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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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mother on the defensive. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. she says she is the victim of a witch hunt and now the new jersey woman accused of taking her daughter into a tanning booth is also the butt of late night jokes. >> 44-year-old patricia krenzel told tmz there is someone out there who is jealous, fat, and ugly and has been out to get her all her life. she pleaded not guilty to a child endangerment case yesterday. mara schiavocampo has the latest. >> i'm innocent. >> reporter: patricia krenzel who herself is very tanned pled not guilty wednesday to second-degree child endangerment. >> good morning, your honor. >> reporter: the charges follow allegations that krenzel brought her then 5-year-old daughter anna into a tanning booth. >> i would die right now for her. >> that child was never in that tanning booth. she loves her child more than her own life and would never, ever allow her child to go inside a tanning bed. >> reporter: but according to the essex county prosecutor's office, a trip to the city
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tropic salon a week ago caused the girl to suffer burns to her body. >> the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, bottom line. >> reporter: according to reuters authorities say krenzel's daughter, now 6, turned up at her elementary school with a sunburn on april 24th, prompting a school nurse to contact police. krenzel says anna had spent time outside on a sunny day and says she took anna to the tanning salon but not inside the tanning booth. >> we went for a walk and i tan. she doesn't tan. it's called a tanning booth and a tanning room. i'm in the booth. she's in the room. >> reporter: anna's parents say when anna went to school the next day she told her friends she went tanning with her mom. they think someone at school overheard that and called the case a big misunderstanding. >> she was outside tuesday. it was 85 degrees. she got sunburned. that's it and all that happened. >> reporter: according to new jersey state law no one under the age of 14 is allowed to use a tanning booth.
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the salon denies that the 5-year-old even entered the establishment, saying she waited outside with her father and brother. in a statement to nbc news, the salon owner said, quote, it absolutely did not happen here. we wouldn't let a minor tan. i have seven kids. i'm not going to let a kid tan, nor would anyone else here. everyone knows, we would never let this happen. >> the real issue is, probably the only reason why we're really talking about this, is because the woman sort of looks a little kukoo for cocoa puffs. that is not a legal term but an accurate term. i don't think legally we'd be having this discussion with the amount of evidence that's been presented. >> reporter: the child is still living at home with her mother and father though the state's child welfare agency is monitoring the family. >> she's home. they're not taking her away. >> krenzel remains free on bond today. the tanning salon has reportedly canceled her membership. her next court appearance is in june. off the council and now
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heading to prison former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. will spend the next three years behind bars. today a federal judge sentenced him to 38 months for stealing more than $350,000 in government funds. that money had been earmarked for youth, sports, and arts programs, but thomas reportedly used it to fund a lavish lifestyle. he stepped down from his ward 5 post after being charged and pleading guilty. i talked about the scandal right after the sentencing with at large member vincent orange. >> i think the judge sent a very strong message that this will not be tolerated in the district of columbia. you know, i applaud mr. thomas for accepting responsibility and saving the city from having to go through a costly and lengthy period of litigation but the 38 months is really no surprise. the plea agreement basically called for three years although mr. thomas was trying to get an 18-month sentence.
