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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the same room, i got chills on my arms. i'm not kidding. >> that truly is remarkable. breaking news in silver spring after a deadly accident closes university boulevard. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. good morning. >> welcome to news 4 today for this thursday, december 29th, 2011. we're going to take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is in the 30s out there, people. we know we've been spoiled all december. meteorologist veronica johnson says, get used to it, though. >> a lot of folks have been doing the same thing all winter with a thick sweatshirt on. >> how about people with tight owes walking around in ugg the
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s. >> what's going on? >> my kids fight me every day. i don't need a coat. now you need your coat. >> i even was thinking about gloves this morning because my hands were nippy. >> i wore gloves. i brought them. it is cold. 20s in a lot of northern and western suburbs here. 23 in monasis, alexandria, virginia at 25 degrees. prince georges county at 29 degrees. so indeed it is cold. we've got a clear sky currently. we're going to see clouds move on in today. by 9:00 a.m., mostly sunmy. 36 in temperature. by noon time, partly sunny with a temperature of 43 degrees. i think we'll max the out today at 46 degrees. clouds continue to move on in. there's a look at your day across the area. more clouds west, a little bit of sun off to the east. as clouds move on in late
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tonight, we could see a few sprinkles around 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. a few sprinkles not amounting to a heck of a whole lot. for the most part, it is going to be dry. let's go over to traffic now with carol parker. >> thank you, veronica. if you're just joining us, we h haden overnight accident at piny spring and university boulevard. police are still conducting their investigation. expect some delays. let's check the bridges in our area right now. the douglas bridge in southeast, absolutely nothing happening, i'm happy to report. and also, over in maryland on the 14th street bridge is moving right along. back to you, eun and angry. >> carol, thanks so much. we begin with breaking news this morning where a deadly car accident has shut down university boulevard in both directs. melissa is live on the scene with more on what happened.
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good morning, melissa. >> good morning, angie. just a horrible accident out here. happened just about two hours ago. you can see accident reconstruction crews that often out here for about an hour at this point. the team on the scene, taking photos and measurements trying to determine exactly what happened here. we know this accident call went out at 3:09 this morning. three adult defeels were inside that vehicle. hard to tell whether it's a is he dan or perhaps an suv. we know one person was transported to the hospital with nonthreatening injuries. two other people died in this crash. police tell me they believe the women were headed eastbound on university when the driver lost control and ended up in that front yard there. family members are out here on the scene. we understand as far as they do not have much information at this point. they say they haven't been told much by police. they are just standing here waiting for anything additional. take a listen.
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>> that is the total accident right there. i can't imagine. i'm just hoping that everybody is alive and well. >> now, at this point, all lanes are shut down on university for at least the next couple of hours. police telling us they believe they have some information at this point that the women may have been coming from a d.c. club when this accident happened. they do not know if speed or alcohol might have been factors in this particular crash. the best thing to do, though, if you do typically come through this area for your morning xhooud commute, avoid this area. traffic will be a mess here as this road should be shut down for at least the next couple of hours, at least. >> melissa, thank you. rockville pike is back open this morning after a deadly accident involving a medicine row bus caused gridlock during rush hour.
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the accident left a bus the driver trapped. rescue crews had to use pry bars to free her. she was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. passengers watched helplessly as the whole thing unfolded before them. >> i heard the noise and the bus went ka rooning off the side of the truck and hit the tree. >> we hit the tree, just like that. it was so fast. >> several people on the bus were hurt in the crash. the driver of the truck was killed in the accident. people living in the area say they've seen a huge increase in traffic and more accidents in the area since the military base realignment involving ba threat da hospital. this is chopper 4 video of a crash on i-66 in monasi is i.
