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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  December 8, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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and off campus. he has been removed from his teaching responsibilities as the investigation continues. roads are still soaked as heavy rains drenched our area last night causing problems for drivers. tracee has more for us now. how are things looking at this time? >> reporter: well, let me show you what it's looking like right now. still high water here. if that water has recessed, i can't tell. and it's been this way all morning long for folks trying to come off of route 4, and once again upper march bur annual. >> it caused inconvenience, and
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a couple thousand worth of damage. this is nothing for us. >> reporter: in comparison to what? >> last time it costs me $750,000. >> reporter: water street, where traffic was closed in both directions here, and here the pike. the high water caused a major slowdown and delay with cars driving through a foot of water. it's the same location where floodings have damaged a number of businesses last summer, including this 51-year-old ap y appliance store. >> by the end of the day we will forget about this and go on with life. >> business owners say that this is something that is new for them. they have not had the issues with high water until the last few years, and it happened after all of the development here, and for the folks planning to drive through this area, and by the
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looks of the water you may want to make alternative plans and try to avoid waterstreet until the water is gone. >> thank you so much. and, yes, that is snow you are seeing on the ground in washington county, maryland. a couple inches of snow blanketed the ground but the roads were clear for drivers. and in west virginia, drivers saw white stuff there, too. forecasters say the snow could likely refreeze and cause more issues. looking outside right now, the sun is out but still cold. here is tom with the forecast. hey, tom. >> -- >> well, we will get back to tom in just a little bit. meanwhile, we will check traffic. >> good morning, barbara.
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right now, if you are traveling on massachusetts avenue, there's still problems. caution when you are traveling in that area. traveling up i-270, no issues for you at all. let's take the trip together and you are in the clear as you make your way towards rockville. and as you make your way all the way to rockville, not seeing any problems in either direction, and a live look at west montgomery avenue, and we're in the clear and no issues to report at this time. back to you. >> danella, thank you. we will see you again shortly. let's go back to tom kierein now. tom? >> good morning, barbara. around our region we had temperatures really get cold this morning. it has continued to be cold around our region since this morning. it has not warmed up that much, all around the area now we are climbing into the upper 30s to near 40, but we have been
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hovering in the low to mid-30s in the last hours, and it was only in the last hour we climbed to near 40 so quite a cool start this morning. just a few clouds hanging in. this is where we were 12 hours ago, 11:00 last night, the area in white and pink, and that was the snow, brief as it was. and that's why we did not get any accumulation around locally, because the storm really picked up speed as it moved away taking all the thunder and lightning away with it, and it quickly cleared out after that. and once snow did fall, it felt quickly locally. now with the clear sky, we will have plenty of sunshine with the afternoon, and just a few clouds coming through. we will have the temperatures climbing into the mid-40s in the next couple hours and we will stay there in the mid-40s until the late afternoon. a cold night tonight. colder than this morning, by dawn on friday. we'll look at that, and the rest
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of the weekend and into next week, that will be coming up in just the next couple minutes. we had scary moments this morning in prince william county. a school bus bursts into flames when it stopped to pick up children. five special needs students were onboard. they were evacuated safety and taken to school on another bus. this morning, montgomery county police were searching for a man that sexually assaulted a woman in a laundry room of an apartment complex. this happened in gaitersburg. and melissa joins us live. >> reporter: good morning to you, barbara. management here at the property says all of the residents here have been notified about what happened here on the property yesterday morning and though you do need a key to get into any of the buildings here on the campus, we understand the suspect actually followed the victim inside one of the
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buildings yesterday. he followed her into a laundry room in one of the buildings here. he held her at knifepoint as he sexually assaulted her, and then fled in an unknown direction. the management tells news4 the victim works for a company contracted to clean the complex. >> i couldn't believe it. i felt these people that clean, they work so hard. a lot of them can't speak english. you know, and to take advantage of somebody like that, it's appalling. >> currently detectives are pursuing any leads and looking for anybody that may have seen or heard something around 9:40 in the morning. >> now, police are now upping patrols in the area. we have seen several cruisers since we have been out here.
