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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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braebing news after nine days of deliberations the jury in the john edwards trial reached a verdict. >> or maybe a partial verdict. as everyone was waiting for the verdict to be read there was a change of plans. the jury told the judge it only reached a unanimous verdict on one of the six kouchblts the judge said, quote, i was obviously under the impression you had reached a verdict on all six counts. the only count was reached was count three, that specific charge that john edwards accepted and received illegal campaign contributions in 2008 from rachel mellon. edwards is accused of masterminding a plan to use money from mellon and another wealthy donor to hide his pregnant mistress as he ran for president. >> that mistress of course, rielle hunter. about 2:45 this afternoon the judge sent the jury back into the deliberation room.
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analysts say the jury could be dead locked on the other five charges. witnesses inside the courtroom today say edwards happy, appeared to be smiling at his family. the defense team has asked the judge to declare a mistrial so, once again, back to square one. let's go to nbc news for this special report. >> this is an nbc news special report. here is savannah guthrie. >> we are coming on to report some big developments that the corruption trial of former presidential democratic candidate john edwards -- what it all means is less than clear at this hour. the jurors in greensboro, north carolina, told the judge this afternoon they've reached a verdict on one and only one of the six counts against him so the judge has sent the jury back for more deliberations without revealing what that verdict was. nbc's pete williams joins us with the latest on this. pete, fair to say a lot of people are scratching their heads over this one. >> reporter: right. the jury has 45 minutes left if they follow the normal schedule
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so perhaps we'll know soon the disposition here as the judge sent them back to keep deliberating. this one count on which they did reach agreement said that john edwards improperly accepted campaign finance contributions in 2008 from a wealthy donor but we don't know whether the jury said it was guilty or not guilty. if at the end of all its deliberations the jury cannot reach a conclusion on the other counts, the judge would have to accept this count and enter a verdict on only that one. >> of course there would be the possibility if there was a mistrial that the prosecutors would potentially try the case again. we'll have to wait and see what this jury decides. we will of course have continuing coverage on msnbc and a full report on nbc nightly news. i'm savannah guthrie, nbc, new york. in other news this afternoon the field has been cut to nine for the finals of the scripts
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nationals spelling bee. the buzz has been about 6-year-old laurie ann madison of prince william county. she was eliminated yesterday but was quite a sensation. today she is talking to reporters. news 4's melissa mele has the story. >> a lot of people were bummed when lori anne anderson misspelled her second word during the bee but no one has had a better attitude about it than lori anne herself. >> i just love spelling and spelling words. it's not being on the stage. it's nothing else. it's not even mostly the trophies. it's just something that i like spelling. >> reporter: the 6-year-old started out strong easily spelling dirigible which means capable of being steered but then came the word she had a little more trouble with. >> e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s. >> that is incorrect. >> reporter: lori anne misspelled the word by just one letter. she started with an "e" instead
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of an "i". it is part of a bird's esophagus. >> i wasn't nervous at all. i mean, it was exciting until the point when i misspelled that word. the longer it got so boring and then i got stressed out and i misspelled. so that is what was going on. >> are you ready to go back to your every day life? what do you think? >> i think that it's little bit overwhelming for me because it's just a little bit too much. it stresses me. i'm really excited to go to next year's bee. if i go, which is probably going to be a yes. >> lori anne ended her first spelling bee at age 3 1/2 and earned a place in the national bee in march after beating 21 spellers at a regional competition. i don't think it's the last we've seen of her. as she does, she does expect to be back next year. back to you. two local students made it
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to the semifinals today but, unfortunately, they didn't make it to the finals. jack from howard county misspelled adapen. news 4's erika gonzalez talked to both children afterward. hear from them at 5:00 tonight. in the race for the white house there were tough new attacks today from both mitt romney and president obama's re-election team but there were also -- was also a reminder of the common bond among the men who have won election to the white house. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: a picture of bipartisanship. president obama hosted both presidents bush 41 and 43 and their wives at the white house. for the unveiling of george w. bush's portrait. >> behave yourselves. >> reporter: he paid tribute to his dad. >> i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave me the greatest gift possible -- unconditional love -- and that would be number 41. >> president obama paid tribute