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at the end of the day it is now an opportunity for ward 5 to move forward. >> news 4's tom sherwood will have much more on the sentencing coming up in a live report tonight at 5:00. well, a little rain in some parts of our area today. >> the warmer weather is going to hang around. meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm center. veronica? >> hey, guys. how are you here on this thursday? you mentioned the rain in parts of our area. that's to the far west for sure which you notice more than anything else around the area is the warmth and the touch of humidity, too. take a look outside. just a few clouds with us today. the temperatures running in the upper 70s. yesterday our high temperature was just 74 degrees. so, hey, we are really moving the warmth up there right now. 92 degrees in petersburg, west virginia. that's on the far left-hand portion of your screen. 88 the temperature in cumberland, maryland. 87 in stanton. 88 in charlottesville. you can see that warm air is parked very close to our area. even got 88 in martinsburg and
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winchester, too. 77 degrees right now in trinidad, takoma park, montgomery county. 81 to the north. aspen hill and bethesda. as far as our forecast goes again we mentioned the possibility of a few showers and isolated storms. those will be along and just east of i-81 where the clouds are building there coming off the mountains. so the radar for the most part is quiet right now but for 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. we could see a scattered thunderstorm around the area. it is going to be warm during the overnight period and we'll talk about just how warm it is going to be tomorrow. i think we'll be -- all that warmth we saw just to the west of us could be over us and of course we'll talk about the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. the final writings of osama bin laden suggest he still dreamed of another attack on america. as michelle franzen reports, some of bin laden's letters are now in the public domain. >> reporter: the compound in pakistan where osama bin laden lived in secrecy and died after
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u.s. special forces tracked him down is gone, destroyed without a trace. but documents, letters, and other evidence seized the night of the raid left a trail showing the al qaeda leader still had aspirations to attack the u.s. >> as a former professional intelligence officer there is nothing i would like to have more than the capacity to read my enemy's mail. in this case, we're actually reading ten years of osama bin laden's mail. >> reporter: the intelligence community and the public are getting a snap shot look at some of the documents analyzed over the past year at west point's combatting terrorism center. the west wing gave west point the green light to publish 17 documents and letters on its website -- originals written in arabic and translated into english dated from 2006 to april, 2011. >> because of the renewed interest on this anniversary in the mission that throwed bin
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laden's demise this was the appropriate time to release them. >> reporter: terrorism experts say it shows bin laden focused on grand plots following 9/11 including an outline to assassinate president obama and general david patraeus. >> there is no question of his aspiration. he wanted to kill the president of the united states. >> reporter: the documents also ex-popesed cracks within the terrorist organization worldwide. >> this shows an organization in decline, under siege, and really feeling the pressure. >> reporter: the threat of al qaeda diminished with bin laden's death, experts say, but not gone. michelle franzen, nbc news. new york. an overheard phone call and an awkward hotel encounter. another aide to john edwards testified today about efforts to keep his affair with rielle hunter a secret. john davis said he had an awkward run-in with hunter at a detroit hotel where edwards was staying while campaigning in '07. he testified that hunter had
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said she and edwards were in love but the next day edwards denied it. davis also said he overheard a phone conversation between the two discussing her pregnancy. prosecutors are trying to prove that edwards deliberately and illegally used campaign donations to hide the affair. mitt romney is spending a second day in the key battle state of virginia. he is campaigning with governor bob mcdonald who is said to be on the short list of possible running mates. as steve handelsman reports romney picked up a key endorsement today from a former rival. >> reporter: congresswoman michele bachmann never won a primary and quit the race for the white house in january, but she was a powerful voice for the tea party and for republican women and she spoke out today in virginia to endorse mitt romney. >> president barack obama, president mitt romney. you decide. >> another beautiful lady. how are you? >> reporter: what women decide could determine who wins.
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polls show romney trails the president with those voters. many in the tea party movement dreamed of one of their own with the nomination, santorum, gingrich, perry, michele bachmann, not mitt romney. >> what mitt romney has going for him is the deep and broad antipathy to barack obama on the right among conservative women and among tea party types he can capitalize that to compensate for his own short comings in appealing to them. >> reporter: another issue for romney is choosing his runningmate. florida senator marco rubio is being mentioned and rick santorum. those two topped today's reuter ipso's vp poll of republicans. there's virginia governor bob mcdonald, who hosted romney today and got a tryout taking on president obama. >> well, you remember three and a half years ago we heard that tune about hope and change? and now what do we have? we have recession and division and malaise. it's time for a change.