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he is described as a black male, 20 to 25 years old. live in gaitersburg, melissa ma lay, whose 4. in other news, a teen is in custody in connection with a stabbing outside a high school on tuesday night. police arrested the 17-year-old of silver spring yesterday. they say she admits to stabbing the 17-year-old victim several times outside norwood high school after the victim got into a fight with one of her friends. the victim is expected to crime. she somebodying charged as an adult with assault and other counts. a woman was hit by a bus. investigators say a montgomery county ride on bus struck the woman as she was crossing the street. the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
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police are trying to figure out what went wrong and who was at fault. and the next step for the occupy d.c. protesters, there's a hunger strike. they say they will refuse all food and drink, only water, until congress has control over budgets and laws. meanwhile, part of a march that blocked traffic at 16th and k streets northwest, the protesters were charged with obstructing a public high school, and another protester was charged with assaulting a police officer. coming up, growing tension. why vladimir putin and hillary clinton are exchanging words. and then taking your phone calls. if you can help the group second
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new today. russian prime minister, vladimir putin, criticized clinton because he says she encouraged the opponents.
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there's ballot box stuffing and other voting fraud. putin's party won. this morning we are learning even more fallen soldier's remains have been dumped in a landfill. they were sent to the king george county landfill. that's far more than the military initially acknowledged. the families have authorized to dispose of the remains respectfully, and were aware of the land fill dumping. and then remaining at odds. the president is threatening to veto any bill to renew payroll tax cuts if that bill includes any controversial attachment. republican leaders are trying to unify their party that will
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extend the 2% tax cut which is set to expire at the end of the year. and jon corzine says he doesn't know how more than $1 billion of customer money from his company went missing. he testified to a house committee about the now defunct company he ran, mf global. it is alleged to have dip into customer accounts to help cover losses. he demands the accounts be reconciled immediately. multiple agencies are investigating the business and lawsuits already filed. we missed the snow here in town but some areas got it and we sure got a lot of rain yesterday, tom. >> yeah, and there was thunder and lightning, too. there was quite a bit of snow out in western maryland. here is a live picture now.
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this is at i-68 and 219. look at all that snow. some of the higher ridges there got up to seven inches of snow. meanwhile, we have a bright and beautiful blue sky pouring down on washington, and the bright sun is illuminating the monuments. 41 at reagan national. we have a north northwesterly wind around 10 miles per hour. what a wet wednesday we had. in fact, so much rain that we set a record for the month of december for daily rainfall in washington, and the national airport, 3.1 inches of rain and that's an all-time record, since we have been keeping records back in the late 1800s. it's feeling like december now. mid and upper 30s throughout the region. near 40 around the bay.
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montgomery county near 30s and low 40s. near 40 in washington. these are the latest wind gusts. they have been up to only 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and i say only because it was worst yesterday. and midnight last night, the snow was moving off to the north and east. it was around shortly for a couple hours. with the ground temperature so warm the snow melted quickly as it hit the ground. right now we are cleared out and that's a live view. and the storm quickly moved up through philadelphia, new york, boston and new england and it's exiting there, and it's a clear sky. we saw the live picture out in western maryland. here, we have got a mostly sunny afternoon in store for us and we will have the temperatures climbing into the mid-40s by
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midafternoon. and then overnight tonight, it's clear and we will be down to the mid-30s by upper 30s by midnight, and then dawn tomorrow we will bottom out in the mid-20s. a cold start to friday morning. and then during the day on friday, sun in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. we will have our temperatures reach the mid-40s tomorrow, and then as we get into saturday morning, another cold morning, and we will be down in the 20s saturday afternoon climb into the mid-40s. and sunday, colder in the morning. the low 20s, and afternoon highs in the low 40s with bright sunshine. as we get into next week, we will have -- it's still dry weather and a bit milder on tuesday and wednesday. and then last week i visited silver springs st. john the baptist school and talked to students there. had a terrific time. they were interested in all different types of weather, especially the severe type of weather. they loved to hear about
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tornados and hurricanes and blizzards, and snow and how much snow are we going to get for the winter was the big question. we had a lot of fun. thank you for the teacher there in the back for the invitation. >> a great group of kids in that picture. >> yes. let's go out and see how things are moving. any problems we should know about, danella? >> not seeing any major problems for you right now. the outer loop of the beltway at georgia avenue, 56 miles per hour. inner loop at route 50, 64 miles per hour. not bad at all if you are making your way on the inner loop past branch avenue. if you find yourself crossing the wilson bridge in either direction, we are not seeing any issues as you make your way across the bridge now. no major delays. back to you. well, today we begin our 12 days of giving.
