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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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it doesn't take much to wash cars away, that's very dangerous, as they always say. turn around, don't drown. again, we have a wild afternoon under way with some severe weather moving through. let's get the latest from veronica johnson and doug who have been in the weather center. >> we're going to be here all afternoon because, once again, an incredibly dangerous situation setting up from the potential for flooding for severe thunderstorms, large hail and tornados and then, and then
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we get into the winds. the very strong winds. upwards of 40 to 50 miles per hour. that's what we're going to be watching for through the rest of the night tonight. let's look at graphics 29. you can see where those storms are and i want to show you first off, numerous severe thunderstorm warnings. i'll take the radar off just for a second. western portions of charles county and southwest prince georges and that thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:15 and then including culpepper county, that storm a tremendous amount of lightning and then another severe thunderstorm warning including eastern montgomery and western portions of prince georges county up around the laurel area and i-95. i want to focus in on this area right in here and this is around warr warrenton and then down through culpepper. i'll take the warning off. this is a series of storms and i want to put this in motion over
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the last two hours and watch as they form and move over. this was the same location last week that we had numerous, numerous flash flood warnings three days in a row of flash flood warning northwestern prince william county and i would not be surprised if we saw flash flooding into this area, too. once again, please, give yourself a lot of extra time this evening. we'll continue to see the threat for flooding for those possible tornadoes and, again, for strong, damaging winds later this evening. this is round one we're going through right now and round two just off to the west and just looking at the national weather service and this line right here, right now has upwards of 50-mile-an-hour winds associated with it. once again, this line right here. this is round two and it's making its way right our way. we want to make sure we're staying on top of this for nbc 4. >> let's talk about the timing of round two. those individual cells you see down to the south moving
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northeastward and flash flood warnings maybe issued for prince william county that was, i believe, lake jackson dam where there are some very, very heavy rain occurring now. let's switch back over to the other weather system because i wanted to show you that intense lightning that is down to the south and what some of these cells have the potential of producing still. the potential right now of still some rotation just south of the locus dale area with this one storm that is making its way northeastward. let me go ahead and put on the latest radar so you can see. right there just south of the locust dale area and that is northeast into some of the areas around green county and then you have another area that is just east of i-95. around quantico. severe thunderstorm warning, again. that is making its way northeastward up towards indian head. mt. vernon, alexandria and this
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particular cell, right now, showing some strong indicatiuct that there could be hail produced from that cell and areas around northern prince george's county that will make its way into eastern howard county, maybe even for savidge and areas around laurel and colombia. we still have the possibility of hail, high winds coming into the area and, of course, some flooding and possible tornadoes and those tornado warnings continue. >> that until 4:15 and this storm right here, around westmoreland county making its way. you can see where -- we'll switch back over to graphics 29 here as veronica and i have two separate systems we're working on covering this for different angles for you so you know what's going on through the rest of the night tonight. here is where this storm is around westmoreland county and
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st. mary's county and southern portions of st. mary's county and still a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning with this until 4:15 and we'll track this out for you and, as i do, you'll notice a couple locations associated with this storm as this storm is moving 30 miles per hour. you're looking claraville in 5 minutes and around winn in 20 minutes and st. mary's city in about 40 minutes. that's just one of these storms. a lot of people have a lot of plans tonight, we understand that. the nationals are playing tonight, they have a home game tonight that is taking place later on this evening. it's going to be very hard to get that game in u but even harder for you to not only get to the game, but potentially watch that game and then get back. even if they get in a couple of innings, it is going to be very tough and i wouldn't be surprised if they cancel that game altogether as this continues to be a very dangerous situation throughout the rest of the evening hours. back to the west, we're looking at that secondary line here. this is the line around elkens, west virginia, the entire area
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under a tornado watch until 9:00 tonight and that line back here, this is not a tornado threat area, this is an area where we're going to see very strong winds. so, think ahead. right now, if you have things outdoors and it's not raining and you don't hear any thunder, you may want to get out there and bring in some loose furniture, bring in those bikes the kids left out earlier today. just make sure that you have some things tied down out there because, again, 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds are going to continue to bring us big-time problems throughout the evening hours. also we talked to petco earlier and we have power outages. over 7,000 people without power. be on the lookout for power outages. veronica, we're looking at this storm not only through today but we've seen this coming for the last couple of days. >> that we have. this is a situation where storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma, they had this whole
