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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 28, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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and replaced him with dale hunter. megan mczbrath live at the capitals practice facility with the latest on these developments. megan, what can you tell us? what's going on out there? >> reporter: we are waiting to hear from the general manager of the capitals soon and we are expecting later on this afternoon to hear from the new head coach, dale hunter, as well as some of the players. now, word of the change came very early this morning. head coach bruce boudreau is out and replacing him is a man that many caps fans are familiar with. he used to wear the number 32 team legends dale hunter. as you imagine, word is spreading quickly among fans and a lot of folks are talking about this. and this morning, we talked to a number of those fans and they are having their say about what they think of the change and what their hopes are for the future. news of bruce boudreau's firing wag greeted with a combination of surprise and approval. >> i don't know. i'm surprised. i thought he was going to stay longer. >> i think change is always good. i think it is a good thing to
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have change. >> reporter: after four years with the washington capitals, head coach bruce boudreau was handed his walking papers. his replacement team legend dale hunter. >> going great. i think boudreau didn't get it done in four years and see them all get fired and score goals again, maybe play offense capitals have a history of doing really, really well throughout the season and when we get to the playoffs, something always falls short. >> reporter: under boudreau the capitals had tremendous success during the regular season. but seemingly like clock work, things would unravel during the playoffs. >> if you have a whole bunch of talent on the team, and you are not producing, it must be the coach is getting outcoached. >> it is depressing to get up every monday morning because the skins aren't doing very well and the caps now, they don't make you feeling any better during the week. so -- i don't think it is a coaching problem.
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i think that the players in this area are paid too much. >> reporter: the capitals' morning practice was pushed back an hour and a half. it is ex expected to get under way at noon. that will be dale hunter's first practice with the team p. we are expecting to hear from him as well as the players once that practice concludes. probably around 12:00 or 12:30. big change was the capitals organization. >> all right, megan. thank you. meanwhile, the redskins finally put one in the win column. goalie ended a six-game slide defeating the seattle seahawks. washington was trailing in the fourth quarter when rex grossman connected with armstrong on a 50-yard pass to gulf the redskins the lead. the washington defense made the lead stick and they won. it was a physical, chippy game throughout. seattle was upset the skins stood on the seahawk logo during the coin flip and considered a sign of disrespect. >> we are going to pay and -- i
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said something, he said something. i mane, it just kind of -- kind of escalated a little bit from there. >> we do that at every stadium. it is nothing personal. it is mindset when you come into another place you are not tippy toeing. you are coming in trying to make it your place for three hours. you know, i can understand them getting a little bit upset. >> they are tied with last place in the nfc east with philadelphia eagles. next week they are back home against the new york jets. we are also following other breaking news. this out of loudoun county this morning. rescue crews are searching right now for a missing canoeist. loudoun county sheriff's deputies say an adult and child were reportedly in a canoe that capsized. the child was helped ashore by witnesses. he was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. and the adult male has not been located. rescue crews are searching the area of the beaver dam creek
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reservoir. fairfax county crews are also helping in this search. right now, capitol hill, crews are setting up the capital christmas tree. it has been on a cross-country journey this month and arrived at the west front of the capital an hour ago. this year's tree is a 65-foot sierra white fir from california. made its final stop just the other day in alexandria. it was over the weekend. once set up it will be decorated with 3,000 ornaments handcrafted by californians and reflect this year's theme which is california shines. lighting ceremony is set for next tuesday, december 6 at 5:00 p.m. the capital christmas tree light sing a tradition dating back to 1964. turning to the weather, another mild day ahead after a warm weekend. tom kierein joins us. lot of folks out putting their lights out because they had a warm day to do it. >> it is not tree lighting weather. that's for sure. the temperatures are weirdly warm here in november. and at the end of the month, right now, we are back into the
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60s again like we have been each day you since november 20. we have had each day a high -- not record but a into the 60s. now, that's way above normal. right now 63 at reagan national. and we have hit the 60s all around the region. cambridge, eastern shore, 68. culpeper now is up to 66. and we are going to climb a few more degrees yet. now, as we look at what has been happening over the past two hours, there are a lot of clouds coming through. some sun shik breaking out across the reege front the blue ridge to the bay and eastern shore. west of the blue ridge and the panhandle of west virginia and out of high lands of west virginia the patches of green, areas where we are getting a few sprinkles of light rain. ask that's advancing off to the north and passing well west of the metro area. for the rest of the afternoon, expect a lot of clouds and maybe a little sun in and out. and, yes, mild. highs up around 70 or so. record high today is 74. set on this date back in 1973.