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to his predecessors. >> president bush understood that rescuing our economy was not just a democratic or republican issue. >> reporter: but the president's campaign team had opened a new attack on the republican running to be president. mitt romney charges the new obama video failed as massachusetts governor. >> governor romney's plan is the same plan he sold to the people of massachusetts in 2002. >> reporter: top obama adviser david axelrod went to romney's home turf boston. >> romney economics didn't work then and it won't work now. >> reporter: mitt romney meanwhile made his own partisan play in california, showing up at solyndra, the solar energy firm that went bankrupt after investors contributed to the obama campaign and got a half billion in obama stimulus funds. >> free enterprise to the president means taking money from the taxpayers and giving it freely to his friends. >> reporter: romney said when he left office in massachusetts
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unemployment was 4.7%. >> i think 4.7% is a pretty good number. >> back to the battle. so much for warm bipartisan nostalgia. >> today's nbc news/marist poll finds president obama ahead now with 48% in florida, virginia, and ohio. mitt romney just four to six points back in the key batt battleground states. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. there were scary moments onboard this american eagle flight at chicago's o'hare airport today on a very rainy and overcast morning. the flight to tulsa had just taken off when an indicator light went on, indicating that there was a mechanical problem. the pilot turned the plane around and landed at o'hare but skidded off the runway and into the grass. no one was injured. passengers were bussed back to the terminal. the same plane had made an emergency landing before because of a similar issue. the airline did, quote, rigorous testing before it put the aircraft back into service this
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morning. a cooler afternoon but we have more rain on the way. >> storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson tells us all about that and this glorious day, veronica? >> that's right. it is gorgeous outside. it feels good. it looks good. but this time tomorrow, folks, we'll have some very, very powerful storms moving through the area. know that with today's dry air with today's wind even a little bit of warmth it's helped to dry us out. if you remember yesterday's mold spore count it was high, over 30,000. today it's just under 10,000 spores per cubic meter. our grass pollen right now is moderate. and the temperatures were in the low to mid 80s throughout much of the area. takoma park, anacostia at 84 degrees. good afternoon to you. manassas, warranton, and herndon where doug kammerer is today, coming up a little later, 82 right now, 84 bowie and green belt and 79 degrees in damascus and kensington. on the radar not a drop to be found but tomorrow at this time you see that system off to the
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west? chicago, down to the south around memphis, it's one long system bringing with it right now some powerful storms and that's what we're going to be seeing move east tomorrow so it will be affecting travel i think in a big way tomorrow. as far as your good night forecast, 76 by 9:00. some clouds will be on the increase. we'll talk about what things will be like tomorrow morning as well in just a couple minutes. the heart of our city beats to the sound of go-go music today as thousands gather to honor the late chuck brown. >> come on, d.c.! >> a lively public memorial for the godfather of go-go has just wrapped up at the d.c. convention center this afternoon. brown died may 16th at the age of 75. today city leaders talked about naming a day, a park, and a hall of fame in his honor. noting how his blend of percussian, funk, and call-in
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response lyrics helped define d.c.'s culture. brown's brothers say it wasn't just his music but his character that meant so much to his fans. >> chuck showed a lot of humility and love and cared for people in need. he took the time to sign autographs and embrace those who just wanted to say hello. >> news 4's derrick ward will have more on today's service and plans to honor chuck brown's legacy coming up at 5:00. a breast feeding awareness campaign in washington state is sparking both applause and outrage. we should warn you we are going to show you some images that could be a bit revealing. the online campaign features a photo of two women in the air force breast feeding their babies. they're doing it in uniform. the air force did not approve this photo and some people at fairchild airforce base where the women are based think it is inappropriate. the awareness campaign is sponsored by a private support group at the base.
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the moms in the photos say they nurse in their uniforms all the time and they are surprised by the negative reaction. a victory today for gay couples hoping to receive the same rights as straight couples. a federal appeals court in boston ruled the so-called defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. the law was passed in 1996. it defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. today a three-judge panel said the law des krim nates against gay couples. the issue will go to the supreme court where justices could take it up as soon as the next session. syrian rebels are warning the government to accept a cease fire. otherwise the group says it will defend civilians from attacks such as the ones that occurred at hola last week when more than a hundred people were killed in their homes. an 11-year-old survivor described that massacre in a skype interview with the associated press. the boy says there were 11 gunmen, some in uniform. they shot his mother before killing the rest of his family.
