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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in california. prosecutors also want murray to pay jackson's children more than $100 million in restitution. jackson's family is expected to be in the courtroom, but it's not clear whether they will speak. taking a live look outside, it is a little damp out there this morning. that drive in, i saw a little slick pavement as i made my way down river road into northwest d.c. tom, this is what you told us to expect. >> are you all wet this morning? >> i'm all wet. >> i'm fine. i do have the umbrella handy for later. >> good. then you're not. if you have an umbrella, you're in good shape. you'll need one throughout the day. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we are starting off with light rain around the metro area. there is the washington monument under a cloudy sky. right now at reagan national, it's cloudy and 62. we do have scattered sprinkles around. we've got a south/southeasterly breeze around 10 to 15 miles an hour. the temperatures are hovering in the upper 50s and low 60s
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throughout much of the region. we will stay steady in the low to mid-60s throughout the next few hours. we are going to be affected by a large area of low pressure that has been pushing rain all the way from the carolinas into southern canada. we see the yellow and orange, there's moderate to heavy rain in the carolinas, and that stretches into southwestern virginia and southern virginia. closer to washington, we have a few sprinkles in our northern suburbs, northern prince george's county into montgomery, howard, and frederick counties in maryland. that heavier rain is just now beginning to come into the central and southern shenandoah valley and should be arriving in the metro area by later this morning. sunrise at 7:05. so late rain from time to time through midmorning and then that moderate to briefly heavier rain during the afternoon hours and turning much chillier. will drop out of the low 60s at noontime, down to the mid-50s in the afternoon. look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella's back.
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good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. good to be back. let's take a look at the beltway. if you're traveling the beltway, a lot of rain on the road, give yourself extra time. taking the inner loop at georgia avenue, you're at 54 miles an hour. if you're also taking the inner loop at route 50, you're at 60 miles an hourment as you make your way past pennsylvania avenue and towards branch avenue, you're at 64 miles an hour. crossing the wilson bridge, not seeing any problems in either direction. in fact, a live look right now, you can see the road is open, your lanes are clear, and volume is very light at this time. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back to you both. >> danella, thanks very much. new from overnight, montgomery county police are investigating yet another carjacking in wheaton. it happened around 1:00 in the morning at the burger king on veirs mill road. police say two men got out of their car to see if it was open when two men approached them with a gun. no one was hurt. they got away with the honda civic.
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police do not believe this carjacking is related to three others that happened less than a mile away. officers have increased security patrols at the wheaton westfield shopping mall where the other attacks occurred. we have a video that police say is the man targeting shoppers in the parking lot. surveillance video comes from the target store, where the latest victim was abducted. a 75-year-old man was beaten and cut with a box cutter. before that, a 75-year-old and a 60-year-old were both kidnapped outside the giant store. in each case, the victim was forced to ride in the passenger seat of the car, and the carjacker drove them to area atms to withdraw money. the carjacker then jumped out of the cars near area metro stations. attacks have other shoppers concerned. >> that's just not right. you should not be doing that. older folks, come on. it's just not right. it's immoral. it's sickening. >> it's really scary to think the elderly are being threatened in this area.
