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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 28, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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first appearance right around 11:00 this morning here at d.c. superior court. right now he's connected with one act but he's suspected in a total of four one that resulted in the death of a man from colorado. all of these incidents have just happened within the last several days. let's take a look at that suspect. he's 19 years old as you said. michael davis. this is a photo of him when he was arrested thursday evening. he was arrested northwest washington. that's near where he's accused of beating a 19-year-old woman in the head with a claw hammer. those three additional attacks also happened there in the petworth area. the suspect is the brother of two nfl players. vernon and vontae davis. police are still trying to figure out whether the suspect is connected to the other attacks. he's not been charged at this point. let's hear what chief kathy lanier had to say about this
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arrest. >> we don't have the links to say this in fact is the same person. i can tell you i feel very much more comfortable now that this person is in custody. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray said on a call-in program, a radio call-in program that the suspect in the case suffers with mental illness. again, that suspect expected to appear here in superior court in a couple of hours. at that point we should be receiving additional paperwork and hopefully find out more about the investigation. darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks very much. and a chill in the air this morning to start us off for the weekend. >> yes, indeed. a lot of spots especially out to the west. well down below 40 degrees this morning. very chilly. we've u improved a little since then. now that the clouds have blocked the sunshine we were getting today, that's going to start slowing down the rise of temperatures. don't think it's going to be
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that warm of a day today. you may need an extra layer of warmth as you make your plans to get outside. generally in the mid to upper 40s in most everybody's neighborhood right now. 50 degrees in maryland. 45 in leesburg this morning. these series of rain drops you see moving into the shenandoah valley, most of that is evaporating before it hits the ground. there's another batch across west virginia. that should be bringing substantial rain chances back in by early this afternoon. so there's your planner. clouds thickening up this morning. showers possible after about 2:00. most of us will wait until later on in the day. often shower chances through the remainder of our stretch tomorrow. the good news is tomorrow we get the clouds out of the way early on. and by tomorrow, sunshine returning. temperatures back into the mid-60s with more sunshine for
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your sunday. outdoor plans tomorrow afternoon looks like they'll be will rt. >> if you act fast today, you can get something. >> but you're going to need to move lickety-split. secret service agents now face a stricter code of conduct following the colombian prostitution scandal. the new rules say agents cannot drink alcohol within ten hours of their next shift. they're also not to visit non-reputable establishments or have foreign nationals in their hotel rooms. federal prosecutors are pushing for a tough prison sentence from harry thomas jr. prosecutors say he should have years behind bars and three years probation. he pleaded guilty to embezzling $300,000 of the city's money.
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saying he's accepted responsibilities for the actions. a sentencing hearing is scheduled for next week. maryland state police have stopped collecting dna samples after a state supreme court ruling. the court ruled dna tests are unconstitutional for suspects charged with violent crimes. however, police can get samples from those convicted of violent crimes. it stemmed from a man's rape conviction and life sentence. the state court of appeals overturned his sentence after discovering his dna sample did not match the case. now to a traffic alert in fairfax county this weekend. the intersection of gallows road and lee highway is closed in merrifield. drivers can still get to businesses in the area, but they'll need to follow the posted detour signs. vdot says it should finish the work by tomorrow afternoon. expect delays if you plan to take metro. right flou crews are doing work
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on the red line. plan for 20 minute delays. the work should wrap up before the monday morning rush. today is national drug takeback day. and prince george's county is taking part in the cause. to be properly disposed. no questions asked. just throwing away pills or flushing them can be environment environmental hazards. there are the district one station on rhode island avenue. the district three station on barlow road. and the district four station on indian head highway. collections will take place from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. tonight washington will forget about politics and focus on celebrities. that's because tonight is the 98th annual white house
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correspondents' dinner. movie stars, rock stars, and other a-list celebrities are in town. jimmy kimmel will be the headline speaker. george clooney, kim kardashian, and reese witherspoon are expected to attend. of course the president and first lady are also expected to stop by. >> it's always nice to have a bit of hollywood in d.c. >> little dazzle. it's safe to say that robert griffin iii may be the biggest celebrity in town this weekend. >> rg3 fever is hotter than ever and the team will officially introduce him today at fedex field. in the meantime, rg3 gear is flying off the shelves. >> i'm wearing mine all day. >> reporter: rg3 and his number 10 are coming to fedex field. >> i came out here to get the rg3 redskins shirt. >> the clothes is just part of it. a few people are dressing up
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their rise too. but to get the griffin gear out to the fans, the crew at g & g outfitters have been printing out t-shirts since the draft. >> i think the excitement is wonderful. we printed a couple thousand. the excitement. >> reporter: the griffin jerseys are selling fast. but it's not the only hod kmotty they're trying to get their hands on. sporting these socks on draft day. but it was his redskins gear that inspired these fans. >> it was really good to see him with the shirt and the hat. you know, that made it official for me. and we're really excited. my heart was pumping hard. we really need him. >> reporter: rg3 comes with high expectations, but the tried and true fans are just glad to have a reason to brag. >> i got a cousin named wayne conte. he's a san francisco fan. he going to down. him and his father going down.
