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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> stay with us. "news 4" continues at 5:00 a.m. remember the godfather of go-go. good morn, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to this thursday, may 17, 2012. 66 degrees. a mild start to your day. it got pretty warm out there. felt a little like summer yesterday afternoon. we're going have another nice day today. >> tom kierein says so. >> yes. whenever my relatives dom visit they say it's so green here sniet is. >> look at this view. it's sligo park. that's the hiker/biker trail at the sligo creek park.
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we've got great hiker/biker trails around our region. as has been happening, we had a weak front come through overnight. it was producing a few showers out of the mountains but as it approaches us, id did not produce any rain. all that area in green now is in the 60s. much of the region around washington and points south and east. but the west and north. it's in the 50s and that's much of western maryland, highlands, parts of the shenandoah valley. here is your day planner for this thursday. it going to be gorgeous. by mid morning upper 60s. then mostly sunny. noontime, low 70s. peek mid afternoon. by late afternoon down to the low 70s. great day coming up. i'm back with another update in ten minutes. danella is here now with another update on traffic. good morning. >> right now i'm looking at the beltway. at 210 indian head highway, a
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report of debris. to me your travel lanes look open right now. if that's the commute you're taking, please use caution and be aware. now, over to 395 at duke, travel lanes are open as you make your way northbound as well as southbound. no issues to report. here, you're clear. so far, posted 60 miles an hour. that's what the sensors are picking up. if you're taking the rails, i'm not seeing any delays from the metro, the marc, or the vre. new this morning fairfax county police are searching for clues after man is found shot and killed inside his car he was discovered around 11:30 at the intersection of san leandro and the mendocino place. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. the police have not announced his name or released any information. bless are investigating a gubl shooter. two were shot in dumfries. police say the victims were
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taken to hospital. both are expected to make full recoveries. police are still trying to determine a motive in this case. for many washingtonians, he was the voice of d.c. this morning that voice has got silent. ♪ i've got brand-new move for you from the country to the inner city ♪ chuck brown passed way yesterday after a short bout with pneumonia at age 75. he was the founder of go-go, a sound that came to define the district. >> this morning the city that loved him so much is showed their love for him. dancing out in the streets in north washington last night and tracee wilkins is live outside that theater this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. chuck brown created this music in the '70s and has been playing it all of this time. i can tell you i have never seen the actual end of a chuck brown concert because i get tired have and go home.
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he would keep playing with all of this energy and enthusiasm like he was still 20 30r years old. in his 70s would play for hours and hours. i mean nonstop. no intermission. no breaks. this was music about the people of d.c. and the people of d.c. were in it and helped to create it. it's fitting that would want to come here and pay tribute to him. let me show you what it looked like last night. as you said, thousands of people dancing in the streets. his daughter came down to say hello to the fans and she was greeted by everyone who was here and showing a lot of love. again, it's fitting that they paid tribute to chuck brown here last night. he had to cancel a recent performance here due to his ongoing illness and battle with kn pneumonia. chuck brown way is right down the street so it's also fitting that we spoke with another d.c. legend, former member and
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council member and good friend of chuck brown, marion barry about chuck brown. >> he was a musician genius. he gould from jazz to hip-hop to go-go to rock 'n' roll, anything in between that. >> reporter: though inside the howard theater they have video playing of chuck brown. of course, everybody's thoughts will be with him as they make arrangements and plans as to what's going to happen next. definitely the end of an era. d.c. will never be the same. tracee wilkins reporting life. >> as tracee mentioned, chuck brown's daughter took part in tell is bracing outside the howard theater. she said her father was more than just a musician to many d.c. residents. he was also their father. >> when he went around town, what did he say, i raised you, i raised you. >> he definitely raised you. >> the best person in the world. we lost something that d.c. can
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never replasz. >> never replace. >> never replace. >> brown's family has not yet finalized funeral arangements. >> and we'll have much more on the passing of chuck brown. big g. glover will join us live later this hour to offer his thoughts on chuck brown's death. >> we have much more on our website. go to webb for his memories about the origins of go-go and his impact on washington and you can see his life in pictures. >> we love to hear people's stories, how they met him, the concert they went to, what an impact he had on the music scene and in people's lives. what he meant to d.c. >> nice to see he always reached tout d.c. and the people who were here. when i say d.c., the suburbs too. well, the bad news continues to mount for jpmorgan chase. how much the bank's losses have grown. also ahead, new concerns about a rare flesh-eating virus. where a second case of that disease has now surfaced. one of the dangers of the
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job, the scary fall this firefighter took that will have you talking today. you'll notice it's a little cooler outside this morning. what you can expect as the day progresses with "weather & traffic on
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check out this video. it shows a firefighter falling battling a huge apartment fire as he fell through the roofer.