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he says he fell on the floor soaking his clothes in his brother's blood so the killers would think he was dead. >> when news 4 at 4:00 continues this afternoon the big apple is putting the squeeze on over sized drinks. the son of sean p. diddy combs is causing controversy after he received a full ride to college. we'll have the hollywood scoop up next. plus the space dragon makes >i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs.
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super sized sugary drinks are on their way out. in new york city. >> yes. mayor michael bloomberg submitted a proposal today that would limit the size of drinks sold at restaurants, movie theaters, and sports venues to 16 ounces. the ban, which would be the first in the nation, could take effect as early as march. the mayor says he is looking to fight our nation's obesity problem with this plan. not everybody agrees though. some consumers say they should be free to drink whatever they want. >> mr. bloomberg, you know, do
4:16 pm
what you want for yourself but for the rest of us don't start legislating. i mean, what can you say? >> bloomberg's proposal requires approval from the state's board of health. a step that is considered likely because he appoints all of his -- all of those members. food establishments that do not downsize would face fines. the warsaw opera is fighting to save its future. the group performed an open air concert in warsaw this week to protest budget cuts. officials slashed a quarter of the opera budget in march. they were looking to keep public spending under control. the opera touts itself as the world's only opera house to perform all of mozart's stage works every summer. leaders say they will no longer be able to pay salaries after this summer. an illness cannot keep one singer from topping the charts. a famous actress's twin has a new and significantly older boyfriend. >> and if dad has pulled in 45
4:17 pm
million bucks so far this year do you think his son really needs a college scholarship? time for hollywood headlines with georgia alfredas cohost of the russ par morning show heard on 93.9. welcome. the dad we're talking about is sean combs and his son justin is committed to playing. >> at ucla. >> the question is should he have gotten a full scholarship? >> ucla says yes. it's $54,000 a year to go to this school and, you know, taxpayers are upset. some other students are upset. they say it should go to a child or person who doesn't have the money and can't afford to. they say diddy is worth a half billion dollars but his son went to a new york prep school, graduated with a 3.75 gpa. >> so he earned it. >> yeah. he is a star football player and a lot of other universities were going to give him a full ride as well. ucla is like listen he's got both academic and athletic ability.
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whitney houston's daughter bobby christina, what is going on with her acting career? or not quite a career. will she even begin one? >> supposedly she is -- i've never seen the show "for better or worse." okay. i lie. i've seen it one time and probably the only time i'll ever watch it. it is on tv and she has a recurring, small role. there were rumors she walked off the set. well, tyler perry has come to her defense and said she didn't walk off the set. she did a great job. she did her roles, her parts the many times she had to. she did come to work grieving at times but did a great job and were away for the summer. nobody is on the set. i think she probably saw the script and that's why she walked off because if you ever saw that show. i digress. >> you aren't going to be auditioning for the show any time soon. >> mary kay olsen, we remember one of the twins from "full house." she is now 25 and has a new boyfriend and he as little
4:19 pm
older. >> well, he is 42 years old and you may know the last name sarko sarkozy. yeah. former french president is his brother. they say these two are head over heels and they're in love. we'll have to see how this pans out. >> interesting. singer/musician john mayer has a throat condition that's keeping him from performing. how serious is this? >> it is really serious. he had the same surgery or the same problem back in october. had surgery. well in march it came back. it is called granuloma and he is like i can't do anything. he had to cancel his concerts, all performances indefinitely. it's not a good thing. >> let's listen. >> okay. ♪ >> that's john mayer singing from his new album. it's still number one. >> can you believe it?
