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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: as you mentioned, at times today, the graphic details of the testimony were revealed. what mcqueary says he witnessed in 2003. what he told penn state authorities and how they reacted. for the first time, mike mcqueary spoke publicly about allegations he witnessed jerry sandusky having sex with a boy in a locker in 2002 in graphic detail and under oath. he said he heard noises coming from the shower and then saw sandusky behind a boy with his hands behind his waist. he wasn't 100% certain, he believed sandusky was molesting the boy. his testimony is key. prosecutors say tim curley and jerry schultz lied about what
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mcqueary told them. >> most 6 or 7-year-olds know what it is to tell the truth or lie. >> the only question is what he described to curley and schultz. did he describe a sexual act? >> reporter: they maintain they were not told about the sexual details. >> had he heard from mike mcqueary that this boy in the shower was being, in any way, sexually assaulted or serious sexual conduct, he would have remembered that. >> mcqueary is facing criticism he didn't do enough to stop it. he was shocked and distraught and turned to his father for advice. he did not go to police. instead, he met with joe paterno and testified he conveyed to him what he saw. in a written statement, paterno said he saw an older person fondling a young person and identified him as sandusky.
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paterno said he would pass the concerns to the right people and testified he contacted curley. also testifying today, mcqueary's father and penn state police officials. the grand jury witness and family friend whose testimony macon flikt was not called to the stand. >> thank you. the army private accused of leaking classified war documents to wikileaks had the first pretrial hearing today. bradley manning gave secret cables to the whistleblower website. he's charged with aiding the enemy. if convicted, he faces life in prison. the hearing was to determine whether there's enough evidence to bring him to trial. not much happened in the courtroom t. proceedings were held up because hi lawyer asked the presiding officer to step down. that officer is involved in
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another wikileaks investigation. man ks hearing is scheduled to continue tomorrow morning. there was action outside the courtroom today. protesters were outside at ft. immediate in support of private manning. they say manning did the right thing trying to shine a light on u.s. operations in iraq and afghanistan. some of the demonstrators today are also part of the occupy d.c. movement. it was almost down to the wire but the federal government will not shut down at midnight tonight. house and senate leaders agreed to a budget that runs through next september. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with details, steve. >> reporter: we got close to the wire. 300 days to settle the business. they got down, almost to the end making the big what's left of the 2012 budget deal only on this last day. >> on this vote -- >> reporter: the house vote came about ten hours before the
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deadline. >> it is absolutely essential that we not see the government not shut down. >> reporter: it won't, even if is senate waits to vote until tomorrow. >> the time is extended for 24 hours. you don't have to worry about the government closing tonight. >> reporter: the spending plan hikes the pentagon budget 1%. health research 1%. it cuts homeland security programs 5%. a trillion dollar bill nicknamed the megabus. >> it's going to be a little while before we realize whether we are on the bus or thrown under it. >> it is important that we celebrate the bipartisan nature of this bill. >> reporter: democrats did not celebrate a year of partisan warfare. >> less substance, more contention, more confrontation. >> reporter: the big fight is just ahead. >> we are not going home unless we pass a payroll tax cut, which
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benefits 160 million workers in our country. >> reporter: both parties want to keep the reduction in social security and medicare taxes. republicans link it to quick approval of a pipeline from canada opposed by some environment lists. >> we will make changes to it and i guarantee you it will be in there when it goes back to the senate. >> reporter: republicans say the pipeline means more u.s. jobs and less foreign oil. president obama says the pipeline in that payroll tax extension bill, if it passes that way, means he will veto it. and it also means 2011 would end with more partisan fighting here on capitol hill. back to you. >> thank you, steve. republican presidential candidates met last night for their final debate before the iowa caucuses. all though the past week was the most bitter yet in the campaign,
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the two front-runners directed their criticism toward barack obama instead of each other. >> this president doesn't know how the economy works. i believe to create jobs it helps to have created jobs. >> i think in seven three-hour debates barack obama will not have a leg to stand on. >> romney won the significant sought after endorsement today, south carolina's governor hailey. she was elected governor last year with the help of the tea party movement. a candidate for the d.c. council was arrested on charges of soliciting for prostitution. ward 7 democratic candidate, kevin chavis was arrested near north capital and k street. here is a look at his website. he is is son of former d.c. councilmember kevin p.chavis.
