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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight robbers are terrorizing visitors to capitol hill and most of them are after one thing. >> a nationwide chain runs out
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of goods and tells shoppers it can't deliver orders before christmas. >> and a dramatic escape as a woman jumps into her burning house into her neighbor's arms. but we begin with damage to washington's most iconic structure. >> new picture and new report telling a different stories about the washington monument. shomari stone tells just how badly the earthquake shook this monument. >> reporter: this explains why tourists and folks want to go inside the washington monument. well, they can't. >> wish it was still open to climb to the top. >> reporter: sarah davies gives tours on horseback but she can't take a tour in the washington monument four months after the 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook it. >> i was surprised this t did that much damage. >> reporter: tonight the parks department released this report showing the damage.
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the report says the cracks are concentrated around the 450 feet high area. monument has six damaged marble panels, cracked beams and some broken blocks, leaving broken hearts for tourists who want to take tours. >> it would be nice. >> reporter: the video shows rocks and debris fall ug during the quake. the crew inspected and documented the damage for the report. it recommends crews repair the cracks with stainless steel plates are fill them with sealant and replace loose marble. it says the monument is structurally sound but when it rains like it is now, water seeps through the cracks and collects on the floor. >> hopefully they'll get it repaired. that's the important part, just making sure that it's restored. >> reporter: the u.s. park police don't have an estimate on how much it's going to cost to repair the monument. the federal government approved $7.5 million to fix the on umt but that was with the
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understanding that the private sector would match that $7.5 million. >> the us? also troubling at arlington national cemetery. a new army reviewed at the 260,000 headstones on the grounds and found 64,000 may need to be relaysed or aplaced accuracy issues. that report led to top executives being fired. >> outside it's a wet, miserable night. doug is here to show us there's more rain to come. if only this were snow, doug. >> if this were snow, you wouldn't want to know how much we've seen. though some of you would. you want the snow, you want the cooler air. fortunately it is raining but it's on the warm side. just to the west of i-95, montgomery county seeing rain, rockville, bethesda, sterling, seeing heavy rain right on
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through parts of manassas. i'll show you how it's going to affect your morning tomorrow and of course the holiday weekend. >> thank you, doug. we've told you this before before tonight it seeps like there's an agreement on capitol hill. most working americans will likely be able to keep more of their pay czechs for the next couple of months at least. house republicans agreed to a two-month extension of a payroll tax cut. it's expected to affect 160 million americans. without action from congress, the tax rate would have gone up from 4.2% to 6% on january 1st. republicans wanted a one-year agreement but time was not on their side. >> we were here fighting for the right things. it may not have been politically the smartest thing in the world but i'm going to tell you what, i think our members waged a good fight. >> boehner says he hopes the bill can be passed tomorrow
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without a formal vote allowing lawmakers to go home for the christmas break. >> mitt romney picked up an endorsement from jorjts herbert walker bush gave rom nney his unofficial endorsement saying he's the best choice. >> put away the iphones. jackie bensen joins with us more. >> reporter: another robbery happened just over an hour ago on 97th and d street. radio shack was held up by two men in ski masks. the robber locked employees in the back room and among the thing they took were iphones. >> should i get off the phone? >> reporter: it's in the numbers. d.c. police first district commander says robberies are up in one capitol hill neighborhood. >> this is patrol service area
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106. as an example, we've had 12 street robberies so far this month and last month we had one for the entire month. so that's why we say it's such an exaggerated anomaly. >> reporter: most of the crimes have occurred on weekend evenings, nearly half on friday nights. robbers are working in groups, two or three at a time. >> no weapons involved but they have resorted to violence by striking people and pushing them to the ground, things of that nature. >> reporter: more police officers are now on patrol in the affected neighborhood. most of the robberies have occurred on darker residence streets, but cops say tucking your phone out of sht may be one of the best ways to prevent becoming a robbery victim. >> right around here? i wasn't aware of that. let me put mines up. >> reporter: again, because there were so many police officers in this area, they responded very quickly to the robbery at the radio shack tonight here at 7th and d street southeast but the suspects got away. back to you. >> all right, thanks, jackie.