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area hatched out from really northern areas of pennsylvania down through carolina, south carolina, west virginia, where they knew that today conditions would be right for some severe thunderstorms. in fact, the sweet spot inside of this area is right over us from baltimore to d.c. and down towards areas of fredericksburg. we hear we have chopper wlbl in maryland, it's up right now and you can see there are some indication as we look off, which is probably down to the south and west. i can see some of the mountains in the distance showing some indication that there is something dropping from the base of that cloud structure that we're looking at in the distance. wbal up live right now off looking to the west and
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southwest and this is probably the complex that they're looking at. that whole area that is right now around i-66 down towards warrenton and down towards culpepper area. again, moving northeast with heavy rain and possible rotation. i'll toss it back to wendy who is in the studio and we have more on what the school systems are doing goeltietting the kids safely. >> we'll go to the phones now. dana is with us. tell us what the situation is out there. where the kids are and how you're getting them home this afternoon. >> we had some schools that held kids a little longer than they normally would and made sure that they're going to be able to get home safely. so, we delayed bus service and we are making sure kids are safe. at the same time, our school bus drivers know if they encounter weather while they have kids on the bus. they are to find shelter and certain procedures and they are trained on how to do that. we're making sure that our kids
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are safe and may take a little longer to get them home today. but ultimately what malters is our kids are safe. >> have you actually started deploying the buses? are students starting to head home now? do you see a window of opportunity? >> we had kids going home all afternoon. this storm has been localized in some areas and those areas have been more delays. obviously, the northern part of montgomery county has been hit harder so far and the rest of the county and we've been able to get a lot of students home and it may be taking a little longer than usual, but we're getting them there. so, clearly we have a window of opportunity now and hopefully everybody will get home safe and sound before the next wave of storms start. >> are you making any effort at all to contact parents of kids who are delayed and maybe held? >> the schools are going to be contacting parents if there is a delay in getting them home. the first priority is making sure the kids are protected and then make sure that the plans --
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so, you know, we do that as quickly as we can, but our main priority is always making sure the kids are safe. >> all right. dana, the montgomery county school spokesman. good luck this afternoon. we hope everyone gets home safely and thank you so much for joining us. >> keep everybody safe. we have erica gonzalez, our erica gonzalez who is out in this, in the car. her crew is driving and erica is on the phone to tell us what you're seeing. you're on 270 north. what is the situation out there, erica? >> hi, wendy, you just mentioned we're on 270 and we're headed north and we're going towards montgomery count y and theres lots of traffic and congestion and there's not a lot of the windshield wipers are not on. we continue to travel north and the clouds are looking good. look like there's sun breaking
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in and as ver d earlier, i'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. looks like we're leaving a lot of dark clouds behind us as we continue to travel north, as we mentioned earlier on 270 and going towards montgomery county. you can see pan this way you can see a lot of the traffic here on 270. lots of cars coming to a stand still and a halt but no rain action over here. just drizzling. maybe about two minutes ago on 270 and drizzling light. right now, not rainy at all. the clouds are starting to break up and starting to see some sunshine move in. and the darker clouds looks like are a couple miles behind us. i'm not sure, let me tilt up so you can see more of the clouds. as you can see, they look a lot lighter and a lot more blue. a lot more blue in the sky and the darker clouds way off in the distance and even more behind us as we continue to travel along
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270. >> all right, erica gonzalez, on 270 gathersburg. she is on the phone and the driver is doing the driving. erica is not driving. >> and the car is apparently operating the camera. >> you don't want to look out west because that's where another system is coming in. we're going to go to virginia. >> are you experiencing any outages at this point? >> you know, we've been fortunate. as of right now we have very few outages. we did have an outage area in the fairfax county area because of a tree and tree limb that came down across the wire and we were able to clear that up and get all those customers restored and we are ready. we are braced and we are expecting the potential for outages because of the severe weather. >> tell us how you have prepared for this. what kinds of additional staffing and arrangements that you're making in the event a lot
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of people lose their power. >> well, we have all of our ships sailed and extra crews ready to work and held our contractors in the event that we might need them, as well. we have our regular role and our storm role. everyone is in storm role mode at this point. all of our trucks are equipped. they're gassed up and they have the equipment on them that we will need in the event that we need to go out and restore power. we are ready and want our customers to be ready, too. one way they can do that is have our phone number on hand and call us if there is an outage. don't assume that your neighbor is doing it or you assume we know you're without power. >> tornado warning that we're looking at right now. this new tornado warning is in effect for this cell crossing over the potomac into fairfax county and also including northern portions of charles county and also prince georges county. this is until 4:45. the two counties. this is two counties.
