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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a trip to the nation's capital ends in tragedy after a
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66-year-old tourist is found beaten to death in an alley. the victim is from colorado. and he was here on vacation. >> tonight, the man's killer is still on the loose. jackie benson in the neighborhood now with more on the story. jackie. >> reporter: jim, make no mistake about it this was a brutal crime and it has unsettled residents of this rapidly changing neighborhood. the body of 66-year-old gary deedricks, a registered nurse from colorado was found in broad day light in an alley near 8th and emerson streets northwest. rajon dorsey discovered the body, he had cut through the alley on the way to a friend's house. >> his face, head was against the garage, he had a pack underneath it. at first i thought he was sleeping. >> reporter: investigators responded with intensity. the roofs of nearby buildings were searched in case a killer
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had thrown a weapon up there. a canine was brought in to track possible evidence. >> we do not, obviously, have very many tourist whose are homicide victims. i cannot believe the last case that we had at this time. where any tourist was a victim of a homicide in washington. >> reporter: police say the man had rent aid roed a room to see sights of washington. news 4 learned he used airbnb to find lodging in a home not far from where he was found. when asked for a motive of the murder, police officials say they have not ruled out a possible robbery. >> that is one possible scenario that we are investigating. but at this point, that's not the only scenario. >> reporter: there is a $25,000 reward for information in this case. recording live in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. they kailled the two dogs caught on video attacking children in northeast washington. a police officer found the dogs miles away in maryland. the dogs chased kids on to the
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top of a parked car on queens street friday night. neighbors nude beat thad to bea animals to get the dogs to run away. one of the neighbors was bitten. >> glad they found the dog, the dogs are off the street now. they need to deal with owner now. >> reporter: the officer who found the dog s had to shoot on when he went to attack. both dogs were ooeuthanized. >> a jury will resume deliberations. five men are on trial accused in the deadly south capital street shootings. five people were killed. nine others wounded in a series of relate add takes back in march 2010. prosecutors say the rampage started because of a dispute over a fake diamond bracelet. the jury deliberate ford an hour today before heading home. the family of trayvon martin is in northwest d.c. tonight where they're the guests of honor at a fund raiser for
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justice for trayvon martin foundation. celebrities like john legend and athletesd itemeditemed -- items for the event. the family says it is to prevent another family going through the same pain. >> we already lost trayvon, and trayvon can never come back. whatever the outcome is of the trial it is to obviously make sure wore bill no more cases. >> the family asked people to hold peaceful nonviolent protests. george zimmerman was released on bail as he abates trial for trayvon's killing. >> a court ruling in maryland prevents police wum collecting dna samples from violent offenders during arrest. >> i am frustrated. >> reporter: montgomery county state attorney is fuming.
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maryland's highest court struck down a state law allowing police to take dna from violent crime and burglary suspects from cotton swabbing their cheek when arrested. >> i was devastated when i heard about this opinion. >> reporter: since the law was enacted, the state attorney says 190 of the cases have been solved statewide. 23 in montgomery county alone. >> we are attempting to look at the 23 cases to determine how exactly that factors into it. >> reporter: he says the decision could affect ongoing cases. this law helps people from being wrongly accused or convict the. this month it freed a suspect who did nothing wrong. >> it also allows to us free people that may be under the cloak of suspicion. >> reporter: the court decided taking dna from serious crime suspects violates the 4th amendment. >> i think the dissent got it correct. >> reporter: the state attorney will ask the attorney general to request that the u.s. supreme
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court overturn this ruling. in montgomery county police headquarters, shomari stone, news 4. decision 2012, two big developments in the past two hours. president obama announce heed will kick off his re-election campaign with a stop in virginia. the president and first lady will hold a rally at vcu in richmond next saturday. he will hold an event at ohio state university in columbus. virginia and ohio are both considered swing states in this election. the obama campaign says the rallies will focus on how far we have come in four years. on the gop side, rick perry announced late this evening he is endorsing mitt romney for president. perry originally supported newt gingrich. today we learned gingrich has decided to suspend his presidential campaign. gingrich says he will also stand behind romney to make sure he wins in november. >> the u.s. supreme court today in ka indicated it's ready to uphold part of arizona's controversial immigration law.