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the younger chavis is trying to unseat alexander. an attorney said the candidate was not soliciting and would fight the charges. for drivers in virginia, relief that couldn't come soon enough. a new flyover ramp will open this weekend to carry vehicles from eastbound interstate 66 on to the inner loop of the beltway. some roads will have to close while the change over is made. jane watrel is out there with the details. jane? >> reporter: jim, there will be some pain before pleasure of driving on the new flyover ramp. a word of warning tonight, if you are anywhere in the area of i-66 eastbound and the inner loop of the beltway, after 9:00 tonight, a major traffic page. >> standstill. can't move. congested. >> reporter: a commute that's not for the faint of heart. getting through i-66 and the
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beltway. >> took me 45 minutes. it should be a ten minute drive. that's every day. if the traffic is bad, you will sit for two hours, three hours. >> reporter: that could soon change. road crews are preparing for a project to close both exits from i-66 east to the inner loop and three lanes of 495 north. from 9:00 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow morning, workers will finish an eastbound 66 ramp and open it in time for holiday shoppers. v-dot officials say the advantage of the ramp is motorists will be able to merge on to 495 from the right hand side instead of the left. it's all part of the capital beltway toll lanes project. crews are working to rebuild an entire interchange at i-66 and 495. this flyover is a key component. motorists trying to exit on the inner loop, closer to the tyson's corner exits. >> on the right side of the
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road, a safer movement. it's easier to navigate. they will find it's better than getting off on the left side. >> reporter: as for the old ramp, it will be destroyed. reporting live, i'm jane watrel. back to you, jim. >> thanks. in the district, the 11th street bridge will be open for business beginning sunday. it will carry traffic from 295 inbound into the downtown area. the outbound part of the bridge is set to open next week. the third span will open about a year from now. when it is completely finished, it will allow drivers on the southeast-southwest freeway to access 295 without having to get off at pennsylvania avenue. up next, congress takes action to help ease congestion as thousands of defense workers get ready to move into the mark center.
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a disabled veteran scammed out of $200,000. new documents exonerate amanda knox. we are looking colder than we were earlier today. some areas seeing rain. others reporting sleet in southern portions of maryland. we are not done yet. i'll show you what it means to your weekend, coming up in a second. amber? >> coming up in sports, basketball is back. we'll have a preview of the wizards preseason opener against wizar[ male announcer ]r against the network --
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barry bonds a former superstar with the san francisco giants will avoid jail time for lying to the grand jury. a judge sentenced him to 30 days home confinement and two years probation for lying about using performance enhancing drugs. he will pay a $4,000 fine. the prosecution wants bonds put in prison for 15 months. lawyers say they will appeal the conviction. the judge delayed the sentence thachlt means baseball's home run king will remain free at least for another year. american exchange student
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amanda knox was cleared of murder in italy in october. now the judge is explaining why it was thrown out. the evidence just didn't hold up. >> reporter: amanda knox was overcome with emotion when the guilty verdict and 26 year prison sentence were overturned. she spent nearly four years in prison. ushered out of the courtroom and home to seattle as quickly as her family could get her there. in a report released thursday, the italian judge offered a blistering critique of the prosecution. there was no evidence knox and her former boyfriend murdered knox's roommate in 2007. in a statement knox's parents write that the report confirms what they knew all along. the theory against her was that, a theory with no basis in fact. >> one could not hope for more clear statement rendered by an
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appellate court. >> reporter: the prosecution could not prove they were in the house at the time of the murder or they knew rudy, the third suspect found guilty of the crime. the judge continues, the sudden choice of two young people to commit evil for evil's sake without any further reason seems more incomprehensible. the report criticizes the prosecution, flimsy dna evidence flawed by sloppy police work. no proof that the alleged murder weapon was in the house. knox's interrogation statements were made under duress and she wasn't offered a lawyer. the judge writes the interrogation by police went on for hours both day and night on a young girl who, at the time, did not speak or understand italian. during the trial, the prosecution accused both knox and her boyfriend of insensitive
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behavior after the murder. criticizing them for buying underwear and kissing in public. this is simple tenderness and a way of releasing anxiety and fear. not, the judge says, a reliable indication of guilt. what the judge doesn't do is provide a theory of what actually happened. the details of the death remain a mystery. the prosecution will appeal to italy's supreme court only on the abell lat process, not the evidence itself. knox doesn't have to attend the hearing. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. doug is here with a look at the forecast. the weekend is here. it is considerably cooler out there than this time last night. >> i'm glad you use the word cooler. this is a temperature that is average for this time of year. when you go back to last year, one year ago today, it was colder. as a matter of fact how about 27 degrees for a high temperature this time last year.