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you hope they would be a safer population. i guess not. >> if you have any information to help stop these carjackings, you're asked to call the montgomery county police. a woman wanted in a series of crimes in northern virginia has struck again, this time in maryland. police in baltimore county say that 26-year-old stephanie schaub is excused of an attempted carjacking in a grocery store in catonsville on thanks day. schwab cut the driver of the car when she called for help and then ran. the acura schwab drove was stolen from the galleria two weeks ago. victim one in the child sex abuse case surrounding jerry sandusky is building his legal team. the lawyers say they were hired to represent victim one and his mother. they also represented victims of the clergy sex abuse scandal in philadelphia. a grand jury began investigating sandusky after victim one's mother reported the former penn
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state football coach sexually assaulted her son in 2008. sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys over 15 years. he says he's innocent. the charity sandusky founded is now asking people to support another organization. on its website, the second mile is encouraging donors to support the pennsylvania coalition against rape. the organization has helped sexual assault victims across the state for 36 years. many people in the state college area are urging the second mile to shut down and reorganize under a different name. they fear it will always be tainted by its association with sandusky. the u.s. attorney's office and the secret service are now investigating the child molestation accusations against former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. the university fired him on sunday night after a man came forward with more abuse claims. he said that fine molested him in a pittsburgh motel room in 2002. police there are also investigating the claims two
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former syracuse ball boys were the first to accuse fine, who has called those allegations false. happening today, the d.c. taxicab commission will hold a public hearing on a proposal to nearly double the current rates. commissioners will meet at 10:00 this morning in the old council chambers on fourth street and northwest. the current fee is $1.50 per mile. if approved, the rate would go up to $2.75 per mile. the commission is expected to vote on the final proposal after hearing from the public. there has not been a fare increase since 2006. today prince william county supervisors are expected to talk about what to do next with the holly acres mobile home park. the county board of zoning appeals unanimously reversed a decision allowing the park owner to rebuild. the county condemned and demollished the property that sat in the federally defined flood way following the massive flooding in september that badly damaged 65 trailers. to keep the park owners from rebuilding, a majority of the
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county supervisors would need to agree to appeal the zoning board's decision. for the first time in four years, the washington capitals will take the ice tonight without bruce boudreau behind the bench. after losing 10 of their last 15 games, the caps fired boudreau yesterday. he's been replaced by washington legend dale hunter, who spent 12 years as a cap and led the team to its only stanley cup finals in 1998. players say that they're excited to play for hunter but got emotional when talking about boudreau's exit. >> my first thought was i wish i could have done more. that's the nature of the beast. it's a business, and we understand that. i feel terrible for bruce because he's leaving his dream job. it sucks that he's the fall guy for it. >> hunter is one of only four caps players ever to have their number, the jersey number retired. tonight he will make his nhl
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coaching debut against the st. louis blues at the verizon center at 7:00. >> big change there. general manager george mckee even coming out and saying boudreau was a great coach. it's just, when players stop responding, you've got to make a change. >> it's a bad deal when they stop following the coach. there's some chemistry problem, it seems like, going on in the locker room. whether dale hunter is going to be able to fix it. >> hopefully starting tonight. >> and whatever is ailing ovechkin. who knows? right now it's 4:38. still ahead on "news 4 today," tensions between the u.s. and pakistan continue to grow this morning after a deadly many booing. whose actions the u.s. is blaming for the friendly fire attack.
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weather and traffic on the ones early on this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein on stormcenter 4. we do have light rain to the north of washington tracking north. it's in northern montgomery county, howard, frederick, carroll counties in maryland. we have a broader area of steady rain entering the southern shenandoah valley and into virginia. elsewhere, we have low clouds and a few breaks in the clouds
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elsewhere to our south. temperatures are mild this morning. we're hovering around 60 degrees throughout most of the region. we will stay on the mild side through the morning hours. it will turn chilly by late afternoon with the rain increasing in intensity by mid to late afternoon. we could have moderate downpours and maybe briefly some heavy downpours later this morning and midday. overnight tonight turning continuing chilly with a blustery wind down into the upper 40s by midnight. even chillier by this time tomorrow morning. we'll look at the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minutes. here's the traffic. danella? >> good morning. if you're driving i-270, looking pretty good as you head towards germantown on the spur in both directions. not seeing any issues for you. here's a live look at father hurley. congestion is building just a bit. i wouldn't even say congestion. i would say volume is building a bit, but you're clear as you make your way towards the spur. if you're traveling on i-95 in virginia, still clear in this
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area as well. traveling north from the occoquan making your way towards the beltway, not seeing any issues for you. southbound looks good as well. i'll give you a travel speed right now. 64 miles per hour as you make your way from the occoquan river bridge to the beltway. only taking you 11 minutes. angie and joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. just 17 minutes away from the start of the 5:00 hour. a new twist in the search for a missing mother who vanished after appearing on tv. who police are now focusing on.
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inside lebanon is hit northern israel, marking the first sign of hostility between the countries in two years.