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89-year-old cecelia eck tried to make a u-turn when a pickup truck slammed into her car. eck died on the scene. two teenagers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no charge will be filed. the man dubbed the serial butt slashes is now in peru. he's accused of attacking nine women since february. police believe timmons fled to his native peru earlier this month. four teenagers face arson charges this morning, accused of starting two garage fires in frederick county. police say the four boys confessed to starting the fires just a couple blocks apart from each other. investigators say the teens
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stole marine flares from an area walmart and used them to start the fires. they say the teens admitted to starting a separate fire in the same neighborhood last week. a potomac, maryland, man being held hostage in cuba is reportedly in good health. three men celebrated hanukkah and talked for a few hours. gross was jailed on espionage charges three years ago. he says he was simply on a democracy building mission. he told his visitors he was disappointed he wasn't freed last week. now to decision 2012 where michele bachmann's chances to win the iowa caucus are now smaller. bachmann's chairman has left her campaign and joined ron paul's campaign. sorensen was one of the bachmann's earliest supporters in iowa. he released a statement saying
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ron paul is the most conservative candidate. bachmann criticized sorensen saying he only made the jump for financial reasons. she claims he told her, quote, everyone sells out in iowa. just a few days before the iowa caucus, a new poll shows mitt romney is now in the lead. the massachusetts governor is at 25% with ron paul falling back to second place at 22%. the surprise is rick santorum who shot up to third place. newt gingerich has 14% just four days after jumping out to the lead. rick perry and michellebackman are in fifth and sixth place. police arrested ten occupy protesters in des moines. they banged on windows outside romney's headquarters as romney staffers locked the doors. the protesters demanded romney release his tax returns and called for all candidates to return donations they've received from big banks.
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ahead on news 4 today, photoshop funeral. also ahead, they weren't there for the sales. what brought hordes of women nationwide to target yesterday. and bundle up when you head out the door this morning. veronica will have detai
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the 1s. a cold start here this thursday morning. don't hesitate. you'll want to go for the gloves this morning. 24 in quantico. suddenly at 23 degrees right now. we've got 28 in clinton, maryland and landover, too. we'll see a high today of 46 degrees. there's your day planner forecast. by noon time, 43. clouds will be moving in. from those clouds, late tonight,
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9:00, 0 o'clock, 11:00 p.m., we could see a few sprinkles around the area. a cold period will be setting up for the new year. on the other side of monday, dry conditions now for new year's eve and new year's day. carol. >> thanks so much, veronica. if you're just joining us in silver spring, an accident, a fatal has university boulevard and piny branch avenue. the investigation is still ongoing. expect some delays. the pace is good, but a lot more of your neighbors are joining us on the road now. on maryland at the beltway at new hampshire, absolutely nothing in your way moving well. >> thank you, carol. it's now 5:12. still to come, outrage at the humane society, how the death of a cat is leading to animal rights activists to pull their support for the organization. and criminal charges may soon be filed in connection with last year's gulf oil
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welcome back. at 5:16, family, friends and individuals hold a vigil in baltimore. 16-year-old felicia burns disappeared one year ago. her body turned up several months later in the river. barnes is a homicide victim, but they have not yet said how she died. >> it was around this time that we were calling and crying and couldn't understand where felicia was at and still don't know what happened. but we're praying and we have faith that justice will be served. >> investigators say they are making progress in finding barnes' killer, but would not elaborate. investigators continue to
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search for any sign of a mittsing girl in maine 13 days after she disappeared. 20-month-old ayla reynolds was staying with her father when she vanished. he told police he put his daughter to bed on december 16th. when he checked on her the next morning, she was gone. at this time, he has not been named a suspect. search teams have searched around the home several times to make sure no evidence is missed. maryland is getting a big bonus for meeting its health care goals. the state will receive more than $28 million of health care coverage. they're one of 23 states that have received the benefit for helping improve the access practice. this is the second year maryland has received the bonus. we are following breaking news out of turkey, turkish war planes have killed at least 35 people in an air strike near the iraqi border. the attack was reportedly near
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kurdish movements. but turkish security officials say while they regress the attack, there's no way they could not have known the group was not kurdish militants. iran threatened to cut off the straight of hormuz. iran says it will choke off traffic through the straight if the u.s. imposes sanctions targeting iran's exports. jim jong ill's son and successor was declared ruling leader during a memorial for his father. it's the first endorsement of his leadership endorsement. for the second day of funeral ceremonies for kim jong il.
