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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome back to your subway intermission report. tonight starting at 7 p.m. eastern, we'll bring you game two of the nashville/phoenix series. let's go to john forslund and john micheletti. >> we get set for game two of the western conference semifinal. the predators/the coyotes. phoenix winning game one in overtime. joe, we were both surprised by the amount of offense we saw in game one. >> i think everyone in hockey was because these two teams come in as two of the best defensive teams in the playoffs. and two of the top goaltenders. yet we saw seven goals, many of a different variety. andre gets that one on a rebound. mikell boedker, that gave phoenix aa 3-2 lead. power play, erat to tie the
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game. this one went into overtime. playoff the face-off and ray whitney wins for phoenix. >> with all that being said, with the seven goals, mike smith again was spectacular in goal for phoenix. >> surprising he wasn't named star of this game but no question they won the game and the best player in the game. for mike smith, he faced 16 shots in the third period alone. then was barraged with shots in the overtime. and the thing about smith, he's just such a competitor. he keeps playing. he keeps his focus. whatever comes his way, he's the one who's there. that save there was just a beautiful save. of course, the celebration at the end. >> celebration is something else. great game number one. we look forward to game number two. again, mike smith, can he keep it up and put a two-goal cushion in this best of seven series? we'll see. 7 p.m. eastern we kick it off in glendale on the nbc sports network. >> thanks so much. let's bring it back to our game. give me something to watch for in overtime. >> if i'm peter deboer, i'm
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putting parise on often and early, he has his skating legs. kovalchuk does not. i would limit his ice time and play the heck out of zach parise. >> flyers have great team speed. i would push it deep, get on the new jersey devils' defense and keep shooting at brodeur. >> that's what to expect. when you're expecting overtime hockey from philadelphia, devils and flyers tied up 3-3. doc and pierre and eddie will have the call. captions paid for by ♪
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welcome back to stanley cup playoffs, overtime, presented by geico. want some history? these are the guys who have scored overtime winners. sykora three times. salvador one. zajac, two. voracek, one. how did i do? it's happened in two successive games for the new jersey devils. >> eddie: let's go back game six against the florida panthers. i think this goes off the stick of kulikov. doesn't matter.
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devils stay alive. head down to sunrise in overtime. big hit on the boards by david clarkson. adam henrique, right between the legs of jose theodore. back-to-back game winners in ot for the devils. >> mike: one of the most impressive stats of the day in a game in which stats can be a real smoke screen, the shots through the last two periods, 23-7, philadelphia. it is a tied game. scoring chances, 19-5, philadelphia. danny briere, 11 for 15 on face-offs. almost three-quarters of them he has won. he will not be the guy to start here at the beginning of overtime. long changes here in overtime. your bench is the furthest away from your defensive zone. a little reminder for players, change before you're tired.
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>> pierre: peter deboer just came down the bench and told the players the exact same thing. >> mike: they think alike. bounced back, the tap to the corner. salvador closed off there. salvador thought about it, puck free, off couturier, to carle. wide. lifts it along again for the jab behind. zidlicky, up off the glass, careened off the mesh. die flexion? >> eddie: no, i think it's a penalty, doc. it is. >> mike: devils will be short, 30 seconds into ot. >> eddie: zidlicky, he missed a late season trade acquisition by general manager lou lamoriello. there you see the puck on edge, pressure coming. look at the reaction from
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zidlicky. he knows. huge opportunity here in overtime. >> mike: giroux to draw with henrique. onto the back. voracek gave it across. shot, save made. back in deep a way from simmonds, taken. and long by giroux. bounced along by parise and gotten by voracek away from henrique. chipped in for the devils. right back in comes giroux. holds. same in front. oh, what a stop by brodeur. a game-saver, at least for now. shots back out again by henrique. >> eddie: what a pass by claude giroux and hartnell going hard, stick on the ice. perfect pass. unbelievable stop by brodeur. >> mike: giroux brings it back ahead. 45 gone on his team's power play. brodeur up the board. right there to get it is simmonds. in front.
