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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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investigation lasted for months. the fbi raided his house. it all ended here in federal court today for harry thomas jr. just prior to his federal court appearance friday, harry thomas jr. had a letter delivered to the d.c. council resigning in d disgrace is seat his father once held. he walked out of court not a city leader, but a convicted felon. he pled guilty to stealing $350,000 intended for youth sports and spending it on his own lavish lifestyle and filing three years of false income tax returns. >> i want to apologize to chose i let down including constituents, neighbors, friends in ward 5, the mayor, my fellow councilmembers and people who serve this city tirelessly. >> reporter: his friends and lawyers ushered him to a waiting
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car. he'll be back may 3rd for sentencing. in court at high noon, he said guilty as charged in the plea agreement reached with prosecutors. >> to my family, who is with me today, i deeply regret the pain this caused each of you. >> reporter: thomas will be back here at court may 3rd to find out what that sentence is. jim, back to you. >> we have multiple investigations going on currently. what signal or message does today's message send to other city officials? >> reporter: well, the prosecutors were saying they take very seriously corruption and any pup lick place in the city. the u.s. attorney has said repeatedly he takes it seriously, he lives in the city and he won't tolerate it. >> what happens to the thomas
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seat on the council, tom. >> reporter: the d.c. board of elections next wednesday, as early as next wednesday will meet, declare the seat vacant and schedule a special election within 114 days. you have to have time for people to qualify to run. you have to give time for any ballots that may come from overseas. that's what will happen. the seat will be vacant until then. whoever wins that seat will serve the three remaining years in thomas' term. >> okay, tom sherwood reporting. thank you, tom. today, prosecutors describe the thomas case as a dark chapter in d.c. politics. they said the investigation is far from over. our live team coverage continues with pat collins. he's at the u.s. attorney's o office on 4th street northwest with more from there. pat? >> reporter: jim, let me start with housekeeping. you know the resignation letter handed down last night biharry
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thomas jr.? that wasn't voluntary. the prosecutor made him do it. harry thomas jr., they say he treated d.c. taxpayers like they were his own private piggy bank. some things harry thomas jr. bought with your money. a victory motorcycle, $23,745. an audi suv, $58,575. airline tickets, $19,000. there were clothes and restaurants. well, you get the idea. >> time and time again, mr. thomas used for his personal gain taxpayer funds that were intended to benefit his city's most important resource, its children. >> reporter: there was no holding back today. in strong words, members of the
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justice community denounced harry thomas jr. as a common crook who stole from the children of our city and betrayed the trust of the people who live here. >> the victim is the whole of the district of columbia, including its youth. the offender, who is a different opportunist, one who is elected stole tens of thousands of dollars at a time. >> reporter: harry thomas jr., he took office as the ward 5 councilman in january, 2007. they say before the paint on his office door was dry he was stealing. >> almost immediately, almost immediately upon taking office, he made a decision that he was going to systematically steal funds. >> reporter: the scheme, the u.s. attorney says he would use his position in power to steer grant money meant to help kids
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in our city to non-profit organizations and the organizations would kick big-time money back to thomas. someone asked for receipts. someone asked for records. no problem. make it up. >> at thomas' direction, reports submitted by organization number two to partnership number one contain false representation about how the funds were being used to buy equipment, pay for instructors, greens fees and rentals. the vast majority of money was used to purchase personal items for mr. thomas. >> reporter: there was about $100,000 set aside for drug rehab for at-risk kids. harry thomas used that money for an inauguration party. now, this scheme wasn't brought to light by an investigation or some ethics commission. it was brought to light by a guy by the name of tim day who ran
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against thomas back in 2010. we are going to hear from him, coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> pat, are we expecting any other charges specifically in connection with the harry thomas investigation? any of those non-profits? >> reporter: when you look at the scheme and the people who had to okay the receipts or look the other way when the money was funneled back to harry thomas, you have to believe there are other people involved here. the u.s. attorney left that door open. i think we are going to see more people held accountable. >> pat collins reporting. thank you, pat. two other major scandals in the district are under investigation. federal prosecutors are tracking the large amounts of money that flowed through mayor vincent gray's campaign to win the mayor's seat. district council chairman kwame brown is under investigation for
