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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the studio as we start news 4 at 6:00. e. we continue our continuing coverage of the storm that is all over the area now. live look now at conditions at this hour. continuing to monitor the storm. it's really crazy out there. one minute the sun is out and then the next minute the sky gets dark and it's a thunderstorm. >> a lot of issues with flooding. here you can see some flooding in northeast washington. some cars are stuck and rapidly rising waters. this scene near benning road near the sixth district police station. >> out in maryland, more flash flooding in the damascus area. a bridge quickly washed out there. the heavy rain continues to come down in some areas. it it's been a busy afternoon and not letting up on us yet. >> thanks for being with us. i'm vince vance. >> i'm doreven gentzler. covering the extreme conditions all afternoon and into this evening.
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doug is here with the latest at this hour. you guys have been doing a great job. thank you, we got to keep calling on you. >> and the good thing about this, we saw this coming a few days ago. we were able to stay ahead of the storm and we got round one coming through right now and round two still off to the west. you can see our entire area there in yellow, that's a tornado watch for everybody until 9:00 tonight and it's what is going on around the region that we're really worried about here with the tornado warnings that we have in effect right now up towards northwestern portions of anne arundel county and to the west, frederick county, extremely heavy rain here and montgomery county down through fairfax county all seeing very, very heavy rain and zoomn to a couple of areas and one thing i want to show you here, notice the movement of the storms making the way to the north and the east and almost over the same areas, that's what we call training and flash flooding. back to the west, guys, let's remove this banner because i want to show this area very well here.
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round two waback to the west. are we going to get a bit of a break. >> back around winchester. you're seeing a little break now, but don't let your guard down because here is that second band that i'm talking about. earlier, this was a distinct line. now, you're seeing individual, little segments in that line and also see thunderstorms developing out ahead of that line and that is key because we're going to see this storm move to the east and then catch up with these storms out ahead of it and this storm will essentially jump by about 30 miles from petersburg right over the virginia border. heads up around winchester and this is the area that has the first chance of seeing some very strong winds and that's why we have severe thunderstorm warnings up to the north here and you're looking at morgan county here and back up towards allegheny county. very strong storms and wind upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. round one, what we've seen, we've seen the tornado warnings and flash flood warnings and
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heavy wind but a ton of rain with the flash flooding. and round two will bring us something completely different. very heavy rainfall very quickly, but, more importantly, the potential for widespread power outages and widespread damage potentially as we could see 40, 50, even 60-mile-per-hour winds. we may have right now across our area one tree down here. one tree down here and another tree down to the south, but then with this, numerous trees down in the same area. this is a dangerous situation. we're going to continue to keep you updated on it right here throughout the evening. here's where the most dangerous storm is, just to the north of this area. that's where the tornado warning is. if you live in odenton, please, make sure you're taking cover in the bottom of your house whether it's a basement or interior room like a bathroom or linen closet. that storm making its way to the baltimore area. the flash flood warning from montgomery county and the district and up towards frederick county. we had a tornado warning in
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effect until 6:00 here and that has been allowed to expire. very good news there. no longer seeing the rotation from that storm. not going to worry too much about that. what we are going to worry about, the potential for the flash flooding and you can see walkersburg and then farther to the south, look at fairfax county. fairfax county hit very hard and will continue to be hit very hard because these storms down in stafford county moving up. i-95 not a good place to be this evening. if you're thinking about heading out, hey, i'm going to go down to the south or trip to d.c. to try to check out the nationals game. don't try to do that. i'm telling you right now, a very tough time for you along i-95 and then look around fredericksburg, this line of storm has been intensifying and a ton of lightning with these storms and no severe thunderstorm warnings yet but you can almost guarantee you we'll see severe thunderstorm warnings down around this area, too, as both of these lines one and then two come through the area as we make our way through
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the rest of the night. veronica johnson in storm center 4. veronica, once again, really just two different themes here. the first theme, the possible tornado and heavy rain ask the next theme is that damaging wind potential. >> that's right. normally during a severe weather situation like this, we have a couple neighborhoods that might be affected. a few here and there, but this time, i tell you what, after this storm system is over, just about everyone will have been affected and everyone will have some sort of story to tell about severe weather that came through on this day. first day of june, also the first of hurricane season. go figure that. i've got the radar right now on for you because i want to show you where there is yet another tornado warning that has been issued. this one until 6:30. you can see those areas and it includes same areas that have already been under a tornado warning and same areas that have had severe weather moving through. baltimore county and anne arunder county and howard county until 6:30. so, that is the very latest as i
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widen it out. the other yaarea in red in har ford county where there is a tornado warning. probably more tornado warnings issued for the area. with the storm system, again, with so many people being affected and we still have a couple more hours yet to go. want to thank folks for sending in their images to us. and your video. folks we have a slide show to show you here of some of the severe weather that has moved through our area. this one from david in prince william county. look at that. look at that. we've got so many images where you can actually just look at the sky and see rotation that's taking place. you can see rain, heavy rain that is happening in the distance. this one from mark in the arlington area where you can see some of the base of the clouds there. and damage throughout the area. dickerson, maryland. this one sent in from mike with trees down on area roads. we are also hearing reports that for right now at the airports,
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they are up and going, again. but with two and three-hour delays for dulles, for reagan national, for bwi. right now the dwrouground delay been lifted but can go back at any time. that is the very latest from here. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, veronica. we'll continue to watch this as it makes its way through the area. one of the areas with the strongest rain right over fairfax county and right around tyson's corner. i will send it back to you guys because i know who's there right now. >> we have reporters out all over the area and covering this weather event. first to derek ward in tyson's corner where they seem to really be getting hammered. derek? >> yeah, indeed. it's steady now and heavier than it was maybe about half an hour ago when we talked. not as much lightning, certainly some thunder off in the distance, but certainly a steady, heavy rain. again, not a lot of winds at this point, they picked up a bit, but not to the point where they're driving the rain any
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other direction than vertical. take a look behind me at the traffic. that seems to have moved along now. it is the southbound traffic that is bakd up. northbound seems to be going pretty well. again, as i said earlier, we're on a down grade. not going to see much ponding water here. it is ponding down the hill and it has to go somewhere and hopefully at the bottom of the grade there will be sufficient but 123 and other routearound here. the key to folks traveling in this area now. have your lights on. you, obviously, will have your windshield wipers on and expect heavy rain and not a lot of wind or lightning, but definitely reason for caution. you might want to make sure that the drains around your house are all cleared. make sure those sump pumps are working, as well. this is definitely the time they will fail and you will have an unpleasant, wet surprise when you go in your basement. heavy rain right now and something to be aware of if you're driving and, be prudent.
