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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  December 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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judge peter messitte said this is not a simple misstep but a deliberate march down a path of corruption and sentenced jax johnson to 87 months. in about a month he will turn himself in at a federal prison where he will be provided treatment for parkinson's. >> he knew he was under federal investigation but he laughed it off and put the cash in his pocket. why is that? that's because jax johnson thought it was the normal way of doing business. that's what you learn if you listen to the recordings. he could have been a road model for integrity but he chose to be a poster child for trupgs. >> rod roth stein added that johnson's sentence could have been 14 years in federal prison. instead it was cut almost in half because johnson cooperated
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and the u.s. attorney stressed that this investigation into corruption in prince george's county continues. that's the latest from the federal courthouse. back to you. >> thank you, chris. the scandal rocked prince george's county and leaders in office are reacting to the sentence. darcy spencer continues our team coverage now in upper marlboro. >> reporter: i can tell you this is the last thing that prince george's county leaders wanted to talk about too but the former leader of this county is going to federal prison for seven years. they had to say something. what they said is that jack johnson and his administration is part of the past and they are focusing on moving forward. the prince george's county council elected andrea harrison to be the council chair on the same day that jack johnson was sentenced to serve more than seven years from a federal prison on corruption charges. >> if we don't know our history
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we are bound to repeat it. will the be a part of history. it gives us the opportunity, all of us, to examine our motives in whatever we do. >> reporter: members of the council did not specifically address the sentencing. but harrison said the county had moved on from the cloud of corruption. >> we have moved forward. this council here is about doing the work of prince george's county and together with the county executive we will continue to grow and be one. >> reporter: johnson is a former two-term state's tone and county executive whose career came to an end in november of last year. that's when federal agents raided his mitchellville home and arrested him and his wife leslie. she just won a seat on the county council. >> i know this is hard on the family. i have children. i know how that is. but we in the county have to move ahead. >> reporter: mr. baker was
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elected to replace johnson who could not run gun. the county struggled in the initial months following the arrests but has made progress in moving the county away from a culture of corruption where federal agents say you had to pay to play in the political game. >> people doubted prince george's county could survive this and make people interested in coming here again. if you look at this year and what has happened, people are excited about the county. >> we should say that gentleman jack johnson served out his entire term. he did not resign from office. we'll hear from residents tonight at 6:00. reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. back to you. >> thanks so much. stay with news4 and for continuing coverage of jack johnson's sentencing today. we had a nasty little day out there.
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it was warm and balmy but rainy and messy. >> a case of the gloomies. >> talk about nasty wait until you see what we have in store for tomorrow. this is just really round one of the rain. we have seen a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. not too much although it has been raining much of the day. 57 degrees well above the average temperature of 50. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. most areas close to 60. and over toward baltimore. gaithersburg 61 degrees and culpepper and fredericksburg are warm at 63 degrees. we still have rain across the area, raining heavily down around fredericksburg and spotsylvania county. that will move into southern maryland. as we widen out here here's the rain that everybody will see. look it the trail down to atlanta and the rain that you see just to the south of memphis
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that is the second storm that is forming. that's the one that's going to give us the heavy rain, the colder air, and the possibility for some snow. we'll talk all about it coming up. and just a few hours ago the d.c. council gave approval to a sweeping new ethics bill to force disclosure of political spending and create a toughest ethics board. the full council voted just days after the fbi raided the home of ward five council member harry thomas, jr. tom sherwood has more. >> reporter: this bill makes major changes in the ethics laws but some complain it doesn't go far enough. >> aaye? all opposed? ayes have it. >> reporter: after hours of debate, the d.c. council passed the tougher ethics bill on a voice vote.