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his at large seat. the u.s. attorney's office is looking at how brown raised and spent $300,000 in campaign funds. stay with us for more developments in the guilty plea today. coming up tonight at 6:00, reaction to the plea from d.c. council chair, kwame brown. our coverage continues here at 6:00 tonight. now, on to a developing story. metro ordered hundreds of inspections after a train's braking system fell on to the tracks. it's the second time the same thing happened in a matter of weeks. today's incident happened outside the armory station. derrick ward joins us live. >> reporter: it happened on this section of track. things are back to normal now. this is different from midday when there was a couple hours of single tracking and concerns about safety. it was noon when an orange line
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train was leaving in the direction of new carrollton. as the train got on to the elevated track, it lost a piece of brake assembly. there was a track worker on the track. the train was able to stop. the piece is described as a brake disk. it's similar to the piece that fell off last week. it's a component on trains. out of safety concerns, it was taken out of service and passengers were taken off. >> each rail car has 16 of these brake disks on it. if one comes off, you know, it's obviously a cause for concern. we don't want debris on the tracks. but, there are 15 others on that rail car that will stop the train. cars ahead and behind that will provide braking power. >> reporter: 464 trains with similar assemblies like this will be inspected. they will start into the
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weekend. they don't expect them to cause delays on the system. they can take these an inspect them at the end of the lines and do them at various yards around the region. it will happen over the next couple days. they don't think it's a systematic problem. i's something they are concerned about and will be doing it. this train in question was last inspected two to three months ago. they will review the inspection records and service records to see if there was indication this problem might have been caught. 464 metro trains with assemblies like the one involved today will be taken offline and inspected. they will not be taken out of service. hopefully, they can do it over the weekend without disrupting service. we are live. coming up at 6:00, reaction from riders. >> derrick ward reporting. thanks. today, a fairfax county woman learned her fate for
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killing her granddaughter. carmelo della rosa was sentenced to 35 years in prison. she was found guilty of killing her granddaughter. she said she lost her mind. today, she spoke to the court. julie carey will have a live report with what she said in her sentencing today. >> was it really freezing? bone-chilling cold a couple days ago? things turned around, haven't they? >> in no time at all. will it last for the weekend? that's the important question. the man with the answer, doug kammerer. doug? >> a lot of people have been asking me and begging for snow. i think even the snow lovers out there who haven't seen snow yet are still enjoying this. 60 degrees outside right now under mostly sunny skies. the sun just went down.
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mostly clear skies with winds south-southwest. just absolutely gorgeous on this friday. we told you it would be fantastic. storm 4 doppler radar showing things are all clear. don't expect rain today. a frontal boundary that moves through the area tomorrow. first off, look at the numbers. 59 in gaithersburg. 63 in culpeper. 63 in fredericksburg. simply gorgeous as you make your way out and about. 50 by 11:00. waking up to temperatures that are cool, not cold. our temperatures tomorrow morning will be ten to 15 degrees above average. i think we are looking at another great day tomorrow. but, will it last? that's the question. i'll have the answer for you, coming up. >> thank you, doug. stay there, we are just getting started on news 4 at 5:00. they sacrificed so much but the job market has been especially tough for military spouses. an effort to reverse the trend. >> he's accused of killing a
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woman in peru. the unexpected development today in the trial of joran van der sloot. >> members of occupy d.c. say they can stand the cold. the reason they are still moving their protest indoors. i'm liz crenshaw. what is the difference between a primary and a caucus? that's the qu
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the murder trial for joran van der sloot got under way, but it was quickly postponed. he's accused of murdering a 20-year-old woman in his hotel room in 2010. he's also the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway. she disappeared during a vacation in aruba in 2005. van der sloot was arrested but never brought to trial in that case. he will be brought back to court on wednesday. startling statistics. one in four military spouses unemployed. 75% to 80% are under employed. next friday, we join forces for a military spouse job fair. jane watrel reports now. some believe reversing the trend is a matter of national security. >> reporter: cleaning up after his two children is a never
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ending chore for jeremy. he's an air force spouse who gave up his career in the navy to belong to a select group, less than 5% of military spouses are male. >> the squadron my wife is at, there's one guy. we are both brand-new. it's nice talking to another guy. we are few and far between. >> reporter: he shares something many military spouses had to deal with. conflicts wind down. unemployment. the military lifestyle is almost impossible for two careers and often, it is the spouses career that has to go. >> we moved approximately over the last nine years six times. those six times, every time you have to restart, looking at different jobs. >> i personally moved nine times in 14 years. >> reporter: jeremy has an advocate. she's held down five different jobs. her mission now is to help military spouses get jobs. >> military spouse employment
