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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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house republicans have made a deal. they are agreeing to the two-month extension to the payroll tax cut. house republicans felt the pressure all day from cash-strapped americans on the internet. mitch mcconnell and the white house to extend the payroll tax cut another two months. finally, they gave in. house speaker, john boehner hopes the agreement can be approved before christmas. >> key parts of the agreement are on january 1, no american worker will see an increase in taxes. >> reporter: president obama was joined by several frustrated american worker who is wrote into the white house expressing their displeasure over yet another washington stand off. >> has this place become so dysfunctional that even when people agree to things we can't do it. >> reporter: they started pressuring their colleagues. house republicans wanted a 12-month agreement. time is running out. >> i think our members waged a good fight.
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we were able to come to an agreement, we were able to fix what came out of the senate. >> reporter: the house bill is slightly different from the senate bill. small businesses are saved from costly new reporting requirements. 160 million working americans won't face an increase january 1st. they are working on a full year agreement. they are going to work on that after the first of year. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer johnson. >> thank you, jennifer. now to the other top story, police arrest a guess store employee at the montgomery maul. detectivives say he took pictures of a woman in the dressing room. pat collins joins us live from bethesda with more on that. pat? >> reporter: when you are trying on clothes in a store, you don't expect something like this. this creepy dressing room crime. this is how police tell the
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story. the scene, the westfield montgomery shopping mall, december 10th around lunchtime. a 24-year-old woman goes to the guess store to buy some jeans. she says a male sales associate leads her to the dressing room. there, he asks her to try on some new metallic pants just for him. she says she hesitantly agreed. the woman says she looks down and sees the sales associate's shoes below the dressing room door. between the shoes, she sees a cell phone. a cell phone that she says he's using to take video of her. she gets upset. opens the door. he then puts his foot over that cell phone. >> she didn't want to directly confront him. gave him an excuse so he would leave and go back to the sales floor.
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she got her original clothing back on, went out, completed a purchase, left the store. a few hours later, called police. >> reporter: police went to the guess store and retrieved surveilness video from the dressing area. it shows the sales associate crouching down in an apparent attempt to see the woman disrobing. arrested. he's 18 years old. he was picked up tuesday night, charged as a peeping tom. charged with video surveillance. >> i would expect that person to be fired on the spot. >> reporter: for something like this to happen? >> i would be upset. >> he's a sick man. he's a sick man. that's what i think. >> reporter: now police have
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seized this guy's phone. they have seized his computer. they want to see if there are other pictures of other women in that dressing room. wendy, back to you. >> all right, pat collins. thanks, pat. police in greenbelt, maryland are looking for men who raped and beat up a college student walking home from the metro. the 24-year-old woman was walking early saturday morning in the 6,000 block of cherry lane. she said she was thrown into the woods and attacked. there was a new report found that there are thousands of mistakes at arlington national cemetery. they reviewed the 260,000 headstones and found as many as 64,000 may need to be replaced or added to fix the accuracy issues. last year, a report found there were thousands of misidentified and misplaced graves.
