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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a back and forth game in
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beantown and the caps skate away with the win, thanks to this late goal by troy brouwer. now, the whole series could end tomorrow right here in washington. plus a vicious dog attack caught on tape in northeast washington. the victim standing on cars to escape the animals. and a carjacking turns into a kidnapping. two people locked in the trunk. good evening, everyone. i'm chris gordon. we begin tonight with the weather. what started as a beautiful weekend is turning cloudy and wet and an even bigger change is coming. meteorologist chuck bell is in the storm center4. hi, chuck. >> hi, chris. good evening. big changes coming our way in the weather department. temperatures plunging some 30 degrees between now and the time you wake up tomorrow morning. temperature right now -- 77 in washington after an 82-degree high temperature today. but temperatures are already back into the low 50s in western maryland and rain showers with some embedded thundershowers moving in frederick, maryland.
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the rain drops are moving southbound down to the capital beltway. more thunderstorms, northern prince william, right along route 66. so stormy weather around here for the next couple of hours and the possibility of snow in western maryland on monday. we'll talk about this in the seven day. >> see you then, chuck. well, the stanley cup playoff games between the caps and bruins have been nail-biters and game 5, ending just minutes ago no exception. >> you thought the capitals would run away with it, and then you realize not so fast. this was a fun game to watch. a rare game in the series that was high-scoring. the capitals trying to play defensive-minded hockey but they still managed to outscore the bruins. now for the first time in the series the capitals have the lead. let's go to boston. braden holtby got plenty of help from his offense in this one. no scoring in the first. we go to the second period. dennis wideman's blast is stopped by thomas.
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and the third goal of the series, caps up 1-0. later in the period, bickell with some space and the caps take the 2-0 lead. but boston comes back. we're now tied at three in the third period. capitals on the power play. troy brouwer coming up huge. beats thomas and that's the game winner. the capitals take it 4-3. they now lead the series 3-2, and they have a chance to close it out tomorrow afternoon at verizon center. game time -- 3:00, right here on nbc4. we'll have more on this game coming up in a few minutes. >> talk about quick turn around. >> yeah. >> tomorrow we'll be watching. thank you. >> getting ready to play tomorrow. >> he'll be back. a marine stabbed to death, another marine was the killer. it happened this morning on barracks row. news4's darcy spencer joins us now live from the first district police station in southwest washington where police have just finished a news conference.
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darcy? >> reporter: well, chris, yeah, lieutenant with the homicide branch finished that briefing. as you said, this involves two marines. one marine is the victim of this fatal stabbing. the other marine is a suspect and he's in custody. he's been charged with murder. now, police are also indicating that the suspect apparently made some sort of homophobic remark prior to the stabbing. that's all part of this investigation. now this all happened around 2:40 this morning in the 700 block of ace street in southeast washington. that's near the marine corps barracks. we are told there was some sort of argument that happened on the street. that remark was made, the homophobic remark was made and then the victim was stabbed. now, the victim has been identified as 23-year-old philip bushong of camp lejeune, north carolina. that's where he's based, but apparently, he's getting ready to be released or was getting ready to be released from the marines and he was up here at this marine base. now, the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old
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michael poth who is stationed here in d.c. again, he's been taken into custody. here's what police had to say about the stabbing moments ago. >> one witness heard a homophobic slur used by the suspect during a verbal altercation which preceded the stabbing. the altercation occurred in the 700 block of ace street and it did not begin inside any establishment. it started out on the sidewalk. >> never heard of such a thing happening here, so, yeah, we're extremely surprised. yeah. >> reporter: now, this incident did happen off base. that is why it is being handled by d.c. police. a suspect has been charged with second-degree murder while arm and police say they're checking to see if alcohol played a role in this fatal altercation. reporting live from southwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. two women are suing the u.s. military. they say they were raped and then punished when they tried to report the attacks.