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wendy with more on what the law means? >> reporter: it also allows them to detain the person while they check with the feds. that's the point. the feds haveegal immigrants. not the states. supporters and opponents gathered outside the supreme court this afternoon as arguments went on inside. the solicitor general tried to make his case, saying arizona is trying to drive illegal immigrants out of the state. justices were skeptical, voiced sceptici scepticism. scalia saying arizona is not trying to kick out anybody the federal government has already said does not belong here. justice kennedy, said must a state accept in its borders illegal is migrants. finally, the justice, a latina, telling them, you can site is not selling very well. arizona's governor, jan brewer was encouraged.
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>> arizona has a right, and i as governor, i felt was somewhat ensured that i had a right to protect the citizens of arizona. >> the justices are expected to issue a decision in june. and if they uphold this law, democrats in the senate, say that they will pass a bill to block it and keep the issue alive through the presidential election. >> attorneys for john edwards attacked his former aid on the witness stand. the defense team painted andrew young as a man who used edward's scandal to get rich referring to young's tell-all book. they also pointed out inconsistencies in young's statements to the public and court. edwards accused of using campaign money to cover up an affair with his pregnant mistress. young has been given immunity in exchange for his testimony. young's wife could take the stand next. >> weather now. really nice out there today. but doug we are talking rain, huh? >> we are talking rain, jim. i think the rain is going to be coming in over the next couple hours. probably really the next 12 hours or so.
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you can seat rain on storm 4 radar now. this rain right here not reaching the ground. this is what we are looking at out there right now. i do expect the rain to come through the area during the day tomorrow. what does that mean for your morning rush? it could mean a fairly rainy commute. traveling along the woodrow wilson bridge. potomac, beltway, expect showers possible during the morning. some could be on the moderate side. south of city. make sure you take your umbrella with you as you step out and about during the day tomorrow. tomorrow, by the way, not the only day you are going to need the umbrella. could be a fairly wet weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. score! on the rebound! ward! >> the news we all were waiting for tonight. yep, they did it. the caps beat the bruins tonight. they did it 2-1. another overtime. another road game. they're up in boston. caps advance to round two of the stanley cup playoffs. dan hellie up in boston and more
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on this in our broadcast tonight. >> coming up next -- a congressman claims he was assaulted during an airport pat down. awe all right customer found $2,000 in cash on the floor. and then she got in a whole bunch of trouble after that. >> a father goes to extremes to catch teachers taunting his autistic son. >> party crasher and the governor's mansio
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a woman tries to make off with $2,000 in cash, but the crime was all caught on tape. it happened a few wekeks ago at the philadelphia convenience store. the man went to pay and accidentally dropped the money. the woman saw what happened. instead of telling him thee grabbed the cash, checked to see if any one noticed. and then left. the video made the news. and the woman was arrested after a flood of tips. she confessed saying she used money on rent. the victim told police he was hoping to use the money for a car. a youtube recording deskris helped catch teachers apparently mistreating his 10-year-old autistic son. he decided to put a recording device on his son after he started getting notes about his son acting violently towards his teachers. he recorded the teachers back in february, but he posted it on youtube last week. >> oh, boy. knock it off. >> go ahead and scream, because
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guess what? you're going to get nothing. until your mouth is shut. >> the father filed a petition to pass a law that would require school district to immediately fire teachers who bully children. the teachers in that recording, in fact, no longer work for the school. >> the congressman from texas says he was assaulted at an airport security checkpoint. representative francisco canseco says it happened at the san antonio international airport. he says the agent doing the pat down became very aggressive and in his word patted him down where no one was supposed to go. both the agent and the congressman told authorities they were assaulted. neither were cited. tsa told nbc news they had been contacted by the congressman any office. they'll respond to them directly. salahi wants to be the next governor of virginia? the white house party crasher submitted the paperwork yesterday to run as a republican. his filing comes one day after another gop candidate, attorney
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general, sued salahi and his winery on allegations they cheated customers. salahi's decision to run is meaningless until 2013. the state board can't accept declaration until the year the election is scheduled. doug, and a check on our weather. we have rain moving in? more rain? >> yeah, i just want to say they won game seven. as you said they would, by the way. >> i -- yes. >> you both rocked the red. i did not. that means next series, same deal. remember, i cannot wear red. >> okay. >> gray. >> got to be gray. >> lucky gray. >> wearing the same suit, right on through stanley cup playoffs. out there today, hey, pretty nice day. temperatures with plenty of sunshine. got into the low 70s for many of us. high of 71 at the airport. still, a very nice night tonight. the clouds though have rolled in. you may have seen the crescent moon with jupiter just off to the right of the moon if you were looking straight up. high temperature today as i mentioned. 71 at the airport.
