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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 29, 2012 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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she was a wonderful person. i watched her grow up and she was -- she grew up to be a beautiful young lady. >> i just want to know why -- what type of person would do such a thing to a woman and her unborn child. new details in a string of attacks in d.c. a man that police say could be responsible for the attacks could be in jail this morning. he is charged with two assaults in petworth. officers heard a cry for help and then arrested davis after spotting him in a nearby alley.
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police are investives investiga possible link between two attacks and three others. georthere were questions in roanoke. allen who is the frontrunner took plenty of criticism, but all three agreed they supported a states right not to recognize same-sex marriage. >> we don't have a nominee yet but according to what we believe, we support the nominee. >> i will do formal investing on my own time. >> the winner faces tim kaine is november. all over the country a woman
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is speaking up on what they believe is a war on their rights and values. >> there were multiple protests yesterday as women rallied against proposals. organizers called for equal pay and the violence against women act. they say all the rights are under assault from legislation and the federal level. they say women need to speak up to defend their rights. president obama will have major star power alongside him today at a fund-raiser. clinton will aappear with the current commander in chief at a fund-raiser. tickets will go for as much as $20,000 a person. it's the first of three joint fundraisers the two will headline together. david gregory will have more on the race for the white house this morning on "meet the press"
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when he is joined by obama seen kwraur adviser, gibbs and romney senior adviser, gillespie. joel osteen will try to hold an event at nationals park. thousands were expected to fill the ballpark to see him last night. rain postponed the event, and instead the event will be seen today, and the tickets for yesterday will still be honored, and they will have better weather than last night. >> that was a good call on their part. nobody wanted to stand out in the rain. and i will be back in a couple minutes with a complete check of today's forecast and a look on down the road which will include very summer-like weather. ♪
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one man is dead and at least 100 people injured from severe weather in st. louis. it happened yesterday afternoon in the downtown area near the baseball stadium. around 200 people gathered at a bar at a game when winds at around 50 miles per hour blew a tent away. >> lifted it up and everybody inside the tent got hit with poles. >> the bar's owner says the man died from a lightning strike and not debris. the tent passed inspection but they are still investigating the
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accident. >> scary stuff. >> no doubt. >> i heard that one official said they just did not take the warning seriously, apparently. >> that's trouble. if there is any truth at all to that, the weather service is good about making sure they don't over warn and making sure they are caution about those things, and 50-mile-per-hour winds are technically not even a severe thunderstorm. technically that may not have been a severe thunderstorm, but when thunder roars go indoors, and that does not include tents and that means a real reinforced structure. outside for us, not much of a weather event for us in the next couple of days and that's okay by us. we have a soggy finish to your saturday and saturday night. and now we are getting rid of the rain drops as we scan the city camera around the skies of washington. plenty of clouds out there still
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first thing this morning. you can get a sense of a brightening in the sky, so as a result i think it will be a fine-looking afternoon. 47, a little chilly first thing this morning. the northwesterly wind will push the drier air in and bring sunshine back by later today. full cloud cover early on today and then we will break out in sunshine here by mid to late morning, and we will be in sunshine today. temperatures climbing into the upper 60s if we get bonus sunshine. but we are off to a cold start. morning jogs and bike rides. 39 in leesburg. 45, culpepper. 45, manassas. and here is storm 4 radar, nothing left in the way of organized rain showers this morning. the last of the rain drops moving out to sea. there are more showers and
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thunderstorms with severe weather out here across southern kansas and northern parts of the oklahoma and that's lifting northbound, as summer-like air down here across the deep south start to move in our directions. kansas city, be on the lookout, and may have flight delays there. no problems expected in and around the eastern seaboard. that will improve our day today. a clear night tonight and that means another chilly start first thing tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s once again and then we turn the corner tomorrow. another nice day with highs in the 60s but a nice warming trend coming our way as we get into tuesday, wednesday, warmer each and every day. and it's cooler than average. highs today, mid to upper 60s. tonight, chilly again. 30s and 40s. as you can see here in the seven-day forecast, a little
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stretch of kind of cool weather for today and tomorrow does not last long. tuesday, we jump it up. 77, tuesday afternoon. feeling more summery. 84 on friday, and you get the picture, that will feel more like summertime, and typical of that, tuesday and wednesday we will have the late afternoon shower chances, but nothing big. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. nats fans finely got to see harper. >> dan hellie has highlights from a busy saturday in this morning's sports minute. >> good morning, everyone. your sports minute starts with the nationals and the major league debut with bryce harper. you have to like the hustle. now in the top of the seventh, the nationals up 1-0, and
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billingsley still in the game, and harper takes him all the way to the wall. more hustle here. the helmet comes flying off and everything. a big debut for harper, but unfortunately for the nationals they cannot hold on despite another great pitching performance from strausburg. and then the caps now trail 1-0 in the series. game two in new york on monday. >> the redskins introduce the new face of the franchise. robert griffin iii. he said the first line, hail to the redskins. and then united playing much better on the pitch this year. meanwhile, we are talking boxing. seth mitchell defeated chaz witherspoon.
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the ref called the night. that's your sports minute. i am dan hellie. everybody have a great sunday. next up is reporters notebook. >> for now, here is jim handly. good morning, everybody. welcome to "reporter's notebook." marion barry drawing criticism over comments. last blast from a bigot. harsh words. tell us a little bit about the background on this. it had to do with nurses and filipino nurses. >> i think the washington post is pushing the card too far. i don't think marion barry is a
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bigot of any kind. he is talking about the quote unquote dirty asian restaurants in his community. with the filipinos, you go to the hospital and see nothing but filipino nurses, and if you have to recruit people from overseas, but we should be training people from our community. his points are good. the fact that the people have as a problem is he is singling out groups much people. that's when you run into a problem here. barry's point is trying to get people jobs here in the district, and he was speaking about the university, and he made a very legitimate point. >> first of all, what i take exception to is last blast.
