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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  April 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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nasa hope the prototype or bitter will take off on the back of the same shuttle that delivered "discovery". it was to leave last week but bad weather delayed the flight. nasa will do a final weather review before giving final approval. if they move ahead, "enterprise" would leave dulles airport between 9:30 and 11:30. some parts of the northeast remain under a winter storm warning if you can believe it as a nor'easter continues to dump snow on the region. several inches of wet, heavy snow coated the region, snapping tree branches and triggering power outages that left tens of thousands of people in the dark. higher elevations including somerset, pennsylvania, saw more than a foot of snowfall. the snow is expected to taper off later this morning. snow? this is the end of april. >> it's craziness. tom, we got some in virginia and maryland, too, right? >> yeah. some of the high spots.
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western maryland had six inch of snow, garrett county, west of frost pittsburgh. locally, we had a few wet snowflakes falling in western loudoun county and northern fauquier county along the blue ridge. things drying out after yesterday's terrible commute with all the accidents. things have improved dramatically. there's the live view. there's the washington monument and jefferson memorial under a partly to mostly cloudy sky now. it is chilly. temperatures only in the low 40s around washington. a wind out of the west/southwest at around five to ten miles per hour will increase. here's where we were 12 hours ago. we had lingering rain. this was snow up in pennsylvania and western new york state. now just a few clouds are passing over us. these will move on out. by mid morning, we ought to get sunshine back. and then by perhaps midday we'll get more sun, then more clouds building back in again by later this afternoon. right now, temperatures all around the region, these areas in dark blue are in the 30s. where they got the snow, below
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freezing. elkins to western maryland, only 30 degrees there. hagerstown, 39. western and northern suburbs, only in the upper 30s now. and closer to washington, low 40s. that includes the parts of prince george's county and arlington and fairfax. western fairfax, a few locations in the upper 30s. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. right now, near 40 degrees. i'll have the details on this tuesday ahead, the next 12 hours, in ten minutes. matt has our traffic this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. at this point, not doing too badly at all. looking at the northeast side beltway, we did start the morning with a little bit of construction. both inner and outer loop at 201, kenilworth, down to one lane. just in the process of cleaning that up. speeds right now 61 miles per hour. not doing too badly. on the other side of town, west side looks real good at the robinson terminal. as a matter of fact, dulles toll road all the way down to the interchange, 58 miles per hour on average. 13 minutes to make the trip.
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it's a good go on the top side, inner and outer loop between 95 and 270 rolling up to speed. aaron, eun? >> thank you. 4:32. montgomery county police searching for the driver who crashed a car into a house. take a look, chopper 4 was over the scene along new hampshire avenue in the white oak area last night. as you can see, the crash did some pretty extensive damage to the front porch there. investigators say the driver ran away before police got there. nobody was hurt. a health warning for people who ride metro. the agency says a number of passengers may have been exposed to viral meningitis. metro says one of its drivers has been diagnosed with the virus. he drove friday morning on the 14th street line. his last routes include the number 52 from 14th to buchanan street northwest to l'enfant plaza. then route 54 from l'enfant to 14th street and colorado avenue northwest. the last trip was back on route 52 to l'enfant plaza a. passengers say the news scares
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them. >> that's very scary. you would think that the bus drivers would know that they have something like it. to still come on duty, that's really scary. >> metro says the bus the man was driving was taken out of service for cleaning along with 164 other buses from the northeast division. according to the centers for disease control, viral meningitis is generally less serious and lasts from seven to ten days. metro's defibrillator policy is being put under the microscope after the death of a passenger. the tri-state oversight committee says it will review metro's policy to see if the agency is conducting adequate inspections of the devices. metro is replacing older defibrillators and doing more thorough inspections of others after one of the devices failed to help resuscitate a 51-year-old heart attack victim. it was later determined the battery was not properly charged. this morning, police are looking into whether two men suspected in three murders were involved in any other crimes. prince george's county detectives say evidence links the murders of cab driver edmond
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akafiaso, 17-year-old high school student justin isaacs, and alexandria community activist lenny harris. crews pulled harris' body out of a well in oxon hill. police arrested 26-year-old tyrone anton lewis in the case. they also arrested 26-year-old kelvin walker. news4 spoke exclusively to the cab driver's wife, ruth. she tells us she waited seven years for justice for her husband. >> he had no thought, no regret for what he did to these human beings' lives. he didn't care. as long as he was getting -- now he'll have plenty of time to think it it. >> police say all the murders were random robberies. the men convicted in the beating death of a d.c. woman nearly 30 years ago could be cleared in the case. an innocence hearing started yesterday in the high-profile katherine fuller murder case. fuller was attacked and killed in 1984 in a northeast d.c. alley. eight people were convicted including cliff yarborough.