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deflected up into the back and out of play. >> pierre: a couple of real good looks for the flyers' power play. right part of your screen. the pass. look at this opportunity. hartnell in too tight. not able to elevate this puck up and over the right pad. tremendous stop. flyers guilty of putting it out of play. 1:07 left in the kill. he will be 40 a week from today. >> eddie: four forwards on the ice for philadelphia. right now giroux will play the left point. >> mike: devils prevail and shake it back down. >> pierre: keep an eye if you're a devils forward, giroux has been out there already for 53 seconds of this power play. >> mike: briere brin bringing it ahead. yag canner in his wake. briere around behind. leaves it gives back to giroux.
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jagr inside the four-man back. giroux holds there. lost it. parise back out. a race to get it. parise has it. a shot turned aside by bryzgalov. hooks it along again and briere with 30 seconds to go in the power play. briere weaves along through center and gains the zone. tried to play it across for jagr. given back to giroux. his pass across was almost intercepted by elias. played by carle around in front. put it in! his puck went off the skate of danny briere. my instinct is that this was kicked in. was there a distinct kicking motion? the puck will come from the corner, right part of your screen. there's danny briere. you can redirect it, but you cannot kick the puck in. there's briere.
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yeah, that's a distinct kicking motion from my vantage point. this should be no goal. face-off will come outside. matt carle throws it to the front of the net. a double deflection off andy greene. yeah, you see the left skate kick the puck toward marty brodeur. >> pierre: that's a kicking motion. ah you saw t >> eddie: but you saw the delayed reaction after the puck went to the back of the net of the players on the ice and the players on the bench, knowing there was a good chance this was going to get called back. see, look. see everybody waving? not sure. these players -- look at craig berube, assistant coach in behind, shaking his head, clearly knowing this was going to be reviewed. to me, a distinct kicking motion. >> pierre: there we go. >> referee: after reviewing the play, the call on the ice has been reversed the puck was kicked into the net. no goal.
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>> pierre: just get it right. they got this one right. matt carle throws it out front, pinballs off andy greene. you see the kicking motion with the left foot. >> eddie: off jagr's stick, off be greene's skate to briere's skate. no goal. >> mike: and that's why you have video review in place. never dull. 17 to go on the new jersey kill. brodeur sets it up. hammered back along. into coburn. popped back. volchenkov turns along behind. volchenkov bothered from behind and went rocking into giroux. reaching in now, hartnell, in the last second of the power play. out of the box is zidlicky. handed onto the back. carle, a shot, deflects in wide. rebound pushed around behind to
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jagr. able to wheel. off briere -- or off brodeur. puck sent to the corner and played along and bounced off of zajac. grabbed off and scaled onto the back and held again by coburn. his shot was turned to the corner and played on by hartnell. along for jagr, knocked away behind is salvador. hartnell trying to spin one alo along. zajac flings one that's blocked away to the corner by bryzgalov. up the boards it comes. fayne with it. threw one in front and a pad stop and a rebound. another pad stop. and puck wide as bryzgalov couldn't collar it. >> pierre: fayne with two chances. >> mike: crowd buzzing. another change in line. back in it goes for bryzgalov, the stop. hoisted along, went through henrique. played back along by wellwood and walked back out again.
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coburn able to flop it along. going further is talbot, reaching it couturier. popped by henrique. z zidlicky, pinching is lilja, whacks it around and tried to jam one in front, shut off by brodeur. zidlicky takes it there. helter skelter in sudden death overtime. over four minutes have been played. ricocheted on back. ponikarovsky able to guide it out to center. back in by lilja. another xhang in line for both teams. brodeur with a long toss ahead. could not be handled by parise. is by voracek, laid back along for the carry by van riemsdyk and save one-handed stick play by brodeur and another one. rattled around is carle. voracek there, turning away from zidlicky. back to briere. fires. score!
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>> eddie: you just felt it was a matter of time before somebody would score here in overtime. van riemsdyk, doc, you called it, what an effort, a one-handed shot. and then the devils turn the puck over. they kept it along the boards, good pinch in by matt carle, voracek to danny briere and then the puck ends up under the legs of marty brodeur. head up all the way. gets the puck to the net. >> pierre: i think that's briere's goal, the guy that kicked the puck in with no goal, might get credit here in overtime. >> eddie: and this goal will count.