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and that's the last time we had a record high in late november. and in washington. so it has been a long time. 38 years since we had a record high in late november in washington. and i will have your forecast. big changes on the way coming up. >> all right. we will see you here in a few minutes. thank you. montgomery county police are trying to stop a string of carjackings before the person responsible strikes again. someone has targeted three older shoppers in less than a week at the westfield wheaton shopping center. that's off university boulevard. as news4's tracee wilkins reports the last attack was particularly violent. >> reporter: this is an extremely disturbing investigation. anyone who has a dad or a grandfather in their 60s and 70s can understand how unsettling this situation is. montgomery county police say that they are now reviewing surveillance video to see if they can get closer to what has been unfolding in the mall's parking lot. the we are looking at two attacks that happened over there in the giant parking lot.
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and a third that happened here in the target parking lot. that was the most violent of all of the attacks. that one happened yesterday. police say yesterday's 77-year-old vick leaving the target and getting into his vehicle when he was approached by a suspect armed with a box cutter. police believe that the suspect forced the victim into the passenger seat of his vehicle and then drove the victim to atms where he withdrew the victim's cash. the victim was discovered cut and bruised in the passenger seat of his vehicle on east-west highway in hyattsville. the suspect escape order foot. the victim was treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. this is video of the second victim who was dropped off at the bp in northwest on saturday. his was one of three armed abductions that began in the middle of the day at the westfield wheaton shopping mall in silver spring. they all involved elderly men. today we talked with folks who live and work in that area and got their reaction.
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>> at this time of the year with the economy so bad people are desperate. they need things. and they are willing to do whatever to get it. so it is scary. >> you take it for granted you don't even think about something like that. i mean, when it gets really dark, you know, you might be more conscientious about, you know, people lurking but 1:00 p. 2:00 in the afternoon, wow, that's -- that's not good at all. >> i hope that the police can be on top of it because it is pretty bad if someone is going around with box cutters and hope there is more security there. we use this mall all the time. >> reporter: montgomery county police are reviewing surveillance video but as it stands, they don't have a great description that they released to the public at this point. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call and you can make that call anonymously at 1-866-411-tips. in wheaton, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. a prince george's county neighborhood the s in morning after a fire ripped through a home killing a 6-year-old boy.
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it happened early yesterday morning in the 2400 block of griffin street near chillum, maryland. crews pulled out three people and were able to revive two women but the little boy died. the two women are in critical condition with burns and smoke inhalation. this morning, investigators are trying to identify suspects in a fight that left one person dead and five others injured. it all started early sunday morning inside the heritage india restaurant and lounge on the 1300 block of connecticut avenue northwest near dupont circle. the fight was then taken to the streets. police say 34-year-old coleman, seen here on his facebook page, was shot and killed. two men were also shot while three other men were stabbed. a witness tells news4 that he saw that -- what happened. >> we had walked -- we were walking and walked through. there was a massive crowd.