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his son watched the memorial from a balcony overlooking the square. the late leader died of a heart attack earlier this month. >> there is evidence that at least one picture taken during the funeral has been altered. someone photoshopped the men taken by this agency. you can see the same men taken seconds earlier by the news agent and distributed to the press. in the north korean photo, the men, the camera and their tracks are gone. the reason for the doctoring is not known. officials say more than 1 million visitors have paid their respects to the september 11th victims at the ground zero memorial. the memory ya plaza and its huge fountains draw about 10,000 visitors each day. even as construction continues
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to rebuild the world trade center. no more than 1500 people are allowed on the site at a time. the memorial opened on september 12th after its dedication on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. federal prosecutors are preparing criminal charges for bp employees involved during last year's oil spill. bp could face criminal charges, including violations of the clean water act. there are civil cases under way in new orleans to determine bp's liability over that oil spill. the arizona humane society is coming under fire for euthanizing a man's cat. daniel's 9-month-old cat was hurt and he was taken to a hospital. dockery told staff he didn't have enough money to pay for her treatment.
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the humane society says because the cat was suffering and no payment had been made, the cat was euthanized. >> it almost makes me feel like i failed that animal. oh, man, it's a shame what they did. >> some local donors are threatening to pull their support for the humane society because of this. the humane society has hired a public relzs consultant. we aren't dealing with as much wind as we saw yesterday. >> it is very cold out there. i broke out my warm jacket and that is for inside. i didn't want to be cold. and a big blast of cold air. big part of the country next week, you'll see in just a moment. that's inside the beltway. out of the west-northwest right now, we're going to see a bit of
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a wind shift later on with more of a southerly wind coming our way. that will help take us into the mid 40s later today. 24 in martinsburg. 28 in leesburg. 21 degrees in monasis. oh, so cold standing outside. and we're going to see temperatures coming up with the fact that we're going to have sunshine early in the day. sunshine earlier. that's the clouds moving through. this is the first part of a weak disturbance that's coming kicking into our area. by the time we get to late tonight, there it goes right there. we could have a few sprinkles around the area, not going to amount to a whole lot. 50s for friday, saturday and even sunday. it's looking dry. the cold stuff starts tuesday with a high of 35. university and piny branch, the scene of a fatal accident that has everything in boeing directions blocked. as you can see in our cameras, police still investigating. if you need an alternative route
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heading to the beltway, take slygo to kohl'sville and that should help you out. may have to do some back roads in your neighborhood. angie, eun. >> carol, thank you. the goingtown hoyas are on a role after winning a huge conference game on the road. georgetown surged to an 11-point lead. louisville wouldn't do down without a fight tying things up late. georgetown held on, though, winning 79-69. the team was in atlanta last night for the first road game of the year, but it wasn't much of a game. the hawks scored the first 11
5:24 am
points and kept the lead in double figures for all but the first two minutes of the second half. they went on to win the game 101-83. the loss dropped the wizards to 0-2 on the season. the capitals are hoping a strong end to 2011 sets them up for success in 2012. the caps squared off against the rangers last night looking to snap a two-game winning streak. alex sanders simmons looked for the mark. next up is the buffalo sabers tomorrow night at the verizon center. mothers in the d.c. dwraer are among thousands across the country who took part in a nurse-in in target stores. a mother says she was ra hassed by a couple of employees for nursing her 5-month-old son in a store. the woman says she was covered up and in a secluded area. she says she complained to
5:25 am
target's corporate stores, but they reacted with indifferent. >> it's a hard thing nursing a baby. it's incredibly difficult. we do it, you know, with friends who don't approve, with family members who don't understand. i don't want any special treatment. i just don't want people to look at my cross eyed when i'm feeding my baby next to my sister who is using a bottle. a manager told us the company strongly supports women who want to breast-feed and has a policy of allowing moms to nurse babies anywhere near the store. still ahead, your odds of winning the lottery are about to become a whole lot greater. the local drawing that could make you a million air. signs up. >> got plans to spend new year's eve at georgetown's hot spot third edition? if so
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from the bedroom you could see the fire and that work me right up. and it was absolutely terrifying. we got out of there as quickly as we could. i'm watching the house burn up and i'm sitting there saying, there goes everything. these days you don't have to lose your house in a fire to know what it's like to be left on the edge in the cold. the shelter gave us a place to stay. and citizens energy helped the shelter with heat. i'm excited to finally have a place of my own. citizens energy is helping us with the oil. citizens energy was created to help the forgotten ones keep warm. we asked the big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. only citgo and the people of venezuela said yes. and this year, in spite of soaring fuel prices, congress cut home heating assistance nearly in half. while people need help more than ever.