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you can see it highlighted. it happened yesterday afternoon in portland, oregon. the intense flames and smoke suddenly caused the roof to fall in. somehow he was not hurt in that fall. it's surprising more firefighters didn't fall when that roof kavged in. >> the dangers of the job. the firefighters on the front line. oh, my goodness gracious to see him fall through like that. good thing he did not get hurt. >> it's unbelievable. let's check in with chuck kierein on the weather. chuck, it tom, it's got to be nice when things are calcalm. >> for the next couple of days we're going to have gorgeous weather. down to the mid and upper 60s around washington and the nearby suburbs. outside the beltway, though, it's generally near 60 degrees in prince george's county, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery. it's in the upper 60s. but farther west and north it's dipped down into the 50s this
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morning. much of western maryland, panhandle of shenandoah valley and west virginia. a few high wispy clouds passing through. here's your day planner for this thursday. by mid morning, upper 60s by noontime. low 70s, lot os sunshine and a sunny afternoon to follow. highs reaching mid-70s by mid afternoon. by late afternoon down to low 70s. sunset is at 8:16. your outlook is coming up. danella, how's traffic. >> check out things if you're traveling along route 50 inbound. i'm seeing increases but you're still driving at posted speeds. not bad at all. no issues to report at this time. now, as you're making your way on the dulles greenway today, tall tolls that are collected are going to charity, so it's cool that you can commute and give to charity at the same time. let's check some travel speeds right now. making your way from hunter mill
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road, six miles an hour and the rails are check and not seeing any delays. back over to you both. 5:12. mitt romney's support is growing this morning. the latest his endorse management has landed. one last chance to make their case. what we can expect from the john edwards trial and when the jury will get the case. >> here's some news will make your day. why all that coffee you drink in the morning could help you live longer. christmas is coming early. how one man is putting a
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. ny new this morning tla say the bank has lost at least a billion dollars more than it thought from last week's risky trade. "the new york times" reports the
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company's lost $3 billion from the move so far and that number is rising. despite the huge loss financial analysts and investors say they're optimistic about the bachg's long-term prospects. federal authorities have opened an investigation into that risky move. one has resigned with more departing june prosecutors and defense lawyers will preb their closing arguments in the john edwards campaign corruption trial. john edwards is accused of using nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions to hide his mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. defense lawyers will say the payments were gifts intended to keep his cancer-stricken wife from learning about his progress nanlt mitt tress. each side will have two hours to make their final arguments. the jury is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow >> now to decision 2012 where democrats are turning up the heat on mitt romney. vice president biden is
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continuesicontinu continuing his tour in ohio. yesterday he was at a northeastern ohio manufacturing plant. he attacked romney on his record saying he can't relate to middle class. he says the white house has helped america recover from the resechlg he told even while it was a slow recovery, there wouldn't have be any recovery under mitt romney. and mitt romney pecked up another support from challenger h herman cain. he told the crowd that conservatives have to rally around their part's nominee. he said he didn't have any plans on joining romney on the campaign trail. >> a new york medical examiner will begin an autopsy on the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. mary was found in her home yesterday in westchester new york. police suspect suicide. she struggled with substance abuse for years and had a number
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of run-ins with the law. they filed for divorce in 2004. e they had four children today. mary was 52 years old. we're learning more evidence. nbc news reviewed martin's autopsy report. the official medical examiner's report says martin died of a sickle gunshot wound fired at mid range. there was an abraegs no mar than a quarter of an inch from hiss left ring finger knuckle. a medical report shows zimmerman likely suffered a broken knows and scalp laceration. the trucks on his report include adderall and sleep medication. zimmerman claims self-defense when he shot martin in february. the fbi is offing a 150,000 dollar award for inform option the suspect behind suspicious letters containing white powder. one person is suspected for sending them all over the kintry