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we're in the midst of a pretty dynamic weather event and this may just be, maybe round two of three. >> okay, derek, somewhere in your car there's a towel. take a minute, my man. >> really. >> go get that towel. >> all right. because you're getting clobbered out there. >> i was waiting for you to tell me, jim. thank you. >> talk a little bit, if you would, about the traffic situation that you're seeing. tyson's corner on a good day is pretty challenging. what are you seeing right now. >> it's not too bad. it is cleared and moving in waves and i think a lot of people tried to get out early because they were listening to us and other sources about the weather. maybe the people who were able to leave early did. that might just mean an earlier backup. leave some space between the car in front of you because you have to compromise road service. it's raining.
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keep your light on and windshield wipers on and you should be okay. traffic is a reality of our area come rain or shine. >> thanks, derek. go get that towel, man. plenty of drivers got caught on flooded roadways in northeast d.c. looking at a scene on benning road. even a police cruiser got caught there in high water at that area. >> some trees came down. this scene in thinksburg, maryland. you can see it looks like the tree was just sheered off right midway up the trunk. to out in damascus area, high water out there knocked out a bridge we saw earlier. erica gonzalez is in that area. what do you see? >> hey, jim, doreven. well, the sky it looks like they're starting to clear up. we're starting to see more movement and it's barely raining. that wasn't the case half an hour ago. we were starting to get real heavy rain here. but we have barely a drizzle. if you even want to call it a midst. what yor seeing in the roadway
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is debris. 2:30, 3:00 in the afternoon this was overflowing. loads of water rushing through, clarksburg road, people daringly trying to get through this roadway. this is cleared up and you can still see some of the water rushing lightly in comparison to what it looked like this afternoon. but if the rain picks up later, this is going to be another problem area and a potentially dangerous situation for cars to try and get through because you don't know how high the water is. this is a we're starting to hear the rumbles of thunder and looks like the clouds are starting to get brighter here. but this is a potentially dangerous situation in damascus on clarksburg road. a lot of cars still traveling through this area but the water
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is receding and misting right now. 2:30, 3:00 in the afternoon, a completely different scenario. again, if you're traveling through damascus on clarksburg road, be careful. if the rain starts to pick up, again, this could be an area that begins to flood. jim, doreen. >> for people who maybe didn't see your scene earlier, describe what the water was doing before. how much of road was covered with water? >> i mean, it was so hard to tell how deep the water was. what you're seeing over here, this debris that's in the roadway. this is what has been washed up from these branches, these shrubs that are over here. but this water was way along where you see all of that wooded area. and cars were still trying to drive through here, like you just saw that one. but it was a very dangerous situation. veronica johnson, meteorologist doug were commenting on a very
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dangerous situation. as cheesy as the saying is, turn around, don't drown. right now, it's misting. we're hearing some rumbles of thunder, but not too heavy rain activity right now. >> a good illustration of just how quickly the water can come up and how quickly it can recede when we have these kind of extreme conditions and the flash flooding taking place. erika gonzalez. >> people need to understand, that is a very dangerous thing to do try to drive through water like that. only takes a couple inches and you're off the road and done. air traffic in the region running, again. there are some delays. federal aviation administration says what they call a ground stop has now been lifted for traffic into and out of national, dulles and bwi. the ground stop kept planes from arriving or leaving -- >> new tornado warning, guys. right around the front royal area. just saw this pop up. we were watching this storm on the radar here.