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on top of that, a little bit of snow. take a look at video we shot for you. this was last year. you can see the roads were a big mess. this is day after day of temperatures in the 30s. we hit the upper 20s with a little bit of a snowstorm. officially one and a half inches at the airport. other areas picked up more than that. it made for a messy commute. once again, it goes to show you what the month of december can look like. this december it has not been anything like that. high temperature 62 degrees. that was at 4:30 this morning. very early. temperatures have been falling all day long. now we are sitting at 44 degrees. last year, eight days with highs in the 30s. a couple of those days were in the 20s. this year, we haven't seen a single day with high temperatures in the 30s. most of them in the upper 40s and 50s. it's been amazing how warm we have been. we are going to come back down to reality over the next couple days. then we go back up.
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44 degrees is the current temperature under cloudy skies. winds out of the north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. a chilly breeze. temperatures into the upper 30s. 39 in frederick and gaithersburg. 37 in winchester. we have a bit of a windchill across the area. the windchill 34 in gaithersburg. 39 at the airport. make sure you bundle up as you head outside. this is going to be a much cooler evening. last night was simply gorgeous. tonight, a little bit of a different story. we will see the cooler temperatures. here is the rain down to the south. this was falling heavier earlier. it was falling as sleet into southern maryland, fredericksburg, spotsylvania, colonial beach and portions of southern maryland. all reporting sleet. even a coverage of sleet in the maryland area. that's it. we are dry around the metro region. to the west, petersburg and west
6:19 pm
virginia seeing the rain mix with sleet and snow. it may be the case tonight for just about everybody. we have moisture here. a dry atmosphere. it's breaking up through this area. much of it not reaching the ground. i would not be surprised to see showers make their way across the mountains. they could produce showers, a flurry or two or sleet around d.c. it's not going to pose problems as we have been way too warm for the roads to have worries. back to us, anything but warm. 35 in pittsburgh. 35 in elkins. it's the cooler air that continues across the area. this weekend is going to be on the cool side. we'll call it cool, not cold. the rain staying to the south with the area of low pressure. it moves out of here. the chilly air moves in tomorrow. then we watch another system. this is out of canada and the great lakes. down toward our region, a chance early sunday morning, around
6:20 pm
3:00 a.m., a couple flurries here. you may wake up to see a little in the way of flakes on the roofto rooftops. that's it. a very small system. it's going to give us a big cooldown. look at that. back to mild temperatures as we make our way through the day on monday. this is what to expect. high temperature tomorrow, 44 after a low of 33. 43 degrees on sunday. 52 on monday as we move back above average. 50 on tuesday. let's throw another 60 degree day in there. >> why not? >> yeah, why not. windy conditions on wednesday. thursday, that's the next holiday lights. if you would like us to come out to your house, there's only one week left, but hey, send the pictures in anyway. you can send us insta grams at nbc 4 lights. we will try to put them on the air. >> you are not going to go after
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christmas? once christmas is here, you are done with the lights? >> quite a few people take down their lights in february or march, so we could extend it. >> thanks, doug. they found the baby jesus. how a message on facebook helped police track it down. more than half the people in more than half the people in prinhi. welcome to carmax. hi. i was on carmax dot com and i think i found the one. great car. and i think, it's right over there... (sighes)... finding your perfect car is easy at carmax because we carry only the highest quality used vehicles. and at carmax dot com, you can choose from nearly 30 thousand cars with most available for transfer to the store nearest you.
