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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  April 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people on band stand every day and this all of course long before music videos. dick clark was a pioneer and you got to admire people like that who are the first to do something like that. that hadn't been done before. he was the first. so i think his legacy is absolutely huge. >> i sure grew up watching american band stand and remember trying to dance along at home. talk a little bit, if you will, about his significance in the music industry and what he's meant to countless careers of different people in that industry? >> reporter: well, if you think about it and go back and listen to the chuck barry song, there is a line in there "they're really rocking in band stand philadelphia, p.a." chuck barry who had been an early guest, obviously they became friends and this became part of the culture. i mean, this was way before music videos and way before mtv. and it created something that
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was a different dynamic, a different way of listening and using music where you could not only dance to it but see performers on television and this was huge. the show "american band stand" with references in a lot of iconic films like "taxi driver" and "grease" and "dead poet society." people referenced that because he was the first to do this kind of thing. i think now when you look back all these years later on the impact of visual not only videos but people dancing and seeing the performers play live not at a concert but on tv, the impact is huge. i think anybody and everybody who is in the radio business or is in a band and ever played in a garage band as a kid wowes a lot to dick clark. >> a lot of folks give him credit for breaking down the color barrier with so many
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guests that would not have appeared before his show. a lot of black entertainers who were famous but hadn't been on television shows like this. >> i think that's true. that's huge. the early du-op groups were almost always people of color and dick was the first person to have them on television. i remember watching chuck barry play on tv and i was -- it's one of the reasons as a kid i picked up the guitar. i wasn't good enough to go on and make a career out of playing music live but i think so many of us growing up back in the day had garage bands and a huge part of that, a huge reason for that was because of dick clark and what "band stand" was all about and what he provided. >> he was more than just a tv host. he was almost his own industry in himself. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. and now to a daycare inside a d.c. church being shut down after allegations of child
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abuse. news 4's pat collins is live at the zion baptist church with more on this story. >> reporter: barbara, sources tell news 4 investigators are focusing on a man who has ties to this child development center. this woman has a child at the place where they say it happened. she asked not to be identified. you can imagine how she feels. >> i have a 3-year-old little girl. you understand? do you think i really want my child to go here? or to know that my child has been attending here and to know that this is what is going on at this daycare? it's not right. >> reporter: the allegation? child sexual abuse. the victim, a 3-year-old boy. the scene, a child care center at the zion baptist church of eastland gardens. according to the police report, a witness saw a man standing
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over a sleeping cot inside the child development center. on that cot a 3-year-old boy lying on his stomach. his pants pulled down. that man exposed. they say a woman walked in, saw this, and yelled. according to the report, this happened april 10th, but the police weren't called until april 13th, three days later. can you explain why this happened on april 10th but it wasn't reported until three days later? >> it's all part of the investigation. i can't comment on that. >> reporter: why the delay? do you know? >> it's all part of the investigation. and it's out of our hands right now. >> reporter: is there a man who was employed here before this happened who is not employed today? >> it's all personnel stuff and obviously we can't comment. >> reporter: there are about 65 children at this development
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center. it's unclear when the parents of those children were told about the incident. justina wilkins is the president of the eastland gardens community association. she's been a member of the zion baptist church for 50 years. >> if this is true, this destroys the church, the daycare, so i just pray that it didn't happen. because we need a church like this. >> reporter: the child development center is closed down. the license is suspended last week by the city while it investigates possible code violations. they say this has nothing to do with the child sex allegations. live in northeast, pat collins, news 4. there is traffic trouble in beth daes this evening after a car crash at a major intersection. it happened at old georgetown road and beach avenue around 3:00 this afternoon.