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let's go ahead and take a look at the radar and see exactly where i'm looking at here. back around the west around the front royal region. just south of winchester around woodstock. this looks like it's in shenandoah county waiting to get confirmation on that. this is with that second line. i was just telling you how that second line is going to come together very soon and, sure enough, it's coming together right now as we speak. severe thunderstorm warning for shannon doa county and southwestern warren county and page county in northwest virginia. that tornado warning is in effect now until about 6:45. once again, watch out for this as it continues to make its way towards the north and east. looking at areas right here just south of winchester. let's flip it over and go to 22. veronica helping me out with graphics 22 here and you can see 30 minutes front royal and in about 53 minutes and this is that line, that secondary line that is coming together now and making its way towards the east. this is going to be a big
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scenario here because it's out towards the mountain. so, you may not see it over one mountain and the next second, here is the big storm with a possible tornado. you really want to watch out for this and widen out so you can see where we are back towards the west and even another tornado warning up here towards morgan county and hamsure county. this is the second line. round one to the east and round two to the west. we have right here under the gun for a severe thunderstorm warning, as well as a new tornado warning in effect for the same area. there is some rotation and, also, a little bit of a be echo. we talked about a hook echo earlier where you see a little bit of a hook on the radar. that is indicative of a tornado and then you see something called a bow echo which looks like a bow. that is where you get those 40 to 50 mile per hour winds and you have some rotation. we're talking not only about straight line damage 40, 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds and potential tornado here around
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old town and six minutes and jerome 26 minutes and around lineburg coming up in 44 and berkeley springs for you folks in the panhandle of west virginia here, the western portions of the panhandle, you folks in about an hour. back down to the south and let's go back to graphics 29, if we can real fast. i want to show you one more time where this is. two more tornado warnings to our west. towards maryland, as well as the western portion of the panhandle and right here just south and west of front royal and watching the secondary line starting to come together and the first line, a little bit of a break. erika gonzalez says looking at a little bit of a break. you're seeing clearing skies. that's what you're going to see in this area. loudoun county and back towards the berkeley springs area where you are right now. you're probably seeing pretty nice conditions. once the storm moves in, those conditions will go down extremely fast. these ones here, you probably had a little bit more warning,
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but this one, not as much warning if you're outdoors. so, once again, make sure you stay indoors. >> doug, you said something earlier that fascinated me about a rain wrapped tornado. i never heard that term before. what do you mean by that? >> we get those tornadoes very differently than you see them on the pictures back in tornado alley. those thunderstorms are way out ahead of those tornadoes. for us, though, you get a linear tornado making its way through. that is what this one is going to be right here. you have the rain associated with it and then the tornado inside the rain. that rain wrapping around that tornado and you will not be able to see it coming-out in the plains, those tornadoes form with those huge super cells and you're able to watch those tornados and sit a mile or two away and observe those tornadoes making their way out across the plains. you simply cannot do that here so don't even try to do it. you're not going to see those tornadoes and a rain wrapped tornado is, by far, one of the
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most dangerous tornado for the fact that you can't see it. >> listen to the warnings and go in the basement or the ground floor. >> right. the severe weather is knocking out power for a lot of people throughout our area. pepco says more than 10,000 of its customers are out in d.c. and more than 6,000 in prince george's county are in the dark. about 2,000 dominion virginia customers are out in northern virginia. allegheny county is reporting almost 1,500 customers out in maryland and more than 5,000 out in west virginia. pg& e. pepco says it's already called in extra crews to restore the outages and extra staff is on hand in the call center. so, be sure to contact pepco if you lose power or see any downed wires. the number to call is 877-pepco-62. that's 877-pepco-62.
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since this storm has the potential to cause widespread damage and outages. pepco warns that restoring service could take some time. stone is not a happy camper, he has been out trying to cover this story, but at 295 and pennsylvania avenue where he has been stuck with a whole bunch of other people, i assume, for three hours now. are you on the phone with us? >> yeah, i am on the phone with you and i tell you, traffic at times is moving at a snail's pace. and then all of a sudden you're just stuck and sitting there, which is exactly what we're doing right now. 295 heading north at pennsylvania avenue in d.c. and the roadways right now, they're pretty clear. everything is fine on the roadway itself, however, when you're dealing with this traffic, ominous clouds above, people are just taking their time, trying to get through this traffic to get home to pick up their kids from day care and a lot of folks are just wondering when this is all going to clear
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up. >> all right, i would imagine that, well, not imagine, under the best of circumstances traffic there is a mess. you have been down in that area before. you said that, though, it is at least moving along, crawling along, inching along, right? >> well, yes. at times you will start to inch along and then all of a sudden you'll just stop and sitting there for five to ten minutes wondering, okay, when is this going to start moving, again. >> you don't see anything holding it up. no debris in the road or anything like that. no overturn vehicles? >> jim, i don't see any debris or any cars even on the side of the road. i'm just looking and i just see some really frustrated people just trying to figure out when this is all going to clear up and a lot of folks just trying to get home. keep in mind, it's friday. we're going into the weekend and it's been a long week for a lot of people and now they're just stuck in traffic trying to get home. >> that's one of the most frustrating things that anybody can ever deal with.