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>> mike: the flyers leave victorious. danny briere, peter mcguire. >> pierre: thanks, doc. what is it about you and the playoffs? >> i don't know. i have no explanation for it. things are happening. i grew up watching the stanley cup playoffs and i always dreamed to be there one day, whenever i'd have a chance. i just try to enjoy it. >> pierre: do you hear all that noise in this is for you. how does it feel to have something like this happen? >> it's pretty cool. a tough regular season, so personally to come here, come big and hopefully it's just the start for us. >> pierre: you had a goal disallowed with the kicking motion. what was your feeling on the bench? >> i was telling myself after, let's not think about it. i can't do anything about it anymore. let's move on and refocus and we'll deal with it after the game. >> pierre: is that how it felt at the beginning of the game? you did not have a good first 20
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minutes. how did you reel the game in? >> it was a terrible first for us. when it's so intense in the playoffs, and we wh we had that break, a week away from the game, these guys were still playing, still in the mood, i guess, and it took us a period. we got lucky, bryz made some saves to keep the game close >> pierre: a nasty series with pittsburgh, winning in six games. do you think this series could be the same kind of nasty series? >> i think it's going to build up to it. the difference with pittsburgh, we had big games at the end of the regular season so to set up for it. with the devils we didn't have that before. but you know how it is in the playoffs. the more you play the same guys, the more you get to hate them so i'm sure it will build up. >> pierre: congratulations on the overtime winner. >> thanks, pierre. >> pierre: doc? >> mike: let's see the overtime winner once more. >> eddie: lots of things to take a look at, doc, but the aggressiveness of the philadelphia flyers
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defensivemen. now, the puck is in behind right here. but watch matt carle. he's going to skate into this area. the eventual goal scorer is out here. danny briere does an unbelievable job of coming over and recognizing matt carle will pinch in. carle pinches in, briere pulls out, voracek with support, wins the battle. the puck goes right by ilya kovalchuk, who had really a rough afternoon defensively. and briere gets the puck to the net and high-fives all around for the flyers as they gut one out here in game one. that's a true reaction right there. look at peter laviolette, the head coach of the philadelphia flyers. what a game, doc. >> mike: voracek got one assist. matt carle got the other. on the one that counted from danny briere at 4:36 in ot.
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welcome to our nhl live studio. what do you know, 18th overtime game. we're in the playoffs, so anybody shocked danny briere stepped up here? >> no. what's amazing to me from a guy that never scored in ot winner in the playoffs that he really gets two in one overtime. one goes off his skate. that doesn't count. he comes back, firing again, outstanding performance from mr. clutch for the flyers, danny briere continues to impress in the playoffs and comes up with a huge goal there. >> they've been a fun team to watch, the flyers, and they go right after it. no hesitation on the forecheck, looking for the ot winner. not trying to defense their way to a win. >> 104 career playoff games, briere now has 106 points in those games. he gets game-winner tonight. let's take you back through this game from down in philadelphia, first game of the series between the devils and flyers. pick it up, tied 1-1. van riemsdyk, not tied anymore. >> gustafsson jumped all over that turnover by brodeur and van
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riemsdyk back in the mix now. he had his skating legs in this one. buries the goal. >> back come the devils, parise to zajac. >> great pass there but bryzgalov sloppy, trying to handle the puck and it's in the back of the net. >> long way away from giving out the con smythe, but in the third, philadelphia on the power play, claude giroux, your front-runner at this point? >> halfway there. slap shot gives the flyers the lead after winning the face-off to start the power play. he buries it to end the power play with a huge goal. >> getting everyone pumped up. why not? seven postseason goals leading everybody. later in the third, petr sykora sending to us overtime. >>'s a clutch play. five-hole on bryzgalov meaning we go to 18th overtime. >> first goal he's scored since 2008 stanley cup finals. regulation time. just not enough. once again in the 2012 stanley cup playoffs again in overtime.