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trust me. >> reporter: let the games begin. >> yeah. the trash talk has already started. >> i like you without the tie. >> thanks. i put it on quick. >> looking good. >> rg3's introduction is just one of several big sports stories in washington. >> we want to know what you think is the biggest story. is it rg3's arrival, the playoff game for the caps, or bryce harper's debut? tweet us and we'll share some. >> looking forward to what everyone has to say. right now it is 9:08. a costly debate in congress right now that could end up costing college students hundreds of millions of dollars. and what would you do if you found someone fall on to the tr
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welcome back. president obama officially launches his re-election campaign one week from today. he has rallies planned in ohio and virginia that day. both are battle ground states that helped him cruise to victory four years ago. he'll speak at ohio state university in columbus and at vcu in richmond. next saturday's rallies also show how hard the candidates are going after those young voters. this past week the president spoke to students at the university of colorado, the university of iowa, and the university of north carolina. >> and i, too, want to slow jam the news. >> he even went on "late night with jimmy fallon" tuesday night when it was taped on the unc campus. >> romney is also reaching out to young voters at a college in ohio yesterday he encouraged young americans to take risks to improve their fortunes. he suggested they even borrow
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money from their parents if it gave them a better chance to succeed. recent polls show college age voters still support president obama but they're less enthusiastic than they were four years ago. republicans hope to seize on that to win over young voters this time around. the candidates are also trying to draw the attention of college students by focusing on the issue of student loans. president obama has urged congress to act soon or the interest rate on a popular student loan will double this summer. john yang has more. >> reporter: college graduation season is right around the corner, and for millions of students the joy of achievement can be accompanied by dread. consider the average senior. she'll leave college this spring with a diploma and student loans totaling more than $24,000. a new life with old debts. at new york university, some students owe even more. >> i'll be facing 80 grand of death when i leave.
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>> looking close to a quarter million. >> about $250,000. >> reporter: those burdens could soon grow. an interest rate on stafford loans is set to double to 6.8% unless congress acts. nearly 7.5 million students have stafford loans averaging about $11,300 each. the higher rate would cost each of them $5,000 higher in interest payments. >> it's not going to stop them from going to school but the default rate could go up. >> reporter: often their parents can't afford to help with tuition so the burden falls on them. and with half of graduates underemploys or unemployed, paying back the loans can be hard. >> there's also an impact on the broader economy because they don't have as much money to
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spend. that money should be put back in the economy. could help us a good deal. >> reporter: financial experts say planning how to pay for college should start early. >> you need to start figuring out what you can afford to spend when your child is just entering high school. and choose schools that have a wide range of affordability. >> reporter: to try to make sure the cost of a college education doesn't outweigh the future dividends it promises. john yang, nbc news, washington. >> republicans and democrats agree that student loans need to remain affordable but they can't agree how to pay for the interest rate. the gop controlled house pased from cooping loans from doubling. they wanted to cut women's health screenings. democrats are furious and say it should come from tax hikes on the wealthy. >> 4,000 women die every year from cervical cancer. >> it's an election year. but my god, do we have to fight about everything?
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>> the legislation will likely die in the democrat-controlled senate. and now we want to check on our weather. chuck, we have people asking you online where's the sun? >> yes, indeed. no sun for you. no sun for you this afternoon, unfortunately. that was my response on twitter. clouds are already moving in. rain drops are not so very far behind. i'll talk about that forecast when we come back.
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for the second straight year, there were no deaths on any u.s. commercial airlines. the safety board released its 2011 report on plane accidents yesterday. there has been an increase of deaths on personal and chartered flights. the study also showed a slight increase in airline accidents compared to 2010. well, flying might soon be
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cheaper than driving. a new aaa study shows owning a car is more expensive than ever. owning and operating a car will cost you about 60 cents a mile or almost $9,000 a year. that's a jump of about $178 compared to last year. experts point to a 15% jump in fuel costs and a 4% increase in tire cost as the biggest reasons you pay more to own a car. metro is calling off a health alert for drivers. it turns out a bus driver for the agency did not have viral meningitis as first thought. that employee worked along routes 52 and 54. metro disinfected 170 buses as a precaution. the drivers condition is now not a public health concern. two men are being hailed heroes after saving a man's life. a 70-year-old man fell on the to track just. two men jumped down to the
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tracks and pulled him to safety. >> my instinct was to run and see if he was all right. and a train was coming. i leaned down and said sir, we got to get you off the tracks. >> if it were me or anybody else, i hope anybody would have done the same thing. >> i think it's what under do to help someone else out. >> the two good samaritans stayed on the scene until medical help arrived. the man was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. good to know there's guys like that out there. >> no doubt. that'd be scary with a train coming in like that. good for him. >> yes. and for us, let's talk about the weather. people are asking for the sunshine. you're saying no sun for you. >> no sun. the sunshine for your weekend is going to be stacked up in the second half of tomorrow now. we had a beautiful sunrise this morning but you had to be up at ten minutes after 6:00 to see it. vnchly tleez clouds will lead to rain dropping before your saturday afternoon is done.
