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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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park police say they got the call from someone at the occupy d.c. encampment a child had been left unattended just after 10:00 this morning. >> mid-40s, we have a light rain in the district of columbia and we have an unattended 13-month-old dressed in just a one i is. >> reporter: detectives areached within a half hour, police say the baby's alleged father came back to the tent where he had abandoned the child. >> currently have one person under arrest being charged with attempted second degree child neglect. >> reporter: the baby was wrapped in blankets and given additional clothing after, am minuted by medic, fastened into a child seat in the back of a cps car. child protective services say they will contact family members who may be able to take care of her. if not, foster care could be the next option. police have not yet revealed why the father said he left the child alone in a tent. and tonight at 6:00, you will hear from a woman who say she is found the baby and then called
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police and why she says that this is giving occupy d.c. a bad rap. we are live in mcpherson square, erika gonzalez, news4. >> thank you, erika. the weather is not good for toddlers out there by themselves in their pajamas and not good for even adults, bundled up well as erika was, kind of nasty. >> scuba suits, how wet are we going to get, kammerer? >> the heaviest rain moving into parts of the area now, the south now, most areas seeing light rain, look at storm four doppler radar, you can see where that heavier rain is around waldorf and straight over toward warren ton in virginia, where the heavy rain here into prince william county and then down i-95 through fredericksburg, that will all make its way north the next half hour to an hour or so and you can see that train of moisture moving up from the richmond area, see locally heavy rain through the rest of the evening tonight, a couple rumbles of thunder, 46, winds out of the east, 8 miles per
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hour it is a chilly rain out there current temperatures colder to the north and west, 39 in frederick, 37 in winchester, 39 in culpepper, i do expect temperatures go up during the night tonight, maybe around 49 to 50 degrees by 11:00 with some of that heavy rain continuing. tomorrow morning, starting off on a mild side, but we are in for one heck of a roller coaster. we will talk about that wild ride the next 48 hours coming up in my full forecast. >> okay, thanks, doug. speaking of wild rides, crashes and near misses, startling new video has been released from cameras set up inside metro buses. >> this video is an inside look what is going on behind the wheel of the metro buses across our area. some cases, drivers broken the law, others have avoided disaster, but just barely. news4's tisha thompson live in alexandria at the king street metro station.
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tisha? >> reporter: we show that video to folks trying to catch a bus here in alexandria, every person said they were shocked what they saw. we want to warn folks the home they are about to see video of crashes that some of our viewers may find disturbing. you are watching real video from the perspective of a metro bus driver who never sees a pedestrian coming until it's too late. [ crashing ] >> oh! >> oh wow. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: we showed the video to these passengers as they were waiting to board buses in alexandr alexandria. >> i'm scared to ride the bus that's crazy, man. i don't know about that, i might not get on the bus now. >> reporter: metro just released these drive cam videos which automatically record a sudden movement, like when this bus rear ended a stopped car at this stop sign in front of a school. z [ screaming ] >> waited the last second to
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slam on the brakes and people go droo flying. >> the system, although it appears to be scary at times is a tool we are using to reduce the number of incidents that operators are being involved in. >> reporter: metro's assistant general manager is in charge of all bus operations. he says drivers know these drive cam videos are recording. as a result, incidents results in injuries have dropped 20% in the one year they have been in operation. metro stays goes through each video with the drivers involve which had not only catch accident bus also critical mistakes, like running stop since. and ignore pap jers who warn they are about to run a red light. for passengers here in alexandria, it all comes to one thing. >> first and foremost, they have to protect us as people. we ride -- we use their service. so, they need to protect us.