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>> a homeowner took matters into his own hands and it could help him find the people who broke into his home. he took surveillance cameras set up inside his home and put it on youtube. police think is may be connected to another incident in that same neighborhood just a few minutes earlier. >> allow the police to get ahold of whoever did it. i was just furious, you know, they invaded my privacy. >> reporter: police say other video show as green suv outside the house and witnesses say they saw a green suv at the first house that was robbed as well. >> some customers who did their online shopping with best buy this holiday season are scrambling to figure out a plan b tonight. the retail giant announced today it won't be able to fill all of the online orders it received in time for christmas. the people most frustrated tonight placed their orders on black friday. that's almost a month ago. best buy would not elaborate on
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how many orders it will be unable to deliver or which products are out of stock. >> a sales associate at the guest clothing store in the westfield montgomery mall is charged as a peeper tom. he's accused of trying to take video of a woman with a cell phone as she undressed in a fitting room. a 24-year-old shopper told police it happened on december 10th in the middle of the day. surveillance video shows garcia trying to look under a dressing room door. >> i would expect that person to be fired on the spot. >> reporter: for something like this to happen? >> i'd be pretty upset to say the least. that's horrible. >> he's a sick man. >> directs confiscated garcia's cell phones and a computer from his home to see if there might be other victims. >> a base jumper from fairfax county ended up in the hospital after jumping off a tv tower. 25-year-old robert morgan climbed the maryland public
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television tower in crownsville yesterday. he was hurt when he base jumped and his parachute didn't only completely. after a trip to the hospital, he was cited for trespassing. last week he was part of a group that jumped from the weta to youer in arlington. all five people in that base judge with tried for trespassing. >> blake stroud faces several burglary and attempted burglary charges. police say he went on a vandalism spree on south king street in downtown leesburg. he broke into the coolly gallery and stole a computer and a cash register, then smashed windows of two nearby businesses. >> a police officer was injured during a fight today at the occupy d.c. encampment. officers were responded to a
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reported assault at mcpherson square. the officers encountered a grouch people who appeared drunk when they arrived. a taser was used to subdue one of the suspects. >> a five alarm fire keeps firefighters at bay in san francisco. >> we'll hear from a woman who jumped from the roof of her burning house into the arms of a neighbor. >> they broke the rules but saved a life and today
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john edwards says he's been diagnoyiniagnosed with a serioul
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condition but he won't say what it is. he's asked to delay his trial. he's charged with using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. edwards has pleaded not guilty. >> old wood and gusty winds fueled a massive five-alarm fire that could be seen across san francisco today. those flames ripped through an apartment building and a charter school. 30 apartments were damaged. dozens of people will be spending the holidays in a temporary shelter. more than 140 firefighters spent hours trying to contain these flames. two people suffered some minor burns. one woman in virginia had to jump from the second floor of her house when flames forced her on to the roof. fortunately a neighbor came to her aid and helped to break her fall. jared henshaw has that story from henry county south of roanoke. >> reporter: she was almost overtaken bit smoke in her second floor bedroom. >> i panicked and went straight
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to the bedroom. >> reporter: she crawled out on to the roof. her neighbor noticed the smoke and ran to help. >> she was up on the roof hollering. >> reporter: he convinced her to jump down about 12 feet where campbell caught her. she desperately wanted to go back inside for her dog romo but it was too dangerous. the house was in a full-on blaze. firefighters eventually got it under control but everything was lost and romo never made it out alive. >> he went and laid on my grandmother's bed which is where he felt safe. he didn't get burned, the smoke got him. he just fell asleep. >> reporter: she too upset to go back to the house but she said she'll never be able to thank campbell enough zip want to say thank you for being there, like you have been before but thank you so much for being there that day. >> reporter: fortunately she
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does have insurance and is looking for a new home. campbell says she doesn't feel like a hero and was just in the right place at the right time. >> and a 5-year-old girl thanks some firefighters who saved her life today after they broke sot rules do it. this was last month christina luckett had an asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest. firefighters got to the scene and when they found out there was an ambulance still five minutes away, they took matters into their own hands and drove her to the hospital in the fire truck. >> we put her on the floor and had one person at her head on the other side standing in the wheel well so they could bag her and control her head and then another emt back there with, you know, controlling the oxygen. >> reporter: the firefighters on that truck received special awards from the prince georges county fire department today and enjoyed a special card from little christina. >> a high school junior from virginia will be the special guest of football star tim
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diabetesio at bro he was a star quarterback drawing attention of many college coaches. but he took a freak hit in the back of his knee, his artery was severed and his leg had to be amputated. he spent the rest of the season on crutches but he was back on the sidelines cheering for his team. tebow says rainy's outlook should be saluted. >> we've got a bit of a monsoon outside it would seem. wow. >> this is winter, wendy. you'd have to be at least 50 -- oh, wait, we are at 50. we were at 60 even earlier than that. kind of a monsoon out there already. about half an inch of rain across the area right now. we're going to see even more over the next couple of hours. the good news here is it should be out of here by the time you walk up and walk out the door this morning. look at the washington monument. you can't even see the top of