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that report led to top executives being fired. a wave of bombings across baghdad killed at least 69 people. it came amid a government crisis between shiite and sunni politicians. attempts to derail progress will fail. emily morgan reports. >> reporter: thick smoke marks sustained and brutal attacks across baghdad. 13 explosions in nine neighborhoods in the space of a few hours. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the attacks were coordinated and struck as many people traveling to work. my baby was sleeping in bed, this woman says. shards of glass falling on their head. in mainly suburb ban areas, they looked at the damage. their homes left smoldering. they guaranteed maximum harm and
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roadside bombs. we are innocent people, this man says. what have we done wrong? what crime have we committed? american troops have been out of the country three days. sunday morning marked the end of nine years of military presence. it marks the beginning of stability. it was short lived. the political state in iraq is fragile, growing more each day. they hit crisis point. they could spark further violence. the question today is this, the worst to come. emily morgan. president obama ordered to withdrawal 10,000 american troops from afghanistan was accomplished more than a week before the deadline. this is the first step in the plan to transition the country and end the war with international troops by 2014. right now, 91,000 troops are in
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afghanistan. republican presidential candidate, newt gingrich, spoke at a fund-raiser in richmond this morning. he was there to file paperwork to get on the ballot for the virginia primary. he thinks he has a good chance to win that primary. >> your help, i'm going to win the nomination. with your help this fall, we are going to beat barack obama and in the process, we are going to win virginia by a big enough margin to reclaim the senate for the republican party. it's a big year. thank you. >> a poll suggests gingrich has a five-point lead over mitt romney. meanwhile, romney picked up a high profile unofficial endorsement. president george h.w. bush is going with romney. he's not gingrich's biggest advocate. romney was surprised by the endorsement and called bush to
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thank him. we have rain coming our way. we are going to get a lot of it, i understand. doug kammerer is outside before the rain begins in northeast washington. hey, doug. >> reporter: hello, doreen. we have rain out there. the rain is coming ahead of a storm system that is not only going to help temperatures, i think they could go up a little bit tonight. the rain is going to be coming down. some of us could see a lot of rain over the next 12 hours. let's show you what is happening outside across the area. temperatures on the warm side. currently, 55 degrees. we are looking at cloudy skies with the winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. temperatures, we are starting to cool off a bit. 54 in leesburg. 48 in winchester. 57 in fredericksburg. look at the rain. just to the south of fredericksburg right now, also the charlottesville area, seeing the rain. as we widen out, the rain is cominging from, a lot of rain to the south. we have the potential to see rain overnight.
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temperatures moving up to 60 degrees as we move through the night tonight. by tomorrow morning, the rain is out of here. friday, we will be on the dry side and dry as we head into the week. we'll talk about the weekend in a second. we are going to go inside their house. >> if you are going to be here at the wonderland, you have to have a hat. >> reporter: i have to have a hat. i'm going to put this on and be back in a minute. >> there's something to look forward to. a new report shows the earthquake damage to the washington monument. the engineering company that repelled down it says it is vulnerable to rainfall. they didn't specify the cost of timetable for the repairs. it's been closed to visitors since the 5.8 earthquake shook the capital. a man is behind bars. he's accused of robbing an art
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gallery. hees facing several burglary and attempted burglary charges regarding a vandalism spree in downtown leesburg. a burglar broke in and stole a computer and cash register and the windows of nearby businesses were smashed. he is being held without bond. news 4 at 6:00 is just getting started. best buy becomes the grinch after it canceling orders placed online more than a month ago. the father accused of leaving his child home alone in filth faced a judge this afternoon. with all the scandal d.c. politicians have been facing not so surprising results in a poll. the fall out of a politician making remarks about the first lady's figure. dan, what's ahead in sports? >> a good college basketball game. some of the redskins reveal some of the redskins reveal theihi. welcome to carmax.
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busy day! yes it is! you don't want to hear this a couple days before christmas. best buy announced it will not be able to fulfill customers online orders because of the overwhelming demand. shoppers who bought stuff online in november and then this month
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won't get their orders by christmas. michelle franzen has more on the last-minute holiday shopping rush. >> reporter: the list is made. you've checked it twice. now, the pressure is on to get those last-minute gifts. don't worry. you are not alone. >> 25% of americans have actually yet to begin their holiday shopping. >> reporter: many are spending less overall in this uncertain economy. >> i have been doing a little shopping here and there. >> reporter: others holding out for the better deals. >> we get a lot of good deals online. you know, there will be promo codes on facebook. i save a lot of money that way. >> reporter: online shopping is up 15% this year compared to last year. some stores are having trouble meeting the demand. best buy won't be able to fulfill orders in time for christmas delivery.
