons. >> also today, espn release aid recording that its said to be a phone conversation between fine's wife and another accuser in the tape fine's wife says -- her husband took advantage of the accuser as a child. fine has denied all of the allegations. now to decision 2012. new hampshire's largest newspaper is giving newt gingrich a big boost this weekend. the new hampshire union leader
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endorsed the former house speaker for the white house. they published a front page editorial that said gingrich was a conservative of courage and independent minded. the paper's editors say they believe gingrich could bring innovative and forward looking strategy to the white house. last week, a poll of new hampshire republicans ranked gingrich second to mitt romney. the state's primary set for january 10. the polls will soon open for a landmark election day in egypt. the parliamentary elections are the nation's first since the ousting of the president hosni mubarak in february. officials are concerned recent unrest there could keep voter turnout low. there have been violent protests over concerns that the military might not hand over power to a civilian government. new tonight appears the investigate eman held in aruba for the death of traveling companion will walk three. he has been in custody for four months in connection with the
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disappearance of robin gardner. the judge ruled that he will be released tuesday and will be able to leave the country. prosecutors filed an appeal that we learned will be heard wednesday. the prosecution hoped the appeal would be heard tomorrow before jordano's release. a different sort of arrival at the airport. the special delivery that happened at bwi/thurgood marshal. miley cyrus feeling the heat. the video that has her fending off allegations of drug use. cybermonday, deals, steals, the rules you need to know before you shop on line. chuck? >> jim, we have an absolutely spectacular record-setting day today. dulles airport made 70 degrees on the final day of our thanksgiving vacation. the mild weather won't sti
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if you are not one of the million whose ventured out to shop you will have a chance to find a good deal. called cybermonday as you know. for one day, retailers offer deep discounts for online order. before you start. bob hanson has tips to keep your shopping experience a little safer. >> reporter: from traditional hands-on approach to the cyberspace way of doing it. >> yeah, i -- my shopping doing on line. >> i like online better. >> you know i think more at the store. >> wherever you go, some common sense can save seasonal heartache. especially shopping on line. >> we would say do not use a debit card. >> privacy expert, megan bohn says when buying over the computer use a credit card when possible. >> you can dispute any unauthorized charges. with your debit card you are out
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the money. then you have to get the money back. >> a price too good to be true there is something wrong. and you want to get out of there. >> internet security expert says not only do you need to shop with a little scepticism, but don't be too quick to give out personal information to any website. >> you should not previovide an more information needed to complete. >> such as salary information, your age, your sex. >> you want to use common sense when you shop on line. the sam as if you were shopping at the mall. >> if you go into a store and want to buy something and they start asking personal questions. >> cobb says you are better off shopping at familiar on line web sites. sites that take extra security, sites that encrypt personal information where you see the p htpps. >> user name and password. >> you do not want to use the
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same password for shopping that you use for instance for your bank. >> simple advice to keep your online shopping safe and secure. of course for some shoppers it may not matter as much. >> i shop from one person, that's my wife and i go to one store. >> he's got it easy. bob hansen reporting. special arrival at bwi this afternoon. woman stepped off a plane, gave birth off to a baby boy. a maryland transportation authority police officer helped deliver the baby using a bathroom as the the delivery room. mother and baby were then taken to the hospital, where those things are usually done, they're said to be doing just fine tonight. >> good thing they were born like in maryland as opposed to over maryland. >> this is true. >> almost. >> yes. >> the weekend we have had? off up at man for anybody that thought that they were slipping one by us, going out of town, leaving us here for the weekend. let you know, you missed out.
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one of the nicest late november weekends we have had in a long time. bright sunshine. we have now gone eight days in a row -- with temperatures above -- 60, in fact today, 70-plus. so nice that you could put the windows down. open up the sunroof and maybe go get yourself a tree. there it is. the christmas tree. strapped to the roof of the car with the sunroof open today. before picture on the left. fully decorated in the living room there on the right. good day to sgroit siget outsid enjoy it. sunday afternoon, with all the sunshine out there this afternoon. a mild day indeed. still 59 degrees. coming of on midnight here in washington. light breeze. out of the south. 10 miles an hour. metro temperatures fairly mild here for the next couple of hours. the day planner for your back to work and school day. breaks of sunshine early on in the day. mild start. mid to upper 50s. first thing in the morning. mid 60s by lunchtime. a lot of spots. like today.