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it. we've got low clouds hanging around town. some areas seeing very dense fog, especially down along the eastern shore and into southern portions of maryland where the fog is about a half mile visibility. 62 degrees the current temperature. that was the temperature earlier this afternoon. the high temperature 62, simply amazing how warm we have been. we have seen ten days this month above 55 degrees, seventh warmest december so far on record. we're going to stay on the warm side. 51 degrees outside right now. winds are calm. temperatures have come back up by 3 degrees from where they were last hour. i wouldn't be surprised to see the temperatures rise again. it's 48 in leesburg, over toward college park coming in at 15 51 degrees. a little wider view, martinsberg at 48 degree, 52 in charlotteville and 5 2 in fredericksburg. the warm air is trying to make
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its way in here. here's where the heavy rain is. you can see it right around baltimore in through howard county, all of montgomery county seeing heavy rain, dulles airport and prince georges county. can you see the moisture train making its way in from the south and west. this is the warmer air. that's going to make its way into southern maryland. you can see heavy rain there for a brief time but also notice the back edge back here will lie down a little bit more and that is about it. this storm fortunately for us is a very fast mover. behind it we're going to see some drying conditions and some cooling conditions but it's not going to get all that much cooler. there's that area of low pressure swinging through the area. by tomorrow it is long gone. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds during the day tomorrow. snow back here towards mountains. skit resorts could pick up a
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little bit in the way of snow. saturday plenty of sunshine. if you're thinking of doing traveling, heading over to grandma's house. should be fine on saturday. we'll see plenty of sunshine, too, on sunday. sunday still a little bit concerned about that storm system that's going to be to our south. right now it's gook pretty nice afternoon out there. christmas right now is looking good. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, still mild with wet roadways. 42 to 46 degrees. winds out of the northwest. tomorrow still on the mild side with temperatures in the low to mid 50s once again. we'll call it easy traveling, winds out of the northwest, 10 to 15 as we move on to the next couple of days, 48 saturday, 47 on sunday that, is christmas. our next real good chance of rainy think makes its way in here late monday into the day on tuesday but you look at those numbers, our average high is 45 degrees and we are going to be above average it looks like each
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of the next seven days. just amazing. >> if only this were snow, we'd probably be ankle deep in snow. >> if this were snow, we would have five inches of snow so far and counting. >> okay. if only. thanks, doug. still to come, one woman's miracle hockey shot just seconds after picking up a stick for the first time. in sports, defense creates opportunities for the georgetown hoyas. dan's up next. da[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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talking hoops, georgetown. >> when college basketball season first started, it didn't seem like there was that much for area fans to be thankful about.
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mason, gw both have new coaches, maryland and georgetown simply weren't expected to be very good. we all owe the hoyas an apology because not only are they better than expected, georgetown is ranked 16th in the country and climbing. hoya fan himself the holiday spirit tonight. georgetown at the verizon center playing against memphis for the second time in a month. jason clark to martel starks and the georgetown kid drains it. he had 14 on the might did markel. antonio bart, great pass. that ties it up at 23. henry simms with the finish on the break. 12 points for simms. georgetown up by 7 at the break and they were feeling good. second half, great passing by georgetown. porter to wide open clark. he hits the 3. 17 points for clark. georgetown doing work on the boards as well. nate lubic grabs the rebound. nifty pass to hollis thompson.
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they call him "hollywood", he's from l.a. georgetown win it is 70-59. this win all about the d. >> we focused on that all week, playing them hard, just helping each other. i think our pressure caused them to turn the ball over more and i think we were just in the right places at the right time doing what we were supposed do. >> i think for most of tonight our defense was very, very good. we didn't have careless turnovers. i thought our defense was pretty good, was very good actually for large, large stretches of tonight's game. >> all right. liking it. gmu and gw going at it. tony taylor with the ball. we kind of lose him in the crowd here but trust us, he made it. taylor led the colonials with 12 points in the game. first half, a.j. davis to kitchens. that's good for three.
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kitchens had 23 for jmu. later, davis again. this time he shows he's not just a passer. 22 points for davis as jmu beats george washington 52-7. >> baseball's biggest news today courtesy of the nationals. they finally got that front of the rotation starter they've been looking for. the nationals traded four minor leaguers to oakland for lefty starter geogonzalez. gonzalez is 26 years old and he's an all-star but they paid a hefty price, shipping four prize of their prospects, all gone. you know what this tells nationals fan? this team is ready to win this season. the nationals outmaneuvered several our teams for gonzalez, including the free spending red sox. gonzalez went 16-12 with a 3.12 era and 197 strikeouts last
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year. that is pretty darn good. the nationals believing they might be able to win a few games this year. >> it would be nice. >> and one last note, the colts 19-16, just their second win of the year. this is the andrew luck quarterback derby. just finished up. >> thanks, dan. >> we're back with
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d.c. police cars line the
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streets of this target store in columbia heights so they could do a little shopping. they were taking part in shop with a cop where more than a hundred children shopped alongside officers in their community. they received $100 gift cards. >> there's a woman in upstate new york tonight who probably doesn't have a future as a professional hockey player but she zros a brand new truck thanks to her newly discovered hockey skills. 59-year-old brenda hewitt. she shot the hockey puck all the way down the ice and through a tiny opening -- >> whoa! what are the odds? >> hewitt won brand new ford f-150 pickup truck. even more amazing, hewitt had never held a hockey stick before that night before she took that shot. >> the team came out to recruit her. >> and she hit it left-handed
11:32 pm
and she's right handed. >> wow. just unbelievable. >> and what a tiny opening. they couldn't have made it any harder. they wanted to hang on to that truck. >> so how much more rain? >> we have the rain coming down now, some of it fairly heavily. watch out there, orgoing to see ponding on the roads. i was driving a little bit earlier. slow down out there this evening as we'll continue to see that rain. tomorrow looking better, 54 degrees, trying out. right now the holiday weekend looking quite nice. >> thank you, doug. "the ton
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