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have backup plans ready to go for today. if you've got stuff to do outside today, i'm more optimistic at your outdoor chances for your sunday. for now, though, the clouds are sneaking in from the west. not scary of a sky out there just yet. but we will have rain drops to contend with. also told down the temperatures a bit. we're at 50 degrees at national airport. with all the clouds out there, sunshine not going to be streaming through too much. it is going to be on the chilly side today with high temperatures fallen more than 10 degrees cooler than average. currently mid-40s across much of northern maryland. and mid to upper 40s across northern virginia. 52 now in st. mary city. so your saturday planner, clouds thickening up very quickly. rain drops, i think the first drops in and around town probably after 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon.
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might be more the noon to 2:00 range for you out west. in town we've got a few more dry hours to go. most of this on storm4 radar not reaching the ground just yet. and there's the bigger batch now across central west virginia. it's about five hours away from us at this point in time. so five hours from now would be after 2:00 in the afternoon. we'll see how well that holds together. there's another shot of showers out here across indiana. those will be riding through the late hours tonight. good news for us, i think we can get it done by this morning. that will leave us with a dry sunday afternoon. staying on the cool side for your weekend especially with the rain drop chances for today. here's the future weather forecast for 5:00 this afternoon. you're going to go out and enjoy your saturday evening on the town, umbrella is going to be a good idea. tomorrow all the shower chances drying up. and sunshine returns for the
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second half of your sunday. so with all that in mind, here's your forecast today. scattered showers moving in this afternoon. highs today holding in the upper 50s and low 60s. the bulk of the rain will be between sunset tonight and sunrise tomorrow morning. a chilly 60 today. 66 tomorrow and monday with a fair amount of sunshine back into the picture. warmer air and rain chances return as we get into the beautiful month of may. tuesday is may 1st. then near 80 degrees for wednesday, thursday, and friday. once we have chances in the 80s, people don't complain as much. but today on the cool side. >> not a good combo. >> i'm okay with it. >> most of the weekend will be bookended by dry weather. governor mcdonald revisited
9:25 am
southwestern virginia. a twister ripped through washington county last year and killed four people. the governor walked the very same street where he witnessed total destruction last year. he thinks everyone from college students to first responders who -- helped rebuild that area. governor mcdonald said he experience has given him a new perspective on life. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> this weekend also marks one year since one of the strongest tornado outbreaks ever recorded. a tornado categorized as an ef-4 devastated tuscaloostuscaloosa,. hundreds of businesses and homes were destroyed. the time now is 9:25. a man called his plate patriotic, the dmv disagreed.
9:26 am
now the plates one virginia man wanted, the state is calling them offensive. also ahead, horses to help special needs children is violently slashed. the man police are looking for. and a virginia man now a millionaire after winning the lottery. the mistake he almost made that would have left him without a single dime. i'm really going to miss you.
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well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. okay. this mother's day, get the droid razr by motorola. only $99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon. welcome to news4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. checking our top stories now, the man possibly linked to four attacked in d.c.'s petworth area will make his first appearance in court today. michael davis is accused.