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stands at about 26%. there's, i think, a 42% wage gap between military spouses and civilian population in general. the more educated the spouse, the higher that wage gap becomes. >> under a new initiative, military spouses are being linked to major employ years that advocates say will benefit both. >> it's not just the right thing to do, it's right for business. military spouses and veterans alike make great employees. they are strok strong. they are resilient. they are adaptive. >> reporter: getting his masters degree from george washington university to hopefully return to the work force when the time allows. >> our ability to focus and get things accomplished. i think most the military spouses i know are amazing people. >> amazing people say advocates who could provide stability to the troops and to the nation's work force.
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jane watrel, news 4. >> the 2012 military spouse career forum and hiring fare will take place one week from today, january 13th. it will be downtown from 8:30 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. free licensed child care on sight for all who attend. this is a heck of an effort. the largest in the country. they are expecting 100 companies and 100,000 people. there will be full and part time jobs everywhere you look. >> it's a good program. we hope a lot of people will join us. doug is here with more about the weather. you must be a popular guy today. everyone is happy to see the weather man on a day like this. >> i apologize. i said it would be high 50s today. it was 63. simply amazing. some areas close to 70 down to the south. that is amazing.
5:19 pm
nowhere near the record. let's look and show you how things are outside now. we have clear skies. it's simply a gorgeous, gorgeous evening. you do not see nights like this in january very often. we are seeing it out there now. look at the current temperature, 60 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south-southwest. they will continue to produce mild temperatures through the rest of the evening. 60 in martinsburg. 61 in culpeper. 63 in fredericksburg. the high in fredericksburg, 67 degrees today. a little cooler along the chesapeake. on the east side, east coming in at 55 degrees. the storm 4 doppler radar, nothing to show you in the area. we are high and dry. we will stay that way for a couple days. there's a frontal boundary to the west. that is going to be key to the forecast over the next couple days. we are not worried about the chances of rain, but it will cool us down. ahead of the front, 70 degrees
5:20 pm
in st. louis. behind the front, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. that's the colder air that's moving in. we have plenty of warm air ahead of this that moves in overnight. raleigh, durham 66. the high in atlanta, 67 degrees. extremely warm afternoon up and down the eastern sea board. itis what we saw here, too. high pressure will shift to the south. as the front moves to the area, i think we are going to be warm tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. then we see the front move through. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. the front moves through saturday night. sunday will be cool but not cold. we are going to continue to watch those temperatures on sunday. most likely in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. turn to the south. look at the moisture here. we are going to watch for that storm system. it should pass to the south. it's going to be one to watch. could see showers ending as
5:21 pm
light snow in some areas. right now, we have it moving to the south. a beautiful evening tonight. temperatures into the low to mid-50s across the region. as we move through the next couple days, 62 tomorrow. 49 on sunday. 46 on monday with a 30% chance of showers. then back to 52 degrees coming up on tuesday. >> incredible. >> it's all i got. >> doesn't match with the christmas decorations that are still up. >> no, it doesn't. >> thanks, doug. when we come back, take a look at this, folks. how this truck missed its
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what is the difference between a primary and a caucus. which stores are affected by the bag tax? is day old tap water safe to drink? liz joins us. >> i'm glad someone asked the caucus primary question. >> a lot of people are wondering that. >> we talk about it and never explain it. the first question comes from facebook from joyce. she's been following news 4's
5:25 pm
election coverage and wants to know the difference between a primary and caucus. we turn to jennifer lawless for this answer. caucuses and primaries are methods that allow voters to choose delegates. caucuses are meetings where supporters from the various campaigns pitch their candidates to voters. the voters cast their votes often time publicly. primaries, on the other hand, are secret ballot elections, don't involve a public display of support. primaries are like the regular elections. caucuses are like hey -- >> we are done with the caucuses. >> the next question comes from frank in montgomery county, maryland. he wants to know which types of stores are affected by the bag tax. we have already seen that. >> we went to montgomery county for the answer. the tax took effect january 1st of this year.
