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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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funny for her, not police. she's got five supposed crimes. the first, november 18th. she first allegedly robbed a bank in prince william county. the second hit, a carjacking in tyson's corner bar. then a bank robbery in springfield, next a carjacking on thanksgiving day when she cut a woman. today, an attempted bank robbery she supposedly committed here in mcclain. we are told the fbi is also involved. the amount of charges or if she will face charges is expected to be revealed in the next coming days. back to you. >> thank you, erica. gary giordano is back in the united states. he's the prime suspect in the death of a woman from maryland on the island of aruba. he was released from jail in aruba last night.
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gary giordano was arrested back in august after his travel companion, a woman named robyn gardner disappeared. last week, a judge decided prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to keep him in custody. today, an appeals court rejected the request to put him back in jail. giordano landed in miami today and boarded a flight to new york. it is not clear when or whether he will return to his home in gaithersburg, maryland. prosecutors say they will continue their investigation. giordano claims his travel companion was swept away while they were diving. under dutch law, prosecutors have up to three years to press charges against him. the man who attempted to assassinate ronald reagan is asking for more time. authorities say giving him more
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freedom is a bad move. >> the hearing will take a week and a half. the issue tomorrow determined is this. is he a danger to himself or the community? government lawyers say he poses a risk. it's been 30 years since the attempted assassination of ronald reagan. since july, he asked his mother to drop him at a movie, but went to a bookstore in the mall and was seen browsing books about reagan and presidential asa assassinatio assassinations. the motion to expand his time visiting his mother in williamsburg, virginia. wilbur wrote the book "rawhide down". >> they reference the girlfriend being c.b. he's told his relatives and others treating him and prosecutors he wants to marry her. he wants to propose marriage.
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what they raise as an interesting question is he didn't tell one of his psychotherapists about the plans. >> reporter: he left a note he shot reagan to impress jodie foster. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. he was treated for depression and narcissism. in the past two and a half decades he's not committed a single act of violence. judge paul freeman granted him freedom to take ten-day trips to visit his mother. now, the new proposal would extend the time to 17 days in williamsburg for two visits then 24 days during which he's allowed unaccompanied outings and transition into leave which means he's an outpatient living in williamsburg and can register for social security and
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medicaid. the judge wonders if that's the best place for him if his 81-year-old mother becomes incapacitated asking if others in his family would be better to take care of him. anything you can say? >> not at this time. >> could he live with you or your sister? >> as you see, he didn't answer. there is a possibility that john hinckley will take questions from the judge during this hearing. but, he apparently is refusing to submit to cross-examination by government attorneys. if he does testify, it will be his first time in 30 years. that's the latest from the news room, back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. major clean up is under way at a tailor shop after a car came through the front of the building. it happened at 3:00 at abraham's tailor. one person was standing inside the shop at the time of the crash but missed being hit.
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the driver of the jaguar suffered minor injuries. fire officials are on the scene trying to assess possible structural damage. the republican presidential candidate herman cain says he's reassessing his presidential bid. he did not sound like it today that he's giving up anytime soon. earlier this week, a woman from georgia claimed she had an extramarital affair with cain over the last 13 years. during an interview on fox news today, cain said he was in the race for the long haul. >> politics as usual is that once it gets rough and rocky and they start trying to attack your character, politics as usual is drop out of the race. that's just not me. >> he's lost some support. a lawmaker in new hampshire feels lied to. he's supporting newt gingrich. some say cain's fund raising success will decide whether he
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can continue with the campaign. president obama was in scranton, pennsylvania today pushing for an extension of payroll tax cuts. they were extended last year. if the cuts aren't renewed, people could see taxes go up by $1,000 next year. not extending them is a blow to the economy. it's set to expire at the end of the year. >> d.c.s attorney general criticized leaders for not speaking out more against unethical behavior. that comment came as they were wrestling with writing a new and tougher ethics law. tom sherwood is here with more. >> jim, ethic reform is the biggest political issue in the city now. the attorney general didn't mince words. the district government mired ethics issues since last winter. there's no end in sight. >> setting up an ethics committee is definitely the way
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to go. >> muriel bowser is leading the effort to write the ethics laws. the tough campaign provisions to require more disclosure of cash and other contributions and prohibit accounts to fund transitions and legal defense. >> allowing lobbyists to represent officials for free. or for reduced rates. >> reporter: the toughest talk came from criticizing the failure of condemning unethical behavior. >> a number of citizens expressed disappointment of violations of others. >> reporter: writing a new bill is only part of the issue. >> it will not be sufficient unless it is matched by the change in attitude reflected to ethics failures. >> reporter: citizens said leaders need to clear up the law and their image.
