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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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singer whitney houston. the family has decided not to have a public memorial. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> houston's family is having a private ceremony. in lieu of flowers, mourners should donate to her academy of the performing arts in new jersey. here's the latest. >> reporter: the same newark, new jersey, church where whit any houston sang as a kwhield willing the scene of her funeral. it is a private, invitation-only event. houston's family has announced no plans for a public service. >> they have shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. this is their time now for their farewell. >> reporter: last night dozens of fans groeted the hearst
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carrying her body in newark. the 48-year-old died saturday in beverly hills, her body discovered under water in a hotel bathtub. it could be weeks from we know a cause of death. houston's godmother aretha franklin shared her grief last night in charlotte. she honored a performance commitment telling convict certifygoers she needed music to soothe her soul. houston's fans are honoring her through her music. digital sales of "i will always love you" to more than 200,000 since her death, an echo of her legacy. >> she's had three albums spend more than ten weeks at number one and there's no other woman in the history that's done that more than once. >> reporter: but the majestic singer's whose highs and lows have had a public audience will
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have a private funeral. ♪ and i will always love you >> singer jennifer hudson is opening up about had her tribute to whitney houston. hudson sang herren digs of houston's a i will always love i" on sunday. the singer told "us weekly" magazine the performance was the greatest honor of her life. hudson says she hasn't stopped crying since houston's passing and she says she sang the song from had her heart. the george huguely murder trial is now in its seventh day and today more graphic testimony. huguely is the former uva lacrosse player accused of killing yardleardley love, his ex-girlfriend. two more medical experts took the stand today and detailed love's brain injuries. a neurologist says the injuries included contusions and hemorrhages, damages that could have stopped her heart. and she said those injuries were
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caused by powerful blows to the head. prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that huguely beat love to death during a jealous rage in december of 2010. news4's julie carrie will join us live from charlottesville at 5. a bill created after casey anthony's murder trial may soon become law in florida. it increases the maximum penalty from one year to five years in prison for knowingly making a false statement to police about a missing child. anthony was acquitted of hurding her 2-year-old daughter caylee last july but was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. she was sentenced to four years behind bars but set free after nearly three years for good behavior. the caylee bill was unanimously approved by a house committee yesterday. president obama is putting pressure on congress. the payroll tax cuts expire at
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the end of the month. the president wants to make sure congress hears from average americans. >> reporter: surrounded by people who wrote what 40 additional dollars per paycheck has meant to them, president obama says he sees progress in getti ting convicgress to go al with the pay rowe roll tax cuts. >> until you see me sign that thing, that photograph of me signing it at my desk, you have to keep your voice up. >> reporter: the president asked that pressure be put on congress through phone calls, e-mails and tweets. >> just pass this middle class tax cut, pass the extension of unemployment insurance, do it before it's too late. and i will sign it right away. >> reporter: house gop leaders have reversed themselves, agreeing to the tax cut extension and letting the $100 billion cost be added to the debt but still want the
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unemployment benefits covered by spernding cuts elsewhere, which is what some in the senate want. >> i'm comfortable with an extension of it, but i really think the extension should be offset, and so let's see what the house actually sends over. but i have reservations. >> reporter: treasury secretary tim geithner carried to congress tuesday the administration's push to extend both. >> if congress fails to act, 160 million americans will immediately pay more in payroll taxes and 5 million people looking for work will lose or be denied unemployment insurance benefits. >> reporter: congress is in recess all next week, leaving only two days the following week to act before extension of the tax cut and the unemployment benefits expire. chris clackum, nbc news. stocks dipped today to near-session lows in the final hours of trading, but closed mixed. at last check the dow was up about 4 points, nasdaq down
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about a half and a snd p down 1 point. investors appear concerned over a weaker than expected retail sales export and the greek debt situation. >> it's not feeling at all like february. can this weather last? >> that's the question. >> veronica is here from the storm center. how about it? well, another nice one today for us. in fact, only 4 of the last 14 afternoons this month of february have been below average. so not too bad for today. we've had some nuisance cloud cover across the area, but the current temperature now 54 degrees with a south-southwesterly wind at 15 miles an hour. a lot of folks really enjoying today, of course, valentine's day. so those flurries we were supposed to get this morning, they just dried up. the weather system coming over the mountain pz really falling apa apart. 52 in gaithersburg, 54 over in
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fairfax, falls church, chantilly at 54, prince george's county 54 degrees, morningside and hyattsville 56. here's the salt light and radar, breaks in the cloud cover, but nor clouds will fill in for the evening hours. you can see where there's a little bit of rain to the west and north. again, a system that's really done well to fall apart as it's made its way east wart. a few like sprinkles smaeshl to the north around damascus and i-70. so for your good night forecast, 5:00, 7:00, from it 53 to 47 with more cloud cover and i do think we will start to see a better chance for sprinkles getting into 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 p.m. this evening. we'll fall to 42 by 11:00, not all that cold for the evening or really overnight. and, yes, we are going to talk about the possibility of some more storms coming our way before the week is over. jim and pat, back to you.