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leaders are speaking out about new efforts to bring new business into prince george's county. erika gonzalez tells us about the $50 million deal to revitalize the area. >> it would bring more people to the area to see what the area is about. you have a positive thipg here. >> reporter: that's what local business owners keep saying about prince george's county. he says business is slow. some have had to close up shop. prince george's county executive says 60% of the county work and shop elsewhere. that's exactly what he intends on changing. when is the last time you saw something new come up? >> ahh -- >> reporter: you have to think about it? >> it's been awhile. >> reporter: police say crime is on the decline. year to date, burglaries are down nearly 9%.
6:25 pm
robberies down nearly 12.5%. baker says this proves prince george's is the place to be. he says the county will use a $50 million economic development incentive fund to try to lure people and companies to shop and build in prince george's county. >> we make a great case for biotechnology to come to the county. cyber technology. anything around the defense industry. >> if we can maybe step it up to, well, you know, maybe a starbucks or a center. >> reporter: where would the building occur? any one of the underdeveloped stations around the county. >> it keeps your money in the area and keeps us from going outside of the area. >> reporter: for him tharks means more business. baker says the idea is spend $7 million the first year alone in trying to entice commercial developers and retailers to come
6:26 pm
to an area like suitland. he would like to see the developing stages as early as this spring. in prince george's county, erika gonzalez, news 4. there's about to be a new late night food choice that is not a burger joint or diner. it's called the hamilton. it's the 14th restaurant of the popular collides restaurant group. it's a 1,000 seat venue open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. it's located at 14th and f street northwest. the old sight of the borders bookstore. before that, garfields. new condos, retail stores and late-night workers in the downtown area provide the incenti incentive. it will officially open sunday night. >> good news. coming up, a man is arrested. bilking him out of $200,000. the suspect accused of
6:27 pm
firing an assault rifle into the white house.
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6:29 pm
a judge in pennsylvania has ruled that two officials at penn state will stand trial for
6:30 pm
allegedly lying to a grand jury. that ruling came after testimony from mike mcqueary. he says he saw jerry sandusky doing something wrong and sexual in a shower at penn state back in 2002. he says he made it clear to school administrators that what he saw was inappropriate behavior. the federal government will not shut down. they passed a bill to keep the government running through september. lawmakers are working on a separate payroll tax bill. bradley manning is going through a military justice hearing. it's to determine whether he's go to trial for leaking war documents to wikileaks. today, the lawyer questions whether the presiding officer might be biased against man k.
6:31 pm
if he's found guilty, he could face life in prison. >> he thought he could trust his financial adviser. after all, it was called christian financial services and met the man at church. >> a disabled veteran from waldorf, maryland is trying hard to forgive but he says he can't dergt. derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: the former marine wanted to build a wheelchair accessible home. the plan was to investment compensated to pay for it. >> i decided to hire someone to help me invest it. >> reporter: it seemed like a god send when this man came to his church. he taught classes in personal finance and offered to help chris watson manage his investments through his company. he convinced him to move his money into one account, then another. watson came to count him among
6:32 pm
his friends. >> as well as brother in christ. >> when it came time to take the invesmentes, the friend revealed himself. >> a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> reporter: why the banks wouldn't pay out while watson was putting the money into investment accounts. holmes was keeping it. >> there was no record of my name, account or anything. >> reporter: a visit to this office complex that was supposed to be the headquarters for christian financial services. the doors were locked and holmes wasn't here. >> he accepted $200,000. he was supposed to invest that money. he put nit a business account and spent the money. >> last month, they arrested holmes. >> we don't believe the victim in this case is the only one.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: this hasn't eliminated his faith in his fellow man. >> it may not hurt as much to be robbed by a stranger. >> reporter: derrick ward news 4. >> he may not be able to recover his lost savings. is sheriff's want to hear from anyone else who may have fallen victim to the scam. major back ups on the key bridge from georgetown into rosalynn. the bridge just reopened. it had been closed because of two separate incidents. one, a man jumped off a bridge. then park police and d.c. police say a bicyclist was critically injured and a bridge had to be closed to get medical attention to him. he was not hit by a vehicle, rather he may have had a medical issue. the man accused of trying to
6:34 pm
assassinate president obama is mentally a kay to stand trial. he's accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house. he was found competent. prosecutors asked for more extensive tests which is judge denied for now. graduate student from george washington university died from a rare form of meningitis. the person infected lived off campus. they contacted 35 people with whom that person came in contact before they died. meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain and the spinal court. symptoms include high fever, stiff neck, headache and nausea.