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what makes them think that's the last -- >> you got that right. >> let's deal with that. let me piggy back on what jerry said. some folks may not believe this. you can go into ward 8, and you can go into black barbershop and beauty shop, and hear the same sentiment. no ifs, ands or buts about it. you will hear them say that in santa fe and los angeles they used to say it about the irish. >> sure. >> they are pushing people out. but the real issue is not that they are filipino. the real issue is that we should be spending money educating nurses, people in the health care, and that's the fastest growing industry, and most
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important of all, we should be paying them well enough. so you don't have to go to any other place. you can pay people right here. but you have -- so i think what -- that's what he was trying to say. but maybe i am saying it a little bit better. we don't want to divide the pot, and that's what the issue is about. low pay. and the lack of investment in education no matter who is in these schools. >> yeah, the idea of trying to get washen toneens, but some people feel like he said filipino workers, and he is singling them out and they could live in the district of khreof a
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columbia. that's where it hit the fan with marion to put it bluntly. he said something a couple weeks ago about asian americans, and that didn't do him any good, and now people are saying he is at that again. >> all right. let's say in d.c. in the council, a big debate over the summer youth jobs program. this has to do with marion barry once again, and david kau tanya once again. >> i can remember the first day of the summer jobs program under marion barry. it was a successful program. now the argument is we will put limitations on the types of people or types of young people that can apply for these jobs. for instance, the qualmy brown side says, for a young person to get a job, that depends on their
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grades, and marion barry is saying that's unfair and is discriminating. but the summer jobs should be open to everybody. the kids that really need the jobs may not have the best grades at all because they come from very poor -- very poor culturally as well as economic back grounds. >> full discloser. i have two daughters that got jobs in the jobs program that marion barry started. i would say that people feel this is a good thing for all of the youth of the city. gives them a chance to get a job. tying in from grades, this is not the place for that. it might unfortunately cut out the people that really need the jobs, and because they have not had a good boost in life and they are not getting good grades, this would improve their self-esteem and maybe they would get better grades. this is not a good idea from what i am getting. >> what they are calling for is
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a minimum grade point average, and i agree with the two gentlemen here. this is crazy. this is why i think barry is right. i started this program and there was not limitations. you have people listening right now who are professionals and did not have to worry about a minimum grade point average, but what they needed was a job, and it was a job that gave them discipline. maybe enough discipline that they realized the importantance going back to school and doing the right thing. i am extremely disappointed, particularly in brown, who would want to side with this. their idea is why reward failing students. you give that student a sense of direction, so in the fall when they get back, they have purpose
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in life. >> one little incentive by the fact that i want you to come. >> the program has been successful for all these years. >> is it rewarding failure or a hand out? >> let's move on to maryland after this short break, and virginia, too. we have more to get to so stay with us on reporter's noteb ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪
6:25 am our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. welcome back. maryland leaders considering two special sessions, one for the budget and one for gambling. dave, will we see two sessions and how much can they get done? >> the question is that is most likely, there will be two sessions. what will they get done? we don't know. one is supposed to be on taxes and the budget situation and the other will be on gambling. those are big hot button issues and they could not figure out what to do in the last session. the republicans are laughing at
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the democrats, which they don't often get to do. one said they can't chew gum and rub their stomach at the same time or walk on the same time. and they have to decide what to do. the gambling issue is something prince county leaders want, and there are other peoples that oppose it because they don't want to see their profits diminished and there's the usual criticism of gambling and they say it's a tax on the poor and brings rif raft into the state. that's my filibuster on these two issues. >> let's jump to virginia. we will have a very, very tight senate race. george allen and the poll, and i think he is up slightly over tim kaine. what are we going to see over the summer in this competitive race? >> i don't know.
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i think it's still too early. remember, a lot of this polling is now tied to president obama. kaine is not only the democratic chair, but he is closely aligned with president obama. if obama's stock goes up it could bring kaine up. virginia was key in the election. >> it's interesting, reverse coattails operating here. neither candidate can count on their person, their presidential-type of person helping him this time. >> in virginia, romney should and he was running up unopposed in the primary, but how popular
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is he in virginia? >> well, president obama is going to virginia. and he will be speaking in virginia. >> the virginia common wealth, another college -- >> yeah, and something he is looking at as a swing state campaign wise. this could change the whole picture because mr. obama is going to speak there. but i still think of virginia as on the fence. i don't know why. this is always sticking in my head when we talk about virginia politics because it's such a divided state. northern virginia and southern part of the virginia, it's a big story. >> but if the economy perks up it could help obama, and if it doesn't that could help romney. we are still not sure how this is going to go. it's going to be very close. let's talk about a lot of construction in northern virginia on the highways. cell phone use. new reports have come out. 40% of drivers in work zones use their cell phones.
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what an alarming number. the number of accidents we have in the work zones, all around the region. it's scary. >> d.c., has, and -- >> no law in virginia. >> i must -- i have a personal attitude about this -- like a lot of things, but i wish that there would be strict enforcement of this. it is dangerous because it's not just cell phoning, it's texting, it's everything else. there are too many darn distractions, and then when you have a construction zone. can you imagine the tyson corner area? it's difficult enough going through there throughout the distraction of the cell phone. >> well, that is so confusing. looks like you are out in space with a space ship and you are on the cell phone, too. joel makes an interesting point. i really lean on law enforcement here, because i think that law enforcement -- i have seen
6:30 am
police in cars talking on the cell phone. i see taxicab drivers talking on cell phones and bus drivers talking on cell phones. evidently there's a laxity in the law. but i highly support the fact that we need to be more strict on cell phone uses. >> the law is clear but not being enforced. frankly, it's not an easy law to info enforce. you have to watch every car every minute. the bluetooth thing when your hands are still on the wheel, that is something else. but texting or putting it to your ear, people are not obeying the law. >> aaa says even if you are talking on the phone with blue truth, that's still a distraction. metro employees placed on leave after a derailment in
6:31 am
rosslyn. was this human error? that's the question. >> metro spokesman saying it's human error and the employment was placed on certain leave. >> i am not sure if they determined that yet though. >> when i look at the sound bites with how people say, some people say metro is doing a good job and some say they are not. >> there are memories of what happened in 2009 with the horrible crash and to have this thing even for a brief time leave the rails sparks an awful lot of questions about is metro getting better and are the people better there running it and what is the safety investigation. >> the initial investigation must have shown it was possible human error, and because of what dave said the metro board and management acted swiftly so they could renew confidence or
6:32 am
provide confidence in people riding the lines that were on it. >> we have to leave it there, gentlemen. thank you, and great to see you all this sunday morning. thank you for having us in for reporter's notebook. enjoy the rest of your weekend. welcome to news4 today. i am richard skwrojordan. >> i am angie goff. i need to begin with coffee. >> yeah, a lot of people do. it's a gloom y start. >> yeah, the unfortunate part is the sun is out. >> there we go. >> oh, gorgeous. >> you were waiting for the sun? there it is. the sun is out there.