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>> reporter: metro stays is important for folks to remember in the two months that video comes from there were about eight accidents and that's out of more than 680,000 rides that metro provided to its riders so they really want to emphasize that this is a very limited number of accidents that they just saw. they also want to say that many of their drivers go through a disciplinary process, given anything from a warning up to being fired if it's really warranted but they said in the vast ma'am jurority of these case what they actually end up doing is come mending the driver for avoiding something that could have been a whole lot worse and for saving lives n alexandria, tisha thompson, news4. >> good teaching tool. all right, thanks, tisha. it is a disturbing crime, a masked man forces himself into a house, ties up a mother and son, then sexually assumes the housekeeper. this all unfolded around 6:45 this morning on barden road in bethesda. and tonight, we have learned this home invasion may be linked
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to another attack in wheaton. news4's pat collin was joins us live from bethesda with the latest. pat? >> reporter: jim there have been a number of versions of what's going on out here. finally now, i think we have all the facts, not just one home invasion, two home invasions, one yesterday in wasn't, one today here in bet these da. not two suspects, one suspect. he is armed. he's dangerous. he's still at large. and this is what he looks like. in is the picture of a suspect in this case. police say he sexually assaulted a woman, took her car, took her debit card and then used it today at a drugstore downtown. a woman taken to the hospital after a sexual assault and armed robbery in this neighbor hood near nih. police on rooftops searching high and low for a cell phone
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linked to this disturbing home invasion. this is how police tell the story. 6:45 this morning, a housekeeper comes to this home on barden road. a short time after that, she hears knock on the door. at the door, she is confronted by a gunman wearing a mask. and a robber goes inside and ties up the housekeeper and two residents of that house, a woman and her teenaged son. then they say that robber sbensd 45 minutes going from room to room to room taking things. at one point, he stops and sexually assaults the housekeeper. he makes his getaway in the housekeeper's car. a gray ford expedition with a mcdaniel college sticker on t after that police say the suspect used the victim's atm card at a cvs where they retrieved this picture. now, police say thement is is also linked to another home invasion on mcmahon road
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yesterday in wasn't there, he stole a woman's car and her debit card. police still looking for the getaway car used in the bethesda home invasion, described as gray ford expedition, license plate 4 ae 7450. 4 ae 7450 with a mcdaniel college sticker on t still a number of questions here. why this house? why this time? why this woman? police still working the case. jim back to you. >> horrifying ordeal, pat collins live in bethesda, thank you. wendy? now to decision 2012, mitt romney wing the nation's primary last night in new hampshire, romney whipping with 39% of the vote. texas congressman ron paul finishing a distant second 23%. jon huntsman who bet his entire campaign that he would be
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finishing well in new hampshire finished in third place. romney's joy was evidence last night in new hampshire, hoping this win combined with his first place in the iowa caucuses will help build momentum. now it shifts to the south carolina primary, ten days away. >> i have got a good start, an uphill climb in south carolina ahead of me, but couldn't work out better last night, as big a gift the people of new hampshire could give us. >> some say if romney wins south carolina, he would be virtually unstoppable. back to work in richmond and annapolis today. virginia and maryland kicked off new legislative sessions. maryland lawmakers will tackle several hot-bunt issues the next 90 days, including the budget deficit you taxes and same sex marriage. chris gordon reports from annapolis on this opening day. >> save our state. >> reporter: unions representing state employees want an end to five years of budget cuts which they say increased unemployment
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and resulted in fewer services to those in need. >> tax the maillionaires and th corporation not paying one penny of taxes. >> reporter: gore nor-- promise money. republican lawmakers are against a gas tax. >> going to absolutely say no to the job killers of increasing taxes, especially the gas tax on the hard working families and small businesses of maryland. >> reporter: montgomery county needs state money for transportation projects. prince georges wants to make sure the state doesn't shift the burden of funding teacher pensions to the counties. right now, facing $126 million budget deficit. if you shift that pension down, that's another potentially $11 million to the counties and is going to hurt in our programs in salaries. >> reporter: last year, the same-sex marriage bill passed in the maryland senate but failed by three votes in the house of
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delegates. this year, advocates and opponents of same-sex marriage say they are geared up to do battle again. >> we are absolutely gonna say no and we have a strategy to beat it and we are going to bring out that strategy and going to defeat that bill any way possible. >> reporter: this year, governor o'malley is making marriage equality one of the priority on his legislative agenda. >> ask yourself is it right we should have a lesser protection of the law for children of gay households than we do for other children? i don't think that's right. >> in maryland, we have a strong governor in martin o'mallly. we have a very talented governor, very hope that will help us get just a handful of votes left to nail down. >> reporter: one of the main reasons same sex marriage failed in the legislature is because of strong opposition from religious leaders, most notably the clergy in prince georges county. this is chris gordon, news4. >> governor o'malley today introduced a plan for a legislative map that would change the boundaries for some
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state lawmakers. the start of the session is also under way in virginia but not without some some fireworks, the first time in 11 year, republicans are in come of the governor's office and the general assembly. democrats are fighting hard to stand their ground. news4's julie kerry will have more on this in our next half hour. still ahead who is now accused of stealing more than $25,000 from some d.c. taxpayers? plus, more fallout from the scandals involving the d.c. government, the new effort to recall the mayor and other city officials. and you've got to see some video -- this video, a little girl playing with her friends is suddenly caught up in some quick sand. and they had so a chance encounter after 30 years and he knew she was the one. how one local couple found love at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo.