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hartnell with an opportunity but brodeur is there. >> unbelievable pass by claude giroux. hartnell does the right thing, stick on the ice, goes to the far post but brodeur keeps it out. >> early on we thought this was over. briere, he's selling the celebration. he knows it's coming back. >> i know. that's an easy one for the guys in toronto. they made it quickly. >> so, danny briere didn't get it on that one but he did end it. >> yeah, blast away there late. van riemsdyk with the screen in front of brodeur. earlier in the game it was brodeur whacking van riemsdyk in the back of the head. this time brodeur helps out the teammate, briere with the ot winner. >> giroux has seven postgame goals and so does danny briere. 4-3 in overtime. speaking of overtime hockey, new jersey has a lot of experience. he they played the last two games against florida in overtime. if they go to an overtime game in game two, is there a guy on the devils' roster who won't see a lot of overtime? >> zidlicky.
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he allowed the panthers an opportunity to come back in game seven by doing exactly what he did tonight. sending the puck up and over the glass into the defense zone. a mistake early in this game, though, very costly for the new jersey devils as briere used his speed for that breakaway attempt. van riemsdyk pounced all over that loose puck. outstanding job by him. again, penalties late in the third period. flyers on power play, giroux scores the goal. lots of guys contributing for philadelphia. and a lot of guys on the devils team making mistake throughout. brodeur cleaned up. late in the third, couldn't come up with all the answers in overtime as danny briere gets the puck past him. van riemsdyk providing the screen and providing a lot of spark for the flyers in this game. he had his skating legs back after missing most of the first round against pittsburgh. dangerous player last year in the playoffs and becoming one now, another weapon for the flyers. >> ilya kovalchuk, second time
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in the playoffs, they say act like you've been there before. >> he's really been bad. i'm not sure if there's not something wrong with him. looks like his skating is off. he coughed up the puck on numerous occasions, was slow on the backcheck, slow on identifying his responsibility and the defensive zone and that's going to hurt them. and the change was great. the line change was great for parise. not so much for kovalchuk. we'll see what happens as this series advance, whether they can find a way to get him going. clearly, he was a liability. >> and zidlicky turned out to be a liability late in the game again. florida, the series in game seven where marek zidlicky flipped the puck up and over the glass for delay of game penalty. that hurt the devils. it can't happen in time. one of their best puck-handling defenseman. sat in the penalty box. panthers were able to battle back on the power play and score the tying goal, forcing overtime in game seven. tonight, much of the same.
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in overtime, zidlicky. the puck, unfortunate as it goes off the stick, up and over. he's been here before, sitting in the box. watch what happens on the danny briere goal called back. zidlicky is freed from the penalty box and turns the puck over in overtime allowing briere to score the eventual game-winning goal. zidlicky struggling in his own end. >> when we see' game opened up, seven total goals. is this the type of game that favors philadelphia? >> absolutely. they have potent weapons. van riemsdyk get untracked, and imagine that with briere, hartnell, simmonds, giroux. the list is endless for philadelphia. they can score at will and their speed is going to be a factor as time goes on. once the motor started to hum in second and third periods, i thought the new jersey devils had a tough time keeping pace. >> flyers take this one down 4-3 in overtime.
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we're sending you back to philadelphia. doc, edo and pierre will have the final word. those seats are red. not orange anymore. they departed out on to broad street to celebrate this overtime victory. in addition to what we were hearing from "nhl live" your thoughts on what we saw? >> we saw a lot of gutsy performances. i thought braydon coburn was outstanding for the philadelphia flyers. he lugged a puck up, played hard minutes, penalty kill, playing against zach parise a lot tonight. played just under 27 minutes of ice time. it's hard to look by a lot of particular players on either team that had real strong afternoons but to me braydon coburn stuck out by using his size is, his skating ability and helping the flyers win this game in overtime. >> there were some credentials on the part of both goaltenders
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that probably would be reexamined at the end of this game too. >> no question. i think both goaltenders need to probably sharpen up a little bit, some soft goals handed up in behind. we expected a lot of goals, doc and they didn't disappoint. >> it did not last long. 4:36 into overtime when danny briere won it. tonight starting at 7:00/6:00 central, "dateline," "harry's law" and "celebrity apprentice." every game, every night because it's the cup. right now, fans in philadelphia can see extended postgame coverage of today's game on your local comcast sports net. so, from philadelphia for eddie olczyk and peter mcguire, doc emrick saying good night all.
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