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don't you think? >> yes, sir! >> reporter: one possible gop vice presidential nominee. but romney could pick a runningmate to specifically help him with tea party conservatives or moderate, independent women. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. well, there are a lot of folks walking around here in the washington area today with sleep in their eyes thanks to the caps. >> a lot of yawns and long faces. last night's game three was a real thriller if you stayed up, a triple o.t. game with a disappointing finish. new york rangers scoring the game-winning goal after midnight. the two teams basically played two entire games at the verizon center. the rangers won, 2-1, and now lead the series, two games to one. game four is saturday afternoon at the verizon center again and you can watch all the action here on nbc 4. dan hellie will have player reaction to the loss coming up right here on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. it is a dress rehearsal of sorts for the biggest event of the summer. we're getting a look inside
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london's olympic park as organizers open it up for some test events. about 75,000 visitors are expected to fill the stadium this saturday. the real test is for britain's security forces, though. they will fly helicopters and fighter jets over the events this weekend and spectators will have to go through airport style security checks. you can watch the games when they kick off july 27th right here on nbc 4. a new history exhibit is coming to the smithsonian thanks to a history making donation. energy businessman david koch is giving a record $35 million to the natural history museum for a new dinosaur hall. it will be a makeover for the museum's collection of 46 million fossils. koch previously donated 15 million for an exhibit on the human evolution. bobby brown explains what happened when he walked out of whitney houston's funeral.
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come meet our bachelors. >> i'm looking for the most delicious thing on the planet. >> does it have you shaking your head? actor ashton kutcher's online commercial stirs up so much controversy it's pulled. ♪ you know i'm bad i'm bad >> pepsi tries to get some spark going by bringing back a michael jackson ad. plus, caught on video. a lion tries to attack a child sitting on the other side of the glass. the viral video at 4:30. ooh.
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bobby brown is explaining why he walked out of whitney houston's funeral. they were married 14 years and have a daughter together named bobby christina. in an exclusive interview with the "today" show brown said the security team disrespected him and his other children. he says the problem was not with houston's family. >> it wasn't that i wasn't invited. i was invited. just coming to pay respects to my ex-wife. they would not hold me from, you know, that is not the type of family the houston family is. they are a great family and i appreciate them very much, you know. >> what happened? >> whoever the security was there asked me to have my, what they called my entourage, which was my children, sit somewhere else. we had to sit apart. and i was not willing to sit away from my children so, you
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know, after the third time of them coming to me, i felt a little, you know, disrespected by the security that was there. i decided that, you know, it would be best if i just left. i kissed the casket and me and my children left the building. >> brown also denied reports that bobby christina is using drugs and dating her adoptive brother. is lindsay lohan rekindling an old romance? michael jackson's new venture from beyond the grave. >> and ashton kutcher, what were you thinking? time for hollywood headlines. georgia alfredas cohost with the russ parr morning show on wkys 93.9 is here. there is a new kutcher ad out for pop chips. it's been pulled. some called it racist. let's take a look at it and then you comment. >> i'm the baliwood producer looking for the most delicious thing on the planet like kardashian hot. i would give that dog a bone.
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>> many don't understand why he would do this. >> well, they don't. there are other characters he plays, a diva. you see the diva there. i don't know why they didn't just do the whole commercial as a diva. he plays a hippie in one part, a biker. but, you know, when i saw this video the first time i cracked up laughing and then i started reading the posts after and like yeah that wasn't very nice. i thought how would i like it if he did black face? i'd probably be upset. yeah, this could be offensive. he is just reading a script and pop chips has come out and apologized. nothing from ashton kutcher yet though. >> nothing on twitter. because we know he has tens of millions. >> yes. he is trying to stay away from twitter. he winds up getting in trouble whenever he tweets. >> he's been off for a while. >> michael jackson has had a partnership with pepsi we know that goes way back. that relationship is continuing even beyond his death. >> yeah. they are commemorating the 25th anniversary of his album "bad" by putting his image on cans and
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will put a little code on the cans which will unlock a special remix of one of the songs from "bad" so that's pretty cool. >> that is cool. >> clever. >> new remixes. that will be really cool if you get one of those cans and they're commemorative. people will probably keep them. >> worth something. >> lindsay lohan may be reigniting an old flame? >> yeah. with samantha ronson. they say the two were hanging out in new york and flirting and holding hands and they didn't care who saw it. they also say that ronson is talking about lohan in a song she wrote called "chasing the reds" and she doesn't deny that either. she is like maybe i'm talking about her and maybe i'm not. she is talking about a relationship gone bad. it is called chasing the reds. she is a red head naturally. so maybe. >> all right. >> maybe. >> poor miley cyrus just 19 years old but that may not be the right age to attract viewers for simon cowell's "the x factor." and there are reports that say singer demi lovato got the job.