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we all had to do it. you get stuck in traffic somewhere and nothing moves and you go for a mile or two and you never see what created the hold up and the backup in the first place. >> we are seeing a live picture from 295 where the backup that he is trapped in. people watching at home, if they're deciding whether to go and try to do something this evening, this ought to be a clip, to stay in place. we have somebody else on the phone now. montgomery county assistant fire chief scott graham is on inphone with us to talk about what kind of problems you all are experiencing in montgomery county. chief graham, are you there? >> yes, how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. how are you? how is montgomery county? what are your issues? >> well, in a word, we're standing up and monitoring the weather throughout the evening. the wave that went through this morning or later this afternoon, a lot of those flooded areas have begun to recede. but not to let that deceive
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anybody. with additional rain coming through this evening, until approximately 10:00, 11:00 tonight we need to monitor all flooding areas very carefully. montgomery county did activate a partial emergency center and ask agencies such as the police, fire rescue and department of transportation and the utilities to report to the eoc and actually monitor the storm and the activities associated with the storm as it goes through this evening. >> any reports of any injuries from this storm? >> no, not to this point. we've been blessed so far that nothing has occurred. significant. we saw earlier the folks that were just driving through high water, debris floating through the water as they were driving on through and as the sun goes down, it gets a little bit darker and we need to reemphasize, if you don't have to go out tonight, don't go out. if you don't have to drive, don't drive. if you are driving, use common sense. don't drive through anything that is flooded. with the wind coming up, we could be concerned with trees and wires. if you're out and about, you may
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not see those. so, again, the best word of advice we can give you tonight, stay in and enjoy your friday evening. >> so far, no roads closed or shut down because of any debris or anything like that in the road? >> no, sir, no road closures at this time. we did have department of transportation staff on hand helping us out in the clarksburg area earlier. but as i said, those flood waters have begun to recede. >> all right, assistant fire chief scott graham from montgomery county. let's hope we don't have any injuries and we're glad to know that you guys are on the case. thank you for taking time to talk with us. >> veronica is up in the weather center now. you got these warnings popping up all the place, veronica. >> all over the place, jim. and all sorts of warnings, too. take a look. the warnings you see shaded in green. these are the flash flood warnings right around 70 to frederick area and d.c., fa
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fairfax, over into prince william county and eastern fauquier county but these areas we're watching because these are the areas currently under a tornado warning. the spot you see the north, western morgan county and northeastern hamsure county and allegheny county under a tornado warning until 6:45. this area moving northeast at 20 miles per hour so the storm that we're watching here will be hitting areas of pawpaw, woodmont area in the next 36 minutes and in the next 49 minutes on towards berkeley springs area and, again, another area that is just to the south, too, with the potential of we, of course, have seen so many images today of just that. instead of just one or two areas being affected, so many locations where we've seen tornadoes, maybe even over your neighborhood, woodstock in the next 20 minutes. you have the possibility. strasbourg area and front royal
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in the next 53 minutes. i'll put the radaron here and you can see that second line that we're waiting for this afternoon. that second line, not just with the possibility of some rotation within some of these individual clusters as they bow eastward, but also of some very high winds. so, even if there's an area that is under a severe thunderstorm warning, still could be very high winds coming through. that other area northern page county until 6:45 a tornado warning. let me show you some of the images, too, coming in to our weather at site. this is jen from frederick, maryland, where there have been reports of a tremendous amount of rain and flooding up north. this is out of laurel, maryland. again, you can see some of the bottom most, a part of the cloud there with possible rotation being taken, starting to develop, even around northwest d.c. this one from kevin in northwest d.c. and woodbridge, virginia. look at that.
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a lot of folks looking out of their back windows and on their decks today. amazed. green belt, maryland. just out back of a shopping center where we tell you all the time, even if you're out and about and not at home, you still want to seek shelter. so, for folks who are in their cars today seeing that, that type of thing, you want to still seek shelter. try and get to the interior of a building and even the lowest part of the structure. now, the second part of the line coming through. romney down south. just west of toms brook area and still the possibility of more tornadoes. back to you folks. doug? >> thanks. >> all right, if you're waiting for somebody to get home tonight, either on the roads or also on metro, there could be, they could be late in arriving. there's a tree down at metro station and that's affecting metro service. dan stesel from metro is on the phone with us to tell us more about what's going on. dan?
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>> good evening, doreen and jim. as you said, a downed tree just outside that is disrupting service on the orange line, in particular. services temporarily suspended between stadium armory and sheverly with shuttle bus service provided between those stations. i do want to advise customers waiting for those shuttle buses that their arrival has been delayed as a result of the traffic conditions throughout the county and the western, the eastern part of the district of columbia all as a result of the severe weather and flooding and that type of thing. stay in a safe location if you're waiting for alternate shuttle bus service. the other thing to note is because the blue line overlaps with the orange line for its entire trip through downtown d.c., blue line service is affected with congestion delays as a result of this orange line disruption. if you're traveling anywhere on the blue and orange lines tonight, give yourself plenty of extra time and travel only if you absolutely have to. >> dan, what's happening to all those people who were at the
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metro station waiting for the buses? >> well, i mean, we're encouraging people, the station managers are out with them and many, many more customers than there are metro employees to, than we would want in a situation like this. only a handful of station managers at each station. we are providing as much information as we can while, you know, trying to keep customers sheltered. if it's severe weather outside, we do have several buses that have arrived at stadium armory at this point, at least three. those buses will begin accepting customers and they'll begin making their way out towards sheverly. >> no disruption or debris on the roads for your buss? >> no, metro bus system is experiencing delays. the delays range, they range, there's a great range of delays depending on where you are in the region.