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for the last seven years, citgo has helped families and homeless shelters in good times and in bad. thanks joe and thanks citgo. so if you need help staying warm this winter give me a call because no one should be left out in the cold. 5:28 out there. it is 32 degrees out there. welcome to the real winter. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goes in for joe
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krebs. welcome to this thursday, december 29th. gosh, if you are going to step out the door, you'll need to layer up this morning. there's frost on the ground. we are feeling a little bit of the wind, not as much as yesterday. and are we going to have mostly clouds today? >> clouds for the afternoon, some for the early part of the day. but the cold here practice for it next week. practice for next week. during the day. >> what if we don't want to practice? >> well, you can wine during the break, how about that? yeah, here we go. 33 degrees. but that's inside the beltway. most neighborhoods are starting out below freezing this morning. taking a look at the temperatures, here we go around the area. we have 26 degrees in hundredington. leesburg, virginia, starting out at 28 degrees right now. 27 up north. only maryland and 30 in kohl'sville currently. again, below freezing.
5:30 am
you're going to need the gloves i think. 36 by 9:00 a.m. there's your sunshine early on. sun is up today. it's 7:26. noon time, we're be at 24 degrees. cloud cover, thickening up by 5:00 today. we'll be mostly cloudy. temperatures are going to be heading on down. there's a look at later today. 47 perhaps the high in fredericksburg. could have sprinkles from those clouds, i think. late evening, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 or so. >> overnight, we have a fatal accident in silver spring. it has university boulevard and piny branch road closed in all directions. police investigation is ongoing. if you need an turn route to the beltway, try kohl'sville road. in virginia, 395 north to duke and heading to the 14th street bridge, heavy but moving. eun. >> thank you, carol. now to decision 2012 where
5:31 am
there's a major shake-up in iowa. just a few days before the state's caucus and there are big changes not only in the polls, but in two candidates' campaigns. nbc's brian mooar joins us from capitol hill. >> this is emblem attic of the social conservative shopping around. michellebackman's big loss is ron paul's big gain. a guy named kent sorensen has jumped ship. they're accusing ron paul the's people of essentially buying him, offering large sums of money to go to work for him. kent sorensen says he was not bought off in any way, shape or form. he says this is about going to a winning team and he says there is a chance with all the momentum to elect bhae call aes constitutional conservative. but ron paul at the moment has suffered another setback in the polls. he's now down to second, still
5:32 am
within the margin of error, but running just behind mitt romney in the latest cnn poll. mitt romney is benefiting from the splitting of the social conservative vote, people who are standing behind people like michele bachmann. and rick santorum and ron paul. that's why we're seeing all this volatility in the polls. anything could happen. >> rick perry is still fighting to get virginia's republican primary ballot. the texas governor filed an emergency motion yesterday allowing a federal judge to allow his name so be on the ballot in march. perry has filed a lawsuit against the elections board saying they shouldn't be loud to enforce the state's requirement for 10,000 signature toes appear on the ballot. perry's campaign failed to gather the 10,000 signatures. occupy des moines protesters
5:33 am
are ramping up their demonstrations before the iowa caucus. police arrested ten protesters outside of mitt romney's headquarters. they backed on windows as romney staffers locked the doors. the protesters demanded romney release tax rurnls and called for all the candidates to return donations they received from big banks. the protesters who have been camping out in freedom plaza will stay through the end of february. the national park service issued a new permit through february 28th. the group is now calling itself occupy d.c. the group says it's protesting corporate greed. an artist who is starving himself has his three weeks. he says he's lost 25 pounds. doctors have told him there is some stress in his kidneys, but he remains in reasonably good
5:34 am