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retailers are trying to make up for sluggish sales since black friday weekend when shoppers spent a record, $52 billion. in the final days remaining, stores will be slashing prices further and counting on those who procrastinate to splurge. >> people tell us when they shop at the 23rd hour, they spend more than they planned to. >> reporter: shoppers can get gift cards and find last-minute deals online for free shipping. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> all that online ordering, this is a busy week for deliveries. today is the busiest day for united parcel service. they estimate 26 million backages. retailers have seen higher online sales this year. u.p.s. has seen evidence of it. u.p.s. and fedex will make deliveries on saturday, but it
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will cost you more. >> of course it will. if you want to get something done, ask this family in northeast to do it. doug is in their front yard. he might be inside their house. they really know how to bring it when christmas comes. >> nice lid! >> reporter: thank you. thank you very much. they told me, if i wanted to be part of the family, i had to wear the attire they had on today. take a look. you can see the house. the outside of the house, phenomenal. you come here, it lightens your spirit up. it gives you christmas spirit. we had a lady come by in her car and said exactly that. where's the family. we said right there. she said i want to let you know, i drive by your house every year. she just drove by right now. this is melvin. for you to hear something like that, literally you are right here and they say that. it's got to be great. >> it touched my heart. in the days you feel like not
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doing this, it's those comments that keep you going. >> reporter: introduce me to your family here. >> my wife, my daughter, my sister, play sister and two friends. >> reporter: just about everybody here has helped out, haven't they? >> yes. >> reporter: this is the best part. i asked the family, cynthia gets into it. she enjoys it. i asked you if you love it. >> of course, we love it. >> reporter: you have to love it. you were talking earlier, you were talking you have two attics, two storage units. >> help bring trees down and put them back up. >> reporter: they have 11 trees total. eight trees that are in there right now. did you know he has 11 trees? >> you just exposed me. >> reporter: i'm sorry. you told me not to tell her that. he's got eight trees decorated. we'll show you those coming up
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in a bit. for now, let's look at what's happening weather wise out here. it's a nice and mild night. it's a glorious evening. temperatures into the 50s. we reached a high today of 62 degrees. ten days this month where we have been 55 degrees or warmer in the month of december. that is unheard of. as far as the numbers go right now, we are sitting at 55 degrees with a dew point of 42. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. the winds will be picking up later. around the metro area, 55 degrees here in northeast washington. 51 in camp springs. 55 to the south. there's the rain on storm 4 doppler radar. you can see it making its way up from the south. fredericksburg and to the south, the rain will continue to move into the area over the next couple hours. that's just around 1:00. that's where the warm front. south of that, warmer air. below that, we have a lot of rain coming.
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parts of georgia and alabama today were seeing tornado warnings and a tornado watch. we could see a few rumbles of thunder tonight. i'm not expecting anything severe. as far as the weather goes the next couple days, this storm will be a very fast mover. it will be out of here by this time tomorrow morning. that's the good news. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. it will be a little bit cooler. we get into the low 50s. saturday very, very nice. plenty of sunshine saturday. guess what? why not plenty of sunshine sunday, too. we are talking christmas. right now, christmas is looking very, very nice. no need to worry about travel as far as the weather is concerned. we should be good. rain moving in tonight. watch for the gusty winds. maybe gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour but nothing too strong. wet roadways out there. 45 to 49 degrees. you may want to give yourselves extra time on the roads. sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon.
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continued mild with easy traveling. 50 to 55 degrees. winds out of the northwest. 48 on saturday with plenty of sunshine. a nice day, yes, cooler but still above average. 47 on christmas. monday a high of 48 degrees. as we move on through the next seven days, we look milder. tuesday next week could 54 again. another storm system moves in. one thing you do not see there, even through new year's eve weekend, no cold air across the region. you saw the outside of the house, you met the family. we are going to go inside. i didn't get you in too much trouble, did i? >> no, i'll be okay. >> reporter: just wanted to make sure. back to you guys. >> if you have eight trees, what's another three? eight, 11. it's a gang of trees. it's a spectacular display. the temperatures don't match it. >> no. no. >> reporter: no. >> thanks, see you in a few minutes.
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still ahead, a local guy's surveillance camera catches a burglar on tape. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever.