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including d.c. agents believe the suspect is somewhere in north texas. they've shown up not different areas. >> the fbi, cia, terrorism, aerospace industry and conspiracy theories. >> in each case the investigators have determined the powder to be harmless. another case of the deadly flesh-eating bacteria. lana kirken dal gave birth to twins. she drove back home when she noticed a spot on her leg. she went back to the hospital where they say she's now in critical condition. with the help of a respirator, she's under gone four surgeries. her newborn twibs are doing okay and her friending are raising money for treatments. that's according to new census figures. population estimates show that
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50.4% of children young irthan one last year were part of a minority group. that's up from april 2010. of the total births in 2011, about 26% were hispanic. 15% were black and 4% were as n asian. >> i'm on my second cup and there are people out there saying, go ahead, have a second cup of coffee. a new study shows that drinking more coffee can help you live longer. they conducted a 13-year study. it shows men and women who suffered six cup as day had lower death rates from heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. black coffee is the best. they added it's not the ka fee but the antiox damts and compounds in the coffee that gives you health benefits. >> finally good news for us very, very early risers. you hear about the lack of sleep is going to kill us, the fact that we're on these hours. >> and eating at the weird times but apparently coffee is okay. you drink yours black, right?
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>> oh, no, no, no. >> you did at one point. >> that's a different story. lots of cream and splenda. >> we're not doing it the best way, but coffee can be good for you. that's the short of it. 21 minutes now after the hour. >> tom doesn't drink coffee. he's just naturally vibrant. >> what do you drink? >> orange juice. >> that's nice. >> you get a shot of energy with that. hey, there's the first faint light of dawn showing up over the monuments there in washington. live vancouver if if there from our hd city camera. right now in washington county, hagerstown is cool. mid-50s. few clouds coming through. hometown forecast for washington county and hagerstown, it's going to be coolering there than elsewhere. still in the 50s. by noontime climbing into the lower 60s. a sunny afternoon. highs reaching 70s. it should make it in the mid-70s throw the metro area. right touch the 50s under a clear sky. it will be dipping down into the 40s. around the metro area, the low
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50s. quite a cool start to friday. afternoon highs in the upper 70s with lots of sunshine. great weather for saturday, if you're planning on heading to the andrews air show. it will be great. it always draws huge crowds. don't forget your sunscreen. temperatures will be up around 80 degrees. morning lows in the 50s. delightful for all the outdoor recreation plans you may have or outdoor work in the yard an we'll have sunday, some uncertainty whether north there may be a shower right now. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted on that. otherwise partly sunny and into the 70s. as we get into next week it is wet. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking quite cloudy with a chance of a shower each day when highs in the mid-70s and morning lows right around 60 degrees. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. we'll look at another viewer photo. that will be coming up at 5 clchb # 1. danella, how's traffic? i i'm just realizing "weather &
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traffic on the 1s" is a no-coffee zone. you're on orange juice, i'm on tea. i think we have enough to worry about. let's go to the roadways. traveling at i-270. you have an accident and only the heft side of the readway is going to get you by. even the right shoulder lain is blocked by the crash. it looks pretty good. no issues north past the rest area and continuing toward the peltway you're looking pretty good. in fact speed sensors are picking up speeds at 63 miles an hour. and if you're crossing over the 14th street bridge, no delays and settlements in this area. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. >> it could be another tough day on the stand for wchbss in the roger clemens perjury industrial. yesterday clemons' lawyer attacked mcnamee's testimony during two hours of aggressive
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investigation. the lawyer asked do you sometimes make things up? he said he injected the all-star with steroid ts and human growth hormones. the nats are back in first this morning and they did it in a big way. >> that ball is launched to left and it is gone. >> washington hit three solo home runs on their way to a 7-4 win overing the pittsburgh pirates. the big story, adam laroche drove in one and then three runs in d game is his 1,000th. geospz gonzalez. march mad seasons coming to the verizon center. georgetown will host the east regional next year. it will be the sixth time verizon has hosted the ncaa men's basketball tournament games. it should be a lot of fun.