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according to israeli media, two buildings in western galilee were damaged. there were no reports of injuries or deaths. israel did return fire. the border between lebanon and israel have been quiet recently, but there have been concerns that tensions in syria could spill over to lebanon. in 1996, israel fight a war with hezbollah guerrillas in lebanon. a nato air strike that killed pakistani soldiers over the weekend may have been provoked by the taliban. nato called for bombs after tal dan forces attacked them. they believe the taliban was deliberately trying to provoke a cross-border fire fight that would damage pakistani-u.s. relations. pakistan has now shut down two border crossings used by u.s. troops to get supplies into afghanistan. today euro zone finance
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ministers will meet to discuss the details of a bailout package to help italy or spain should they need aid. they're also likely to approve the next set of emergency loans for greece and ireland. president obama met with european union officials yesterday. he pressed to quickly resolve the debt crisis before it gets any worse. some economists believe without deep spending cuts, tax hikes, and bailouts, the european economy could collapse and spark a new global financial kriss. asian stock markets are up amid hopes that european leaders are considering new and radical proposals to end the debt crisis. european and u.s. futures, though, are down slightly. police in orlando, florida, have named the ex-fiance of a missing mother the prime suspect in her disappearance. michelle parker was last seen november 17th. that was the same day she appeared on the tv show "the people's court" with her former fiance dale smith jr. the two were fighting over a
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$5,000 engagement ring. police believe he's the last person to see the mother before she disappeared. smith is the father of her twins. the man accused of being the east coast rapist will now face trial here in virginia. a connecticut judge agreed yesterday to extradite aaron thomas to the commonwealth because he faces more charges there. thomas was arrested in connecticut in march after being linked to at least 17 attacks over a decade up and down the east coast. he faces six charges in virginia. thomas faces at least a life sentence if convicted in virginia compared to only 50 years in connecticut. 4:49 is the time. the man accused of firing shots at the white house is competent to stand trial. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez is accused of trying to assassinate the president. prosecutors say he fired a semiautomatic rifle at the white house earlier this month. the court appointed psychiatrist found he is competent to understand the proceedings against him and to help with his defense. he's due back in court on december the 12th. occupy protesters at two
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d.c. camps are receiving warnings this morning that many say could be the first signs of an eviction. according to the "washington examiner," the national park service has posted warnings that protesters are attracting rats, urinating in public, and using illegal drugs. they say there's no plans to force demonstrators from either mcpherson square or freedom plaza, however. compared to other occupy pants, d.c. protesters have enjoyed a friendly relationship with city officials and police. meantime, occupy wall street supporters in los angeles are going to court to battle an order to leave their encampment. they're seeking a federal injunction to prevent police from dismantling their camp at city hall. the occupy l.a. protesters were supposed to withdraw from the camp early yesterday morning. police in riot gear surrounded the area, but the protesters weren't evicted. it's a similar scene in philadelphia where a few dozen occupy philly protesters are staying put in defiance of an order to clear out. the city has asked the
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protesters to move to another site across the street. they will not be able to camp there. the move is to make way for a $50 million construction project. wild animals made a neighborhood look like a real life concrete jungle. they saw zebras roaming the streets in leesburg. one woman snapped pictures from her front yard. they say the animals escaped from the leesburg animal park petting zoo nearby. sheriffs drove through the neighborhood to try to protect the zebras from the cars. animal control used a tranqu tranquilizer to safely capture the zebras. diane says the sighting made up for a safari trip she had to cancel. >> they were right outside the house. i started taking pictures. i don't even have to go to africa. i've got zebras in my own yard. >> this is the second time animals have escaped from the same petting zoo.