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he may have used that hammer in three previous attacks. the republican controlled house has passed a bill that will keep the interest rate from doubling on millions of student loans. democrats object to the measure because supporters want to pay for it through spending cuts. the legislation will likely die in the democrat-controlled senate. and today robert griffin iii will make his first appearance as a washington redskin. introducing the much hyped quarterback as part of draft day party at fedex field. fairfax county police are looking for the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty. someone slashed three horses on private party in reston. police say the stabbings happened between late wednesday night and early thursday morning. the animals are part of a program known as spirit open equestrian. they gave therapeutic rides to special needs children every weekend. people who work with the horses
9:31 am
say it's hard to understand. >> i was stunned. i mean, it's like how could anybody do that? i mean, it's -- you know, i love animals and i love these guys. i can't fathom why anybody would even think to do that. >> a veterinarian cleaned up the mares and stitched their wounds. police are trying to find a man seen stumbling near the property thursday morning. a key witness in the john edwards trial said he feared for his life. he said he thought the former candidate would have him killed. edwards is accused of illegally using campaign funds to cover up his affair. it was young to took money from donors to hide edwards' mistr s mistress. young has immunity for his testimony. his wife was the last one to
9:32 am
take the stand yesterday. a florida judge hasn't decided what to do with george zimmerman's money. they said it was a mistake he didn't disclose he had over $250,000 at his disposal. zimmerman's family originally told the judge they would have trouble coming up with his bond money. the judge said he wants to know more about the money before deciding if zimmerman has to forfeit those donations. city councilwoman robyn gardner received in his case yesterday. he's accused of molesting three young girls during sleepover parties last year. she said he comforted them then went to bed. the daughter testified as well and said his father laid next to her. authorities in mexico have
9:33 am
joined the search for a 6-year-old girl who disappeared in arizona. the parents of isabel celis last saw her on the night of april 20th. in the morning she was gone. tucson police say tucson officials are in case with mexican officials. they're also checking bus terminals and businesses in many ex-koe. federal officials are revealing more about a cow that tested ee eed positive for mad disease. it was one of 40,000 cows randomly tested by the agriculture department. the animal was euthanized after it became lame and unable to stand. the usda says it's investigating if feed may have played a role in the animal getting the illness. that the core of al qaeda is substantially weaker than it
9:34 am
used to be. they say a year after the death of osama bin laden, al qaeda no longer has a unified plan of attack against america. the group's new leader has been unable to gather other groups to plan an attack on american soil. instead officials say they're turning their attention to lone wolf operatives inspired by al qaeda. a virginia man says the department of motor vehicles is stopping his display of patriotism. rick sanders ordered personalized plates that read f-osama. but when he tried to renew them, the dmv said it was offensive and shouldn't have been issued in the first place. his new plates feature 666 which he says is offensive. >> 666, the kind of like the devil and then 8-u-up.
9:35 am
so the devil ate you up. it hits me as ironic. >> a spokesperson said the recall may have been because of a complaint. a new satellite image shows more activity at north korea's nuclear test site. they saw workers digging a tunnel which might mean north korea is planning another nuclear test. north korea is already facing criticism for its failed rocket test earlier this month. the united nations is considering even tougher sanctions if there is actually another nuclear test. right now a blind legal activist in china is under u.s. protection. a u.s. based human rights group says chen escaped his house and is at the u.s. embassy. condemns what he calls rampant corruption. this video could not be verified
9:36 am
by nbc news. he was restricted to his village in 2010 after getting out of jail. his confinement led to criticism from foreign governments and activist groups. a virginia man is a million dollars richer. >> but he was this close to not winning a dime of it. william lindsay of woodbridge bought three sets of tickets from d.c., virginia, and new york. the virginia and new york tickets were losers. he was all ready to trash all of them but took another look at the d.c. ticket and saw he was one of the winners. he says he's going to by himself and his daughter some new cars. but he's not quitting his day job at a hospital. >> lucky guy. lucky twice. lucky he found the ticket. >> lucky daughters. >> that's true. milk money. the impact breast-feeding may have on women's salaries.
9:37 am
and the couple who took a foul ball meant for a little boy and made the poor kid cry. this morning we're hearing their side of the story. the obama team was actually able to push this week a message without distraction on student loans. it was everywhere. from slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon to speeches in colorado and iowa. even mitt romney agreed with the president that student loan interest rates should be kept low at least temporarily. romney officially pivoted as well to the general election after sweeping tuesday's primaries. and he gave what was one of his best speeches of this campaign. we also saw romney on stage with another potential vice presidential pick, marco rubio. though he didn't have the same chemistry with him as paul ryan. newt gingrich said he would be ending his campaign. rick santorum who already dropped out isn't quite ready to
9:38 am
endorse yet, but he may do so
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breast-feeding mothers may save money by not buying formula, but a new study shows they could be losing out when it comes to their salary. found women's income dropped when they chose to breast-feed six months or longer. they salary remained low five years after their babies were born. are ux in working hours was the main reason for that drop. a new survey shows doctors would pick a different career if they had a choice. this is from web m.d. only about half said they'd pick the medical field if they could do it again. last year that number was around 70%. the survey also revealed about how much doctors make.