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>> the issue of the public thinks the council members are corrupt or not serious enough do you think this will solve that issue? >> we have been serious about ethics reform. i think the bill reflects that and it's just really important we move forward and get at all the questions answered. >> reporter: the bill debate already was intense but adding to the drama was ward 5 council member harry thomas jr. who was besieged by reporters. even sitting on the council thomas declined to say much to news4 or any reporter. >> my attorneys will address any questions about my case. >> reporter: the fbi and irs raided thomas's home in the northeast neighborhood seizing vehicles and boxes of papers. it has embarrassed council members who want him to take a speed leave of absence. others say thomas should be allowed to defend himself while
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sitting on the council. >> i think the legal process is playing out and it has to do with his decision making on what to do here in the council. we don't have any power to really do anything. we can't remove him. and i'm not supporting that anyway. >> reporter: the council chairman, kwame brown under investigation for campaign spending abuses has insisted that the ethics bill will be passed this month. >> i believe we have the next two weeks and if in fact ethics reform is important for everyone, i don't see how we can't take the time to focus on this issue. >> now some council members want a tougher bill. there may be changes when it comes up for the final vote in two weeks. back to you. >> tom sherwood, thanks, tom. an aide to former governor bob erlich pled guilty to trying
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to suppress black voter turnout last year including conspiracy to violate state election laws. he pled guilty to approving robocalls. the calls told voters martin o'malley had already won and there was no need to go to the bolls. the sentencing is set for february. the members of the take back the capital movement descended on lawmaker offices today. they gathered and sat inside the offices of house and senate leaders. similar to the occupy d.c. movement they want to convey the message that congress should represent 99% of everyday americans. tomorrow they will sit in on lobbyist offices on k street. president obama delivered an address with a focus on the middle class. he delivered the speech in
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kansas where theodore roosevelt delivered his new nationalism address one century ago. he embraced the concept of a square deal for regular americans. >> this is a make or break moment for the middle class and for all those fighting to get into the middle class. what's at stake is whether this will be a country where working people can urn enough to raise a family, build a savings, own a home and secure their retirement. >> republicans noted that roosevelt denounced broken promises in politics. they say that president obama has fallen short in his promises. news4 at 5:00 is just getting started. how a local there uses a high-tech camera to skewer sinus infections. just a few minutes from the lighting of the capital christmas tree. what is the best
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news for your health about new technology that is helping froms perform more intricate surgery that is safer for
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patients. doreen gentzler has more. >> reporter: if you have had problems with your sinuses you know how awful it can be. it can lead to infections, headaches and losing your sense of smell. doctors have found a better way to fix these problems and they are using technology similar to technology used to make a 3 how much d movie. >> perfume and candles. >> reporter: roslyn frank lost her sense of smell years ago, the result of polyps in her sinuses on top of her smell receptors. >> you learn to be in the kitchen while your food is cooking and you are a neat freak. you don't want your garbage in the can more than one day. >> frank tried to remove the growths but they kept coming back. >> a lot of sinus infections, no sense of smell and had multiple
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operations in the past. when i saw her i noticed that the area where the smell receptors are were complete i blocked off. >> reporter: but this doctor didn't lose hope. he says that frank was the perfect candidate for a new device that would allow him to look into her sinuses in a three dimensional view. >> the areas where the smell receptors are is a tight and delicate area. and it's a very small area. >> reporter: singh wanted to use vision sense. it's a scope with a curved surface covered with thousands of tiny cameras. it allows a surgery to look inside the body in 3-d. >> it feels like you are in a cavity or an orifice. it gives you better light. gives you better visualization.
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it allows you to see around structures brain vessels and nerves. >> reporter: that is important for sinus operations. surgeries have to work close to the brain and eye to get into the sinuses. dr. singh operated using the vision sense scope in august. he says he was able to clear out remnants of the polyps and she may be cured. >> she did really, really well. she is able to smell and her sinuses are draining. >> reporter: the surgery left her face feeling swollen be but it was worth in the end. >> it took about month to heal. it was so intensive this time. but i can smell yankee candles and food and i'm happy. >> you don't appreciate your sense of smell until you lose it like she did. the doctors are using this scope
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for types of brain tumors. it is amazing the way that technology is changing the way that doctors do surgery. >> yeah. >> that is incredible. >> you forget that your sense of smell is there for danger. you can smell something on fire. >> you never think about that. >> doug joins us now. the air is thick out there. >> he smells snow. >> smelling it? >> not yet. not yet. i smell a whole lot of rain first. but is it coming out there. the biggest thing we will experience. we have the warm temperatures. we've got the rain out there right now and a lot of rain over the next 24 hours. some locations getting 1 to 2 to 3 inches of rain before it's all said and done with before we see a change over to snow. a lot of cold air making its way in too. 57 degrees is the temperature out there.