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>> there should be a lot of -- i wonder where the outrage is. >> you cannot legislate ethics. you can got do it in terms of press conferences and press releases. third, you have too many members of the council having a major hand in writing the bill who are doing it because they are up for re-election and it will look good on the campaign literature. >> the panel would have power to investigate and punish ethical violations. but the attorney general and others warn that the new panel has to have a budget and staff to be an effective watchdog. >> is that going to happen? >> i think there's going to be toughening of the law before they vote. >> tom sherwood, okay. stocks made major gains on wall street following news global banks would provide cheap emergency loans to help with the
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crisis. the dow up 490 points. it's up above the 12,000 mark. nasdaq up and s&p 51 points higher. police move in to clear occupy camps, leading to arrested. a maryland man in custody for a string of carjackings. it's the son of a minister. vice president biden makes a surprise trip to iraq. a local community coming together to help an iraq war veteran keep the treehouse he built for his sons. >> what's ahead in weather? >> temperatures up to 46 degrees. many areas seeing a windchill in the 30s. i'll show you what you'll wake up to and what to expect for the week and the weekend in the forecast. dan? >> hey, bruce. hey, doug, we are talking bruce boudreaux speaking out for the first time being fired. a week after cutting himself
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from the
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secretary of state, hillary clinton, is in the nation myanmar, known as burma. it's the first time in more than 50 years that a u.s. secretary of state visited that nation in southeast asia. after 50 years of repressive military rule, myanmar has taken steps toward an open society. she'll meet with a noble piece lawyer who spent 15 years as a prisoner. she now leads the prodemocracy movement there. vice president joe biden is spending a second day in iraq working to establish a relationship between the u.s. and iraq that will continue
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after the u.s. leaves next month. he said the troop pull out marks the beginning of cooperation between the two countries. he praised the people of iraq for their resilients. >> few nations have gone through what you have gone through and few nations have made the progress you have made. it's because of the incredible natural resource that rests in the people of iraq. >> he met with the iraqi president today. mr. biden arrived in baghdad yesterday. it was a surprise visit. another round of occupy wall street evictions under way. protesters in los angeles and philadelphia were forced to pack up their tents and move out. not everyone left willingly. chris gordon has the report. >> reporter: more than 1400 police officers were used to clear the occupy los angeles
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camp driving protesters from a camp around city hall. all though more than 200 were arrested, it was considered peaceful. >> i think they did a tremendous job out here. they acted with restraint, discipline, professionalism. >> reporter: a protester couldn't disagree. >> i think it's gone smooth. >> reporter: they protested economic disparity and greed wonder what is next. >> i was discouraged we didn't get farther while we were here. so, it will be interesting to see how the group reforms the movement reforms. >> reporter: dozens of the occupy philadelphia movement reformed fast enough to stage a march through downtown. earlier, they were evicted from their camp near philadelphia city hall. again, without injury or incident. >> i thinkette's gone well. i mean it's been a long night. we were able to clear the plaza without any problems.