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someone you worked with i played officer phillips. here she is getting a job on "x factor" and i'm on the russ parr morning show. something isn't right about that. she was maybe 8 or 9 and i was 4. anyway, they say they want a younger audience but not too young. not as young as miley cyrus. i don't know if she is that much older but she appears older. now fergie has been, she is one of the names they've thrown in there. adam levine, leann rimes which would throw a little country in there. britney spears is one of the front-runners supposed to sign a $15 million deal. we'll have to see what happens. i like that list of judges. >> big names. >> we'll keep listening and see what happens. when kanye west wants to refute something he hears he can do it in a song. let's listen to that. ♪ only out of spite but i never hit a woman never in my life ♪ >> who is he talking about? >> alexis pfeiffer and maybe amber rose as well because there were rumors a week or two ago that he had assaulted his
4:20 pm
ex-fiance alexis pfeiffer and kanye said, listen, if you don't hear me say it in a rap then it is not true. there we go. he says it in a rap. also he says that the media crucifys him like christ. i don't know how true that is but he likes to compare himself to christ. that is the kanye way. he says he would never hit a woman. the funny thing is the guy death song with is on house arrest at his grandma's house. i wonder if kanye had to go to the grandmother's house to do the song. can you imagine? >> interesting. >> house arrest at your grandmother's house. >> not good. not cool. >> that makes it so much funnier for me. >> yeah. that is a chick magnet, right? your grandma's house? >> yeah. i can't leave the porch. >> okay. what's coming up tomorrow, georgia? >> we're doing something really cool for the community. it's the catwalk classic and kids can get money by walking the catwalk. so you can go to to find out more. that's going to be fun. >> sounds like fun. >> can we call you sergeant georgia or just officer? >> you can just call me officer
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georgia. >> yes. thanks. see you soon. coming up on news 4 if you're thinking about changing your hair color for summer we'll look at the top trending celebrity dos. >> plus a surprising study about how much women shop
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temperatures are all over the place this afternoon. >> really depends on where you are. there is a 26-degree temperature difference from over the water, by the bay, all the way to the mountains. i'll explain why in just a couple minutes. but how fair today? mixture of clouds and sunshine. not much in the way of any real thunderstorms around the area but i do think we could see an isolated thunderstorm come our way for 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. this time tomorrow i think we'll have a lot more storms around the area. take a look outside right now. the temperatures throughout the area, 66 degrees in annapolis. that's at 66 degrees with a wind flow that's off the water so closer reading to what the water temperatures are. meanwhile inland locations have promised you the 80s yesterday. right? here is how far those 80-degree temperatures have made it. gaithersburg, frederick, manassas, la plata. right around fredericksburg.
4:25 pm
there are still some locations, baltimore, right in d.c. in the 70s. i'll step out of the way and you can see the 92-degree reading in petersburg. 90 in cumberland. that's the warm air really coming into the area right around where the warm front is. so as the warm front makes its way, more and more off to the east we're going to see that warm air move on in. all right. let me go ahead and step on over so that we can advance through the weather system here and talk about what's going on. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. and as far as those showers go, you can see them there around hagerstown around la ray just off to the west. these are going to be sliding east and southeastward making their way right down around 495. so, again, for 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. we could be looking at an isolated shower or two around the area. your wakeup forecast for 9:00, still hanging in. and then for tomorrow morning, 65 to 66 degrees. with just a few clouds around the area. tomorrow morning is looking dry. the warm front will be moving east.