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during those 12 days we will introduce you to nonprofit groups. pat lawson tells us about second genesis. >> 202-885-4949. their mission is to break the cycle of addiction. thomas barrett is the ceo, and we have a second genesis client. you have been around for 40 years. i know we were talking about you way back in the '80s, and you have done good work over the decades. tell us about the services you offer? >> we offer chemical dependency treatment for men and women as well as for families. and our staff is very dedicated, and we're very passionate about the treatment of this disorder.
11:19 am
>> tell us about your clients, where they come from and how many you are able to treat? >> well, at second genesis, we are able to treat over 2,000 clients. it's quite a large patient population. they come from northern virginia, maryland, as well as the washington, d.c. metropolitan area. >> dwayne, you were a former client. a client 15 years ago. tell me the story about the circumstances that led you to the organization? >> i was a substance abuser for 20 years, and ended up throwing away relationships and creating a lot of havoc, and threw away a promising career, and i was introduced to today for a former graduate, who had received help from us from second genesis. >> apparently, your whole life,
11:20 am
career, everything has been turned around. >> it has been totally turned around to the point now where i work for second genesis. >> what do you do? >> i am a substance abuse counselor. >> tell us about the support that you need during the holidays? i know it's a tough time. >> the primary we need is financial donations, and secondarily, we also need the nation of clothing, such as dresses, pants, shirts and shoes. >> if we can help you out, you stick around and we will get our volunteers working at the phone bank. call if you can help. we will have more about second genesis more in a little bit. >> pat, thank you so much. still ahead, a new clue in the search for a missing mother. steve hayes takes us inside a fit class.
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oer the last few weeks, our fit expert has been checking outfit classes in our area, and this week he attended a bow sue boot camp. >> i am still smiling about it.
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>> introduce us to your guest. >> autumn, the instructor. >> did you like it? >> loved it. the beginning and warm up was incredible. it had me sweating bullets. i felt like i had done a complete workout in 15 minutes. >> tell us first about what the class is like? >> well the class involves a boot camp style to the program. we start with a warmup. we do some running, some jumping, and stepping, and we go into some balancing, and then we incorporate our dumb bells to work the triceps and muscles, and you feel the work out with every single muscle in your body. >> you do the workout with weights, right? >> correct. >> in both hands? >> it really depends on the day.
11:25 am
here we are doing basic biceps curls. >> now, these exercises -- that doesn't look too hard, but the jumping up and down looked difficult. are their modifications for folks just getting started? >> i always show at least three modifications. the first and the basic one, instead of jumping, literally standing up and stepping down -- >> why can't you just get up there and stay up there? >> well, we do things stationary here. >> are their safety tips for that? >> trust yourself. >> it works on the core. >> yeah, i felt it all in the core when i was doing it. incredible workout. >> my good friend, lynda carter,
11:26 am
"wonder woman," she looks great from this kind of workout. that was one of her favorite things. folks lining up to sign up for this class? >> packed. this class was packed. you couldn't get in. i had to make a little part for me to be in the class. >> there were that many people? >> yes. >> do you have a nutrition snack? >> yes, mindless snacking. remember you will snack on everything, think before you drink, and in order to not put that weight on your waist, make sure you don't snack at a late date. >> try to remember that little poem. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot for coming and we will see you. it's 11:27. coming up, we have breaking news in the penn state abuse scandal. a day after former coach, jerry sandusky was arrested for a second time. the rains moved out of the area, and tom kierein let's us
11:27 am
know what we can expect now and through the weekend. >> i will tell you, texas politics is a contact sport. >> and coming to the kennedy center, and toug
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right now, drivers in prince georges county are dealing with the aftermath of more than three
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inches of rain overnight. drivers in marlboro had to drive carefully because of the flooding. and the police are investigating the sexual assault in the laundry room of the complex. a woman was followed into the laundry room and held at knifepoint. we have breaking news for you now. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky is out of jail. he posted $250,000 bail this morning. police arrested sandusky yesterday at his home on two new sex abuse chargers. in one document, a victim says he was assaulted in the basement of sandusky's home. both of the new victims came
11:31 am
forward following sandusky's arrest. he is due in court later. and then william fitzpatrick says despite fine's victims being credible, the statute has passed. the feds are involved was the victim says he travelled against state lines with fine while on a road game with pittsburgh. and police in orlando, florida, reportedly found michelle parker's cell phone. she was last seen november 17th. that's the same day she appeared on the tv show "the peoples' court."