9:42 am
radiologists are among the highest paid making about $315,000 a year. pediatricians and internal medicine doctors were among the lowest paid. they bring home about $160,000. they don't consider themselves wealthy because of all the debt and expenses over the years. could make it illegal for any employer to require your s passwords as part of getting a job. wright now mayor lynn has similar legislation in the general assembly. as the a caps get ready for the next round of the playoffs, joel ward ask speaking out about racist comments against him. after ward scored in overtime to put the caps in the second round, there were multiple tweets using a racial slur towards the caps forward who's black. ward says that while the racist tweets were disappointing, he's just trying to brush it off and
9:43 am
focus on playing hockey. >> i know what i signed up for. i'm a black guy playing in a predominantly white sport. it comes with the territory. i'd be foolish to think it wouldn't exist. it's part of here and part of life. it is what it is. >> ward and the rest of the capitals open up their second round series against the rangers today at 3:00. you can catch that game here on news4. let's go caps. >> going to be a good game. well, a dallas couple is in the spotlight today as they plan to tie the knot. >> but they were in a bigger spotlight this week. they were at a rangers game when a player tossed a foul ball into the stands. they caught the ball right next to a 3-year-old boy. the child started crying because he wanted the baseball. media outlets have criticized the couple saying they should have given the boy the ball. but the couple says they don't
9:44 am
know the whole story. >> it's not like i reached over and grabbed it from him. i had it, i turned to her immediately. we had our celebration. and then of course then the next thing they show is what they were accusing shannon of taunting the kid which was he taking the picture of her with the ball. >> they blame the yankees broadcasters criticizing them on the air for not handing it over. he apologized for the comments. >> the little boy so happy. >> his mom says he sleeps with the ball now. >> under his pillow. >> anything that makes your kid sleep through the night is a good thing. and for us, we've lost our little bit of sunshine on our saturday already. and rain drops are sneaking in our direction. we'll talk about your weekend weather and when the sunshine will return coming up next.
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after all the rain last weekend, a lot of people were really looking forward to having sunshine today. >> looks like hopefully a warming trend is on the way, but not today. >> not so much for today, unfortunately. the clouds have already come in. that has sealed our fate. we did have a beautiful sunrise this morning. be the clouds will continue to move in low and thick this morning. and rain chances return by early to mid-afternoon. right now it's 50 degrees with the cloud cover in washington. the breezes have gone calm for now. gradually pick up a bit of a south breeze today. but it won't allow us to warm up too terribly much. low 50s the the morning hours. climbing to only 60 before the rain drops settle in. rain drops settle in around 2:00 this afternoon. then off and on shower chances of the rest of the afternoon and evening time frame. not going to rain all the time, but have to have at least an
9:49 am
umbrella backup plan ready to go. temperature now 46 in manassas. 50 degrees in downtown. into the low 50s across southern maryland. most of this ribbon of what looks to be rainfall is evaporating before it gets down. more shower chances are sneaking our way as rain is now moving into far western maryland. and this batch of rain showers with some embedded thunderstorms now. that is now racing across the appalachian mountains. it could bring rain drops to the next three or four hours from now. the bulk of that heavier rain will be towards richmond. if you're driving south today, you'll run into steadier showers to the south. we'll have a late this afternoon chance of rain chance. another back at indiana right now. late in the evening and the overnight hours tonight. but the good news is i think we can get the sunshine back by
9:50 am
about mid to late morning on your sunday. the clouds and the rain drops keeping us in the upper 50s to near 60 today. into the future weather forecast, by 6:00 tonight that's where you can see the shower chances sneaking on through here. and off and on shower chances for most of the time frame through tomorrow. high pressure starts to move in tomorrow afternoon. that'll clear things up nicely. a couple of dry days starting tomorrow afternoon and lingering into parts of the upcoming week. today be on the lookout. clouds on the increase today. scattered showers moving in fatherly quickly. by early to mid-afternoon you may want to be ready to face a rain drop or two. highs today upper 50s and low 60s. the bulk of the rain chances will be in the overnight hours tonight. temperatures back down into the low tone mid-40s. the all-important seven-day forecast. today will be far and away the coolest of the bunch. sunday and monday look nice.
9:51 am
that's cooler than average. our high now up to 72 degrees. as you get to tuesday, mid-70s. wednesday, thursday, friday upper 70s and low 80s back into the picture. so feeling more like a prelude to summer once again. i'll be tweeting about rain drop movements all throughout the course of the weekend. @chuckbell4. when we get to may things will be more normal. it is shaping up to be one of the biggest sports days in recent d.c. history. >> rg3 arrives in town, caps continue for the cup, bryce harper making the debut. then the final day of the nfl draft. >> just a few things. >> amber theoharis has the
9:52 am
latest. >> in a president obamalike fleet of town cars and suvs while rg3 may not be the hope of the nation this election day, he is the hope of the nation's capital this football season. he got a little help on his offensive line last night in the third round of the nfl draft, the skins selected josh leribeus out of southern methodist university. the 2010 all conference guard shed 70 pounds his senior year to become more athletic. >> i lost a toddler off the side of my belly. >> what kind of diet did you get on? >> i ended up moving away from home so i got away from mom's cooking. that helped a lot. bit of a tight budget. so i kind of bought chicken or whatever and kept a light diet. >> so obviously the next generation of d.c. athletes has arrived. first rg3 and now bryce harper. the nationals stud in waiting
9:53 am
will make his major league debut today at dodger stadium playing behind steven strasburg. it was a nats facing last night. it was scoreless if the first until that andre ethier. see you later. the hanging breaking ball gets launched. it's 2-0 dodgers. and the dodgers go on to win. and it's going to be bryce harper making that debut tomorrow. look for him. let's go though right coast. orioles and the athletics. not anymore. the bomb to right field. he was a late addition to the lineup. up 3-1. well, if you like defense, check out this. nick markakis to weeks. to pennington. and you've got to be kidding me.