6:33 am
i was not 100% sure. you are never really sure in the middle of the night as the clouds are totally gone. i did not see any stars on my way in and good news is the clouds are on their way earlier than expected. it's going to be a lovely day start to finish. morning dampness. be careful this morning and it's chilly. 39 degrees right now in gaithersburg. 41 in ash burn, virginia. 49 in manassas. and 47 degrees in fairfax. 46 in waldorf, maryland. the sun is shining in the eastern sky and not much of a rain threat coming our way and the last little drops in shenandoah valley, those will be gone shortly. today's planner, a little on the cool side for the next couple hours. but turn into a nice day today. temperatures climbing mid to upper 60s, and then tomorrow back to work and school. another very cold start for tomorrow morning by last day of
6:34 am
april standards, 30s and 40s. that's on the cold side. highs tomorrow, once again, mid-60s. short of average, but the seven-day forecast is filled with warm numbers, so we'll talk about that a little bit. >> it's a good thing we have the camera out there because we would never know if the sun is out. >> yeah, it's pretty. looked like a little starburst. >> yeah, it did. i like that. >> thank you, chuck. a dramatic end for a manhunt for a fugitive in washington state. they found the body of a man in a bunker. peter keller shot and killed his wife and 18-year-old daughter and then set their home on fire. pictures inside the home led police to keller's underground bunker carved out of the side of the mountain near seattle. they say keller spent eight years stocking the bunker with
6:35 am
things like guns and ammunition and propane tanks. >> this is an extraordinary case and tremendous work done by a lot of people. >> police are now trying to make sure the bunker is free of booby traps, and then they plan to destroy it. and police in tucson, arizona, hopes a surveillance camera can help with a missing little girl. the people in the video could have been leaving one of several bars nearby and could be potential witnesses in their case. a $50,000 reward has been offered for information leading to finding the 6-year-old isabel. the company of a new york construction company is in hot water after a trial involving his company. earlier this week the man on the
6:36 am
left was acquitted of charges of a crane collapse that killed two workers. immediately after the verdict, loma posted a picture on the web. now the intersection of gallos road and the high will be closed. you will have to follow the posted detour signs. they should finish the work sometime this afternoon. and a jury found four police officers not guilty of beating rodney king. two decades later, some of the key players are speaking out about then and now.
6:37 am
here is nbc's lester holt. >> all it took was two little words. >> not guilty. >> to light the fuse that would erupt the city into flames. and knocking an already embattled police department back on its heels. bob green, now an lapd commander in south central l.a. remembers that afternoon. >> there was a lot of concern because things were tense within the community. >> cecil murray was a pastor at the time. >> when i went outside the church, there an inferno. it was hell. >> the match was struck when the amateur video was shown of the police officers beating roddy king. >> how severe was it? >> i was screaming to the death, and then somebody, please come
6:38 am
out, and i was screaming as loud as i could so somebody could hear me before i died. >> they would brutalize the city. >> four officers were charged with assaulting king and put on trial. >> very happy. >> news of their acquittal hit south l.a. like a lightning bolt. a shellshocked city would see a vicious beating. l.a. turned and the death toll rose. >> whose idea was it for you to go public and for you to say something? >> i wanted to say something, you know. i didn't. i pulled back. and then the lawyer asked me, can you say something? >> can we all get along. >> rodney's five simple words
6:39 am
guided the last 20 years as they have applied the lessons of 1992. >> you can not grow and be a great city if you are leaving entire communities behind. >> the lapd has added officers and creating partnerships with the community. >> it has positively changed. >> 20 years later, rodney king still suffers with alcohol and an occasional run in with the law. >> are you comfortable with how people see you? >> this is the healing part for me and i accept that role fully. >> that was lester holt reporting. the l.a. riots lasted six days after the verdict and all 54 people died and thousands more were hurt and property damaged topped $1 billion.
6:40 am
the time is 6:39, and david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" will join us. >> also ahead. >> i want to thank my tenth grade high school teacher that said i would never amount to anything if kept screwing around in class. mr. mills, i am about to hi-five the president of the united states. is that okay. eat it, mills. okay. whoever said that "less is more"
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tphaout tkpwreupbg. newt gingrich finally makes
6:44 am
it out of the white house. does this give the former massachusetts governor any more momentum head into the general election. joining us to break down the race is moderator of "meet the press." >> last night, i thought about newt gingrich saying don't stay in it, there's more time. >> he held on long. >> he did. it has been time for a long time, but i think newt gingrich wanted to stay in and saying he had more influence. there was no penalty for him staying in, but this has long been over. we have been in the general election mode for a long time frankly. when these guys, santorum, and gingrich, when they do get out they want to extract some price with romney, and that's what really the choreography is about now. >> we now see they are looking towards the general election and we are seeing barack obama and
6:45 am
mitt romney trying to reel in the younger voters. it looks like obama still has the edge. they want to capitalize off the fact that there is not as much momentum for the president in 2008. >> that's the key. for younger voters us not the 2008 time, and there's not going to be the excitement. what you are trying to see the president do is encounter that. romney is seeing it's a vote for perhaps up to grabs to some degree and will go after it on the reality of what is tough for people coming out of college and the economy. >> when the president was on jimmy fallon this week, he boosted the likability effect. >> he is taking hits from republicans. >> this is shaping up of more of
6:46 am
a cool guy president versus more of a square and a nerdy guy trying to challenge him. romney is not running away from the image. he is trying to be seen as i may not be cool but i can turn the economy around. >> when we talk about his image, we are also seeing talk about his vp pick. >> these are -- former vice president dick cheney said these are vice presidental decisions. the question is does he want a game-change moment that senator mccain had -- >> would that be arubio. >> sarah palin was more surprising than that. the conventional wisdom will
6:47 am
change, because we have months to think about this. he will double down on the idea of what is an alternative to the incumbent president. will it be the senator from ohio. >> you have both campaigns covered on this week? >> yeah, i wanted to go inside the campaigns. hilary rosen will join us on the roundtable for that. i will talk to robert gibbs and ed gillespie. >> on "press pass," you kind of have romney and obama. >> yeah, i talked to jay leno last week on "press pass," and i got to talk about the year in comedy for "saturday night live," and how they approach
6:48 am
imitating the two figures. it's a lot of fun. >> a fun show. >> speaking of comedy, a good time last night, huh? >> it was fun. presidents do well in that setting. you can't miss making fun of us and making fun of yourself and it was a good night. >> all right. thank you. president obama has yet to poke fun at himself. >> he made fun of some of the attendees in the process. >> seriously guys, what am i doing here? i am the president of the united states and i am opening for jimmy kimmel. >> i could not be more thrilled to be here tonight at the white house correspondents' dinner. chuck todd, love you brother. delighted to see some of the cast members of "glee" are here.
