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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  April 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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released. today the battle over a proposal to bring the first whole foods market to prince george's county goes before the county council. developers want to create a mixed use property on 36 acres of land along route 1 near east/west highway in riverdale. the island currently zoned for housing only. it could put a strain on the already crowded route 1 corridor. according to the "washington post," 17 people are signed up to testify. the hearing is expected to last several days. if you are heading out early this morning, tom kierein is here with a look at what we can expect in this day ahead. off to a dry start. and we have clouds around, as you mentioned earlier. here's a live view from our h.d. city camera. there is the washington monument, the jefferson memorial under this mostly cloudy sky. reagan national is at 52. and we have just a very gentle breeze now out of the north, around five miles per hour or so. and you shnd have any travel problems weatherwise. off to work and school on this
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monday, the final day of april. and as we look at what's been happening the last 12 hours, we've got this high cloudiness drifting in over virginia. much of maryland is clear. this high cloud cover is going to begin to drift over us. as the day progresses we'll get more clouds around. sprinkles around richmond, to the north carolina border. farther west and north, sprinkle streaming in to pittsburgh and parts of western maryland, maybe getting a few sprinkles this morning. otherwise, most of the area is going to be dry throughout the day. off to a cool, chilly start. 40s all these areas in blue. most of maryland, northern virginia, northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, mid 40s to upper 40s. near 50 in washington right by the chesapeake bay. here's your day planner for this monday. final day of april, by 9:00 we'll be in the mid to upper 50s. maybe a little sun in and out. cloudy after that. temperatures climbing to near 70 by mid-afternoon. sunrise at 6:1. sunset at 8:00. we'll have another update with your weather coming up in ten
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minutes. danella? good morning. we have a couple of work zones still in progress around our area. but should be in the final stages. first of all, if you're taking the inner loop at 66, had a work zone set up there. also, if you're traveling on 66, this time making your way westbound at route 123, approaching 50, you'll see that left lane blocked due to roadwork there. just stick to the right. and you have light volume in this area. no major delays. i just want you to use caution. traveling along i-270 right now in clarksburg, very light volume. southbound as well as northbound. pretty clear now, not seeing any work zones there. and if you're traveling along i-95 in virginia, here's a view at fairfax county parkway. i'll have travel speeds coming up in ten minutes. back to you both. >> all right. thank you. 4:32. the trial of john edwards starts its second week of testimony in north carolina. the wife of the prosecution's star witness will return to the stand today. last week her husband andrew young testified that edwards instructed him to solicit money
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from wealthy donors. money was then funneled through young's personal loan accounts to hide edwards' affair with a mistress. that's the allegation. young's wife is expected to testify about the money trail today. edwards is accused of illegally using campaign funds during his 2008 presidential campaign. 4:33. president obama's re-election campaign has another $2 million in the bank. that is how much he and bill clinton raised during a fundraiser in northern virginia last night. it was held at former dnc chairman terry mccollough's home in mclean. the former president praised obama for his handling of the economy. you are looking at file pictures there. clinton oversaw one of the most prosperous times in recent u.s. history. his support could be key to helping president obama raise money. clinton also praising the current commander in chief for going after osama bin laden. >> he took the harder and the
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more honorable path. >> clinton appears in this new campaign ad called "one chance." the obama campaign is questioning whether presumptive gop nominee mitt romney would have done the same had he been president. >> osama bin laden no longer walks on this planet today because of that brave decision and brave actions of the men and women in our military. and quite frankly, mitt romney said it was a foolish thing to do a few years ago. >> took something that was a unifying event for all americans, an event that governor romney congratulated him and the military and the intelligence analysts in our government for completing the mission in terms of killing osama bin laden. and he's managed to turn it into a divisive, partisan, political attack. >> vice president joe biden said last week that osama bin laden might be alive today if mitt romney had been president.
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nchlt assaults have been hapg in the petworth neighborhood, people struck with a hammer. a man last week was walking his small dog when he was greeted by a man and attacked. he did not want his face shown. >> he walked by and said, how you doing sir, with a smile. i said, how you doing? before i can see where my dog was like i'm doing now, i was struck with an object. >> that man was not seriously hurt. 19-year-old michael davis is charged in two attacks in the petworth area and suspected in three others. one claimed the life of a colorado tourist. a judge ordered davis to be held in jail without bond pentagdings arraignment. yesterday afternoon at the intersection of branch avenue and surats road in clinton, maryland, a tow truck smashed into an ambulance as it was turning on to surat road.