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>> $40 million. that's how much sketchers will pay about the claims of its shoes. the shoes claimed the shape--ups toning shoe helped lose weight, tone body messles and come bait hart disease. they say this an important step in getting markets to ensure they have important evidence. consumers who bought the shoes will be eligible for refund. >> i hope common sense will tell you no amount of shoes is going to make you look like brook burke 50 burke. >> reagan painter was shopping for bargain deals at his lot ca k-matters noechl it issed a lot of items remaining and he bought the items and donated it for charity. >> this year we'll have enough
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hats, clothes, and flovs. >> there won't be any needy people cold this win termination i don't think. >> painter said the items amounted to $200,000. w he could have made money, instead decided to help people. >> our time right now, 5:26. coming up, remembering the fod father of go-go. what members of d.c. are saying about the life and career of chuck brown. also ahead a new vision of the new moniment. the proposals for giving the landmark a new makeover. >> you're look at current temperatures. you can see it's a little cooler this morning in some places. how warm it will get today next as part of your "weather &
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looking at a stories making headlines this morning at 5:29. the d.c. community is mourning the loss of music legend chuck brown. the godfather of go-go. that in just moments. >> police are trying to find out who killed a man in mt. vernon
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overnight. leaders begin arriving for the g-8 summit. we'll have more. first good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back on this thursday, may 17 as we take a look outside at 5:30. the sun is out breaking the clouds up. tom kierein is here talking about the warm-up that we'll see again today. >> sunrise is 20 minutes away. it's coming up earlier and earlier. with the recent rain we've had, everything is green and flowers are looking beautiful. look at the butterfly feasting on the ail yum. it looks like a fuzzy tennis ball. christina j. wrote that in. if you have an interesting photosend it in to we will share it. we did have a weak front come
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through. we had a weak shower but it dried out. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine throughout the day today. right now around the area where you see the areas in light green, that is in the low to mid-60s. that's much of maryland, varks and the eastern shore. much of maryland, it's just in the low to mid 50s. as we look to your day ahead. it's going be warm. mid afternoon. a delightle may day on the way. i'll have your forecast again coming up in ten minutes. da any la is here. any traffic troubles? >> earlier we did have problems. roadwork on i-66. it's now gone. we have volume increase as you make your way eastbound, but your travel lanes are open. that's a good sign. so far it's not bad at all. making your way from fairfax
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county parkway to the beltway, 65 miles an hour. that's an 11-bhinltd drive. inside the beltway on i-66, your travel lanes are own. here's a live look at glebe. things look really good for you. eastbound from the beltway to glebe you're driving at 59 miles an hour. not bad at all. aaron, ba back over to you. >> thank you. the godfather of go-go is gone. chuck brown died yesterday at the age of 75. he suffered from pneumonia. brown's distinct voice and unique musical style made him a legend in d.c. he became an international star, too, scoring his first billboard number one hit more than three decades ago. he was nominated for grammy in 2010. we're still waiting to hear about funeral arrangements, but chuck brown's fans have already started celebrating his life. they gathered outside the howard theater last night to sing and
5:33 am
dance and honor the music legend. "news 4" tracee wilkins is live outside the theater this morning with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i was reading the book that discussed the history of african-american music not too long ago. and the writer called go-go music's last original format coming out of america and said it was the last noncommercial format to come out of this country, so that's how important go-go was and chuck brown was its creator. it makes sense the fans of the music, the music the people loved so much, they came down here to celebrate it and pay honor to chuck brown. they were playing chuck brown's music as they gathered in the streets and danced. his daughter was greeted and hugged when she came down to say hello to his fans. it was fits there was a tribute to her f he had to cancel a recent event due his ill bs. he wanted to use the howard