11:32 am
the two were fighting over a $5,000 engagement ring. police believe he is the last person to see her before she disappeared. smith is the father of two twins. a helicopter carrying tourists crashed in nevada killing all five people onboard. it happened last night about 30 miles east of las vegas. investigators are still trying to figure out how the chopper went down, and the crash site is only accessible by helicopter. meteorologist say skies were clear at the time, and about a 5 miles per hour wind was present when the crash happened. and airport screening technology. at noon lawmakers will hear about privacy concerns in a closed door hearing. the administrator of the tsa is expected to testify.
11:33 am
they are concerned about body scans and other passenger screening technology thinking it could be invasive. >> prince georges county police say a thief used a superhero disguise to rob a bank. the suspect was wearing a spider-man mask when he walked into the ban income ft. washington along livingston road. he showed his gun to the bank teller and then handed her a note demanding cash. nobody was hurt. let's check in with tom kierein on the forecast. what is the latest? >> it's feeling like winter again. yesterday morning, we were near 60 degrees, and it dropped about 30 degrees by dawn this morning, and now with the bright sunshine, we are warming back up, but not much. it's still quite chilly. that's a live view from the skywatcher camera. just a few clouds floating through the blue sky. and reagan national is at 41, and the winds are beginning to diminish. they were blustery around dawn.
11:34 am
we had windchills in the low 20s. and 12 hours ago, the last of the burst of snow, it exited and zipped away and was not here long enough to pileup anywhere. what did pileup melted quickly, but not in the mountains. it's cloudy where some of the higher ridges got seven inches yesterday afternoon and early evening. for the rest of the day we will have lots of sun, and the winds will continue to diminish. and mid-20s by dawn tomorrow and partly cloudy on friday and into the mid-40s, and 20s in the morning and afternoon highs in the 40s as we get into next week. >> thank you. we will check in with danella sealock for a check of the traffic. >> we are still seeing flooding due to yesterday's rain. let's start with massachusetts avenue in d.c. it's closer to 1st street and columbus circle.
11:35 am
water street still shut down at main. i-95 in virginia, it's a nice trip. prince william parkway, not seeing any issues as you make your way towards the beltway. and prince william to the parkway, you are good. duke street you are clear all the way to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >>danella. and emmy award-winning stage and screen actress taylor will transform herself into ann richards, the feisty late governor of texas. welcome and good to have you with us. >> it's wonderful to be here, especially for such a good reason. >> you not only star in this, but thought it up and wrote it and produced it, right? >> yes, i did not think it up like a smart idea or a good commercial idea, but it was really much more of an emotional
11:36 am
thing. i had to pull over to think about doing a live play about a person who is the most alive person in the world. >> a lot of people remember her as the feisty creature she was. what made you want to do this part? >> i met her once, and i think we all had a personal connection in a way because of her ability to reach into you. about four months after she died, i thought i am still so mournful, and i am sad for the country, and we lost a voice that we need to have, and it was that emotion that led me to want to express myself about her in some way. >> let's take a bit. >> oh, dear god. >> one journalists said ann richards walked through fire, and the fire lost. >> i have sally for you -- >> it has to be funny. >> oh, it's hilarious. i don't think of myself as being
11:37 am
hilarious, but she was hilarious. all of her closest friends say how did you do this? this is what she was truly like. >> where did you get the texas accent? >> i had to work with the dialect coach, and tom hanks gave me his person when he needs to get an accent. >> i am from texas. had you ever lived in texas? how did you know about the governor? >> i researched her for three years before i put pen to paper, and i wanted to be am beulah tory. >> do you meet her? >> i did once. but that was not why i was so affected by her, but i was affected by her just from the impact that she made on us. she had a big presence in new york. she was on larry king, and "politically incorrect." >> yes. how is this different from what
11:38 am
you have played? >> this is a rich character. i am often a supporting player. ann was such a huge personality, and as liz smith said at the memorial, she was the most alive person she ever met. >> are you wearing the star of texas? >> i am wearing an exact replica that ann wore for years, and it turned out to be too small to read to the large theaters that i have been playing, so we had just a costume jewelry made, but i wear this star and i asked the main adviser for -- i said, look, i have a star that ann's jeweller made, which i don't use on my costume, do you think the kids would mind if i wore it when i did press for ann, and she said, you have earned your
11:39 am
star. >> thank you for being here. >> very exciting to be in the capital. >> well, i think that people in public service will be rekindled in why they came. it's not about politics, but it's a lot about serving. >> sounds like a lot of fun. thank you for coming to be with us here. >> thanks. you can see ann at the kennedy center's eisenhower theater through february 15th. and advocates in breast cancer treatment, how two medicines could help fight the disease. volunteers are standing by to take your phone calls. if you can help the group second genesis, give us a call.