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he was 16 at the time. he said detectives beat a confession out of him. defense lawyers say there's other evidence that someone else was responsible. city commissioners in sanford, florida, are not accepting the police chief's resignation over his handling in the trayvon martin shooting case. bill lee and his department had been widely criticized for not arresting george zimmerman right away. the neighborhood watch captain is accused of shooting unarmed teenager trayvon martin in february. lee temporarily stepped down as police chief on may 22, saying he wanted to let tensions cool. meanwhile, zimmerman was released from jail yesterday after posting a $150,000 bail. he is now in hiegd until his trial which -- in hiding until his trial which couldn't happen for a couple of years. a lead witness in the john edwards corruption trial will take the stand today. he's accused of using campaign finance moneys to cover up an affair. former aide andrew young even
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claimed to be the couple's daughter. the defense team says money never went to edwards or the campaign. the trial is expected to last more than a month. the former presidential candidate is facing 30 years in federal prison. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in the district to accept an award. she will receive the we are emily award from emily's list. a group dedicated to electing pro-choice democratic women to political office. organizer will also announce the creation of a new award named in giffords' honor. it is meant to recognize women at the beginning of their political careers. giffords resigned from her house seat earlier this year to focus on her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head. enjoy your summer break if you are a middle school student in prince george's county. next school year, the day will be longer. starting in august, middle school students in the county will spend up to 40 minutes longer in class. the time will be used to help students with science, math, or reading. if students don't need the extra time in those subjects, it will be used for enrichment including music classes or foreign
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language. it will also save money on transportation as many middle and high school bus routes will merge. there you go. >> interesting plan. see if that work out with the extra 40 minutes. time is 4:38. in about two seconds it will be. ahead on "news4 today," running out of time, the new estimate for when social security will run dry. the big chill. may is just around the corner, and in many places snow is falling right now. weather & traffic on the 1s. and next, we know generally that cats and dogs don't like each other. what about cats and bears?
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[ meowing ] check out this fearless kitty. the cat scares off a baby bear cub not once but twice. the fearless cat shows the black bear who's boss. it happened somewhere in new york state. the video has become a viral hit on youtube. [ meowing ] >> not surprising at all. >> you're right. knowing how cats act. and that poor little bear. baent going to give up. -- wasn't giving up. >> the music and meowing, sounded like it might have been added in. >> the meowing is not added in. the music gives an effect. but the meowing is all cat. >> don't mess with the cats. >> 4:41. >> tom kierein is in storm
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center 4. chilly this morning, tom. >> dress like a black bear this tuesday morning. yeah, off to a cold start. down into the upper 30s in montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county, howard county and parts of western foreca fairfax county. mid 30s in washington. near 40 in southern maryland, la plata toward manassas. just near 40. here's the hometown forecast for la plata in charles county. by mid morning, upper 40s, partly cloudy and partly cloudy midday for the lunch hour. should be in the upper 50s. and then by mid-afternoon, late afternoon, hovering around 60 degrees. this evening we will be partly cloudy by midnight, down to near 50 degrees by this time tomorrow morning. the mid 40s. a bit warmer tomorrow, we'll look at the week and the weekend. that will be in ten minutes. matt, how's traffic? at this point, in a good mood. no real complaint. coming to maryland, the stretch from the howard county area into the capital beltway.