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theater as a go-go venue. chuck brown way is right down the street. while go-go has been a part of the generations there's not been a lot of commercial success. in a recent interview we asked chuck himself, how do you describe go-go to someone who's never heard it. >> well, if they've heard funk before, it's just another form of funky music with a lot of percussion, choral response, audience participation. we do a song, we break it down, you know, we get into the audience and then they get into us. it just goes and goes and goes. coming out of that particular tune going to another gruv but it's all another gruv. >> reporter: when you think how hard it is to be a music, creating your own format, that's
5:35 am
what chuck brown did. that's absolutely amazing. folks will be paying honor to him throughout the coming days and weeks with the loss of chuck brown. reporting live in the northwest, i'm tracee williams, "news 4." >> mayor vincent gray says d.r. will be a different place. former may your and council man barry knew him. he was a great musician but even a better person. >> chuck brown was the only go-go music that didn't attraction the negative -- the fights and shooting and stabbings and things. the only one that could that that did it with peace with chuck brown. >> and we'll have much more on the passing of chuck brown throughout the morning. and there is more on his life and legacy on our website. just go to for his memories about the origin of go-go and its impact on washington. you can also see his life in pictures. 5:35 now.
5:36 am
new this morning, man found shot and killed inside his car in fairfax county. police found him around 11:30 at the intersection of san leandro and men desee noe. megan mcgrath with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: the call came in around 11:30 last night. it was the call with a can complaint of noise, the sound of a revving engine. when police arrived that's when they found a man inside a sedan, a man in his 40s, had been shot multiple times and was dead on the scene. they believe the sound of the revving was the victim's foot hitting the motor after he was shot. there's no description of any other vehicle that may have been involved. what we do have is one victim, a man in his 40s who died here of multiple gunshot wounds and this is still an active investigation. anyone with information, you're
5:37 am
asking to call police. megan mcgrath, "news 4." >> megan, thank you. today the world leaders will arrive in our area for the g-8 summit. despite winning his country's election two months ago russia's president vladimir putin will not be attends. prime minister medvedev will be taking his plachlts ale. also attending, france's new president, francois hollande. it would make it illegal for women in washington to terminate their pregnancy after 20 weeks. she can submit written testimony. >> we now know the two people's choice winners if tr national ideas come pe physician for the washington monument grounds. hundreds took part.
5:38 am
the first winner, the people's forum by carolina kaliaka. that design also includes an underground visitor center. the second winner, u and me by gin wu lynn. it provides a circle lal pathway. at different points the walls will be bigger. steps rise and fall along the way causing visitors to experience the monument in different ways at different points. both will be on display at the eric texture season ter in richmond until june 24. earlier this month the nonprofit trust picked olsen and man freedy. it also includes an amphitheater, cafe and walkway to the tidal basin. that agency is preparing this design for an environmental and historic preservation review. >> all right.
5:39 am
>> they have ball in the mall and fun events like that or if you feel like wearing a gown on the mall, why not. >> take some pictures. >> 5:38. 65 degrees. a mangled mess left behind as two men tried to get away from police. what triggered the wild chase in one maryland community. >> trying to get away. an incident that caused a horse to swim several miles tout sea. >> a cooler start. >> a cooler start. a look at how the day is are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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[ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol
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gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. an arabian horse is recovering after getting spooked on the beach and jumping into the pacific ocean. the horse named william somehow became spooked on the beach in santa barbara, california. william swam out about two miles. it took several rescue boatings about three hours to get him safely back to shore. he's exhausted but in good health. >> you don't want to spook any animal. let's go to tom kierein now and get a look at today's forecast. >> live view from our hd city camera. right now temperatures around the region near 60. by noontime, low 70s. mitt afternoon with lots of sun.