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we have news for your health now. more news coming out where two new drugs for advanced breast cancer significantly lengthen the time before the tumors got worse. >> but this is really aggressive tumors that affect 80% of women. one group that has called herd two, and another kind fueled by estrogen. it's new kind of drugs that are added to already traditional therapy. what they found that was in one group, they could decrease the time that tumors came back by
11:43 am
six months and another group by four months, so that on the surface is good. >> it's important to note the research was funded by drug companies. other scientists will be reviewing the data. and a study released by the institute of medicine failed to break knew ground in the study of environmental factors that may increase the risk of breast cancer. oprah doesn't love culpepper, virginia, after all. they will not use the setting for a new show called "love town usa." the unpredictable february weather may have taken into consider when filming the reality show. and now courtney reagan joins us, and she has the day's headlines. >> yeah, we did see the jobless
11:44 am
claims number fall to a nine-month low, but because of everything going on in the market and in europe, it seems like stocks are paying more attention to that. the dow is down 136 points. and we have this full day of market moving events, and investors sort of waiting word from europe. the leaders are beginning a two-day summit in brussels trying to agree on the problem solving of the debt crisis. the european central bank meets today and is expected to cut interest rates. and jon corzine makes his first public appearance today since the brokage firm filed for
11:45 am
bankruptcy on the 21st. normaler new jersey governor, and senator and ceo of golden sacks. we're still waiting on his testimony to begin. and the global collapse, they are being investigated for company use. hundreds of millions of dollars are still missing. well, testing a simpler credit card agreement. the agency is putting out a prototype. an average card agreement runs about 5,000 words and is packed with fine print. i am sure you never tried to read one. i have not. the only form is about 1,000 words. barbara, back to you. >> pretty short, huh?
11:46 am
>> yeah. compared to 4,000. in this week's wednesday's child, we meet a young man who needs a family that can appreciate his special needs. he has special gifts to share with a family that will love him. justin, hi? justin is a very special young man. he has challenges, but amazes those who know him with the things he knows. we went to best buy because justin loves the challenge of figurering out how to use them. while there were lots of things he was interested in, he was anxious to get to the music section. >> reporter: do you want to sit down? >> justin doesn't speak, but he wanted to tell us this is not exactly what he had in mind. he tested out the drum briefly, and looked around and then saw what he really wanted to play, the keyboard. mark duncan who worked at the
11:47 am
group home says justin loves music and reading. >> he reads and writes. >> yeah, and do math very well. he reads books about -- on a temporary level. once he reads a book, he can usually write down the sentence and re-write the sentence of what he understood. >> justin studied the keyboard and all the buttons and played a five-note tune, figuring out a way to enhance the sound. >> he's just nonverbal. he is in a special ed program, and it takes him a little longer to comprehend or communicate back to you, but eventually he does well. >> it's believed that he could learn to xun indicate more effectively with some mechanical help. >> we are looking to a communication board that is allowing him to communicate
11:48 am
verbally. >> justin on behalf of best buy -- >> best buy had gifts for justin to take back to his group home, and things they hope will inspire him to keep up his interest in electronics. >> he does a lot of random things that would blow you away. you wouldn't know that he could do it or understands it. once you know him, it's astonishi astonishing. >> if you have room in your home and heart for justin, or another child waiting for a permanent and loving family, please call our special adonetion hotline. 1-888-to-adopt-me. >> here is pat lawson. >> for the next 12 days we are introducing you to deserving nonprofits in our area and giving you the opportunity to help them. the phones are open. 202-885-4949. we are spotlighting second
11:49 am