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>> thanks. the man who is expected to become china's next president is in washington to get to know our leaders. the chinese vice president met with president obama at the white house today. the president said he welcomes china's peaceful rise, but he and the administration pressured che on issues ranging from fair trade to human rights. brian moore reports. >> reporter: in well kwoming china's presidential heir apparent, president obama simultaneously assured an ally and pushed a superpower rival. >> with expanding power and prosperity also comes increased responsibilities. >> reporter: vice president biden and secretary of state clinton publicly pressured she on areas that have stressed the uneasy alliance, from china's undervalued currency and tilted trade practices to the theft of intellectual property. >> cooperation, as you and i
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have spoken about, can only be mute utely beneficial if the game is fair. >> reporter: the administration pushed even harder on china's unwillingness to help halt the brutal crackdown in syria and china's human rights record at home. outside the white house, protestors tried to turn the spotlight away from the washington photo ops to china's harsh treatment of tibet. after being pressed by the obama administration, she responded diplomatically. >> translator: of course there is always room for improvement when it comes to human rights. >> reporter: president obama, the chinese leader suggested, he was open to change, pointing to a monday night meeting with senior u.s. lawmakers. >> translator: they're wise and practical suggestions, have provided me with much food for thought. >> reporter: encouraging words from the man expected to lead china into the next decade. in addition to washington and las vegas, the chinese vp will
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be traveling to musk ateen, iowa, a town he visited in 1985 as part of a cultural exchange. "news4 at 4" is just getting started. why adelle says she's taking a five-year break from making music. ♪ she's local. a local singer tries to turn chairs during last night's episode of "the voice". a valentine's day dish called engagement chicken. cain from hot 99.5 is in the house to give us the hot talk. plus, later in the forecast a
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 at 4." a local woman's voice, du hear, catapulted her past the blind audition round in last night's episode of "the voice." >> she is 22, and she sang the
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jackson 5's "i want you back." ♪ oh baby give me one more chance ♪ >> go! turn! >> only coach blake shemtlton turned around, but that's okay. she's on it and she's on team blake. coach adam levine said she's amazing and we're going to interview her torrenight at 11: >> looking forward to that. ♪ we could have had it all hope you got a good listen. say it ain't so, adelle her live performance on sunday was the first since her throat surgery. now "vogue" is reporting that adelle plans to take a big break from the music business for four or five years to concentrate on her relationship with her businessman boyfriend. she told "vogue" her
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relationships fail when she writes all the time. we know she writes about that. so she plans on focusing on love over the years and write some happy songs. she said shi wrote the album "21" to get over a bad breakup. dj and reality star pauly d. is getting another gig. the jersey shore cast member is heading to atlantic city where he'll be the new resident dj at harrah's report. the star will be part of the big nightlife event at har ra's, the pool after dark. it's one of the most popular in atlantic city known for its heated pool and la late-night parties. he's expected to perform a few times throughout the year, beginning next month. he was voted eighth best dj in america by "vibe" magazine in 2010. now to the big screen where the fourth installment of "transformers" is in the work.
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paramount pictures made the announcement yesterday. last year "transformers dark of the moon" brought in more than $1 billion worldwide shia labeouf acted in that one, but likely won't return, he says. the next "transformers" is due out in 2014. be my stalking valentine? don't send me flowers at work and a recipe for success when it comes to getting engaged. >> you got some flowers today. they were beautiful. those are some of the stories people are talking about today. joining us is cain from hot 99.5. okay, chicken is good for a lot of things. now it can take your relationship to the next level. what is this all about? >> i'm kind of like a gee ought ta here. we found recipes for engagement chicken, taking the internet by storm, today being valentine's day. we talked about this this morning and talked to people who have tried this chicken.