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shower activity around the washington, d.c. area much of it to the south. there is the current temperature at 57 with winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. the humidity at 100%. the temperatures are warm right now. 62 in fredericksburg. temperatures have gone up in the last hour or so as we have seen more of the warm air and moisture move in. waldorf and huntington all seeing rain, good rain too. fredericksburg just to the east seeing very heavy rain right now along the northern neck. and that rain will continue to move up. other rain to the west seeing shower activity around the rest of the region. this is all part of a cold front that right now is stagnant around the area. is it moving to the south slowly. behind it very cold air. down to the south of it at the tail end we have another area of low pressure seeing this moisture move out of the gulf of
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mexico. behind this, extremely cold air, st. louis around the freezing mark. temperature to the west in the teens. that air will help change the rain over to snow. expect the rain around 5:00. overnight just shower activity. but tomorrow morning the rain will build back in. it will be on the light to moderate if not the heavy side to the west. tomorrow morning's rush hour will be a wet one. tomorrow is going to be a wet one. i expect rain all day long. by tomorrow evening the potential for moderate to heavy rain here. the temperatures will be falling all day long and the rain will change to snow out to the west first. talking about in maryland and west virginia. watch how the rain continues through 11:30 through the washington area. but here's the rain/snow line and that rain will be coming down quickly. so will the snow.
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a heavy bout for one to two to three hours in some locations. that's why there is a winter storm watch. in west virginia we are talking about there for the most part. a winter storm warning for garrett county. nothing around the immediate metro area but i would not be surprised to see winter weather advisories in this area. there will be accumulation out to the west of washington. 2 to 5 inches in west virginia and the panhandle too. 1 to 2 inches around 81 in front royal, winchester, maybe portions of loudoun county. there it is. this is the christmas tree lighting down at the capital. a beautiful tree right now. the house speaker just lit that tree with a second grader from california, believe it or not. a beautiful night for that. a few showers out there. but the weather for this, guys, is a nice one. look at that tree.
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just a spectacular view. wow. it really is quite pretty out there right now. the heaviest rain is not here yet. and tomorrow, i do think one to two inches down to the south. i-95 corridor including washington just north and west. maybe a possible coating right down by the capital for the christmas tree but most of the area should not see much at all around the district and the beltway. much of that will melt. you will see flakes but that's about it. not a big snow event for most of us. it will continue to move out of the region. for the forecast this evening you know you will see more rain. shower activity throughout the evening tonight. but the big storm comes tomorrow night as the rain changes to possible snow. and then we get into winter. we have not seen a lot of it lately but we get it the next couple days. highs in the 40s and lows in the upper 20s to lower 30s. >> you are getting good at the tree lighting stuff.
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>> as long as it's during weather i'm here. >> thanks, doug. the head of the faa randy babbitt has offered his resignation and it has been accepted after he was arrested over the weekend for dwi in virginia. he was pulled over in fairfax on saturday night. he said serving as faa administrator has been an slout honor and the highlight of my professional career. a skeleton santa at the center of a holiday controversy. and now future christmas displays are being questioned. if you are shopping for a new car, the best vehicles with the highest resale value, after the break. double trouble in montgomery county. a murder for hire plot leads to
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there's a new bill in virginia to improve cooperation between campus police and local police departments. it's part of virginia state's crime collection. it requires mutual aid agreements for handling death and sexual assault on college campuses. it also adds college employees to the list of professionals who are required to report child abuse. a lot of people are looking up after the earthquake. it caused chunks of plaster to break free from the concourse area ceiling.