health. he has consumed only electro lighten hansed vitamin water. traffic is moving again after an accident with a metro bus shut it down for hours. the accident happened just short of the beltway. a pickup truck heading south jumped the median and head right at the bus. the bus driver swerved to avoid it, slamming head on into a tree. the accident left the bus driver trapped. rescue crews had to use their pry bars to free her.. she was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. passengers watched helplessly as the whole thing unfolded before them. >> i heard the noise and the bus went careening off the side of the road and hit the tree. >> the next thing i know, we hit the tree. just like that, it was so fast. >> several people on the bus were hurt in the crash. the driver of the tacoma pickup truck was killed in the
5:35 am
accident. people living in the area say they've seen a huge increase in traffic and more accidents in the area since the military based realignment involvie inin bethesda hospital. on i-66 in monasis this was another accident. cecelia eck tried to make a u-turn when a pickup truck slammed into her car. two teenagers in the truck were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say no charges will be filed. you won't be able to take your new year's eve celebrations to one popular georgetown bar and nightclub. third edition was shut down after being called caught for serving alcohol to minors. it's been fined $3,000. a message on its website says all guests who purchased new year's eve tickets will be
5:36 am
contacted shortly. there's a spike in police officers on the duty being killed has gone up. even more startling is it is a 42% jump from 2009 when 122 officers were killed. here in our region, eight officers died. a drop from the tens killed last year. the memorial fund blames drastic budget cuts as a reason for the spike in deaths. right now, it's 5:36. a prime piece of georgetown real estate is about to go on the market. a look at the market and some of the developers drooling to get their hands on it. also ahead, receiving a parking ticket lately? you are not alone. the record number of tickets that are on track for this year.
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looking outside, we're off to a chilly start for our thursday morning. 32 degrees out there. some places are waking up in the 20s. >> and this is a big change for us. we were spoiled in december. reality check is here. meteorologist veronica johnson
5:40 am
in the storm center telling us it's going to get colder, too, before next week is over. >> that's right. but this morning, it's a taste of what we're going to get next week. we're in the cold right now. we're going to see the mercury head out the next couple of days. but it's really after tuesday of next week as you'll see when the cold stuff moves in. checking it out this morning, in the 20s. 25 in dpul dulles. kensington starting out at 5 degrees. 28 degrees in riverdale. inside the beltway, the only location that's right above freezing, 9:00 a.m., 36 degrees. most neighborhoods, i think, will be above freezing by that time. we've got a clear sky out there now. notice all the cloud cover as we move through the day. clouds are going to thicken up with a weak system coming through. your high today, 46 degrees. later tonight, i don't think it's going to be as cold with cloud cover that will be across the area and some of those clouds could give us a sprinkle
5:41 am
or two around 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00 p.m. saturday, 53. i'm clieking sunday. the first part of the new year, 56 degrees. that's right. 2012 coming in on a mild note, that is until tuesday. on tuesday, we've got highs in the mid 30s. 35 on tuesday. 36 degrees expected on wednesday. by the way, that tuesday there, i think a lot of thoughts were going to stay until around tuesday. it will be very, very cold wednesday morning. instead of starting out in the 20s, a lot of locations are going to be starting out in the teens. are you ready? i'm not. the let's head over to traffic now and see what's going on. thank you, veronica. if you're just joining us, overnight, we had an accident at silver spring and university boulevard and spiny branch. all lanes are blocked. those lanes remained closed as you can see. police investigation continuing now. if you need to get to the
5:42 am
beltway, dry coalsville road. 66 on to the beltway, looking just fine. on the rails, absolutely no delays this morning. angie, back to you. >> carol, thank you. local authorities discover a hit list with nearly three dozen names on it. even more chill sg who they say made the list. and and this robber made off with a cash register. but he may be a bit
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back at 5:45. more now on that breaking news we've been following all morning. a deadly accident in silver spring. police say two women were killed in the crash on university wlfrd at herron drive.