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d.c. mayor vincent gray and
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kwame brown got dismal ratings in a poll. half of voters disapprove of gray and more disapprove of brown. tom sherwood has more on this. >> it's been a tough year for both of them. they say they will work harder to bin back public support. >> happy holidays. >> reporter: mayor gray was celebrating at the d.c. public department. the poll results were no reason to cheer. 34% approval rating and a high negative of 53% disapproval. some of the numbers are bad. what is your thought about it? >> well, i mean they probably reflect what happened earlier in the year. we recognize that. >> the research poll shows fenty and williams would easily defeat gray. gray's first year in office is
6:25 pm
marred by controversies and the ongoing federal probe into the campaign and federal law violations. gray is focused on doing his job on crime. >> we want to keep doing those things and show people that the choices they made were the right ones. >> reporter: the worst poll numbers were for kwame brown. 23% approval rating. with just that 23% approval rating, one of the lowest ever for city officials, the polling showed 57% disapproved of kwame brown's work. the 13-member council has fallen badly under brown. 54% approved of the council last spring, now only 30% of voters approve. a significant drop that put them in serious political trouble for brown. he's been criticized for ordering luxury suvs and is under an investigation for cam tan spending. >> we need to do a better job of
6:26 pm
communicated. i look forward to doubling my efforts. >> reporter: the federal investigations are a big question mark. it could be an interesting 2012. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. which officials are liked according to the same poll? the police chief has a 78% approval score. she's been the chief since 2006 and topped several polls in recent years. delegate eleanor holmes norton is second with a 77% rating. she's held her job for 20 years. kaya henderson is third with a 51% approval. the poll had a plus or minus 4.4% margin of error. an apology for the first lady after a politician makes a remark about her rear end.
6:27 pm
burglaries happening while homeowners are home. watching her go down in front of you, that's, i mean that's horrible. a little girl meets the guys who help revive her and save her life. coming up in sports, the nationals pull off a blockbuster trade for a starting pitcher. the redskins trying to figure out how to stop one of the best runningbacks in football. a boxer adds another honor to his recent world champio
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an employee of the guess clothing store at the westfield montgomery shopping mall is charged as a peeping tom. the 18-year-old trying to look under the changing room door while a customer was inside. the customer says garcia tried to take video of her. police are checking his cell phone and computer to see if there are other victims. within the hour, house speaker john boehner announced payroll taxes will not go up. the agreement comes after heavy public and political pressure. president obama said the white house is receiving 2,000 messages an hour from american
6:31 pm
who is want the payroll tax cut extension passed. a congressman from wisconsin is apologizing about comments he made about the first lady's body. he says he was referring to her campaign on healthy eating when he criticized her "large posterior." those comments sparked outrage from voters of both parties. erika gonzalez has reaction. >> reporter: one thing republican congressman jim sensenbrenner of wisconsin does not care for is the government telling americans what to eat. at least that's what he's saying after a democratic operative overheard him bad mouthing first lady michelle obama at reagan international airport. a woman approached the congressman and began to praise the first lady. sensenbrenner said obama lectures us on eating right
6:32 pm
while she has a large posterior herself. >> it's offensive. i wish i had her toned arms. >> reporter: she began the let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. >> her campaign is positive. it's helped me a lot as far as vegetabl vegetables. >> reporter: sensenbrenner played a key role in the impeachment of bill clinton. he does not agree with the first lady's initiatives but apologized with a personal note. >> i think it's irreally rant vant to say something of that nature. >> women are blessed with curves. that she's luckily she looks that good. >> people can't help the way their bodies are. it's a cheap shot. apparently, nothing is off limits. >> reporter: this psychologist who research sex discrimination says this is schoolyard antics at its best, a form of bullying.