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like -- walked right straight through it and we were going up on 19th street. walked straight through it and got to the circle and like maybe a minute from that and walked there. >> north of. >> it heard three shots, pop, pop, pop. then like we -- people started running. and i took her and i was like -- that's gunshots, we are going. >> heritage is normally closed late at night. but a promoter was holding an event saturday night. d.c. police chief used her emergency powers to close the restaurant for up to four days. investigators are looking at surveillance video. by tomorrow night the gaithersburg man held in aruba for the death of his traveling companion could be back in maryland. he has been in custody for four months in connection with the disappearance of robyn gardner. a judge ordered his release. nbc's jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: as the sun kissed waves crash in, the prosecution's case may be crashing down. hard. in over three months, they have been unable to find robyn
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gardner dead or alive. >> over here. >> reporter: unable to find direct evidence against the prime suspect, gary geierodano. >> i asked him how he felt. he started to cry. the tears of joy of an innocent man. >> reporter: you believe he is innocent? >> i do believe he's innocent because i have known reason whatsoever to believe he's not. >> reporter: he has been behind bars for 114 days still not charged with anything. prosecutors are fighting his release but in another setback, aruba's appeals court won't even hear the case until wednesday. some 18 hours avenues gierodano's release. >> if you are not in control of him, is your case effectively over? >> no, no. our countries have a treaty in place for extradition. we will go on with the
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investigation. we will determine to bring the truth about. >> reporter: the case is bizarre in this exclusive surveillance video robbin and gary are seemingly happy at this beachside restaurant in aruba. hours later, she's gone and never to be seen again. gierodano says he and robyn left to go snorkeling and was swept away by the current. you can see gierodano banging on doors looking for help minutes after she vanished. you are convinced he is lying? >> yes. we think we can prove he is lying. >> reporter: but not enough to charge him? >> at this point in time. >> we still are not sure what has happened. >> reporter: after more than 100 day as lot of people say if you don't know what happened yet maybe he should walk out of jail. >> again, that's an opinion. we feel that he still needs to be here and that's why we fought for an appeal. >> reporter: investigators have searched the water. and the beach where robyn was last seen. even staged staged an el be rat
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re-enactment of the scene and no sign of her. >> feel someone out there must know something and that when they see there's some pressure on and that this is the last chance to do the right thing, that they will step up to the plate and they will do the right thing. >> jeff rossen reporting. the court will hear the prosecutor's appeal on wednesday and if they do reverse the decision, aruban officials can request his extradition. 13 minutes after 11 cloak is the time. we are seeing big gains on wall street at this time. the dow up more than 300 minutes on right now. we will check on what's moving stock prices higher. plus a big endorsement for newt gingrich. why he's being picked over mitt romney in romney's own backyard. the audiotapes pushed a major university to fire an assistant coach and the abuse charges are now being leveled against that
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nato apologized for air strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers over the weekend. and promised a full investigation. tensions between pakistan and the u.s. have grown more strained because of the air strikes. pakistan has closed two border crossings used by u.s. and nato forces to transport supplies through afghanistan. they have also ordered the u.s. to leave an air base used for cia drone missions. nato officials say that forces were under attack before they responded but pakistan says those claims simply are not
11:17 am
true. right now, egyptians are voting in the first parliamentary elections since the ouster mubarak in february. voters have been standing in long lines outside polling centers in cairo. officials had been concerned that the recent unrest could keep voter turnout low. polls show egyptians are sharply divided and confused over the country's direction. there have been violent protests over concerns the military may not hand over power to a civilian government. still the vote promises to be the fairest and cleanest election in egypt in living memory. president barack obama is hosting european union leaders for a summit today that will focus on the european debt crisis. the crisis has seen similar euro zone nations including greece, portug portugal, ireland bailed out. it is now threatening much bigger economies, though, such as italy and spain. the obama administration expressed concerns that if the crisis continues, it could damage the u.s. economy.
11:18 am
today herman cain's campaign just released a film called "9-9-9." he is using a bit of entertainment in his gop campaign. >> the federal tax code is an overgrown monster. but it is not even a cool monster. it is a mechanical monster. >> the movie is about five minutes long. in it the gop candidate portrays the federal tax code as a monster that's up against the 9-9-9 economic plan the cain acknowledged he slipped from the top tier of candidates but insists his campaign is sound. >> i'm running for office comes the story of two men trapped in one body. mitt versus mitt. >> democrats are using humor to take a jab at republican candidate mitt romney. the democratic national committee released this ad today mimicking a movie trailer. the dnc says it highlights romney's inconsistencies on a number of issues.