5:26 pm
artisans will be hanging on a moveable deck patching up the damage. it will take eight to ten months to return the structure to its previous grandeur. still ahead, a montgomery county man hired someone to kill his ex-wife. we'll hear from the woman. d.c. police are [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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and it's 5:30. the top story, former prince george's county executive jack johnson sentenced to seven years and three months in prison and ord oded to pay $100,000 in types. he says he is haunted by his actions. his lawyers claim he suffers
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from early stages of parkinson's disease. he came into court on a cane today. his wife is scheduled to be sentenced friday. police busted a montgomery county man trying to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. pat collins talked to the mother about the murder for hire plot. he is live where part of the deal was negotiated. pat? >> reporter: an abused wife alive after a murder for hire plot is foiled. apparently, twice. richard boyd jr. hired a hit man to kill his wife. what boyd didn't know is that hit man was really an undercover cop. after he was arrested, the interrogation didn't go too well. >> i didn't do it. i'm telling you i didn't do it. i'm not going to tell you i did something when i didn't do it.
5:31 pm
i didn't. >> i'm telling you that i know that you did do it. >> i didn't. >> because i heard it. >> i didn't do it. >> the target? elizabeth erin. the couple lived here on rocking spring drive. they were married back in 2001. she says the abuse began right after their marriage even on their honeymoon when he abandoned her on a train in california. she says he repeatedly beat her and after one attack back in 2009, she decided to take her kids and leave. >> there was kicking and punching and it was in front of my little one. and i was afraid for my life at that point. >> reporter: when elizabeth filed for divorce boyd began searching for someone to kill his wife. he approached his handy man and asked the handyman to set up the
5:32 pm
kill. the price? $10,000. $2,000 and a thousand a month. but that handyman turned into a police informant. details of the murder plot discussed at boyd's home and taped by police. >> you said go in there and go up the steps and he had to have a silencer or something? >> he has to or he will get caught. >> reporter: richard boyd was arrested and taken to jail where they say he tried to hire another hitman. a hitman to kill the handyman informant and his wife. here now from the prosecutor. >> i cannot remember in the 30-plus years i have been here anyone who has been similarly situated taken in, arrested, incarcerated and from the bars of the jailhouse planning a hit
5:33 pm
on the very person he hired to do the first hit. >> reporter: now boyd originally denied any wrong doing. eventually he entered a guilty plea. he has been sentenced to 20 years in jail. back to you. >> what a story. pat collins. thank you. police are investigating a series of antisemetic fliers posted in northwest d.c. >> the flyers were seen in parts of cleernd park and dupont circle. they have antisemetic messages that make claims that jewish people control the world. it also goes so far to say the axis of the earth has been altered by jewish people. some residents are shocked and upset. >> it's very disconcerting. you know i think of myself as safe and living in an educated city. we hear of these antisemetic rantings and ravings going on but don't think of it here.
5:34 pm
>> the d.c. police say their investigation is in the early stages. it is unclear how many fliers have been distributed. deputies released a sketch of a man who abducted a woman. the man approached the woman near warrington road a week ago. investigators say he claimed he had a gun and forced her into a wooded area and began to punch and choke the victim before trying to sexual assault her. the victim fought back and the man ran off after his cell phone rang. he has acne scars on his cheeks. today's wet weather was behind a car crashing into a home in prince william county. it happened in woodbridge. a person in a toyota camry crashed into the first floor of a split level. one person was inside the home at the time. neither the driver or resident were injured. however you can see the crash
5:35 pm
did do extensive damage to the outside of the house. hot lanes may ease traffic. the governor announcing that the state reached a $1 billion deal with a private contractor to improve one of the regions most congested corridors. they would foot 90% of the $940 million bill and the rest of the money would come from the state. existing h.o.v. lanes would extend south to gainesville road in stafford county. construction could start in the middle of next year. when we come back, the holiday season brings another controversy over courthouse
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there is a government warning about an over the counter diet product and which new car models have the best resale involve five years down
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the road. and tough paper towels which are top rated. liz chrenshaw has these stories. we begin with a warning from the food and drug administration. the fda says several companies are selling illegal homeopathic hcg weight loss drugs. the products claim to keep hcg and are marketed in connection with a low-calorie diet. the fda calls the claims unsupported. the products are oral drops, pellets and sprays and can be found online and in stores. the fda only approves hcg for the treatment of female infertility and other medical conditions. before you buy your next new car you might want to consider what it will be worth in five years. kelly blue book which offers pricing and information on new and used cars unveiled the west resale value awards for 2012.