6:33 pm
>> it's so insulting and really so inappropriate and kind of a throwback to an earlier generation. >> what's going on in politics is cutting over to the personal part. i don't think that's necessary. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4, washington. zuckerman says it's the kind of comment that sensenbrenner made not realizing how public it would go. a homeowner surveillance camera catches a burglary in progress. it may be linked to another one in the neighborhood a few minutes earlier. this video was taken monday in silver spring. other surveillance video shows a green suv. in that case, neighbors witnessed a man also in a green suv. if you recognize this intruder, call police. police in fairfax county are looking for a man sneaking into people's homes and stealing
6:34 pm
purses, credit cards and electronics. he does it while the residents are home and asleep. derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: there have been 11 burglaries since april. police believe the same person is responsible. some occurred in vienna. never too far from route 7 or fairfax county parkway. police released this video at a maryland business that shows the man they believe is behind the burglaries. >> he's taking credit cards from the homes and going to maryland to use them. >> reporter: what's more troubling is how he's entering the homes. >> he's entering through an ope garage or unlocked door. >> reporter: the burglar was busy in late september. he hit four different homes including residence here on shaker woods drive. in all the homes, he's managed to find an open door. two of the four september 29th
6:35 pm
burglaries occurred within walking distance. one on sandy court and the other on rowland drive. >> he's entering when the residents are inside sleeping. >> reporter: there's been no confrontation. that's been fortunate. the property crime hasn't turned into something more serious. locked and secured doors are a must. >> lock your doors at night. when you are going to sleep, you should not have open garage doors and unlocked doors and windows where you are providing easy access. >> reporter: the burglar may drive a gray or light blue bmw 5 series, 2000 model or newer. derrick ward, news 4. police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. there's a reward for information that leads to an arrest.
6:36 pm
prosecutors are using a new child neglect law to try a man who police say abandoned his 2-year-old daughter, leaving her without food. he's charged with child neglect. after police say he left his daughter in a roach infested apartment. he was supposed to be watching her while his wife was in the hospital. on tuesday, the child's mother frantically called 911. in court today, the bond was increased from $25,000 to $100,000. he'll be tried under a new law being used for the first time in prince george's county. >> this is a law that makes it illegal for an adult to intentionally fail to provide resources necessary for a minor and there by creates an injury to a child. >> if convicted he faces up to ten years in pris.
6:37 pm
new charges could be added. the little girl is now with her mother. up next, we go live for the christmas weather forecast. plus -- >> reporter: this is the kind of good news we live for during the holidays. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up, a young girl meets the firefighters who saved her life. we'll have that story. santa's helpers are keeping busy at the north poll. hello, i'm serving in kabul, afghanistan. i would like to say happy holidays to my
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♪ >> reporter: hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. we are in northeast washington. take a look, we have tree number one. one of eight trees they have decorated so far this year. family and friends right here. i want to show you something else they have here. this is something melvin does, too. he puts out coloring books and we have candy for the kids. he lets people in the community come in and tour the home and gives them a gift. here is tree number two. this is one of the teddy bear trees. the two trees he has, they don't change during the year. this tree is spectacular. i don't know how he came up with
6:41 pm
this. he had no idea until he tried it one day and it turned out beautiful. this is a black tree with purple ribbon and flowers on it. here is the train. >> all aboard! >> reporter: all aboard for a little christmas. you betcha. take a look, you can see, what are those up there? >> barbie dolls. >> reporter: they are holiday dolls. you have been doing it since -- >> my little girl was born, we started in '92. we have about 19 of them. >> reporter: as far as the weather is concerned, on the wet side tonight. rain tonight. we are going to see a lot of rain. most of that rain will move out by early tomorrow morning. don't worry about the rain for friday and saturday. travel is going to be a-okay. the only areas that could see bad travel, down around florida.
6:42 pm
that is about it. the rest of us looking good. the weekend, christmas weekend, looking good, too. >> we like that. >> we do. >> thank you, doug. quite a christmas display over there. with christmas three days away, it's a busy time of year at the north pole. last minute preparations taking place in alaska. santa receives an occasional e-mail, the post office is overwhelmed with last minute wish lists. 150,000 letters have come in so far. >> wow. >> your kids got their notes off to santa and all that? >> yes. yes. >> they send theirs electronically. >> not yet. very soon. they have almost mastered the ipad. it's scary to think about. coming up in sports, huge deal for the nationals. they got a premier pitcher. they had to give up a lot. the redskins hoping to lock out adrian peterson on the christmas eve showdown with the vikings.