6:29 pm
seems like prince george's county and southeast d.c. are among those routes are among the most significant in terms of delays, but certainly alexandria and other parts of the region are seeing significant delays. if you are planning to take metro bus service tonight, again, you want to exercise the highest level of caution and especially if you're going to be standing out at the bus stop, you want to make sure you're well sheltered and protect your sfrl. >> looks like it will be a long night for you guys. >> doug is back with us now. doug, you're talking about round two coming through. >> we're still dealing with round one around the metro area and all along i-95 from right down through baltimore and washington and fredericksburg. i-95 a mess right now with some big-time thunderstorms out there and a lot of rain, but then you move back to the west and this is round two. we are talking about this a minute ago. starting to come together, once again, as a line. any time you see a line like this, you know you're going to see some strong winds, 40, 50,
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even 60 miles per hour and embedded in those lines the potential for those tornadoes. two tornado warnings right now across that area back down through the blue ridge and the mountains of west virginia. let's zoom in to this area right here and see what i'm talking about along the shenandoah area and around front royal. front royal, get ready. you're going to see this storm move through you and probably going to move through fairly quickly. also around wardensville seeing heavier rains and then around winchester, not a lot going on now, but this is just to your west and see this moving through your area any minute. now, here it is around front royal. this tornado warning in effect until 6:45 tonight and that is right along i-81 and 66. again, just west of front royal and continue to watch it as that storm moves to the north and east. you have the tornado warning there. also a nice bow echo here and a new severe thunderstorm warning here, which includes
6:31 pm
martinsburg. this just posted here and include frederick county and you can see that here and then you've got in towards berkeley county and then down towards the south around martinsburg all under severe thunderstorm warning and includes allegheny and portions of washington county in through maryland. that is where you're going to see the line. look how wide this severe thunderstorm is. the warning is this wide because that's how fast this line of storms is moving, incredibly fast. then you move down to the south around washington. very heavy rain right now along georgia avenue and along 16th right down connecticut avenue towards bethesda and all seeing very heavy rainfall. we know we're under a flash flood warning in that area. we'll continue to see that potential for flash flooding. do not drive through those flooded roadways. i don't think i could say it enough tonight. montgomery county, eastern montgomery county and as i mention right down i-95 continuing to see it there. down around the fredericksburg area. there's the rain coming through the district and this is
6:32 pm
northwest washington. i want to show you what's going on here. you can see the textured clouds. the textured clouds and no rain out of those, maybe light showers but once it becomes the same color, the same color gray and you lose the texture, that's where all of your rain is. you can see that storm moving at you. those lower clouds and lower textured clouds coming at you and then that sheet you see all one color, that's where you have the very heavy rain and exactly what you're seeing right now. you do not want to drive right now. if you have plans so many people asking me, should we go to the game tonight and my kid's soccer game, it's a friday night. no. simply, don't go out tonight. if you can stay indoors and order some tivo or pay per view action. going to be a tough night. if you are able to get outside for just a second and secure some of those power lines or secure some of those pieces of furniture in frederick or in leesburg where you're seeing a little bit of a break right now,
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you want to do that because these winds will come through with 30, 40, 50-mile-per-hour gusts. >> hurry up and order your pay per view then. >> there you go. >> thanks, doug. dan told us a couple minutes ago about a problem with the metro at the deanwood station. doug sizemore was there at the time of the problem. >> hi, guys. >> tell us what happened. >> we were just riding along, normal commute trying to get home. we went through almost whiteout conditions through the rain and hail and lots and lots of wind and then suddenly we heard a noise and there was a tree hitting the side of the windows on the train and we were told that the track had been hit with a tree and we were kind of stuck and we hung out for about 15 minutes or so and finally they decided to move us back to the station and at that point we were somewhere between deanwood and sheverly and now we have been sitting here and off and on
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storms and just kind of waiting and trying to get information from d.c. metro. >> so, you're still at the deanwood station now? >> yeah, i would say there are probably about 200 of us just kind of standing outside as patiently as possible. i know the metro police are doing the best they can to spread information but information has been shortcoming. we are told that buses are on the way, but that they're stuck in traffic and on the roads because of all the closures and storms. essentially, we're just waiting. we really have no idea when the buss are coming. but i think everyone is trying to stay in fairly good spirits. >> that's what i was going to ask. what is the temper of the crowd? everyone is pretty calm? >> angry earlier because there was no information and no one was coming out to give us information as we saw buses going by. we saw people going by empty with not in service signs and you could imagine the frustration there. the police have come out and try to pass the information among the crowd as best as possible and i think as soon as we can,
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we hope to get out of here. lord only knows when that is going to be. people are feeling better that metro is providing us more information. >> we heard the same thing as you're talking about, laura, the buses are on their way, but they're held up in traffic. so, we hope you and your 200 or so friends can hang on for a little bit longer. we will go back over to tyson corner, virginia, tyson ward is there. hope he had a chance to dry off. what is happening? >> the rain has let up a bit, significantly, i might say. it's a drizzle now. like a pleasant spring rain. of course, a lot different than what we had about 30 minutes ago. i wanted to direct your attention here looking north. if you can see on the horizon there, there is a big cloud bank, just sort of sitting on the city down there. that's probably where some of that rain was, some of that stuff that doug was talking about. we are at a rather high
6:36 pm
elevation here and it's kind of interesting. you can almost see the weather patterns move through and moving slowly, but if you look long enough, you can see what's happening. mother nature is wondrous if you get a chance to take it all in like that. of course, if you're getting the rain down on you, you're getting a whole different deal. to the south, i can see patches of sunlight. that's how this has been. the worst of it, we had totally obscured skies, dark, thundery, rainy, heavy rain and now it's sort of let up a bit and we can see the edge probably of one of those cells. i don't know if that is the end of the storm yet. but it's a bit of a respite for this area. if you look at the traffic, it is now moving well to the north. southbound traffic that is backed up. daily travel, especially at about this time of day. of course, in the evening, friday evening rather traffic tends to be lighter than it seems normal. not much of a problem for folks getting home now. i don't know if this is the worst of it or just round two of
6:37 pm
three. but the rain has let up a bit now and, still, prudence and caution are the order of the day. keep your lights on use your windshield wipers and distance between the car in front of you and yourself and you should be okay. the rain has lelet up and the wf the storm is not over. out here on the ground, drying up a little bit. >> okay, you know, doug said that there is another wave coming through, by the way, derek. but i was going to ask you a couple of minutes ago to make sure you're not standing in front of a parking lot because those cars behind you that look like they're going, i guess in the southward direction, they look like the very same cars that were behind you when you were on five minutes ago. >> they're moving. i've been marking it. see the truck with the lawn mowers in the back, that wasn't there a few minutes ago. just like when you're stuck in traffic.