6:49 am
and jimmy kimmel, it's an honor, man. >> there you go. the president took aim at mitt romney and donald trump and newt gingrich. if you been the to the dinner or after parties we want to see some of the pictures so as long as they are appropriate, so probably early on in the night. you can tweet them to us at news4 today. we will show them throughout the show this morning. >> if you watched the dinner on tv we still want to hear from you as well. tweet us on what you thought was a highlight of the dinner. was it the president? s it jimmy kimmel? was it something else? you can share your answer on our news4 today facebook page. you got a good picture of matthew moore -- >> yeah, that was fine. i was not invited to the
6:50 am
dinner. are you kidding me? we do have a little sunshine. we also have patchy thick fog in some places. we will talk about how long the fog will last and how long the sunshine will stay. sunshine will stay. don't go away.
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a big night last night and probably the biggest accessory was the umbrella. >> no doubt. >> i was so happy to see all the valet -- they were fully stocked and ready so they must have listened to your forecast. >> the first drops rolled in late afternoon and into the evening and it was soggy and nasty -- >> it was a soaker. >> it added up to one-tenth to a quarter inch of rain.
6:54 am
i don't know how the mood was inside, probably pretty festive. >> once you got to the bar -- >> i did not hear that. and we had a lot of clouds around through the overnight hours, but as we work our way into the morning now, the clouds are pulling out. still have little cloud cover to the south and east but not too much. just enough to block out the sun from moment to moment. it's going to be a beautiful day to be outside. now that we can see the sun, things are looking up. 47 now at national airport. winds are out of the northwest. a northwesterly breeze. and a nice warmup. a good recovery. so be ready for it. clearing and cool this morning, but turning mostly sunny this afternoon, and on the howhole, nice day today. as far as current temperatures, they are still a bundle up factor, temperatures are in the
6:55 am
mid and upper 30s in the western suburbs, to near 50 in parts of far southern maryland. the good news, the rain drops are all but gone. one or two lonesome sprinkles into shenandoah valley and that's about it and even those are fading away. more showers with thunderstorms, some of which are quite strong to severe across parts of the oklahoma, kansas, and southwestern missouri. if you are flying out towards st. louis and kansas city and even chicago later today, be on the lookout because there could be weather delays. high pressure is in charge of our weather. a cool start today but no problems. sunshine is on its way back for a pleasant afternoon. clear skies tonight and that will set us up for one more real chilly start. 30s and 40s once again. after that cool start, another nice day coming and the warm front just down to the south and west promises warmer and much more summer-like weather as we
6:56 am
get towards the middle and the second half of the upcoming week. with that in mind, here is your forecast today. some clouds around here this morning, but on the whole, a nice afternoon and some sunshine. it's an improvement over yesterday's high temperatures but still cooler than average. tonight, 37 in the western suburbs to 45 in town. cool today and tomorrow. and then tuesday, may 1st. it will feel like may. wednesday, may 2nd, we will start to feel like june. wednesday, thursday and friday, and with the warmth comes a hint of humidity, and as a resulted a chance for scattered showers. certainly nowhere near a washout. get ready for the shorts and the sleeves coming out soon. >> and extra strength hair spray. >> you said humidity.
6:57 am
>> no, we don't need that. >> yeah, we are good. and a program called dog tv. check out the affect it is having on dog. san diego is the only test market right now. the cable channel is shot, produced and edited for dogs. it's designed to stimulate and relax fido and keep him entertained while you are away. move over, chuck, richard, and some say the channel could become dog's best friend. >> you can't replace -- >> teddy wouldn't like that? >> does it pet him? does the show pet him? ♪
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good sunday morning, everyone. i am angie goff. >> and i am richard jordan. police have arrested and charged a man with murdering his pregnant girlfriend in prince georges county. nathan rogers is charged with stabbing her to death. r rogers will be charged with first-degree murder. and then a man people say is
7:01 am
responsibility with the petworth attacks is charged with two assaults. one includes a man saying he was struck from behind. bryce harper is officially in the big leagues. he hit a double last night against the dodgers. matt kemp spoiled his debut by winning a game with a walk-off homer in the tenth inning. don't worry, the feeling of june will be here soon. are you okay, there? >> i am fine. i went to take a breath and inhaled down the wrong pipe, and i will be fine, don't worry. no need for cpr, here. >> i am just looking out for you. >> maybe the shock paneling -- >> that would be good tv. >> yeah. it's a bit of a chilly start, first thing. the sun has returned.