4:20 pm
>> his throat is obviously very good right there. >> that is before. what is crazy is most artists have to do so much promotion. he hasn't been able to talk. >> that's hard for jaime navarro mayer as he stays in trouble. >> yes he does. he still has a number one album which is fantastic. >> hi foot in the problem is not the problem. >> we wish him well. what's coming up tomorrow. >> we have 93 fly days of summer so we're sending people places to see some of their favorite artists. if you want to see nicki minaj go to 93.9 for tickets. >> all right. thank you, georgia. >> thank you all. >> we'll be listening. coming up on news 4 a popular pizza restaurant in d.c. for decades. it's getting ready to close the doors for good. >> we'll tell yu a waitress is second cashing cashing her irs income check. >> for all of your news be sure to follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on
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announced in court they read the verdict that he -- they had found john edwards not guilty on the only count on which they could reach a
4:22 pm
unanimous verdict. they said they were unable to reach a conclusion on the other verdicts even after the judge told them to go back this afternoon and try harder. the judge has declared a mistrial on those counts and that means it will be up to the government to decide whether to retry john edwards on those five counts. as a practical matter, though, most of the rulings went the government's way in this case so i think they will certainly think twice before bringing it again. >> i want to talk to pete williams our justice correspondent about that in a moment but, lisa, from your vantage point and i know you had to run out and report the verdict to us, have you heard anything of the reaction of john edwards from inside the courtroom to what is obviously a victory for him at least for today? >> no. i think it will be tremendous relief. the day started with great anxiety when there was word there was a verdict. i think the fact that -- the only count on which they got a verdict was an acquittal, will mean it is going to be a very happy night in the edwards'
4:23 pm
household even though they certainly were hoping for an acquittal on all counts. >> pete williams, let me bring you in on this. this was a controversial prosecution from the get-go for the justice department. now we have an acquittal on one count, mistrial as to the others. this gives the justice department an opportunity to bring the case as to those other counts again but will it? that is the question. >> well, i think it's fair to say the justice department hasn't decided. i think this is a bit of a stunner for them. i would be surprised frankly if the government does refile charges for a couple reasons. they now know this is a tough one. it was a controversial case because this was an area of the law that was not fully developed and many experts in election law said this was not a campaign finance violation. it didn't go anywhere near campaign finance law. the landscape has changed. the whole question about how money is contributed in political campaigns has changed. finally, john edwards has suffered a lot because of the allegations and because of the trial and that is in fact a fair
4:24 pm
factor for prosecutors to consider especially in election law whether there are other equities that have basically punished people sufficiently that you don't need another trial to send a message. >> for those who haven't lived and breathed this case as you have for the last four or five weeks or so, bring everyone up to date on what essentially the charges here were. >> the charges essentially were that edwards received a million dollars, almost a million dollars in illegal campaign contributions which was money provided by wealthy donors allegedly to hide his mistress rielle hunter while he was running for president. the defense argued these were in fact personal gifts from a friend, that they had less to do with his campaign than trying to hide this relationship and subsequently a child from his late wife elizabeth. clearly, at least on one count, the jury agreed with the defense. >> and in fact the defense lost at several key points some of the legal arguments in the case. one of the witnesses they had
4:25 pm
hoped to put on, lisa, was a former chairman of the federal election commission who was prepared to testify that these would not have counted as campaign contributions. >> and that was always one of the fundamental weaknesses of the case. here you had the federal election commission which regulates campaigns and had not found that anything like this constituted campaign contributions yet you had john edwards being criminally prosecuted for it. a lot of conservatives who didn't -- don't even like john edwards -- thought this case was to use their words appalling. they just thought it was without merit and that it was the government trying to regulate personal conduct and just prosecute john edwards because he behaved like a bum. >> indeed, with just a few seconds left, is this a black eye for the justice department as we mentioned this is a prosecution that many experts thought should never have been brought. >> well, i think the black eye if there is one was when the charges were originally filed, but i don't think you can blame the government for having made that decision and then wanting
4:26 pm