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bounty. in second place, bounty again but this timex that soft. in third place target's up and up eastern version. prices for paper towels range widely. wal-mart's great value paper towel and costco kirkland signature paper towels performed well for a great price. "consumer reports" said that the green claim paper towels were only fair and went to the bottom of the ratings. bounty at the top again. >> i can see the commercials now. >> thank you, liz. next, a crucified skeleton causes controversy. and a flashing roadside becomes a distraction this morning. in sports,
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get a load of this road sign this morning on cabin john that had an unusual message for commuters in maryland along macarthur boulevard in cabin john. but m dot said it was hacked but they said it is privately owned. it's not there any more. it has been taken down for safety reasons. >> wonder who bought that. >> i didn't hear any honking horns. >> and for good reason. in loudoun county controversy holiday displays are on the courthouse lawn and will remain. >> a skeleton santa on a cross
5:45 pm
caused a bit of a stir. >> reporter: that display has been removed for now but it caused the board of supervisors to recanner the policy that gives nine applicants the chance to build holiday displays on the courthouse lawn. these wreaths are the only displays today. but yesterday, this skeleton in a santa suit hanging on a cross went up. the first of nine public displays. by noon it looked like this. torn down by a woman who objected to the image. the council voted on whether to ban all displays on the courthouse lawn this month. >> i didn't expect to see santa claus hanging from a cross. no child should drive around the corner and see a christmas display that is shocking and repulsive. >> reporter: but the proposal failed on a 5-4 vote.
5:46 pm
the reasons they must allow all displays to preserve the traditional religious ones. >> i stand in keeping the nativity and a free speech form and the civil liberties union agrees with me. >> reporter: many view the santa as an attack on religion, the application indicates something different. it was intended to depict society's materialistic on obsessions and addictions. >> it was no it an attack on christianity at all. >> reporter: the teen's mother put up a large letter to jesus alongside the santa. both mother and son were horrified by the vandalism. >> this woman and her son were devastated. they were assaulted by a christian woman who decided that she had the right to destroy
5:47 pm
anything that degree with her point of view. >> reporter: other residents have differing views about whether the displays belong at the courthouse? >> not at the courthouse lawn. >> at this point in time people -- they want to express their values and the courthouse there is no reason they shouldn't allow it. >> the board of supervisors may consider adjusting the policy that require that all displays be attended displays. i'll tell you whether the woman who vandalized the skeleton will face any charges. let's shift to doug to get the ward on our big weather week we have out there. >> a big weather week. i went earlier today to springfield and talked to nine and ten-years-old there. and their biggest question was of course when will we see the snow? i did let them all know they
5:48 pm
will have school on thursday morning. don't expect a big snowstorm for the next system. couldn't snow today. 57 in the district. 61 in manassas. 63 in fredericksburg. the heaviest rain is in northern portions of maryland and st. mary's county. seeing heavy rain. but look at the area of rain extending all the way down to atlanta and back to mississippi and alabama. this is the area that we're going to be watching very, very closely. this is the next piece of energy that will start to make its way our way. as it does we are talking about temperatures going down. we are talking about rain coming down and the potential for snow. 2 to 5 inches well to the west of washington in hagerstown and petersburg and west virginia. 1 to 2 inches in loudoun county and montgomery and howard county. maybe a coating as close to the district as the western portions
5:49 pm
of the i- -- 495, beltway and american legion bridge and off to the west. that's about it. i'll have more at 6:00 to let you know what you can expect. >> thank you, doug. who we looking at this week? >> we are looking at everybody. we squeezed a lot of the teams into the plays of the week. the plays of the week special with kick returns you have to see and the redskins make an appearance for the second week in a row but on the long side of the highlight. we start with the best catches of the week. the giants receiver nix against charles woodson, nix makes the one-handed grab with woodson all over him. nothing the former hawaiian trophy winner could do there except congratulate him and say job well done, my friend. the redskins on the wrong side
5:50 pm