4:26 pm
for tomorrow afternoon, not dry at all. tomorrow afternoon it is going to be very stormy from about 3:00 p.m. until about 9:00 p.m. then an area of low pressure for saturday morning coming along and that's our best chance of rain for saturday's early in the day as that low moves on down toward the south and east. but let's focus on tomorrow. after 3:00 p.m. the storms i think a slight risk of severe weather throughout much of our viewing area and i do think, do think that for tomorrow we could even see a few rotating storms and that means that we could even be looking at a couple tornado warnings for tomorrow along with the possibility of small hail. for your evening 69 and 73 degrees. isolated storms west for tomorrow morning. a mild start it is going to be humid. but i do think that tomorrow morning finally is going to be dry. storms for the afternoon, 80 to 85 degrees. and then your four-day forecast we'll stay in the 80s for the next two days. the second half of the weekend is looking cooler. and know that both days this weekend there is a small chance
4:27 pm
for passing showers. maybe even a thunderstorm. >> but tomorrow is the day where we can see some pretty good storms. >> all right. a busy one. thanks, veronica. well the price paid for a painting might be enough to make somebody scream. >> oh, and scratch their heads, too. hey, let the adventures begin. hear from the stars of the much hyped super hero flick "the avengers." and the lion that just wants to play with a child at the zoo? we'll show y
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welcome back, everybody. at 4:30 i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. an army agency committed to fighting terrorism posted some of the last writings of osama bin laden online today. navy s.e.a.l.s seized the correspondence during the raid that killed the terror leader one year ago. the writings revealed that in his final days bin laden was still brain storming about ways to pull off another big attack on america. an aide to john edwards said today he had an awkward run-in with edwards' mistress at a detroit hotel in '07. john davis testified that rielle hunter knocked on his door and announced she and edwards were in love but the next day edwards denied it. davis also said he overheard a phone call between the two discussing her pregnancy.
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>> the new jersey mother accused of taking her 5-year-old tanning tells she is the victim of a witch hunt and because of her extreme tan 44-year-old patricia krenzel is also now the butt of comedians' jokes. she is charged with child endangerment after her daughter showed up at school last week with a slight burn. krenzel says her child has never been in the tanning bed and that this is all a misunderstanding. stocks ended lower today due to disappointing sales reports out at the closing bell. the dow was down 62 points. the nasdaq down about 36. the s&p 500 fell 11 dropping below its key 1400 milestone. market analysts say investors were also cautious about tomorrow's government jobs report. it could be one of the biggest movies of the year and it opens across the country at midnight. >> a lot of anticipation for this one. the super hero saga "the avengers" is already proving to be a big hit overseas. it's opened during the past two
4:32 pm
weeks. we have a preview now. >> reporter: bringing a team of super heroes together for the avengers means lots of action but almost as important -- >> i have an army. >> we have a hulk. >> reporter: laughs as well. >> i think td comedy in all of these films whether this or captain america is what holds it all together. >> reporter: so much so separate films featuring these marvel comics heroes have taken in more than $2 billion in recent summers. >> big man in a suit of armor. take that away and what are you? >> genius, playboy, philanthropist. >> reporter: uniting the characters and others in the avengers and balancing the laughter/action mix fell to the director. >> i think comedy is a really good in for an audience. it shows them that we understand that this is potentially absurd. and it shows it is a great way to reveal a character. >> reporter: especially so for this character who embodies the green skinned muscle bound hulk. >> i was growling and moving
4:33 pm
around and -- >> we were concerned. >> yeah. what did you think of that? >> i wondered, first i felt very embarrassed for you. >> and i felt that way too. >> let me put you on hold. >> reporter: mixing laughs with the super serious business of saving the world has worked for decades in the avengers comic books. >> i'm bringing the party to you. >> wheaton hopes he has continued it on screen. >> it is a story about people and if people can relate to the characters, it doesn't matter what they're wearing. >> reporter: millions of movie goers are expected to bear that out. for an explosive weekend at the box office. nbc news. this looks like a scene from a super hero movie, but it's real, folks. take a good look. a man wearing an engine powered jet pack jumped out of a helicopter then soared through the skies of rio de janeiro. the flight lasted 11 minutes and reached speeds of nearly 200 miles an hour. he flew over and around the city's landmarks including, you saw there, the famous christ the