11:19 am
the ad urges voters to go to a website called to see various issues he has flip-flopped on. newt gingrich has picked up a key endorsement. the new hampshire union leader, which is the state's largest newspaper, is now backing gingrich. the publisher called the former house speaker innovative and positive. >> he is not afraid to speak his mind. his view is that we have to really look at history and shape a new turn for the country. >> the newspaper also seemed to take a swipe at rival mitt romney by saying it did not back candidates based on popularity polls and big shot backers. the endorsement for gingrich comes six weeks ahead of new hampshire's primary which is on january 10. today democratic representative barney frank of massachusetts expected to announce his retirement from
11:20 am
congress. frank's office says he will hold -- that announcement at 1:00 p.m. today. it will be a news conference from newt in massachusetts. a life long liberal, frank, 71, was first elected to the house in 1908 and one of the first lawmakers to announce that he's a homosexual. and looking outside again now, we have some nice weather out there. clouds but it is -- nice and warm. feels more like september, doesn't it? >> it really does. this is quite unusual. last time we had a record high in late november this late in november was way back in 1973. so it has been quite a while. right now as we take a luc outside we have the high clouds over the potomac. the gray waters of the potomac reflecting that overcook sky. there's a few breaks in the cloud cover there. few breaks here and there. allowing a little stoun come through. right now 63, though, mild degrees at reagan nationual a very light breeze. elsewhere we have temperatures that are well into the sixth across much of virginia and maryland. and even west virginia now, we
11:21 am
are into the 60s. and it is near 70 in the eastern shore. cambridge now is at 70 degrees. easton at 68. then farther west fredericksburg up to 68. culpeper as well, 68. so quite an amazing warmup. high clouds have been coming through and they have been putting on quite a show the last few days. this was sunrise on saturday morning. i took this picture in northern montgomery county and those high clouds were just in the right position to again -- gorgeous sunrise on saturday morning. then sunday afternoon, those high clouds were drifting through and i took this picture, this was looking towards the north in northern montgomery county. and if you have an interesting weather or nature photo you can send it to look at that time sunrise over the bay. this is from annapolis at dawn this morning. this was sent in to our weather at by ken jordan. what a terrific shot. let's take a look at what has been happening over the last 12 hours.
11:22 am
we had rain off to our west. right now getting rain in west virginia up into pennsylvania. and farther to the south and west. this is eventually moving its way our way. it is along a come front. ahead of that we have breaks in the clouds and right around washington and points east. p points west, we do have some sprinkles. the close rest in the panhandle of washington into washington county, maryland. these are advancing to north a few sprinkles into the high lands of west virginia there. farther to the west. and as that does advance north it will stay way west of the metro area. we will likely stay dry around here for the rest of the afternoon. so let's go forward now. over the next 48 hours, just a few clouds throughout the afternoon, these areas of green, these are zones of potential rain. looks like tomorrow morning, we will get rain and the yellow areas are moderate rain perhaps that will be coming through probably midday tomorrow and into the afternoon. then after that we will clear out and get a few snow showers out of the mountains on tuesday night. and into very early wednesday morning the east of there we will have the cloud cover
11:23 am
breaking up. for the rest of the afternoon, a lot of clouds around. highs reaching into near 70. just a light wind coming in generally out of the east-southeast. then overnight tonight we will be cloudy and our temperatures from the -- in the low 60s, early evening to the upper 50s by midnight. and we will have a light wind as well. after midnight through the day tuesday, occasional showers and highs near 60. then wednesday, partly sunny and small chance of a sprinkle but much cooler. highs only around 50. good-bye november. hello, december. and as it does move in on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it will feel december cold. high around 50 each day, morning lows in the 30s. our warm november party is over. that's the way it looks. >> i'm ready for winter weather. maybe not winter weather but a little bit later fall weather. >> more normal anyway. >> tom we will see you again shortly. it is 24 minutes after 11:00 and still ahead, miley cyrus birthday speech is getting a lot of attention this morning.
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what it was, a joke, or what? and how to track down the best deals for cyber monday and keep your identity safe. first, here is a look at what's hot on
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prince william is being hailed a hero.
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the ministry of defense says he co-captain ad helicopter for yesterday's rescue mission. eight people were onboard the vessel when it went down with large wave. one person died and the other five crew members are still considered missing. coast guard officials say the waves were brought on by of heavy winds. miley cyrus' friends are coming to her defense after she called herself a stoner. at a video obtained by the daily, the 19-year-old talks about her birthday cake. she says, quote, you know you are a stoner when your friends make you a bob marlee cake. you know you smoke way too much weed. sigh rusz denied marijuana rumors before when a photo emerged- smoking from a bong. her friend kelly osbourne said on twitter, the cake was just a joke. it is now 11:28. coming up in the next half hour, a second major university is dealing with scandal this morning. the audiotape that led to the firing of a longtime coach.