5:26 pm
it requires all retail establishments to charge a tax if they use plastic or paper. delis, restaurants and cafeterias are exempt if they provide paper instead of plastic ones. for a complete list of questions and answers on the new bag tax rule, go to and search bag tax. it is very confusing. >> it is a little confusing. >> no prescriptions and not farmers markets. just about everything else. the last question comes from beverly. she wants to know if she pours a glass of water, is it still safe to drink the next day. i would never think to ask it. >> we checked with the water works association. in most cases the water remains safe to drink. bacteria shouldn't pose much of a risk after one day.
5:27 pm
if you receive it from a community water system, most providers add a disinfectant to keep the water safe. it goes away over time. the longer the water does sit out, the lower the protection. the bottom line, water sitting out for a day doesn't pose a health risk, just may not taste as good. >> good to know. >> if you have a question you would like us to consider, send it to i can be found on twitter and facebook. >> solves. thank you, liz. >> you're welcome. >> jim? >> thank you both. coming up, a major change to traffic in d.c. why drivers could see more relief starting this weekend. a hit and run on oxon hill road. police looking for the driver of what they say c
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we are continuing to follow developments in the guilty plea biharry thomas jr. today. he pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in government money and filing false tax returns. today, he apologized to his family and constituents. >> i want to apologize to those i have let down including
5:31 pm
constituen constituents, neighbors, friends, the mayor, my fellow councilmembers and officials who serve this city tirelessly. today, i'm taking the first step toward making it right. thank you for your support and prayers. >> he will be sentenced on may 3rd. he faces three to four years in prison. breaking news in arlington where a gas line break is shutting down southbound lanes of glebe road. police tell us a construction crew hit the gas line at an apartment building at north piedmont street. the building was evacuated. washington gas is on the scene trying to repair the break. a man and woman were hit by a car. they are trying to find the person responsible for a hit and run that left a victim in critical condition. it happened before 7:00 in the
5:32 pm
6200 block of oxon hill road. erika gonzalez joins us with the latest on the crash. this area is usually has a lot of pedestrians, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. as a matter of fact, we had video of a lot of people crossing the streets. there were no witnesses. the driver that fled left something behind. >> due to the damage on the vehicle, it did leave remains of the car on scene. right now, we are thinking it could be a small, compact, gray vehicle. >> police are look iing for the driver of a gray compact car with front-end damage.they beli in an early morning hit and run accident. before 7:00 this morning, a couple was hit crossing the street in thee of the 6200 block of oxon hill road. according to authorities the man is expected to live.
5:33 pm
the woman sustained critical injures. the victims may have been trying to cross the street to get to the nearby shopping center. there's no crosswalk around. if you look down the street, the nearest crosswalk is at least 200 yards away. we caught multiple people crossing the same street in the same place as the victims. one, two, three, four, at least 12 people dangerously dodge traffic within 20 minutes of being there. >> everybody does that. >> why? >> it's too long for the lights. cross in between. >> residents like john lewis say police don't enforce the law like they used to. do you know it's illegal to cross without a crosswalk? >> it's called jaywalking, right? they don't give tickets anymore so people do it all the time. >> tonight, a man who said he was hit by a car on the same street and now has a steel plate in his leg because of it.