6:43 pm
georgetown aims to keep roland
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6:45 pm
what's going on in sports? >> a little breaking news i guess. we didn't expect to talk about this. the nationals made a move. itis a good one. the nationals turn to the trade market. they made a big move today acquiring left-handed pitcher
6:46 pm
gonzalez in oakland. giving up four minor leaguers including three of the top ten prospects. peacock, cole, norris and malone sent to the as. they had to sweeten the pot to get him because several other teams were in the mix trying to trade for him, including the very rich red sox. gonzalez went 16-12 with a 3.12 e.r.a. and 197 strikeouts last year. he's already been an all-star and in his first year of arbitration. salary wise, he will not cost the nationals much money. with gonzalez on the staff, they have a legit, one, two, three punch. straussburg, zimmerman and now gonzalez. we are a month into the college basketball season. a month in an eternity in college basketball. the last time they met, they
6:47 pm
were unranked. memphis was eighth in the country. the script has been flipped for this rematch. la jolla is ranked. memphis dropped out of the top 25. this will not be an easy game. averaging 82 points per game. they haven't lost to an unranked team this season. georgetown a pleasant surprise. they are young, rugged and surprising on both ends of the floor. careful not to put too much stock in the last game against the tigers. >> that was awhile ago. you know, i think clearly that was -- it helped to give them confidence. so, that was an important win. this is much different than now. we are much different now. much different now than then. we'll see. >> there's always a lot of challenges when you win the first game. you know they are going to come
6:48 pm
out harder the next game. they are going to try to beat you because you beat them the first game. >> they are coming after us and we are coming after them. this is just doing the same thing as the first time, just more. >> mentally and physically prepare d for the big east. >> we are waiting to control, dictate the start of play. the floor is slowing you down. >> as long as we don't get in, we'll be okay. >> georgetown and memphis tipping off at verizon center shortly. one less quarterback is available for the redskins to draft this year. matt barkley announced he will go back to usc for his senior year. can you believe that? a lot of money he's leaving on the table this year. the quarterback draft class this year is thinner than expected. that's why you don't tank games to get a better draft pick.
6:49 pm
the redskins might as well beat the vikings saturday. they will have a chance to end up as one of the top ten defenses in the league. to get there, they will have to stop this man. adrian peterson, the vikings runningback is considered one of the best in the game when he's healthy. he's coming off a sprained ankle. they know he is what makes the offense go. >> what we wanted to do last week, we can do this week. it's not going to be an easy chore. a heck of a group. >> he's playing well. i think he's a fourth leading rusher in the league. watching it on film, even with the hurt ankle, he's able to do things you don't see too often. we are going to be geared up to stop the run and gear ed up to defend offense. >> all right, you ever wonder what an nfl player wants for christmas or what he wanted for christmas when he was a kid? we asked some of them.
6:50 pm
specifically the redskins receiving core. it runs the gamut, some of the things we can relate to, others maybe not. >> oh, man, it's tough. that's tough. i used to get my micro machines. i asked for the other gift and my brother got it. micro machines. >> i wanted gold teeth one time. i saved my money to get them and i didn't tell my parents. just something told me let them know. my mom was like go ahead. when you come back, your stuff will be outside. i was like damn. i spent the money on something else. >> he didn't exactly get his gold teeth. he used tinfoil to pretend he has them for awhile. i'm sure he could buy whatever he wanted.
6:51 pm
>> i'm going to remember that line, go ahead, but your stuff will be outside when you get home. lamont peterson used to sleep on the streets of d.c. now, he's given the keys of the city. it's been a turn around for the 27-year-old boxer. he brought championship boxing back to d.c. with his bout. then he did the improbable and pulled off the upset. it was a controversial split decision that may lead to another rematch. now, he's enjoying the fruitsf his labor. >> this has been, you know, a great month for me and the whole family. at the same time, i'm extremely humbled and honored to, you know, receive an award such as this. i would like to thank d.c. period. thank the whole d.c. say that today, i'm proud to be a washingtonian. >> i want you to know, we have two locks down here.