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it does not include fairfax, it is charles and prince georges from a storm that is moving from fairfax county. this extreme northwestern portions of charles county and prince georges county. this storm moving, again, at 30 miles per hour. just to the north and west of waldorf. as we move this storm up 30 miles to the north and east, you're looking at areas and about 18 minutes and then clinton, maryland, in about half an hour. so, watch out if you're around andrews air force base. this storm making its way up towards your area and then up towards melwood and cetering in about 50 minutes. let's go ahead and show the rotation here, ver oncu. this storm was showing some significant rotation just about five minutes before they put that tornado warning in effect and we'll continue to watch out for that very, very closely here. as we look at that area, there is that warning area and you can
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see that rotation here. notified or indicated by doppler radar making its way towards the north and east. right along the potomac river and just to the north and west of the waldorf area. watch out if you're in this area and get to the lowest level of your house and continue to watch out for that storm as it makes its way north and east at about 30 miles per hour. veronica. >> heading right along areas of 210 and then on towards brandy wine area all to the north and east. so, as you said, folks, if you're in this area here, seek shelter. the lowest level of your home or whatever building you happen to be in. very intense storm system showing signs of rotation based on radar. and one of the things that i wanted to do is, it's been a while since we had another tornado warning issued. all you have to do is take a look at the storms that are down to the south of their area. we continue to have warnings issued, probably another tornado
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warning. >> severe thunderstorm warning for prince george's and that same storm, that same storm that could produce a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning i know we told you we're going to get a break but hitting the same type of atmosphere we had all afternoon long. more rotation taking place with these storms down to the south. seeing them right now around areas of green county, and orange county and right there around the northern neck area, but, again, the latest is this tornado warning until 4:45 for northern charles county and southern maryland for southwestern prince george's county in central maryland, again, until 4:45. some of the areas impacted will be areas of waldorf and moving
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to the northeast at 30 miles per hour right now. on towards on towards clinton in the next 36 minutes. folks, if you're listening to us right now and watching us, get away from any windows and doors and you really need to seek shelter right away at the lowest structure of your home. kettering coming up in the next 54 minutes. a whole lot of rain coming out of this particular cell and what we've seen all day long with some of the thunderstorm cells and severe cells in the area. chopper 4 is up live right now. this is wbal's chopper, in fact. just to the north in thinksville, maryland. i wish we could zoom in tighter and looks like in carroll county we're seeing, i think that looked like a tree maybe that had some damage to it.
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any time you get severe thunderstorm warnings, there is the potential for high winds and damaging winds to come through the area. again, that was wbal's chopper, our center station, nbc 4 in baltimore showing a little bit of damage there up around thinksville, maryland, in count y county. >> look at that tornado warning making its way in. let's zoom over and i want to show you the current warnings in our area right now. this is the entire area. we'll move over to graphics 22. i'll show you what we're talking about here, including a flash flood warning. you know this area well. we talked about it all last week. prince william you're under a warning.
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if you were in the area that saw some flooding last week, it will not take a lot of rain to get flooding here. i want to show you the difference in the warnings here. the red, the tornado warning that we're talking about. the green, when you see green, that flash flood warning we're talking about. another flash flood warning to the north of your screen, including frederick and then the orange that you see, those are all severe thunderstorm warnings. severe thunderstorm warnings right now in effect from montgomery, howard, southeastern fairfax and northwestern portions of charles and another severe thunderstorm warning that including the culpepper area in madison and green county, too. severe thunderstorm warnings in your area, too. many more to come throughout the rest of the evening, but right now the storm that we're watching is that storm right along the potomac, right around southwestern prince george's county making its way to the north and west of waldorf. >> i'll zoom in so folks who are in this area can know exactly
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where they are and exactly which way the storm system is moving. to the northeast, it will be making its way just north of waldorf area and ending up around clinton area but for and let me open it up. many more severe thunderstorm warnings for prince george's county and anarundel county and severe thunderstorm warnings. this is where we still could be getting high wind and hail, but these areas shaded in red and right now the one area is northern areas of charles county. the areas shaded in green is where there could be some flooding. that's what we're going to be seeing certainly more of as some of those storms down to the south of our area make their way northeastward.
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the schools down to the south, they are moving in and down to the west, we may get a short break before the line, the cold front moves through and that is, of course, what we are telling you where we could have more widespread high winds taking place throughout the area and, of course, that would allow us too, to get some more rain, especially around prince william county. we showed you video of some of the roads and just absolutely covered with water. remember, this is not what you want to do. do not drive through any water, even if you think it is low and your car can get through it. just turn around and go the other way. >> right now i want to take you back towards graphics 29 we will zoom back to that storm where we have the tornado warning in
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effect until 4:45. a potential hook echo here. once again, you have that storm coming this way and then there's a little bit of a hook. i don't see it rounding the corner, so to speak. this could be just a little bit in the higher elevations. that could be some good news here. again, watching this one very, very closely. do not take this seriously. you want to take this storm very seriously if you live in these areas. ft. washington, over towards sharperville. right along 210 and just northwest of 210 as this makes its way up towards the north and east. more storms back here. these are going to be the ones, i think that produce the potential flash flooding. culpepper seeing some strong storms there and heavy rain associated with this. watch what happens when i put the lightning on these storms. a ton of lightning show up.
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a lot of lightning with this storm. this making its way right up 15 and close to manassas and you have a flash flood warning in effect for you until 7:45 tonight. so, heads up your area. stay with us right here at nbc 4 and we'll stay with you all night long. we have seen some locations picking up two inches of rain so far. numerous reports of power outages already. and then tuquing about that next line because this is, this is round one that we're seeing right here. here comes round two, starting to get close to our area. back towards elkens, west virginia, around petersburg and blue grass. this line of thunderstorms that we're going to be watching. that line will produce winds of upwards to 50 to 60 miles per hour. the timing of that line between 7:00 to the west and about 11:00 to the east inside the metro area most likely around that 9:00 to 10:00 hour and continue to watch it for you as we move on through the rest of the evening hours.