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it has been months of scandal for the d.c. government, three city leaders all under federal investigation. last week, harry thomas jr. pleaded guilty to stealing 350 grand in city money and filing false tax returns. he gave up his ward 5 council seat, becoming the first d.c.
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council member to resign while under a legal cloud. thomas faces three to four years in prison when he is sentenced in may. then there's d.c. council chair kwame brown. the d.c. attorney's office is looking at how he raise and spent 300 grand during his campaign for his at-large seat in 2008. as you recall, he also came under fire and public scrutiny for ordering a fully loaded suv for his official car. add second suv ordered because the first one was the wrong color, leaving the district on the hook for both lease. finally there is d.c. mayor slip sent gray. he is under a federal investigation of his own. prosecutors are tracking the large amount of money that flowed through his mayoral campaign. wendy? >> to date, voters who say they are disgusted by the actions of gray and brown filed formal pagers to try to recall those two elected leaders. tom sherwood is here with that. is that going to get anywhere? >> no city wide recall has been successful in the district but
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this is more trouble for mayor gray and chairman brown. ♪ america >> reporter: mayor graves celebrating environmental issues wednesday at an elementary school in southeast washington. while downtown at the d.c. elections board, formal papers were being filed to force gray into a recall election, saying he has been a poor mayor caught up in scandal. >> could much pleat grassroots efforts, i think the citizens of d.c. are willing to move on this. i have opinion receiving nothing but phone calls and e-mails. >> reporter: butler a strong supporter of adrian femmety, the map defeated in 2010 and filed papers against kwame brown. gray dismissed the recall effort. >> people who were supporters to of the previous may here said that i hadn't done the job. i will take that on with anybody. i feel we have done an excellent job. >> you have a public debate with fred butler? >> i said we will be happy to debate that i'm not going to debate him. why would anybody give credibility to that --
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>> reporter: recall supporters now must gather 35,000 valid voter signatures within six months to force a new vote. no city wide really has ever succeeded. >> everything is impossible until it's done. i don't fear the up nope at all. >> reporter: politically motivated or not it is one more headache for the may and brown, both of whom have ongoing federal criminal voefgs their camp pains. and also wednesday in an up related d.c. political scandal, federal authorities filed charges against former advisory neighborhood commissioner william shelton, accuses him of illegally converting nearly 30,000 in neighborhood found his own personal use. shelton, who has already agreed to repay the funds, will be in court soon to answer the criminal charge. chairman brown so far has not commented on the recall effort for him. this is -- every mayor i think has had some recall effort done for him, never been one, if these folks were successful getting all those signatures and approved, it would mean an election -- recall leeks as part
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of the november ballot but we are a long way from that. >> but it is sending a message? >> it is one more thing that the elected leaders have to do besides running this city. >> tom sherwood, thanks. >> thank you, tom. well, doug joins us now. we are go about to get drefrmd, are we? >> about to get drefrnld. these are the things you are going to need the next couple of days. going to need the umbrellas and galoshes tonight. tomorrow, need the short sleeve shirts, maybe the short it is you are thinking about taking a run outside, then need the heavy coats on friday. we are in for a wild ride the next couple of days, our weather is going go up and down and up and down and right now, one of those down times out there, one of those valleys, but there will be a peep tomorrow. right now, seeing the rain, see it on storm four doppler radar, the heavy rain making its way up to the district. you can see it in through fairfax county, back through centerville, herndon and reston, bellville, springfield, seeing that rain in fair fax county, prince georges, camp springs,
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waldorf, charles county, heavy rain around manassas along 66 and out route 50. going to see a lot of heavy rain throughout this area the next couple of hours or so, because there is a lot more rain to go. this is just the start of the second round, saw one round move through earlier today. look at all of this rain down to the south, including these yellows, oranges and even some reds here, could even see rumbles of thunder as this area of low pressure moves by. look at this spin in the atmosphere, that's the storm making its way and we are continuing to produce those rain showers, as far as what we have seen before, the rain, a tenth of an inch in hagerstown, only .04 in washington so far. i expect these numbers to go way up, many areas will see over half an inch to an inch as we move through the rest of the night tonight. 46, current temperature out there, winds out of the east, 8 miles per hour, going to see those winds increase, too and that's going to actually help to bring temperatures up a bit, 43 in gaithersburg, 39 in martinsburg, frederick, whip chester, 37 degrees, not just a