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police say an elderly woman was driving northbound on old georgetown when she suddenly crossed into the southbound lanes and hit a minivan head on. five people were injured including three kids. they were all taken to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. today the pentagon is battling another public relations disaster in afghanistan. today "the los angeles times" published two photos of soldiers posing with the body parts of dead insurgents who had blown themselves up. we're showing only one of those photos and we have cropped it to make it less offensive. defense secretary leon panetta says he strongly condemns the conduct shown in the photos and also criticized the "l.a. times" for publishing them. "times"ee figuress say the pictures were provided by a soldier who said he was concerned about a breakdown in leadership and discipline in afghanistan. the photos are 2 years old. this new controversy comes at an extremely sensitive time in u.s./afghan relations. in march, 17 afghans were killed in a night time shooting rampage. a u.s. army sergeant has been
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charged in the killings. in february, the inadvertent burning of copies of the koran at a u.s. base triggered deadly riots and led to the deaths of six americans. in january, an internet video purportedly showed four u.s. marines urinating on dead taliban fighters. at 6:00, we'll have white house reaction to the most recent photo controversy. nbc has learned that the secret service scandal coming out of south america came to light following a dispute over money. at least 20 agents and u.s. military officers are accused of bringing at least 20 prostitutes back to their hotel in colombia last week. one of those women apparently got into a heated argument with two agents over her fee. she complained to local police who in turn called the u.s. embassy. an independent government investigator is now in colombia to interview the women, hotel staff, and anyone else connected to this incident. breaking news out of virginia. the state just passed a budget one day after state democrats
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shot down an $85 billion spending plan for the third time this year. jane watrel is in fairfax county now with more. hi, jane. >> reporter: hi, doreen. it took four tries but today virginia's state senate passed a bill by a very narrow margin. it was a northern virginia state senator who made the difference out of manassas. the 85-year-old senator is the oldest member of the senate and changed votes and went with the gop and now has voted to pass a budget which could have what some people are calling devastating effects for northern virginia commuters. the sticking point is $300 million in funding for metro's silver line to dulles airport. money that would keep the toll from doubling along the toll road, to pay for the massive regional rail project. funds that northern virginia's democrats believe the governor should include in the two-year, $85 billion budget. >> this is one of the most major
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projects in america, and we -- he admitted our region is paying for most of this state and, quite frankly, i am not embarrassed to ask for the money because we're paying for the thing. >> reporter: but governor mcdonald says senate democrats in his words are holding the budget hostage for an 11-mile stretch of railway and calls it not responsible. >> there is really no more money to put into that project. we cannot borrow, we cannot steal from other regions of the state, and so we are managing those resources the very best that we can. >> reporter: on the fence, 85-year-old charles cogan of prince william county who changed his mind several times before voting to block the budget on tuesday. cogan changed his mind once again about a half hour ago. now virginia has a two-year, $85 billion budget. however, it appears that it doesn't include any funding for the silver line.
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we'll have more on what that means for northern virginia commuters, coming up at 6:00. reporting live from reston, jane watrel, news 4. now to a developing story in prince george's county. the leader of one of the area's biggest churches has been fired. the i-team joins us fliv landover. tisha? >> reporter: doreen, it is not every day you see police cars in front of a church but that is what is going on here at jericho city of praise. it is one of the largest churches in our area. some call it a megachurch because it has thousands of members and handles millions of dollars. for years the church was run by apostle betty peebles but since e shdied her only surviving son, joel, has been in a legal battle with the church's board over who controls the church and its money. they have been in and out of court over the last year suing and countersuing. today joel peebles says he was greeted by prince george's county police officers when he arrived at the church. then as about 30 supporters
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prayed and waited outside, officers escorted peebles to a meeting with the board, where he was told he was fired. this is what peebles said when he was escorted back out. >> a termination letter from the church that i was raised in, born in, married in, went to college in, went to graduate school in. >> i love the people of this church. the church is not the building. it never has been. >> amen. >> never has been. >> amen. >> reporter: now the board's attorney has given us a statement. in that statement it says effective immediately, jericho has terminated the employment of elder joe peebles sr. while the decision was not made without prayerful consideration and patience it became clear that this action was necessary to protect jericho and move forward. now folks are already gathering here. the gates have been guarded essentially by a prince george's county sheriff's deputy. folks are gathering here because joe peebles says he is going to