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it's a recipe that says after seven days whoever you feed it to may actually ask you to marry them. see on top there, that's called marc marry me juice. served four to 6, but i wouldn't suggest feeding it to four to six, then you'll have three to five people chasing after you. i dosh, i do can! no, i just wanted one. when you come over, we're going to have marry me chicken but i'll leave out one of the ingredients. i don't want that reaction. we have the full recipe on and go to the key word cain. >> that looks good. >> the butter and lemon mixed together. then you put the lemons inside, poke them with the flooeshg tor times bam. >> that looks like marry me chicken. >> yes, i do. the full recipe online, from
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what people say, one of the most delicious things ever, the feeling of a home cooked meal that makes you want to say "i do". >> the way to the heart is through the stomach. >> valentine's day cards are of course very popular today. but what's stalking valentine's. >> there's one card on shelves right now that some say cross the line. it was pulled off the will shelves in texas. see that? "stalker is a harsh word" on the outside. on the inside, "i prefer valentine." that gives people who stalk a justification for what they do because it's taking away the severity of the word "stalker." so they pulled it from the shelves. >> interesting. >> i'm going to need that card back, fyi. >> sorry. didn't mean to send that one. a surprising new study with some interesting results. women don't like getting flowers at work? did you mind that? >> not talking about me. >> i was going to stay, where are these women?
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>> i don't want flowers from stalkers. >> right, obviously. here is the official number 46.7% of women said they were embarrassed to get flowers at work. the reason was that too many personal questions usually follow the flowers, who are they from? is he cute? what does his hair look like? does he work for hot 99.5? and they like to -- women say they prefer to separate their business from pleasure lives and that welcomes too many questions into the fold. >> unless there's a husband, obviously everyone knows who it's from. >> but you hope so. these days with web sites li like -- who knows. >> just to be on the safe side, don't send them. >> if you're one of the 46.7% of women, absolutely not. what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> how about a trip to jamaica where today it's 84 degrees. 7:05 tomorrow morning, a trip to jamaica and we have the sold-out
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madonna tickets on our facebook page. just search hot 99.5. >> you were so right. you said there would be another town. >> i knew it! we're very excited. they're sold-out. don't stalk, go to facebook and click like. super easy. >> thanks, cain. great to see you. >> happy valentine's day. >> we'll have cards and candy for you next week. no stalking cards. coming up next on "news4 at 4," many people are finding love online and using apps. we're going to download some to find your sweetheart, next. plus, designer gee vaughn na randal shows off her new honor line during fashion week.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 at 4." what a gorgeous valentine's day. >> yeah. you guys have plans, maybe little plans? >> you say it's going to be drizzly out there tonight. >> a few sprinkles, not a big deal. just nuisance stuff, not the kind of precip where you do want to stay indoors.
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not too bad. in fact, it won't be that cold either. today we got a break, big break, with some of the clouds breaking up early this morning. we had the clouds across the area, then we got a good deal of sunshine and temperatures warmed into the mid 50s again today! folks, looks like winter's done with us, right? 54 degrees currently at reagan national, the wind 15 miles per hour out of the south-southwest, nice mild wind. and you can see moving northeastward through the area, clouds and a little bit of precip, but you've got to look really hard to see where it's reaching the ground. we've got a few sprinkles now around howard county and montgomery county. 50 degrees there, 54 in d.c., 56 down in fredericksburg, around stafford, areas close to waldorf, 55 degrees. tonight your good night forecast, sprinkles from now until about 11:00 p.m. our temperatures drop to the mid-40s and then low 40s by
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11:00 p.m. starting out in d.c. about 36 degrees 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, mostly clear sky. sun up at 7:00 a.m. i think our coldest of spots will be around 30, not too bad for tomorrow morning. there's a look at storm 4 radar. again, the precip pushing northeast through the area, we've got a break off to the west, the area of low pressure still yet to move through. that will happen during the overnight period. that's why we have a chance for sprinkles until 11:00 p.m. then the system moves out, we get high pressure and it will be a nice day tomorrow, back into the mid-50s, back to sunshine across the area. and then back to some cloud cover for thursday. that's the next weather system for this week. it is going to bring a cold front with it, clouds for the early part of thursday, even rain starting about noontime. by the evening rush thursday, could be looking at some areas with moderate rain before that front moves through. your evening forecast, mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles, mild,
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breezy, sun sets at 5:54, 43 to 45 degrees. meanwhile, up9dd d th cloud wib and we 7:00 a.m., 31 to 38 degrees. the clouds will head out and we'll be dry. getting into the mid-50s, some areas cracking 56, 57 degrees, a very nice afternoon coming our way tomorrow. there's your rain for thursday, the end of the week and first part of the weekend, still parked right around the low and mid-50s. so running a couple weeks ahead of schedule. a lot of folks talking about their allergies from everything that i've read and talked to the folks ats walter reed allergy center, they say it looks as though it may not going to be a higher pollen count for this spring but it certainly looks like it may be starting earlier. >> ah! we're feeling that. thanks, veronica. still to come on "news4 at 4," one of our favorite events. the top dog show, or at least a show to win top dog.