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at this point, just south of the columbia stretch, 67 miles per hour on average. there's the shot at 216. not too much to worry about on the northeast corner. southwest, 95, north of the occoquan and up to the beltway. at this point you're rolling an average of 64 miles per hour. an 11-minute trip. not too much to worry about at this point. ten minutes we'll look at the 270 commute. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you. 4:43. still to come, the one-time tv heartthrob arrested in the district. you can find it in many cars. what a man says local police gave him for a ticket. and what marion barry said
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former "e.r." star noah wyle is following in george clooney's footsteps, getting arrested in d.c. officers handcuffed him inside the capitol along with more than
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100 protesters. some in wheelchairs. the group known as adapt is urging lawmakers to prevent cuts to medicaid. wiley says cutbacks would leave many disabled patients without the services they need. last month clooney was arrested while protesting in front of the sudanese embassy. ward 8 councilman marion barry is under fire again for controversial comments he made. this time about nurses. according to the "washington examiner," barry made the comments at a university of d.c. budget hearing. he said the school needs to train more nurses. he went on to say, "in fact, it's so bad that if you go to the hospital now, you find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the philippines. and no offense, but let's grow our own teachers and nurses so that we don't have to be scrounging around in our community clinics and other kinds of places, having to hire people from somewhere else." earlier this month, at his ward 8 democratic primary victory party, he said asian businesses ought to go. he later apologized for his remarks. 4:46. this morning the u.s. is
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requesting to bring joran van der sloot to the states to face extortion charges. you might remember the 24-year-old is suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. he's wanted in alabama for extortion. holloway's mother sent him $25,000 in exchange for telling her where to find the remains of her daughter. neither holloway nor her remains have been found. right now, joran van der sloot is serving a 28-year sentence in peru for the murder of a young woman he met in a lima casino. this morning the white house says none of its staff is involved in the ongoing prostitution scandal involving secret service and members of the u.s. military in colombia. secretary of defense leon panetta is in colombia as the investigation widens. right now the pentagon suspended the security clearances of 12 military members under investigation in that scandal, including a person who works in the white house communications agency under the military. the secret service has taken action against 12 of its employees. six of them have been let go. those under investigation are accused of bringing prostitutes
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back to their hotel rooms, where some had hard copies of the president's agenda during his trip for the summit of the americas. lawyers for the soldier accused of leaking classified military information will be back in court today. private first-class bradley manning is accused of helping wikileaks make hundreds of thousands of military reports public. the former intelligence analyst is expected to appear in court at ft. meade for his court-martial. a marine accused of fatally stabbing another marine to death says he was acting in self-defense. michael poth is charged with murder. he is accused of stabbing michael bushong. poth told police he stabbed bushong because he punched him in the head. witnesses say the pair started fighting when poth made a homophobic remark to bushong. a preliminary shrg set for may 15. a maryland man is upset a
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d.c. police officer pulled him over because of an air freshener. the man said he was pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. kerns said he didn't let the officer search his truck and ended up with a $35 ticket for objects hanging as to obstruct view. kerns also received a $800 fine for driving without proper insurance and failure to prove he has insurance. he says he does have insurance but was driving a new car and couldn't show proof. dooep tell us it is a -- d.c. police tell us it is a violation to have an air base freshener on your rearview mirror, and you can be ticketed for that. today voters in five states will head to the polls. connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, and rhode island hold primaries today. it is the first time since rick santorum dropped from the race that voters will take part in a primary. that leaves ron paul and newt gingrich as the only gop candidates left to challenge front-runner mitt romney.
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gingrich's time on the campaign trail could be winding down. he recently hinted he may withdraw from the race if he has a poor showing in delaware today. gingrich has been actively campaigning in the state for several weeks now. it may have seemed like a given, but president obama will be the democratic nominee in november. the president expected to officially clinch the nomination with today's primaries. he's won almost every delegate so far with the exception of some southern states that won't vote democratic in the fall. the win doesn't mean party at the white house -- doesn't mean parties at the white house, however. campaign officials are already focused on the general election, and presumptive republican nominee mitt romney. two of the nation's biggest benefit programs for the elderly and disabled could run dry earlier than expected. a new report shows the trust funds that support social security will run out of money three years earlier than previously believed. the funds will now be empty by 2033. that's according to the trustees that oversee the massive
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retirement and disability program. the report blames high energy prices, the economy's slow rebound, and an increasing number of retirees for draining those accounts. medicare is also expected to run out of money about a decade earlier in 2024. if both programs run dry, they would only be able to collect enough in payroll taxes to pay partial benefits. somebody in d.c. is $250,000 richer today. lottery officials say a winning mega millions ticket was sold at the lobby mart on 3rd street northwest for friday's drawing. in the district, three $25,000 tickets were sold in northeast for sunday's midday drawing. good luck, check your tickets. >> that's right. i got to play more. i got to win a jackpot. >> you got play to win. >> that's right. 4:51. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. tom, i want it to warm up in a bad way. >> when eun says "tom," we know there's something up -- >> help me. >> we are cold. >> yeah. >> this morning, only down into
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the 30s to around 40 degrees. >> brr. >> this is what it looks like in western maryland this morning. this is a shot taken yesterday afternoon at deep creek lake state park. i have camped there, and it's a wonderful state park. you don't expect to need me? shoes in april. yeah, they got about six inches of snow at the deep creek lake state park in garrett county in western maryland. the temperature now there is only around 30 degrees. and closer in, though, in the upper 30s. martinsburg, hagerstown, frederick, gaithersburg, baltimore, and leesburg, all in the upper 30s. also upper 30s much of northern virginia, manassas to dull pepper, near charlottesville. what a chilly morning. near 40 in montgomery county. arlington county, much of fairfax and southern maryland, charles, calvert, northern neck, eastern shore, near 40 degrees. we've got a lot of cloudiness still. clouds are advancing to the north and east and should begin to clear out by mid morning. we should be getting sunshine. off to a cloudy start.