6:38 pm
you kind of far that car to mark it to see if he's moving any further or better than you are. you get in that lane and that makes that lane stop. from what i can tell, it's a crawl but traffic is moving. >> soaking wet as you are, derek, we know you are in a better place than shamari at the moment. >> i guess so, yeah. >> we're going to go back over to doug to get the latest updates on the tornado warnings that are out there. >> looks kind of nasty out there. derek, fortunately for him, he has been getting soaked for the last hour is now out of the rain as that rain continues to make its way out. don't put away the umbrella or raincoat just yet, you will need it. you have more coming across the area and new warnings, flash flood warnings including montgomery county and new severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for stafford county as well as king george county as well as portions of maryland. here's the line right around i-95 if you're in and around i-95 a mile either way rain from
6:39 pm
baltimore to fredericksburg. that's exactly where that line is shaping up here. very strong storms around cambridge and 50. it's friday, a lot of people thinking, hey, let's head down to the beaches because we told you earlier, tomorrow and sunday great on the beaches but you want to make sure to wait. because you will have a tough time making your way down the eastern shore with this very heavy rain here and, again, some of this will make its way over towards the bay bridge very soon. take a look at all the warnings out there. everyone in the yellow under the tornado watch until 10:00. everyone in the green under a flash flood warning from the pennsylvania border all the way down through i-95 and in every county. montgomery county, prince george's county, the district over towards arlington and prince william county, including the city of manassas. the severe thunderstorm warnings and the tornado warnings, those are in red and severe thunderstorm warnings in yellow or in orange around
6:40 pm
fredericksburg and king george county. areas of tornados and the potential for those tornadoes and this one right around front royal. it is expected to expire at 6:45. if it does expire, we'll see some big-time thunderstorms here. very interested to see if this will continue as it makes its way to the east. most of the time, any rotation within a line like this, this is a line, most of the time that rotation is very short lived. so, hopefully, we can get out of this tornado warning as it is affecting right now portions of the clark county and page county area right around front royal and back towards the west you're looking at that tornado warning here and that big thunderstorm warning. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for morgan and jefferson and berkeley counties here. we're going to watch these storms very closely. we talked about storm number one and making its way through the district and in through prince george's county and right around the silver spring area and right across college park. if you're not seeing had heavy
6:41 pm
rain right now, you're going to be getting very, very close. right around i-95 and then you know that ikea right in here. if you're thinking about heading there, don't go. you're about to get nailed with very heavy rain across that area. also a home depot right there, too. you might know the area we're talking about. let's go to veronica, you have more pictures to show. >> i believe that's right around college park, too. wanted to talk about some of the rain rates today. the rain rates up around five and six inches per hour. more than two inches of rain in a lot of locations. as far as the radar goes right now, wanted to show you that second line that doug has been talking about. i wanted to track it eastward towards d.c. so, we're talking about another three hours here. just past the 9:30 hour then for that second line as we are, again, likely to see more warnings posted for our area. tornado warnings, too, just down to the south. washington nationals now saying they have postponed their game for this evening. so, folks, sorry about that.
6:42 pm
better to be safe than sorry. let's talk about the slide show, too. some images coming to us. this one from deborah in baltimore. look at that. that is a kayak in the water crossing the road. wish that we could have stayed on that one longer, but just unbelievable amount of rain coming down hard where it's got no where to go. this one from victoria in ashburn. look at that sky. an ominous sky throughout the area with not only heavy rain being seen in the distance, but also some rotation. so, we've seen damage throughout the area, too. numerous reports of damage and trees down, even north to baltimore and south towards fredericksburg. this one, again, from woodridge, virginia. showing you an image from storm 4 radar and the numerous warnings we have up. with that second line, those areas shaded in red, that is where there are currently some tornado warnings. as i put the radar back on for you, that second line coming through, still packing a punch, again, we're talking about just past the 9:30 hour.
6:43 pm
back to you. >> all right, thanks, veronica. on the phone right now mira with pepco. >> regional communications director. you guys have some outages, we understand, mira and you're preparing for more. >> we are at about 16,000 cucustomers out. a handful out in the district and another 5,600 out in prince george's county and only about a dozen out in montgomery county. >> this is just the kind of event that pepco has been preparing for for months and months. trimming trees and trying to minimize some of the damage in a storm like this. how are things looking oso far? >> we are getting some people back on, even as we speak. we do have crews out now and more crews on the way and one of the things i would want to point out is that we are getting reports of downed wires with tree limbs down and with the high winds wires are coming down. we want to encourage customers, please, encourage customers to
6:44 pm
stay away from downed wires. if they see downed wires, they should call 1-877-pepco-62. that is 1-877-pepco-62. we have a new mobile app. if you go to you can download this on mobile devices and track restoration estimates and they can see their own outage on that and drill down on the map and see where the outages are and when they are expected to get back online. >> lrall right, a mobile app is good thing. considering if your power is out, it may be tough to do anything more than that. is it too early in this storm, mira, to have any idea how long it will take to restore power to people who are out? >> it is. as you guys know, the storm is still coming through. and until we know what the full extent of the damage is, w won't be able to give you an
6:45 pm
estimate on when we'll get it all back. we have to figure out what the damage is and then figure out how to restore it. >> wait until the storms completely pass before you send your teams out up on cranes and stuff? >> we have crews out now. we have crews out working now, but before we can assess the full extent of the damage, then we'll have to wait until the storms have moved through. >> mira opal with pepco, thanks for the update. >> thank you. we noted a couple minutes ago that they have called off the game down at nationals park. doug has been suggesting for quite some time that that would probably be a good idea, not only in terms of whether or not they could get the game in, but more importantly because of the danger to people trying to get in and out of that stadium. not all that far, matter of fact, from nationals park. he has not been all that far from nationals park for about three hours now. what did you say? >> we are going to go -- >> forget shamari.