5:21 pm
rain but a chilly rain, some of the worst weather i think we can have here, but it is going to be chilly, might as well snow, right? right now, it is just rain. it is going to continue to be rain right on through the night tonight but by tomorrow, we are going to get into some mild air, maybe not just mild, maybe very warm. temperatures could climb to nearly 20 degrees above average during the day tomorrow, nice and warm, a little bit windy, here comes this frontal boundly, that front will rush through the area by early friday morning. we could even see some rain switching to snow much. not much, a quick burst of smoker the cold air filters on this here the cold air will filter, friday, very cold and very windy so is the weekend. we make our way to the next couple of hours here, rain, some heavy, becoming breezy late, possible thunder, especially the south and east, 39 to 47. tomorrow morning, i think temperatures will go up overnight tonight, 40 to 50 to start, so a nice start to your thursday.
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tomorrow afternoon, sun and clouds becoming windy and warm, 57 to 64 degrees, winds gusting upwards of 30, maybe 35 miles an hour, here is the next four days, high 41 on friday, wind chill of 30 all day on friday, wind chill on saturday and sunday. yeah, upper 20s, lower 30s. >> oh, my. >> the cold air that is.coulding. >> we will be at the convention center. >> will be. nice and warm there. >> huddling. >> together. >> thank you. don't give up on your new year's resolution, a workout that will help you dance away those extra pounds. a major ruling in fairfax county, why a court is forcing several local congregations to rejoin the episcopal church. casey anthony's explanation
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guess what this weekend is, hmm in the nbc 4 health and fitness expo and an opportunity to not only check in with your health but to kick start any new year's weight loss resolutions. boy, we have got everything going on down there and doreen gentzler is once again shepherding the big convenient. you got any plans this weekend? >> just a few. >> a few? >> lots of maps this weekend. i don't know how many of us made a new year's resolution to get more fit? yeah. >> always. >> you want to find a different
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way to do that, 'cause the same old thing gets boring, right? >> stop eating the christmas stuff, that was my resolution. >> that's right. well, we are going to build on that wendy, the expo is a great place to learn about jump starting a new fitness regiment. new this year, going to make it fun and says to get your workout started, having the first ever zumba extravaganza. >> oh, my. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> going to be leading that? >> i think not. zumba is a latin-inspired dance workout that uses moves based in dance like salsa and meringue, hip-hop. enthusiasts say the classes are so much fun, down the realize you are working up a sweat and burping a lot of calories. recently, i had a chance to talk to a instructor at fitness first and she gave us the scoop on the craze u >> it is not a workout, it is a party. when you come to the clinton administration you are dancing and letting the music to burn your body, not counting the reps, you are really moving with the music but getting a full
5:27 pm
body workout, your squat, lunges in, but kicks in you are not realizing you are getting a workout. the zumba extravaganza starts at 9:00 this saturday morning at the nbc four health and fitness expo. you can sign up for the class ahead of time on our website, i understand the first 300 people who get there for that 9 a.m. class get a free gift. and in case you miss our big opening zumba extravaganza, maybe you have got something else going on on saturday morning, no worry, fitness first will be leading zumba classes all weekend at the expo. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo happens this weekend, saturday and sunday at the washington convention center and we keep repeating but bears repeating, admission is free. the price is right. >> handily wants to do the zumba class, afraid it is all women in there. >> no men. >> here is all the encouragement you need, our boss is going to be doing -- trying to zumba on
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saturday morning. >> really? all right, i'm there i'm so in. we will be tweeting that out all over facebook. look out. >> now she has got to go. >> you committed her, on air. you're in trouble. still ahead on news4 at 5:00 -- >> i'm in richmond, virginia, where republicans succeed in a senate power grab. i will show you the drama that led to an historic change in the rules coming up. a brutal double murder at an