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may get close off to 70 degrees tomorrow. gradually the clouds will lower, thicken. rain in the forecast for a few spots. south and west. late tomorrow afternoon. evening time frame. here in metro washington looking for rain chances to ramp up after midnight monday into tuesday. look at the conveyor belt of moisture. heavy rain from the gulf coast all the way up to the great lakes. quite a bit in the way of some, 2 to 3 inch rainfall amounts. as a result. all this cups our way. rain chances going up. we might get 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain as the push of moisture comes on through. mild start tomorrow morning. breaks of sunshine early. won't last long. rain back out to the west. driving or flying back west tomorrow where the trouble will be. for us during the day tuesday. when the big surge of warm moisture comes unand brings us all the rain. cold air behind that. overnight tonight. cloud increasing. staying on the mild side for sure. temperatures upper 40s. low and mid 50s. then for tomorrow, mild again, yes. but the cloud are really going off to fill in tomorrow.
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late in the afternoon. could even get a little light rain or sprin comkles out west. daylight hours tomorrow. after dark, when the rain really starts to move in. again could get an inch or more of rain in the area. on tuesday. bulk of the rain. tuesday problem. should be out of here early wednesday. can't rule out a mid to late afternoon wednesday shower. after that. thursday is december 1. average high temperature. around 50. lows around freezing. that's what we have on the drawing board for next weekend. uh. >> as it should be, i guess, huh? >> thank you, chuck. who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, huh? how one man taught his pet to dupe dupe -- do his grocery
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when was the last time we have seen shanahan smile in the post press conference. >> october 2nd. >> you remember. >> long time. always seems to be. washington is one of eight teams sitting at 4-7. instead of being a negative nancy. let's savor the win in seep yacht seep -- let's savor the win in seattle. grossman. lobs it up to fred davis for the two yard touchdown. first skins touchdown on a game opening drive this year. 7-0, washington. how about that.
11:59 pm
seattle up 10-7. tavaris jackson. 15-yard score. increase the lead to 17-7. enso ensuing drive. all the way for the score. and leaping right over roy lewisch you will see this all week. scores the first career touchdown. also rushed for a career high, 108 yards. skins down three. and thanked all of the linemen after the game. pretty cool. redskins drive. third and 19. grossman. anthony armstrong. and he makes a phenomenal catch. 50-yard touchdown. all over him. armstrong says, first touchdown since week one for armstrong. seattle blocked the extra point. 20-17 washington. last chance for seattle. down six, tavaris jackson. looking for golden tate. and redemption number 23.
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redskins back to win it 23-17. snapping their six game losing streak. next week the redskins host the jets. this week, mark sanchez and the jets taking on ryan fitzpatrick. and the bills. pick it up in the third quarter. new york up 21-14. fitzpatrick goes deep for brad smith. tipped into the air, smith. beats cromardie, 36 yard touchdown. that's impressive. game tied at 21. here we go. two minutes in the game. down 24-21. third and 11. burress makes the play. one handed grab. that's sweet. that's the first down too. and two plays later. sanchez. makes the play himself. rolls out. and fires to a wide open santonio holmes. 16 yard touchdown. the game winner. sanchez finished with four touchdown passes. jets beat the bills.
12:01 am
new york improves to 6-5. in philadelphia. vince young making his second start for the eagles. hosting the patriots. third play of the game for philly. young, back to pass. going deep for riley cooper. and he's got them. 58-yard completion. lead to lesean mccoy touchdown. young throws for 400 yards. tom brady. well arguably much better. new england up 14-10. brady play action. so smooth here. wide open wes welker. 41 yard strike. braidy throws for 361 yards. three touchdowns. patriots win, 38-20. coming up, a redskins final, and dan hellie one-on-one with mike shanahan. tebow time, tebow overtime. broncos visit the chargers. and minnesota's nfl record but not one they're going to write home about.
12:02 am
we'll explain in redskins final. full show. >> that's coming up. good stuff. thank you, hakeem. still to come, on news 4 at 11:00. a boy put it in foster care, because his mother let him get too fat.
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an 8-year-old boy in cleveland is in foster care after social workers declared his mom didn't do enough to control his weight. the plain dealer reports the boy is more than 200 pound. he is considered severely obese and at risk for diabetes and hypertension. authorities say the caseworker classified his mom's inability to help the boy


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