to carry it through to the trial. >> all right. nbc's pete williams in washington and of course our correspondent on the ground in greensboro, north carolina, lisa meyers, thank you. more coverage on nbc and nbc nightly news tonight. i'm savannah guthrie reporting from new york. good afternoon. all right. so it's been a busy day so far. >> yeah. and a really nice day in terms of the weather. >> yeah. that it has been. but tomorrow completely different story around here. we're talking about strong storms. we're talking about the possibility of severe thunderstorms. not an all day event for us but what we'll get later in the day tomorrow could very well lead to some delays throughout the area. some highway delays and airport delays. right now a pretty blue sky. you see puffy clouds right now with the temperature currently at 84 degrees. reagan national airport, your wind out of the north at 12 miles per hour. there is the dry air, that dew point temperature down at 51 degrees right now. so for 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it's
4:27 pm
going to be quiet with clouds moving into the area. 76 to 72. as far as temperatures go, right in d.c., other locations low 70s. then for tomorrow morning we'll be starting out in the upper 50s to upper 60s throughout the area. those upper 50s north around frederick, maryland, around mount airy, isolated showers as the first part of the weather system comes into the area. let's open it up. storms around chicago. no severe weather here but about 16 reports of some wind damage. louisiana, areas up into arkansas. that's again our biggest risk for tomorrow is damaging winds. and of course it's going to come with a whole lot of lightning, downpours, and probably ponding on area roads. we cannot rule out the possibility of an isolated tornado. so that's tomorrow. not just here but up into philadelphia, pittsburgh, too, down toward raleigh. the cold front comes in. there's 10:00 p.m. so even stormy for the late evening hours with that front coming through the area shortly after midnight. evening forecast gorgeous and
4:28 pm
feeling good. as far as tomorrow morning goes, 58 to 69 degrees. sun's up there at 5:45 with just some isolated showers around the area. for tomorrow afternoon, 80 to 87 degrees. some storms again strong and a few of them severe bringing small hail and high winds to the area so it is going to be a crazy friday afternoon and evening coming our way. 85 the temperature. the weekend, though is looking very nice because the storm system is going to blow out of here. we'll be left with drier air again and highs in the 70s. >> but we have to hunker down a little bit tomorrow. >> all right. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, space x's mission ends with a splashing success. >> we'll also hear from the >> wewhen it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. >> big developments this afternoon at the john edwards corruption trial. the judge has declared a mistrial. after jurors announced they were only able to reach a decision on one of six counts against him. the jury found edwards not guilty on the charge that involved a possible illegal campaign contribution from two wealthy donors. they were dead locked on the other five counts. edwards was accused of masterminding a plan to use donations to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. nbc news justice department correspondent pete williams will join us at 5:00 to break down what happened. thousands gathered to honor the late godfather of go-go, chuck brown. this afternoon people filled the washington convention center for a public home going service. his family thanked fans for their support. city leaders are talking about naming a day, a park, and a go-go hall of fame in brown's
4:33 pm
honor. chuck brown died on may 16th at the age of 75 after a battle with pneumonia. former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush were back at the white house today for the unveiling of their official portraits. president obama and the first lady, michelle, welcomed the two along with former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. the portraits will hang in the white house. and a bad end of the month on wall street. stocks have had their worst may in two years the dow falling 26 points. the nasdaq fell ten. the s&p 500 lost nearly three points. it is something we haven't seen for 37 years. a u.s. spacecraft making a splash landing back here on earth. >> it's the space x rocket. it returned from a history making mission to the international space station today. it is the first of many missions that nasa is hoping space x will make in the post shuttle era. >> we're seeing three main chutes. >> reporter: splash down a privately owned space capsule
4:34 pm
finishes an historic mission to the international space station. california based space x corporation's dragging capsule made a successful re-entry back to earth this morning splashing down in the pacific ocean some 400 miles off los angeles. >> this is mission control, houston. dragon is free now. the r & b moved back official time 4:49 a.m. central time. >> reporter: hours earlier dragon detached from the international space station robotic arm after spending six days attached to the iss, a first for a privately owned company. dragon lifted off from cape canaveral last tuesday to show nasa and the world it could bring cargo and eventually astronauts to and from the space station, a needed job at nasa's new post shuttle era. even before getting dragon back to earth space x declared the historic mission a success. >> the ability to get to space station on our first time, to not only rendezvous but then to birth, transfer cargo, and depart safely, are major mission
4:35 pm