7:02 am
that's welcomed news. you can't see in this particular picture, but look at the gleam of sunshine. a good way to get your sunday started. temperatures are cool this morning. 39 right now as you head out towards germantown, maryland. and 46, though, as you get down towards waldorf and law plate yo. that's welcomed news after a chilly and cloudy day yesterday. clearing but cool. temperatures in the 40s and 50s through mid morning. and then sunshine coming our way this afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid and perhaps the upper 60s around the area. sunshine is out earlier than expected. as a result, i think the upper 60s is a very good forecast. tomorrow's planner is another very chilly start tomorrow morning but another pleasant
7:03 am
afternoon coming. temperatures in the upper 60s. mainly late tomorrow, and tomorrow night. but i don't think we will have to learn about rain inside the beltway. a nice one day and tomorrow. summery, and we will talk about that in a bit. >> can we do a shout-out. she's a loyal viewer for our morning show. laura, we all say hello. we have nbc 4's "viewpoint" coming up. >> we will be back in a bit with another update. welcome to "viewpoint." i am pat lawson. >> to date this organization has
7:04 am
had 20,000 make a good first impression. they look at issues like homelessness and addiction. this program builds women's self-esteem. suited for change equips them to make the most of the dollars they earn, which is labor department says today amounts to 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. our guests joins us the president for the suited for change board. we also have a client that is now gainfully employed. what is your response to that kind of statistic? >> it has gone up from 59 cents on the dollar in the early '70s.
7:05 am
i do think women enter professions that don't pay as high as men's professions, and mainly teaching and the health professions and child care. it's just one of those issues. i mean, it's going up and we need to keep working on it. we also provide skills and workshops for women to help them get an edge and keep their job. >> barbara, that statistic shows that for african-american women and latina's pay cap is greater. >> sharon was mentioning the fact that what they do is gain the skills to gain the competitive edge. they have difficulty identifying the skills that they carry into the workplace. sometimes men are socialized to tout their own talents more
7:06 am
effectively than women. so in our educational piece, which is called "pathways to employment," we try to focus on giving women the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. >> as the mission changes after 20 years, and how has the economy impacted what you are doing? >> the mission has not changed. that's what is wonderful about suited for change. nothing has changed in terms of serving almost 1,000 women a year. what we see now is expanding our responsibilities. we are not just providing our suits, but we are providing education for women to hold on to the job and advocate for themselves. that's a big issue. we had a client who got her paycheck and was able to get a job and got her paycheck and it was not the right amount that she thought it would be, and she
7:07 am
went home. so teaching women to go in and talk to hr and clear up things is a big point for us. >> did she go back or get the job back or did she lose the job back? >> yes. i came to suited for change through entities that helped people get a job. i was out of work for three years, and i was out of work for disabilities. i worked for 16 years in the hospital of philadelphia as a medical secretary, and i was unable to work anymore. i decided i needed to work so i worked to get myself back to that place. when i came to suited for
7:08 am
change, they helped me find some clothes, because i had lost a lot of weight, and those things that you don't know. i came into the office, and you know, i didn't know a lot of things. i thought it was going to be the same routine, you know, where they give you things to send you out. i didn't know my size. they helped to size me up and asked me what colors do i wear. they were very personalized. >> so they prepared you physically to get back in the job market. but what about your psyche? you were out of work for three years? >> yes, and by giving me those clothes and by making me feel that i was ready to get back into the workforce, i was dressing like everybody else was dressing. when i went for my interview, i felt like i could hand over my resume, and that's what i could -- i could give them my skills and everything and not
7:09 am
sit there and, oh, this person is looking at how i am dressed. here i am in the suit and i don't have to worry about how i am dressed or what i look like. i can give them my skills. i can say i have done this for 16 years, and i know how the do these things and you can hire me. >> you regained your con tfiden? >> yes.
7:10 am
7:11 am
we are talking with a student for change this morning, an organization that helps women find work and keep work. and you are now employed.
7:12 am
you suffered from a disability. you are wearing the same suit the organization put you in when you went to meet with them. tell us about the first meeting. >> i went to the american psychological association to talk about them. and all of a sudden this head pops out from among two others, and she said i was a former client. i thought, if you planned this, it would never happen. and so i asked her to tell her story to the organization. and they didn't know that she was a client either. and she was -- i thought that was a very brave thing to do. but she has really been helping us quite a bit. she speaks at some of our events and she will be speaking at our anniversary event next month. >> what is the biggest challenge that women face when they come to your organization?
7:13 am
>> i think women who have been unemployed for a significant period of time lose ground. they lose ground in terms of losing their self confidence, and technology is changing so rapidly in the workplace, and women that have not been employed feel they cannot get back in and do what is necessary. the suits are important. you can't get a job without a successful interview, so providing professional clothing is very important to what we do, but i think what is equally important is number one, the self confidence that we give these women, as she has spoken to, and pathways to the employment workshops, giving them skills so they can take that into the workplace so they can kcollaborate.
7:14 am
these are subjects we take out into the community and partnership with various community organizations, or referral partners. we are going out into the community where the women live so we can teach them transferable skills. >> you said you worked 16 years before you became unemployed. >> yes. >> so when you got back into the workforce, with a kinds of skills did you need? >> i needed computer skills. word, excel, things of that nature. and i acquired those while i was working. i needed to brush up on the social skills, getting back into the office environment. things of that nature. interview skills. things like that, that you just lose by sitting at home not working. you lose contact and i needed those.
7:15 am
>> tell us about the women and their different ages. high profile careers are more important. there are saw 'tissics that show over the past 15 years, more older women are saying my career is more important to me, and older women sometimes do have to get their skills retooled, especially in this economy? >> the average age of our clients is 39. most of them have children and they are heads of households. a lot of them have jobs already but they are low-paying jobs. what they are trying to do is improve themselves and skills and attempt to improve their financial situation and become economicly independent. >> let's talk about pathways to independence. exactly how does it work? >> we work in conjunction with community partners, where we take our comprehensive
7:16 am
curriculum out in the community. we teach in the community where the women live. we focus on soft skills, and i don't like that term and think about it as a disgnomer, because these are hard-core skills you need to survive and thrive in the workplace. >> as? >> advocating for yourself. you need to be able to communicate with your co-workers, with your supervisors, and that's primarily the focus. we go beyond -- we do teach resume writing. we teach interviewing tips, but that is not enough to get the competitive edge that you need. you have to be able to affectively advocate and communicate and interact in a collaborative way in the modern workforce. if you talk to workforce
7:17 am
development professionals, they say increasingly the soft skills are the pivotal element in terms of long-term successful employment. >> we have to take a break and we will talk about suited for changes when we come back.