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thankfully, the pavement is drying out. here's your day planner. by 9:00, we'll be in the upper 40s. sunshine breaking out. sunrise this morning at 6:19. that's getting earlier and earli earlier. by noontime, breezy. winds gusting to around 25, 30 miles per hour midday and middle of the afternoon. and clouds returning by later this afternoon. a mostly cloudy afternoon. highs near 60, though. then overnight tonight, another chilly night. down to the upper 30s by dawn on wednesday. a sunny start tomorrow, and a mostly sunny day. a bit warmer, too, up into the mid 60s tomorrow afternoon. then milder on thursday. does look like a possibility of rain morning and midday. passing showers. highs near 70. then cooler weather returns for friday. highs only near 60. saturday into sunday and monday, quite a bit of cloudiness around. could get showers on sunday. highs near 60. and now for our tuesday traffic, here's matt. good morning. >> good morning again, tom. not too much to worry about out there at this point.
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270 now, a lot of green. we like it that way. in the clarksburg area, 64 miles per hour as you head southbound. take that even further from the spur all the way into the beltway. rolling at 63, 64 miles per hour, a two-minute trip. can't complain there. and there's a live shot of the topside beltway, northwest around the 270 stretch. if you're going to jump on the beltway at 270, taking it to 95, it will take you all of ten minutes with an average of 58 miles per hour. not too much to worry about there. >> thank you. expanded metro service coming to the area. >> a new service is out to help riders understand rush hour service coming this summer. rush plus is adding more trains to some of the busiest lines and creating more transfer-free trips. starting june 18, six extra trains will run along the orange line between vienna and largo town center. there will also be six extra trains every hour of the rush between l'enfant plaza and greenbelt. for the first time, you'll be
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able to travel from greenbelt to franconia/springfield without transferring. you can see all the details in the video on metro's web site. expect to see the flashing lights of more speed and red light cameras in montgomery county. ten new portable cameras and 20 new red light cameras will hit county streets before the end of the year. that's in addition to the already 72 speed cameras and 40 red light cameras deployed already. the county made nearly $10 million on tickets issued by those cameras last year. there are about 115 locations the new cameras could go into. police expect to announce specific sites in the coming weeks. five minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the racy advertisement that could be coming to fire trucks in maryland. ahead this morning, what set off several underground explosions that sent police and firefighters running. and next, why virginia's attorney general wants a piece
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welcome back. one of the white house party crashers is accused of cheating customers. virginia's attorney general is suing tariq salahi for violating the consumer protection act. he's accused of not delivering on promised tours, not providing refunds, and misrepresenting businesses as official partners. customers paid for tours of wineries through two of his businesses. a baltimore city council member backing a plan to put ads on fire trucks to help been the
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city's budget. one of the ads is for peta. you see it here. it would feature a blonde woman in a red bikini next to the caption, "vegans are hot." baltimore has a $48 million budget shortfall. councilmen say the plan would help bring down the deficit and keep three fire companies from having to close. this is not the first time peta has suggested controversial ads. last year, that organization proposed putting lettuce bikini ads on an incinerator. this is part of how they get attention. they come one provocative ads. and they -- i've seen some, commercials that have been on air that feature the idea that a vegan lifestyle will help increase your prowess. >> yeah. forget the ads, there have been actual models who come wearing just little lettuce bikinis and stand outside of different areas to promote veganism. hot dogs and stuff. there you go. >> good luck with. that more power t


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