objectives. and we would call that mission alone a success. >> reporter: with dragon back to earth the work is not yet over for space x. the company plans to show nasa how fast it can return both high value experiments and standard cargo back from the capsule in record time. but as for the capsule itself, it will not be flying again. nasa's contract with space x is for a new dragon each flight. but spacex does have special plans for the first one. >> it will definitely be on display for the history making aspect of this mission. >> reporter: a mission toward the future of american space flight. today show host kathie lee gifford used her twitter account to reemphasize her apology to actor martin short for her on air gaffe during an interview yesterday morning. short was on the "today" show talking about his new movie "madagascar 3" when the conversation drifted to his family. gifford was unaware short's wife died two years ago of ovarian
4:36 pm
cancer. >> you and nancy have got one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. how many years now for you guys? >> we were married 36 years. >> but you're still like in love. >> madly in love. >> wow. >> why? >> cute. i'm cute. >> that is true. >> and you make each other laugh, right? >> yes. >> the segment went to a commercial break and short told gifford then about his wife's death. >> she apologized on air and then again through social media. police in the philadelphia area got a tip about a drug operation and it turned out the tip came from the suspect's teenage son. investigators say the 15-year-old boy led them to a marijuana growing operation in his basement in doylestown, pennsylvania. according to court documents police confiscated lights, electrical cords, timers, 18 marijuana plants. the boy's parents were arrested but the lawyer says the marijuana was for personal use. and talk about a let down. >> a long time waitress in
4:37 pm
cleveland got a huge check in the mail but she is not going to get to keep it. jeanne hopkins was expecting an income tax refund of $754. instead she got a check for $434,712. a plot lot of her customers havd her to cash the check but she says she knows what will happen then. >> they'll put me in alcatraz waiting on the night shift. they'll reopen the place. >> she says the irony is that she really needs her regular sized refund and now she has to return the big check she got in error and wait for her money to be issued. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00 including a look at some great deals in northern virginia. also what led to a deadly
4:38 pm
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what a relief today and so
4:45 pm
nice outside. gorgeous weather and a nice sky. the air is dry. this as snap shot of tomorrow morning. we're talking about isolated showers around the area as the first part of our weather system comes in. during the afternoon. 7:00 p.m. during the evening. the line of storms off to our west. any time after 12:00 tomorrow we'll look at some showers with a few isolated thunderstorms mainly down to our south and west. front royal, manassas down to the south and west. then that powerful line will come on through right around midnight or so and drive eastward. because the system i think is going to be pulling a lot of moisture out ahead of it and it'll have more hours to really get some energy going in it still think we could have nasty storms with high wind friday evening. sunshine saturday. got to love that. tomorrow morning 56 and 56 to 68 degrees la plata into d.c. your high tomorrow, low to mid 80s. again, with those thunderstorms around, beach forecast for
4:46 pm
saturday and sunday right now looking a-okay. that water temperature at 68 degrees. 73 to 75 saturday to sunday. rain should be ending saturday at the beach giving you thumbs up weekend for heading to ocean city. nice tomorrow. let's go to doug kammerer right now in herndon, virginia with his back yard weather. >> starting off on a good note. a beautiful afternoon. looking up right now. you want to tune in at 5:00 and at 6:00 i'll have the latest coming up. >> we just want to see what he is going to be eating. >> exactly.
4:47 pm
>> always a loont always good. speaking of food a popular pizza place here in the district is closing in a month. armon's chicago pizza eatery opened three decades ago. >> now its customers have to get their pizza elsewhere. shomari stone reports. >> kind of heart broken. >> reporter: in this exclusive story armond's chicago pizzeria, a d.c. favorite, is closing shop june 30th. >> it's heart breaking after 37 years to contemplate closing this restaurant. we love it. >> reporter: but they hate the overhead costs. rent is $12,000 a month. >> it did get higher every five years. the cost of food has skyrocketed. >> reporter: rent was $260 in 1975 when ron's father lou opened armond's on wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c. at that time no one sold chicago style deep dish pizza. >> dad then opened up the first pizza delivery in d.c. down the street and we had the first food
4:48 pm
truck in d.c. >> reporter: the who's who in d.c. political circles couldn't resist the pepperoni and cheese circles. president jimmy carter brought his daughter amy to armond's to celebrate her birthday in 1977. years later chelsea clinton and president barack obama enjoyed the delicious pies. >> the food is always good. >> i've been coming here since i was a kid. >> i also have great memories of armond's. my father and i sat right here at this table in the summer time on fridays when i was a lot younger. it was a treat. at this point the other four armond's franchises in the area plan to stay open. but it will cost $200,000 to keep this historic flag ship running. >> we're hoping that maybe somebody will step forward. >> reporter: lou new meyer is also heart broken. he is 89 years old and will celebrate his 90th birthday here on june 10th. he hopes someone can save armond's so he can celebrate his 100th birthday here. and have a slice of pizza. in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4.