genesis today. tell us about the melwood center? >> first much all, it's located in the marlboro maryland. it treats women with chemical dependency. it's one of the few programs in the country that allow women to bring their children into treatment and actually go through the treatment process with them. we have a day care on site. the children get to spend time with their mother and spend the night there, and the mothers learn parenting skills while they are in treatment. >> you need clothing donations as well as donations of money to help with the center? >> absolutely, pat. >> dwayne, tell us about the recreational equipment that you need for your coed center. >> we could use a variety of recreational equipment. we are coed and serve homeless
11:50 am
vets, and we need to provide some -- teach the patients how to have clean and sober fun. >> what do you need in terms of the equipment? >> pool tables, fishtanks, and board games. anything of that nature that could really help us out. >> okay. we hope the viewers can help you out. second genesis, you have been around for 40 years, and you are treating people and especially around the holidays it's a hard time. >> yes, chemical deeppendency could be activated in the holiday times, and many come from families of alcoholics and chemically dependent mothers and fathers, so when they go through the holidays it causes them to go back to those periods of time in their lives. it creates those emotions. >> all right. thomas and dwayne, thank you so
11:51 am
much. good luck to you. the phone number to call if you can help with a pool table or clothing for women or dollars, call us at 202-889-4949. coming up, christmas goes high-tech at the vatican. and tom kierein will come back with a look at the weekend ahead. and then at 3:00, the gift of giving.
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you could call this a bit of an unplanned fire drill. a squirrel was caught pulling the fire alarm at a elementary school. he gets up on the wall and hangs on the lever setting off the alarm. the squirrel remains a legend at the manatee county school district and has been used to justify extra money for the maintenance department. and now astraastraun myrrhs looking at this video on youtube. it shows a flare, revealing the
11:55 am
object. it was invisible until the flare hit it. but it's not proof of alien life, but instead just a glitch with the telescope. they did say not proof, but maybe they are thinking they want to keep an eye on this. and then the pope flipped the switch for the vatican for the christmas display. 1,000 colored lights are placed on the hillside of a mountain in the shape of a tree. before lighting the tree, the pope said may everybody become a light for those that are not next to him. let's check on stories now that we will be following for you this afternoon. let's go to pat lawson who is in the news room now. >> coming up at 4:00, an alarming new study about how many drivers are texting behind the wheel these days. and the latest bizarre twist in the alec baldwin airline saga,
11:56 am
and the reaction from greyhound today. and then counting down, the days left for holiday shopping. we have a list of dos and don't for you when you head to the stores. >> thanks a lot. maybe tom has finished all of his shopping, but i don't know, you have been busy with the weather changes. >> we had a bizarre day yesterday, 60 in the morning and then heavy rain and flooding and then snow last night briefly, and that left and now it's cold, and we're clearing out and we had a lot of sun this morning, but has not warmed us up much. and a mostly clear night tonight, a very cold start to a friday morning. partly cloudy with highs in the mid-40s. and then in the weekends, it still looks cold and dry with clear, cold nights and sunny, chilly afternoons. morning lows in the upper 20s. and on sunday, bright and sunny. low 40s. good weather, though, for the
11:57 am
skins and patriots at fedex field on sunday afternoon. back to work and school on monday, and then tuesday and wednesday we should have clouds with highs near 40 and morning lows near freezing. have a good day. >> thank you, tom. that's "news4 midday" for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for more news at 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. we will be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., and hope you are planning to join us. until then, have a terrific day and we'll see
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> here we go! >> stand by two, billy and kit. stand by, camera one. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> stand by, camera four. >> whoo! >> here he is. it's incredible. there he is! leaving his new york apartment today. alec baldwin. he apologizes. sort of. day three, here we are. day three of alec, words with friends gate. what do we call this thing? >> we need a name for it. >> at the gate gate? >> alec gone wild?


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