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the ambulance hit another car. two paramedics, a driver, and patient were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. the tow truck driver facing traffic charge for not yielding to the ambulance. today the new world trade center is expected to take over new york's skyline. construction crews are planning to add on to 1 world trade center making it the tallest building in new york over the empire state building at 1,250 feet. the original twin towers were the tallest buildings in the city until they were destroyed in the september 11 attacks. the freedom tower is expected to be finished around late 2013 or early 2014 where it will stand at a patriotic 1,776 feet high. first lady michelle obama will deliver the opening remarks at the 2012 warrior games in colorado today. more than 200 wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans will compete in the third annual warrior games. seven sports will be represented in this year's games in colorado springs. and they include wheelchair
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basketball, sitting volleyball, archery, swimming, track and field, shooting, and cycling. the capitals looked to even their second-round playoff series against the rangers. the caps fell saturday to the rangers 3-1. new york only had 14 shots on goal but scored three times on goalie braden holtby. he and the rest of the capitals hope to have a better effort tonight. >> you know, just a matter of inches how i played them. it would have been a different game. so it's small things like that, but they mean big thing in terms of getting better. >> takes so much to win that every little thing matters. and if there's things that i think we can be doing better, then i'm going to try and help to do that. >> game two between the capitals and rangers is tonight. puck drops at 7:30 on the nbc sports network. don't shake your head, eun. everything's going to be all right. >> i know. >> you got guys who realize, this is what we didn't do. this is what we need to work on. get a win. >> i have a feeling it's going to be a late night for me. >> up late. >> yep.
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go, caps. 4:37. 53 degree. a horrific crash that tested the emotions of even the most seasoned emergency crews. what we're learning about the suv accident that left seven people dead in the bronx. and are olympic organizers going too far to protect people?
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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and here's a way to stay in bed and still be productive. this is the 29th annual bed race in the florida keys. it's known as the most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on. should have pre re-read that on. they race as part of the independence celebration, commemorating the day when the florida keys staged secession from the u.s. in 1982. >> i'm not going to say anything and get myself in trouble on tv. >> a lot of places do that as a fundraiser. the bed races. it gets lots of crowds out. and it's fun. >> there you go. >> in bed. >> 4:41. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. tom kierein now in the storm center. hi, tom. >> good morning, as you're getting out of the bed this morning, temperatures outside your window are chilly. we're down into the 40s in montgomery county, arlington, fidel castro, prince george's counties, mid 40s.
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near 50 in washington. southern maryland, charles county, anne arundel, calferted, upper 40s there. near the bay waters, mid 50s from annapolis down to pax river. and on the eastern show, mid 40s. farther west and north, mid 40s. much of the blue ridge region, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and western maryland. most of the rural areas, mid to upper 40s in virginia and maryland and west virginia. we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness around. sunrise at 6:11. we'll probably have nice sunrise clouds around dawn with these high clouds coming in. then clouding up noontime, mid 60s. hitting upper 60s to near 70 mid-afternoon. clouds, a slight chance of a sprinkle to the north, perhapsnary the pennsylvania border. we'll take a look at a big warmup on the way for the week. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella in. things are quiet if you're traveling along i-95. quiet and travel lanes are open. in fact, making your way from
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stafford, heading north, in both directions actually, not bad at all. here's a live look traveling in the dumfries, past dumfries. traveling northbound, you see very light volume here. southbound, as well, travel lanes are open. travel speed actually making your way from quantico to the beltway, 65 miles per hour. just a 23-minute drive right now. now continuing on to 395, i'm not seeing any problems there. a live look as you make your way past edsall and continue to the 14th street bridge. in the clear. travel speeds there, driving at 58 miles per hour. not bad at all. 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at route 50 in maryland. back to you both. >> all right. see you then. thank you. 53 degree at 4:43. >> still will to come this morning, getting relief when you stop to fill up the gas tank. how a drop in prices nationwide is impacting what you pay in our region. packing nationals park for a chance to hear god's word. the messa