6:35 pm
there are vaccines and ant bioti biotics. limiting parking at the busy mark building. 2,000 spaces available for the 5,000 workers. it's to ease traffic congestion in the area. we have more. >> this is exactly what we wanted. >> reporter: congressman jim moran and congressman jerry conley describing a breakthrough they hope will head off the congestion early next year. that's when 5,000 employees report for work at the new mark center office complex. a big influx of workers, along with their vehicles was expected soon. today, they announced legislation that would cap the number of parking spaces that could be ud at 2,000. roughly, the current level. >> it's not going to get worse than it is today. it's only going to general rat half the traffic that it otherwise would have. this is major progress. it's responsiveness to what the
6:36 pm
neighborhood was rightfully demanding. >> it would stay in effect until road improvements could be made. the limit could be lifted if current traffic congestion improved significantly. it's unlikely. residents who live near the building are thrilled with the news. >> we are elated. i tell you, i know my neighbors and i have been pushing for the parking cap for over two years now. it's fantastic that it's finally been put into place. >> reporter: this man who drives his kids to two schools in the area welcomes the parking space limit. >> with us driving them to school and trying to get home and back to work, it could be a headache. >> reporter: this is good news? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the parking limit language was tucked into the appropriations bill. it's been approve d by the hous and expected to be passed soon by the senate. julie carey, news 4. coming up tonight, the baby jesus statue has been placed
6:37 pm
back where it belongs. who is responsible for stealing that statue. bargain hunters listen up. tomorrow may be the best day of the year to get deep discounts on gifts. >> hello, i'm jeff serving in [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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welcome back, everybody. i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. here in storm center 4 watching that little bit of a storm out there now. not much of anything going on right now at the moment. the big story is the temperatures that have been dropping. 62 this morning down to 44 degrees outside now. take a look at the numbers to see what i'm talking about. the winds out of the north-northwest. a current windchill of 39 at the airport. a chilly evening. storm 4 doppler radar showing the rain and sleet toward southern maryland. just about everything is falling apart. if you look to the west of i-81, you'll see a couple sprinkles, sleet pellets and flurries making their way across the area. don't worry about roadways as
6:41 pm
you move through tonight. 29 in gaithersburg. there's a chance of a shower and even snow showers to the west. to the east, we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. 44 degrees around washington tomorrow. a mixture of sun and clouds. then another system moves in. i'll show you what that system has in store. >> thanks, doug. >> yep. this is the busiest time of year for shipping and delivery companies such as u.p.s. and fedex. it might get busier soon. this is the fourth annual free shipping day. online retailers agreed to waive shipping fees and they guarantee the package will be there by christmas eve. some companies require you to make a minimum purchase. there's more information about all of this at
6:42 pm you might want to check that out. the last saturday before christmas is known as supersaturday. historically, it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year. it's the last full weekend before christmas. because it falls more than a week away from christmas this year and because christmas eve is also a saturday, some shoppers may not feel the same urgency this weekend. marketing experts say savvy retailers offering new sales and deeper discounts to get procrastinators off the couch and into the mall this weekend. >> what's coming up in sports? >> looking at capitals. the wizards kicking off. a thriller in the wild, wild west of canada. mike shanahan shows what or who he's focusing on. plus, the lockout is over. the wizards season is
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
finally, it's about time we got nba and at least some of us are hoping nick young is in the lineup. >> you were arguing on the break of who you like more. you have a couple favorites. it's a condensed preseason. if you blinked you probably missed nba training camps. they had one week to get ready for the preseason. a young wizards team will take