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♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one bank. instead of some unfashionable rate, your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big?
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>> announcer: and now from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 at 4." and welcome back, everybody, at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat law son muse. whitney house ton's family has decided against a public memorial for the singer. instead an invitation-only private funeral is set for saturday in newark, new jersey, taking place in the same church where houston sang as a child. the family is asking for donations to the whit any house ton kakd my of performing arts in lieu of flowers. the former uva lacrosse player's trial, the medical examiner says love's blood alcohol was high but not high enough to kill her. she suffered brain injuries, he said, as a result of trauma. prosecutors are trying to prove huguely beat love to death in 2010. president obama is calling on average americans to put
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pressure on congress to extend the payroll tax cut. the president made a plea at the white house today. he wants people to reach out to get the extension passed. he says if it isn't it could stall the economic recovery. and stocks close narrowly mixed today, after dipping to near-session lows, in the final hour of trading, those are the "sports illustrated" models by the way ringing bell. we'll have more coming up in a bit. the dow was up 4, nasdaq up less than half a point and s and p down just a single point. your smartphone could be smarter than you when it comes to finding a perfect mate. >> more singles are using dating apps to make a love connection. amy robach reports on the $2 billion online dating industry. >> reporter: 25-year-old alicia and her two friends are meeting
4:32 pm
up for drinks at a popular nooshg new york city bar. she's sichk elle angle and lookt somebody. she's also tech savvy and recently found an application that puts online dating in the palm of her hand. >> online dating isn't just about sitting behind your computer with a glass of wine after work. you're dog it whenever you are. >> yeah. i mean, the best thing about having a mobile app for it, it's when you have time for it. if you're at a bar and you're out and you're, like, okay, this conversation is boring, i'll be like, okay, let's scroll through and see. >> reporter: what they're scrolling through are mobile dating profiles on a free app called scout, one of dozens being used by more than 14 million american daters on the go. >> roughly half our users are using it for flirting and dating and checking out who's around. >> reporter: christian whikland launched scout in 2007. many of these apps use gps technology to connect their users to other mobile daters nearby.
4:33 pm
as mobile dating catches on, mobile dating companies are cashing in. generating more than $200 million in revenue in 2011, and expected to hit near 5$500 million by 2016. for those daters in the trenches, it's all about being open to new ways to connect. >> i think it's no different from meeting someone from an app than if you meet them at the grocery store, instead of, can you hand me that? you say, want to buy me a drink? >> wow. it's just that easy. hey, for more on the inner workings of the online dating industry, watch the premiere of "love at first byte," tonight at 8:00 on cnbc. according to a new survey, one in five people started a romantic relationship with someone they met online. however, deception is still a big risk here. researchers found that 80% of the profiles on match making web
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sites were not completely truthful. weight was the most common thing that people didn't tell the truth about followed by their height and their age. the internet is also a form for cheating. a third of americans said they know someone whose relationship ended because of an online affair. prince william is deployed to the falkland islands but his wife didn't spend this valentine's day alone. she spent the day in the city of liverpool, visiting a bar that does not serve alcohol. how does that happen? it is run by a charity she sponsors that supports recovering alcoholics and former drug addicts. so kate chatted with the chefs and bar staff and taifsted thei smoothie drink named in her honor. she also met privately with some of the recovering addicts. here's another kate that will soon be growing in popularity. her name is kate upton. she is the cover girl of the 2012 "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. upton is 19 and from florida and
4:35 pm
says she's very comfortable in a bathing suit. it's her first cover, but her second time appearing in the annual "sports illustrated" issue, compared to the super bowl for models. last year she was chosen as rookie of the year. from florida, used to wearing swimsu swimsuits. she wear it's well, as we say. thousands of our four-legged friends are in the big apple now competing to be crowned top dog. >> today marks the final round of the 136th westminster dog show. yesterday some strutted their stuff for best in group. there are an estimated 2500 contestants in this year's show but only one, of course, will hold the title "best in show." last year a scottish deerhound named hickory who lives in warrenton, virginia, won best in show. you can watch the finals tonight on usa at 8:00. love that show. >> they are strutting, aren't
4:36 pm
they? >> they are. i still have hickory's pictures in the room. >> really? >> yes. hickory visited the newsroom, robe? >> oh, yes. we were rooting for him. coming up, a little girl with a rare form of cancer became a viral hit, then justin bieber came to the