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welcome back. police in new york are trying to figure out what caused a van to plunge off the highway and into a remote part of the bronx zoo. the crash killed a family of seven, including grandparents and three young children. rescuers say the van plowed through a guardrail from the overpass, causing it to go airborne. rescuers believe speed was a factor. >> driver may have struck a jersey barrier. and reacting to striking that barrier, the driver makes a severe turn. >> it hits something that caused it to become airborne. fell 100 feet and landed upside down when it hit the ground. >> city officials plan to ask agencies to review safety issues on the raised parkway. tractor-trailers second accident there in less than a -- it is
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the second accident there in less than a year. the first drone attack in pakistan since america mandated they stop strikes. pakistan wants the u.s. to stop the attacks saying america has overstepped its boundaries. american military official say it's an effort to target militants living in pakistan, and the country should do more to force them out. residents in some east london apartments are upset that missiles could soon be installed on their building's roof. it's part of a security plan for the upcoming olympic games. the apartment development has a perfect view of the park. residents got a leaflets saying that along with the missiles, ten shoejs would be stationed at the -- soldiers would be stationed at the complex. people living at the apartment said they didn't get to discuss the plan. the military says the missiles will be used only in the event of an extreme security threat. we want to know if olympic organizers are going too far with this one. you can chime in on news4's facebook page. anne arundel county police
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need help finding two people whom they say stabbed three men at elks lodge over the weekend. they say someone stabbed the men around 1:00 yesterday morning at the lodge on solomon's island road in annapolis. one of the victims is a security guard. doctors expect all three victims to survive. police have just a vague description of the suspects. we're learning more about the prince george's county man accused of killing a woman pregnant with his baby. nathan rogers had been sentenced to home detention for an assault conviction last year. the 22-year-old is charged with first-degree murder in the death of jasmine moss. police say rogers stabbed her to death on friday. a prince william county man is in the hospital after being hit by a train. this happened along featherstone road in woodbridge around 5:30 last night. according to inside nova, fire officials say the man was standing too close to the tracks when he was grazed. he is expected to be okay. police are investigating. analysts expect this downward trend at the pump to continue. gas prices are down about a nickel in the last week. right now, aaa says drivers in
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d.c. are paying about $4.03 for a gallon of regular. in maryland the average is $3.83. in virginia, $3.75. in west virginia, the average is $3.86. some analysts believe we may have seen the peak for prices ahead of the summer. however, two refineries idled near philadelphia could threaton prices in the region. don't be alarmed if you see small planes flying close to the ground the next few weeks. norad is conducting tests to make sure it is prepared to respond to suspicious aircraft. most of the flights will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. there will be some overnight flights late next week. tens of thousands of people filled nationals park this weekend for a chance to hear mega church minister joel osteen. osteen and his wife talked about the struggles america is facing and how god can help show them the way in these difficult times. >> today we let if of the past. we let if of the disappointments. we forgive the people that have hurt us.
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lord, we forgive ourselves, we put on a fresh, new attitude. >> osteen is the senior pastor of lakewood church in houston, texas. his ministry reaches more than seven million people in more than 100 countries around the world. all right. time for another look at our forecast. we had a mixed bag this weekend. cold and rainy on saturday. then things turned around on sunday. what are we getting this week tom? it's going to feel like summertime by midweek. >> i'm ready. >> get the flip-flops ready. bring it on. and this morning, though, if you're traveling, planning on traveling to the midwest, there may be some flight delays, st. louis down toward oklahoma city and dallas. there's a line of thunderstorms there now. and otherwise, no real travel problems across the nation on this monday, the final day of april. locally we have just a few high clouds streaming in. here's what's been happening the last 12 hours. specks of green are sprinkles around pittsburgh and richmond south down toward danville,
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virginia. north of there, some high clouds streaming in. mostly clear over maryland, high clouds in northern virginia and west virginia and the panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley. temperatures there are down into the low to mid 40s. quite a chill in the air. the dark green areas or dark blue are in the 30s. the dark green areas in the 50s. and right now near 50 in washington, the nearby suburbs, around the beltway. but just a little bit farther west and north and east and southwest of us, we have temperatures only in the mid 40s. that includes much of montgomery county, fairfax, and prince george's county. arlington's near 50. so's the district. and this region here is going to begin to warm up, though, quite a bit. manassas in prince william county by mid morning, the mid 50s. some high clouds in and out by noontime. high clouds in and out, around 60. ought to peak near 70 by mid-afternoon. hometown forecast for this evening. well, it's going to be clouding up. in fact, by late evening, might have showers, maybe a little thunder and lightning around midnight. as well as by the time we start