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>> reporter: still, more than 50 demonstrators were arrested. the clean up of the park that's been occupied was under way well before sunrise. other occupy protests are facing the same thing. this one in oklahoma city, has until thursday midnight to shut down. while occupy san francisco protesters rejected a city proposal to relocate their camp, setting up a possible confrontation with police. chris nbc news. >> doug has a look at the forecast. got a little cooler today. >> yeah, this is where we are supposed to be this time of year. we are the coolest we have been in two weeks. it's getting people into the holiday spirit. >> okay. >> you talked about this saying it was too warm. not too warm anymore. a lot of places are seeing windchills into the 30s. it's where they are going to
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stay for the evening. we saw a lot of cloud cover today. those clouds, they helped to make it feel that much cooler. we saw sunshine early. on a day like today, sunshine is nice. 51 the high temperature today. a low of 40 degrees. yes, the coolest day in two weeks. believe it or not, the day as a hole goes in the books for a record. an above average day believe it or not. 46 is the current temperature now. winds out of the west-northwest at 14. the northerly wind component is making things cool. 39 in winchester. 43 in frederick. 46 in fredericksburg. the windchill is really starting to go down. winchester, a windchill of 30 degrees. 33 in hagerstown. 36 in gaithersburg. as we go toward the metro area,
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36 in gaithersburg. 37 in dulles. a windchill of 37 degrees. a chilly night. not dealing with rain. we are not going to see rain over the next couple days. pretty much, right on through the weekend and into next week. we have a nice dry period across the region. you can see the cloud cover moving through here. we are going to see clouds throughout the rest of the evening. then we go mostly clear. it's going to allow the temperatures to cool down overnight tonight. we are talking a very cool night and very cold start to our thursday morning. there goes the area of low pressure out of here. behind it, chilly air with sunshine tomorrow. i think we are going to see a beautiful afternoon. it's going to be cold. temperatures around average with a high of 52 degrees. 52 and sunny is really, really nice. it gets better on friday ahead of a frontal boundary. it helps us to warm up a little bit. high temperatures 56. 57 degrees and with sunshine,
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it's a nice afternoon. i'm forecasting a fantastic friday. then we get colder on saturday. this evening, partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. 42 to 46. tomorrow, 25 to 33 inside the beltway. the airport around 35 degrees. still, we have yet to have it freezing at the airport. tomorrow afternoon, look at that picture. beautiful along the potomac. plenty of sun and cool. 47 to 52 degrees. winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour tomorrow. any breeze will make it feel cooler. still, i think nice for this time of year. cooler on saturday. 56 on your sunday. then we'll watch as another storm system moves in monday, tuesday and wednesday. remember last week, we were talking about how the last one was interesting? another interesting storm coming up tuesday and wednesday of next week. we'll see how it plays out.
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keep it right here. of course, starting tomorrow, we have holiday lights. if you would like us to come do the weather live in your front yard, e-mail pictures to it's every thursday. tomorrow, we go down to the president's house. >> that will be exciting. >> i'm going to knock and see if he lets me in. >> we can assume he didn't do his own lights. >> the rest of you, you don't have to have that big of a display. >> no, you don't. not at all. >> thank you. coming up, congressional consideration of a dangerous situation among truckers. a situation that led to some serious and sometimes deadly accidents on the road. disturbing new details as a
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a first lawsuit has been filed now in connection with the
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child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. the alleged victim claims he was ace bused more than 100 times by jerry sandusky. it happened beginning when he was 10 years old. he was not among the eight boys wharnlging him for the abuse over a 125 year period. sandusky admits to showering with boys but not molesting them. driver fatigue can be a serious problem and danger on the roads. now, there's a push to limit the number of consecutive hours a truck driver can stay behind the wheel. today, victims of accidents spoke on capitol hill calling for the change. they want to cap the number of hours truckers can legally be behind the wheel and extend off-duty rest times. victims say truckers need to
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take a break after a maximum of ten straight hours. >> our family just spent another holiday without our beautiful daughter. i urge congress and the president to put the safety of the motorists before the greed of the trucking industry. >> 65% of truck drivers recently surveyed by the department of transportation say they often or sometimes felt drowsy while driving. half of them admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. billy graham is in the hospital tonight with possible pneumonia. he's in stable condition at mission hospital in asheville, north carolina. he under went successful treatment for pneumonia last may. he was alert, smiling and waving when admitted for evaluation. the 93-year-old has been the
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spiritual adviser to many presidents. coming up, a minister's son in custody. accused of carjacking and robbing several men in their 70s. a fight over a treehouse in fairfax county comes to a head. athletes facing concussion problems. why some college football players are targeting the ncaa. coming nup up in sports, discouraged and encouraged. redskins getting ready for jets. bruce boudreaux talks for the first
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police have arrested a woman wanted for a string of bank robberies and carjackings that stretch from northern virginia to baltimore. her name is stephanie schwab, she's 26 years old. she crashed her car after a police chase. police started trailing her after she tried to rob a bank today. a judge is deciding whether or not to let hinckley have more time away from a psychiatric hospital. he's fix sated on the former president but his attorney says his medical condition improved enough for him to be able to live outside the hospital full time. >> gary giordano is back in the u.s. for the first time in nearly four months. today, an appeals court in aruba rejected a request from prosecutors to put him back in
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jail. he's a suspect in the presumed death of his travel companion. giordano says she was swept away during a diving trip. he lives in gaithersburg, never been charged with a crime. prosecutors are promising to continue their investigation. a man is in custody accused of a series of carjackings. >> he's the son of a minister. he was picked up near one of the crime scenes. the suspect is no stranger to crime. >> reporter: police say this is atm video of henry sanders at work. he's the man in the redskins jacket and police say in this video he's trying to force a victim to take money out of a bank machine on new hampshire avenue. sanders now linked to a number of violent crimes in montgomery and prince george's county.