11:28 am
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right now, montgomery county police are trying to stop a string of carjackings in wheaton. targeting older shoppers. so far three people have been attacked in five days. police have not released a description of the person that
11:31 am
they are looking for. the capitals fired head coach bruce boudreau and replaced him with former caps player dale hunter. boudreau won coach of the year in 2008 but his team got off to a very slow start this season. capitals general manager mcafee said simply that a change needed to be made. >> we weren't winning, obviously. and this wasn't a slump. you can ride out slumps. this was simply a case of the players were no longer responding to bruce. and when you see that as much as you don't want to make a change, you have to make a change. >> hunter spent 11-plus seasons with the capitals. his first game as head coach is tomorrow night at home against st. louis. a new twist in the sex abuse scandal at syracuse university. late last night the school fired assistant coach bernie fine who has been accused of sexually abusing two young boys years ago. nbc's jay gray has the latest
11:32 am
now from new york. >> there is the three. >> reporter: the syracuse orangemen are an ncaa basketball powerhouse. for more than 35 years, assistant coach bernie fine helped to lead the team. but now fine is out of work. officially fired from syracuse as he faces accusations of molesting three young boys. the allegations began at former syracuse ball boys bobby davis and stepbrother mike lang who say he sexually becaused them in the 'zbla in the 80s. i don't remember if i -- thought that was what was supposed to happen, you know. i know i cringed up and didn't want it to happen. >> reporter: on friday, federal authorities searched coach fine's home for more than six hours. and now the shocking release of a recorded phone call reportedly between bernie fine's wife lori and accuser bobby davis. >> i know everything that went on, you know, and i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues, maybe that
11:33 am
he's not aware of, but he has issues. and you trusted someone he shouldn't have trust. >> that phone call was recorded in 2002 by davis and given to espn. the sports network first aired the tape this weekend. bobby davis says he recorded the call because he feared no one would believe his story and now another accusation. 23-year-old zack of lewiston, maine, has come forward saying that in 2002, bernie fine allegedly molested him in a pittsburgh hotel. >> i have a feeling that, you know, there could be many other victims in this case as well and if somebody, you know, didn't back up bobby davis and his story, then -- this could continue. >> reporter: his father, fred, says his son's story is not true. he himself faces sexual assault charges in maine involving a 14-year-old boy and he's pleaded not guilty to those charges. bernie fine has not commented since his firing but called the
11:34 am
allegations patently false and early sunday his lawyers released this statement saying mr. fine remains hopeful of a credible and expeditious review of the relish use by law enforcement authorities. fine's former boss, hall of fame coach jim boeheim, says he supports the school's decision and in a statement went on to say the allegations that have come forth today are disturbing and deeply troubling. i am personally very shocked because i have never witnessed any of the activities that have been alleged. >> that was nbc's jay gray reporting. boeheim also said he regrets calling the accusers liars and is now calling for a full vehicles. penn state police say they have received a letter from a person who says he may have been assaulted by jerry sandusky. it was reported the letter is from a man incarcerated in oklahoma. police apparently got it on friday and sent it to the state attorney general's office. the former defensive coordinator is charged with sexually abusing
11:35 am
eight boys over a 15-year period. new at 11:00, los angeles police have reopen ad downtown street where hundreds of wall street protesters held an early morning protest. the group faced a 12:01 pacific standard time deadline to leave the camp they have been living in for the past two months. they did not instead gathered in the streets. police say the protest was mainly peaceful but four people were arrested. and some members of occupy philly stage ad peaceful protest downtown as a deadline was ordered and they were supposed to have left the campsite. demonstrators had until 5:00 p.m. yesterday to remove their belongings from their city hall encampment to the thomas payne plaza across the street on the condition that they do not stay overnight. the permit allows demonstrators to protest from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but no sleeping bags or tents are allowed. philadelphia has been largely peaceful since the protests began. there have been a few dozen
11:36 am
arrests but no violent confrontations with police. checking in with tom kierein for the latest the forecast. did i hear you mention snow showers in your last forecast, tom? >> yes. out of the mountains, perhaps tomorrow night. and in between now and then we have this unusual weird warm november weather. sheer a look at our sky. sky watcher camera looking towards the west-northwest. few breaks in the clouds. allowing a little sunshine to break through. the temperatures have warmed up accordingly. now it is near 70 from culpeper over towards fredericksburg and parts of the eastern shore. and closer to washington and montgomery,up to 70 today. the record for the day is set on this date back in 1973. it was 74. right now a few breaks in the clouds. getting a few sprinkles out in the islands of west virginia.