5:46 am
a third woman was hurt. right now, university boulevard is closed in both directions. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you a live update in just the next hour. paul tecone is accused of selling massive amounts of pain killers without a medical license. the indictment alleges that under hits direction, more than 800,000 oxycontin pills were prescribed in one year, including more than 12,000 pills to a single customer. the indictment says pecone kept selling the drugs after he learned of numerous overdoses. his lawyer says our client asserts his independence to the allegations in this case and is looking forward to his day in court. prosecutors believe the man dubbed the serial butt slasher is now in peru. he's accused of attacking nine women since february. police believe timmons fled to
5:47 am
his native peru earlier this morning. so far, there have been no reports of slashings in that country. it's not clooer how or if police will be able to get him back to the u.s. police say a pair of garage fires just blocks from each other were the work of four teenagers. this was the scene late monday night in urbana has firefighters monday it up. police say the four boys confessed to starting the fires just a couple blocks apart from each other. they now face arson charges. the teenagers stole flares from an area walmart and used them to start the fires. the teens admit to rt staing a separate fire in a different neighborhood last week. a man sentenced to five years in prison in cuba is reportedly in good health. visitors celebrated hanukkah and talked for a few hours. gross was arrested on espionage charges a few years ago.
5:48 am
he was disappointed he wasn't freed last week. preparing for the worst case scenario, that's why first responders in fairfax county held a training exercise. the multiple deathes and gunmen on the loose, that was the mock scenario authorities played out at the xhuj college in annendale. it allowed first responders to relation one of the first major areas of focus, communication. >> it's important that we're all on the same page if you have a major catastrophe. the drill included evaluators to assess the officers' performance with more than 60 officers and 90 students taking part, it's the largest drill ever for the community college. for the second time in just a few months, one of the larger stores of the chevy chase pavilion is closing.
5:49 am
the store did not give an explanation. another store at the shopping center, borders bookstore closed in september after that company liquidated one of his assets. pottery barns continue to liquidate stores. bidders are lining up for a prime piece of real estate. developers around the country are getting ready to place their bids on this building, the west heating plant near the water front. the federal government decided to sell the building since it has outlived its usefulness. the four seasons is one of the businesses that wants to buy the structure. they say they would convert it into residents while keeping the building's historic look. neighbors say such a proposal welcome back welcomed in their neighborhood. >> preliminary drawings i've seen show a park right here. if they do that, i'll be happy. >> other plans could call for
5:50 am
tearing the structure down. that could require blasting through the roj making it no expensive. even if you don't get a subscription to the "new york times," there is a chance you received an e-mail from the newspaper yesterday. the paper sent an e-mail asking people to consider cancer calin their subscription. it was supposed to go out to 300 readers and instead it went out to 8 million. the e-mail offered a reduced rate for home delivery. if you haven't bought your ticket for the millionaire ralph, the virginia lottery says it has about 80,000 tickets. the lottery will award three $1 million prizes. ticket buyers are eligible to win one of 26,000 prices or one of 300 $500 prices. there is no limit to how many of
5:51 am
the $20 tickets you can buy. however, the lottery is only selling 330,000 of them. >> this was your whole idea to get the morning people involved in this. yeah. and apparently i left some people out. >> everyone is invited to play. >> and we're going to get the producer, matt, to go and buy our tickets. parking tickets, we've all received them. too many for me. and there's now one report that shows they've become a cash cow for the county. on average, they've issued more than 5,000 tickets per day. the typical tickets range from $25 to $100. ticket writers have issued 100,000 more tickets this year than last year and they're on pace to top last year's ticket revenue of $80 million. >> wow. >> that's a lot of money. >> i'm trying to think about how much of that money is mine. >> really. >> it's interesting. you get mixed reviews. you get angry people that always
5:52 am
get the tickets and then you get the other people that say, hey, look, it's making money for the city, we need it. do you guys need some cold? >> take it back. >> i know you've told us, but it still hurts. >> yeah, it still hurts. misery loves company. at least we're not alone in this cold. we're talking about a lot of the major cities through the east getting this blast of cold next week from spots like philadelphia and new york city all the way down south even to atlanta, georgia, for next week. i was looking ahead. it's the winter classic next week. so the cold is going to come just in time for if i am fill. i don't think they'll have to worry about that ice. 33 degrees, the temperature with the light wind. that's on nbc life, right? monday. i believe it is. >> we'll have to check on that. >> 33 degrees. a light wind. like the fact that it's a light wind unlike yesterday. we've got temperatures, however, still in the 20s only. look at warrenton and monasis. 23 degrees.