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hello, everybody, i'm meteorologist kammerer, we're in the storm center watching the storms make its way. seeing moderate to heavy rain across the area, most northern virginia, southern portions of maryland, including the district i starting to see some of that heavier rain coming on through the washington, d.c. area, including you the beltway right about now. watch out for the roadways, you are going to see the wet roadways, rain coming down, give yourself extra time, the heaviest rain, right now through the district and also right out route 50, fair fax county, past the airport, back through portions of loudon county, too, watch all this rain moves from south to north and then behind it, some major changes, talk about those in a minute. >> doug, thank you. dozens of people lined the
5:32 pm
streets of woods bore row, maryland, today to honor fallen soldier ronald willdread, jr., the 30-year-old died in afghanistan last month, killed when the truck he was riding in hit a roadside bomb. many at this morning's convenient didn't even note army specialist but they wanted to pay tribute to the soldier and his family. >> the least we can do is show support to the family. don't know how much it helps but i think the worst thing could you do is just sit at home and not let them know that someone cares. >> he lived in frederick county with his sister before being deployed. he leaves behind a wife and two children. a funeral is set for tomorrow. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery friday. seven historic churches in northern virginia will be given back to the episcopal church, the congregations, including the true road church in fairfax, left the episcopal church in 2006 after clashing over liberal
5:33 pm
episcopal theology and consecration of a openly bay gaye bishop n 2008, a judge ruled that they did have crust toddy of their churches but virginia supreme court overturned that ruling, ordered a a new trial and today the original jim in the case reversed his original decision and said that the episcopal church should be restored as the owner of the seven breakaway churches. those congregations are considering an appeal. glenn ivy, a former prosecutor from prince georges county sending his bid for congress. ivy released a statement today saying he is with drawing from the campaign for maryland's fourth congressional district that is the seat currently held by congresswoman donna edwards, it represents parts of prince georges and ann aroundel counties. ivy says the tough economy made it difficult for his campaign to raise enough money to move forward. as doreen just told you, one of our station's biggest events, the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is coming up this weekend and we have been holding this convenient for 19 years now, helping tens of thousands of
5:34 pm
people in our community get healthier. but what we did not expect to happen was lovez. two people had a chance meeting at the expo and they fell in love. news4's darcy spencer has their story. >> reporter: john bailey and juanita coy bailey tied the knot in june of 2007 and they credit the health and fitness expo with making it happen. >> if i had not been there that particular saturday when i ran into her, i don't think we would have been together. >> reporter: the baileys met 30 years ago through a mutualal friend and then in 2005, a chance encounter at the expo led to a marriage proposal. well, sort of. >> i walked over to say hi to her and when i saw her, i said, hello, hi, juanita, how are you, i'm gonna marry you, and i don't know where it came from, but it just came out. >> he announced to me, not asked, announced that he was going to marry me. >> what did you think? >> he lost his mind.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: but john bailiffs serious and later, he asked her to take his hand in marriage. >> after we went out a few times and we really started talking seriously, i did propose the proper way. >> and she did -- >> she did accept. >> reporter: bail his are long-time volunteers at the expo. he represents howard university. she's there with her nursing sorority and washington hospital center. >> knowing that that was the reason we got together but it was a common 'cause to help others and in return, we got a little something out of it for ourselves. >> reporter: couple will continue the tradition this weekend at the 19th annual event. they volunteer there almost every year. you can find love at the expo? >> you can find love as well as good health information, too. yes. >> reporter: darcy spencer,
5:36 pm
news4. >> one more reason to attend but you don't have to be looking for love. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo this weekend will have plenty of activities, free health screenings, medical information, expert there is, held at the walter e. washington con vention center in northwest washington, doors opening from 9 a.m. and closing at 5:00 saturday a admission is free. >> we thought the best part was, you know, free. anything is possible down there at the expo. >> you thought zumba would be it. >> that top it had. still ahead, casey anthony's explanation how her private videos are turning up in the internet. a scene from a movie, a little girl goes out to play and