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>> does that look like the guy? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: is that the man who carjacked you? >> i believe so. >> reporter: and beat you up? >> i thought i got a couple blows in on him. i'm disappointed to see no scars on his face. >> reporter: his eye still black from the beating. the cut on his face just starting to heal. this is dr. banks. police say he's yet another victim of henry sanders an alleged serial carjacker whop y preys on victims over 70. all of the victims seniors. all carjacked, all robbed. dr. banks, he was attacked before all of that. right here in prince george's county. it was november 18th, about 2:00 in the afternoon. dr. banks says he was on the way to the post office when a man came up and said my mother is
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sick, i need a ride to the hospital, can you help? >> sure, the dr. said. he let him in his car, drove him to the hospital. he began to beat the doctor right there in the car. >> he said, i need your car and told me to get out. i said you gotta be kidding. then he hit me on the side of the head. we fought a little bit. he was getting the better out of me. >> reporter: he escaped. the suspect made off with his car, wallet and credit cards. >> one of the things i used to emphasize is to make your day better, do something for somebody else every day. i just changed my mind about that. living in the district, i'm doing nothing for nobody else. i'm ashamed to say that. >> reporter: while all this was going on. sanders was on out a $100,000
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money bond. awhile back he was charged in yet another robbery. tonight, he's being held, no bond status. i'm pat collins, news 4, prince george's county. police in the district are asking for help to identify the suspect in a violent armed robbery spree. the first was back on sunday morning on division avenue northeast. three men walked into a 7-11, ordered the customers to the ground. another was robbed two hours later and again the next day. the shop express was robbed on monday. all four incidents were recorded on surveillance cameras. police say they may be connected. an iraq war veteran's promise to his children won't go unfulfilled. he built a treehouse for his sons in the front of their house.
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while they were happy, not everybody else was. derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: all the amenities you would expect. a great view and a setting. what this tree house didn't have was the blessing of fairfax county zoning officials or the approval of a complain tent who brought it to the board. >> i don't think it was a neighbor within a couple blocks. >> reporter: he learned early on he didn't need a building permit. special permission from the zoning board was needed. he was denied on the first attempt. before he left on his last deployment to iraq, he promised his sons he would build them a treehouse on his return. >> i must have made hundreds of sketches. what can i do to fulfill my promise to build a tree house. great trees. >> reporter: while the project seemed destined to become firewood, a fire was lit in the
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community and across the country. another military man on the west coast gathered thousands of petition signatures. a lawyer represented him pro bono. another neighbor lended landscaping to help it blend in better. >> the boys got 166 signatures. >> reporter: finally, a zoning appeals date arrived. this time, the members present agreed the treehouse could stay. the boys learned a few things about local government and the soldier stays true to his word to his sons. >> this was a promise to them. >> reporter: a man's home is his castle. apparently, a kids treehouse holds sanctity, too. derrick ward, news 4. >> they will have to take the treehouse down in five years. he's not upset about that, but
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he's learned a valuable and expensive lesson. the cost of the treehouse exceeded $1,000. he thinks it's a small price to pay for his son's happiness. >> tomorrow morning, officials meet to talk budget problems and fare increases. they are facing a $124 million short fall for the next fiscal year. according to "the washington examiner," a fare increase of nearly 6% is on the table. that translates to roughly ten cents more for each train and bus ride. the increases could go higher to close the budget gap. the increases could take effect as soon as next july. >> still ahead on news 4 at 6:00, a woman is rushed to the hospital thinking her appendix is about to rupture. turns out she was in labor. why it caught her by surprise. the countdown is on to the annual holiday tradition of
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get the technology they love, on the network they deserve. like the powerful droid charge by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. hello, everybody. welcome back, i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. the airport sitting at 46 degrees. the windchill down to 40 in most areas seeing windchills in the 30s, already.