6:52 pm
we working to give out the next key, okay? >> the mayor talking about his little brother anthony peterson, also a good boxer. >> really? >> yeah. >> thanks, dan. absolutely. firefighters were recognized for going above and beyond. their quick thinking saved the life of an adorable 5-year-old girl. tracee wilkins introduces us to them and the little girl that came by to say thank you. >> reporter: this is an amazing story of how the life of a 5-year-old girl was saved when firefighters decided to turn this fire truck into an ambulance. >> you could hear her wheezing. she has asthma. it's never been like that. >> we got the call for a 5-year-old, trouble breathing, asthma attack. we got on the engine. we went to the house. >> she was just hollering and screaming and fighting saying she couldn't breathe. >> i tried to convince her we weren't there to hurt her. i wanted to listen to her lung
6:53 pm
sounds. >> she went out. i lost it. >> the med unit was five minutes away. i said we're not waiting, let's go. >> i was going wherever he was going. that's when i figured out it was the fire department. >> put her on the floor here. one person at her head on the other side standing in the wheel well to control her head. there was another emt back there with, you know, controlling the oxygen. >> i didn't know what to think. i was praying she was breathing and she was fine. >> reporter: what's going on in your mind? your hands are on the wheel and doing something you don't normally do. >> that engine wasn't going fast enough. [ applause ] >> reporter: that was back in late november. today, 5-year-old christina, the girl who took a ride in the back of that fire truck had something to say to the crew who saved her. [ inaudible ] >> you're welcome.
6:54 pm
>> you are so welcome. >> reporter: they received awards today from the prince george's county fire department. christina gave them an award of her own. these firefighters say it's all in a day's work. >> it's our job, you know. we don't do it for awards. we do it because we like doing it. >> reporter: the firefighters who made this life changing decision say that it was their experience that helped them. had they been rookies, they may not have thought to take her to the hospital in this fire engine. in clinton, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. when we come back, we are going to go back to doug for a final check
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
the duke and duchess of cambridge completing their last trip of the year. the newlyweds spent the evening at a homeless shelter for young people baking cookies and trading stories. then, william busted a move showing off his hip hop to the amusement of the young people around him and his bride thought he was funny as well. coming up tonight, we'll have more on a report detailing significant damage to the washington monument after the august earthquake. things are worst than originally thought. a woman jumped from the second floor of a burning house and lands in a neighbor's arms. we'll hear from both of them. a miracle hockey shot from a
6:58 pm
woman who never picked up a stick. she walked away with a new truck. the final forecast from doug back at the happy holiday house. >> reporter: right now, we are in the back of the house. i wanted to show you something with the walls. this is actually wrapping paper they did with the walls. imagine yourself coming into a room like this as a 5-year-old or 6-year-old. all the things are moving. you have two other trees, too. let's show you what's happening as far as the radar. the rain is out there. you will continue to see it throughout night. the rain is heavy to the south. it's making its way up to fredericksburg and southern portions of maryland. st. marys county, we are seeing the heavier rainfall. it will move through overnight and be gone by this time tomorrow morning. it's a fast moving storm. we could pick up a half inch very, very quickly. here is the next four days
6:59 pm
showing the 48 degree temperature saturday. dry tomorrow, dry saturday. sunday, christmas is looking dry. a very nice day with a high of 47, 48 on monday. as we move on, we are going to talk about the temperatures moving back into the 50s on tuesday. that, with the potential of another storm that would bring us rain, too. back here in northeast washington, we are talking to a family. we have a special guest. this is the first time santa ever greeted us. we appreciate you coming. >> what's on your list this year. >> you know what's on my list this year. i want big storms and i would love some snow. >> snow, ha, ha, ho. plenty of snow. >> i hope there's plenty of snow. thanks for having us. we appreciate it. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> you are supposed to ask for a white christmas, what's the matter with you? >> a white christmas. a white christmas.


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