6:46 pm
hang in there, bro. right now, though, we're going back out to the damascus area and erika gonzalez is out there. the last time we saw you there was no rain and it looked almost balmy and it looks like you're still in pretty good shape in damascus right now. right? >> we are. it looks like we are still in pretty good shape. matter of fact, it looks like the clouds are even opening up more so now than they were 20 minutes ago. looks like the clouds are looking good and what we are starting to notice are the winds are picking up and starting to get more breezy out here and a lot cooler. that's for sure, than it was an hour ago. some of the debris on the roadways what we were talking about earlier. this is what was left behind from about 2:30, 3:00 this afternoon. when the water in this area overflowed into the roadway.
6:47 pm
we're in damascus. this is clarksburg road. overflowed into this area and cars that you just saw zipping through here were trying to do the same thing in a flooded roadway. extremely dangerous. that water's still flowing. just not as heavy. not as fast as it was earlier today. but, yeah, it's a pretty relatively good situation that we have out here right now. again, the skies are opening up, you can see a lot more blue in them and it's not raining, but it is a lot cooler and the winds are starting to pick up. jim and doreen. >> thank you, erika. we need to point out that erika is broadcasting on something called live view. i have not a clue what that is, but it is a transmission device that creates a delay in the time from which we ask the question and then she actually hears the question. it's a very long time. matter of fact. so, we want to explain that that's why she just sits there and kind of nods her head while we're waiting for her to say something. there is a delay in getting
6:48 pm
there. >> when the conditions are extreme out there, we use all the tools we can get our hands on to to bring you the live reports. let's go back to doug and get the very latest on what's happening out there right now. doug? >> the very latest is round one still coming through us and really become moore re of a lin here. that is round one and round two getting ever so close and starting to so severe thunderstorm warnings associated with round two getting closer to our area. we'll take a couple zooms here and show you one of the strongest storms through northwestern george's county and this is right around laurel. laurel incompasses many three counties. howard county, prince george's and montgomery. that's right where this storm is. you travel through the district and right now the stadium really getting hit hard with rain down there and glad the nationals called off that game. that is good news. they're going to see a break and say, maybe we could have played and, boom, here comes the next storm and down to the south around fredericksburg.
6:49 pm
let's go through the warnings, once again. everybody in yellow from del marva to the eastern shore under that tornado watch until 9:00 tonight. the severe thunderstormern waings, those are in the orange colors here. morgan and over towards jefferson county here and over towards berkeley county and that's for one-time big bow echo and then another one down to the south. this is right around front royal and back towards shenandoah county and that one, another form along this line making its way towards the east. guys, let's drop that tornado warning now. we no longer have tornado warnings in our area. the only one to the north of aberdeen well out of our viewing area. one thing you do not see in our viewing area right now is a tornado warning. that is no longer the case, at least for now, but right around i-95, flash flooding is occurring. we've seen numerous reports of that. everybody in the green under those flash flood warnings and those will continue through the night tonight and we are not quite done with those tonight.
6:50 pm
we'll see those extended for many areas as we continue and then another severe thunderstorm warning down around fredericksburg and king george county. front royal, as i mentioned, front royal, just to the north, right along 66, most likely some very strong winds here. would not be surprised to see some damaging winds out of this line and, once again, notice a little bit of a bow here. that is indicative of some strong winds and up to the north. that's why we have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect of i-81 and back to the north and west 522 and martinsburg and that, as well, an area that will see strong winds. right now the heaviest rains are in northwestern prince george's county and montgomery county and then down towards southeast washington we're looking at the nationals park seeing very heavy rain there and then if we went back to derek ward right now, he'd be seeing heavier rain making its way through his area
6:51 pm
andert stai starting to get out region. this is stafford county, this is king george county and you're seeing some very strong storms in this area. so, by no means are we done with this yet. how much longer eer do we have? when will round two make it our way. the will likely come here and the next three hours or so. you're talking about right now near 7:00 around front royal and winchester and 8:00 around loudoun county and then around 9:00, 10:00 around the washington, d.c., metro area. please, once again, make sure you're staying tuned here to nbc 4 and we'll keep you updated on all of this that will make your way around the area. round one making its way through right now and round two back to the west and that's what we're seeing here. where the heaviest rain is to the north, that is the remnants of that round one rain that came through us and then back to the west. look at this line. this was line two that we have been talking about and along
6:52 pm
that line, notice all the orange here. that is all severe thunderstorm warnings and that's really what we're watching out for the rest of the evening hours because that is where we could really see the widespread damage. little damage here and little damage there and a lot of rain. this is where we could see the wide spread damage and good news, the latest couple of frames here, notice down here, that line kind of falling apart. let's hope, let's hope that stays, that stays true here. but could just be catching up to line number one. if it does that, we're still going to see those very heavy rains. we'll continue to watch it for you as we move on through the afternoon. veronica johnson, she's been in there all day with us and kim in with us this evening. we'll continue to see this throughout the rest of the night. >> at least past 9:00. earlier i tracked that storm out. that second line pushing it to the east, but one thing i wanted to show you right now are some of the storm reports throughout the area. some of the latest storm reports. i'll start up north around frederick, maryland, where there
6:53 pm
have been multiple reports of a funnel cloud come into area wheres you see that twister, northern anne arundel county and eastern fairfax county. one foot of running water over shrieve road at washington and old dominion trail. same thing into prince george's county and, of course, we have images that you folks, our viewers, have been kind enough to send into us. let's go ahead and take a look at some of them because throughout the day today, it hasn't been just one or two neighborhoods and not just a few locations being affected by the storm system, but everyone. everyone is going to have a story to tell and i'm sure there is going to be a lot of insurance companies heading out to evaluate. damascus, maryland, there you can see that tree absolutely snapped in half. some indications of several twisters that came through our area today. falls church, virginia, heavy water. flooding conditions. look at that water under the underpass in maryland. that's the image, again, that will certainly tell the story of the day.