7:18 am
i am angie goff here. police have charged a man with murdering his pregnant girlfriend. he is charged with stabbing ross to death. her body was found friday night in district heights. and also a judge ordered michael davis to be held without bond. he is charged with two assaults. one includes a man that says he was struck from behind.
7:19 am
and bryce harper is officially in the big leagues. he hit a double last night against the dodgers. matt kemp spoiled his debut by winning the game with a walk-off homer in the ninth inning. now back to "viewpoint." i am talking with women from suited for change, and they are doing good work and putting women to work. in this economy that's a challenge. barbara, you were just talking about your clients, your partners, rather. and the ywca is one of your partners. tell us what you are doing with the ywca and others. >> ywca, they have women that need to learn the soft skills.
7:20 am
we will do internships and they will have a job. being able to teach the same young women ten different skills draws them in. we can track how we are doing, which is something that we really want to do in the future. >> how well do the women who go through your program do in the workforce? >> well, we are trying to gain better statistics on that. >> we're in a project now where we are looking to our seventh chargest partners to help us track the clients that come to us. because in the past, suited has not had the resources to be able to do that. and it's important both for our grant making and for our own statistics to find out how many women get jobs and how many keep the jobs. we are working on that now.
7:21 am
>> i have known of your organization for most of the years that i have been in washington, and i forgot the suits that i donated to you, i left them at home in the closet but will get them to you. many associates you with the group that suits women for work, and that's a small part of what you do. the fact is you do everything that you do for free. how do you all make it? >> well, we make it certainly through grants and corporate sponsorships, and we rely very heavy on the generosity of the community. we have many, many people. many women opened up their closets and have given generously. that's important because it stocks our clothing boutique, and that's a focal point of our mission. and we also need financial donations. i think we need to do a better job of letting our supporters know we deliver our services
7:22 am
primarily through the volunteers -- an army of volunteers that have been with us for years. we have two full-time staff, but even with the owe tpeuefficient we need financial support from the community. we need to pay the rent and keep the boutique in a professional matter and now that we are going out into the community and providing education, we need dollars. we need support. we have a fund-raiser coming up on may 10th to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and we are inviting people to join us in our celebration, but we are also asking women to the extent that they are wanting to donate clothing. if can you tuck, you know, a small donation into the pocket of that suit, it would be greatly appreciated. >> i have to go back and repack. got to take them out of the bag and do this all over again. tell us, you are working at the
7:23 am
american psychological association. tell us what you are doing and how you like your job? >> i am an administrate eive assistant and i love my job. i am doing something different every day. i am learning things. i am learning computer. the people i work with, my co-workers are very nice. we -- the job atmosphere, it's very employee friendly. people say thank you and people compliment each other. i had a birthday about a week ago and i got so many happy birthdays, and it was just a very nice atmosphere. to wake up and want to go to work, you know, it's just good for you. it's good for your whole -- just your whole self. >> your son is how old? >> 20. >> he is 20? >> yes. >> what has it been like for him
7:24 am
watching him go through this period of employment and then unemployment and then disability, and the depression that you suffered? >> actually, he has weathered this entire storm his entire life with me. he is happy now that i am happy. and he struggled the years that i struggled. he actually gives me words of encouragement. plenty of mornings i wake up and have a text from him. he is happy i am working where i am and he gives me the words that i give him. >> he reminds you of what you taught him during those really tough years? >> yes, yes. >> i know he is happy to see you back on your feet? >> yeah, back on my feet. just, i do -- my job basically
7:25 am
is a nonprofit organization. we work with the public getting out messages of health and psychological health, and i am actually very interested in things that deal with getting the help -- the public healthier. that's what we do. >> all right. >> it's very interesting. >> it's good that you are back on the road. we are going to continue to talk about suited for change right after this. it was like a red rash...
7:26 am
very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter.
7:27 am
for more of the inside story, visit welcome back. we are talking about suited for change which was mentioned in the "washington post" which said it was 25 places as a good place to volunteer. >> they focused on one of our
7:28 am
volunteers who has been here for eight years. we have a volunteer that has been here for 14 years. like other nonprofits, volunteers come and go, and these volunteers are there on their specific day every week at a specific time. we have a calendar of when they come in. actually, the suiting that goes on there, it's not just people come in and grab something. a volunteer spends 45 to 50 minutes, and sometimes over an hour with each client. so it's really like having a personal shopper when you go into a department store. >> a consultation. they are also giving them interview tips as they talk to them. you actually see the look on their faces when they leave. clients are just floored. it was not something you expected either, right? >> no, they spend a lot of time with you and they give you a lot of clothes, tips, and a lot of ideas. it actually makes you feel like,
7:29 am
you know, you are being helped, and the entire office knows your name and everybody speaks to you, and it's really, really comforting. >> barbara, tell us about the 20th anniversary luncheon that is coming up up in may. >> it's on may 10th at the capitol hi capitol hial hilton downtown. you should go to the suited for change website, which is you can purchase tickets on the website, and we would love to have many people join us. >> you must feel that it has been quite a task to get here. 20 years is a long time. >> it's a long time. we have developed a
7:30 am
representation and goodwill in the community through that longevity. we will be here through thick and thin. there has been challenged in the last couple years, because of the financial turndown, and also it has been more difficult in terms of certain sources of financial support. we are here for the long haul to serve the women in the community. what i tell people is that investing -- supporting suited for change is like seed money. it's an investment in woman in the community, because the women that we serve are the women that want to get back on their feet and get a job so they could support themselves and their families and pay taxed and be a contributing part of the community. so your support of the organization supports the community at large. >> we are talking about women helping women.
7:31 am
>> >> exactly. and that's what we see. we see the women who come and contribute. they bring their suits. they come and are part of most of our events. they love doing it. and sometimes you have to kind of tug, because that coach bag, they are not sure they want to give to you. but i say you can still keep it, and they will say, no, you can have it. i want you to have it. >> well, sharon flynn, and ivona willis, thank you for coming. congratulations on two decades of suited for work. stay with us, as new4 today continues. welcome. >> we want to begin with a look at our weather.