11:37 am
west of the harrisonburg and shenandoah valley and overnight tonight, we will cool down and we will be down to the low 50s by dawn tomorrow. that's when we will probably have rain moving in. occasional showers through the day. tomorrow. colder air moves in for wednesday, thursday, and all the way into the weekend. and with sun shin but highs each dawe only around 50 or so. that's the way it looks now. >> okay, thank you very much, tom. a mother could lose custody of her child because he's obese. a social worker placed an 8-year-old boy in cleveland into foster care. he weighs more than 200 pounds. he is considered severely owe sxwees at risk for diseases like diabetes and hypertension. authorities say that the case for her classified as mom's inability to help the boy lose weight as medical neglect. lawyers for the boy's mom say the caseworker overreacted. the search for missing orlando mother michelle parker is not letting up. over the weekend orlando police raided the home where her ex-fiance is staying.
11:38 am
he's the same man who appeared with her on an episode of "the people's court" the same day michelle p went missing. police have said it is not -- he is not a suspect. >>. >> reporter: michelle parker just being a mom. videos taken just weeks before the 33-year-old disappeared. >> this is like a morgue now. there's no life here anymore. >> reporter: inside michelle's home, her mother tells us that reality is starting to kick in. >> i hope that we get to see her again. you know. as the days go by, i just don't know. >> reporter: it has been 121 days since the popular bartender, mother of three, went missing. and the same day she and the father of her 3-year-old twins appeared in a taped episode of "the people's court." >> he gets mali shallous and vindictive. >> reporter: police said although the two have a violent history dale smith is not a suspect. but over the weekend he t
11:39 am
investigation took an unexpected turn. the cell phone video caught by a neighbor a s.w.a.t. team raiding the house dale smith shares with his parents. the same house where michelle's twins are staying while the search for their mom continues. >> all i see is the s.w.a.t. coming up to the windows and the gate just -- fire extinguishers, flash grenade. broke the door in. >> reporter: police go into his house, what do you think they were looking for? >> michelle. they were looking for michelle. >> michelle's family has been saying all along that they had no reason to suspect dale smith. now her mother says they are not so sure anymore. smith and his family are not making any comments. no word yet from police on the results of the raid. the man suspected of being the east coast rapist will be in court today. aaron thomas is being held for the rape of a woman in 2007. she challenging his extradition. the prosecutor in prince william county, virginia, says he
11:40 am
petitioned to have thomas extradited there where he faces up to life in prison. police say thomas' dna links him to attacks on 17 women from virginia to new england. thomas has pleaded not guilty to the charge in connecticut. today an aide for former maryland governor ehrlich is scheduled to go to trial for allegedly trying to keep voters home. that robo call went out last november targeting democrats and saying the election was already wrapped up so that the voters didn't need to go out and vote. he is accused of using robo calls to try to suppress voter turnout. a very special arrival at b wi airport. a woman stepped off an airplane yesterday afternoon and gave fwoyrtsz
11:41 am
birth to a baby boy almost immediately. a police officer helped deliver the baby using a bathroom as a delivery room. mother and baby were taken to the hospital afterwards and they are said to be doing well today. our time right now is 41 minutes after 11. still ahead, why that partridge in a pear tree will be so costly this year. how to track down the best deals for cyber monday. and keep your ident [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. it's an amazing holiday deal. but don't wait. it's only available for a limited time. so go to to sign up. act now and we'll add a special bonus -- $300 back. fios delivers the best picture quality, plus america's fastest, most consistent most reliable internet. spend the holidays saving money. switch to fios and get our best price online --
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for the first time the cost of getting every item mentioned in the 12 days of christmas is more than $100,000. the cost of partridges, pear trees and turtle doves spiked. the price went up more than 4% to $101,119. that includes twem drummers drumming and since you have to do all the verses that includes 22 pipers piping, 30 lords a leaping, 30 ladies dancing, 40 maids-a-milking, 22 swans a swimming. 42 geese-a-laying 40shgs golden rings, 36 calling birds. the price does not include bird maintenance. one set of each first would cost $24,263. big gains on wall street this morning. somebody probably can afford that. let's ask hampton pierce how it is looking on wall street now.