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that's what we are going to be for actual temperatures later on. satellite radar to show you. some cloudiness across portions of the area. we are going to clear out. it's going to allow for cold temperatures. 33 around the beltway. leesburg 28 degrees. winchester 27 degrees. martinsburg, one of the cool spots, 25 tonight. tomorrow, we'll see the numbers rebound a little bit. 58 in gaithersburg. 49 for a high in frederick. 53 toward washington. we'll see plenty of sunshine. a nice day. tomorrow evening, we have the national tree lighting that's going to happen around the ellipse. the trees lit better than that tree there. a good forecast, not too bad. temperatures around 42 degrees between 5:00 and 7:00 tomorrow night. we'll be live there tomorrow night as well. >> thanks. college athletes are going to court to get more protection against concussions.
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four former players have filed a class action lawsuit against the ncaa. the organization has not done enough to protect them. the ncaa says it suit is without merit. concussion prevention and awareness should start earlier than at the college level. a woman in portland, oregon was rushed to emergency. she thought her appendix ruptured. turned out she had a baby. she was 39 weeks along and had no idea she was pregnant. she has two older daughters. after her second child was born, doctors told her a medical condition would prevent her from ever getting pregnant again. she thought her weight gain was caused by her health and other factors. >> working in a dairy queen you eat their food. >> when i got to the hospital they said could you be pregnant?
6:43 pm
i said no, not a clue. they said yeah, you are pregnant. >> four hours later, baby paige was born. the little girl is healthy despite the fact he mother had no prenatal care. >> wow. good for them, really. a little redskins. remember deangelo hall said he should be cut? this week he's the player of the week. he's going to talk about that. bruce boudreaux speaks out for the first time since being cut from the capitals. dale hunte
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wind changes things doesn't it? >> yeah. >> changes attitudes and a matter of things. >> there are more smiles after this week. five games left for the redskins now. after the saw hawks game, the skins have a chance to salvage respe respect. battling for a playoff spot. one player who would love to take them down is deangelo hall who was chided last year by rex ryan. we asked deangelo about him. he says he doesn't know him. my guess is they have a mutual respect for each other. they both like to talk a lot. a week after saying he ought to be cut, he had his best game.
6:47 pm
also had an interception. he was rewarded with player of the week honor. an award that shocked him. >> definitely. definitely. didn't realize i had seven pass break ups. definitely remember dropping a couple picks, but definitely didn't expect this at all. >> i'm glad he didn't quit or he would have never gotten player of the week. it's the nature of this job, you have to be accountable. i thought he was very accountable. a great week of practice. he showed on sunday he deserves nfl player of the week. it doesn't happen all the time. to have one of your better games, but the mental toughness to come back and play a better game. >> all good for now. bruce boudreaux is going to get another head coaching job in the nhl. monday, boudreaux told caps general manager he tried every
6:48 pm
trick he learned in 18 years of coaching to try to motivate the players the last few weeks. nothing was working. they said boudreaux's tank was empty. he spoke publicly for the first time about what went wrong with the team. >> i tried everything that i can. nothing is getting these guys on a consistent basis. winning two, losing two. couldn't get over the hump. so, i mean, it was a struggle. i mean this year there's no doubt. they are a great bunch of guys. i know dale will turn it around. i know it's a great hockey market. the people have been fabulous. i think it'll thrive and survive before the season is over, they will be back where they belong. >> boudreaux taking the high road. it's painful, but a guy like that is going to land an his feet.