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have bible study today at 7:00. it's going to happen here at the church. as one follower told me they expect it to be a lot of drama when he tries to come through the door. in landover, tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. still ahead, police in maryland bussed a man they say is a serial child molester. >> a 91-year-old driver crashes through a prince george's county restaurant. why popular children's medicine won't be on store shelves until next year. >> ever wonder if your workouts are making a difference? a new class of pushing people to
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johnson & johnson says it'll keep children's tylenol and peps idiosyncrasy complete off the market until at least 2013. both drugs were removed from stores in 2010. the fda cited johnson & johnson after customers raised concerns about quality. the company blames the delay on costs and manufacturing problems at its plants. nearly 39 prescription drugs have been recalled by johnson & johnson since september of 2009. ever wonder if your workouts are really working? now you can measure your progress with a new fitness program at washington sports club called uxf, the ultimate
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fitness experience. it's a four-week program of intense exercise that looks at your fitness level at the beginning and at the end of the month. we checked it out and asked them, what's your workout? >> good afternoon. welcome to the fitness experience. >> it is a comprehensive, total body workout focusing on strength and cardio. your endurance, flexibility, agility, everything rolled into one. kind of like the one stop shop of exercises. basically you start off with your first class with the baseline, five different exercises, you have one minute to do them. we have the jump rope, push-ups, box jump, the squat and finally the burpee. we use those because it ends up being a total body workout. you count your reps and then take those reps and add them to the next number of exercises that you do. at the end you have done five exercises. that's one round. you take a break and do it three times. at the end of the day you count
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your reps and that sets your baseline for the rest of the ex-seriess that you do in your workou workout. >> what do have you left in you? there are eight sessions. sessions 2 through 7 you do different workouts to strengthen your areas of opportunity. and on your eighth session you enter the baseline again to see how far you've come. >> if they do what they're supposed to do, and watch their diet, and increase their cardio, increase their strength, they'll see a body change. >> counting the reps takes your mind off the exercise and knowing that you just have a limited time to go helps motivate you to keep going. >> it was really nice to be able to compete with yourself and to be able to keep track. i like the pressure of having your numbers called out in front of everybody and written down on the board. >> maggie 202. everybody who does their workouts, everybody knows that is an important part of their life to get that in every day
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but there is something different about when you can say here is where i started and where i'm ending. that can be a sense of empowerment, what your goals are, where you need to head next. >> it's being offered at the washington sports club. both members and nonmembers can join the program. to learn more about what it's like to take the class, go to nbc >> looks like one you could do. >> to work on my areas of opportunity. >> exactly. >> that's why everybody is here. >> that's a good way for the traders to talk. >> right. >> not the other language we've heard before. >> we're looking at getting our weather in shape around here and that means did we get enough rain? >> yes. hydrating it. drinking enough water, right? >> yeah. it made a little difference today and is going to make a big difference this weekend because we're talking about even more rain that is going to start moving in. unfortunately, it means that some of your weekend plans or projects just might be in
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jeopardy. as far as today's rainfall, take a look at the list here. your storm 4 hometown weather, gaithersburg, maryland as we go to montgomery county. almost, almost 0.25 inch rain now. la plata, maryland, charles county, st. mary city, maryland 0.11. leesburg, virginia, loudoun county your rainfall 0.15 inch. we did okay today. right? at least helping to get pollen off some of the surfaces. here we are today with this much rain. by the end of the weekend and early monday we could have a lot more rain moving in. maybe more than an inch of rain in a lot of neighborhoods. so bigger system that will be affecting a bigger part of the country, too. here is a look at storm 4 radar. you can see how all of this rain is moving from southwest to northeast and in areas where the rain is a little darker, dark green, that's where it's coming down a little heavier right now. from howard county, areas around frederick county then back
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toward i-81. the shenandoah valley. so mainly showers just to the north and right inside of the beltway right now. we are wet with light rain and the rain will continue until about 3:00 or 4:00 a am tomorrow morning. we're cool, too, at 54 degrees. it's 35 degrees cooler than it was on monday. that is a huge difference. boy, am i feeling it, too. as far as late ther evening, 53. 53 degrees for 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it is going to be cool. you need the jacket but temperatures will rebound tomorrow as we move back. some sunshine through the area. here is why we have the rain stationary stalled out front to the south. low pressure there. clockwise flow so the rain into maryland and as the low moves eastward so will the area of rain and it's right on out of here, too, with some sunshine for the area. let's take a look at what's next for us. that means your four-day forecast here. for tomorrow the high 70. it's going to feel nice. it's going to look nice. two nice days coming up tomorrow and friday.