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the low of 44. well below the average low of 50 degrees. today will actually go down below average. the fourth day in a row below average. only the second time this year, we have seen four days in a row below the average temperature. and again, we have seen a very, very warm start to 2012, next couple days, may not be quite so warm. with the exception of tomorrow. 60 degrees, current temperature out there right now. wind out of south at 3 miles per hour. again, very, very nice. the atmosphere was extremely dry with dew points in the 20s. now the dew points rising into the 40s. that tells me the atmosphere starting to get saturated and we are going to be seeing rain move in over the next few hours in through the morning hours. 52 at leesburg. 54, culpeper. 58, fredericksburg. and in easton, seeing clear skies there. storm 4 radar. no ran to show you here. you can see showers here in the panhandle of west virginia. also down to the south. these are not reaching the ground just yet. as i said. still fairly dry in the
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atmosphere. the rain is falling aloft. that is helping to saturate, saturate the level, and that will tip continue to bring down rain. this helping to moisten the atmosphere. then you get into the stuff. this is the rain. this is trajectory here. moving to south. it will move south. and eventually to the east. but i think moegs st of this co be on south i'd of washington i you live towards maryland, you may not see as much rain down to the south. nice weather this evening. here cup comes our warm front. the first few showers, then as the warm front moves by. we will get into the warm sector tomorrow. that may allow for some sunshine. and if that happens, we could be in the mid to upper 70s, maybe, near 80 degrees. and then the frontal boundary moves through. that could bring more showers, maybe a thunderstorm, on friday. behind the system. cooler, but still a pretty nice day. although it will be breezy. your future weather forecast. showing by tomorrow morning. around rush hour. starting to see shower activity. maybe moderate showers. most of this though will be on the light side.
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but then, just about everything else, goes down to the south of washington. washington included in the showers. but as the i mention to the north, not nearly as much rain as we are looking at yesterday. right now, thinking about, .2 inch. .25 inch. that will be about it. thursday, thursday night. tomorrow night. the frontal boundary will come through. another round of showers. maybe a thunderstorm or two. at this point, however, i don't think we will see anything severe. most interesting, interesting thing about this -- as i mentioned, with the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. if we get into the 70s, the afternoon scud could we great. rain, sunshine, then some rain again. and in between, really nice weather. likely tomorrow morning. moderate showers. soggy for the morning rush in some locations. 46 to 54 degrees. tomorrow afternoon. i think weable see some sun. we will call it mostly cloudy. and then rain, break, then more rain late. highs in the mid 70s at least. i wouldn't be surprised to see an 80 out there during the day tomorrow.