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our favorite wednesday child's stories are the ones that share with you the success of our efforts to find families for kids who need them. >> tonight, back to the ritz carlton in pog city, we met a young girl named katrina who is hoping for a forever family. barbara harrison takes us to see a very happy lady called katie and her brand-new family. >> hi, good morning. >> great to see you. >> this is katie. >> katie, hi. >> reporter: this was katie's first trip back to the ritz carlton since she was here two years ago as a wednesday's child, hoping for a permanent, loving family. she came back with a brand-new mom and big sister. >> hi. >> a pleasure to have you back at the ritz carlton pog city. >> reporter: katie was happy to show her new family where her dream to find them had all started. her mom says she saw that
5:40 pm
wednesday's child video and sees some big changes in katie since then. >> i was looking for the life in her eyes and i see it now, right? she is so alive and so joyful and so full of love. she has been an amazing -- she has been an amazing daughter and an amazing sister. >> reporter: mary barge of the ritz carlton served katie hot chocolate and the rest of us tea, along with strawberries and other goodies. >> what do you want, mommy? >> reporter: katie says she recently had a tea party at school where she learned the lady-like way to use your napkin. >> dab. >> reporter: susan brown is the principal at katie's school. she says she loved raising victoria but had always wanted more children. >> when i turned 50, i was suddenly single and able to redefine my life and i always wanted a big family, it was the perfect time to make that happen. >> reporter: she says she got the approval of her daughter, victoria who is about to graduate from college. >> i thought it was the best idea in the world. i know how happy it made her and i thought adding little sister to my life would only make me
5:41 pm
just as happy. >> reporter: victoria accompany herd mom to all the adoption classes and was right there to welcome katie when she joined their family. and the family grew even bigger when they added a new cat to their already big stable of pet he is. >> i adopted a cat named harper. >> i found harper at my school in a rain storm and when we brought harper home and katie first met him and adopted him, she said, now i understand adoption. you can love something this much and not have given birth to them. >> reporter: they shared a picture of katie womb of their cats and a book that they made that tells their family's wonderful story and then we made a tea toast. and especially to the brand new star of the family, katie, the one with the sparkling eyes and great big smile. barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> we love that story. >> if you have room in your home and heart for one of the children seen here or any night
5:42 pm
on wednesday or another child who is weight, please call our special adoption hot line that number is 1-88-to-adopt-me or home page at still ahead, an extremely wet night already it is ahead, doug is back to tell us how much rain we are going to get and when it will come to an end. in sport, he broke a two-month scoring drought with a goal over the weekend and now, joel ward and the caps are ready
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
casey anthony says her private video diaries were put on youtube by a hacker.
5:45 pm
anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter back in july. she is now serving a one-year probationary period in there for passing bad checks. today, senate republicans ruled out power sharing but democrats held their ground. julie carey reports from richmond. >> reporter: it was an opening day unlike any other on the virginia senate floor as republicans made good on their promise to take control. the november election left the chamber split, 20 republicans and 20 democrats, but republican lieutenant governor bill bowling holds the tie-breaking vote and used it today to give republicans firm control of all senate committees. >> the ayes are 20, the nos are 20, the chair votes a ye. >> reporter: the vote followed passed debate, democrats imploring republicans not to set aside history, to instead stick with the power sharing used in the past with the divided chamber. they accused the republicans o ignoring what the voters want, an evenly divided senate. people do not want a power grab on the part of one party or
5:46 pm
another party. in fact, what the steps have voted for in voting for a 20-20 saturd senate is have one party tip the scales. >> reporter: new rules give the republican the leadership and majority on all coast threatens the very tradition of the usually colleague y'all cooperative senate. >> the step we are taking today is very seriously, if my view, institutionalizing the sort of partisanship that has never been present in the activity of this genteel body. i am afraid we are taking a step which there will be no concern. >> all 20 of us on this side were also elected by a majority of the citizens in our district and they -- those voters have an expectation of what we are supposed to do.