7:32 am
things were slick and misty to start with, but i am happy to hear that's going to change. >> we are happier about that this is exactly what i said yesterday would happen. >> isn't it always that way? >> i think it is. sometimes reality is different between my ears and everybody else's. showers moved out over the overnight hours and thousand we have sunshine in the area. so you folks that live near the potomac river, be on the lookout. if you are crossing over the chain bridge or key bridge, there may be patchy fog from time to time. temperatures are on their way up. 39 in winchester, and out towards tom's brook. there are a few sprinkles down
7:33 am
towards khacharlottesville. i think it will be a beautiful to be outside and enjoying the weather. we will jump up to the 50s in the next few hours, and in the mid-60s by early this afternoon. thanks to the sunshine coming out, i think we will have the high temperature today. somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. mid and upper 60s for today. tomorrow, another very chilly start in the morning. 30s and 40s, but another pleasant afternoon. if you need '70s and '80s, the seven-day forecast will be for you. topping the news this morning, a tragedy as a pregnant woman is found murdered. her boyfriend is now behind bars charged with killing her and their unborn child. news4's derrick ward has this story. >> reporter: it was a happy time
7:34 am
for jasmine. a new job and baby on the way. >> she was excited about buying items for the baby. she wanted a girl, so she recently had a sonogram. she was excited about that. >> reporter: by friday, things began to take an ominous turn. jasmine did not turn up for work and phone calls went to voice mail. >> i began to get nervous, and she put tweets on twitter all the time and she had not been on twitter all morning. >> reporter: but, little did the family know their answers would come to a report. there was a car searched and her body was found. >> it was determined she was deceased at that time and she
7:35 am
suffered from stab wounds to the upper body. >> she was found blocks away from the home of her boyfriend, 22-year-old nathan rogers. by saturday morning, police would arrest him and charge him with first-degree murder. two lives ended violently, one with unknown promise and the other brightened the lives of those that knew and loved her. >> loved children. >> she just -- she was a wonderful person. i watched her grow up, and she grew up to be a beautiful young lady. >> i just want to know why? what type of person would do such a thing to a woman and her unborn child? >> derrick ward, news4. new details in a string of attacks in d.c. a new victim has come forward saying he also was assaulted. a man that police say could be responsible for the attacks is behind bars this morning. a judge ordered michael davis to
7:36 am
be held in jail without bond. the latest victim of one of them came forward saying he was struck from behind friday. police say he identified davis from a photo lineup. the 19-year-old also faces charges in the assault of a woman friday night. officers heard a woman's cry for help and then arrested davis in an alley nearby. now to decision 2012, where the race for virginia senate seat is heating up. the four republican candidates squared off in the first of three debates in roanoke. all four are vying for the gop nomination. allen, who is the frontrunner, took plenty of criticism from the other candidates.
7:37 am
all four agree that they supported the states right to not support same-sex marriage. >> we don't have a nominee yet, but according to what we believe we support the nominee. >> i will do formal endorsements on my own time. i know the media likes to control things, but i will do that on my own. women all over the country are speaking out against what they believe is a war on women. women took part in protest around america yesterday, rallying against proposals they say are anti-women. organizers called for reproductive rights, equal pay and the violence against women act. they say all of the rights are under assault from legislation at both the state and federal level. other groups, like the national
7:38 am
organization for women and code pink have voiced their support for these rallies. they say women need to speak up to defend their rights. chuckling forecast is calling for a bright and sunny sky. but crowds are packing the stadium, and joel osteen had to postpone the night of hope. rain in the forecast cancelled the plans last night and instead of event will take place this afternoon at 4:00. the gates to the park open at 2:30. tickets bought for yesterday's date will still be honored. apparently if you can't make it today, they will give arefund. >> good to know. one of the biggest nights in the year in washington. >> i want to thank mr. mills, my 10th grade teacher, who said i would never amount to anything
7:39 am
if i kept screwing up in class. mr. mills, i am about to hi-five the president of the united states. eat it, mills! >> some of the funnier moment
7:40 am
i'm drinkin' dunkin'. we're drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin' iced. some people wake up with an alarm clock, i wake up to dunkin'. sometimes, when i need a little pick-me-up, i'll go get a dunkin'.
7:41 am
it hits the spot. you're ready to go. dunkin' keeps me going. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
7:42 am
no matter your political affiliation, you will likely admit president obama can be a funny guy. >> he showcased his funny skills last night at last night's to the corresponds' dinner.
7:43 am
>> that's wrong. >> he was tough on him last year. remember that? the donald got fired up. the president also poked fun at kim kardashian saying he didn't know why she was at the event. >> we want to see some of the pictures from that event as long as they are tame. we may show some of them on the air throughout the morning. >> even if you watched the dinner on tv, we want to hear from you. tweet us what you thought was the highlight of the dinner. did you think it was president obama? was it jimmy kimmel? you can share your comments on our facebook page. >> it was good to see the people
7:44 am
there. >> star spotting. >> yeah, one time out of the year when they bring the dazzle to washington. >> we want to check in right now with lester holt. he joins us live from new york. you are back in new york already? >> yeah, i took the redeye back in. we will talk about the horrible collapse. one person died and 100 others were hurt. we are live at the scene to bring you the latest on that. and then president obama got your laughs. coming up, we will hear some of his punch lines. take a look at the names that took part in the star-studded eve event. and ryan o'neal opens up about farrah fawcett three years after
7:45 am
she passed away. back to you guys. police say the manhunt for a fugitive in washington state led them to quite the discovery. authorities say a man wanted for killing his family had an underground bunker carved out in the side of the mountain. peter keller shot and killed highs wife and 18-year-old daughter and then set their home on fire. he shot and killed himself before a swat team got there. police say keller spent eight years stocking that bunker with weapons and ammunition. people who knew him said they were surprised. >> this person that we knew had a whole other side to him, and we can't make sense out of it. >> police are trying to determine that the bunker
7:46 am
doesn't have traps before they destroy it. and in tucson, arizona, parents say they last saw their little girl when they put her to bed on april 20th, and she was gone the next morning. the people in the video could be leaving a nearby bar and possibly saw something near the child's woman. there's a $50,000 reward for what could lead to the little girl. >> it's really mysterious. >> i agree. switching gears out of that, the chill in the air is still here. >> yeah, a little chilly this morning. first thing this morning, you will probably need one more layer for one of the last days of april, and the
7:47 am
♪ ♪
7:48 am
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shaping up to be a nice day. >> the sunshine is out a couple hours earlier than expected, which there are no complaints from any of us and i suspect no complaints from anybody at home either. today will be almost the complete opposite of yesterday. make your plans without fear or
7:50 am
hesitation to go outside today and enjoy the great weather. sunshine is already out there now and we get to keep the sunshine start to finish today. temperatures will stand nicely to the sunshine but moisture in the low levels of the atmosphere, so not as toasty warm today as we will get later in the week. look at the early-morning sunshine bouncing off the east face of the lincoln memorial as we scan a little further down to the national mall there. beautiful weather out there. there is barely a breeze out there first thing this morning. a light wind out of the north averaging 6 miles per hour. the north north westerly breeze will be with us for the reminder of the day, bringing in the increased risk of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon temperatures ill westbound up in the mid and low 50s in the next couple hours.