6:54 pm
woodbridge, virginia, too, darkening sky off to the west. again, just past 9:30 we're likely to see, again, these storms move through our area, with still the possibility of more tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warning up and, again, flash flooding, as well. jim, doreen. >> shamari stone has had a rough day. >> yes, he has. he it out of the car and on the scene in northeast d.c. what is going on? >> we arrived on scene here around five minutes ago and there is a lot of activity. you can see right over there three cars submerged here northeast right off the beltway. and, basically, i talked to the d.c. fire chief and he tells me that those cars were trying to come through the standing water. keep in mind, authorities are always telling you to stay away from the standing walter. these folks rolled the dice, took their chances and look at your tv screen, you can see what exactly happened. the firefighters had to call in a rescue boat.
6:55 pm
officials came there and they rescued the people out of their cars. the cars are just now sitting here and here's the problem. people coming off of 295 and just coming on down here and realizing what is going on. this entire area. there we go, live television at its best. you can see right there there is a mercedes, i don't know what this person thinks they're doing. one thing is clear, they should not drive through that standing water and right now that car you just saw is trying to get back on to 295. that is a great example of what folks are doing. a great example of what can happen when you try to go through standing water. that person was lucky, however, right over there, you can see there are three cars still stuck in it water. the people have been removed. they are safe. a tow truck will have to come here and remove those cars out of there and meanwhile flooded water right there and i would say it's around knee deep and right over here, there is a man. what's your name, sir? >> terry. >> last name, jackson, correct? keep it in a nutshell. what exactly happened? >> we had a tornado come through
6:56 pm
here earlier today and rain just happened to pour down. >> we cannot confirm that a tornado came through this area, but i can confirm that there are three cars stuck right over there. when those cars were trying to come through the water, what happened? >> i think a couple people really just panicked because they had been in a situation like that and what they'll do is panic and just out of the car and just leave the car. >> you be safe and stay dry. right under an umbrella. we're back out here in the northeast. you can see the cars are stuck and a tow truck is on inouye and the entire area is roped off and if you plan on coming through here northeast -- >> thank you. we got warning here from doug. go ahead, doug. >> new tornado warning just issued. looks like northern portions of prince george's county and anne arundel county and howard county. looking at that tornado warning right around savidge and now
6:57 pm
another one. this is from the same area of heavy rain that we saw come through the region a little while ago. here it is right here. you can see exactly what we're talking about northwestern portions of anne arundel county and northern portions of prince george's county. let's switch over now to 22. i'll show you where this storm is heading now and as it makes its way off to the north at 30 miles per hour. watch out around southgate. it's going to continue on that track as it moves up towards the north. this is from this storm right here. you can see it just to the north and west of washington. i'm trying to see exactly. here it is right here, the tornado warning that is for northern prince george's county, northwestern anne arundel county until 7:30. this is extending from laurel to five mile southeast of laurel moving east at about 20 miles an hour. here's what we're talking about moving to the east at 20 miles per hour. maryland city, you're right in the gun here, right under the
6:58 pm
gun here and then savidge. here's odenton you were just under the gun an hour ago with a storm and this tornaornado warn mentioned until 7:30. one of the numerous tornado warnings that have come out through the area today. >> doug, what does a warning mean? what does that mean to someone? >> a warning means that it is simply doppler radar indicated. that is the difference between what you see out west and here. jim, you talked about the rain wrapped tornadoes earlier, they're hard to see. we have to rely on doppler radar to show the spin in the atmosphere and that's exactly what we're seeing and towards northern portions of anne arundel county. here's savidge, maryland.
6:59 pm
everybody in our viewing area under a tornado watch. that means conditions are possible for a tornado. a tornado warning means tornado is probable under that warning. >> what should people do? >> people in that vicinity and northwestern portions of anne arundel county, you need to be in your basement. if you don't have a basement go to the lowest level or interior room and do not open the windows. i'm telling you there is a tornado warning, don't go to the windows at all. make sure you're in the basement or lowest level of your room. if you're in a mobile home, you want to get out of that mobile home and get to the lowest level of a building nearby. if you do not have a sturdy building nearby and you're in a mobile home, you want to make sure you lay down on the ground and try to find a ditch somewhere. i know it doesn't sound too good, but that is the best chance of surviving a tornado if it makes its way


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