5:47 pm
>> that was julie carey reporting. take a look at this a 9-year-old girl in the netherlands was -- had to be rescued from quicksand that occurred this week in a field near her home, she started sinking up to her hips, 10 firefighter also to pull her out and one of them got stuck in the process of pulling her out. quicksand, i thought that was just in tarzan movies. >> a scary picture. we are going to be drenched tonight and into tomorrow, too. how long before this rain leaves us, doug? >> the good news is i think it should be out of here by early tomorrow morning for the rush hour but tomorrow brings a separate set of problems and then friday brings another set of problems. out there right now, we are dealing with the rain. you can see that rain on storm 4 doppler radar. the heaviest of that rain coming through northern virginia and in toward southern maryland but right now, just about the entire area seeing that heavy rain. also, take a look at fair fax county, herndon and reston seeing this heavy rain, toward ashburn and back toward leesburg and sterling and loudon county. move over the potomac, talking about montgomery county, also
5:48 pm
seeing the heavy rain, potomac and gaithersburg, seeing that rain. down toward southern maryland, southern prince georges county, central calvert county, see the yellows there that is moderate to heavy rain, also right around 301, going to continue to see this rain on through the rest of the evening hours. take a look, a lot more in the way of rain to come that rain around raleigh right now will make its way our way the next six to seven hours and inundated with rain, upwards of an inch to some areas could see an inch and a half, especially the south and east of washington. tomorrow morning though, not bad, partly cloudy, a good start. i think temperatures will rise overnight tonight, 40 to 50 degrees tomorrow morning, that not bad at all. look at this, tomorrow, sun and clouds becoming windy, but warm. we will see winds gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour but temperatures could rise into the low to even middle 60s in some locations. tomorrow is going to be a very warm day out ahead of yet another frontal boundary, that front will really cool things down for the weekend. we are talking about the coldest
5:49 pm
stretch that we've seen friday, saturday, sunday into the early part of monday. i will be back with the extended forecast coming up at 6:00. >> all right. thank you, doug. turning to sports now the caps down at the phone booth tonight. >> taking on their rival pittsburgh penguin, get you checked with the latest from dap. >> hey, wendy, good to have you back in-house, jim. the rivalry you were speaking of used to be the premiere rivally if the nhl, things not going as planned for the washington capitals and pittsburgh penguins. the peps like the walking wounded, sid crosby still not playing because of a concussion, staal, letang, jeffrey out for the penguins, mired in a five-game losing streak, it's their longest losing streak in two years. if they get to six tonight it will be their longest losing streak in six years. as for the capitals, playing without two of their young guns, nick backstrom, mike green still out. and they are searching for consistency which they have been
5:50 pm
doing this entire season. that's what i talked to about -- with joel ward just a few minutes ago right here, rinkside. joel, i know you guys have been striving for consistency all year long, when you find that groove, do you think you're gonna know it? >> yeah i think so i think it's just been a little bit of time to adjusting to different systems and everything and you know, i think we have been kind of shooting ourselves in the foot a little bit, making a couple, one or two mistakes kind of carried over, a couple goals against. i think we just got to stick together and obviously stay positive throughout this trip. >> you guys like two different teams on the road and at home. why is that? >> everyone keeps asking that, i don't know the only thing i can think of, you know, i think at home, we tend to be a little bit more relaxed, on the road, we squeeze our sticks a little bit too title and causes a couple of turnovers and timely goals we have been giving up late in the periods and special teams, so i think that's just been what's
5:51 pm
about going on a i will little bit on the road, we kind of just limit those mistakes as much as we can, a little more success. >> biggest concern all season long team defense, you have allowed, i think, five goals or more, 11 games this year, more than all of last season. >> yeah i mean, again, it has been a little frustrating at times, given up a couple of goals here and there obviously trying to do the opposite, we have been coming up short, i think, of special teams, power-playing penalty killing has to be better around same 5-5 play but justing belief in one another on the ice is going to be beneficial. >> being at home now for four straight, maybe you guys can get this rolling, start another streak, how much does that help you to feed off the energy of the crowd? >> that's huge. we have had success here at home and we kind of keep that going, looking for that a challenge against pittsburgh, not an easy tax, definitely a tough one for sure, we can build on that and take it game by game, i think we will be all right. >> talking about pittsburgh, curious to what your take on the caps/pens rivalry was when you were on the outside looking in