4:34 pm
redeemer statue. he then pulled the parachute and landed safely on the beach. the daredevil is a former fighter pilot named evay rossi. in '08 he used the jet wing to cross the english channel and last year he flew over the grand canyon. >> big adventures. an iconic painting sold for a record $120 million last night. it is "the scream" by the norwegian painter edvark monk. the expressionist painting was sold by a patron of monk. it dates back to 1895 and is one of four versions now in existence but is the only one still in private hands. the rest are in museums. the previous record for the most expensive work of art sold at auction was set two years ago when a picasso painting sold for $106.5 million. >> when we win the powerball we can buy a couple. when it comes to online shopping affluent men are out shopping women.
4:35 pm
this is true of men making more than $100,000 a year. according to the digital performance company called i-prospect more than a quarter of the 19 million men who fall into this category make weekly online purchases and spend about $4,000 a year. sorry, ladies. 8 of 10 times they're buying stuff for themselves. well, take a look at the latest video to go viral. >> yeah. 1-year-old jack was making his first trip to the zoo. his mother says she did not notice until later that jack was dressed as a zebra. kia the lioness at the oregon zoo noticed. jack must have looked like a tasty morsel dangling just out of reach there. zoo officials say a very thick layer of glass separated the predator from the toddler and jack was never in any danger. his mother wasn't worried at all. she can be heard giggling in the background. jack, well, he was just oblivous
4:36 pm
to it all. until he grows up and takes a look at that. he'll be having nightmares. >> it looks like the lion wants to play and maybe nibble a little. >> yeah. a little nibble goes a long way for that lion. well, who needs a gps to get home? one very smart bird is back after it told police where he lived. >> pico the parakeet was found at a hotel in japan sunday and began repeating his address at a police station for two days. officers finally tracked down the parakeet's owner who lived near tokyo. the two were finally reunited yesterday. the woman taught the 2-year-old how to say her address after losing another bird. she told reporters she is happy to have pico back. a whole lot more to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. celebrities are showing off different color hair as we head into the summer months. we'll take a look at the trending colors, next. plus, target will soon take a popular e-reader off the
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soon you won't be able to buy the kindle at target anymore. target began selling the e-reader about two years ago. it is one of the biggest sellers and carriers of that device. target is going to take it off the shelves though in the spring. target is going to continue though to sell other e-readers including apple's ipad and barns
4:40 pm
and nobles' nook. time to check out today's daily deals. >> there are good options for families. pay $17 bucks for an all day rental at bike and roll with locations downtown and in old town. bike and roll gives you a hybrid bike so you can ride by the national mall or take it on one of the city's many trails. you also get a helmet, a lock, flat tire kit, and a map. >> wow. that is a deal. on living social today, pay seven bucks for a pass to great waves water park in alexandria. it's good from may 26th all the way to september 3rd. the park includes playgrounds, slides, other activities. more than 4100 people have picked up on this one so far. >> and don't forget to download our own nbc 4 iphone app for free. to stay up to date on all the latest news and weather on the go just search nbc washington on i-tunes. >> when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00 mick jagger is known for putting on a great show. right now he plans to show his
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the news 4 i-team is giving us a first-hand look at the condition of virginia highway signs and whether or not you need to worry as you drive by those signs daily. it's been three months since a massive sign came crashing down on a truck on i-66. the state is still looking for the cause of that accident. after weeks of negotiating,
4:44 pm