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saturday, showers and thunderstorms will develop around the area. mainly during the afternoon for saturday. after getting up to 76, sunday right now 68 with rain and thunder throughout the day. folks, this weekend there is a chance, a slight chance now that we could have severe weather, high winds, a little bit of hail. so definitely an inside weekend. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead at 5:00, a shooting in potomac. really shook up a neighborhood. tonight police have made an arrest. plus a rollercoaster ride for one driver as the car hangs off a two-story wall. yikes. in sports, an annual show case for high school basketball players in our area. this year
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what's going on? >> talking a little hoops. actually going to be a fun weekend for basketball fans. if you are a basketball fan looking for something to do this weekend, how about the capital classic? still the premiere high school all-star game in the area and the main event as always the capital stars taking on the united states all stars. saturday night. >> reporter: for years the capital classic has been synonymous with the cream of the crop. often times the last game on home turf for the best hoopers the district has to offer.
5:25 pm
>> to the basket. >> reporter: this year's roster of capital stars has no shortage of guys that can flat out go including the player of the year patrick holowitz. >> it means a lot. i used to go to the games and of course you want to be a part of it. so that's always the vision. >> reporter: on the sideline you find jim fitzpatrick, head coach at episcopal high school. he'll be bringing his game plan this weekend. he'll also be bringing a pair of big-time recruits that will have the luxury of coaching just one more time. >> having great players has made me a much better coach and i have two that are very special. keith savage is a terrific player, committed to play at george washington university next year. then we have arnola who came as a tenth grader from camaroon,
5:26 pm
africa. an interesting young man, obviously a top level basketball player assigned to play at wake forest university. >> reporter: over the course of the last 39 years the game has seen the likes of lebron james, carmelo anthony, and dwight howard. but in recent times the game has lost much of its prestige. many people point the blame to the game's biggest star. michael jordan. >> when the hall of fame jordan brand became the lead sponsor from 2002 to 2004 the game was put on a national stage and the format changed but when the jordan brand pulled back as sponsor many of the youngsters who associated the game with jordan lost interest. then again, that doesn't reflect the opinion of everybody. >> you're from this area. many of us don't think it ever faltered. you know, i remember going to watch capital classic with my father when i was just a child and, hopefully, that will continue. >> kyle is helping to organ plan this year's event with the
5:27 pm
game's founder, robert gagan. >> this year we're having a c.c. williams high school. in the past we've had a big, huge arena, verizon center, capital center. but there is a rule that prevents third party promoters from having high school basketball games at college campuses or arenas where college teams play and georgetown plays at verizon center so we were prohibited from there. >> reporter: this year's classic includes two games, the suburban all stars versus district all stars at 6:00 followed by the capital stars facing off against the national all stars at 8:00. >> we might be a little bit under sized but i can guarantee we'll play hard. we'll play fast. we'll get up and down the floor. i think it's going to be an exciting game for fans to watch. a huge day of hooms. the capital classic not just for the boys. the girls playing as well at 12:00 and 2:00. several talented college prospects in those games as
5:28 pm
well. >> that happened saturday? >> saturday. check it out. always good hoops there. >> will the scouts be there? >> you know, most of the players have already signed with schools. there are stale couple undecided. there will be a couple college scouts for sure. >> thanks. coming up next at 5:30 an illinois couple won that massive megamillions lottery jackpot today. we got to see who they are. >> and what's next for the space shuttle "discovery" now that it's in northern virginia? a live report is straight ahead. plus the mother is targeted because of her baby. ♪