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we've gotten anywhere from one in excess of two inches of rain right around 70, 270 and reports of more thunderstorm warnings and this one down to our south. another severe thunderstorm warning being and, again, we're seeing a lot of rain with these and we still haven't gotten the second line or the storms down to the south of us to come through. a lot of the rainfall rates out of some of these have been upwards of five inches per hour, that was if it would stay there for the whole hour. moving northeast at 30 miles per hour. >> veronica, that new severe thunderstorm warning you can see that on your screen, we'll zoom in, this is clupeper and extreme
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southeast portions of prince william county. you are under a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:00 tonight. very strong storm. this one could have some very strong winds with it, upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. we talked about the lightning. we want you to make sure you're inside. we can't stress enough how much of a dangerous situation this is. if we had just a few thunderstorms on there, we would not be covering this live like we're doing. we have been staying on the air for the last couple of hours because of these tornado warn g warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings and we'll continue to see them throughout the rest of the night. varioncu? >> yes, we have some new warnings that are coming out for eastern clupeper county and as well as for southeastern fauquier county and that is until 5:00 p.m. this evening. again, the area under a tornado watch, which is, of course, the most serious situation.
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that tornado watch goes until 9:00 p.m. when we talk about the second line coming through, even though what we will be at most risk for, damaging winds, it's not out of the question that we might not see some tornado warnings issued. but that second line is currently off to the west just now making its way through eastern areas of west virginia. there you can see it, elkins just outside roanoke right now. but we have all these cells that continue to pop and you heard erica gonzalez mention that she's out on area roads now and she's seeing some sunshine breaking through and she said, well, i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. it is a bad thing because that's going to allow the atmosphere to pop a little bit more and allow some of these cells to become a bit more intense. again, we're seeing just that with more, not only severe thunderstorm warnings that have been issued, but also more tornado warnings being issued.
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the latest of which, as i zoom back here in here. right around northern areas of charles county and southern areas of prince george's county right now. i-210 being affected or maryland 210 being affected. the greatest as this particular storm heads toward from indian hill towards strawberry hill estates and here's where we're seeing some signs of rotation. but further on from there, severe thunderstorm warnings continue. we're seeing another hot cell right now on the eastern side of howard county right now. so right around 29, i-95 area savidge area as well as columbia. this area showing some signs of possible rotation right now, as well. so, we'll go ahead and track this on to the northeast for you and show you where it's possibly headed, again, right around i-29 moving northeast at 30 miles per hour. towards north laurel and elicut
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city and then on towards pikesville in the next 48 minutes into baltimore area. but, again a very dangerous situation we have going on this afternoon. when we talk about the risk of severe weather, the bar is kind of low. but today, or i should say the bar is kind of high, but today very low where we're seeing these cells not only pop but also seeing a lot of rotation around them. savidge area, columbia area headed towards laurel. doug? >> we'll switch over to graphics 22 here if we can, guys. we'll show you where that storm is. you can see on this is on our doppler and what we have here is showing that that storm system right on top of areas such as that savidge and right along 732 and there's north laurel and savidge and you can see the intersection with route 1 as we
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make our way to the north and east. this is around 32, so that is that exit right there and also 732. if you live in that region, severe thunderstorm warning for this storm and we're watching that storm very, very closely for the possibility of a possible tornado there. there is some rotation there. once again, no tornado warning, just simply a thunderstorm warning. another storm, big-time storm with the potential for hail back here towards you'll continue to see the heavy rain there. right on down to our next storm. this one does look like it has some hail with it. this is right around the remington area. if you live in remington, you want to stay inside. indications of larger hail, too, as it's making its way to the north and east. prompted flash flood warning for prince william county including
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the city of punases right through the 7:45 hour. this is going to be a scenario that plays out, most likely, not only all evening long, but probably into the overnight period because of the fact that we have that second round that we're going to be watching very, very closely as it makes its way in and around our region, too. once again, we're looking at those severe thunderstorm warnings. i'll break these down for you. severe thunderstorm warning for howard, montgomery county until 4:45. charles and prince george's, that's southern prince george's until 5:15 and then fairfax county until 5:15 and tornado warning in effect for charles and prince george's county that until 4:45 and then the flash flooding warning. up around damascus and frederick and portions of montgomery county, that's the area we've seen flash flooding but now in effect for frederick, howard and
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montgomery counties until 6:15 and fauquier and prince william county and that entire area until 9:00 tonight. extremely busy night here in storm center 4 and extremely busy night for all of you out there. we want to make sure you're staying ahead of this storm. but you can always go to our website to see the latest updates and see the latest advisories, the warnings, the watches. go to our website, and click on the weather tab and the latest for you right there. we also want to see your pictures. send your pictures in. if you have pictures of some of that severe weather, send them to and also send them to we'll go back to pat and wendy in the studio and continue to talk about these storms as we move through the rest of the night and continue to watch it with you. >> thanks, doug and veronica. live on the phone, chris boss of
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the emergency management office in montgomery county to tell us what's going on out there. talk to us about what's happened in clarksburg road. a little earlier in gathersburg, matter of fact. >> during these type of storms we're seeing the cells move through the county that are dumping a lot of rain very quick and some areas we're seeing heavy rains and localized flooding. i think the most important thing for the viewers to sort of recognize is this event is going to sort of continue on through the afternoon and through the evening we're tracking a lot of cells towards the national, capital region in montgomery county. one is sort of moving through and we want people to be safe, make sure when they're getting those alerts, if they need to
4:33 pm
get to a safe location, please, do so. if they're on the road and seeing a lot of water on the road, please, do not travel through that water turn around and go the other way. this is an event that is going to go on for a little while. >> good luck to you tonight. we'll all get through this. back out to our weather center with doug. you've got another tornado warning. >> yeah, we have another tornado warning, this one for southern baltimore county but northwestern a anne arundel county. >> this tornado warning issued based on what we're seeing on radar. the signatures of what we're seeing on radar. we showed you some pictures earlier today where, for sure, we saw some rotation there dropping from some of the base of some of the clouds.