v-dot released inspection reports of all highway structures in our area to the i--team and tonight we'll show you the condition of those signs and lights, what our cameras found and what the state has to say. >> the public can see corrosion on a bridge beach or a sign or a pole. it doesn't necessarily mean they need to be concerned that that structure is in danger of falling. >> tonight at 11:00 find out why v-dot decided to take action after what the i-team found in an exclusive news 4 report. >> we talked earlier. a lot of people running out to the theater to see a super hero movie. we got something super going on in the sky this weekend too. >> that's right. a super moon. take a look at the animation here. that's going to be happening this weekend. it is going to move at its closest point on saturday so basically folks the moon is going to look giant. it's going to be about 16 times
4:45 pm
bigger and brighter than it normally would appear at full moon. and that will be saturday at 11:35 p.m. how close to earth? some 221,802 miles away. so look for that huge moon. take some pictures and send them to us at weather.nbc. a few storms off to the west. isolated storms now around hagerstown. these will be moving southeastward so for spots like frederick, for probably a northern loudoun county you'll see a few your way over the next couple hours and probably up until about 9:00 p.m. most of them will stay just along and just east of i-81 for this evening but it's widespread storms for tomorrow afternoon which are looking very strong. we'll start in the day between 59 and 66 degrees for most locations, so rather mild. i do not think it is going to be wet tomorrow morning but i do think we'll see low clouds. maybe even some patchy fog
4:46 pm
around the area. after 3:00 tomorrow, storms are on. the system will be making its way through. storms will be firing. we'll be in the 80s tomorrow. once again a range probably from the low 80s to the upper 80s but any storms that do come through the area tomorrow not only bringing some frequent lightning and heavy rain, perhaps some small hail, but there is the chance for a few rotating storms. so possible tornado warnings for tomorrow. you'll want to tune right here in to nbc 4. as far as the weekend goes, 30% chance of showers and storms both days saturday and sunday. 82 to 73 degrees. so i'm thinking it's going to be a busy day tomorrow afternoon. >> all righty. we'll be here and you'll be here and we'll follow it, keep you updated all the way. >> thanks, veronica. purple, pink, and blue. they are just some of the hair colors being sported by celebrities this spring. it's a look considered to be really bold. >> we saw them on katy perry on those music award shows. fashion experts say now is the perfect time to experiment with your look. reporter jane hansen has more on
4:47 pm
summer's hottest hair colors. >> reporter: gone are the days when changing up your hair color meant having a few highlights. judging by hollywood, summer hair color is going to be all about going bold. check out kelly osbourne. she has been spotted here in nyc sporting bright purple locks. >> you love the golden girl as your inspiration? >> yes. actually. >> that is certainly one way to get noticed. ♪ >> reporter: whether you love it or hate it crazy color is nothing new for the 27-year-old rocker who has been known to favor pink and gray in the past. also going purple, pop starlet katy perry. ♪ hey i just made you and this is crazy ♪
4:48 pm
>> reporter: she is another girl who has never been afraid of color and now she is showing off this deep lavendar hue. we have to admit we think it suits her. but if purple is not your thing, look no further than lauren conrad. ♪ pink is my new obsession >> reporter: the former reality star turned up at a recent book signing with a hot pink ponytail. she won raves from the fashion set for combining the edgy do with a super feminine outfit. ♪ >> reporter: then there is model brooklyn decker who is also getting in on the pink trend. check out her candy colored tips at the battle ship premiere last week. other stars just can't seem to make up their minds. like vanessa hutchins who recently lightened the tips of her naturally dark treses but then posted on her blog she couldn't decide whether to go lighter or dark again. so why not take a cue from these adventurous celebrities? it looks like summer is the time
4:49 pm
to have a little fun with your hair color. >> color your hair to fit your mood. >> that's right. they do have you doing a double take. what do you think? >> i think it looks good on sum and i think it's not for others. >> okay. interesting. very diplomatic, pat. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 rocker mick jagger is getting ready to do something he has never done before on live television. >> also new details about children who were born two weeks after their original due date. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 prosecutors lay out the evidence after a national archives employee is sentenced for stealing stuff and selling it on e-bay. trouble for commuters who rely on metro. weekend track work could create some big delays during some big sports events around our city. coming up at 6:00, we have a delicate rescue mission after a miner is buried under ten