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fast forward through the headlines. d.c. police are looking into allegations of sexual abuse at a daycare center in northeast washington. it happened earlier this month. the zion baptist church. according to the police report a witness saw man exposing himself over a 3-year-old boy whose pants were pulled down. the daycare center is not commenting. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of a legend tonight. long-time tv personality dick clark died today. he had a heart attack. he burst on to the scene of the host of american band stand and annually hosted new year's eve from times square. he also founded dick clark productions which produces several major awards shows. dick clark was 82 years old. today defense secretary leon panetta strongly condemned photos that showed u.s. soldiers
5:32 pm
posing with the body parts of afghan insurgents who had blown themselves up. the pictures were first published by "the los angeles times." keep your umbrella handy for the rest of the evening rush and for a good part of the overnight too. storm 4 radar shows rain mainly west of warrenton, virginia, leesburg, too, and north of rockville, maryland. showers mostly light will continue sliding through our area during the overnight. a look at our temperatures, just 48 in gaithersburg, maryland. 53 degrees in fort belmar. the temperatures will be dropping back to the 70s tomorrow. >> thanks, veronica. a 91-year-old man is recovering tonight after crashing his car into a popular local restaurant. that accident happened in prince george's county this morning. police say the elderly man crossed three lanes of traffic before hitting jerry's seafood in lanham. news 4's richard jordan reports. >> reporter: a crashing entrance right into a restaurant. the chevy had to be pulled out
5:33 pm
after it plowed into jerry's seafood on lanham's severn road. the eatery had just opened and the staff was preparing for the lunch rush when the unexpected hit. >> thank god everybody and the driver all mindful were safe and they weren't harmed. >> reporter: police say the driver is a 91-year-old man. the moment of impact caught on the restaurant's surveillance video. the car took out at least three empty tables. >> my first reaction was to go outside. >> reporter: this bus boy was sitting just feet from the entrance. he jumped up when the car burst in. then he ran over to help the driver. >> shaking pret baid and trying to back out. i told him to turn the video off and put it in park. he was still shaking pretty bad. >> reporter: the officers investigating the crash say the elderly driver was leaving the bb & t bag when he suddenly sped across three lanes of traffic,
5:34 pm
blew through the entire parking lot, and then slammed hood first right into the restaurant. now the building is closed off and unsafe. the wall knocked out. the owner says it may be days before the restaurant can reopen but the staff is just relieved the driver survived. >> he's okay right now. he went to the hospital. but everybody is okay. nobody got hurt. >> that was richard jordan reporting. a car collided with a school bus this morning in odenton, maryland but no students were onboard. the driver of the car has serious injuries though and is in shock trauma unit. the crash happened at the intersection of routes 175 and 170 just before 7:00 this morning. the school bus driver was not hurt. a port republic, maryland man accused of being a serial child molester is behind bars. calvert county police say david dobbs may have touched at least five children inappropriately. earlier this month two girls told police they were fondled
5:35 pm
while shopping at a prince frederick walmart. an 11-year-old girl says the same thing happened to her back in january at nick's of calvert grocery store. dobbs faces a laundry list of sex offense and assault charges in st. mary's and calvert counties. sexual misconduct allegations have prompted a catholic church in arlington to place a priest on leave. reverend terry specht is accused of misconduct involving a teenage boy in the late 1990s. he was a priest at the st. mary of sorrows church in fairfax and has since worked at paul vi catholic high school, the arlington diocese child protection office, and the holy spirit church in annandale. the arlington diocese says it is fully cooperating with police. in montgomery county, police have arrested the man for a shooting that stunned a usually quiet potomac neighborhood. earlier this month police say 19-year-old deangelo jackson went to a home on the 8500 block of victory lane. the suspect knocked on the door and shot a 21-year-old man who opened the door.