5:53 am
28, better in fredericksberg, virginia. as far as your day, there is the clouds. they're going to be moving in. we get the sunshine early, so get out and get a little bit of sunshine. take it all in. but clouds for late in a few sprinkles, too, coming our way late evening early tonight. tomorrow, partly sunny. this is the one at first that looked like it might give us a few light showers early saturday morning. here we are, that front is going to dry up as it makes its way eastwa eastward. no doubt, we know the only ones affected by the cold next week. temperatures dip down into the late teens and low 20s. a lot of locations next week with highs anywhere from freezing to about 35, 36 degrees. all next week with the exception of monday. 44 to 48 degrees. south wind at 5 to 10. we get a little wind shift out of the area today. for the evening, springels,
5:54 am
brief, coming on through in here and out of here not amounting to much of anything. look at our part for the rest of the year. 56 for new year's day. carol. >> veronica, thank you very much. we had a fatal accident overnight affecting university boulevard and piny bridge and silver spring. good news now. we have westbound university boulevard open. as you can see on our cameras, cars are moving. police activity now confined to the eastbound side. in maryland on 50, we're picking up volume but moving well. and the beltway in virginia at georgetown pike, smooth sailing. eun, angie. >> thank you, carol. politics in lubbock, texas, have an unusual crime on their hands. surveillance video shows a man stealing a cash register from a strauntd. he took it and kept it even after realizing there was no cash inside. officers recovered the register because there was no money. they're treating the crime as a theft and not a robbery.
5:55 am
our warm december has been a nice break from the normal winter weather, but it's bad for business at ski resorts in the region. this is what things looked like right now in liberty market in pennsylvania. where resort workers are trying to make snow. the warm weather has prevented them from even doing that. normally the week between christmas and new year's would mean wall to wall skiers. but this year, the wall has not been able to open. >> i have friends up in vermont. they've been saying they have no snow. resorts are barely scraping by. unfortunately we're all affected. we're all in the boat together. hopefully we'll all get open together quickly, also. a lack of snow has been a problem in the past for liberty mountain. they tell us back in 2006, the resort was opened in 78 days due to unseasonably mild temperatures. a normal ski season is 128 days. officials discovered one of
5:56 am
their fourth grade students made a list of people he said he wanted to kill. administrators said the kill list had been names of 35 classmates on it as well as other people the student didn't know, including pop star justin bieber. sfoishls say the so-called kill list heading was replaced and said the words, people mean to me. parents were notified and the student who wrote the list is being counseled by school officials. despite the cost of college rising with no end in sight, a new study shows it's well worth the money. college sgrants graduates take home twice as much money and get more lucrative raises. a college graduate makes $1 million more than a high school grad over the time spain of 30 years. the actual school and the major students are looking into were factors, as well. a holl hallow kauft
5:57 am
a holocaust survivor was able to thank one of the men who rescued her. she recently found one of the soldiers at the hartsage hall nursing and rehabilitation center in leesburg, virginia. 96-year-old staff sergeant salvatore is in the same room as her husband. he has a hat displaying his purple heart. >> i so appreciate what you have done for people like me. i just want to say thank you so much. >> god bless you. >> the two say they've exchange phone numbers and plan on remaining friends for the rest of their lives. what an incredible reunion. >> you're thinking exactly what i was thinking. >> it is now 5:57. 33 degrees. the scathing letter from the d.c. police union sent to the
5:58 am
mayor. and the words you do not want to include in a tweet. what the government is watching out for, that's coming up. plus, a chilly
5:59 am
good morning. at 5:59, we begin with breaking news i


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