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last april an african cat got out and got hit by a car in the neighborhood. >> oh, my goodness. >> weird goings on. >> beautiful animals, though. >> they really are beautiful. glad they weren't hurt. >> i know. weatherwise, not so bad. >> it's been springtime in november the last few days. but it's coming to an end even though we are off to a mild start this morning. good morning. right now around the region we've got low clouds racing around the nation's capital. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now at reagan national it's at 62 degrees under a cloudy sky there. there have been a few showers. the roadways are wet this morning from the passing showers we've had over the last couple of hours. yes, you know what happens when the roads are wet. we'll have fender benders likely this morning. as the day progresses, more rain coming in. it's all associated with a large area of low pressure that's spreading rain from southern ontario in canada all the way down to the carolinas. this area of rain in yellow and orange is moderate to heavy rain
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north carolina into southwestern virginia and southern west virginia. this is advancing toward the north and east. should be coming into the metro area perhaps by mid to late morning. right now, though, just a cloudy sky over northern virginia and much of maryland. all this area of green and blue and slight rain in northern maryland now, frederick and carroll counties heading into pennsylvania. some of this heavier rain is coming up to luray and points south, waynesville to charlottesville getting heavier rain. temperatures are mild. upper 50s to low 60s the entire region from the atlantic beaches all the way into the mountains. low 60s montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties as well. how much rain will we get? it does appear we won't get enough for any major flooding. there may be ponding of water. this area of blue, northern edge of the district, could get an inch t inch and a half. generally across parts of northern virginia. most of this moderate to heavy rain will be midday and into the
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middle of the afternoon. then we'll have those temperatures getting colder. sunrise at 7:05. sunset 4:47. by then we'll be back down into the 50s. by midnight tonight with a blustery wind, still a few lingering passing showers in the upper 40s. then a chilly start to wednesday morning, the 30s. afternoon highs tomorrow partly cloudy with a blustery wind only around 50. it's a rude reminder. yes, it is almost wintertime, and it's going to feel like that thursday, friday, saturday, as we get into december. each day chilly, only low to mid-50s. morning lows 30s. rain monday maybe. danella, how's traffic? right now the roads are wet. so far not seeing too many problems for you. if you're traveling along 50 making your way from annapolis towards the beltway, i'll give you the travel speed. as you travel westbound, you're at 51 miles an hour past davidsonville. here's a live look at fairfax county parkway. 66 east and west, not seeing any
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issues. travel speeds in this area, if you're traveling east, make your way from the beltway to gw parkway, you're at 61 miles an hour. lanes are open, but please give yourself extra time. the roads are wet. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. the clothing store united colors of benetton is once again causing a stir with a controversial ad. according to britain's "daily mail," it put up a billboard in tel aviv showing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu kissing palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. it came after showing pope benedict kissing a muslim imam. it also showed president obama embracing world leaders. benetton called it part of its, quote, unhate campaign. when nature calls, apparently you have to answer even if it means you're on a football field with 70,000 fans watching and millions on tv. with 1:34 left in the fourth quarter of a tied game on
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sunday, the chargers look to their kicker for the win. when the camera went to nick novak, he apparently was reli e relieving himself next to the gatorade bottles. he went on to miss two field goals, and the broncos won in overtime. oh, dear. novak played at the university of maryland. maybe he learned all that there. spent two yards with the redskins. >> my favorite part of the video is the assistant holding up the little towel like he's giving him some privacprivacy. >> that's what assistants do, i guess. >> didn't do much. >> we'll have to start having porta potties next to the benches, i guess. >> four minutes away from the 5:00 hour. coming up, as we receive gifts this holiday season, how much thought did that person give them to really put into that? that?[ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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the website also found more than one-third of those surveyed said that they have received a regifted item. here's a tip. you plan to regift a gift card, make sure your name isn't on the "to" part. this morning three connecticut men are now $254 million richer. they came forward to claim their powerball jackpot. the trio bought the winning ticket at a gas station and formed a trust when they learned they had the matching numbers. they decided to take the after tax lump sum of nearly $104 million in cash. the men say they plan to give a significant portion to charity. the jackpot was the largest ever won in connecticut and the 12th largest in powerball history. good for them. >> why don't we ever win that? when we do it here at the station. >> would you give a large sum to charity? >> i'd give a portion of it to charity. >> a dollar would be a portion. we'd give half of it to charity, let's make that promise, if we win. >> stay with us.


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