5:36 pm
jackson then left the scene. the victim was taken to a hospital and later released. jackson is facing numerous charges including attempted first-degree murder. a motive for the shooting was not released. loudoun county deputies are asking for your help to identify a suspect involved in a credit card fraud case. detectives say a suspect somehow stole the credit card numbers of a woman living in sterling. the suspect used them to make purchases around arlington and fairfax counties for about the past month. detectives say the suspect tried charging more than $6,000 and they aren't sure how the card numbers were stolen. if you recognize the man in the picture contact the loudoun county sheriff's office. we now know the names and the faces of the third and final winners of last month's record megamillions jackpot. today merl and patricia butler of red bud, illinois claimed their share of the $656 million purse. state law requires lottery winners go public. they chose the lump sum payment.
5:37 pm
the retired couple bought three quick pick tickets. >> 2, 4, and the further i went the more they matched. so after i looked at it for a couple minutes i turned to my wife who was right there with me and i says, we won. and she kind of looked at me funny. i said, no, we won. and then she started giggling. >> the couple said they planned to treat themselves to a vacation at least. the winners in maryland and kansas also claim their prizes but they were able to do it anonymously. >> they certainly are low key aren't they? >> aren't they? coming up next, workers at holy cross hospital have plenty to celebrate tonight. >> workers removed the space shuttle from the ferry that [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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holy cross hospital celebrated a major milestone today. more than 100,000 babies have been born at the silver spring medical facility since 2000. about a dozen mothers and babies attended the party at the hospital with staff. about one baby is born every hour at holy cross.
5:41 pm
it's one of the largest hospitals in maryland. looks like a nice party. our wednesday's child this week is a young man that you've met before. it's been about three years since we first introduced tony. i caught up with him again the other day at best buy and found out he has developed an interest in the electronics. >> this is all touch screen. >> reporter: remember tony? he is 16 now and quite a bit taller than he was the first time we met him. back then he wanted to grow up to be a dog trainer. he has some new ideas now. >> probably an electronics person. >> reporter: although he doesn't have a cell phone or ipad, he loves reading the specs for the new electronics and dreaming up new possibilities. if you were designing a phone tell me the design you'd like to have. >> basically with a psp phone and the blackberry mixed together. >> he does really well in school, gets along with his peers, and has a great heart. >> reporter: tony has been in a
5:42 pm
foster care system for a long time now. do you know how many times you've moved? >> no. >> you haven't kept count? >> no. >> reporter: what's it like to have to move from one house to another? >> well, kind of boring, but just like i can handle it though. >> reporter: what is the hardest thing about having to move? >> having to say good-bye. >> reporter: he says he is ready to have a family that will be his forever. >> nothing is -- i've never had somebody that cared for me in my life. >> reporter: but those were social workers. he would like to have a family. as a surprise for tony, roger acuvera of best buy had a gift for him, a cell phone. >> really appreciate this. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: perhaps soon tony will be able to phone home. >> if you have room in your heart and home for tony or another child that you've seen on wednesday's child please call our special adoption hotline,
5:43 pm
1-888-to adopt me or logon to our website at nbc he's been waiting a long time. >> hope it works out. >> me, too. >> thanks, barbara. coming up next how workers plan the delicate process of taking the space shuttle "discovery" off the plane that brought it here. plus, why the internet is buzzing today over super model gisele's young niece. it was easy to deal with today but we could have a possible soaking storm coming our way this weekend.
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guys. come here, come here. [ telephone ringing ] i'm calling my old dealership. [ man ] may ford. hi, yeah. do you guys have any crossovers that offer better highway fuel economy than the chevy equinox? no, sorry, sir. we don't. oh, well, that's too bad. [ man ] kyle, is that you? [ laughs ] [ man ] still here, kyle. [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. right now, very well qualified lessees can get a 2012 equinox ls for around $229 a month.
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celebrations in london today marked 100 days until the start of the 2012 summer olympics. a giant set of olympic rings were unveiled made up of 20,000 flowers and plants. that will be visible to the millions of visitors on flights coming into london's heathrow airport nan trefalger hundreds were warming up around the olympic countdown clock. nbc 4 is your official olympic station. take a look at a frightening scene from brazil. yes that is a car embedded in the side of a house. police say the driver lost control. the car went airborne, jumped a creek, and slammed into this second story wall.