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fredericksburg. places like that. 65, friday. plenty of sunshine. it will be breezy friday. then the weekend comes. still a tricky forecast. right now looks like less of a chance for significant rain. that's good news here. still showers, nonetheless. both saturday and sunday. depending on what fume ytime yo some plans out there. could be wet. could be cool. saturday, cloudy. high of 58. showers during the day. not a washout. 58 this time of year. pretty code. a -- pretty cold. >> d.c. music legend chuck brown canceled his concerts indefinitely because of his health concerns. the godfather of go-go is having joint pain and inflammation. he is 75 years owed, now, chuck brown is. he spent part of the weekend in the hospital. he was supposed to perform at the newly reopened, howard theater last saturday. chuck brown was forced to postpone the show and other concerts, that were schedule ford may, come on, chuck, get
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well, man. we need you around here, dude. >> john mayer in the district. honored at grammys on the hill on capitol hill for his role in advocating for music education. the eight-time grammy winner says music class was not only important for him but essential for future musicians. >> for all those tal enter. a -- tal enteents. >> on a deeper level, locating people born with a gift. >> mayer chanced his spring tour because his vocal condition, granuloma flared up. he says that it presented him more opportunities to perform with his guitar. >> next up in sports. we'll tell you all about it. talking about the caps, folks, who are going to the
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we are rocking the red in this town tonight. dan, go ahead. take it, man. >> i like to call this a complete sports night for washington, d.c. sports fans. you have the nationals. you have the wizards. most importantly because it is the post season you have the capitals. this one followed the script in the series. they go to overtime. another one-goal game. the only thing that really didn't follow the script, the capitals, pull off the upset and beat the defending stanley cup champs in the playoffs, they knock them out for the first time in franchise history. they also win, a game seven on the road. for the first time. looking for his first ever, game seven win in the playoffs. all right. we start in the first period.
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caps, give them an early lead. meanwhile, lucic turns it over. and the puck. passes to john carlson. and off the stick of matt hendri hendricks scores his first ever playoff goal. and trying to even it up. he shot off the pads. and diving in to poke the rebound in. and we're tied at 1. seemingly stayed that way forever. finally, we go to overtime. and about 3 minutes in, the bruins failed to clear the puck. turn it over. carrying it the other way. backhanded shot in. that's blocked. no. it's not going to be saved again. look who was there. joel ward, the first-year capital puts it in. and the caps eliminate the defending stanley cup champions. they've celebrate on boston's ice, joe ward, the unexpected hero. so, was it more excitement, or relief? >> a bit of both.
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the fact that i got to contribute, for this team. and on the scoreboard. and at the same time, just a, advance was the key, and i knew coming in here, especially from the summertime. to make a push in the playoffs. definitely, a relief to get past the round. >> 1%, 2% better. in the, in the series. and got the final bounce. so -- yeah, one, one step for us. we got more steps to go. the first big one that you got to have. >> we knew we could beat them. we had confidence playing in the building. we had confidence that we were going to come do the job we had to do. we were waiting for the opportunity. weaned b we battled. ended up winning. a tough series. >> it's our dream to play in the stanley cup playoffs. play for the cup. and, you know there has been some frustration here in the past. and -- to move on to beat a good team and to move on. very excited. >> just the third game seven win in franchise history for the capitals. still a lot of scenarios not
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exactly sure, who they will be playing in the next round. but the key is, they are playing, in the next round. all right, talking baseball now. it's 79 years of d.c. baseball just two teams have started the season with a 14-4 record. the 1932 senators and the 2012 washington nationals. 14-4, tied for the best record in baseball. these guys are having the season. jordan zimmerman on the mound for the nationals to night. wanted to get run support. doesn't normally happen for him. pitches well. doesn't get the run support. bottom of the first. and two-strike pitch. strikes him out. six ks on the night. zimmerman. six innings. allows one run. top of the second now. zimmerman helping his own cause at the plate. runners on the corners. goes up the middle. ankiel. top of the seventh. up 4-1. bases loaded. wilson ramos. the base knock to right.
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that plates mark derosa. adam laroche. 6-1. nationals. 7-2 is the final. zimmerman gets the win. nationals go for the sweep tomorrow night in san diego. and finally, the wizards -- win as well. so i think a pretty good sports night. and wizards season is basically over. more importantly, capitals, advancing here. and moving on, so we still have playoff hockey to talk about. for another couple weeks maybe more. >> haven't had a night like this in sports for a long time. >> it's been a long time. then add the fact that in a couple minutes it will be tomorrow. tomorrow we get rg
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a rainy commute to work tomorrow. for washington and down toward the south. this area of low pressure moves through tomorrow. not a washout with two periods of rain. one probably in the morning. then sunshine. could be a really nice afternoon. but that could lead to showers and maybe some thunderstorms towards tomorrow evening. and then it gets -- cool. >> okay.
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