7:51 am
before we start our trend back down to what will be a very cool start to tomorrow morning, and mid and upper 30s across northern and western maryland, and mid-40s across much of northern virginia. tomorrow morning i think nearly everybody west and north will be well down into the 30s. no frost advisories yet but we will keep an eye out. clear skies over head. don't need to worry about rain in washington today. and the showers going down near the norfolk area. and then sprinkles towards cincinnati will stay to the south today. in and around town today, no worries of showers. kansas city, be on the lookout, big thunderstorms in the middle of the country could slow down airplanes today. for us, no complaints at all.
7:52 am
and pushing the clouds further on out, so we will be left with all the sunshine back in place. clear skies tonight and the high pressure over head, a very chilly start tomorrow morning. 30s and low 40s, pretty much area wide. a lot of the places out to the west will be well down into the 30s. tomorrow, another nice day coming. mid-60s, and upper 60s again tomorrow. warmer and much more summer like as we get towards tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. it will be toasty warm around here. for today, clouds pulling out. sunshine. nice day. highs mid to upper 60s. as can you see here on the all-important seven-day forecast, 77 on tuesday with a risk of an afternoon thunder shower, and then low to mid-80s for thursday and friday. plenty of warm air coming and so it will be may so we can accept
7:53 am
the warm weather without me complaining about it. >> thank you. well, bryce harper made his nationals debut. the capitals played the rangers and redskins, and they introduced rh3. >> he got four hours of sleep. the 19-year-old anxious about making his major league debut last night. he was already doing some damage. harper signed autographs for the fans out in l.a. i am sure they appreciated that. and then watching this guy, strausburg do work on the mound. he struck out matt kemp twice in the inning. and then in the seventh, adam
7:54 am
laroche, the national's hardest bat continues. a solo home run. it's 1-0, good guys. later in the seventh, harper's third at-bat of the game and he finally gets into one. over kemp's head. harper wants that double badly, and he gets it. harper feeling good. his first big league hit. and then in the bottom of the seventh, ellis singles off strausburg. and harper is coming home. a play at the plate. and ramos tags him, but he gets his hand in there and gets through. the nationals lose to los angeles and then frank robinson honored with a statue.
7:55 am
chris davis, watch him get a hold of this pitch. it is gone. i may way gone. off the warehouse in right. his fourth home run of the year. the orioles win 10-1. talking hockey now, 1-0 against the rangers. got sloppy and it costs them. a below-average performance from a rookie goalie, and combined luck put the capitals in a hole they could not dig themselves out of. one thing to remember, holtby is still playing in his first season. and then ain't going to stop me, and capitals down 1-0. and then second period. this was really nice. a beautiful saucer pass. up and over the ranger sticks, and right to chimera.
7:56 am
right between the legs. we are tied at one. and then third period, rangers up 2-1 and adding more. richards with the puck, and he takes it to holtby. the caps know they did not bring their a-game yesterday. >> i think we created a couple chances tonight and hit the post three times, i think. it's tough but overall we didn't play a good game. we have to play tighter. just be better. >> those goals in the third, they are goals i would like to have back. but can you just tell, when you have a low -- oh, a low few shots in the game, you usually know there is not a flow and there is no, you know, we are not making crisp plays. we are not and that's what happened tonight. >> redskins making interesting
7:57 am
decisions on the last day of the draft. mike shanahan got another quarterback. he drafted cousins in the fourth round. and they released beck. while that was going on, there was a party at fedex field and the honored guest, robert griffin iii. he trotted out and took the stage in front of almost 20,000 fans. rg3 did a little singing, too. hail to the redskins, and he is working on the rest. he is not feeling any pressure yet after his supervised pet rally, we got a chance to chat with rg3. >> what will be the biggest challenge now that you are a professional and getting paid to do this? >> just earning the trust of my teammates. when you are the top pick people assume you are the leader of the team and everybody has to accept
7:58 am
you are the quarterback, and no, you have to earn the respect. it may not be a hard thing but that's what i face. >> and the nba tip-off, not a pleasant game for the bulls. they lost rose to a torn acl. he will be out for most of next season as well. the knicks got blasted by miami. and he also has a torn acl. d.c. united wins back-to-back games since 2009. young fans looking for a win against the houston dine mow. looking for the tip, but the freeze on the goal puts united up. and then mason santos is there and puts the header past hall. santos' sixth goal of the
7:59 am
season. united up 3-2 and hold to to win their second in a row. in atlantic city, mitchell taking on chaz witherspoon and stays unfee tkaetd. 25-0 with a tko of witherspoon. he knocked witherspoon down once in three, and then he had him on the ropes and the refs call it. congratulations to mitchell, and hopefully he will fight for a title very soon. that's your morning sports. everybody have a great subpoenaed. that will wrap it up for our early edition of news4 today. we will be back with a update. >> the "today" show is coming up next.


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