11:45 am
good morning. >> hi, barbara. i was saying the same thing. as a matter of fact, major markets are seeing green today. and after a strong start to the holiday shopping season this weekend, little more optimism today about the european debt crisis. this hour we see the dow up 310 points. nasdaq up 88. s&p up 36. initial reports show a record number of shoppers hit the malls or bought gifts online over the weekend. black friday, the day after thanksgiving, up 6.6% from a year ago. sales from all four days of the holiday weekend up 16.6% according to shopper track. today is cyber monday. biggest online shopping day. says it sold four times more kindle devices on black friday than last year. and meanwhile, americans bought slightly more holmes in october but the median sales price fell and the commerce department says that sales were up 1.3% last month to 307,000 on a seasonally adjusted annual rate. that is less than half of the
11:46 am
700,000 economists say are needed to sustain a healthy housing market. markets in europe are also up sharply as leaders there discuss new approaches for containing that region's debt troubles. among the possible solutions are joint bond issue to finance the massive debt of several countries and tougher requirements for budget discipline in the future as countries move to manage their debt. barbara, back to you. >> okay. thank you. we will see you later. on the this cyber monday, millions of people will search the net for bargains on the newest gift ideas. this morning on the "today" show two experts talked about what to look for and where to go. >> you want to be quick but you don't want to be rash. up want to do your homework first. go to the review sites at consumer reports are seen a and make sure you know what a comparable technologies to the things you want. if you know you want a laptop, have a few in mind that would be acceptable. you don't want something that's cheap and find out it is cheap. >> all over the internet there's
11:47 am
stuff -- stores like toys 'r' s us, percentages off, buy one, get one. few things we like, 30% off up to 30% off with scooters. and they also have up to 40% off the entire line of nerf toys. >> has an insane deal. >> huge. 40% off of one item and that's one per household. so if you have one big ticket item for the holidays that is your place to get it. there are exclusions. just check. >> you can also find great deals on shoes at and weekendget aways on >> mini scammers are going to be troelg the internet for would-be victims. they will target mobile devices. chris clackum has more on that. >> reporter: research from police grabber says the big theme for holiday shop thing
11:48 am
year is mobile. survey supports that finding 71% of tabloid owners and 53% of smartphone owners plan to shop using mobile devices. for cyber criminals, it is an opportunity. >> one click, all you have to do is press this button and purchase something. that's a hacker's heaven there. >> reporter: the experts say that protect yourself. starting with a password that stays away from familiar names or street addresses. >> use a password that's at least eight characters long and that is a mixture of numbers, letters, special characters, and doesn't include any real words up find in a dictionary. >> reporter: be very careful, they say, downloading innocent looking holiday apps. be especially leery of e-mails that claim to have found that hard-to-find gift. >> when they are trying to get a doll for their kid or get that it gift, they are very likely to click on an e-mail like that and not think about it. >> reporter: msmbc's bob sullivan says hackers know
11:49 am
better than most that security software for mobile devices is far behind security for desk top computers. >> just infinitely more opportunities for bad guys to break into your e-mail and break into your phone book. and take advantage of all of the things that hackkers do when they own one of your gadgets. >> reporter: he says hackers go where the money and people are and more so this year, that means christmas shoppers online. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the time now 11:49. coming up, meet the dog who survived the gas chamber. plus, storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check of whether the rain will move into our area. stay with news4 all afternoon long. ellen welcomes minnie driver. and as a memorable round of hi
11:50 am
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meet daniel. a beagle who is being called a miracle dog. he was at an animal shelter and set to be euthanized. he was put in the gas chamber but miraculously survivored and now living with a new family in new jersey. his new owner says daniel's survival is inspiring. >> he walked out of that gas chamber with his tail wagging and i think there is a story that that for all of us.