5:47 pm
it landed just a few feet from a baby's bed. the family said they heard a loud thud and thought the house was collapsing. despite the damage here no one inside the house was hurt. the driver did suffer minor injuries and was charged with driving without a license. >> wonder how they get out of there. it was a thrilling sight yesterday as space shuttle discovery soared into dulles on its final flight. there are still more moves ahead before discovery enters the final resting place. news 4's erika gonzalez is live at the air and space museum in chantilly with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. crews are resting right now getting ready to remove shuttle "discovery" from the boeing 747 and will begin working on that at 8:00 tonight. it'll go into the wee hours of the morning. the smithsonian tells me the rain, this cold weather that all of a sudden we seem to have gotten, should not delay crews. as long as the winds stay low shuttle discovery should be ready for show by tomorrow
5:48 pm
morning. after making its grand entrance yesterday "discovery" sits and waits at the dulles international airport today for crews to get it off the 747. but how do you do that? >> very carefully. >> reporter: tracy yates with united space alliance the company contracted by nasa for discovery tells me 50 crew members came out last night and moved the retired shuttle into a fenced in work space. they put a wind restraint system on it to keep it stable and loosened the bolts of the three struts holding "discovery" in place. tonight she says the real work begins. >> they'll hook the crane to the orbiter's attach points on the top. they'll lift it up, and then back the 747 jet out from under the orbiter and slowly set it down on the ground. >> reporter: this is what the demating process should look like. it's a picture of space shuttle enterprise when it was demated in 1985. a massive bar of sorts with prongs will go into four attach points on discovery's side before it's lifted placing no
5:49 pm
pressure on the spacecraft. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow "discovery" will be escorted down the 900-foot runway from dulles to the smithsonian and meet nose to nose with enterprise after it's tugd out of the current position. preparations are well under way. we have the wheels tucked right now but the tucks will be removed as the landing gear has already been tested. it is ready to roll. >> reporter: the doors have also been opened and a separate panel removed for tail height. then the final choreography in this ballet takes place after 4:00 p.m. the discovery will move into the smithsonian and enterprise tugged out to dulles. it will be mated on friday and flown to new york and shepard by barge to the intrepid sea, air, and space museum monday. you can't help but notice the wear and tear that "discovery" has on it. a few million miles will do that to you is what i'm told. when you compare it to enterprise and how bright and shiny it is you wonder is it going to get a cleaning? we'll talk more about that
5:50 pm
tonight at 6:00. we're live at the air and space museum in chantilly. erika gonzalez, news 4. >> thanks. now one more check with veronica. how much more rain are we going to get? >> reporter: not much more. it's going to last probably up until 3:00 or 4:00 a am but like the rainfall we already received today just a little bit here and a little there. that is what it has been from 0.04 inch in frederick, 0.05 in d.c. close to spoi 25 culpepper and fredericksburg, virginia and a little moderate rain off to our west and southwest earlier today. you can see right now right around i-81 a little moderate rain falling there. it's mainly up to our north though. northern montgomery county, gaithersburg wet, leesburg wet, marshall, toorks and down around warrenton and fauquier county. let me take you through the future. here is 7:00 this evening.