4:34 pm
for this particular tornado warning that runs until 5:00 p.m. eastern areas of howard county and prince george's county and headed northeast towards savidge in the next minute and elkridge area in the next 16 minutes and then on towards baltimore in the next 30 minutes and eventually up towards perry hall. but this is where the particular cell will be headed. so, radar signature, again, showing that this storm system is capable of producing a tornado. moving northeast, in fact, at 20 miles per hour. i'm going to go ahead and zoom in just a little tighter for you and show you the areas that we're talking about here. right around columbia, i-29 area. that's right by the mall, just off of 29 and also around 100 right now. so, folks from the savidge area and right over you are under a
4:35 pm
tornado warning until 5:00 p.m. if you're in these areas, seek shelter right away. shiply's corner, again, elkridge and then on towards brooklyn area, under a tornado warning. that means not just the possibility of a tornado in this area, but likely that there is one occurring. we're certainly seeing that based on the signature here on radar. we continue to have more warnings issued. let me go ahead and wind out. we have chopper 4 up live. this is in prince george's county, folks. almost looked like nighttime out there. and that is exactly what you're seeing in the distance, not only some very heavy rain, but possible there with some of the cloud base that we could be looking at some of the rotation taking place. we saw that with earlier storms. let me take the radar off in
4:36 pm
southern prince jorgeorge's cou. it does include areas right around 210. chopper 4 right now looking down to the south and off to the west. around pinefield area to include waldorf area. you're seeing those lines, dark lines in the distance there. that's some of the heavy rain that's falling and we've seen rainfall rates upwards of five and six inches of rain per hour. doesn't mean that we're going to get that much, but a whole lot of rain in a short period of time and we already have rainfall reports over two inches. but it doesn't take much for flash flooding to occur. there you just saw some lightning in the distance and we had a whole lot of that, as well. let me go ahead and put the lightning on for you, bam, you can see it right there on our storm 4 radar. and right now, chopper 4 is over andrews air force base. also there towards prince george's county.