5:34 pm
jim, doreen? >> thank you. 2011 was a rebound year for the economy. a jobs report says 200,000 jobs were created in the month of december. the unemployment dipped to 8.5%, the lowest it's been in nearly three years. nearly 2 million jobs were created in 2011. it's a significant increase over 2010. while it's good news, the recovery is still sluggish. underemployment level that looks at people with part time and low paying jobs is still high at 15%. in decision 2012, the republican presidential candidates were quick to react to today's unemployment numbers. they were not giving credit to president obama for the drop in the jobless rate. >> unemployment numbers are a good indicator we have a long way away from a healthy economy. >> there might be optimism that republicans are going to take
5:35 pm
the white house and maybe that's spurring people to take risks. >> when pressed about it later, santorum said he was joking. in other news, polls show mitt romney has the lead in new hampshire and south carolina as well. his lead has evaporated. he's in third place behind romney and santorum. getting around d.c. will get easier this weekend. they will open the second phase of the 11th street bridge project at 10:00 saturday night. starting at 6:00, there will be ramp closures from the southeast-southwest freeway. the crews can begin switching the traffic. drivers will eventually have direct access from the southeast-southwest freeway. the entire project is expected to be done by 2013. still ahead, they promised to stay outside indefinitely.
5:36 pm
why members of occupy d.c. are taking their movement indoors. details about a honeymoon mystery. how did a newlywed disappear from this cruise ship? >> reporter: i'm julie carey where a grandmother gets a sentence from t
5:37 pm
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in news for your health, a study finds no evidence that routine psa testing for men helps them live longer. psa testing is for prostate cancer. some call it life saving. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: he felt strongly he wanted to rid his body of prostate cancer when he was diagnosed. >> i didn't want it to grow and get worse. >>reporter: he was treated in houston, giving credit to the psa blood test that spotted the cancer. >> i had no symptoms. the psa test, i think, saved my life. >> reporter: while it may be true, research from washington university in st. louis goes against many pay she wants gut reactions. it doesn't always translate into longer lives. >> after screening these men for up to 13 years we can find no
5:40 pm
reduction in their chance of dying of prostate cancer. >> reporter: cancerous prostate cells but they grow so slowly, most men go on to live long, otherwise healthy lives, ultimately dying of something other than prostate cancer. aggressive treatments can leave men with sexual and urine nar problems for the rest of their lives. only certain men may benefit from early detection. >> african-american men and men with a history of cancer. >> reporter: he's part of a small percentage of men whom psa testing is necessary. >> i'm cancer free. i would not have known about it without the psa screening. >> reporter: it appears many men may be better off if the prostate cancer cells are never discovered. >> a government agency recommended against psa testing, men are still able to get the
5:41 pm
test, if they choose. still to come tonight on news 4 at 5:00, who is taking credit for publicizing casey anthony's video diaries? anthony's video diaries? hi. welcome to carmax.zy
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hi. i was on carmax dot com and i think i found the one. great car. and i think, it's right over there... (sighes)... finding your perfect car is easy at carmax because we carry only the highest quality used vehicles. and at carmax dot com, you can choose from nearly 30 thousand cars with most available for transfer to the store nearest you. so come find the one for you today... at carmax. busy day! yes it is! we now know who found casey anthony's video diary. an ohio man hosts a facebook page titled boycott casey anthony future earnings. he found links asking $3 to $5 to view the videos. then he found one that was free. her parents fear for her safety.