5:51 pm
rain to the west and up to the north. then we'll see more rain coming through with that area of low pressure down to our south. manassas, quantico, fredericksburg all getting more rain here over the next couple hours. not a tremendous amount. that's going to come this weekend. we should see this batch of rain exit around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. sunshine for tomorrow means some higher temperatures throughout the area. we start out at the bus stop. sun is up at 6:28. 51 degrees. 46 in frederick. 49 degrees to start the day. you folks in fredericksburg, virginia. then again up to a high of 70 degrees, really a delightful day tomorrow. and friday is looking really nice. it will be feeling even better. 70 to 75 degrees the next two days. here we are on saturday with stormy conditions. this is going to be one big system affecting areas from maine all the way down probably to georgia and even florida with showers, heavy storms at times, coming through. i think we could see high winds at times. saturday, late afternoon, saturday night, sunday, wet with
5:52 pm
a high of only 68 degrees. could get an inch of rain by monday when this thing finally pulls out of here. a cooler week too. storms coming up for the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. officials in the district have unveiled a new plan aimed at improving student performance in schools. the program called capital commitment lays out five goals over the next five years. the goals include increasing the districtwide math and reading proficiency rates as well as increasing the high school graduation rates. d.c. mayor vincent gray and school chancellor kia henderson revealed the program today. >> because while every child will benefit those children that will benefit most are those who are in the most socially and economically challenging circumstances. unfortunately, they're disadvantaged substantially by the time they get to school. >> they're ambitious, but we know that we have to be aggressive and urgent if we're going to ensure that our young people are ready for college,
5:53 pm
career, and life. >> last week they also announced a new $10 million grant program. the most influential people in the world, super modeling in the family, and a dis on "the voice." >> "time" magazine is out with the 100 most influential people list. the new york knicks phenomenon jeremy lin grabbed the number one spot. education secretary arne duncan says lin's success on the court shows if you show grit, discipline, and integrity you can overcome odds. following lin is artist christian mark clay who created a 24-hour film called "the clock." actress viola davis from "the help" is next. educator salmon kan is fourth and tim tebow rounds out the top five. >> it appears modeling may run in the family. the 5-year-old niece of super model gisele is following in her aunt's foot steps recently seen posing for a brazilian children's clothing line and according to "forbes" is a spokes model.
5:54 pm
gisele is one of the highest paid super models in the business. she is also married to nfl quarterback tom brady. lines are buzzing today about christina aguilera giving the cold shoulder to justin bieber who last night made an appearance on "the voice" to debut "boyfriend" and afterward greeted all the judges. when he got to christina aguilera he leaned in for a hug and kiss on the cheek because he walked off she had a seemingly disgusted look on her face. next on news 4 at 5:00 why police say a woman kidnapped a baby and killed th
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
we are learning more tonight about what may have driven a texas woman to gun down a new mother and kidnap her 3-day-old son. police say verna mcclain suffered a miscarriage and needed to have a child so her fiance would marry her. natalie morales has more on what led to this crime. >> reporter: baby keegan is less than a week old but already has been through so much. keegan's mother, 28-year-old kayla golden took the newborn for a routine checkup tuesday at this pediatrician's office in a houston suburb. police say the mother and baby were leaving the office when kayla got into a verbal altercation in the parking lot
5:58 pm
with a woman sitting in a lexus that was next to kayla's pickup truck. >> they were talking and i did see the lady get out and the struggle. >> reporter: during the scuffle the woman pulled out a pistol and shot kayla several times in the chest, police say. she then grabbed baby keegan, put him in her car, and sped off with a male companion. witnesses say kayla screamed, my baby, my baby. as she lay dying. >> the child has been found alive. >> reporter: after a man hunt of more than five hours, police found little keegan safe and sound but they aren't saying where and who had him. earlier, officers stormed a nearby housing complex, forcing their way into one apartment. outside they recovered the lexus. family and friends are now left to mourn little keegan's mother, who died trying to protect her baby. >> keegan's only three days old and needs to know his mom. she can't do that now. >> police say they want a complete background check on baby keegan's family before he
5:59 pm
can be returned to them. and now two breaking stories. tonight at 6:00 we are following two developing stories. first, major developments involving the secret service members at the center of that sex scandal in colombia. but first, mourning the loss of a tv legend, dick clark, who died this morning after suffering a heart attack. he was 82 years old. good evening everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly in tonight for jim vance. dick clark is considered by many the man who brought rock 'n roll into the main stream. his wildly successful television career spanned more than six decades. nbc's bruce hall has a look back at his life and his legacy. >> reporter: whether he was spinning a new record or ringing in the new year, america's oldest teenager was a beloved figure of music and television. in fact, dick clark was just a teen when he began his long career first


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