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off tuesday morning, might have some rain tomorrow morning with some thunder and lightning. after that, tomorrow afternoon, maybe more showers and thunder and lightning. warmer, near 80. look at that -- it's going to feel like july on wednesday, thursday, and friday. partly cloudy, highs near 90 each day. >> wow. >> over the weekend, a little bit cooler, and slight chance of showers. danella, good morning, how's traffic? >> whoa! did you say 90? >> i did. >> my gosh, i cannot wait. all right. focusing on the roads today, right now, traveling along route 50 in maryland making your way between bowie and the beltway in both directions, eastbound and westbound, clear. also on 50 inside of the beltway, not seeing any issues for you this morning. now, let's look at the beltway. this time in montgomery county. a live look now, making your way past new hampshire avenue on the outer loop. you're clear making your way around the beltway. the montgomery county, inner loop and outer loop, no issues to report. traveling in virginia, live look at robinson terminal. making your way on the inner loop heading toward the dulles toll road. your travel speed, driving at 60
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miles per hour, 14 minutes from the interchange to the toll road. i'm back in 15 minutes with more. the once-hot washington nationals are suddenly ice cold. they just got swept by the los angeles dodgers and have lost four games in a row. the dodgers completed the sweep with the 2-0 win yesterday in los angeles. before you get too down on the nats, they're still 14-8 on the season and tied with the braves for first place in the national league east. the nationals will try to get back in the win column tomorrow night at home against the diamondbacks. go, nats. we're not disappointed yet. >> no, ice cold is harsh. slightly chilled. >> and dodgers -- >> cooled. >> dodgers have been on a role, too. a hot team. the nationals will count on brice harper to turn things around. the 19-year-old phenom made his debut saturday night. impressive in his first two big league games. he doubled saturday night and had another hit yesterday. harper also showed off his defensive skills yesterday with a pretty impressive catch in
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center field. >> didn't want it to drop. so it was a 0-0 ball game. that situation, you want to catch everything. >> how did the -- >> it was fine. i cramped up when i landed. that's the only thing bothering me. better than running into a, you know, wall in syracuse. >> he will likely be in the lineup tomorrow against arizona. will be nats' fans first chance to see him play in person. >> all right. wish him well. >> absolutely. impressive, as we said. 4:54. 53 degrees. hold on to these pacifiers. okay, coming up at 5:25, why the push to keep newborns away from them could actually be confusing them. first, smart business moves or just avoiding what they owe? why some are accusing apple of not paying its fair share of taxes. the anniversary that earned the anniversary that earned
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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welcome back. apple has set up ways to avoid paying taxes including setting up an office in nevada where the corporate tax rate is zero. they use subsidies in low tax areas of the world, and it's
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legal. apple paid $3.3 billion in taxes last year at a rate of 10%. without these tactics, their taxes would have been $2 billion more. you can get an up-close look at the gargoyles of national cathedr cathedral. yesterday the landmark restarted tours. they were halted because of damage from the august 5. earthquake. the tours run through october. admission is $10 for adults and includes a slide show and outdoor walk. for information, head over to a maryland girl is not only getting a second chance at life, she's getting a second chance -- getting a chance of a lifetime. >> thanks to the make a wish foundation, the teenager was gifted a shopping spree at tyson's corner. caitlyn sutter is 16 years old and received a kidney transplant from her mother back in 2010. make a wish gave her the shopping spree to celebrate the second year, the two-year anniversary of the operation's success, and her mother says they're very thankful for the
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experience. >> i think donating organs is the best thing you could ever do to save someone's life. totally do it again in a heartbeat. make a wish is awesome, as you can see. we're on a shopping spree all day long. my daughter's wish came true. >> mid-atlantic was founded in 1983. to date it's granted wishes for more than 7,000 local children with life threatening medical conditions. >> these are kids that have adult struggles that they're having to deal with, and they do it -- pout strong faces and do their best to get through these things. it's nice to see them get something extra there. >> that's right. >> there was a kid last year we did a story on who wanted a "star wars" clubhouse, treehouse in the back yard. some organizations came together and -- it was huge with a sliding door, the whole nine yards. >> we love make a wish foundation. stay with us, "news4 today" continues right now.


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