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in the lawsuit, one of the women says that she was raped twice at the u.s. naval academy and then forced to drop out when she reported it. the other woman says she was raped at west point and then forced to take out her attacker's trash after reporting the assault. she too later dropped out. this latest lawsuit comes more than a month after eight other women sued on similar grounds. surveillance video caught a vicious dog attack on queens street in northeast last night. now, a warning. you may find some of this video disturbing. the video clearly shows the dogs chasing what appears to be teens up on to a car. at one point, one of the dogs jumped up on to the car, chasing the teen off. the dogs appeared to have a man on the ground when some neighbors come out and hit the dogs to stop the attack. police are investigating the incident, but they say the dogs have not been captured. a three-month-old baby who
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went missing yesterday is back with her mother tonight. she was left in the care of 19-year-old murray at the metro station yesterday morning. murphy was supposed to bring the infant back in the afternoon and didn't. officers say murphy eventually returned the girl to the station at 1:40 in the morning. investigators have not said if charges will be filed in the case. still ahead, a huge break through in annapolis. what it could mean for the prospects of a casino in prince georges county. plus, the surprise that caused a huge hole in an ice cream shop. and a birthday celebration fit for a qu
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an ice cream store in arlington is closed afternoon a car flew through the front of the store around noon today. it happened at the baskin-robbins on north harrison street. two people in the car suffered minor injuries but did not need to be taken to the hospital. nobody inside the store was hurt. crews were busy cleaning up the shattered glass this afternoon. it is not clear when the store will reopen. maryland governor martin o'malley will meet with state legislative leaders this tuesday to discuss the possibility of calling a special session to pass a budget and avoid massive cuts. and lawmakers could also put the
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proposal for a prince georges county casino back in play. mike miller suggests that gaming be expanded. he says it is foolish to deny slots locations the ability to offer table games like neighboring states, and to refuse to permit a sixth site in prince georges county which miller calls the best location on the east coast. the maryland legislature adjourned without passing a revenue bill. a special session could be limited to budget matters or include the proposal to expand gaming as well. well, charles kohlson one of the men at the center of the watergate scandal has died. he was widely called the evil genius of president nixon's administration. he helped run nixon's re-election committee when it burglarized the national democratic committee offices. but his prison time was for obstruction of justice in connection to the pentagon papers.
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he became a christian evangelical who helped prison inmates. he was 80 years old. up next, chuck's back to tell us about a dramatic change in the forecast. and coming up tonight at 11:00, miley cyrus has slimmed down noticeably. the controversy over her new
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a cash jacking turned into a kidnapping with two people
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locked in the trunk. it all started this morning in columbia heights and ended just across the border in maryland. news4's derrick ward reports that the kidnappers were thwarted because they didn't know how to drive the car. >> the police dogs and search teams were gone, but the saturday morning quiet had been broken. >> my dogs are an alarm system for us. and when they bark, we know that something is going on. >> actually, an ordeal was ending for two people whom police say had just been carjacked and kidnapped. it began here in the 2300 street of champlain street in columbia streets. it was 6:00 in morning and a man and a woman were standing near the honda civic when they were forced to the ground by two men. one of the assailants was armed. they went through the victims' pockets and force they would into the trunk of the car. but the robbers discovered they couldn't operate the manual transmission. they took the man out of the trunk and made him drive. the case took a major turn here in the 5600 block of nanny
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burroughs. the suspect ran away and the suspects manned to get the vehicle a little distance farther inacross the border. and they abandoned the car with the woman in the trunk. they don't know how long it took, but she managed to free herself and was eventually found by police. >> i saw the gray honda sitting in front of that home there. i said, oh, my god, did somebody steal the car? i didn't know what was going on. i didn't ask. >> the woman was unharmed. the man suffered cuts and bruises and abrasions from bailing out of the car. and despite an intense search of the neighborhood around 60th avenue, the suspects remain at large. derrick ward, news4. today nbc4 employees rolled up their sleeves for comcast cares day. about 500 volunteers from nbc and our parent company comcast pitched in at langley middle
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school in northeast. the goal was sprucing up the newly renovated building including adding murals to the walls. >> so i think when the kids come back in on monday morning and see their work and the work that they're doing all year long brought to life in these pictures that they're going to be inspired. >> nbc4 has such a long tradition of giving back to the community and now that we're part of the larger comcast it's great to capartner together and make it a bigger splash. -- in the country. a 21-gun salute to say happy birthday to queen elizabeth today. the queen turned 86 years old today, more than 70 horses and ten cannons participated in the event. they were fired at noon local time. queen elizabeth is britain's 63rd monarch. we said there's a change in
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chuck's forecast, but it's actually a change in the weather. >> forecast is right on the money. the rain showers have been moving in all afternoon. the heavier showers are still on track for tomorrow afternoon. so i hope you enjoyed a few bonus hours of early summer weather today. we made 82 degrees in washington this afternoon before the clouds started to roll back in. now the rain showers are on the way and be ready for noticeably colder weather as well. outside we go and our city camera view scanning the skies over washington for you today. plenty of clouds already in place. the last rays of the sunshine now headed out towards the bay and the eastern shore. in the wake of these clouds, rain showers are not far behind, everybody. so your saturday evening especially your early evening plans, look at that rain out in the distance on the sky. definitely going to need the umbrellas for your evening plans. 77 mild degrees here in washington. a zippy south wind still averaging 21 miles per hour. so it's breezy and warm out ahead of the weather front. on the other side of the rain