9:54 am
that is an absolutely unbelievable play. the other look looks better. the o's can't come back this time. end the birds three game win streak. let's go to hockey. caps-rangers. all goes down today. game one of the eastern conference semifinals at madison square garden. the capitals have knocked off the rangers twice out of the past four years in the playoffs. at practice yesterday, capitals were pretty loose. waving the stick in front of our cameras. and then got in on the fun. good thing these guys know how to obstruct because the rangers have a very good goalie. henrik lundqvist. he's one of the best in the game. if you can't see, he can't save the puck. so a little traffic in front of the net tonight would be nice. >> the rest of the hockey games we play this year will be against a good goalie.
9:55 am
you don't survive without that. that's a reason we're moving on too. so we prescouted lundqvist before. if he can see it, he's going to save it. >> all right. catch the series today right here on nbc 4. puck drops at 3:00. then we've been through this drill before. two games in new york. then it comes back home to d.c. and if a game five is necessary, heads back to the garden. then home ice alternates after that through game seven. motorcycle stunts and stock car racing are two very different things. but last night indianapolis native travis prestrana made the jump from motocross medalist. chatting it up with danica patrick. he's had surgeries. now at richmond international
9:56 am
raceway. there he is avoiding a crash. this game he would finish 22nd. this race would come to the end. it's kyle busch who muscles his way through the end. that'll do it for your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. >> all right, amber. so what do you think is today's biggest sports story? is it rg3's arrival? the caps playoff game? >> we asked you to tweet us or tell us through facebook. here's what you have to say. oscar must think it's robert griffin's arrival. he writes welcome to d.c. mr. rg3. it will be the caps victory in the game one over the rangers. let's go caps. >> and a new hope for redskins fans. we'll hear more answers later on in the show.
9:57 am
>> it looks like rg3 is winning out. >> that is. i'm going for the caps right now. i can smell that win. just four minutes away from the 10:00 hour. a terminal at one of the nation's busiest airports is evacuated all because of a baby. we'll explain why. ahead, it's one of me most popular movies of the year.
9:58 am
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i'm drinkin' dunkin'. we're drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin' iced. some people wake up
10:00 am
with an alarm clock, i wake up to dunkin'. sometimes, when i need a little pick-me-up, i'll go get a dunkin'. it hits the spot. you're ready to go. dunkin' keeps me going. america runs on dunkin' coffee. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. welcome to news4 today on this saturday april 28th. the secret service is enacting new rules. they are prohibited from drinking alcohol ten hours before their shift. anyone but other agents are
10:01 am
banned from their hotel rooms and they can't visit what's described as nonreputable establishments. the republican controlled house has pased a bill to -- will likely die in the democrat-controlled senate. and redskins fans will get their first look at robert griffin iii today. the newest member of the skins will be introduced at fedex field. rg3 has already become a fan favorite with his jersey quickly becoming a top seller. in less than an hour, the man accused of terrorized a d.c. community will make his first appearance in court. michael davis is charged with the assault of a woman in petworth. he's 19 years old. the brother of two nfl stars. and he down charged in three other attacks. darcy spencer is at the courthouse ahead of today's hearing. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect was taken into
10:02 am
custody on thursday night. but today would be the first time he is appearing before a judge. these hearings get underway around 11:00 this morning. at that point we're hoping to get additional details. michael davis is charged in connection with a hammer attack when a 19-year-old woman thursday night. that woman walking down the street when she was struck in the head with the hammer. davis is suspected in three more attacks. one of them left a man, a tourist from colorado, dead. the motive at this point is unclear. davis is the younger brother of two nfl stars, vernon and vontae davis. earlier this week mayor vince gray talked about how davis' mental health could be a factor in this case. >> we think this is a case of somebody who's mentally ill. and someone who acted out perhaps did not take his
10:03 am
medication as he should have. so i think it would be ill advised to draw any conclusions about a pattern of crime here. i think we've got what appears to be an isolated situation. >> after the suspect appears in court, we should be able to get the charging documents. it lays out the case against him. hopefully there'll be new details in those charging documents. typically in a first appearance, they would also discuss whether he has a lawyer, whether he has retained council. if not, a lawyer could be appointed for him. there could be discussions about whether a bond would be set in this case. darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks, darcy. we're following a developing story out of montgomery county now. firefighters are battling a house fire in clarksburg. the two alarm fire broke out this morning on robin songs drive. there's no word of any injuries at this point but we're monitoring details from there and will bring new information