6:49 pm
>> let's hope it's soon. >> he might want to take the rest of the year off and get paid then jump on the horse. >> last night for the first game the caps played without boudreaux, it's not going to be a quick fix. they outplayed for much of the game by st. louis. fans who remember dale hunter wearing a caps jersey bringing out the signs. we were scoreless in the first period. vintage alex ovechkin going up the ice. waits. feets backstrom. backstrom gets the seventh goal of the year. 1-0 lead. hunter says this is going to be easy. not so fast. second period, shoots from the right wing. can't corral it. that is a goal. so, st. louis wins it, 2-1. hunter loses his nhl coaching debut. he was disappointed in the
6:50 pm
outcome, but not the effort. >> it happens with transition. they don't have it down pat. got better as the game went on. they competed hard. that's the important thing. it's what you need to win. >> we are happy it's over. you kind of move on and i have something to work with. the result of your team and what you did the night before under dale's theories then improve on them. >> we did it. i think if we play the same way, we are going to get success. >> what would be the perfect game, you think, for dale hunter to get his first win for the capitals? >> what kind of set-up is that? how about thursday, the penguins, you think? >> guess what, thursday night, penguins at verizon center. time will tell, we'll be there
6:51 pm
live. georgetown one win away from the top 25. quite an achievement for a team that wasn't supposed to be good this year. john thompson iii loaded his team with freshmen. they have gone down to the wire with fourth ranked kansas. tomorrow they take on 12th ranked alabama. one more win and they are no longer under the radar. >> they have a chance to win whether that's in line with what people expect or not. we expect to win here. this group is too early to tell where we are going to be. but this group, i think, has a chance. >> having such an incredible name. flying under the radar. i think that gives us a chip on our shoulder. it gives us incentive to go out and show the world that we can play. >> we are just too nice.
6:52 pm
we just got to get tougher physically and mentally. we are tougher physically and mentally than a week ago. i got a lot of faith in our team. i didn't have a week ago. i feel better about our team today but we still lost. i's about winning. >> tough time. >> maryland head coach mark church not having as good of a time as georgetown. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate...
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putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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it's a tradition that dates back decades. the lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree happens tonight attracting tens of thousands of people and many more on tv. before the tree is illuminated, stars will take to the stage. we have the look. >> reporter: standing tall and
6:56 pm
ready for the spotlight, the rockefeller christmas tree will be lit for the first time this season. a tradition that brings tens of thousands to the city each year. >> we watch it every year. we came last year for the ball dropping. this year for the christmas tree. >> reporter: it's wrapped in nearly five miles of wire and 30,000 l.e.d. lights. >> awesome. >> crowned by a crystal star. before the bright lights and big city, this tiring tree had roots in the tiny town of pennsylvania. on the corner lot of nancy keller's home. >> i just got home from making eggs at church. my doorbell rang. the fella said that's the most beautiful norway spruce tree i have ever seen. i said i didn't know what it was. he handed me a card for rock felller center. >> reporter: crews worked around the clock to get it spruced up
6:57 pm
for tonight's star-studded show that include performances by tony bennett, the rockets and justin bieber. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> you can hear the music and watch the tree lighting festivities starting tonight at 8:00 here on nbc 4. coming up tonight, penn state in the midst of damage control. questions about why the university just bought xxx domain names. the federal government taking steps to stop lengthy delays on tarmacs. a hunting trip ended early when a dog shot his owner. you do not want to miss that story. >> he was all done hunting. >> he didn't have a license. >> one more check on the weather, doug.
6:58 pm
>> the weather is looking good for the end of november and december. december 1 is tomorrow. moving into december on a nice note. 52 tomorrow, 56 friday. 52 saturday and let's repeat it again, 56 on sunday. it looks like the next chance of rain will be early next week, maybe tuesday or wednesday. i really don't see any frigid air. it's just going to be chilly when you get up in the morning. >> thanks, doug. matt lives up in boston but decided to go fishing in north carolina. he shot video, instead. look at that. he dropped his fishing rod and grabbed his smartphone. this is what he saw. can you hear it now? >> gosh. >> great white circling their boat. >> oh my goodness. >> they were 25 miles off the coast of wrightsville beach. >> somebody on the boat said we're going to need a bigger
6:59 pm
boat. the shark circled the boat for 20 minutes. can you imagine? that's the longest 20 minutes on earth. officials watched the video. they say yep, that, my friend, was a great white. that was a big great white. >> that makes me nervous just watching that. scary. >> "nightly news" is up next. >> see you at 11:00. can't you just see them on on our broadcast tonight, why so high? what sent the stock market way up today in the midst of this awful economy and what does it mean? arsenic and apple juice. a new study from consumer reports getting a lot of attention tonight. it's about the juice kids drink and the risk of cancer. a stunning fall from grace for a well-known law man who was once sheriff of the year. tonight he's in a jail named after him following the shocking news of his arrest and what he's accused of doing. hinckl t


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