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drops, look at the drop in temperatures. 61 in leesburg. 57 winchester. and still 78 degrees down the road in fredericksburg. so here's where the rain showers are now. just about on top of the western and northern sides of the capital beltway. most of northern montgomery county is wet. more showers headed out to college park as well. one or two rumbles of thunder near mclean and north and west of manassas. this is part of a larger system which will bring showers with a couple of rumbles of thunder. the back end of batch number one will be out by 9:00. the first round of rain showers, it will be -- we'll be generally dry, but the rain returns early on sunday morning. here's our future weather. there's the warm front coming back through tomorrow and heavy rain in place for tomorrow. late afternoon into tomorrow evening. as that storm pulls away, the
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heavy rain draws in the cold air and there are winter storm watches now in western maryland and parts of the mountains of west virginia. frostburg, maryland, some places could get three to six inches of snow by monday morning. there go our evening showers. then the rains come back in. the first couple of .1 inch of rain. and the totals of one to three inches of rain and plus a lot of wind and cold air. a lot of stuff going on. rain, thundershowers. heavy at times and then turning cooler. mid 70s before the rain. upper 60s and low 50s thereafter. i think the high tomorrow a 55 will occur after midnight. then a cold day coming up on monday. sunday night into monday, that's when the worst of the worst will be here. that's when i think we'll see snowflakes in the high spots. >> thank you very much. i think. coming up in sports the c
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the caps and the bruins it came down to the last two minutes. >> yeah. i mean, i can't help but thinking ahead. they have a chance to close this thing out tomorrow. >> wouldn't that be awesome? >> i don't want to talk about that yet. >> it almost sounds strange to say, but this series is now the capitals to lose. that's the truth after taking game 5 in boston. the series tilts in the caps' favor at verizon center tomorrow. the caps got on the board first and last and most in this one. backstrom back on the ice for game 5 after his suspension. after a scoreless first period, the capitals light the lamp twice in the second. wideman's shot is stopped, alex semin's is not. 1-0. three minutes later, beagle
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getting in on the action. he scores his first goal of the playoffs. and you can sense the bruins getting a bit frustrated after a 2-0 capitals lead. but the bruins are good. and they tied it up in a hurry. in the third period, joel ward shoots. mike knuble is there. oh, how about knuble getting the goal after being inactive for a couple of games. capitals up 3-2. but here come the bruins again. on the power play. johnny boychuk with the one timer. past holtby, we're tied one more time. late in the third period, this time it's the capitals on the power play. troy brouwer from the right wing taking care of business. fires home the game winner. 4-3 is the final. the capitals now lead the series 3-2 and winning on the road in boston. not an easy task in the playoffs. >> boston is one of the toughest cities sportswise to play in. but it's the playoffs.
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you know, it feels good to win here. >> what's the key to your team's success? is it goaltending, defense, special teams? >> i think it's just a bunch of guys buying in. you know, playoff success hasn't been the main thing in washington and there's a lot of guys who spring break here for a while and really are itching to get it. i think this season, you know, we finished in seventh. wasn't what we wanted and i think we have a bit of a chip on our shoulder and we want to prove everyone wrong. >> all right. braden holtby the king of the world for now. game 6 tomorrow at verizon center. 3:00 is when the puck drops right here on nbc4. stephen strasburg with another yeoman's effort on the mound. looking like the best pitcher in baseball right now. his e.r.a. a ridiculous 1.08. he doesn't get the win today, but the nationals do. their 12th of the year -- tied for the major league lead. stephen strasburg another dominant outing this afternoon. top of the second.
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greg dobbs, see ya later. next batter, an abell sanchez, more of the same. four hits, no runs and six strikeouts. still scoreless in the sixth. sanchez was also cruising. ian desmond had something to say about that. desmond crushes one to left. his second home run of the year. and the nationals are up 1-0. look at him in the dugout. same score in the seventh. jayson werth now facing sanchez. werth lines one to left. this keeps on going and going and going until it's out of the park. his first home run of the year. puts the nationals up 2-0. top of the ninth now. brad lidge on to close things out. he walked the first batter. now facing logan morrison and rut-row, this isn't good. two run shot to the upper deck. we're tied at two, going to extras.
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bottom of the tenth, espinoza and dez zi delivers. and bonifacio is going to try to come home. not enough arm. the nationals win it 3-2. they improve to 12-4. seems like every game it's a different guy stepping up. today, it was desmond's turn. >> i mean, he's a heck of a player. i know he early on had a bad rap. but he's a heck of an athlete. i compared him to, you know, when you get it all together, put it all together, like barry larkin. you can steal bases, hit one, two, three in the lineup. you're a run producer. on-base guy. he's got so much ability and got so much athletic energy. he's fun to watch. >> all right. men's lacrosse, dave urich and syracuse. fountain from the side. fourth quarter, georgetown now
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up by two. little give and go between fountain and casey. casey fires and scores. he had three goals and an assist. georgetown upsets syracuse, 10-8 is the final. getting a little lacrosse in there. love that. >> and the nats and the caps creating excitement. >> heck ya. 12 wins. tied for the most wins in all of baseball. capitals have a chance to close things out and advance to the second round. pulling off the upset against the second seeded team in the east. i don't think anybody expected this a couple of weeks ago. >> and the weather favors watching the game. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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