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 at 4." here's some good news for tech kis. the ipad 3 is expected to hit the market next month. rumor has it march 7th is the big release date. the "wall street journal" is reporting the new generation tablet will feature 4g lte connectivity. some people worry it will drain the ipad's battery. a smaller screen is also being tested. 43 million ipad 2s have been sold since it was released last march. >> wow. now to our deals of the day on this tuesday. on living social in montgomery county, the restaurant caddies on cord elle has a deal. for 20 bucks you get 40 bucks worth food and drink. more than 500 people have bought that deal. >> they've got two days left, too. if you live in virginia, groupon
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has a deal. eve's bee stereo in alexandria, the restaurant is on swamp fox road. we're hungry today. >> we are. when "news4 at 4," the runway was filled with deep blues and neon highlights. one fashion designer's new line coming up next. plus, a girl has a huge case of bieber fever. she even calls herself mrs. bieber. how the pop star made her day, coming up. >> announcer: nonstop tuesday is all talk. how does it feel to be known for your body parts? >> it could be worse. i could be known for awkward body parts. >> you have credit card debt and you're buying starr bucks? >> three guys in a booth. >> this is a moment where you feel sorry for those people who don't like chocolate. >> reporter: and life according to ben? >> bricking your dog to wñb
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"n >> announcer: you're watching "news4 at 4." some big news for tennis fans in our area. thrilled to hear today that the williams sisters are coming back to town to play for the washington castles this summer. venus and sarena will play world team tennis this summer for the reigning champions, the season starts in july. they love washington. >> big news. >> they are always popular. young people love showing up to watch. >> we always like to see them.
4:44 pm
and we like to see sunshine and warm temperatures. >> well, who's complaining about today? who will be complaining about the rest of the week? >> this is a valentine's day gift. >> low to mid-50s all week. nice gift, heading out this evening could have a few sprinkles but i don't even think it's the type of precip where you'll need the umbrella. >> good! be down in huntingtown, 54 in ft. beld war, 54 degrees also in manassas, virginia. this evening, sprinkles for x"ees we1:00 p. starting tomorrow morning probably at the mildest
4:45 pm
my kids have been leaving to go to school with a pretty thick sweatshirt, probably all you need in the monk. 54 to 55 degrees. a nice one again tomorrow, lots of sunshine. as far as thursday goes, though, not much sunshine. in fact, you'll need the umbrella thursday. starting about noontime, rain moves into the area. hagerstown, frederick and all the way down to about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow southern maryland a chance of rain for thursday. so here is a look at your four-day forecast. there's that rain, 80% chance thursday, in the low to mid-50s for highs for the week. this weekend we're still watching a system that will be passing very close to the area on sunday. we've got a chance for some rain showers now with a high of 46.
4:46 pm
not a bad week, and that system has been trending more south so maybe by tomorrow we'll deal with a weekend with no precip at all. >> excellent. >> we're going too get really spoiled, veronica. >> yes, we are. some of hollywood's most fashionable stars made their way across the pond last night for the annual elle style awards in london. among the celebrities on the red carpet last night was jolene anderson, who you may recall from the "x files," cuba good jr. and chas ka chastain showed up in a black lace alexander mcqueen dress. the big winner was sarah burton, the designer who created kate middleton's royal wedding gown. fashion week is wrapping up in the big apple and this year there's a whole lot of purple and a lot of blue. >> those are the colors they say. nbc mobile's arena finerman talked with designer g eer giov
4:47 pm
randall about her new line called honor. >> reporter: i'm backstage with giovanna before her fall 2012 show. can you tell us more about the collection? >> it's a lot louder than last collection. it's bright and bold. it was inspired by a love story between a preppy boy and an exotic woman. >> reporter: that sounds fabulous. so how does that actually 2r translate into the clothes? what kind of elements? >> i was thinking a lot about south america and central america and tapestries of indigenous tribes. and i was thinking about kind of creating my own take on art deco, so that's kind of what you'll see in the prints, a couple of jackets is the preppy. >> reporter: and you're an opera singer and a premed student. so how did you end up here? >> i've always been making clothes. i think it takes a long time to
4:48 pm
realize you should be doing what you naturally do without keeping yourself from doing it. i've been making themg since i was 3 years old. >> reporter: you come from the italian welsh heritage. does that influence you? >> all the time. my welsh grandmother passed away a few years ago. and she was so stylish. my italian grandmother is going to be at the show. i'm so inspired by both of them. >> reporter: you named the label after your sister as well, right? you have a lot of strong women as inspiration. >> i do. i think that's what i wanted to bring to fashions. something for strong, girly but also tough women kind of mixed together rnk together. >> reporter: do you have any tips on just shopping or how to carry your clothes from fall to spring, just the essentials we all need? >> i wouldn't take it seriously. you should enjoy your clothes. you should feel comfortable, and if you don't know about something, it's probably not a good idea. >> hmm. if you're not sure, don't take the risk. >> i like a lot of what i saw.