4:37 pm
so, a whole lot of lightning occurring there. again, chopper 4 is north of the storm and now looking south. so, this would be the area, again, areas of 495 down towards that clinton area and right out ahead of where the tornado warning is. doug? >> we're watching that same storm the northern portion of that storm affecting fairfax county and also make its way in through th district, too. you can see exactly where that storm is right now. some very heavy rain associated with that storm and a lot of lightning. there's chopper 4 still over andrews air force base. taking a look at that incredibly heavy rain. as veronica mentioned, five inches an hour coming out of some of these storms. tremendous amounts of moisture and you see just that sheet of rain making its way across and visibility next to nothing. once again, give yourself a lot of extra time tonight. a ton of lightning out of these storms all night long. this is not just going through the next couple of hours. if you have plans tonight, we
4:38 pm
talked about the nationals game a little bit earlier. i do not think that is a good idea. hey, can we get a couple innings in? i wouldn't even try to make it down there. that's how big these storms are and how numerous they are. right now the stadium getting hit very hard. you can see exactly what's happening out there from this one storm that does have a the tornado warning associated with it. the good news here, i no longer see any kind of radar signature here. doesn't mean it's not happening. but right now the radar signature no longer here. it does have an early look here, but no longer, at least on the radar seeing that curvature, that hook echo that we've seen so many times during the afternoon today. but you can see where we're talking about there. >> that's that warning still up until 4:45. that tornado warning that includes areas there right in charles county, northern areas of charles county. let me widen out for you a little bit there. that storm system making its way
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northeastward and showing some signs of weakening right now. not much, but headed to the north and east at about 20 miles per hour. clinton area and then rosariville area. geb, a storm system that needs to be taken very, very seriously here. again, more storms that are down to the south of our area. these will be making their way up into our area and what that means is that we are going to be getting a whole lot more rain coming our way. take a look at fauquier county. rainfall rates at this storm right around 17 and 15, upwards five inches per hour and it's moving northeast into prince william county. so, towards gainesville, towards manassas there will be heavy rain and heavy rain right now currently in manassas. but that's that area around the dam, i think it was jackson lake
4:40 pm
dam last week that had all the flooding. more heavy rain coming into prince william county with a tremendous amount of lightning, as well. a lot of times, you know, we look at the lightning to tell what the intensity of the storm system is and for two areas currently on radar, it's mighty fierce. that's what's over fauquier county right now and the possible rotation in northern charles county that will parallel areas of d.c. come right around 495 and come right across areas of 495. the beltway there. so, let me go ahead and put tracking on for you, too. show you where there will be some of that heavy rain moving northeas northeast,ward. silver hill, walker mill in the next 47 minutes and the next 58 minutes on towards buoy area. tremendous amount of lightning you need to be aware of, too. if you're in any of these
4:41 pm
locations, seek shelter. stay inside, get the kids inside. a lot of them have been coming home from school and a lot of you might just be absolutely amazed by these storm systems and so many neighborhoods what we're seeing today. but make sure by far that you stay safe, as these storms continue to come through. they're not going to be over with any time soon. we're going to be dealing with this for much of the evening hours. we've got storms down to our south moving in and we've got more storms off to the west that will be moving in. >> a lot more storms off to the west. we still have that whole other area to contend with tonight as we look back towards graphics 22 right there and just look at the rain. i mean, it is just amazing how strong that rain is, but look at graphics 22 and what you're going to see here is that area of rain. that first area that we've seen all day long. this has been round one. round one right now coming up the i-95 corridor including leesburg and then we have round two that is getting much, much
4:42 pm
closer now. that is this area here and into rockingham county in virginia. very strong winds and then you notice right out ahead of that, these storms forming here. this is what we're going to watch come through later on this evening, too, over the next couple of hours. those storms preceding a line of storms like that, do have the potential for some tornadic activity. that's why we're seeing such dangerous situation out there right now. all across our area. if you're out and about this evening, if you have plans to go out, you really may want to think ahead of time and say, look, we'll cancel our plans tonight and we'll stay in. just too much rain. we've seen those flooded roadways. i just saw a picture of the clarksville road area where a school bus was driving over a flooded roadway. do not drive over flooded roads. you just don't know how deep that water is and how fast it is rushing and it does not take a lot of water to move a car. please, give yourself a lot of extra time as you make your way through the evening tonight. we're coming up, obviously, at
4:43 pm
rush hour at 4:45 in the evening and continue to see this heavy rain right through the entirety of rush hour. from 4:45 where we are right now right through 6:45 and 7:00 and then that next line moves through between 7:00 and about 11:00, depending on where you are. but, still, we're going to continue to watch these for you throughout the rest of the afternoon. a lot of rain associated with these. we're looking at that rain right now. veronica is taking a look at that rain and the heaviest rain, where the big storms came through earlier right around gathersburg and just to the north and west. >> i have been putting on the rainfall amounts around mt. airy and around two inches of rain up into carroll county and frederick county over an inch of rain. western montgomery county close to two inches of rain and eastern loudoun county.