5:44 pm
anthony has been in hiding since july when she was acquitted of murdering her daughter, caylee. she was convicted of murdering her 2-year-old granddaughter throwing her off an elevated walk way. today, carmelo della rosa learned her fate. julie carey is live with the junl's decision. >> reporter: he said to carmella del della rosrosa a grandparent couldn't do this. she is's going to prison for the crime caught on this video. a family outing to the food court ends with her picking up her 2-year-old granddaughter and tossing her to her death. ray morrow says he's satisfied the judge who posed the 35 year
5:45 pm
term recommended by the jury. tossing an innocent child off a bridge, it's hard to imagine anything worse than that. resting on the insanity defense, i threw her off the bridge but don't hold me accountable because i was depressed. >> she was left not knowing right from wrong. this was key evidence. she tells detectives she's long resented her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. she turned on the toddler in a fit of anger to get even. >> you lost your mind? okay. when you say you lost your mind, what do you mean by that? >> i did terrible things. >> reporter: the parents sat in the front row of the courtroom as the sentence was delivered. more than two dozen friends and relatives came to show support
5:46 pm
for the plaintiff. >> she was crying. she was saying she's sorry to cat and james and her husband. she listed family members and said she's sorry it's happened. >> reporter: prosecutors say the pain was too great for the parents to make a statement. >> it's been a nightmare. they are still in the nightmare. i will say, they are very strong people. they have a strong faith. they have a wonderful family. i believe they will get through this. the ripples will go on for 100 years. >> reporter: the defense attorney continues to maintain insanity is the only explanation for what happened and she plans to appeal. i'm julie carey, back to you. >> thank you. some occupy d.c. protesters are taking their campaign indoors. two dozen demonstrators occupying freedom plaza will move into two houses.
5:47 pm
one in maryland and one in the district. a spokesman says the move represents phase two of the movement. both houses will be run as collective. they will work on advertising, outreach and creating a public access tv show. the mcpherson square protesters plan to stay outside. >> no cold air out there tonight. into the 60s we shot into today. >> it's nice to be outside today, doug. >> it's very nice. i wish we could go outside and spend the day out. it was really that nice. whether you are eating lunch outside or taking a walk outside, taking the dog for a long walk or kids to the park. today was simply gorgeous. look at the high temperatures today we saw across the area. 61 in frederick, maryland. 63 in gaithersburg. 64 in leesburg. get to culpeper and fredericks birg, temperatures there, 66 degrees. incredible numbers for this time of year. we are 20 degrees above average.
5:48 pm
not quite close to the records across the area. right now, 60 at the airport. dew point is 29. very, very dry. it's going to help temperatures to cool off during the night tonight. not bad. storm 4 doppler radar shows we are all clear and will stay all clear as far as the rain is concerned throughout day tomorrow and the weekend. tomorrow morning, waking up to mild temperatures. again, the average high temperature is 43. our low temperature tonight will be around 40. nice and mild when you start off on your saturday and warming up once again with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. a few more clouds tomorrow. the wind direction is not going to bring as warm of temperatures as we saw today. low 60s is nice for a saturday. >> all right. not bad, thank you, doug. if you are going to ride metro this weekend, expect delays on all the lines. crews will repair the tracks on four of the five lines. on the red line, single track
5:49 pm
between dupont and friend circle. the blue and orange line, between the smithsonian and eastern market station. the green line, trains single track between pet worth and fort totten. a truck driver in minnesota is having a bad day. his semi got stuck in this frozen creek. he lost control across two lanes of a freeway and landed here in the creek. the good news is the driver was able to escape and wasn't hurt. crews are working to get the truck out of the water, which could take awhile. >> what a mess. in sports tonight, moments you have got to see. >> here is hakeem with the installment of in case you missed it. >> the premier edition. the 2012 edition from sweet moves on the ice to helmet
5:50 pm