11:53 am
that in the dark moments of life which we all encounter in some form or another, our attitude can carry us way beyond that moment. >> daniel's owner is now helping advocate for animal shelters across the country to try to help more dogs and cats find loving holmes. families gather on for the holiday season, some military families are spending the time of year far apart to make the separation just a little bit earsier. some professional photographers are working to make happy memories last a lifetime. nbc's kristen dahlgren explains now. >> reporter: while tens of thousands of troops are scheduled to be home for the holidays, denny will be one of them. hay won't only miss with christmas with his wife and son but the birth of his second son shall due in march. >> it is difficult, you know, knowing that i got a little guy coming and i don't get to see him until he is a couple months old. >> reporter: so on a beautiful fall day in an oklahoma city
11:54 am
park, they made time stand still if only for a few hours. >> this makes it a little easier and gives you something to look forward to. the photo shoot is from a group of professional photographers who volunteer to give troops something to help carry them through. >> it is being able to hold a piece of home in your hand and keep it with you. and makes the days go by. helps it go by quicker. >> reporter: the photographers take pictures before or during deployments and capture the joy when a loved one comes home. >> it is very, very strong emotions. >> reporter: toby lawrence, a photograph whose own husband served overseas, started off love to help other military families cope. >> this is a very small thing we can do to help them. for what they do for everybody. >> reporter: since it first started in 2006 it has grown. there are more than 800 photographers around the world giving thousands of military families memories like this. through their lenses they have
11:55 am
also seen the harsh reality, photos that can sometimes be the last. >> some of these guys don't come home. >> reporter: angela uses her skills to inspire a few extra smiles during a difficult time. >> a lot of people don't stop and think about having portraits done or pictures before they desxloy so it is nice we get to do that for them. >> hold that there. >> simple gift that for a while will be a little boy's link to his dad. >> dad loves him and is coming home soon. >> we are going to take a look at stories we will be following for you this afternoon. on "news4 at 5:00," why walmart is add extra workers at midnight and then at 5:00, charity checklist. what you need to know before donating to your favorite charity this holiday season. those stories and a whole lot more coming up tonight beginning at 4:00. take a final check on your forecast now. tom mentioning snow but not
11:56 am
right here. >> no. >> the mountains. >> next 36 hours, there could be in some parts of our viewing area but you would never know it by stepping out right now. it is certainly a balmy, unusually warm november day under way. we had quite a bit of cloudiness around this morning but breaks in the clouds now. live picture from the sky watcher camera. and it is here in upper northwest washington about 300 feet above the terrain on our tower looking off into virginia off in the distance on the horizon. loudoun county on the right. on the left is fairfax county. foreground, the neighborhoods of northwest. and as we look at temperatures now, it is climbing. reagan national now at 67 dreamy degrees. it is near 70 around the bay, eastern shore through much of virginia. and in west virginia now, low and mid 60s there. our northern and wern suburbs in the mid and upper 60s. we had breaks in the clouds but continue to roll in from the south and southwest. and we will have a lot of clouds later this afternoon. sun we have now is going to be going away and probably another
11:57 am
hour or two. and then cloudy the rest of the afternoon and into tonight. and then we will have cooler weather tomorrow with rain likely. off and on during the day on tuesday beginning tomorrow morning. and maybe some moderate rain late morning through early afternoon on tuesday. then we should clear out late tuesday night and go partly cloudy on wednesday and small chance of an afternoon sprinkle with highs just near 50. morning lows in the 30s. and then on thursday near freezing in the morning. and afternoon high was sunshine into the low fifth. and partly cloudy friday mid 50s. saturday and sunday, sunshine, near 50. tomorrow night out of the mountains they could get snow showers. >> seem more like a holiday season for those folks in the mount plans that's for sure. >> thanks, tom. that's "news4 midday" for today. we thank you for being with us. invite to you tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:0037 back tomorrow morning at 11:00 and hope you plan to join us. until then have a terrific day. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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more people are using wireless devices... more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... ...we can empower more people to innovate... ...putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... ...with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple - more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. >> here we go! >> stand by two, billy and kit. stand by, camera one. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> all right. one holiday weekend down. and the countdown to christmas is on. >> is on. i'm fired up. welcome to "access hollywood live." billy, you came i


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