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
mick jagger will test his comedic chops later this month when he hosts the saturday night live season finale. the rolling stones front man has been a musical guest twice before on the long-running nbc hit but he has never hosted before. in addition to his hosting duties, jagger will also also have a musical performance. this marks the 50th anniversary the stones have been together as a band. the snl finale is may 19th
4:53 pm
airing right here on nbc 4. a new study found that children born after a longer than normal pregnancy could be at risk for behavioral problems. the study was published in the international journey of epidemiology. researchers followed babies three years after their birth. children born at least two weeks late had more behavioral and emotional problems atd 18 and 36 months old. they were twice as likely to be diagnosed with adhd. scientists say they still need to do more research to figure out if the problems are because the children were born late. just ahead, more than a week since a little girl was taken from her bedroom. cops combed through the house looking for clues. for all your news be sure to follow us. ♪
4:54 pm
♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road?
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to the mystery surrounding a 6-year-old girl in arizona, isabell solis vanished from her home several days ago. her father said he put her to bed and this morning she was gone. this morning her parents went on the "today" show to plead for her safe return. miguel almaguer has the latest from tucson. >> reporter: escorted separately by investigators, surge yo and becky took detectives through their home re-enacting what took place in the hours before their daughter disappeared. 6-year-old isabell the vibrant
4:57 pm
first grader who lit up a room vanished from her bedroom nearly two weeks ago. police have received more than 500 tips but have named no suspects. >> i know she'll come home. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to nbc news isabell's parents admit they're frustrated with the speed of the investigation. >> it's one more day we don't have her here. and not having answers, you want those answers. we want isabell home. >> reporter: the family says isabel was kidnapped but police have labeled the case a suspicious disappearance. though her window was found open, the screen pushed aside, the family home is surrounded by a five-foot wall. dogs were both inside and outside the house when the first grader vanished. >> both parents have taken polygraph tests. there may be other people we ask to do the tests but we never talk about the results of that. >> reporter: the police chief says the family is fully cooperating and investigators talked to isabel's parents every day. >> we look at everyone to include the family.
4:58 pm
it's not that we are saying the family is responsible but we're also not saying the family is completely clear. everyone is a suspect until we find out otherwise. >> reporter: detectives have scoured her neighborhood searching nearby lakes, parks, and landfills and have contacted authorities to distribute her picture along the border. the case has not gone cold say investigators. >> the police are being very quiet and strategic in what they've uncovered in their investigation. remember that they know a whole lot more than what the general public knows. >> reporter: gone 13 days neither police orris bell's family have given up hope. >> i love you so much. we miss you so much. >> reporter: every night a mother and father pray for their daughter, a vigil in their home, a candle lit until she returns. >> we will always look for you. we will find you. you will be home with us. >> reporter: miguel almaguer news 4. now the prison sentence for a former d.c. council member. >> reporter: tonight at 5:00 a rude awakening for a local
4:59 pm
firefighter recovering from heart surgery. see what happened when robbers broke into his house with him still inside. a warning for people who ride the rails. why metro is refusing to put off weekend repairs despite some big sports events around the city. and carry on controversy. why placing a bag in the overhead bin will soon cost some spirit passengers more than what they paid for their tickets. good evening everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. judgment day for harry thomas jr. the councilman sentenced to more than three years in prison for lining his pockets with taxpayer money meant for children. >> reporter: the judge today said thomas betrayed the public's trust. now he has to do the time. tom sherwood is live with the latest details. >> reporter: jim, thomas is the first sitting council member to resign and face prison for corruption. as you said, the judge said thomas betrayed the


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