10:04 am
as it becomes available. chuck's here. it's cold out there. >> it's a chilly morning for sure. if you're getting ready to enjoy your saturday, an extra layer not a bad idea. temperatures in 40s to near 50 now. with the cloud cover coming in, not much of a rise in temperature today. a cool, cloudy saturday. rain chances sneaking in as we get after the lunchtime hour today. if you need to get something done in the dry weather, you need to rush it to completion. as drops are not too far away. 45 in ashburn, virginia. rg3's new hometown out there near training camp. 41 in cumberland. no rain drops down into kalbert county just yet. they're coming in a bit faster. earlier this morning i thought we might wait until 4:00 or 5:00. now it looks like they'll make
10:05 am
it over early this afternoon. and those showers in indiana represent another chance coming in for overnight tonight. your saturday planner, increasing clouds staying on the cool side. showers likely by early afternoon. again, not going to be a lot of rain. a little rain again, break, rain again. most of our rain chances start from about lunchtime on today. and most of them should be out of here early on your sunday morning. >> so you can stay in and watch the caps game. >> you can and it'll be here on nbc 4. >> perfect. thanks. new this morning, an attempted suicide attack on a governor's compound in afghanistan. shot and killed two men who tried to blow themselves up in kandahar. they were carrying hand grenades. two of the governor's bodyguards were killed during the exchange of gunfire. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. new details in the bizarre story of a british spy found
10:06 am
dead inside of a duffel bag. the body of g a rreth williams was found inside of a duffel bag. police say this death might be related to a sexual encounter gone wrong but williams' family believes his spy work contributed to his death. the popular pastor known to attract sold out crowds at stadiums is bringing his message to washington, d.c. joel osteen. >> our message is positive, it's hopeful. even though there are a lot of things trying to pull people down that we believe when you put faith in the lord he'll help to make it through. i think when you tell people good news it resonates on the inside and helps them move forward.
10:07 am
>> a grounds crew spent the past few days transforming the ballpark into an arena. you've probably seen the heartwarming surprise reunions soldiers have with their wives and kids. we have one slightly different and it's just as touching and still ahead. extreme justice. tonight on news4 at 11:00, how real life crime fighters are keeping their neighborhoods safe. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet, and the best tv picture quality, plus more hd.
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newark airport is operating normally after officials had a evacuate a terminal because of an unscreamed baby. it didn't get an individual screening. agents tried to find the family but couldn't. they rescreened all the paerks
10:11 am
but didn't find anything suspicious. everything is back to normal at dulles international this morning after a bomb scare. around 8:00 last night a tsa dog smelled a suspicious package heading to cutter. agents searched the container but didn't find anything suspicious. no other flights delayed during that search. the space shuttle "enterprise" is now at its new home. it left yesterday and landed a couple hours later at jfk airport. it did a few laps over head. the new home will be the sea air and space museum. it goes on display in july. now let's get a preview of what's to come in this week's kid's post. >> reporter: comparing video games to claude monet.
10:12 am
how "the hunger games" have kids firing away. good to see you tracey. >> wonderful to be with you. >> first off, a way to get every little kid to want to go to a museum. >> yes. this sunday's kids post addresses kids who love video games and kids who would want to go to the museum. it explores the art of video games. and there are interactive stations and wonderful games from super mario brothers to where kids can play and tryout games. you can explore the history of video games. we pose a question to kids we want them to answer. are video games really art? and in sunday's kids post we have an essay challenge they can send us opinions. >> everyone's talking about "the hunger games." i read all three books. it's now inspiring kids to take
10:13 am
up a new hobby. >> that's right. who knew that archery would be the hot sport. but inspired by katniss and her amazing eye in the "hunger games." and it's appealing to kids who may not have been comfortable in a team sport. it appeals to a different kind of kid. we explore this is in wednesday's kids post. there are places locally, bull run where kids can sort of see if it's right for them. so, you know, get your katniss on. >> not surprised. we did archery in p.e. in middle school. finally, some books that will help you get in touch with nature a little more. >> that's right. the weather is beautiful. it's great to get out. in tuesday's kids post we explore wonderful books that inspire nature. this is how to raise monarch butterflies. this is a wonderful family book. easy to do.