5:43 am
danella, how's traffic? >> northbound i-270 still seeing problems there. oom the left side gets by. also if you're traveling along i-95, you're jamming starting at 17. delays continue as you make your way past stafford. no accidents though. just delays at this time. the rails. i'm still checking them and they still look great. er of the you. >> it is 5:43 right now. sharing their experiences of their time. straight ahead ant twaurn "big g" glover with how he inspired his career. why this business is drawing
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this morning family, friends, and fans are remembering the godfather of go-go. chuck brown died at the age of 75 after a battle with pneumonia. brown may not have been born in the district but he certainly made d.c. his home. danella, good morning to you. >> good morning. big g., i want to thank you for joining us today. as an artist, backyard band, talk about the influence that chuck brown had on you. >> he had a real big influence on me. he gave memy first show when i was 15 years old at the kill a mon jar row. he would bring me backstage and say, the stage is yours. practice. keep positive people around you at all times. i had a problem with my voice because everybody made fun of my voichls he said you have to own that and run with it. so, you know, cluck was very, very instrumental in my life as
5:48 am
a kid growing up in music and go-go. >> let me ask you about this because so often we hear artists and entertainers complain about how a lot of other artists are just rude or cutthroat. but chuck was not like that, to embrace you with open arms, right? >> yes, yes. he had nothing like that. chuck was like, okay, everybody, i'm doing what i'm doing. we have to bring the young kids up. just like all the way to now with t.o.b., one of the younger bands. he had that stage, all of you kids are my family from benny to chuck to james from bucks. junkyard. his daughter, too. he wanted everybody on the stage at one time to slow case their talent and go to the next level. >> just open arms. tell me how the fans are dealing with this. >> on my way back from new york
5:49 am
today i had so many calls and texts and tweets and, man, i know it's heavy on yourheart right now for the state of go-go, but just as chuck as a family person, it was hard to get the call. i checked with his daughter through the weeks to make sure he was okay. it's hard not to have him be around anymore. just like so many people calling and just like, you know, keep it going, keep it going. just be strong. but my heart goes out to his family, especially his kids. >> such a difficult time. we really appreciate you coming here and sharing your thoughts. >> thank you, danella and thank you, big g. >> you can find out more about chuck's life and legacy on our website, n we have a montage of his life in pictures. >> this morning two men are in custody following a chachls police are investigating whether the men are the fake officers they've been looking for. the wild chase ended when the men in the black suv crashed
5:50 am
into two cars and aly mow bus in northeast washington. you can see the mangled mess there. "news 4" spoke with one of the drivers who was hit. >> i never seen nothing like this, you know, a day in my life. this is the worst horrific accident i've ever seen. if you take a look at those. if you haven't, take a look at these accidents. i have never seen nothing like this. and to be involved in them, you know. it's an such sniet all starts when a d.c. officer matched the description used by the fake officers. the suv crashed into a prince george's police squad car before the chase ended back in the district. one of them was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. the man suspected of multiple stabbing attacks including one in leesburg will get their day in court. a man was charged with stabbing
5:51 am
a man to death in michigan in 2010. he's charged with attacking a few men in leesburg where he lived for a few years. his defense team is expected to say htheir client was mentally ill and didn't whauns he was doing. he faces murder attempts in michigan and ohio. georgetown university is moving forward with plant graduation speech despite krit sichlt they say health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is an unlikely choice. she's expected to speak at the ceremony for georgetown university's public policy institute. it could cost students more to attend virginia tech. they're set to meet today to consider several options for tuition and fee increases for the upcoming academic years. three options are being considered. they include increases of 3 pblt
5:52 am
2%, 3 president 9% and 4.9%. kbronch bob mcdonald recently asked the higher education leaders to hold down in-state tuition increases. 5:51 now. if you're off to an early start this morning tom kierein is here to get you that forecast before you step out. >> the birds are chirping so hard they're wincing. >> when it's that nice outside you can't help yourself. >> yeah. look that soft pink sunrise over the potomac. sun will be up in a couple of minutes. 67 now at reagan national and it's partly cloudy to mostly clear. with we've got a northerly wind. it dipped down into the 50s. shenandoah valley, west virginia and maryland. fairfax, prince george's county, in the tidal basin in the potomac, we have a few clouds. by 9:00 we'll still be in the 60s and partly cloudy.