4:49 pm
>> good stuff. >> uh-huh. coming up on "news4 at 4," planning a proposal is hard enough, but try doing it a few thousand feet in the air. plus, a couple made history at the empire state building today. we have that story, too. hi there. i'm wendy rieger. coming up at 5:00, i love this story, reaping the rewards of a meat-free lifestyle and you don't have to quick cold turkey. the flex tearians say their diet is something anyone can do. >> reporter: find out why one major wireless provider is throttling data speeds, coming up. tonight at 6:00, he looks like a typical traveler, but authorities say his actions were criminal. why this guy is in trouble for what he did after he got through security.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 at 4." talk about new meaning to love is in the air. a portuguese airline released this video of a passenger popping the big question thousands of feet up in the air. bruno nunez called on the flight attendant to announce today's flight is special. then he asked his bride-to-be if he would marry mr. nunez. she said yes and the airplane swelled with applause and well wishes. there's some wine or champagne, the happy couple is now vacationing in milan.
4:53 pm
two women made history up in new york city sh valentine's day. they became the first same-sex couple to tie the knot inside the iconic empire state building. the couple came down from anchorage, alaska, for the big day. they won an online contest and were one of four couples to wed inside the empire state building today. both of them currently work as personal trainers. they met while attending the university of alaska. still ahead on "news4 at 4," justin bieber makes a little girl's wish come true.
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a 6-year-old girl who's fighting a rare and aggressive cancer is now celebrating a dream date, a date she will never forget. it all started with a make-believe marriage and teen sensation justin bieber. natalie morales has the story. >> reporter: avalona ruth was already one of just stin bieber's biggest fans but now with pictures like these, the 6-year-old knows exactly why you should never say never. ♪ i will never say never >> reporter: she suffers from a rare form of cancer, and last year thanks to the jim yoi fund she got a pretend marriage to her pop idol. >> how old are you? >> 6. >> how long have you loved
4:57 pm
bieber? >> seven years. no. 80 years. >> it was wonderful. it was wonderful. just another fun moment. >> reporter: family and friends took to facebook, somehow hoping to arrange a meeting between bieber and the special little girl who came to be known as mrs. bieber. when avana was profiled by whdh in boston. ♪ baby baby baby >> reporter: it turns out bieber was watching. the pop superstar flew avalanna and her family to new york for a special valentine's visit on monday. the pair played board games, gave each other autographs she even got to style justin bieber's hair. after the meeting, he tweeted, that was one of the best things i've ever done, she was awe soom. feeling inspiring. best part of my day. this was a dream come true for avolanna, bapting an aggressive
4:58 pm
cancer she's battled for almost all of her life. but after their special mreelee, the little girl known as mrs. bieber has reason to feel extra special this valentine's day. >> i have bieber fever. >> her cancer is so rare there are fewer than 30 cases diagnosed every year in this country. that's "news4 at 4." "news4 at 5" starts right now. >> announcer: and now from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 at 5." whitney house ton returns home. the superstar's family announced their plan to say good-bye in a private way. what killed yeardley love? that question dominated day seven of the yeardley love trial today. coming up, what the victim's own brain revealed about the last moments of her life. packing heat at starbucks. gun control advocates and opponents choose the coffee chain for the forum for a heated
4:59 pm
deba debate. >> welcome to news 4 at 5. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. today the medical examiner testified that yeardley love had alcohol in her blood. but he testified that was not enough to kill her. we have the late developments tonight. >> reporter: we just learned there has been no charng in the prosecution's -- we found out it was a death that was anything but quick. yeardley love's death came from blunt force injury to the head, the conclusion of assistant state medical examiner dr. william gormley, his findings backed up by separate evaluations. he said the


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