4:44 pm
that sound you hear, more warnings for our area. we'll see this for the next couple of hours. we'll widen out and see what the latest warning is. >> new tornado warning including prince george's and the district of columbia. extreme southeastern portions this includes the oxin hill area and also includes national harbor. this is an area that's making its way towards the north and east. we'll show you. there it is right there. exactly where this is. right along 495. you can see where that rotation is and that area of rain is. we'll zoom on in and show you exactly where this is. i'll take off these storm tracks and you can see where this is right along 495. right along the silver hill area and we're looking at pennsylvania avenue, going out towards camp springs and andrews air force base. that's the storm we've been working on. that tornado warning in effect, i believe, until 5:15 tonight. we'll continue to watch that until 5:15 for the district of columbia. extreme southeastern portions of
4:45 pm
the district, as well as prince george's county. please, be careful if you're in this area. you notice here, we're zooming on in. you can actually see, we had chopper 4 over the airport, andrews right now, andrews air force base. there it is right there. that is the air force base. as we put the warning back on, you can see that this does look like it's right around andrews air force base and, of course, camp springs and morningside and also oxin hill. >> we have chopper 4 back up right now. chopper 4 taking a look just down to the south ahead of this storm system, but as we said, portions of prince george's county under a tornado warning now until 5:15. so, folks, if you're in this area, the ones that we zoomed in and showed you just a second ago, stay safe, stay inside until the storm system passes. but this is just to the west now of andrews air force base. the area that we are showing you, there we are over the stadium right now. you can see tremendous amount of
4:46 pm
lightning, too, in the distance. so, for areas west of alexa alexandria. friendly, camp springs, silver hill and around suitland parkway and south capital street, southeast. all under this tornado warning that will be up until 5:15. morningside, felps area, as well as camp springs. right now radar showing some signs of rotation and the warning that was up, just down to the south of this area that included charles county, that one no longer in effect, but now here we are north of where that warning was up and we're under another tornado warning, with still severe thunderstorm warnings down south, mt. vernon, alexandria and clinton area. >> watching this right now, i do see a little bit of what could be a hook echo. this storm very indicative of a possible tornado and let's move over to graphics 29 and i'll show you where this possible hook echo is. right in this area, right in
4:47 pm
here. if we could take this full screen, guys. right in here and you see that little itty-bitty circle here and that tells us that is an area of rotation and also tells us when you look at something like this, you don't see that well-defined hook. this could be a rain wrapped tornado. those are some of the most dangerous kinds simply because you cannot see them coming. this tornado has some rain associated with it and no contourimation thus far of anything on the ground, but this is something we want to watch very closely and we'll continue to watch it along prince george's county and southeastern portions of the district, too. we'll continue to watch this one for you until 5:15. the other tornado warning looks like it's moving out of our area and around the city of baltimore, that one right along i-95 and as we widen out here, those are the two tornado warnings currently in effect for our area. a lot of severe thunderstorms including a new severe thunderstorm warning down there
4:48 pm
towards southern portions of st. mary's county. >> this one is right now for southern portions of st. mary's county, just around st. georgia island area. it will be making its way north right over 235 towards lexington park. but, as we said, you know, we're seeing, not only the portion of so much our viewing area but not only tornado warnings but the potential of tornados and twisters on the ground, but high winds as well as some very heavy rain and flooding. i want to toss it back to the studio and i believe we have another person on the line. >> yeah. veronica, we have, we have mark brady who is with pg fire and ems. mark, you've got a nasty system on top of you right now. what is the situation there? >> we do and all afternoon long we have been following these storms and we had some activity as far as moderate wind and some rain, but, fortunately, we've been spared any damaging
4:49 pm
incidents. no injuries, no structural damage and it's weird. the weather we see here changes not more than 15 minutes ago on the college park area we had a burst of sunshine come out and now it's a light sprinkle and looking down south towards the district and the skyline there appears very ominous. >> yeah. we're looking at some rotation in the atmosphere so far nothing has touched down, but there's a warning there. what is going to be your challenge in the next hour? >> just maintaining coverage for -- i mean, we have the homeland security and also emergency management, the account executive's office and all our public safety agencies. we are on standby. we are fully loaded and ready to go whenever called to, but at this point, our activity level, at least for the fire and ems department has been very slow. >> mark, you know, it's really a challenge to have weather happening like this in the
4:50 pm
middle of the rush hour. and the area that doug has been talking about national harbor, oxin hill all the way down to andrews air force base, those areas tend to really get congested around this time of the day. >> i know national harbor has been extremely populated over the last couple days and a lot of people in town enjoying that. they are areas of concern for us we are standing by and ready to move in a moment's notice. >> mark grady with the prince george's fire and ems and, again, we thank you so much for joining us and you be xafrl out there, too. >> yeah, mark. also, we just have heard there is a ground stop on all three of our area airports. no flights coming in and no flights going out right now because, just look at the sky. you wouldn't want to be up there in an airplane. they are redirecting and the flights on the ground are not taking off at this point at any of our airports because the
4:51 pm
weather is that severe. and we are looking at this graphic here to the right. veronica, doug, what are we looking at right there? >> where is it headed now? >> that looks big. >> new severe thunderstorm warning that is also up for the same area that has that tornado area. you mention silver hill and buoy and those are all areas affected by this storm that will be affected by this storm. you can see oxon hill in 13 minutes and 32 minutes in walker hill. this is that storm that does have the potential for a tornado, but, also, besides that, we know we're going to get severe weather. the tornado warning, that's doppler indicated and you will most likely see very large hail from this storm and winds gusting upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. severe thunderstorm warning now in effect for that region. again, a very strong storm in that area that continues to move up towards the north and east. you can see it's right across