6:46 pm
on philadelphia 76ers. led's head down where trevor price has more on the preseason opener. >> reporter: finally, time to get back to basketball. the wizards are finally back in the verizon center taking on the 76ers in the first of two preseason games. trust me, the players know how pornlt these games are. >> it's about us. flip brought it to us in training camp. we want to see the team work. really, we want to get better. you know, anytime it's a preseason game, you want to put effort out there. it's good to be playing basketball. >> i want to see the carryover, how much game slippage we have. what we have learned. sometimes guys get excited in front of crowds and forget fundamenta fundamentals. when you only worked on them eight days, you have a tendency to go back to what you are comfortable doing. i want so see carryover.
6:47 pm
rebound and do things we said we are going to do. push it up and take care of the ball and play how we want to play during the season. >> what are you trying to get out of the game tonight? >> get experience in and up and down the court with players on my team. >> it's already been -- the season supposed to have already started. >> reporter: restricted free agent, nick young led the team in storing. most people believe when the phone finally rings for them, flip saunders will be on the other end. i'm trevor price, news 4 sports. >> thanks. the game can be seen at 7:00. the capitals are trying to get used to dale hunter's system. it's not so much about scoring as trying not to get scored on. a loss to the flyers, the caps weren't adjusting so well.
6:48 pm
hunter pulled starting goalie. michael nor better got the start against the jets. the results, a perfect performance. norbert getting his first start. shoots. a save! busy night. 26 saves on the night. jets attacking brian little. watch this. dennis blocking it. check this out, again. you have to love it. that's exactly what coach hunter wants to see. late in the third period, no score. marcus johanson gets ovechkin get it. take a look at the game winner. rips it in. his tenth goal of the season. capitals beat the jets, 1-0. dale hunter liked what he saw between the pipes. >> he played very well. we had some breakdowns on our own end. then he stood tall and you know,
6:49 pm
made the big saves and played ball tonight. >> i think when a goalie makes an unbelievable save, it gives you a break. he's on fire right now. he's, again keeping it in the game. if we gonna play like that, we're not going to score one goal, but a bunch of goals. we have less occupy tunety. >> next up, the caps take on the avalanche in colorado. moving on to the nfl, the redskins are limping into sunday's match up with the giants. jamal brown and fullback mike sellers will not play. today, safety la ron landry game the fifth redskins starter to land on the injured reserve. needless to say, somebody needs to step up and play sunday. it could be a chance for the rookie class to continue to shine. dan hellie discusses that more
6:50 pm
with head coach mike shanahan. >> reporter: three games left in the season. very important to evaluate the young guys. a lot of them are playing. is there one position you need to see what guys can do? >> not really. they are playing because of injuries. you get a chance to evaluate these guys and see how they play against great competition. >> another door opened for roy helu. the other rookie is finally getting runs and producing. how nice is it to see them doing things for you? >> it's nice. young guys taking advantage of an opportunity. helu is getting stronger as the game goes on. he's averaging about five yards a carry. for a young guy, it's impressive to see how he stepped up. over seven yards carry last week. they can average over seven yards, it's a good day. >> look at santa.
6:51 pm
i knew he was a football fan. jaguars visiting the falcons. matt ryan has a question, is it better to give or receive? falcons up 17-0. six-yard touchdown. falcons extend the lead, 24-0. atlanta now 34-0. here he goes again, just giving. he's a generous guy. three touchdowns. white 135 yards and two touchdowns. the falcons win big, 41-14. one final note, maryland head football coach announced today offensive coordinator will not return to the terps staff in 2012. there are multiple reports the university is close to hiring another person to that position. he's a former terp runningbacks coach. he's known for having strong relationships in the region.