5:52 pm
in nashville what did you think of the rivalry? >> 24/7, getting pretty heated, the history of it and the buildup to it, coming in now, you can tell there is a difference, being in pittsburgh, the start of the season and how the guys are pretty amped up about it, so i'm just trying to learn from this big role here against them and trying to embrace it as much as i can. >> all right, caps forward joel ward, seven of the last 11 games between the caps and the pens decided by one goal. interesting nugget, too we didn't put in the interview, i asked joel ward if his life was on the one, one guy from his team to take the game-winning shot, who would be it be? one-on-one situation, jason chill mare rah, not alex ovechkin, kind of interesting. guys? >> all right. thank you, dan. see you at 6:00. >> okay. jim vance is here, a year old, ready to tell us about his show. debated happy birthday. >> 6:00. >> grateful for it. on news4 at 6:00, three
5:53 pm
people tied up, a family housekeeper sexually assaulted. tonight, the search tops for a man behind the attack in bethesda. why the cops think it is linked to another invasion in the area. and a new online tool that helps parents in d.c. keep track of their child's performance in school. a 12-year-old girl set up a web cam to catch her sisters stealing her stuff but what she caught on the camera was not her little sisters. these stories at 6:00. >> any more quake in the newsroom? >> a little bet. better get in there
5:54 pm
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a florida doctor around his wife are killed in one of tampa's most exclusive neighborhoods. tonight, police have arrested a man who worked for the couple. nbc's kerry sanders has our story. >> reporter: investigators were puzzled, who could have gone over the eight-foot walls unnoticed and penetrated the round the clock security in avilla? now they say it was an inside job. dr. hector rivera and his wife were allegedly murdered by her personal assistant. 31-year-old julian flores is charged in the murders, the motive? investigators say it was all
5:57 pm
about money. debra rivera ran a part happen time jewelry business and believed flores targeted the husband and wife after he drove her home from a recent jewelry buying trip. investigators say flores tried to cover up his alleged role, dialing 911 himself and claiming he, too had been a victim. >> during an interview with the defendant, he stated he was attacked by an unknown male inside the residence and bound and forced into a bathroom. no signs of forced entry were ever noticed within the residence or the vehicles at the scene. >> reporter: deputies called to the scene found dr. rivera dead in the driveway, they believe he had been at a neighbor's home, watching the clem championship game, when he stopped home to see his wife and happened upon the jewelry heist. dr. rivera was shot repeatedly. his wife, debra, also shot several times, was found dead in the bathroom at their 11,000-square-foot home. >> there was no question that his intent was to make sure that
5:58 pm
nobody survived this attack. >> reporter: avila is home to the 1%ers, current and former residents include baseball superstars derek jeter, fred mcgriff, former baseball player and manager lou piniella and former football coaches tony dungy and jon gruden. a neighborhood, despite its exclusivity, traps formed to a crime scene where friends still at a loss to make sense of this brutality. >> my heart went to my stomach. i just -- i was in disbelief, 'cause we had had one of the fund-raisers at avila and security just to do that was intense. i mean, with he had to have the names and information about every person coming into it, so i just can't fathom, i'm still in shock over it. >> wow. that was kerry sanders reporting. well, you know we have a rainy night ahead coming up on news4 at 6:00. we have doug's forecast on just how much of a deluge can we expect?
5:59 pm
that's in the news4 at 5:00. >> thanks for watching. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. a moire and son tied up. the family housekeeper sexually assaulted. tonight, the search is on to find the man behind a violent home invasion in bethesda. a baby left alone with no jacket at the occupy d.c. camp. news4 cameras there as authorities went to rescue that little girl. plus, a new effort to kick d.c. mayor vincent gray and d.c. council chairman kwame brown out of office. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. cold rain walk over the region and not going to let up any time soon. kammerer is tracking the conditions from storm center four. hi, doug. >> we are seeing this rain out there now, some areas seeing heavy rain and we are not even close to getting done with this just yet. we look outsid


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