4:52 pm
495 right now making its way about 30 miles an hour. >> that's right. and, again, our warnings continue to come out here. go ahead and put tracking back on for you. as we said, the potential not only for tornadoes, but also for some hail to occur throughout the area, and that's not just with this storm, but with some of the storms that are down to the south of our area, as well. let me go ahead and zoom out here. you can see we have some more, another strong storm that's about ready to make its way into charles county. so, right over the water and into charles county. i'll put some of our tracking on right now. very heavy rain that will be heading northeast towards waldorf and probably over 301. some more very heavy rain inside fauquier county headed over manassas. this is what we have been seeing this afternoon. this area of very heavy rain where storms form down to the south and roll back over that
4:53 pm
same area. you may have some flooding taking place in your neighborhood and, as well as in and around your home. some streams, some rivers will be filling up very, very quickly. as well as some of the streams coming out of their banks with water coming over area roads. so, do not travel over any roads where you see that the water is covering it. just do not take any chance whatsoever. let me take off the radar and show you the numerous warnings that we do have for our area. the counties shaded in red. this is where we have tornado warnings right now. and, again, that new severe thunderstorm warning that is right there in eastern fairfax county. areas of prince george's county. so, around just east of 395, mt. vernon area, braddock area and around clinton area for the potential probably of some hail. we've already seen three quarter inch hail north of us in frederick, maryland. right inside of that area, the
4:54 pm
tornado warning. that's what is in red and then the areas shaded in green. prince william county and fauquier county, that's where we have flash flooding that is taking place right around 66. down to the south of us, more warnings. severe thunderstorm warnings one in st. mary's county right now and st. george island making its way northeast towards lexington park. numerous warnings up now and there will be more warnings coming up from now until i think about 9:00, 10:00 this evening. we'll go ahead and take a look and show you exactly what time these warnings do expire for these areas. you may have seen some warnings in your area, those are lifted and others continue to come out tornado warning for anne arundel and that is until 5:00. another six minutes for that tornado. that tornado warning up that area, that storm is now past. that storm is in baltimore
4:55 pm
county. no longer worry about that in howard county. the next tornado warning in washington, d.c., and prince george's county that until 5:15 for extreme eastern portions of washington, d.c., and the district right around 4:45. this is in effect for culpeper and charles county until 5:15 and washington, d.c. until 5:30 and anne arundel and st. mary's and also includes fairfax county and frederick, howard and montmery up to the north. we're looking at that warning in effect until 6:15 and the newest warni warning until 7:15 and another one down towards charletsville. so, we're going to continue to watch this all night long and we're going to see the latest on this. veronica? >> thanks a lot, doug. off to the west, again, that
4:56 pm
second line of storms, you know, the airports they had a delay earlier, from what i understand. those delays have been lifted. but we may see some more airport delays, again, for the evening. so, if you have travel plans, make sure you call ahead. call your carrier and find out what's going on. and as far as the highways, folks, this is kind of right during the evening rush. could not be a worse time and, of course, these storms actually started right around the time when the kids were letting out of school where there were some tornado warnings up and a lot of the school systems held the kids until the warnings were lifted and those storms had past. they kept the kids at school and had them sheltered. they then went ahead and released them once the storms have made their way on. right now we're looking at very intense storm system with not only a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warning producing some very heavy rain and showing signs that there may be some rotation, as well. right around this area here shaded in pink. silver hill, capital heights, on
4:57 pm
off towards kettering area. very heavy rain and rainfall rates six inches per hour with this storm system. the area in red is the area that is under a tornado warning until 5:15 this evening. so, that would include areas around 210 right up 210 south capital street, friendly area. silver hill area, camp springs, temple hills area and as we zoom in a little tighter, you can see some of the streets the storm system will be making its way over. nailer road, suitland parkway, suitland road. on up towards the north, towards branch avenue southeast and in towards rollins avenue. all these areas, of course, highly traveled during this time of day. and, again, it includes right off the potomac there, areas around guylord national resorts and very powerful storms moving
4:58 pm
through with some intense winds, possibly some hail. it's been warned on for a tornado and will probably have some tornado warnings with it. let me go ahead and open up a little bit here. i'll go ahead and put the radaron for you and loop it for you. there we go. we see the storms down to the south. there will be more filling in over the next couple of hours. up until about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. we'll see storms not just coming up from the south, but coming from our west. that's the line that you see here. it is showing some small signs of weakening. we get that a lot of times when a system comes over the mountain. this is actually the line that's directly out ahead of the cold front currently. we knew this was going to be a nasty situation for us today. the area was primed for storms with a lot of moisture that was out ahead of this front with winds that were going to be coming from different directions with height out of the southeast at one level down at ground level and out of the west at
4:59 pm
another. so, powerful storm system with a lot of moisture. back to you folks in the studio. all right, we have breaking news off the top tonight, severe weather pommels our region. mother nature is making a real mess of our evening commute. it's not over yet. here's the scene in damascus as high water creates dangerous conditions in clarksville road you're not supposed to be driving through that. >> chopper 4 captured some damage as high winds toppled trees and there are reports of hail. right now, all flights at reagan, dulles and bwi, all flights have been grounded at this hour because of this severe weather and there is still another line of storms to worry about. >> tonight, we've got live team coverage on the conditions in maryland, virginia and the district. >> we're going to start off with storm center 4 chief meteorologist, that's a mouthful. doug kamerer. what a night, what an afternoon


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