6:52 pm
we have to get the recruits if you want to win more than two games of the season. >> that team sounds like the titanic. >> everybody exiting. >> trying to get off. >> maybe that could head the right direction. >> hope so. >> thank you. coming up tonight, we find out why some people are buying christmas presents for complete strangers. press pass, she portrays the person who says george bush was born with a silver spoon in his
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
first lady, michelle o bbam and her daughters are scheduled to leave washington tonight for their annual holiday vacation in hawaii. poor things. the video is of the family when they arrived in hawaii last year. they spend every christmas in the president's home state. not clear when the president will join them this year, though. he's promised to stay here in washington until congress finishes work on the tax bill. a baby jesus statue is back where it belongs thanks to facebook. it was stolen this week. police tracked it down after somebody posted a picture of it online. pat collins reports. >> reporter: they found the little baby jesus. >> oh, praise god. that is wonderful.
6:56 pm
>> it's great news. this is what christmas is all about. >> reporter: it's not how the story is told in the bible, but baby jesus returned to the proper place in the manger, in the arms of police sergeant bill. you have been on the police force how many years? >> 23. >> reporter: i bet you have recovered a lot of stolen property. >> i have. >> reporter: have you ever recovered anything quite like this? >> no. no, i haven't. >> reporter: the little baby jesus stolen from the nativity scene at the central park shopping center tuesday night. he weighed 80 pounds. he had been stolen before, some years ago. so they filled him with concrete to keep it from happening again. that proved to be something less than a wise idea. now they say little baby jesus weighs about 60 pounds. he lost 20 pounds after he was taken from here.
6:57 pm
they found the little baby jesus. >> oh, thank you, lord. >> reporter: who stole little baby jesus? police say it's a woman. a 25-year-old woman who works at this walmart in the same shopping center. they say she lives in spotsylvania county. she posted a picture of the little baby jesus on her facebook page. someone asked her, is that baby jesus stolen? she replied it cea's so stolen. >> we have no idea how many people saw that picture on facebook. a great number of them made comments indicating they knew it was a stolen item and they were talking about it. out of all those people, only one individual came forward and contacted us. we are glad he did. >> reporter: tonight, the nativity scene is complete. the case is far from closed. the commonwealth attorney studying the evidence to determine what, if any charges will be brought here. i'm pat collins, news 4,
6:58 pm
fredericksburg. because the little baby jesus weighed 80 pounds when it was taken, investigators believe a second person helped haul it away. we don't understand how they can carry an 80 pound -- >> that's a strong cop. >> he wasn't even leaning over. >> we want to double check that weight. we want to double check the weekend weather. there's a lot going on. >> it's going to be cool. we won't call it cold. the average high temperature this time of year is around 46 degrees. we may be a little bit below that. with the wind it's going to feel cold especially when the sun is not shining. take a look. show you what's happening tomorrow. 44 degrees for the high temperature. it will be a little on the chilly side. maybe a flurry overnight saturday into sunday. it's not anything to worry about. that same system will cool us down sunday. a high temperature of 43 degrees. back up to not only 50 on monday and tuesday, how about 60 on
6:59 pm
wednesday with rain? >> all right. thank you, doug. something really cool going on at k-mart across the country. people are going into the lay away county and asking to pay off the accounts of total strangers. they want to help parents or grandparents who set aside toys for their kids for christmas. donna lives in omaha, nebraska. a k-mart worker called her at work to tell her a stranger paid off all her gifts for her 4-year-old son. the kindness made her believe in the real spirit of christmas. one store manager says people often break down in tears when they fipd out they will be able to give their kids presents at christmas. he said, $50 may not sound like a lot, but at the right time, it might as well be $1 million. >> good story. i think the


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