of the ball. santonio holmes with the jets a one-handed grab here. do you think the gloves make a difference these days? like spiderman. incredible. an easy first down and the jets roll to victory. going back to last thursday. a golden catch for golden tate. the former notre dame wide receiver outleaps two in the back of the end zone and keeps his feet inbounds. the eagles' defense has no chance. a big weekend for kick returners. ladarrius webb at his own 33. he finds a seam, makes a cut and cuts across the field. and look at 22 it looked like he was shot out of the cannon. but he dives into the end zone. meanwhile in pittsburgh,
5:51 pm
something we haven't seen in almost five years against the bengals. antonio brown takes the punt on the 40. busts out to the right and he says i am gonzo. 60 yards for the score and the little dance. you wonder where he learned this from, how about his son? look at that. antonio brown jr. teaching his old man how to dance. everything going wrong nor the bears in chicago. the hail mary. urlacher leaps up and knocks the ball down. problem is, it's into the waiting arms of a kansas city player. are you serious. they teach you to knock it down but it didn't work out for brian there. if you are a cowboys fan this is something you don't want to see in overtime. jay feeley to halle. he is weaving through traffic
5:52 pm
nifty moves breaking tackles and breaking into the house. dallas never wins in december, do they? that's cheap shot. i apologize. we'll try to the better next week. >> i bet you will. thanks, dan. here's what we are working for at 6:00 tonight. >> coming up again tonight we'll have more reaction as former prince george's executive jack johnson is sentenced to seven years in prison. president obama is pushing his plan to extend tax breaks for middle class families. a young model is hit by an airplane propeller. what she was trying to do before she was injured. doctors may be able to tell breast cancer patients with certainty which treatment will be best to fight their cancer. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. see you then. >> we will indeed. coming up
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a woman who gave the fbi one of its most important leads in the mystery of d.b. cooper says she thinks the case is all but solved. >> d.b. cooper jumped from a plane with a ton of money 40 years ago. federal officials are not ready to declare this case closed. >> reporter: it has been 40 years since a man boarded a northwest airlines plane demanded parachutes and a ransom and jumped out with $200,000. the fbi is pursuing a lead from an oregon man's niece who says he was the hijacker. marla cooper says her uncle came
5:57 pm
home the night of the hijacking. she said her father confirmed it years later. agents are checking to see if her uncles fingerprints match any from the plane. but match or not, the case will be declared closed. >> i am certain your uncle did it. i feel certain your uncle did it. and what's the point in continuing this investigation? >> reporter: but the author of a book about the case says that is doubtful. >> there have been a ton of close calls in this thing. it is important to really sort of treat this new development if you can call it that with caution. >> working on a book -- marla cooper is working on a book of her own about the case. that does it for news4 at
5:58 pm
5:00 tonight. >> news4 at 6:00 starts right now. jack johnson story were a story play, critics would say it's too bizarre to be true. the facts were so egregious, the evidence uncovered in the course of the investigation, the corruption was so brazen that people would assume is it friction but unfortunately it is realty. >> the rise and fall of jack johnson sentenced to seven years in prison for pocketing more than a million dollars in bribes. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. jack johnson apologized today. he said he has been haunted by his actions and asked for leniency. because he cooperated with authorities, the judge did not give him the maximum punishment. johnson was sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines. tonight we have team coverage of the sentencing and the impact on
5:59 pm
the county that johnson once served. we begin with chris gordon who is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: as jack johnson asked the judge for mercy he said i could never imagine myself in a place like this. johnson the former prosecutor found himself the defendant being sentenced after pleading guilty to corruption charges. jack johnson's lawyers say he has a form of earl parkinson's disease that could confine him to a wheelchair. johnson is 62 and his lawyers said prison could be a death sentence. but prosecutors said that johnson wyoming worn down by heavy drinking. prosecutors say that he shook down business owners for $1 million in bribes to do business in prince george's county. >> and with the group that he has, you could spy -- >> reporter: johnson was


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