10:14 am
marty mcguire digs worms is another one. and the pop up book of the lorax. bauds the message of the lorax is perfect for everyone. so these and more great ones. >> the lorax one of our family's favorite books. thanks so much. for family friendly activities, visit and click on kids post. >> a lot going on. >> i know. thank you. could be a good day to get the post out and go through the kids post stuff. no doubt about it. >> we were discussing what the lorax does. something for trees? >> for trees. yeah. they want to bring nature back. >> kids post always keeping us right. >> luckily we can read about it in the paper today. ♪
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today marks ten years since a massive tornado ripped through the town of la plata. three people were killed and another 122 injured by the twister. it ripped across 64 miles in maryland. there will be a mass tonight. >> hard to believe that one's been ten years ago already. we haven't had that high of a severe weather event since then, fortunately. we certainly have weather problems around here since then, but fortunately no other big tornadoes like that one. lucky for us. and for today, just rain chances. no threat for severe weather for today. that is is welcomed news. looking for a chance for summerlike thunderstorms to come in later on in the week. that doesn't look like a severe weather threat.
10:19 am
outside on your saturday morning, it sure has turned an awful shade of cloudy gray this morning. we had a beautiful sunrise first thing this morning. nonetheless, we're still well behind for the year. we do need rain drops to come our way. we will get those drops in here this afternoon. the current temperature now is generally speaking in the upper 40s to near 50. a light breeze out of the northeast. generally a light wind out there for today. not a windy day. clouds on the increase and shower chances move in as early as just after the lunch hour here as the rain drops out across west virginia or speeding up. i'll show you in a second. 48 in culpepper. 45 in tomsbrook, virginia. storm4 radar, this is not reaching the ground east of washington. but i think these drops here to
10:20 am
frostburg, those are for real. and these with embedded thunderstorms now coming across the spine of the mountains. i think if that shower chances continue to move eastbound, it's probably another two or three hours before some of these northern drops have a chance of moving into the washington area. most of these heavier thunderstorms are going to be drifting southbound. driving along i-95 today south of richmond is where the heavier rains will be. another chance coming in for the overnight hours tonight. not looking for a lot of rain this weekend. on average if you get rainfall, it's between a tenth and quarter inch. not looking for any flooding problems. the clouds will keep us on the cool side. then overnight tonight shower chances continue off and on. by the time we get to the early morning hours tomorrow morning, the rain drops starting to pull on out of here. i think we'll have sunshine back by this time or not after this
10:21 am
time tomorrow morning. that is welcomed news. for today, clouds on the increase. scattered showers heading our way. get your em brumbrellas ready t. the all-important seven-day forecast. 60 today with the showers moving in. 66 with the showers moving out tomorrow. tuesday we start to warm up once again. tuesday is the first day of may. we'll be in the mid-70s. back up to near 80 degrees for wednesday, thursday, and friday this week. toasty finish to our week. i'll be tweeting about the rain drops throughout the weekend on twitter @chuckbell4. >> and see all your pretty pictures. >> that's true. >> a bonus. >> you had a mix of snow and sunrises. just a mixed bag. >> the trib out of kaiser ridge had eight inches of snow.
10:22 am
it was great. time now is 10:21. >> it's not too late to answer our question of the day. what do you think is the biggest sports story today? tell us on our facebook
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
the maker of nutella is preparing to settle a class action lawsuit. a california mother is taking the company to court and disputing the hazelnut spread's wholesome image. they could pay $4 to ever person who ever bought a jar since august of 2009. don't want to do that math. proof of purchase is required. the mother filing the lawsuit called nutella quote, the next
10:26 am
best thing to a candy bar and contains dangerous level of saturated fat. nutella says it stands by its nutritional claims but plans to modify its advertising. when i was pregnant, a can of nutella and a spoon. >> so you're go i think to be cashing in maybe. >> i didn't save receipts. being deployed is never easy being away from friends and family. >> don't forget the four legged frepds. one owner gave his dog a surprise while playing fetch. that's ranger the german shepherd seeing his master for the first time in months. when he returned his toy he saw his owner. ranger is quite pleased to be reunited. more proof that dogs are man's best friend. >> love it. >> all morning long we have been
10:27 am
asking you what you think is the biggest sports story. a lot of people have responded. let's check it out. capitals they are the close toast winning a championship. >> lisa writes on facebook it's about the team not the individual. go caps. >> and one tweets all of it. it has been a long time since d.c. sports fans have truly had a sense of pride about their team and city. i agree with that. >> you're going to go with -- >> all of them. >> i'm just excited for the caps. >> it's nice he's landing here. but he's nfl season. we can wait for that. let's get the caps the cup first. >> and don't forget the caps game right here on nbc 4. 3:00. chuck says there's going to be rain. perfect reason to stay inside. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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