5:53 am
by noontime lots of sun. if you spend much time outside you'll need your sunscreen. as we get into the afternoon hours, it will be mid-70s. around 70s noontime. by late afternoon, near 70 degrees and it will be mostly sunny. a clear evening and by dawn tomorrow, a chilly start to friday. temperatures may be near 50 degrees but with bright sun on friday afternoon into the upper 70s. saturday should be sunny, near 80 degrees. but then there is a question about whether we might get a shower on sunday. there's some uncertainty with that. stay tuned. looks like a greater chance of light rain moving in as we do get into next week. heading into the air force base this weekend. hud crowds. free admission. especially with the sunshine around 80. again, sunday, there is a chance of a passing shower. however it may be dry there. stay tuned we'll have an update for that as we get closer to the day tomorrow. have a better look at it.
5:54 am
my next update is in ten minutes. danella is here with the latest on traffic. >> this was northbound i-270. it's now cleefrmt your travel lanes are open. we've got to head up i-270. i want to talk delays southbound from 85 as you make your way past 109. a live look at 109. you see the clouds are starting to pick up some volume in this area. no accidents , but you're seein delays. so far, no reportlanded delays on the metro, the mark, or the vre. eun, over to you. >> thank you. 5:54. worries about the number of parking spots being planned. many of the loudoun county board members took issue with the just 5 through spots plans for the two loudoun county metro stations. they must decide whether to t b contribute $150 million to fund phase two of the metro dulles
5:55 am
project. they'll decide on it. tonight we'll learn if facebook could make stock market history. it's expected to be released late today. earl estimates have been $34 to $38 a share. that could climb. in today have the most, shares would have to be priced at $41 or more. that price would raise nearly $20 billion for facebook, topping visa's ipo in 2008 which raised $19.5 million. a d.c. food truck facing opposition not for what they serve but for what the employees are working. the f fojol bros truck. it calls for a petition to change their outfits and hundreds of people have signed the petition. >> if you're going to sell
5:56 am
indian or ethiopian cuisine and you're going to market off it, do it in a respectful way. >> it's a mockery of the system, a different culture than their own. it really is racist. >> the owners of the fojol food truck says there's no disrespect intended with their outfits. the organizers of that petition plan to deliver it to the owners of the food truck when they get to a thousand signatures. 42 years ago a brave soldier died in what was known as the mother's day ambush during the vietnam war. now he's finally being honored for his bravely, receiving the highest military honor. president obama prechblted the medal of honor to the widow of sergeant leslie sabow jr. yet. he and his platoon were surrounded by north vietnamese sohniers. he protected others from a grenade blast and used his own grenade to take out enemy solders before he was killed.
5:57 am
his widow says she knows a medal can't bring him back but she is happy because he's finally being recognized for his heroics. star david beckham will receive the torch in a special ceremony tonight in athens. the torch was lit last week and it will fly back to london on this gold painted british air nicknamed fire fly. look at that. starting saturday, the torch will begin a 70-day relay across britain, ending at the opening ceremony on july 27th. of course, you can catch full coverage of olympic games right here on nbc 4 and the family nbc family of networks. the daredevils will help create and celebrate the 100th anniversary of marine aviation. in addition to the blue angels, the golden nights parachute demo
5:58 am
team will wow the crowd this weekend as well. there will be dudsens of vintage military planes on display. the show is tomorrow morning
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