crunching hits on the field. you are covered if you missed big plays, death defieing stunts or an anchor's attempt to sing. in case you missed it, we are going to jump into the new year both on motorcycle and on snowmobile. cyclist robbie madison and snowmobiler levi lavallee with jumps in san diego on new year's eve. they proceeded to go farther with madison jumping 378 feet and lavallee going 412 breaking his own swmobile record. what a way to leap into the new year. bowl season has been simply wild. starting with heisman trophy winner, rg 3, robert griffin iii
5:51 pm
led baylor. a 24 yard touchdown run as they racked up 123 points in the baylor victory. a brutal hit to finish 2011. adrian whitey in the liberty bowl. laid out by the freshman from florida. wh whitty with the memorable hit. 2012 started with a bang as well. stanford's tye montgomery got blasted by martin losing his helmet on the hit. he was okay. catching a touchdown from andrew moments later. perhaps the hit on montgomery got his judgment. the next kick return, he takes off from the end zone to be knocked down by his teammate jeremy stewart. stay there my friend. not a good idea to run the ball out of the end zone when you are
5:52 pm
five yards deep. some prayers have been answered in the new year like south carolina's conner shaw. capital one bowl against nebraska just before halftime. shaw throws up the hail mary. jeffrey comes down with it. are you kidding me? jeffrey making a big-time play. in the sugar bowl, michigan lining up for a field goal. psych! the holder scrambles, it's tipped into the air and into the hands of jared, the center who snapped the ball in the first place. a victory for offensive linemen everywhere. on the ice in montreal ellers has the moves. he gets the penalty shot against chris mason. he starts out right. comes back left. completes the spin.
5:53 pm
nifty. a 7-3 win for the canadians. in case you missed it, you have now seen it all. >> that's going to be my karaoke song. moves like jagger. i'm going to change it to yager. >> thanks. we are staying on top of the scandal surrounding harry thomas jr. tonight, hear from the man who helped bring him down. plus, find out why your retirement fund may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because of hidden fees. a story of a little dog who escaped an avalanche found his family four days later. the reunion coming up on news 4 at 6:00. coming up, a newlywed goes overboard. the investigation into how a man disappeared on his honeymoon cruise. for all your news, follow news 4 online. search nbc washingto
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5:56 pm
more than six years ago, george smith went overboard during his honeymoon cruise in the mediterranean. what happened has never been determined. "dateline" has details of an investigation into smith's
5:57 pm
disappearance. dennis myrrh fi has the story. >> i happened to look at the cover of the lifeboats. it looked like red blood. >> in case of missing honeymooner, george smith. >> i heard a thud. >> missing, presumed dead. >> she has no idea what happened. i'm not letting her go to jail. >> reporter: a beautiful blond bride, her good looking guy. he went overboard on their honeymoon cruise. george smith and jennifer. remember them? it may be an old headline but it's an active investigation in the files of the fbi. the bureau won't show and the agents won't talk on the record but "dateline" gained access to the massive case file put together by the cruise line itself, royal caribbean. the internal investigation of the incident. now, we'll show you what they discovered. a fatal accident or foul play? the lost groom's sister believes
5:58 pm
the true story can be stitched together. >> 100% certainty it was foul play. >> he was murdered? >> he was murdered. >> reporter: no one was charged with a crime. the latest on the case of the missing groom. >> overboard airs tonight at 10:00 here on nbc 4. that does it for news 4 at 5:00. we hope your weekend is a good one. stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. he decided he was more worthy of these public funds than the youth who were intended to receive them. >> strong words tonight as a disgraced d.c. councilmembers admits to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of city funds. the money was intended for youth sports programs.
5:59 pm
instead, he used it to line his own pockets. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. the story has been unfolding for months. tonight, harry thomas jr. is facing prison time for a corruption scheme. the ward 5 councilmember pled guilty to em bezelment and filing a false tax return. sentencing in bay. tonight, team coverage, pat collins spoke to the man who helped expose the corruption. we begin with tom sherwood. tom? >> reporter: harry thomas jr. stood before a judge today. at high noon, he answered the judge, guilty as charged. horie thomas jr. walked out of federal court not a city leader anymore, but a convicted felon. he pled guilty to stealing $350,000 of city funds. spending it on his l


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