4:49 pm
coming up on news 4 at 5:00 an out of control truck plows into a crowded bar. why the scene could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for a good samaritan. we'll find out why pet owners will be at higher risk of getting salmonella poisoning. liz crenshaw will have detalts 5:00. later tonight at 6:00 an [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder. it's your last chance to get verizon's reliable high speed internet and phone for small business for only $84.99 a month. call now or visit only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today.
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#. a school in new york city is backing off its plan to hand out condoms at the school prom. bedford stuyvesant prep in brooklyn will hold an assembly before the prom to give away 500 condoms. several groups opposed the decision and complained to the school's principal but city officials say the principal has the authority to allow the condom distribution program. a former rutgers university student started his jail time today. he was convicted of using a web cam to spy on his roommate
4:53 pm
kissing another man. that roommate tyler clemente committed suicide in 2010. ravi was found guilty on 15 counts including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation. he was sentenced to 30 days in jail. prosecutors appealed saying the sentence was too lenient. ravi could have remained free during the appeal but agreed to serve his time now. still ahead on news 4 what happened inside a coffee shop that started a deadly shooting spree. and for all your news, follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and twitter. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the man blamed for a deadly shooting spree in seattle yesterday died overnight from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the motive may never be clear but the suspect's brother says it was no surprise because his brother was mentally ill and boiling with anger. mike taibbiy has the story. >> reporter: it began at 11:00 a.m. the man police would identify as 41-year-old ian stowiky was seen by surveillance camera. regular customers say he had been told he was no longer welcomed there because of recent
4:57 pm
disruptive behavior. >> they said you're 86. you can't be here would you like a coffee to go? he was nice, courteous, said no thank you. walked to the door. and turned and then started shooting. >> reporter: minutes later a gun showing in this photo and the chairs scattered around him five people had been shot, four dead or dying and the last grievously wounded. when word spread quickly that the suspect had fled, nearby schools locked their doors. the neighborhood on tense alert. >> we were telling neighbors in the area keep your doors locked. keep your windows locked. >> reporter: but a half hour later there was another shooting downtown where police say a man shot and killed a woman while carjacking her suv in a parking lot outside city hall. a bystander tried cpr on the woman to no avail. >> you have to get out of the car and do something. >> reporter: two shooting scenes and the police flooded the city. they found the stolen suv, a hand gun visible on the front seat, and then two detectives
4:58 pm
saw a man on foot who matched the photo from the coffee shop. >> the suspect saw the officers coming, then placed a firearm that he was holding to his head, and fired one round. >> reporter: now seen as td lone gunman, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> a man wounded in the shooting the only survivor remains hospitalized but he is expected to recover. now at 5:00 breaking news. a mistrial in the john edwards case. ♪ at the washington convention center, to remember the godfather of go-go. tonight a look back at chuck brown's life and legacy. a teenager struck and killed by a freight train. why she was too distracted to see it coming. and a showdown over super sized drinks in new york city. good evening everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm wendy rieger. jim handly has the night off.
4:59 pm
breaking news off the top. the john edwards corruption trial, a judge has declared a mistrial after jurors were only able to reach a decision on one of the six counts against him. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has the latest. it was a stunning afternoon. the jury reached a verdict on only one count and didn't say what it was. the judge said keep trying and by the end of the afternoon the jury came back and said all we can agree on is one count on which we find john edwards not guilty. we can't agree on any of the others. so the judge as she had to do accepted that outcome and declared a mistrial on the other counts. now, the jury found john edwards not guilty of violating campaign finance laws in terms of money from a wealthy donor bunny mellon in the year 2008. why the jury made a distinction between that count and the others we don't know but consider for a moment what the charge was here. john edwards was accused of accepting these contributions illegally because the


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